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April & May 2013

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April & May 2013


Contents 5 Packfords Hotel celebrates 50 years 6 Sue de Nime whines about weather wingers 9 Parsons Restaurant brings fine dining to Waltham Abbey 10 Restore your factory settings The Alexander Way, by Stephanie Smith 12 SmartNet celebrates 2nd year 14 & 15 Capel Manor changed my life


16 Spring reinvention: How to create yourself by Emma Mills

Dust down your coffee tables for the biggie that is our April & May edition. We have our first ever 8 page pullout from Tikadi, with some fantastic offers running all the way up until the end of November to keep your hair in tip top condition. And huge congratulations to Packfords Hotel, who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. I have personally had many lunches at the hotel in Woodford Green and can highly recommend it for its beautiful aesthetic, excellent service and top class nosh. Here’s to the next fifty years. Waltham Abbey’s first Art, Crafts and Literature Festival takes place during the Easter holidays on April 12th and 13th (page 27). Our ‘Sue de Nime’ (yes, I know she is not ours and she is really called Jodie Newman) will be signing her debut book, ‘Womb With a View’ and might even be persuaded to read extracts from it (and avoiding some of the more graphic or expletive-heavy parts). Waltham Abbey is home to Parsons Restaurant, a much-garlanded fine dining eatery on Sun Street. We popped along to have a nose and meet owner and chef Ade (page 9). If you have a business in Waltham Abbey, then you might be interested to know that we are going to bring out a special sister magazine, MAGASCENE Waltham Abbey, in late May. Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more or have any Waltham Abbey clubs, societies or event listings to submit. If you are considering a career change and have a passion for the environment, animals, plants, flowers and trees, then please take a look at the spread on Capel Manor College in Enfield. We hear from two men who both took a complete career detour and are now very happy in their new line of outdoor work. The college has advice evenings this month and next, as well as the Open Day in June pages 14 & 15). Jane

18 North East London Business EXPO 2013 19-26 Special Tikadi 8 page pull out with offers 27 Waltham Abbey Art, Crafts and Literature Festival April 12th and 13th 28 Nearly 6 out of 10 Britons do not have a will—are you one of them? By Alan Giddings 30-31 FILM: ‘The Eye of the Storm’ in cinemas May 3 32 Stop putting it off, by Heather Waring 34 Penny For’em—musings from our anonymous columnist 36 The Puzzle Cellar kids’ page 41-43 Clubs, Societies and What’s On pages

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Packfords Hotel Celebrates 50 Years In 1963 Harry and Margaret Packford turned their Woodford Green home into a hotel. At the time Harry Packford was acting as the campaign manager for Winston Churchill who visited the Hotel in its early stages and often had meetings there. Harry and Margaret hosted many events at the hotel, from local Rotary Club meetings, to weddings and parties, slowly carving out a name for Packfords in the local community. In 1978, they sold the hotel to their youngest son Simon, who once, as a teenager, famously disappeared for three days when asked to go and fetch some supplies for a funeral. It turned out he had gone windsurfing. In 1983 Simon married Debra and they quickly became a great husband and wife team. Debra helped refurbish the hotel with her interior design skills whilst Simon took charge of operations. After Simon passed away suddenly in 1999, Debra continued the business and for 11 years ran it by herself, making the brave decision to undertake an extensive renovation in 2006, modernising and improving the property.

Packfords Hotel owner Debra Packford (right) with her children, including Sarah (second left) who co-manages the hotel

bedrooms, held Mother’s Day Tea for 120 guests and hope to have many more successful events. They have also chosen the charity ‘Connect:’ helping people with Asphasia.

Since 2010, Debra and her daughter Sarah have teamed up to continue to deliver a professional and friendly service, starting Afternoon Teas and other projects.

Coming Soon..... Spring Tea ♦ Sunday 19th May 50th Anniversary Tea ♦ Sunday 23rd June Wedding Fayre ♦ September

Over the past 50 years, Packfords Hotel has continued to evolve into a smart, contemporary and stylish venue, with a strong presence and good reputation in the local community. They have enjoyed building strong relationships with other local businesses in the area such as Sacha’s Florists, Shepherds Bakery, Broadway Music & Vision and many others.

