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One of the funniest things I saw over the festive season was not a Morecombe and Wise rerun, but the sight on Christmas morning of a grown man wearing a dog onesie as he walked his dog. The colour and texture (not to mention the dangly tail) matched his dog perfectly. My children and their cousins had great fun as they paraded around in various animal onesies on Boxing Day. It was like The Goodies meets Dom Joly. They are certainly very popular and I was really pleased to see that St Clare Hospice is embracing the outfit du jour and organising a fundraising Onesie Week. This will include Onesie Wednesday on February 13th, when schools and children’s groups will be encouraged to join in and charge £1 to oneside wearers (page 22). I suspect adults will join in too, so that should at least cheer up an otherwise tortuous commute into town on the Central line. Former Epping mayor Ben Murphy has set his sights on raising money for another fantastic local charity, The Dream Factory, by embarking on a 5 stone weight loss challenge. After only a few weeks he has already lost 22lbs and raised over £2,500 (page 12). His candid blog is well worth a read, as you can follow his progress and also learn more about the charity’s beneficiaries. We are really pleased to welcome new businesses who are advertising in this edition; Excello Law, When Skies Are Grey, R P Landscaping and Hot Pink. Hot Pink, featured in the centre pages, offers something very special (particularly with Valetine’s Day coming up), so well worth a read. If you have young children you might want to show them our fantastic Puzzle Cellar kids’ page on page 22. We will be including one in every edition now, so hope your children enjoy it. If you are still feeling the pinch financially after Christmas, make good use of the vouchers. Thanks to Tikadi and The Volunteer for your generous reader discounts. If you are a new reader, hello, and just so you know, we are a bi-monthly magazine with original articles and a local focus. Copies are distributed to homes in Epping , Theydon Bois, Loughton and Buckhurst Hill. Please also visit our website at for news and updates. For information about advertising in the magazine (which is not as expensive as you might think) please contact us for details or visit the website. The deadline for advert bookings and submitting club or event listings for the April & May edition is March 15th. Jane

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thing Sue de Nime

come across since Pop Tarts. Choose a potentially lifechanging ambition, one that takes a huge amount of willpower, application and sometimes courage to achieve. Losing weight. Stopping smoking. Getting fit. Changing your job. Shouting at the kids less (oh, there's mine). Writing a book. These are not tasks that can be accomplished in the ad break of Coro. The NYR can be a life-long project. So why on earth would anyone think that January the 1st is the best time to start? At that point, you are miserable - either because you have put on 10 stone, or because you have had a hangover for the best part of a month, or because Santa brought you tea towels and not the sports car for which you asked. Then you get a bit more miserable because you have to return to work, and we all know that working for a living is highly overrated. And then your credit card bill arrives and you have to go and have a lie down in a darkened room for a while. Hands up who wants to not eat cake right now? Hands up who wants to stop smoking at this moment? Hands up who doesn't want to shout? January is the worst time to be attempting a NYR. The weather is crap. The daylight arrives after you have left the house and disappears whilst you nip off to make an afternoon cuppa. Don't make a NYR. I have a better idea. Make a MYR - a Mid Year Resolution. Give yourself a break, have another muffin, watch television rather than make a start on that book right now. Wait until you don't have to wear three jumpers to go out, your credit card bill is in double figures and life is a little less miserable. Around May. And as for the person who came up with the idea of New Year's Resolutions? They need punishing. Maybe twenty years worth of New Year's Eve parties in one go.

New Year. Two words that make my heart sink and my eyes roll. That, and 'no wine'. There are absolutely no redeeming features of New Year, except that at least come February 1st, I feel well within my rights to poke in the eye anyone who dares utter the phrase. First, there is the New Year celebration itself. Because you haven't drunk enough or stuffed enough vol-au-vents and sausage rolls down your neck over Christmas. You have marked the imminent arrival of Santa with three weeks of get-togethers, Christmas lunches and impromptu drinks, then sat on your behind for several days mainlining Quality Street and Baileys. You know what you need right now? No, not a sick bucket... another party! And it always has to be said with a chirpy exclamation mark after it! Or even two!! Because New Year is such fun! And right there is the trouble. It is organised fun; that despicable notion that you are obliged to flipping well enjoy yourself. Being the last day of the year, there is just too much pressure to have the time of your life - you cannot attend a New Year's bash and not be seen to be having SUCH a good time that your head might explode. If near a television, it is law that Jools Holland has to be on. A programme full of people pretending to have a good time on a day that they are pretending to be New Year's Eve. It is just not right. I have been to New Year parties where, despite the fact that I need my stomach pumped to make room for even one more crumb of lukewarm party food, there I am, laughing and dancing... just thinking about not being there and not ever having to have a good time ever again. Well, almost. Moreover, I am a parent of small children. Which means that whatever I do on New Year's Eve, when the hands tick toward 11 o clock, all I can think of is the sleep that I am now losing out on and the distinct possibility that my nine month old will be starting his day at half five. We had friends over this year, who are also parents. They left at 12.10am and I was in bed by 12.18. At least that's done and dusted for another year. And if the celebrations are not bad enough, there is this whole New Year Resolution thing to deal with. Or NYR, as no one has ever abbreviated it to before. NYR's are probably the most ludicrous idea I have

Sue de Nime also writes a blog. Check out: or follow her for parenting non-advice @MotheringFright


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Book review by Nik O’Flynn

Womb With a View I made two wrong assumptions when I first picked up this book. The first was that I thought it was really only for mums-to-be. It's not. The second was to think it would be ok to read on the tube. It probably shouldn't be. Not because people will assume you are pregnant if they catch sight of the title - hey, they may give up their seat - but because of the looks you'll get when you try to quell your laughter. I sniggered, spluttered and snorted my way through this book on the Central Line and earned myself more than a few odd stares as I tried not to laugh out loud at some of the scenarios Jodie Newman paints. Womb With A View is a book about pregnancy, birth and the early first year of motherhood. But not in a useful guide kind of way - though there is plenty in there that is missing from more saccharined tomes - more of a gritty 'this is how it is but God, sometimes it's really funny' kind of way. Written chronologically, it follows Jodie Newman's experiences as she moves on this journey through motherhood. But it might be best to recommend it to your pregnant friends AFTER they've given birth. Not that it's in any way grim - she just tells it

like it is. And that is with lots of humour. For this book is razor-sharply observed and captures all the little nuances of the way your world is turned upside down by the impending and subsequent birth of a child. She has no truck with fools. At all. Or car parking at doctors. Or a lot of health professionals in general - particularly the insipid ones. But she has certainly got her own back here. The way she tells a tale is wonderful. She has great comic timing and I was actually weeping with laughter as I read the bit about the knitted boob at the prenatal group. I have read things about such knitted items before (previously a uterus in another book, strangely) but this had me giggling from the off. The tale of the red patch on her newborn's head which she kept caressing with her lips induced another shoulder-hunching chuckle on the tube. I won't go into all my favourite pieces as I don't want to spoil it, but read 'em yourselves and weep (with laughter). At some points Jodie Newman drops the humour for a more tender, thought-provoking piece which really took me back to my first days of parenting.


