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6 Sue de Nime—Technology 8 Only the Lonely, by V Norris

12 ‘Swimming Through the Reeds’ local therapist’s inspirational book 12 Rod Stewart draws crowds to Epping Bookshop 14 ‘Womb With a View’ - Jodie Newman’s debut book 17 When Santa Fell to Earth puzzle page 18 You have the power of positivity, by Heather Waring 20 Pacing yourself the Alexander Way, by Stephanie Smith 22 Tikadi wins top business award 22 Santa Fun Run for St Clare Hospice 24 Special reader offers 29-31 Clubs, Societies and What’s On listings

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Well, it has been your average, run of the mill kind of month or so. You know, a local singer pops in to do a book signing, attracting global attention (Ron, Rob? I don’t know, something like that). Two local women celebrate the launch of their respective books, as you do, and an Eppingbased film distribution company release a film across UK cinemas this Christmas. As I say, nothing special, nothing to see here, move along please… So, are you feeling Christmassy? Do you come out in hives at the mere sight of Christmas cards in supermarkets before October or do you relish this time of year? Whatever your feelings, it is a fantastic time for communities to pull together. Our listings section is jam-packed (or should that be mango-chutney packed) with seasonal events, including concerts, ‘fairs’ and ‘fayres’ and all manner of spelling variations. St Clare Hospice is holding its Santa Fun Run on December 9th starting at the Secret Nuclear Bunker on the Ongar Road. You still have time to register (see page 22) or certainly sponsor any friends and family taking part. And please take a visit to The Christmas Tree Yard (Mediterranean Plants) on the Abridge Road in Theydon Bois, where they have a huge selection of high-quality trees. There is a £5 off voucher for readers (for purchases of £45 and over) on page 10, so remember to cut it out and take along.


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We will be back in the new year and wish you, our contributors and advertisers a very Merry Christmas.

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And another

thing Sue de Nime

. . . Technology Technology. Ooh, I love a good gadget, me. If I had my way, I would have an mp3 player for every day of the week - okay, an iPod, let's not pretend I'd want anything else - an iPad in every room and a kettle that, should you so desire, heats the water to a precise 70o. Oh wait, I have just bought one of those. Why? Well, you never know when you might want a coffee that is not quite as hot as your last one. And because when I saw it, my immediate reaction was: 'mmmm.... gadget...' Technology is a wonderful thing, someone once said. Probably Steve Jobs, given that he was quite a tech-nerd, by all accounts. I could look it up in his biography, but that would mean trying to find five specific words in a whole heap of them on my Kindle (oh, the irony), and I haven't got the foggiest how to do that. It has probably got some clever search function, but how would I know? I've not read the instructions. A point I may come back to. So, a wonderful thing. And whilst I am tossing clichĂŠs about like error messages on a PC, I would also like to point out that modern technology is just soooo advanced. When I was a kid, we were utterly agog when dad brought home a new-fangled piece of tech called a video recorder. We oohed and ahhhed over its breezeblock like grace and touched its brake-pedal sized operating buttons with silent awe. Did we care that it took two hands to get the eject to actually yield? Did we mind the crap picture? Of course we didn't. This was cutting edge technology at its finest.

And only a few (ish) years down the line, we suddenly all had a computer at work. Ahh, we said. Technology that helps us be more efficient. But once we had actually turned the computer on, we realised what fools we were. Computers were just a shimmering mirage of productivity, luring you to your fate of over-increasing to-do lists with seductive 'pings' and glowing screens. Getting anything done took twice as long, even a simple task such as writing a letter. The software designer - yes, you, Microsoft - secretly knew that no one had the faintest how to use their product. So they put a handy little paperclip in the system, that popped up every time you even breathed near the mouse. 'It looks like you are trying to write a letter' it would smirk. Could they make a paper fastening device more supercilious if they tried? 'It looks like you are foolishly attempting some tabulation'. 'Oh, it looks like you are trying to throw your PC out the window'. It was technology, but about as intuitive as quantum physics. And yet here we are now. We have suffered the slings, arrows and paperclips of slightly under-par technology and have been rewarded with a big, shiny Apple. First coveted by designers and those that were too cool for school (sorry, skool), the Mac is the last word in tech-chic. Walk into any Starbucks and you will be dazzled by a sea of glowing apple icons. Mac-Flashing, as I like to call it. And joy of joys, Apple products are the utter epitome of technology


that does work. Not because they are generally glitch-free. Not because if they looked any sexier mothers would shield their children's' eyes as one passed by. Because they come with barely any instructions. And that, and that alone, is the mark of progression. And other tech is catching on. A tiny piece of paper may fall from the packaging that vaguely looks like instructions, but that is just so that anyone over the age of 45 doesn't die of panic. All this scrap of paper actually contains is a small diagram to show where the batteries go, or where to stick the charger, and a website address should you want more. But no one does. Mainly because we are too busy trying to work out whether our Kindle has a search function, or because our PC has just frozen and we are wearing our fingers to bony nubs frantically pressing 'Ctl Alt Delete' until we start foaming at the mouth. Sue de Nime also writes a blog check out: www.motheringfrights.wordpress. com or follow her for parenting nonnon-advice @motheringfright