(Please check the website for further details)

16 Snakes Lane West Woodford Green Essex IG8 0BS

Above all Packfords prides itself on hosting exceptional weddings and last year, 2012, they had their highest record yet. With most business coming from personal recommendations.

Tel 020 8504 2642

They are always seeking to improve quality, standards and service. With a continual programme of renovation for the building, and training for the staff. This year Packfords has already renovated two of their


And another


Sue de Nime

...the weather. Ah, that perennial topic of conversation. dance, or fly, or at least sing 'Let It Snow' out of its twiggy little mouth, I am not interested. I can look out my window and see a lop-sided snowman and a garden covered in the white stuff, thank you. I do not need to see yours too. I have given up talking about the weather, mainly due to the fact that I could not get a bloody word in edgeways for other people blethering on about it. Because as a nation, we can be a little reserved - conversations can be a little stilted with acquaintances. You may have something you wish to say, but diving in straight after 'hello' with 'look, I have never liked you and I think you should never darken my door again' can seem a little abrupt, so the weather gives us a handy opener to start the conversational cogs turning. But we are all a little aware now that talking about the weather is a tad passé, so we are starting to feel the need to embellish our weather chat, leading to all sorts of ridiculousness. Someone was moaning to me about the fact it was -2oc in March, which must be some sort of record. Well indeed, I don't mind getting my pants frozen off just so long as we are all in the flipping Guinness Book of Records. I checked out the Met Office website whilst researching this article. I know. Research? Who knew? I was looking for some interesting weather facts, and I was not disappointed. Did you know there was a Wind Index? No, nor did I. Actually, living with a man and two boys, we have a similar Wind Index in our house, but enough of that. The Wind Index shows the windiest places, surprisingly. I was hoping for 'the top of a hill' and 'the crossroads by St John's church' but instead, they measure it by country. This year, the award (I am not sure there is actually an award, but let's hope it is a gold wind sock on a stick) went to Iceland. It must be all those freezer doors opening and shutting.

Us Brits (and I generalise for the sake of brevity which is most unusual for me) just love to have a good old chat about the weather. Did I say chat? I mean moan. Our weather is a blessing to us, with its changeable, almost schizophrenic nature. It gives us so much to talk about. We are in March, but I am not sure you could guess this from the weather we have had at the time of writing. There have been snowflakes jostling for sky space with brilliant sunshine, a wind so chilly that it freezes your nasal passages fighting against a warm calm. Yesterday I was out at the shops and in the space of three minutes, passed someone sporting a pair of ear muffs, someone wrapped in a coat that could have doubled as a duvet and someone in a pair of shorts. And none of them were particularly appropriately dressed. Our weather is like a premenstrual woman with identity issues. It always keeps us on our toes. But the moaning. Oh, the moaning. We are never happy, are we? "It's so cold!" a friend complains to me as she unwraps a scarf like a surgical bandage with tassles from her neck. Really? In winter? Who'd have thought? And I do not have to be well-versed in the art of clairvoyancy to know that come August, when we have had approximately five days of consecutive sun, she will be saying: "Oh, it's so hot!". That's the thing about weather. I'm no Michael Fish, but I can be reasonably confident that it is either going to be hot, or cold, or cloudy, or wet. These meteorological states, and a combination thereof, should really not come as such a flipping surprise to use all. I could just about tolerate every conversation I ever have opening with a little chat about the weather, but in these technologically encumbered times, there is just no escape. I hop on over to Facebook, where someone has posted the stunning statement: "I am cold". Which for some unfathomable reason, has attracted nine 'likes'. I am tempted to reply as my father replied to me, when I complained it was chilly: "Well, put a jumper on and stop moaning." When the entire country was deluged with snow, Facebook was deluged with photos of... go on, have a guess. That's right. Snow. Oh look at this everyone, my garden covered in snow. Well look at my road, covered in snow. Check out this snowman we built, we even have a real carrot for his nose. STOP IT. Unless your house is so covered in snow it is just a white hill with a chimney poking out the top, or unless your snowman can tap

Sue de Nime, aka Jodie Newman, also writes a blog. Check out: or follow her for parenting non-advice @MotheringFright ‘Womb With a View’ by Jodie Newman is available from The Epping Bookshop and by ordering online from . A Kindle edition is also available at



Residential Refurbishments, Extensions & New Builds

Sage House New Ford Business Centre New Ford Road Waltham Cross Herts EN8 7PG

Tel 01992 782300 Email

Find us on Facebook at 8

Take a Parson’s nose at this fine dining experience treated not only to culinary excellence, but can relax in the comfort of their surroundings too. The restaurant also boasts its own spacious car park and has a ramp for wheelchair access.