As a mother of two, I found it rather inspiring to revisit those early days which you soon forget about in a haze of sleepdeprivation. So it was lovely to look back over them with fresh eyes as it were. I would recommend this book to anyone - male or female - who has had children, is thinking of having children, or possibly anyone who can even just spell the word children. A wry observation of one slice of life. The only downside? She can't spell "bugger". And, as you can imagine, she uses that refrain a lot. Womb With A View by Jodie Newman is available from The Epping Bookshop and by ordering online from . A Kindle edition is also available at

Welcome to a fresh approach to business law Excello Law provides a full legal service to all businesses. We are a virtual law firm which means that all our solicitors work from home. Our unique structure provides the integrity and expertise of the traditional with all the potential and vision of the 21st Century. We understand that legal services must offer modern businesses value for money. Our method of delivery through our virtual office ensures we can be there whatever your business needs. We use technology to support our delivery so that your business will have direct access to skilled legal advice. Without the overheads of traditional law firms we are able to offer an extremely cost effective service.

Sharon Playford Sharon Playford is your local Excello Law solicitor and is based in Woodford Green. Having gained 15 years’ experience working as an in-house lawyer Sharon has a firm understanding of what a business wants and needs from a legal advisor. Sharon specialises in commercial and business law including advising in relation to: • Standard terms of business • Commercial contracts including confidentiality agreements and IT agreements • Advertising and website compliance including legal advice relating to selling online • Intellectual property (including copyright, designs and trademarks) • Risk management for businesses including Data Protection and Bribery Act compliance For cost effective legal advice in relation to your business contact Sharon on 0777 9999 609 or Excello Law is authorised and regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Grey day? Why not treat yourself to a little happy by browsing our unique mix of eclectic gifts & gorgeous home accessories? It’s our mission to source only the most exciting & unusual products so you can be assured you’re getting something truly special with every visit. Open 7 days a week 85 High Street Ongar Essex CM5 9DX 01277 500207 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @whenskiesrgrey_ & Pinterest


Collexia Italian Excellence on your Doorstep By Jane Smith Much to the chagrin of my lovely hairdresser Michael (why is it people always use the word lovely to describe their barnet technician - certainly true in this case, but you can add talented, hardworking and inspirational while we are at it) I am a bit of a grooming slob and only get my hair cut about four times a year. So each time I represent myself to Michael (owner of the Tikadi hair salon group) there is usually a little bit of genial ticking off before we get down to business. On my recent visit however, Michael cut straight to the chase and recommended I have a new blow drying treatment (created by an Italian company, Collexia Professional) that would make my hair look, well, very nice indeed. Italians know a thing or two about looking good and apart from that, I know

February & March

SPECIAL OFFER Receive a FREE Collexia treatment with any cut and finish service.

Michael only recommends products and treatments that have met his high standards and he certainly wouldn’t palm any old nonsense off onto his clients. The ’Collexia Cosmetic System’ coats the hair strands with layers of protein as the hair is dried using a hairdryer specially created by Collexia that diffuses the contents of a little pod that sits within. The heat of the dryer activates the pod’s ingredients. The treatment strengthens the hair and at an aesthetic level makes it look silky and shiny. It is also protective as it shields hair against the damage caused by brushing and drying. The effects last up to ten days even if you wash your hair several times during that period. Tikadi is offering this cosmetic hair treatment at a very reasonable £5.95 on top of your usual hairdressing costs, which I think is very good value. After my treatment I kept forgetting I had had it done and wondered why my hair looked so nice each day I woke up (and believe me, I don’t usually make a habit of thinking this) and even when I got snowed on a week after the treatment, making my younger daughter point at my head and laugh, my hair didn’t go frizzy once it had dried. The benefits, albeit on a temporary basis, are similar to those of a Brazilian blow dry, although that works by penetrating the hair strand with protein, as opposed to coating it. Collexia is not just good for dry or damaged hair; there are three different types of pod, all containing a specific formula according to hair type. And if you would like to have the Collexia system at home, the hairdryer and pods are available to buy from Tikadi – the ideal present for Valentine’s Day or Mothering Sunday. I would start dropping hints now. Now that’s lovely.

Terms & Conditions Offer ends 31/03/13. Cannot be used with any other offer or discounts. Present voucher to validate this offer.

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The twitch of my nose as a snowflake drifts down from above. A pounding in my heart a pain against my back laughter from a distance a snowball an icicle drops in the distance silence. But a tear

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Former Epping mayor’s loss is The Dream Factory’s gain Former Epping mayor Ben Murphy is well on his way to reaching his five stone weight loss fundraising challenge that started at the beginning of January. His loss is expected to raise many pounds for local charity, The Dream Factory - founded by Epping mother Avril Mills following the death of her son, Oliver, from leukaemia - that grants wishes, or ‘dreams’, for children and young people with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions. Ben, 28, from Epping, accepted the challenge to lose five stone in eight months and at the time of going to press, has so far lost over a stone and a half. The equivalent of four bricks. Not bad considering he has had a stag do, wedding and birthday celebrations to get through without falling off the wagon too much. The challenge runs until August 31 and features public weekly weigh-ins and online updates via candid blog. The blog also includes stories about The Dream Factory beneficiaries, never losing sight of what the challenge is about.

long walks and doing simple things like walking up the escalators or stairs rather than taking the lift.” It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Ben, as you would expect from anyone embarking on a challenge of this nature.

Before embarking on the challenge, he said: “I’ve always been a big lad but over the past few years I’ve continued to pile on the pounds eating however much of whatever I fancied, whenever I fancied it. Moreover I’ve coupled that greed with less and less exercise which has left me horrifically unfit, massively overweight and even finding a simple flight of stairs draining!

“Of course there have been blips. This is a challenge and there were always going to be times I would fall off the wagon. Socialising without drinking alcohol has been the hardest thing for me to do, especially at weddings, but to make this sustainable long term I have to allow myself those one-off luxuries, as long as they are few and far between and I work hard to exercise the calories I have eaten or drunk.”

He added: “The Dream Factory is an amazing local charity and I've seen the impact they have on the lives of children who have been had a really tough time. I can’t begin to imagine the pain a family must suffer when they find out their child has a life-threatening illness. The daily grind must seem so trivial and the focus becomes about quality of life, fulfilling as many of that child’s dreams as possible.

“I was painfully open about my weight and general health at the start of my challenge, but 3 weeks in, I have lost 22lbs. More importantly, we have raised over two and a half thousand pounds for The Dream Factory and it is this which is keeping me focussed. If any readers are able to make a donation, however big or small, it would be enormously appreciated.”