Only the lonely V Norris Figures released recently show that almost one in three households are people living alone. The Office for National Statistics said that of the 26.4 million households in the UK in 2012, 29 per cent have only one person living there. In total, 7.6million people now live on their own, up from 6.6million in 1996. Three in five (4.2million) are aged 16 to 64, and almost 60 per cent of this age group are men. But among the over-65s the pattern is reverse, where the majority of people living alone (69 per cent) are women. Thinking about this growing number of singletons living alone made me think about what their lives are like. Did they choose to be in this position? Do they prefer it? Do they have an active social life to compensate for the lack of a partner? Do they ever feel lonely? Loneliness is one of those things that you either feel it or you don’t. Sometimes I wonder if there are people who never feel it – so bright and jolly they seem, their diaries packed with social engagements. Have they ever felt the pain of loneliness? Yes loneliness can be painful, and its cut can be sharper than a knife. Yet despite this we do seem to be living

increasingly isolated lives. Increasing petrol prices and advancing technology making it easier to contact each other seem to contributing to people meeting up less it seems. In person contact is now known as “face time” – who needs it when you can have video calls on your phone? But let’s face it, this is not the same as meeting up and being together is it? Would you not feel lonely if you had these calls but no face time? So how does loneliness come about? I don’t believe that people necessarily choose it. Some have no choice. At the worst extreme I heard of a disabled man whose only companionship were the carers who visited albeit on a very part time basis. He reported experiencing loneliness so extreme it made his life unbearable. I can imagine there are the very elderly, some of whom are housebound, who may also find themselves in this difficult predicament – keen for social interaction but unable to leave their own front door. What if they have no friends or family to visit? That must be a lonely existence. At the other extreme are the completely dependent disabled – I know of a gentleman who needs care 24/7. Although he lives alone, he is never without a carer. He told me that he never feels lonely – when I told him about the other chap, his positive attitude shone through when he told me that one of the advantages of being in his position was never having to worry about being alone. Certain factors in life can contribute to the situation of living alone. It’s not always something that comes about by choice. Bereavement or divorce can result in the loss of a partner. Some people never marry or live with a partner. The majority of people find themselves going through various life stages which produce plenty of interaction. Mums, school children, the employed, sports fans, the young – but what if your life doesn’t fit neatly into these categories? You have to make extra effort to socialise that’s for sure. I’m not necessarily suggesting that there’s anything wrong with being alone, but if it’s something that you don’t particularly enjoy then at least there are options available for example. Volunteering, local clubs, societies; even getting a dog I’m told can be useful for this purpose; thankfully a wealth of opportunities exist to meet people if you can make the effort. Christmas can be an especially difficult time if you live alone and don’t have much in the way of family or friends. I understand that local churches in the area run superb opportunities to share Christmas lunch with others as does the local old aged people’s organisation. If you know of anyone who lives alone this is the time to pay them a visit I’m sure they would really appreciate. Merry Christmas

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First choice for trees @ The Christmas Tree Yard You can’t beat the grandeur of a real tree. Gone are the days when trees were bought a few days before Christmas and then plonked in a pot of soil, without much thought for its care. Theydon BoisBois-based Mediterranean Plants, who run their Christmas Tree Yard each season, share 5 top tips on caring for your real tree this Christmas. They have the largest selection of highhigh-quality Christmas trees in the area, with plenty of offoff-road parking.


2 3 4


CHOOSING A TREE New varieties of Christmas trees are more suited to life indoors for several weeks, which means you can create a heart-warming festive feel to your home for a longer period. The likes of Noble Fir, Nordmann, Frazer and Scots Pine tend to hold onto their needles longer—and look very pretty too! And remember, you can’t fit a pint in a quart pot! If you want to avoid sheepishly shaving a couple of feet off your tree because you forgot about your low ceiling height, then make sure you consider room dimensions before buying your tree. It is not just the height, you will also need to consider the width too, as you don’t want Aunt Gladys being poked in the eye by a branch as she sits down to sip her sweet sherry.

GETTING YOUR TREE HOME If you drive something rather compact and bijou and don’t have a roof rack, be rest-assured that Mediterranean Plants offers free local delivery once you have come along to select your perfect tree. To find out if you fall within the delivery catchment, check by calling 07956 397365.

PREPARING YOUR TREE Once you have bought your tree, you can keep it outside in a cool, dry place away from the wind until you are ready to bring it indoors. (Or you could take advantage of Mediterranean Plant’s ‘choose now and collect later’ option). Before you bring your tree indoors, cut off around 2cm from the trunk, as this will encourage your tree to drink more water and stay fresher longer. Do not place your tree in sand or soil, however, as this will block the pores and prevent it from drinking water.

TREES LIKE A DRINK TOO! While you down your eggnog and brandy, spare a thought for your poor tree this Christmas which also needs a drink. Your tree may drink around 2-3 pints a day (or more, depending on its size and your central heating settings). Remember to water your tree regularly, which is easy to do if you choose a stand with a water holding facility. Keep the water level topped up at all times; once your water level drops below the tree’s trunk, sap will reseal the bark, meaning the tree won’t be able to drink any further water.

KEEP AWAY FROM RADIATORS It may be cold outside and you are warm and toasty inside with the heating on full pelt, but your tree will not thank you for it. Trees do not like the heat, so make sure you do not place yours next to a radiator (or fire for that matter!). If you have under floor heating, you will need to water more often.

How to find The Christmas Yard

£5 OFF

Christmas Tree Yard Mediterranean Plants Abridge Road, Theydon Bois CM16 7NW (Opposite the cemetery)

On purchases of £45 and over On production of this advert

Located before the M11 bridge on the left, when driving from Theydon Bois towards Abridge

Subject to availability Reader promotion: MAGASCENE Valid during 2012 only The Christmas Tree Yard / Mediterranean Plants

T. 07956 397365



Swimming Through the Reeds by Victoria Robertson

Epping-based complementary therapist, Victoria Robertson, has written ‘Swimming Through the Reeds’, a motivational book that encourages people to change the way they think in order to achieve a better and happier way of living. In addressing her readers, Victoria, says, “My book is filled with positive thoughts and inspiration. Just by reading the pages within pages I hope you will start to appreciate the simple things in your own life a bit more than you did before.” “Choose to adapt to situations better than you ever have done before. Live with more enjoyment, happiness and effectiveness and include this in whatever you're doing. You can create more experiences for yourself that will bring you much more joy. Once you adopt living and seeing things in a positive and different way, you will emerge feeling better than you

have ever felt before”. Victoria’s work as a complementary therapist has opened doors, enabling her to help so many inspirational people. She has had her own eyes opened and now appreciates life more than the she ever did before. As Victoria knows from personal experience, health-related concerns and issues can lower your self esteem and you can sometimes find yourself drowning in a world filled with self pity (Victoria was forced to give up a career as a landscape gardener because of severe shoulder pain). Victoria continues, “A good way to begin is to give in. What I mean by giving in is try to let go of control, stress and worry. Start appreciating your own life more. Stop relying on others to carry you through life. Walk in a direction that will include new adventure. You will realise that by changing the way you think and feel you can achieve and experience many things.”