In a relatively short space of time since it opened in November 2011, Parsons Restaurant in Waltham Abbey has become a much garlanded fine dining experience, awarded Best Large Restaurant and Best Newcomer Restaurant in the Essex Food and Drink Awards 2012; Essex Life Fine Food and Drink Award 2012 and Restaurant of the Year, Essex 2012 and also a Highly Commended Chef of the Year.

Ade values the importance of training, it certainly worked wonders for him, and so Parsons offers work experience for catering and hospitality students from Hertford Regional College.

Head Chef, Adebola (Ade) Adeshina, draws from his years working under some of the UK’s greats, Gordon Ramsey, with whom he worked for six years and Marcus Wareing, to create menus which never disappoint, using locally sourced high-quality ingredients. The modern British menu (with a nod to international influences) changes all the time.

You can find the lunch, a la Carte and Sunday roast menus on the website and also the new ‘Weekday Dinner Offer’ of 2 courses £15 or 3 courses £20. The private dining rooms on the first floor are available for private dining, weddings, engagements and commercial uses such as meetings and product launches. Special diets can be catered for as long you call in advance with any requirements.

As well as the award-winning experience Parsons Restaurant offers, what is immediately obvious when you walk in is how beautiful and light the interior is. With a fully refurbished interior and exterior, the building has three dining areas (Main Room, Abbey Room and Waltham Room) across two floors. There is a bar on the ground and upper floors, (as well as an upstairs lounge area) to accompany the exquisite interiors. Diners are

Parsons Restaurant 58 Sun Street, Waltham Abbey EN9 1EJ. Telephone 01992 700616. Dress: smart/casual. Twitter @parsonswa Facebook -


Restore your factory settings the Alexander Way Stephanie Smith MSTAT

Comparing your posture to a mobile phone may seem strange coming from an Alexander Technique teacher. But when I think about it, it's a good way of describing what you need to do to get to the root cause of back pain, neck tension, stress and other conditions that may cause you pain. Poor posture, the cause of many aches and pains, is something we often unknowingly learn during childhood. As a result it becomes a habit and feels familiar and comfortable. To you it's natural but to your body it's not. And as we get older these bad habits start to have an effect by causing pain. Step back in time to when you were a baby. When you were born your spine looked something like a C shape. As you became able to hold your head up and start crawling, your spine changed and developed the correct S shape.

their shoulders and this seemed natural to you. For example, if a child was bored they hunched their shoulders and their back became rounded. Many young adults think hunching their backs is cool and they continue this posture. The more they do this the more of a habit it becomes - and habits are difficult to break. It's almost easier to keep the habits than break them.

A toddler's posture is the most natural thing in the world. Try comparing pictures of yourself when you were a child A lot of your development and learning came from watch- with how you are now. You will instantly see how your ing others. You saw adults and other children hunching posture has changed. It's difficult to pin point exactly when the changes happened because it has taken many years to get to the stage you are at. So we come back to mobile phones and restoring your factory settings. Imagine your mobile phone goes wrong. The only way to get it back on track and make life easier for you is to restore it back to its original settings. It's the same with breaking habits that you have had for many years and feel comfortable with. Not the easiest option but you know it's the best option. As an Alexander Technique teacher I see many people who have come to me almost as a last resort. They have been suffering pain for many years, often resorting to powerful medication and vigorous manipulation to help. Together we identify the bad postural habits that have built up over a lifetime of stress. And in a relaxing way begin to make subtle changes that will help you release tension and rediscover balance of mind and body. You will feel better and move in a more relaxed and comfortable way - the way nature intended. Stephanie Smith is a Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT). She has been teaching the Alexander Technique for 19 years and has a practice in Theydon Bois. She can be contacted on 01992 812189, by email at or through her website


Simon WarrenBuilding Services Ltd All building work undertaken Extensions Kitchens & Bathrooms Property Maintenance Driveways & Patios Three Gables, New Common, Hatfield Heath, Bishops Stortford, CM22 7RT 07751 437379