Ben told Magascene of his first weeks of the challenge, “The first three weeks have actually been thoroughly enjoyable. I have been asked by so many people ‘are you finding it hard’ and thankfully, the answer is ‘no’. I am eating sensibly. I’ve introduced breakfast to kick-start my metabolism and stopped eating late at night. I have severely reduced by carbohydrate intake and am actually exercising. I’m not going to the gym but am steadily building my fitness levels by going for

The Dream Factory founder Avril Mills said: “I’m so pleased Ben has stepped forward and accepted this challenge. It is going to involve a lot of hard work and dedication but we know he can do it! Can you donate? Donations can be made online via or by ringing the charity on 020 8501 1234. Ben Murphy’s blog can be found at



Lifetime Estate Planning - Asset Protection Trusts by Alan Giddings, Giddings Lane Will & Estates Planning

What is an Asset Protection Trust? An Asset Protection Trust involves making a decision to place a particular asset e.g. a property, in to a Trust during your lifetime, rather than waiting for the asset to be dealt with via your Will when you die. An Asset Protection Trust can also include savings and investments. How does it work? If we continue to use a property as an example of an asset that is placed in to a Trust; the legal ownership of the property is transferred to the Trustees, of which you would be one. The other Trustees are people that you appoint and would typically be your children or other close family members. Despite the fact that the Trust now owns the property you still retain the benefits and flexibility of home ownership. For example, the terms of the Trust give you ‘Lifetime Interest’ in the property and would allow you to move to another property if required, and to retain all rights of residence in the new one. What are the benefits of an Asset Protection Trust? To ensure that the asset will pass to the individuals that you would wish to benefit and to minimise potential challenges under the Inheritance Family Provisions legislation that are possible following disposal of assets via a Will. To speed up the administration of the asset that is placed in to Trust. This means that upon death the Trust can be wound up and the asset passed immediately to the beneficiaries. The asset held in Trust will not require to be dealt with via probate and be subject to the associated costs.

It may avoid the asset being included in a local authority means test for residential or domiciliary long term care, thus ring fencing it for your beneficiaries, as long as that was not the reason for placing the asset in to Trust in the first place. Why not just sign over my property to my children? Signing a property over to your children means that you lose all control over your home. Should a child divorce or become bankrupt your home could be included in the settlement. You would also need to gain their permission if you wanted to move and there may also be pressure on you in the future to vacate against your wishes. Is an Asset Protection Trust right for me? Asset Protection Trusts are typically used by homeowners who have reached retirement age and beyond. Despite all of the benefits the decision to proceed with any form of Lifetime Estate Planning should be carefully considered. Individual circumstances vary a great deal and it is recommended that a thorough review of your affairs is carried out prior to making a final decision. It is usually advisable to also discuss such plans with your immediate family so that any concerns that they may have can be overcome at an early stage.


Alan Giddings Giddings Lane Wills & Estate Planning Telephone 01279 834761 Email:

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New Accountant for the new year?


It’s not too late to start on your new year’s resolutions and if finding a new accountant is one of yours, look no further. We can assist with handling your tax return and other financial matters, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Payroll Bookkeeping Management Information VAT Returns Small Business Accounts & Taxation

Call Fiona Sagoo—your local Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants on 01992 812328.

Friendly, Reliable & Professional

For friendly, uncomplicated and professional advice that won’t cost you an arm and a leg

* Member of the Institute of * * Chartered Accountants * 39 Woodland Way, Theydon Bois

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The rules of engagement Just one actually. Make sure the ring is perfect. Want to make a grand gesture? Well, if you have £135,000 to spare you could be the first person to propose during a 30 second primetime TV commercial, news of which has recently been splashed across the media. Few of us have that kind of nuptial nest egg tucked away, let alone the stomach for high-adrenalin mass exposure, but if you really want to make a grand gesture then surely investing in something unique that will not depreciate in value and will last a lifetime is a better bet. The ring’s the thing. So often you hear of businesses that are deemed hidden gems, usually because they are great finds tucked away from major high streets, and as a result of their squirreled away location, not everyone is aware of them. However, Hot Pink, a bespoke jeweller based in London and also locally in Theydon Bois is the hidden gem. Not least because gems are

their game but because what they do is unparalleled. Clients from all over the world, often using screen sharing facilities or webcam, are led through sophisticated 3D modelling software to design their own unique ring (be it an engagement, wedding, commitment, eternity or fabulousno-occasion-required ring) which is then crafted by a trained goldsmith. Face-to-face consultations also take place in London and luckily for locals, their welcoming Theydon Bois consultation room. Like all good ideas, necessity was the mother of invention. Itching to propose to his then girlfriend, mechanical engineer Manu was not happy with his fruitless attempts at finding the perfect engagement ring. And boy did he try, visiting around 20 jewellers and trawling the internet day after day. After one particularly disappointing consultation and inflated quote, Manu decided he

could do better and do it himself. And so he did. His engineering background combined with his expertise with CAD (computer aided design) led to him designing his own ring style. He found a goldsmith who was happy to work from his design, charging only for his time and the materials used. If Manu could do this for himself, anyone else wanting a special ring could do too and so Hot Pink was born. Manu and his wife Pip (she said yes) have been running the family owned independent business since 2011. During the ring design consultation, clients view various options on screen, as modelled by the 3D technology. They are given creative control throughout the whole process and guided through the options for gem type, gem size, type of setting, precious metal etc.


(God forbid) the proposal be met with a no.

Although Hot Pink does not hold stock (which keeps their overheads down) they have prototype rings for clients to try on to get a feel for the kind of ring they might like. Hot Pink’s offer takes the fear out of the whole ’ring thing’. There is a lot of pressure to get the perfect ring (and let’s face it, this would be the longest mistake any poor soul could make) as so many people are not aware of their partner’s finger size, let alone whether they have chosen a design that will be liked. Some choose to propose on holiday and so have the added worry of losing the ring on their travels. The solution? A ‘proposal’ ring, designed in the same way any bespoke ring from Hot Pink would be made, instead using sterling silver and Swarovski gemstones, dramatically reducing the cost. And hopefully softening the blow should

good ring for your money. It is also worth mentioning clients also visit Hot Pink with an existing piece of Hot Pink is fully transparent about jewellery, often something that has costs. Once a ring has been been passed down the family and so designed, clients are given a detailed holds sentimental value, so that the quotation before they commit. This gems in particular can be taken and helps with budgeting for a ring. used in a bespoke ring design. They Whether you wish to spend £1 ,000 have even worked their magic with or £8,000, you will see how much gauche-looking pieces of jewellery, the gem, the setting, the precious that house precious gems. Recycling metal and the hallmarking cost. at its best. Based on this, you may decide to go or a bigger or smaller gem, a thinner Once a design has been agreed, a or thicker band for example. If mould of the ring is made which diamonds are your best friend, it is clients can try on and make sure fascinating hearing Hot Pink explain they are happy with before the how they are graded, based on the actual ring is crafted. As each ring is four Cs (which, for the record are unique, the mould is destroyed. It clarity, colour, cut and carat). Again, won’t be needed again as each ring all this helps clients make an is unique. A trained goldsmith at Hot informed decision. It is also enlight- Pink’s London design studio makes ening to discover the mark up on the ring before it is then polished, hallmarked and beautifully rings sold through high street presented to the clever designer, retailers, particularly the big name brands. With a Hot Pink ring, you who could be you! have the best of materials - sourced Magascene was talking to Hot Pink. ethically – without paying for intangible branding, which quite frankly seems a waste of good Tel. 0208 144 0035 money that could be spent on some4 Forest Drive, Theydon Bois CM16 7EY thing else. In short, you get a really