The following extract, courtesy of the book’s publishers, Austin and Macauley Publishers Ltd gives you a glimpse of Victoria’s positivity.

“APPRECIATE APPRECIATE ALL THAT YOU HAVE Once you start to Victoria will be signing copies at appreciate what you already have The Epping Bookstore on you will feel happiness. It will flow Wednesday December 12th, from you every day from your between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, head to your toes. Try to stop where she will be joined by cluttering your mind with thoughts Rebecca, a harpist who will be playing live tranquil music. Tickets of what you had before. The fact that you opened your eyes today are available from the bookshop means today is much brighter from December 1st. ‘Swimming Through the Reeds’ is priced £7.99. than the day before.”

Rod Stewart wows fans on home turf—at Epping Bookshop autobiography signing Fans, onlookers and book lovers turned up in their hundreds to see Rod Stewart at the Epping Bookshop, who chose to support the local independent book shop by selecting it as a venue for an author signing in November of ‘Rod The Autobiography’. Rod, who has a home on the Copped Hall Estate, Epping, was joined by his wife, Penny Lancaster, who regularly pops in to the bookshop to buy books for their young sons. Fans travelled from all over the country and one woman had flown in Italy for the occasion. The queue was stretched long and all available copies sold out in advance of the highly successful event. Bookshop owner Lorna Clark said, “It was a very exciting occasion and we truly appreciated Rod and Penny’s support for their local indy.”

© Stephen Pover


Available from the Epping Bookshop or by ordering from

Christmas at the Epping Bookshop Sunday opening during December! The Epping Bookshop

We are open Sundays (11am-3pm) during December And we don’t just sell books! Lamy fountain pens, Gibson jigsaws, Epping Forest memorabilia and much more... Now it is even more convenient for you to find the perfect gift Tel. 01992 575849 71 High Street, Epping CM16 4BA 13

Supporting local authors Victoria Robertson author signing Dec 12th, 6.307.30pm. Tickets available from the bookshop from December 1st

Jodie Newman’s ‘Womb With a View’ In store £6.99

Debut book from ‘Sue de Nime’ Here at Magascene Towers, we are very chuffed with our literary find. Okay, we didn’t quite find her, she was more than capable of navigating her way towards becoming a magazine contributor, a blogger and now an author. But still, we feel more than a tinge of parental pride that our ‘Sue de Nime’ (geddit?), AKA Eppingbased Jodie Newman, has published her debut book ‘Womb With a View’; a very funny, noholds barred account of pregnancy and as she puts it, ‘those ridiculous, petrifying, life-changing and milk-sodden first six months of motherhood’. It is not a guide and certainly not a dewy-eyed memoir of the magical process of pregnancy. If anything,

it is a cautionary tale, lifting the lid on what parents-to-be might have let themselves in for. Although the situations Jodie talks about are laugh out loud funny, sometimes incredulous and eye-wateringly wincing, they are all true. It is safe to say Jodie did not consider pregnancy a wonderful ’journey’, simply a necessity to get the end result, and although she is now the mother of two, it is safe to say she is unlikely to bring a Walton-sized brood into the world. Although that would of course give her enough material to fill a library. To buy a copy of the book, which has been brilliantly illustrated by Laura Slinn and is priced £6.99, go to It is also available from the Epping

Jodie Newman

Bookshop. All we can say is ‘our’ Sue done good. Jodie writes the blog,, where she gives out plenty of nonnon-parenting advice.

Two extracts from ‘Womb With a View’ MATERNITY GARMENTS If ever an object provoked a reluctance to purchase, it is the maternity garment. You buy in the full knowledge that in six months, or sometimes in four, you will have no more use for it. Now I am aware of women who buy clothes seasonally, who keep up with the latest trends and use terms such as ‘capsule wardrobe’ but I have never actually met any in the flesh. Or in the rococo-print pin-tuck shift dress with matching gladiator flats. Personally, I tend to weep if I have to discard an item of clothing before I celebrate its tenth birthday, so to buy something with its life cycle already down to less than a year is a little hard. It would be easier if I could don the aforementioned item and be transformed into a glowing, elegant vision of a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, it is more likely to make me look like a large whale that happened to swim through a capsized container of charity clothes. It is difficult to feel sexy when your trouser waistband is mainly constructed of heavy-duty ribbed elastic panels and your top seems to have been cut from a leftover hot air balloon. THE FIRST SCAN Days plod by, the date of that nuchal fold scan creeping ever closer. Our local health authority doesn’t offer a nuchal fold scan as part of the deal – but they are very generous with the leaflets from out local private clinics that will provide the service for a fee. I still don’t actually know what a nuchal fold is, so I have decided that it is probably an advanced way of folding napkins into wine glasses for pretentious dinner parties. “For God’s sake,

Manuella, swans are so last decade. Do the nuchal fold, and make sure the label isn’t showing.” The midwife convinced me that there was no point having a dating scan (the free one) as well as the nuchal fold scan (the one that costs about the same as a weekend break), as they may throw up conflicting answers about the due date. It is slightly unnerving to know that something that seemed so medically precise and technologically advanced as a scan does, in fact, boil down to a bit of finger-in-the-air (well, I suppose it could be put somewhere a lot worse) guess work.



BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE - AND BE YOURSELF! SINGING & DANCING & STREET DANCING! We believe EVERYBODY can learn to sing and dance! Our aim is to enjoy ourselves! We have been running classes for 10 years Same, supportive teachers each week For girls and boys aged from 5 year-olds to TEENAGERS

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Kip McGrath launch competition to inspire young people to think big about their dreams for the future Kip McGrath Education Centre Loughton is inviting young people aged 9 to 14 years in to get involved in a national competition run by Kip McGrath called Dream a Big Dream, inspired by the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Kip McGrath Education Centre Loughton wants to hear from young people about their Big Dream for the future. Whether they want to save the rainforest, fly to the moon or become a world-renowned author, the competition invites young people to write passionately about their hopes and aspirations.

Find out more and enter at Professional Tuition in Maths and English Loughton

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You have the Power of Positivity Heather Waring

Do you ever talk to yourself? What sort of things do you find yourself saying? Do you subscribe to positive or negative self-talk? The way we talk to ourselves is actually key to our success. I talk to myself frequently, not loudly causing interruption, but quietly in my head. On occasions I am not even consciously in control of what I am saying as sometimes, I just become aware of my thoughts and the conversation that is ensuing. I find myself mulling over decisions that I need to make, questioning what the priorities for the day are, wondering whether I am doing what I want to do. I talk through lists - what will I take on holidays, what do I need to do to write that book. I can talk about anything, there are no limitations and I can have the conversation as often as I wish. Sometimes, the more I do it the greater clarity I get. But sometimes it can get confusing. Is this ringing any bells for you? I am generally very positive so my self talk reflects that and that inspires me to make plans and move things on, but sometimes the negative self-talk slips back in. Often that happens when I am tired, or

Christmas is a-coming The ironing pile’s getting fat Give it to the Steam Queen And that’s the end of that

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overloaded or when I am wide awake in the middle of the night. When I recognise this, I work at trying to turn the negative to positive or I put off the conversation till later. I have a challenge for you for the next week I want you to monitor your self-talk, and like all suggestions before, you must be honest with yourself. (This will get easier the more than you do it) Be aware of this self-talk and listen to it. Is it positive? What are you saying or discussing? Get yourself a note book and jot down your thoughts. If you find yourself using words like ‘should’ or ‘ought’ then think about why you feel that way – sounds to me as if someone else is pulling the strings. Do you hear yourself saying ‘I couldn’t do that’ or ‘I’ll do that when I get a new job/tidy the house/lose weight…… ‘. What about when the talk says - ‘What’s the point?’, ‘What a mess?’ All this encourages you to look at the negative, causes you to put up barriers, and limits what you believe you can do therefore talking yourself out of taking any action. You will find that as you begin to notice what you are saying, you will be in a position to challenge it. Ask yourself if what you have just said is true and then try changing the negative into the positive – write it down, it is all part of this monitoring exercise. Start looking at what you can do, what you want to do and talk to yourself about the steps you need to take to make it happen. Think about a time when you have what you want and then work back to identify the steps, the big picture can be the best place to start. Now try asking yourself this question – If I have never tried certain things e.g. travelling on your own, making a presentation, growing tomatoes, painting a picture, cooking Paella, taking time out for you alone, before then how do I know that I cannot do it? The answer is that you never know until you try it and to do that you have to take some action. ‘Just do it!’ – I have this written up in my office in large lettering so I have no excuse for forgetting it. Do it at a rate that suits you, start off with small changes if that feels manageable or if the time feels right go for the big step. You will find yourself bursting with pride at your achievements and wondering why you didn’t do it before. Now that’s all positivity! Heather Waring 07941 246619.


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Pacing yourself the Alexander Way Stephanie Smith MSTAT

contract and relax. A contracted muscle is hard and tight and has little flexibility. A relaxed muscle allows you to be flexible but has little strength. So when opposite sets of muscles, such as biceps and triceps, can easily contract and relax, there is strength, flexibility and suppleness in the movement. When you walk you are walking rhythmically - your The principles of the Alexander Technique are about body is in movement with your legs moving backre-educating your body to achieve postural harmony wards and forwards. The tempo of course, is how fast and well-being. It teaches you to become more aware you walk. of bad postural habits - often the cause of physical tension - and helps you use your body in a more So what has tempo got to do with the Alexander balanced, efficient and co-ordinated way. Technique? Firstly it is helpful to understand how Using simple everyday activities such as standing, movement happens. Part of your brain (the motor sitting and walking, you will be encouraged to release cortex) plans, controls and helps you carry out tension and discover more about habits which may voluntary movements. It is stimulated by thoughts and outside stimuli. Conscious, voluntary movement be limiting your potential. In this way you will come to appreciate how thought affects action and as a result, usually happens as a result of an intention to do you will experience greater alertness and lighter and something, for example running. freer movement. When you plan to run, a message is sent to your Alexander Technique teacher Stephanie Smith muscles telling them to contract or relax. To enable you to run, your muscles must be healthy and able to explains: "Muscles need two things to function in a healthy, efficient way. Firstly freedom to move - they are not constricted in any way and secondly, time to move - time to release fully into the relaxed phase. If these do not happen our muscles tense and become painful. The flow of blood and nutrients needed for a healthy metabolism is restricted and can result in poor circulation. A tense muscle also uses up lots of energy leading to tiredness." Chronic muscle tension interferes with our ability to feel, making us prone to injuries and disease. If our movement is inefficient we become stiffer, joint mobility is reduced and balance impaired. Relaxing and contracting muscles help blood circulation meaning your heart does not have to work so hard. Stephanie adds: "In time and with practice you will be able to use your new understanding and skill in more complex and demanding activities and situations in your daily life. You can bring awareness and poise to anything you do." If someone asked you what tempo is, you would probably be able to answer. But did you know many people get tempo and rhythm confused? Quite simply, rhythm is the regularity of the beat and tempo is the speed of the rhythm.