Joinery and Glazing for homes and businesses with over 30 years local trading ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

External and internal doors Box sash and casement windows Conservatories Double glazing Fitted kitchens, wardrobes & furniture Staircases Splash-backs, table tops, greenhouse glass, window repairs Call or e-mail for a no-obligation visit and quote

01992 812899 Unit 2, Hobbs Cross Business Centre, Theydon Garnon, Essex CM16 7NY

Trading locally for over 30 years

DRIVEWAY & PATIO CLEANING YOUR LOCAL Driveway cleaning Patio cleaning Decking cleaning By

ESSEX POWER WASHING Tel 020 8504 6301 Mobile 07947 382 178 11


The Epping Bookshop Tel. 01992 575849 71 High Street, Epping CM16 4BA

allmumkind is a specialist recruitment site offering a unique talent pool of professional part-time/full-time flexible candidates.

A Talk by


Are you looking for flexible support within your business? You may need some help with holiday cover, maternity leave, job-sharing, flexible working/ homeworking patterns or simply some self-employed office support.



Place your vacancy on our job site and start receiving candidates directly. Alternatively talk to us about our full recruitment service and we can tailor a professional package to your business needs. Tel 020-7 993 1392 or email


WEDNESDAY 15th MAY 7.00 for 7.30 pm Tickets £3 each to include wine (redeemable against any purchase)

10% discount on production of this advert. Or online by entering promotional code MAGA10 (Offer ends 31.05.13)

Grey day? Why not treat yourself to a little happy by browsing our unique mix of eclectic gifts & gorgeous home accessories? It’s our mission to source only the most exciting & unusual products so you can be assured you’re getting something truly special with every visit. Open 7 days a week 85 High Street Ongar Essex CM5 9DX 01277 500207 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter @whenskiesrgrey_ & Pinterest


Capel Manor changed my life Working in countryside management is diverse. You could find yourself in jobs ranging from field teacher and ecologist to footpath officer. The type of work is varied and most employers (typically local authorities and charitable organisations) will be looking for general countryside knowledge, coupled with some areas of specialism. Capel Manor College in Enfield offers a wide range of courses and apprenticeships and here we look at two men whose Capel Manor experiences changed their lives.

to gain my chainsaw tickets and with these I can always adapt my skills, but they’ve also been essential for my current job.” He continued “I wasn’t very good at school and so ended up doing something I didn’t enjoy for a long time but now I am outside every day. I am fitter, healthier and much happier than I ever was. 42 year-old Zack Gorman (pictured Doing the course has made a big top right) gave up a life of retail in difference to my life. Capel Manor 2009. He longed for a more fulfilling has a very good reputation and I profession and found a position workbelieve their courses really take you ing at the London Wildlife Trust soon somewhere. We’ve also had quite a after, through a training course at few students doing work experience Capel Manor College. He enrolled on with us and I’m keen to develop these a two year National Diploma in links and impress upon them the Forestry and Arboriculture, for which wealth of opportunities out there to he was required to undertake a work in conservation.” period of work experience. After a period of part-time work he In his former career as a roadie, David continued with his studies and then Cockburn, 46, toured with artists went on to full-time employment as including Lisa Stansfield, All Saints the Reserves Officer for Hillingdon on and Status Quo. From this he moved graduating. Zack said “I’d always into theatre stage/tour management wanted to work outside and a few and now works as the Trainee years ago with some money saved up Reserves Officer also for the London I could finally afford to train to do it. I Wildlife Trust. Currently in the final love spending time outside enjoying year of a Diploma in Countryside nature and woodlands, walking and Management at Capel Manor, David camping. After a few months on the attends college two days a week and course I knew it was the forestry side spends the rest of the time working that really appealed to me. I basically on a number of nature reserves in the took the bits of the course I liked and London Borough of Hillingdon. adapted them to what was realistic David, whose father was in the army, for me. The arboriculture was useful grew up in army bases in places like Germany and Cyprus, with land backing on to large rural expanses. Spending much of his childhood surrounded by wildlife meant he had developed a real passion for the great outdoors. He said “I love the physical and mental buzz I get from being outdoors and active—you have to be quite physically fit to do my job. When I started on the course I also