Ring images


Getting the career you want - is mental preparation the key? By Heather Waring

This is the time of year for new starts, for getting out that glorious clean canvas and starting all over again. Your career may be in developing your own business further; it may be making a major change; perhaps re-inventing yourself after redundancy; returning to work after having a child or looking after your kids or perhaps due to the economic situation you are going to turn an interest into a business. Whatever it is for you, find out how you can ensure that 2013 is the year when you get it right.

you and your project’s success. It’s vital that you are in the right mindset whereby you have total belief in what you are doing and your abilities. To assist you, be clear about your strengths and skills but most important be aware of your achievements. Ask others how they view you.

While searching for your ideal career or business niche, an entrepreneurial slant can bring forth many ideas which challenge and bring innovation. Ideas alone, however, amount to very little - it is what we do with them that make the difference. To bring about the desired outcome, steps need to be taken, and often the equivalent of hoops jumped through to secure funding; get people involved; speed up processes etc. Having a plan and executing it is crucial.

Are you really clear about where you are going? Can you close your eyes and visualize every detail so that you can bring it to mind regularly. If not, spend some time on this. How is your positivity? We all have self-talk in our heads - listen to yours. If negative you need to turn this into positive self-talk so the messages you are sending to yourself are encouraging and empowering. Do you use affirmations? This is a way of developing both positive self-talk and self-belief. Affirmations are positive, personal and ‘in the present’ statements, for example ‘I give excellent presentations’. Repeat these to yourself regularly.

What happens though, when you have done all you can and nothing is happening? Is it possible that you have overlooked your mental preparation? This is the overarching key to being fully prepared and is so important to




What you are doing is developmental and there will be rejection. All successful people have had their ideas turned down, have their skills cast aside by others who don’t appreciate them; have to put in the effort more than once so build in this realisation and learn from it. Listen, observe and amend and through this you will grow and achieve even more. Finally, where do you get your support from? Can you access it readily? Find support from a range of sources consider your needs and who might be the best people to provide them. Having this network is vital as it will allow you to view developments from more objectively. Believing in the idea and in your ability to make it happen marries together the practical and mental aspects and provides the winning combination. Try it out and I wish you the very best of luck.


Heather Waring ‘The rocket behind your business’

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Jayne is a highly qualified physiotherapist and can offer prompt, effective treatment and advice for: Back and neck pain Sciatica Post operative conditions Postural problems Sports injuries Upper and lower limb joint problems Muscle and ligament strains and sprains Work related upper limb disorders e.g. repetitive strain injury Appointments available at Theydon Bois Pharmacy 10 Forest Drive Theydon Bois CM16 7EY

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Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Your pets looked after in the safety & comfort of their own home

Going away? We will come in to feed, water, walk, clean, cuddle and play with your pets giving house security too

Call Sue 01992 523098 / 07961 168183 Email: Fully insured and member of NARP (National Association of Registered Pet Sitters)

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Dealing with sciatica the Alexander Way Stephanie Smith MSTAT

Have you ever had a shooting pain that goes from the back of your pelvis, through your buttocks, all the way down your leg(s), ending at your feet? Does it cause other symptoms such as tingling, numbness or weakness? If you have, it may have been sciatica.

The Alexander Technique does not involve manipulating joints. It uses gentle movements to make you aware of how you support and balance yourself. It helps you become aware of unconscious excessive muscle tension.

Alexander Technique teacher Stephanie Smith Sciatica is the name given to any sort of pain that is explains: "People often think that an injury they've caused by irritation or compression of the sciatic had has caused sciatica. That's not necessarily true. nerve - the longest nerve in your body. Sciatica tends to develop as a result of general wear and tear on the lower spine caused by poor Sciatica is very different to back pain. In fact the posture - posture that has become a habit but feels pain from sciatica hardly affects your back at all. perfectly normal to you. This poor posture results People between the ages of 30 and 50 are in pressure on the sciatic nerve. Making the generally affected and it usually develops as a connection between the bad postural habit and result of general wear and tear rather than a sciatica is the first step towards freeing yourself of specific injury. the pain forever." For some people sciatica can be very painful and Stephanie suggests the next time you walk past a stop them going about their daily activities. To mirror or shop window take a glance at your become free of sciatica takes time and a little bit of reflection. Most people are surprised how hunched effort. The Alexander Technique can help people their posture is and does not match up to the learn to be pain free. image they have in their minds. When an Alexander Technique teacher corrects posture many people comment how wrong it feels. However, when they look in a mirror their posture is completely different to what their body is telling them. What you are seeing are your postural habits. Stephanie says: "To experience what a postural habit is, simply fold your arms. Now without thinking fold your arms the other way. The majority of people will tell you it doesn’t feel right but they cannot explain why. The reason we fold our arms the same way each time is because it's a habit. And so is holding your posture a habit. The Alexander Technique helps you break these habits and learn the correct posture."

Stephanie Smith is a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 18 years and has a practice in Theydon Bois. She can be contacted on 01992 812189, by email at or through her website


Finance Confidential

FACT Your pension fund needs to GROW It’s an urgent problem that requires attention. We give no advice—just facts. Find out what is available and you could change your financial outlook for good.

Paul J Violet

01992 899036

Providing an




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+ New Kitchens + Bespoke Joinery + New Builds + Renovations + Others Call 0208 983 7776 or 07811 329978 Email:

Free Quotations & Design Advice 21

Onesie Wednesday

Raising funds for St Clare Hospice Onesies were in Christmas stockings across the country and now youngsters are being asked to wear theirs to school or after-school activities to raise money for St Clare Hospice. The Onesie Week fundraising Campaign, centred around Onesie Wednesday on February 13, encourages schools or groups such as Brownies and Scouts to let youngsters (and of course let’s not forget adults) wear their Onesie and donate £1 to St Clare Hospice for doing so. Other fundraising ideas during the week (February 11-17) include holding a Onesie disco or a film night, but groups are encouraged to come up with their own Onesie-mania ideas.