Stephanie Smith is a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 18 years and has a practice in Theydon Bois. She can be contacted on 01992 812189, by email at or through her website


Chartered Physiotherapist

Jayne Gould BAppSc (Phys), MCSP (Registered with the Health Professions Council)

Jayne is a highly qualified physiotherapist and can offer prompt, effective treatment and advice for: Back and neck pain Sciatica Post operative conditions Postural problems Sports injuries Upper and lower limb joint problems Muscle and ligament strains and sprains Work related upper limb disorders e.g. repetitive strain injury Appointments available at Theydon Bois Pharmacy 10 Forest Drive Theydon Bois CM16 7EY

Theydon Bois Surgery Thrifts Mead Theydon Bois CM16 7NF

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Second business award win for Tikadi

Santa Fun Run Dec 9

Tikadi scooped the ‘Small Business of the Year Award 2012’ at the Mid Essex Awards. The award recognises strong fiscal growth, superb client service, excellent educational support and team spirit. Salon owners Sharon Hennessey and Michael Mehmet, along with their entire team, attended a black tie event at Boreham House in Chelmsford last month, where the winning businesses were announced. Sharon commented “Our team really go that extra mile to make sure that our clients enjoy visiting the salon and that everyone really loves their hair; I’m really pleased for all of us”. The Mid Essex Awards are now in their second year and this latest win follows Tikadi’s ‘Excellent Customer Service’ award won at the last year’s ceremony. Tikadi has salons in Theydon Bois and Ongar. For more information, visit

Get in the festive spirit with the St Clare Hospice 4km Santa Run on Sunday 9th December, starting at the Secret Nuclear Bunker, Ongar. Registration costs £15 for adults (16 years and above) and £5 for children. Every adult to sign up will receive a FREE Santa suit and every child to sign up will receive a FREE Santa hat. For further details, please call the Fundraising Team on 01279 773750 or visit


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It’s not too early to make your new year’s resolutions now and if finding a new accountant is one of yours, look no further. We can assist with handling your tax return and other financial matters, so you can concentrate on running your business. Call Fiona Sagoo—your local Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants on 01992 812328.

Friendly, Reliable & Professional For friendly, uncomplicated and professional advice that won’t cost you an arm and a leg

* Member of the Institute of * * Chartered Accountants * 39 Woodland Way, Theydon Bois

Tel: 01992 812328


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Now really is a great time to look at cleaning your carpets, curtains & upholstery

Come along with a friend during December and January and the friend comes for free!

10% OFF

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Laughter is a great stress buster and has many scientifically proven health benefits


We have a Loughton group that meets three times a month. Come and join us.

Call 020 8502 1162

Please call 0208 508 2134



At The Epping Bookshop

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Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December Includes ALL BOOKS, GIFTS & CARDS and orders placed and paid for on the day

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To qualify, please quote ‘MAGASCENE OFFER’ when booking Advertising details can be found at, by calling 01992 814621 or emailing email

Tel. 01992 575849 71 High Street, Epping CM16 4BA


Finance Confidential

FACT Your pension fund needs to GROW It’s an urgent problem that requires attention. We give no advice—just facts. Find out what is available and you could change your financial outlook for good.

Paul J Violet

01992 899036

Providing an


Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Your pets looked after in the safety & comfort of their own home

Going away? We will come in to feed, water, walk, clean, cuddle and play with your pets giving house security too

Call Sue 01992 523098 / 07961 168183 Email: Fully insured and member of NARP (National Association of Registered Pet Sitters)

Check out our new website! 25



Builders Ltd

Quality Approved Building Contractors

+ New Kitchens + Bespoke Joinery + New Builds + Renovations + Others Call 0208 983 7776 or 07811 329978 Email:

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020 8504 4334

Get cleaner with Lina Want your home or office to sparkle? For domestic or commercial cleaning Contact

Mobile 07985 370 032 or Freephone 0800 849 1948 Email:

WOOD & FAMILY The word is out… Epping’s best kept secret ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

MOT Servicing Motor body repairs Welding Panel beating Cellulose spraying Mechanical repairs

Call 01992 573785 or 07889 659169

Fiddler’s Hamlet, Epping CM16 7PG


Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z ALAL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS For friends and relatives of alcoholics Email: Helpline 020 7403 0888 (10am— (10am—10pm) Alpine Garden Society— Society—Epping Forest Group. Group We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER at 8pm. The Avenue Lawn Tennis Club—18 The Avenue, Loughton IG10 Club 4PT. Four artificial grass courts. Membership-balls, court hire included; social programme & licensed bar. Club sessions: Men—Thursday 5.30pm and Sunday mornings; Ladies—Tuesdays at 5.30pm; Mixed—Thursdays 11am to 1pm, Fridays 6.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 1.30pm. The club has teams in both the South West Essex (men’s, ladies and mixed) and Essex leagues (men). Contact Lynda Wyles Membership Secretary on 0208 505 4704 or email or visit Epping Forest District Badger Group—meet on the 3rd Monday Group of the month at Hemnall Street Social club, Epping at 8pm. Find out more about the existence and secret life of badgers, and their preservation. Contact 01992 756038.

Epping Forest Centenary Trust. Trust We can provide practical conservation sessions in Epping Forest for groups, including special needs groups, community groups and youth groups. Call Epping Forest Centenary Trust on 0208 508 9061, email or visit Epping Forest & District Stamp Club. Club Meet 2nd Tuesday of month at the Dining Room, Roding Valley High School, Loughton. New members and beginners always welcome. Keith Smith 020 8505 5620.