began volunteering at the London Wildlife Trust which eventually turned into paid employment. My course is really versatile and with my transferable skills I could similarly work as a countryside ranger or in a variety of other environmental management/conservation roles. It might appear that I had quite ‘interesting’ jobs before but I’m a much more contented person now—I used to be stressed out all the time. I’ve learnt a lot doing countryside management at Capel Manor and I’m thoroughly enjoying applying my new skills and knowledge in the real world, working for The London Wildlife Trust. I know I am going to spend all day out in the wild, getting hands-on and mucky and doing valuable conservation work. When I go home in the evening and look at all the suited people around me, many of whom will have spent their day stuck in an office and then there’s me, covered in mud and stinking of wood smoke and I couldn’t be happier. People say to me “I wish I could do what you’re doing. I’ve always wanted to..” and I say to them “You can, just do it!” Capel Manor College Open Day-Saturday 15 June, 10am to 4pm. Explore the 60 themed, model and historical gardens and check out the college facilities, get advice on courses and meet current students. The college offers a range of nationally accredited courses and apprenticeships for those interested in the environment, animals or working with plants, trees and flowers (further details in our What’s On section, page 43).


Spring reinvention: How to create yourself Emma Mills BSc (Hons) Dip. Hyp. NLP.Prac Spring has sprung and the fields will soon be full of the buds, bulbs and blossom. All of those buds hold the promise, the potential of the fruit to come this summer. Just like each springs new blossom, potential isn’t a fixed quantity. One of my favourite poets once said ‘if a women doesn’t invent herself daily, she will be invented, so to be bodacious enough to invent ourselves is wise.’ My psychology consultancy helps people to confidently be more of who they are; unless of course they want a weight loss programme. Here are the two most common concerns I hear along the road to change and what to do about them:

3. You are whatever sort of person you imagine yourself to be Until recently novelists and scientists from years past thought that all learning considered, you’re pretty stuck with your genetic potential. But never fear! That’s not what The New Scientist reported last month with its report on orphan genes. So what’s an Orphan Gene? Others won’t buy into the idea… Well, Orphan genes lack detectable homology to I don’t think I am the sort of person who can be.. organisms outside such phylogenetic distribution. Say what? Basically there’s a whole bunch of genes in you, So here are your top tips for getting over yourself, and and me and your neighbour’s Nan and we don’t know: others with the aim of getting into the life you want. what they are, what they do or where they came from. 1. Ventriloquism With that in mind it’s fair to say that your potential, It might sound like a hard truth to swallow but when we that which lays within you just waiting to unfold, is an think others don’t believe in our potential; what we unknown quantity. really think is I don’t believe it. If we have a little doubt 4. Black and white thinking within us, we can project it onto others, putting There is a line of thinking in the east that something imaginary words into their mouths and interpreting can’t come out of nothing, it simply evolves out of what they say in line with our own secret doubts. It’s something else. Remember that when you are fair to say you will never have complete control over reinventing. Rather than discarding the old you we are the way other people perceive you. That’s Chairman Mau territory anyway. The only thing you can control is transforming it. Everything you have ever experienced has led you to become who you are today. And all of how you, see yourself. Onwards! those goodies, and possibly not so goodies are the 2. Saboteurs mould from which you will continue to sculpt your If you’re sure you aren’t throwing your voice; resistance reinvention. If you find yourself getting back to your old from other peoples fear of change. Whether you’re ways remember, you spent quite while perfecting being getting fit, successful, independent or streamlining your that person. You deserve a medal for being able to do it business to move with the times, there is so much to so brilliantly! Now you just need to use that to practice attend to these days; to cope we all make use of little being the updated version. The more you do it the schemas (mental notes) which help us to ‘know’ how more natural it will feel. Change takes time to become to interact with each other. When you change, others habitual if you’re in it for the long haul, give yourself a must change their way of interacting with you (their break. schema) which isn’t hard but is extra effort to add to an already busy week. If they respect you and your vision Emma is the director and lead facilitator at training and developthey will come around eventually. Stick to your change ment organisation Mapetry. She also consults with individuals about their wellbeing at her clinic in Queens Road Buckhurst Hill. (consistency and enthusiasm are persuasive) and reassure third parties that this is all building to a hapTelephone 07824 479373 pier you who will be able to better contribute to everyone else.