Letters have been sent to schools and groups across St Clare Hospice catchment area of west Essex and the east Herts border. It is hoped that Onesie fever could help generate £5,000 - enough to pay for an inpatient’s care at the Hospice for ten days. Philippa Roy-Chowdhury, Headteacher at Thorn Grove Primary School in Bishop’s Stortford, said pupils, and maybe some staff, would be wearing their Onesies on Wednesday, February 13, and asking for a donation to St Clare. “If any of our children don’t have a Onesie, they can wear their pyjamas so everyone can get involved,” she added.


Photo: Rebecca Callaghan

If you would like to join in the fun or you would like some more information, please call the Hospice on 01279 773750 or email:

Dressmaking Soft Furnishings Crafts We offer small, informal classes located in the beautiful renovated Georgian wing of Warlies Park House, Upshire. Ideal for absolute beginners and improvers alike...

3rd North Weald Scout Group (Registered Charity No. 1011464)

Come and join us

Scouting is for boys and girls from the age of 6

Please call Chris on 07944 768262 or visit our website at

Come along and join us! You could be camping in all weather conditions, meeting Scouts from all the world, or even learning to cook on all types of fires, bonfires, pit fires and BBQs etc. Fancy going wall climbing, abseiling, canoeing, orienteering and much moreG? Contact us to find out more.

• • • • •

Fully qualified tutor, experienced in dress making and soft furnishings Small, friendly classes, work at your own pace Individual teaching—make what you want to make Up-to-date machines and overlockers available for your use Ample, free parking

Leaders of all ages always welcome. North Weald Scout Hut, 56a Queens Road North Weald, Essex CM16 6JG Contact Nikki Smith-Pryor on 01992 524 672 or 07817 314372 Email:

Warlies Park House, Horseshoe Hill, Upshire, Essex EN9 3SL


Your doorbell in your pocket

The Smart Way

Reliable and experienced service

to be in when you’re out

• • • • •

Get Smart and answer your doorbell on your mobile or landline. Great if you are out, are pretending to be out or can't get to the door in time.

Painting and decorative finishes Wallpaper hanging Wood staining Free estimates References available

Contact Peter Aldam 01992 814163 07850 389432

Allows you to speak to who is at your door. MO-BELL - your doorbell in your pocket

Peterman Services Interior Decorator

Just ring 01992 711395 for details 23


BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE - AND BE YOURSELF! SINGING & DANCING & STREET DANCING! We believe EVERYBODY can learn to sing and dance! Our aim is to enjoy ourselves! We have been running classes for 10 years Same, supportive teachers each week For girls and boys aged from 5 year-olds to TEENAGERS

Come along and try a FREE class!

(Small classes)

Discount available for 2nd child Saturdays at Theydon Bois Primary School

PrePre-school Learning Alliance accreditation

For information ring Trish on 01992 613074 or 07759 949551 0r email:


Fall in love with networking at SmartNet Essex 2nd anniversary Valentine Day lunch meeting Local networking group, SmartNet Essex, celebrates its second anniversary on February 14th and is inviting local business owners to come along.

Julie Pearce, a founder member of SmartNet Essex, said “When we set up SmartNet two years ago we wanted to offer something different. We were aware that there were a lot of business men and women out there who wanted the benefit of networking, but did not want to

SmartNet’s first year anniversary meeting, February 2012

© Stephen Pover

The group, which is run by virtual PA Julie Pearce, accountant Fiona Sagoo and publisher Jane Smith, meets on the second Thursday of the month at the Miller & Carter restaurant in Epping for an informal lunch meeting between 12 and 2pm. The meetings are pay-as-you-go and run on a non-membership basis, although many of the visitors are regulars who have been with SmartNet Essex since its infancy. And unlike other networking groups, SmartNet Essex does not discriminate on gender or insist on one person only per profession. The meetings are energetic and productive, where visitors can network and share business tips with each other. Visitors come from a wide range of business sectors, many of whom are self-employed or start ups, and benefit from the support they receive from each other.

commit to joining a group that charged an annual fee and insisted on regular attendance. The fact we are now in our third year with so many familiar faces each month, as well as new visitors, means that we have achieved what we set out to do.” If you would like to find out more about SmartNet Essex go to or to book in for the next meeting on Thursday February 14th, contact Julie Pearce on 07843 260 186 or email The fee for each meeting is £15 which includes a one course lunch and tea or coffee. Places are limited so prebooking is essential. Why not go along and you might just net some business the smart way.

‘Swimming Through the Reeds’— Epping Bookshop launch Local Epping author Victoria Robertson celebrated the launch of her debut book, 'Swimming Through the Reeds' at the Epping Bookshop in early December. Over 100 keen supporters came through the doors for the event that also included drinks and a harpist serenading all. Victoria Robertson has lived in Epping for 17 years and is an active community member, frequently hosting charitable events for St Margaret's Hospital League of Friends and Coopersale Institute. She is a volunteer gardener at Copped Hall where her landscaping expertise

is put to good use. Alongside that she sings for two choirs, Funky voices and the Copped Hall Choir and also provides the residents at Tree Tops Epping with a full range of activities each week. Her passion for helping people developed when her own life was affected by stress after a shoulder injury forced her to change direction and end her landscaping career. Victoria made a discovery that changed the way she felt for the better. She introduced complementary therapy and meditation and learnt to relax more, which helped her body heal. She went on to become a qualified complementary therapist and started offering treatments that helped others to release stress and let go. Victoria said, "Stress that is not managed or treated can lead to medical illnesses and that can result in depression. Learn to let it go, why put life on hold, it's too short to look back in regret. Swim through the reeds and find a way to help you let it go." 'Swimming through the Reeds' is published by Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd and although now being sold internationally, is available locally at the Epping Bookshop.