Badminton Club Call for Players We are looking for (mature) players to join our badminton club. We meet on Monday evenings at 8pm at Debden Park High School’s Sports Hall. Please contact Alan on 020 8508 6306.

Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society Nonmembers are welcome. For further information please contact the Group Secretary: Keith Ballard, Tel: 01992 813231 or email

Bodyworks exercise classes for everyone Loughton Tues 10.30am, Buckhurst Hill Mon 8-9pm and Thurs 9.30-10.30am. Call Jan Hall on 020 8508 3346.

Epping Forest HP (Walking) Group. Group We are a walking group who walk in Epping, Redbridge and sometimes London each week. Walks start at 10.30am. There is no charge to join walks, optional membership at £4. Social evenings, coach trips and holidays. Email

Book Club— Club—meet locally once a month. Call Linda on 01992 571178. Breatheasy in Harlow & Epping Forest Meet the first Monday of the month at Jack Silley Pavilion in Epping between 1pm and 3pm. Contact branch secretary Mrs C Carr on 01992 573387 for more details. Breatheasy is the support group of The British Lung Foundation Buckhurst Hill Bowls Club, Club 72 Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill IG9 5TX. If you are looking for a local, friendly bowls club, please call the Secretary Malcolm Lord on 0208 502 1285. Open 7 days a week. Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club. Club Bored with just running, in pain from too much running on roads? Try running through forests and having to work out where to go. There is a local event approximately once a month. For more details ring Helen on 020 8502 1629, or visit

Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music Schools—For Schools a free taster session in Epping, call 01992 670575 or visit Craniosacral Therapy Clinic, Clinic The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping. Contact Liam Hurley on 07941 621887 Drum Tuition—All styles; pop, rock, jazz, Latin, blues...Beginners Tuition to advanced. All ages welcome. Call 07803 893722.

Epping Forest Rotary Club—Meet Garnon Bushes, Coopersale Club on Tuesday evenings for meal and regular speaker. If you want to join other business and community minded men and women please contact Telephone 01992 814105 The Epping Horticultural Society Share gardening tips and enjoy our social events throughout the year. Annual membership £1 and discounts available at the trading hut on the Meadow Road allotment site (Sunday mornings10am to 12pm). Contact Shirley Lewis on 01992 573687. 573687 Epping Tennis Club Lower Bury Lane Four all weather courts (3 floodlit). New members welcome—Lessons and coaching available. Visit or call 01992 572230 or 07940 183596 for membership/general enquiries. To contact Matt Smith (LTA Senior Club Coach), call 07743 378055 or visit

Exercise with me: Exercise for Free!!! Power walking group in Buckhurst Hill, weekday evenings, meet outside The Toby Carvery, 5k distance approx. Call/text 07766 700 666 or go to for further details

Epping Bowls Club, Lower Bury Lane. New members welcome to join our friendly, local club. Regular tuition sessions take place for beginners. Contact Anne Munro: 01992 561164.

Family Care Counselling Service We provide affordable, professional counselling in the Epping Forest area Tel: 01992 788499

Epping Cricket Club—We are looking for new members of all Club standards. Three Saturday sides and a Sunday team and colts cricket for boys and girls. Contact Matthew Barrett 07877 923151 or

Registered Charity No: 1118296

EppingEpping-Eppingen Twin Town Association. Association Exciting cultural, school, musical and personal exchanges with our active and friendly twinned town in southern Germany. Contact Uschi Jesson 01992 577603 or Tony Church 07725 608368. Epping Football Club, Stonards Hill, Epping If you are interested in joining the club, contact Steve Allen on 07932 532694, Graham Sly on 07973 530148 or Tracy Wilkinson 07738 089251

Forest Creative Writers 12.45pm12.45pm-2.45pm, Thurs Loughton Library. Intending new members invited to first free taster session. Contact Pete Relph on 0208 508 6313. Friends of Swaines Green. Conservation days on the second Sunday of every month. Contact Ian Anderson for further details on 01992 574909 or visit Guitar Lessons— Lessons—Learn to play guitar. All ages, abilities and styles. Experienced local teacher. Individual and group teaching. Christian Karlsson 07958 471083. Email:


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Community pages

Epping Art Society—Art Appreciation evenings, 2nd Wednesday Society of the month at Pelly Court, Hemnall Street, Epping. Call Robin 01992 572077. Members £2, non-members £3. Practical evenings are run the first Friday evening of the month, at 7.30 for 2 hours at the Methodist Church Hall, Epping

Epping Forest Outdoor Group– Group Are you a walker or a cyclist? Like to enjoy a more varied outdoor and social life? 8.30pm Thursdays, ROVSCO Hall, 72 Hollybush Hill, E11 1PX. Weekends away, day activities and social events. Call Secretary Ken 020 8524 3960.

Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z Herts & Essex Architectural Research Society. Society Meet on the fourth Friday of the month at 8pm, Church Hall, Loughton Methodist Church, 260 Loughton High Road. Call 020 8508 2512 for more details or visit Jo Jingles Monday Epping 10:00am Over 2s and 11:00am babies from 3months to 2 years. Monday Theydon Bois 3:15pm Mixed ages (babies-5years old); Tuesday Harlow 9:30am Over 2s and 10:30am Walking-2years . We are also available to do Children's parties, nurseries, Children's centres or NCT group activities. Call Lucy on 01279 868410 or email us: You can also visit our website Karate Classes for adults and children in Epping, Loughton, Theydon Bois and Nazeing. Contact Sensei Andy Major 07941 164544, email More details at Lee Valley Friends Rambling Association Group Specialising in short weekend walks—mainly in West Essex and some London walks. Call for details 020 8529 1602 or visit Loughton Astronomical Society (LAS). New members welcome. Meets Thurs 8pm at Scout Hut, Theydon Bois. Tel. 01992 815804. Also, junior section, Theydon Bois AstroKyds for 6-14 year-olds meet 2nd Friday of month (term time), 6.30pm to 8pm at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Theydon Bois. Same contact details as above.