TIRED OF IRONING? Your doorbell in your pocket

The Smart Way

Let the Steam Queen do it for you

to be in when you’re out Get Smart and answer your doorbell on your mobile or landline. Great if you are out, are pretending to be out or can't get to the door in time. Allows you to speak to who is at your door.

Professional & reliable FREE collection & delivery Please call Faith 01992 522044 or 07974 025381

MO-BELL - your doorbell in your pocket

Just ring 01992 711395 for details

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Your pets looked after in the safety & comfort of their own home

Going away? We will come in to feed, water, walk, clean, cuddle and play with your pets giving house security too

Call Sue 01992 523098 / 07961 168183 Email: Fully insured and member of NARP (National Association of Registered Pet Sitters)

Check out our website! 17

North East London Business EXPO 2013 Leyton Orient Football Club—May 14, which is where you also go to register.

Thinking of starting a new business? Or perhaps you have just started one or have been established for a while. Or maybe you want to learn some new skills. Whatever your situation, the North East London Business EXPO, now in its second year after a successful launch in 2012, has something to offer you.

The North East London Business EXPO takes place on May 14th at Leyton Orient Football Ground. Refreshments will be available throughout the day for visitors and stallholders.

Up to a 100 local businesses will be showcasing their products and services. The EXPO is the ideal opportunity to find inspiration, network with fellow business owners, find strategic partners or to find out how you can learn new skills to further your business.

Schedule Breakfast open networking breakfast 8am (pre-booking required) EXPO 10am to 5pm

The EXPO begins at 8am with an open business networking breakfast (pre-booking required). Doors open to the exhibition at 10am and registration is free to visitors who book prior to the event. The full programme of interactive workshops and seminars with leading business experts will be available on the day, although further details can be found at


Contact details Enquiries 0808 146 9189 Email: Website



SALON NEWS Welcome to our special 8 page pull-out , which gives you the low down on our in salon products, treatments and services. We also have some great offers on the back cover. Be sure to pull out and keep, as different offers can be used for various months throughout the year. Now you have every excuse to look good all year round. BABY TALK It has been a busy 12 months at Tikadi and not least for our lovely senior hair designer Jo, who has recently returned from maternity leave to once again join the team at Tikadi Theydon Bois. Jo is now a mother of twins, which means she should be even better at multi-tasking in the salon to make sure you feel well looked after and that your hair is beautifully cut and styled! WIN, WIN, WIN Towards the end of last year we were awarded ‘Small Business of the Year’ in the Mid Essex

Business Awards and also our second year learner, Lana Lewington, reached the final of ‘Apprentice of the Year’. We are always delighted to be nominated and it is great when we win, but our main focus is always on offering the best service we can for our wonder-

graphic shoots, as well as mentoring from top industry names. When asked about opening her letter of acceptance Hayley said, 'I was shaking when I opened the letter. I've worked so hard to be part of the Young Artistic Team, but I have to thank all ful customers. However, we my Tikadi team who helped are very excited about our me with their continued rising star… support. No one has to TIKADI stylist selected for worry, I'll still be in salon Schwarzkopf Young Artistic most of the time!' Team 2013 Tikadi’s 21 year-old Hayley Quinlin (right of picture) will join the Schwarzkopf Young Artistic Team in February 2013 following an intense selection process held at the Schwarzkopf Academy, London. Hayley, along with other 5 comrades who made the grade, will benefit from specialist training and photo-


WIN a free cut & blow-dry with in-salon hair and scalp treatment, plus a gift set. Worth £110 HOW TO ENTER Send an email with your name and contact details to with ‘MAGASCENE COMPETITION’ in the subject header for your chance to win. One winner will be randomly selected after the closing date of June 30th, 2013. Good luck! Terms and conditions apply. By entering you agree to Tikadi emailing you for promotional and marketing purposes.







Waltham Abbey Art, Crafts & Literature Festival 12th and 13th April The very first Waltham Abbey Art, Crafts and Literature Festival will take place in the town centre on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th April. The two day event, running from 11am to 3pm each day, is being organised by The Waltham Abbey Town Partnership. The festival will include film shows for children and adults, talks, demonstrations (including one from local wool shop The Crochet Chain) and feature craft stalls on Sun Street where visitors can have a go at various activities.