MAGASCENE Do you want to reach out locally without spending silly money to let people know who you are, where you are and what you do? We have been publishing a local magazine for nearly 6 years, during which time we have grown organically, thanks to our fantastic advertising clients and lively editorial contributors, who are the heart and soul of MAGASCENE We publish bi-monthly and circulate 7,000 copies across Epping, Theydon Bois, Loughton & Buckhurst Hill

And what do our clients have to say? “Since opening in March of 2007, Tikadi has advertised through then Community Times and now Magascene; the feedback we’ve had from clients with our adverts has been tremendous and without any shadow of a doubt has helped brand Tikadi in a very positive and successful way.” Michael, Tikadi “I've been advertising in Magascene for many years now and it's been a great way to get new clients and also for existing clients to see photos of their pets! Jane has always been very professional, coming up with new ideas, and is very flexible!" Sue, Pet Chums “I've been advertising in Magascene since its infancy with great success. Everything from the booking process to the distribution is done in a highly professional manner. I can't wait to see my advert in the next edition." Hannake, Kip McGrath

“Fantastic service for a fantastic price!” Fiona, FGS Accountancy & Taxation

“I have been advertising in Magascene for 3 years. My ad always pays for itself, with new customers, who then become regulars. They are always very helpful with the wording of my ads, and always come up with great ideas for any promotions I want to do.” Faith, The Steam Queen “We are a local business who rely heavily on our surrounding community for business. The best thing about Magascene is it reaches out directly to our clients. The bold layout of the mag and the continued support from the staff has helped us grow our business over the past five years. I don't think it's any exaggeration to say that Magascene has been an integral part of our marketing and been influential in getting our brand across to the local community and beyond.” Brett, Concept Fitness “My experience with Magascene has been a great opportunity with an overwhelming response and a significant boost in overall sales! I’ve been able to reach markets that would have otherwise cost me five times the effort and resources. It has been a wonderful way to spread the word about The Volunteer.” Pete, The Volunteer

Interested? For more information please visit To request a media pack email or call 01992 814621 27

April & may edition booking deadline is march 15 Out from mar 29

Robert Phillips mobile 07949 082367 tel 0845 257 0254 Email: Little Orchard, Epping Road, Broadley Common EN9 2DH


Now really is a great time to look at cleaning your carpets, curtains & upholstery


Call 020 8502 1162

SmartNet Essex

WOOD & FAMILY The word is out… Epping’s best kept secret ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

MOT Servicing Motor body repairs Welding Panel beating Cellulose spraying Mechanical repairs

Call 01992 573785 or 07889 659169

Fiddler’s Hamlet, Epping CM16 7PG

B. A. Repairs DOMESTIC APPLIANCE SERVICES Over 20 years experience

Fall in love with networking—Join us for our second year anniversary on February 14th and net some business the smart way

Washing machines Tumble dryers Dishwashers Fridges Freezers FREEPHONE 0800 037 0861 MOBILE 07956 258043

Contact us now to find out about our fixed fee options

SmartNet Essex networking lunches provide lively debate and support to business owners in their first few years of business. What’s more, we offer a Pay As You Go forum, so there are no nasty membership fees to pay. BOOK NOW Call Julie to book on 07843 260 186 or email (places are limited)£15 fee to include lunch Venue: Miller & Carter, Epping We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month Join us for our second anniversary on Feb 14

28 £120. Call 01992 814621 Annual advertising rates from

Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z ALAL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS For friends and relatives of alcoholics Email: Helpline 020 7403 0888 (10am— (10am—10pm)

in joining the club, contact Steve Allen on 07932 532694, Graham Sly on 07973 530148 or Tracy Wilkinson 07738 089251 or visit

Alpine Garden Society— Society—Epping Forest Group. Group We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER at 8pm.

Epping Forest District Badger Group—meet on the 3rd Monday Group of the month at Hemnall Street Social club, Epping at 8pm. Find out more about the existence and secret life of badgers, and their preservation. Contact 01992 756038.

The Avenue Lawn Tennis Club—18 The Avenue, Loughton IG10 Club 4PT. Four artificial grass courts. Membership-balls, court hire included; social programme & licensed bar. Club sessions: Men—Thursday 5.30pm and Sunday mornings; Ladies—Tuesdays at 5.30pm; Mixed—Thursdays 11am to 1pm, Fridays 6.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 1.30pm. The club has teams in both the South West Essex (men’s, ladies and mixed) and Essex leagues (men). Contact Lynda Wyles Membership Secretary on 0208 505 4704 or email Badminton Club Call for Players We are looking for (mature) players to join our badminton club. We meet on Monday evenings at 8pm at Debden Park High School’s Sports Hall. Please contact Alan on 020 8508 6306. Bodyworks exercise classes for everyone Loughton Tues 10.30am, Buckhurst Hill Mon 8-9pm and Thurs 9.30-10.30am. Call Jan Hall on 020 8508 3346. Book Club— Club—meet locally once a month. Call Linda on 01992 571178. Breatheasy in Harlow & Epping Forest Meet the first Monday of the month at Jack Silley Pavilion in Epping between 1pm and 3pm. Contact branch secretary Mrs C Carr on 01992 573387 for more details. Breatheasy is the support group of The British Lung Foundation Buckhurst Hill Bowls Club, Club 72 Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill IG9 5TX. If you are looking for a local, friendly bowls club, please call the Secretary Malcolm Lord on 0208 502 1285. Open 7 days a week. Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club. Club Bored with just running, in pain from too much running on roads? Try running through forests and having to work out where to go. There is a local event approximately once a month. For more details ring Helen on 020 8502 1629, or visit

Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music Schools—For a free taster session Schools in Epping, call 01992 670575 or visit Craniosacral Therapy Clinic, Clinic The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping. Contact Liam Hurley on 07941 621887 Drum Tuition—All styles; pop, rock, jazz, Latin, blues...Beginners Tuition to advanced. All ages welcome. Call 07803 893722.

Epping Bowls Club, Lower Bury Lane. New members welcome to join our friendly, local club. Regular tuition sessions take place for beginners. Contact Anne Munro: 01992 561164. Epping Cricket Club—We are looking for new members of all Club standards. Three Saturday sides and a Sunday team and colts cricket for boys and girls. Contact Matthew Barrett 07877 923151 or EppingEpping-Eppingen Twin Town Association. Association Exciting cultural, school, musical and personal exchanges with our active and friendly twinned town in southern Germany. Contact Uschi Jesson 01992 577603 or Tony Church 07725 608368.

Epping Forest & District Stamp Club. Club Meet 2nd Tuesday of month at the Dining Room, Roding Valley High School, Loughton. New members and beginners always welcome. Keith Smith 020 8505 5620. Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society Nonmembers are welcome. For further information please contact the Group Secretary: Keith Ballard, Tel: 01992 813231 or email Epping Forest HP (Walking) Group. Group We are a walking group who walk in Epping, Redbridge and sometimes London each week. Walks start at 10.30am. There is no charge to join walks, optional membership at £4. Social evenings, coach trips and holidays. Email Epping Forest Outdoor Group– Group Are you a walker or a cyclist? Like to enjoy a more varied outdoor and social life? 8.30pm Thursdays, ROVSCO Hall, 72 Hollybush Hill, E11 1PX. Weekends away, day activities and social events. Call Secretary Ken 020 8524 3960. Epping Forest Rotary Club—Meet Garnon Bushes, Coopersale Club on Tuesday evenings for meal and regular speaker. If you want to join other business and community minded men and women please contact Telephone 01992 814105 The Epping Horticultural Society Share gardening tips and enjoy our social events throughout the year. Annual membership £1 and discounts available at the trading hut on the Meadow Road allotment site (Sunday mornings10am to 12pm). Contact Shirley Lewis on 01992 573687. 573687 Epping Tennis Club Lower Bury Lane Four all weather courts (3 floodlit). New members welcome—Lessons and coaching available. Visit or call 01992 572230 or 07940 183596 for membership/general enquiries. To contact Matt Smith (LTA Senior Club Coach), call 07743 378055 or visit