Loughton Camera Club, Club Lopping Hall, Loughton. Meet every Wednesday 8-10pm. New members welcome. Contact John Banks 020 8508 4199.

details call A Harvey on 01992 572867 or visit Station Road Wellness Centre, Osteopathy, Chiropody, massage, reflexology, Reiki. 12 Station Road, Epping. Tel. 01992 570003. St John Ambulance— Ambulance—Epping Community First Responders help to save lives. Full training given. Please contact Sandra Newman on 01992 572545 for more details. St Thomas Moore Dancing Club—Ballroom and sequence for the Club over 60s. Wednesdays 2-4pm at Thomas Moore Church, Willingale Rd, Loughton. Tel. 020 8504 0998. £1.50 including tea and biscuits. Tappy Toes—Fun and creative dance and movement classes for Toes girls and boys aged 20 months to 4 and a half years. Epping classes start in September. Call Claire on 01992 732 800. WEA Loughton & Epping Branch Details from, leaflets in the libraries. Phone Bettie Bock, 020 8508 4919 or e-mail: West Essex Flower Club, Thornwood Village Hall, Weald Lane. Meet 2nd Monday of each month (except January and August) From 1.45pm. Visitors and new members always welcome. Contact the Club Secretary for further details on 01992 577036 West Essex Ramblers. Walk every Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun. Most walks countryside, some London. About 10 coach rambles Apr-Oct. Each yr have a British & foreign walking holiday. For a sample programme, call 020 8502 1628. Woodford and District Floral Arrangement Group. Group We meet

Loughton Folk Club meets every Thursday from 8pm at Loughton Club, 8 Station Road, Loughton, IG10 4NX. Parking front and rear. Email or call Jill Coombes 0776 214 6623 Messy Days— Days—Mother and Toddler Group, Monday and Fridays 10am to 11am. St Mary’s Church Hall, Theydon Bois. Come along for some messy fun. £4.50 per session. Discount for second child. Pre-school Learning accreditation. Ring Lindsay on 01992 814487. Musical Minis— Minis—PrePre-school fun time music group. Classes in Epping and Buckhurst Hill. Call Claire on 01992 787793.

every third Monday of the month in the Churchill Room at Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road E11. Doors open at 6.45pm for a prompt 7.30pm start. Guest floral demonstrator every month, raffle and refreshments. Visitors always welcome to join for a small fee of £4.

(Iyengar) Yoga, Yoga Lindsey Street, Epping. Monday evenings from 6pm. Please contact Dorothy on 01992 574623. Yoga classes for beginners in Epping on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Call Amy on 07841 378364. See for more details on yoga classes and events in Essex and London. Yoga (Vinyasa & Hatha), Private classes in Epping & Buckhurst Hill 07725 653682.

Osteopath— Osteopath Epping Osteopathic & Sports Injuries Clinic, The Limes Medical Centre, Theydon Bois 01992 815 166. Parkinson’s UK— UK—Harlow & District Branch. Meet at the David Livingstone Club, 11 Potter Street, CM17 9AE every Wednesday 11am-3pm. On the first Wednesday of each month there is a speaker from 1 to 3pm. For more information contact Secretary Corinne—Branch mobile 07982 094194 or email All welcome. Personal Trainer (mobile & gym based) / Nordic Walking Instructor—Tanya Hurley 07941 233880 Petanque (Boules). Epping Horizons Petanque Club meets on Saturdays and Mondays at 1.30pm on Stonards Hill Recreation Ground. New members always welcome. To arrange a taster session call Peter Lumb on 01992 571744 or visit Physiotherapist. Appointments available at Theydon Bois Pharmacy, 10 Forest Drive, Theydon Bois CM16 7EY. Contact Jayne Gould Chartered Physiotherapist on 07963 349754

Zumba Fitness—Mondays St Michael’s Church, Loughton 8-9pm; Fitness Tuesdays Theydon Bois Primary School 7-8pm; Fridays Loughton Club 10-11am. Email or call Laura 07581 673998 or Lisa 07775 553722. Zumba Gold—IT’S EXERCISE IN DISGUISE! For fun loving, older, active adults at a gentle pace, welcome to Zumba Gold 2013. Thurs 11.45am St Mary’s Church Hall Theydon Bois and Wednesday 6.30pm at St John’s Church Rooms, Epping, followed by a new Adult Beginners Top Class. Only £5 Call Alison 07790 701723 Doctors Surgeries The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping Appointments/Emergencies/Cancellations 01992 573 838 Theydon Bois Branch, Branch Thrifts Mead 01992 812 450 North Weald Branch, Branch 67 Wheelers Farm Gardens 01992 524 383 Dr Lowry & Partners, Partners High Street, Epping 0844 5769797 Hospitals St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping 01992 561 666 Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow 01279 444 455

Piano Club— Club—Loughton Methodist Church. Wednesdays 1010-12noon. Contact Rea Camus on 01992 571773. We are a group of keen amateur pianists who enjoy making music together and having fun. All standards welcome.

NHS Direct 0845 4647 Sports Centres & Fitness Studios

Rotary Club of Loughton and Buckhurst Hill— Hill meet at The Blue Boar, Abridge, RM4 1UA. On Thursdays at 1pm (1st and 3rd Thursdays) and 6.30pm (2nd and 4th Thursdays). For further


Epping Sports Centre 25 Hemnall Street 01992 564 564 Waltham Abbey Swimming Pool Roundhills 01992 716 733 Loughton Leisure Centre Traps Hill, Loughton 01992 564 574 Concept Fitness UK 224b High Street, Epping 01992 579050

What’s On

Visit for all the latest listings

Buckhurst Hill openopen-mic Jazz Jam Session. Every Sunday at the Sports & Social Club, 50 Queens Road IG9 5BY 8pm start. Admission £3. Visit to check dates.