Exercise with me: Exercise for Free!!! Power walking group in Buckhurst Hill, weekday evenings, meet outside The Toby Carvery, 5k distance approx. Call/text 07766 700 666 or go to for further details Family Care Counselling Service We provide affordable, professional counselling in the Epping Forest area Tel: 01992 788499 Registered Charity No: 1118296

Forest Creative Writers 12.45pm12.45pm-2.45pm, Thurs Loughton Library. Intending new members invited to first free taster session. Contact Pete Relph on 0208 508 6313. Friends of Swaines Green. Conservation days on the second Sunday of every month. Contact Ian Anderson for further details on 01992 574909 or visit

Epping Football Club, Stonards Hill, Epping If you are interested


Continued over

Community pages

Epping Art Society—Art Appreciation evenings, 2nd Wednesday Society of the month at Pelly Court, Hemnall Street, Epping. Call Robin 01992 572077. Members £2, non-members £3. Practical evenings are run the first Friday evening of the month, at 7.30 for 2 hours at the Methodist Church Hall, Epping

Epping Forest Centenary Trust. Trust We can provide practical conservation sessions in Epping Forest for groups, including special needs groups, community groups and youth groups. Call Epping Forest Centenary Trust on 0208 508 9061, email or visit

Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z Guitar Lessons— Lessons—Learn to play guitar. All ages, abilities and styles. Experienced local teacher. Individual and group teaching. Christian Karlsson 07958 471083. Email: Herts & Essex Architectural Research Society. Society Meet on the fourth Friday of the month at 8pm, Church Hall, Loughton Methodist Church, 260 Loughton High Road. Call 020 8508 2512 for more details or visit Jo Jingles Monday Epping 10:00am Over 2's and 11:00am babies from 3months to 2 years. Monday Theydon Bois 3:15pm Mixed ages (babies-5years old); Tuesday Harlow 9:30am Over 2s and 10:30am Walking-2years . We are also available to do Children's parties, nurseries, Children's centres or NCT group activities. For more information on classes or to book a place please call Lucy on 01279 868410 or email us: You can also visit our website Karate Classes for adults and children in Epping, Loughton, Theydon Bois and Nazeing. Contact Sensei Andy Major 07941 164544, email More details at LAUGHTER WORKOUT (LAUGHTER YOGA). YOGA) Laughter is a great stress buster and has many scientifically proven health benefits. The body does not know the difference between real and pretend laughter, you still get the same benefits. Laughter Yoga combines Laughter Exercises with Yogic Breathing. We have a Loughton Group that meets three times a month. Please call 0208 508 2134 and visit for more information. Come and join us.

Petanque (Boules). Epping Horizons Petanque Club meets on Saturdays and Mondays at 1.30pm on Stonards Hill Recreation Ground. New members always welcome. To arrange a taster session call Peter Lumb on 01992 571744 or visit Physiotherapist. Appointments available at Theydon Bois Pharmacy, 10 Forest Drive, Theydon Bois CM16 7EY. Contact Jayne Gould Chartered Physiotherapist on 07963 349754 Piano Club— Club—Loughton Methodist Church. Wednesdays 10--12noon. Contact Rea Camus on 01992 571773. We are a 10 group of keen amateur pianists who enjoy making music together and having fun. All standards welcome. PROBUS. PROBUS FOREST Probus Club is actively seeking new members. members Monthly meetings on second Friday 12.30pm & lunch at County Hotel, Oak Hill Woodford Green. Please contact the Secretary or 020 8529 6500 Rotary Club of Loughton and Buckhurst Hill—meet at The Blue Hill Boar, Abridge, RM4 1UA. On Thursdays at 1pm (1st and 3rd Thursdays) and 6.30pm (2nd and 4th Thursdays). For further details call A Harvey on 01992 572867 or visit Station Road Wellness Centre, Osteopathy, Chiropody, massage, reflexology, Reiki. 12 Station Road, Epping. Tel. 01992 570003. St John Ambulance— Ambulance—Epping Community First Responders help to save lives. Full training given. Please contact Sandra Newman on 01992 572545 for more details.

Lee Valley Friends Rambling Association Group Specialising in short weekend walks—mainly in West Essex and some London walks. Call for details 020 8529 1602 or visit

St Thomas Moore Dancing Club—Ballroom and sequence for the Club over 60s. Wednesdays 2-4pm at Thomas Moore Church, Willingale Rd, Loughton. Tel. 020 8504 0998. £1.50 including tea and biscuits.

Loughton Astronomical Society (LAS). New members welcome. Meets Thurs 8pm at Scout Hut, Theydon Bois. Tel. 01992 815804. Also, junior section, Theydon Bois AstroKyds for 6-14 year-olds meet 2nd Friday of month (term time), 6.30pm to 8pm at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Theydon Bois. Same contact details as above.

Tappy Toes—Fun and creative dance and movement classes for Toes girls and boys aged 20 months to 4 and a half years. Epping classes start in September. Call Claire on 01992 732 800.

Loughton Camera Club, Club Lopping Hall, Loughton. Meet every Wednesday 8-10pm. New members welcome. Contact John Banks 020 8508 4199. Loughton Folk Club meets every Thursday from 8pm at Loughton Club, 8 Station Road, Loughton, IG10 4NX. Parking front and rear. Email or call Jill Coombes 0776 214 6623 Messy Days— Days—Mother and Toddler Group, Monday and Fridays 10am to 11am. St Mary’s Church Hall, Theydon Bois. Come along for some messy fun. £4.50 per session. Discount for second child. Pre-school Learning accreditation. Ring Lindsay on 01992 814487. Musical Minis— Minis—PrePre-school fun time music group. Classes in Epping and Buckhurst Hill. Call Claire on 01992 787793 Osteopath—Epping Osteopathic & Sports Injuries Clinic, The Osteopath Limes Medical Centre, Theydon Bois 01992 815 166 Parkinson’s UK— UK—Harlow & District Branch. Meet at the David Livingstone Club, 11 Potter Street, CM17 9AE every Wednesday 11am-3pm. On the first Wednesday of each month there is a speaker from 1 to 3pm. For more information contact Secretary Corinne—Branch mobile 07982 094194 or email All welcome.