Every adult to sign up will receive a FREE Santa suit and every child to sign up will receive a FREE Santa hat. Call the Fundraising Team on 01279 773750 or visit

Farmers’ Market organised by the Loughton Residents Association on the first Sunday of the month. Centric Parade, High Road, Loughton. 9am-2pm.

The Woodford Singers Bring the Sound of Christmas to High Beach— Beach—Sunday December 16th at 2pm— 2pm—Holy Innocents Church, High Beach. The concert will include traditional and new arrangements of carols, wassails and festive favourites. Mince pies and warming refreshment will be provided. The Woodford Singers rehearse every Wednesday evening and welcome new members. Please contact Musical Director Kathleen Save on or Anna Knight on 07958 795824.

FAB— FAB—Fabulous and Beautiful. Beautiful If you are undergoing chemotherapy or have recently finished treatment, charity FAB, which runs a three hour session on the first Monday of the month at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Epping (11am to 2pm) may be just the tonic. Please call Laura Jones on 01279 827396. Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society, Society 8pm at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER (2nd Tuesday of the month). Group visits being arranged between June and September. Non-members welcome. Please call Keith Ballard for further information on 01992 813231. SmartNet Essex — Meet 2nd Thursday of the month 12-2pm at Miller & Carter, Wake Arms, Epping. £15 meeting fee includes lunch. Pay-as-you-go networking group. Call Julie to book on 07843 260 186 or email EppNet— EppNet—Business Networking. Meet every Wednesday morning for breakfast, 7.15 to 9am at The Bell Hotel, Epping. For more details email or call Vincent Goode on 07931 580031. Music at Marigolds Jazz Club, Club Harlow Cricket Club, Chippingfield, Old Harlow, CM17 0DJ. Enquiries 01279 414174/421763. Doors open 7.30pm. Price guide £7-£8. Nov 30 The Marigolds Jazz Collective Ensemble Dec 14 Gentleman Tim and the Contenders Dec 28 The Jo Fooks Quintet

Harlow Playhouse—Box Office 01279 431945—Full season Playhouse details and booking details at Highlights include: Dec 7 to Jan 6 HARLOW PLAYHOUSE PANTOMIME Jack and the Beanstalk Blithe Spirit by Noël Coward, directed by Dan Cooper Production dates: 10th, 11th and 12th January 2013 Lopping Hall, Loughton. Loughton Charles Condomine, a novelist, lives with Ruth, his second wife. To collect material for a new book, Charles invites local clairvoyant, Madame Arcati, to a séance. But the evening ends dramatically, as the eccentric medium proves to be more than just an amusing oddity. With spirits unsettled, Charles’ life is turned upside down and Ruth cannot understand his bizarre behaviour. Tickets £7/£8 Theydon Bois Drama Society presents Absurd Person Singular by Alan Ayckbourn, January 1010-12, 2013 at 8pm. 8pm This black comedy, one of Ayckbourne’s best known, features three married couples on three successive Christmas Eves. Tickets from box office 01992 812250.

Theydon Bois & District Friends of Cancer Research UK will be hosting a carol concert at St John’s Church, Epping on Friday 30th November starting at 8pm (doors open 7.30pm). Ilford Salvation Army will lead a traditional family carol service. Tea, coffee and mince pies will be available for a donation at the end of the service. We look forward to welcoming family and friends on this magical evening. Cancer Research UK Carol Service— Service—Friday November 30th at 7.30pm for 8pm at St John’s Church, Epping. Organised by the Theydon Bois and District Friends of Cancer Research, the traditional service will be conducted by the Salvation Army, Ilford and will be followed by tea, coffee and mince pies. Coopersale and Theydon Garnon C.E. Primary School Christmas Fair— Fair—Friday 30th November 3.15pm to 5.30pm. Brickfield Road. Father Christmas, mulled wine, raffle, nail art, facepainting and much more!

St Mary's Church Theydon Bois Christmas Fair 2012 Saturday 1st December, 11am11am-2pm, at St Mary’s Church Hall, Theydon Bois. There will be the usual selection of stalls for all the family including Christmas gifts, cards, pocket money gifts, home produce, toiletries, jewellery and more besides. Delicious refreshments. This year we will even be getting a special visit from Father Christmas! Santa Run – Sunday 9th December 2012, 2012 Secret Nuclear Bunker, Ongar St Clare Hospice 4km Santa Run. Registration costs £15 for adults (16 years and above) and £5 for children.

BED & BREAKFAST If you are looking for the perfect extension to your home for accommodating friends and family this Christmas, then the comfort and convenience of The Gate House Bed & Breakfast could just be the answer. There are four bedrooms all with en-suite facilities, one of which is a fully disabled facility. All rooms are decorated to a very high standard and include a flat screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities. As well as a breakfast room there is a guests’ lounge with books, board games and local area information. THE GATE HOUSE

113 Bell Common, Epping, Essex. CM16 4DZ

Tel. 01992 578052 E.


Community Pages

Theydon Bois Christmas Market— Market—Friday November 30th, Forest Drive shopping area between 6.30pm and 9pm. Organised by the Theydon Bois Parish Council, the event follows the lighting of the Christmas tree outside the Village Hall in Coppice Row. Stalls, Santa’s grotto, gift ideas, children’s choir, Epping Forest Band, face-painting, hot food plants, mulled wine and lots more. Proceeds will go Radio Forest Community Broadcasting.


Furniture Clinic Epping, Unit 15, Hobbs Cross Business Centre, Theydon Garnon, Epping CM16 7NY

tel: 01992 566 719 email: web:


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