WEA Loughton & Epping Branch Details from, leaflets in the libraries. Phone Bettie Bock, 020 8508 4919 or e-mail: West Essex Flower Club, Thornwood Village Hall, Weald Lane. Meet 2nd Monday of each month (except January and August) From 1.45pm. Visitors and new members always welcome. Contact the Club Secretary for further details on 01992 577036

West Essex Ramblers. Walk every Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun. Most walks countryside, some London. About 10 coach rambles Apr-Oct. Each yr have a British & foreign walking holiday. For a sample programme, call 020 8502 1628. Woodford and District Floral Arrangement Group. Group We meet every third Monday of the month in the Churchill Room at Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road E11. Doors open at 6.45pm for a prompt 7.30pm start. Guest floral demonstrator every month, raffle and refreshments. Visitors always welcome to join for a small fee of £4.

Yoga— Yoga—’Fitness Yoga’. Mondays 7pm—8pm at Theydon Bois Primary School, Orchard Drive. A revitalising and relaxing workout including a blend of Yoga based postures, traditional stretching, core exercises from Pilates, balance work and a final relaxation section. Taught to relaxing music. First class FREE, then £25 per month. Contact Lucilla on 07956 695077 Email, (Iyengar) Yoga, Yoga Lindsey Street, Epping. Monday evenings from 6pm. Please contact Dorothy on 01992 574623. Yoga classes and workshops for all levels in Epping and North Weald, Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sat. Contact Amy on 07841 378364 or visit for more details.

Personal Trainer (mobile & gym based) / Nordic Walking Instructor—Tanya Hurley 07941 233880


What’s On

Visit for all the latest listings

Clubs, Societies and Health Services A-Z continued Yoga (Vinyasa & Hatha), Private classes in Epping & Buckhurst Hill 07725 653682. Zumba Fitness— Fitness Mondays St Michael’s Church, Loughton 8-9pm; Tuesdays Theydon Bois Primary School 7-8pm; Fridays Loughton Club 10-11am. Email or call Laura 07581 673998 or Lisa 07775 553722. Doctors Surgeries The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping Appointments/Emergencies/Cancellations 01992 573 838 Theydon Bois Branch, Branch Thrifts Mead 01992 812 450 North Weald Branch, Branch 67 Wheelers Farm Gardens 01992 524 383 Dr Lowry & Partners, Partners High Street, Epping 0844 5769797 Hospitals St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping 01992 561 666 Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow 01279 444 455 NHS Direct 0845 4647 Sports Centres & Fitness Studios Epping Sports Centre 25 Hemnall Street 01992 564 564 Waltham Abbey Swimming Pool Roundhills 01992 716 733 Loughton Leisure Centre Traps Hill, Loughton 01992 564 574 Concept Fitness UK 224b High Street, Epping 01992 579050

Buckhurst Hill openopen-mic Jazz Jam Session. Every Sunday at the Sports & Social Club, 50 Queens Road IG9 5BY 8pm start. Admission £3. Visit to check dates. Farmers’ Market organised by the Loughton Residents Association on the first Sunday of the month. Centric Parade, High Road, Loughton. 9am-2pm. FAB— FAB—Fabulous and Beautiful. Beautiful If you are undergoing chemotherapy or have recently finished treatment, charity FAB, which runs a three hour session on the first Monday of the month at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Epping (11am to 2pm) may be just the tonic. Please call Laura Jones on 01279 827396. Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society, Society 8pm at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER (2nd Tuesday of the month). Group visits being arranged between June and September. Non-members welcome. Please call Keith Ballard for further information on 01992 813231.

EppNet— EppNet—Business Networking. Meet every Wednesday morning for breakfast, 7.15 to 9am at The Bell Hotel, Epping. £40 per month for regular members, or one off annual fee for infrequent visitors (plus £10 fee per meeting). For more details email or call Vincent Goode on 07931 580031.

Feb 9 Feb 10 Feb 12 Feb 14 Feb 16 & 17

Richard Digence The Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular The Circus of Horrors A Night of Romantic Opera Brenda Taylor—Thank You for the Music and All That Jazz Feb 21 The Hare and the Tortoise Feb 22 The Elvis Years Feb 23 Wow! The Show is Magic Feb 24 Wrestle Force—Title Wave Feb 27 A Midsummer’s Night Dream Feb 28 Nights on Broadway—The Bee Gees Story Mar 1 The Guns N’ Roses Experience Mar 2 The Floyd Effect Mar 3 A Night of Dirty Dancing Mar 7 Jongleurs Mar 9 & 10 GaGa—A Tribute to Queen Mar 10 Blake Mar 13 & 14 Chas and Dave Mar 15 The Russian Cossacks Mar 16 Halfway to Paradise—The Billy Fury Story Mar 17 Kevin Precious—Not Appropriate Mar 20 The Irish House Party Mar 21 The Magic of the Beatles Mar 22 Motown’s Greatest Hits—How Sweet It Is Mar 23 Lee Hurst—Too Scared to Leave the House West Essex Flower Club— Club—February 11th at 1.45pm, 1.45pm Thornwood Village Hall, Weald Hall Lane, Thornwood. Demonstration entitled ‘Something With Flowers’ by Jane Ellis. All welcome, visitors £4 payable on the door. Contact the Club Secretary for further details on 01992 577036 Theydon Bois & District Friends of Cancer Research UK QUIZ NIGHT Friday March 8th at Theydon Bois Village Hall 7.30 for 8pm start. Fish/chicken & chips supper. Bring your own drinks. Tickets £12.00 from 01992 614008 or 07908 227476

EVENT LISTINGS FOR APRIL & MAY EDITION Please submit your event listings by March 15th for inclusion in the next edition. You can submit clubs and societies or listings information at any time for inclusion on the magazine’s website at This service is FREE OF CHARGE although submissions for the magazine are subject to space. If you would like to advertise an event or club in one of our small ads, these are available at a rate of £30 each (or £120 for the year). Please call 01992 814621 for more details, email

MAGASCENE Advertise from just £30 per edition for a small ad like this or £120 for the year (6 editions)

Music at Marigolds Jazz Club, Club Harlow Cricket Club, Chippingfield, Old Harlow, CM17 0DJ. Enquiries 01279 414174/421763. Doors open 7.30pm. Price guide £7-£8. Feb 8 The Jives Feb 22 the Derek Nash & Dick Pearce Quintet Mar 8 Jimmy C and the Bluedragons Mar 29 The Tommaso Storace Quartet

For details of all advertising rates, dates and deadlines call 01992 814621, email or visit for further details


Community Pages

SmartNet Essex — Meet 2nd Thursday of the month 12-2pm at Miller & Carter Epping (Wake Arms roundabout). £15 meeting fee includes lunch. Next meeting February 14th—SmartNet’s 14th 2nd anniversary! Pay-as-you-go networking group. Call Julie to book on 07843 260 186 or email

Harlow Playhouse—Box Office 01279 431945—Full season Playhouse details and booking details at

Furniture Clinic Epping, Unit 15, Hobbs Cross Business Centre, Theydon Garnon, Epping CM16 7NY

tel 01992 566 719 email web


February and March 2013  

Magascene February & March 2013 edition

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