Meet the authors Book signings / talks Craft stalls Demonstrations

There is also a varied literary programme of ’meet the author’, booking signings and talks from local writers Victoria Robertson (Swimming Through the Reeds), Jodie Newman (Womb With a View), Victorian East London novelist Jean Fullerton (Hold on to Hope) and Tracy Rolfe (The White Witch of Spiton series).

Workshops Art Exhibition Street Entertainment Teddy Bears Picnic in Library (Saturday) Waltham Abbey Cinema screenings of

Children will be in for a treat, as ‘Waltham Abbey Cinema’ at the Town Hall will be showing ‘Matilda’, based on Roald Dahl’s novel and starring Pam Ferris (Sister Evangelina from ‘Call the Midwife’) on the Saturday. Doors open 9.45am for a 10.30am start. Tickets are priced £1 for children and £2.50 for adults, available on the door or from the Tourist Information Office in advance. There will also be a performance of another literary adaptation, as ‘Pride and Prejudice’ based on Jane Austen’s novel and starring Keira Knightley, is showing on the Saturday, 6.45pm doors for a 7.30pm start. Tickets are £5 for adults, £4 concessions. Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult for cinema performances.

“Matilda” and “Pride and Prejudice” Competitions and much more...

MEET EPPING’S AUTHORS Meet Jodie Newman, author of “Womb With a View”

Other events include a teddy bears’ picnic and story time at the Library and there will be art workshops taking place at the Epping Forest District Museum. Visitors to Waltham Abbey across the two-day event can also look forward to an art exhibition, competitions, street entertainment and much more.

Author of “Swimming Through the Reeds”, Victoria Robertson, will also be a guest at the festival

For more information or for the full programme of events, please visit


58% of Britons don’t have a Will - are you one of them? by Alan Giddings, Giddings Lane Will & Estates Planning

According to new research 29 million Britons have not put down their end of life wishes in a Will and 11% believe that their estate will automatically go to the right people when they pass away. However, this is not necessarily the case. Assets of those dying without a Will are distributed under the intestacy rules, which could leave stepchildren or unmarried partners out of the equation. A total of 64% of people aged 35 to 54 have not prepared a Will yet, while almost a third (32%) of those over 55 have no Will. Most people say they have no Will in place because of superstitious beliefs that writing one was equal to "tempting fate". Delaying the decision for the time they "get older" was the main reason for 30% of the respondents not having a Will. Despite this poor planning, 74% said they would like to leave money (£45,000 on average) to their loved ones, while 65% would like to pass on property (with an average value of £199,000) and 56% want to bequeath personal chattels such as paintings and jewellery.

What will happen to the children? Few people are aware of the ramifications for minor children if their parents die intestate. It’s not automatic that the surviving parent will be the one to care for the children, especially if the parents were unmarried. There’s a real possibility that children whose parents die intestate may end up going into local authority care, while the courts sort out where they will ultimately live. Having the appropriate Will drafted by an expert who can advise on all matters relating to guardianship will safeguard against this catastrophe. Unmarried Partners it’s another sad fact that cohabitees often assume that they’ll inherit if their partner dies. In the absence of a Will, this isn’t the case.

Writing a valid Will is principally the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and your loved ones provided for after your death. Therefore, if you are part of the 58% that don’t have a Will, it is advisable to have a think about what impact this may have on your family when you are gone. Similarly, if you already have a will, it Children and grandchildren remain the key beneficiaries is important to keep it updated if your circumstances with 36% of the respondents saying they wanted to pass change; for example if you get married, buy a property, enough money to their children and grandchildren to support them through university, increase their savings or have children, are separated or get divorced, this change should be reflected in your Will or you may run the risk of fund other aspects of their future. A total of 8% want to donate significant funds to charities and 7% would like to it being invalid. ensure their pets are taken care of after they are gone. You know it makes sense It’s not just a matter of making sure your assets end up We call a Will a “Mañana product” – people always put it with the beneficiaries of your choice - what about the off until tomorrow. However, tomorrow always comes, emotional reasons for making your Will? These can carry and when it inevitably does, you’ll be hugely relieved that as much weight, if not more, than the financial issues. The you’ve done the deed – so please don’t delay any further. repercussions suffered when a loved one hasn’t made a Making a Will is not the kiss of death! Will can cause much heartache to those left behind. At a Alan Giddings time when emotions are unpredictable, it’s an act of Giddings Lane Wills & Estate Planning kindness on your part to ensure that you do the right Telephone 01279 834761 thing by those left behind. Email:


THE GATE HOUSE BED & BREAKFAST If you are looking for the perfect extension to your home for accommodating friends and family this, then the comfort and convenience of The Gate House Bed & Breakfast could just be the answer. There are four bedrooms all with en-suite facilities, one of which is a fully disabled facility. All rooms are decorated to a very high standard and include a flat screen TV and tea/coffee making facilities. As well as a breakfast room there is a guests’ lounge with books, board games and local area information. THE GATE HOUSE

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Epping-based Munro Film Services is bringing the award-winning ‘The Eye of the Storm’ to UK cinemas this May. The film is based on the acclaimed 1973 novel by Australian writer Patrick White, who became Nobel Laureate in Literature the same year. The film is a savage, yet darkly funny, exploration of family relationships starring Charlotte Rampling, Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis, playing the ultimate dysfunctional family. The drama has achieved several award wins internationally, including the Age Critics’ Award at the Melbourne International Film Festival, the special jury prize at the Rome International Film Festival and an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA—the Australian equivalent of the BAFTAs) Best Lead Actress award for Judy Davis. ’The Eye of the Storm’ is co-produced and directed by Fred Schepisi, whose directing credits include ‘Last Orders’, ‘Six Degrees of Separation’, ‘Roxanne’ and ‘A Cry in the Dark’. His daughter, Alexandra Schepisi, takes the role of Flora the nurse, a role for which she won Best Actress

Supporting Role at the Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards. Producer Antony Waddington said, “Influenced by friends like Francis Bacon, Patrick White's literary life started in London after Cambridge and he enjoyed great success there throughout his career. Charlotte Rampling's character of Elizabeth Hunter is based on White's mother who left Sydney to live out her days in Knightsbridge surrounded by eccentric servants. It feels somehow complete, that this first film adaptation of a White novel, is about to begin its life in the UK." 2012 celebrated the birth centenary of White and in the UK, his first novel ‘Happy Valley’ and his unfinished ‘The Hanging Garden’ were published. ‘The Eye of the Storm’ novel will shortly be available as an ebook on Amazon and Apple’s iBookstore. The film received many positive reviews when it opened in Australia and the USA. Talking about the film’s UK’s appeal Munro Film Service’s managing director, Frank Smith said,



THE EYE OF THE STORM 119mins, cert—tbc THE EYE OF THE STORM is a savage, yet darkly funny, exploration of family relationships starring Charlotte Rampling as Elizabeth Hunter, who plays the wealthy, manipulative and dying matriarch. Academy Award-winning actor Geoffrey Rush plays her famous, yet struggling actor son and Golden Globe winner Judy Davis completes the cast’s principal trio as his down at heel high-society sister. Both Rush and Davis’s characters unite in a common goal of securing their vast inheritance. The film is based is on the acclaimed 1973 novel by Australian writer Patrick White, who became Nobel Laureate in Literature the same year. The character of Elizabeth Hunter is based on White’s own mother who left Sydney to live out her days in Knightsbridge surrounded by eccentric servants.

Did you know? Charlotte Rampling’s character was aged up 15 years to play Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis’s screen mother, despite only being 5 years older than Geoffrey Rush “We are extremely excited to bring this excellent adaptation to a UK audience, who will relish the film’s strong cast and darkly compelling portrayal of complicated family relationships, the telling of which is not without wit.” The film is out from May 3 and will be playing at the Curzon Mayfair London and selected UK cities. Further details at

Reviews “Superb performances by the principal trio. An intelligent sumptuous drama” HOLLYWOOD REPORTER “Moving and often very funny. It’s an acting masterclass” SCREEN DAILY “A close to perfect storm” SYDNEY TELEGRAPH “This film is a milestone by any standards” THE SPECTATOR “Frank, funny and immensely satisfying” 4 stars. THE VINE


Stop putting it off Heather Waring

You know what it's like, you have a long list of things you really should do, some of them have been on the list for what seems like eternity and the fact that they are incomplete eats away at you, but still you fail to get round to dealing with them. What is it that stops us from taking action? Why do we procrastinate?

In other cases, rather than fear of failure, you fear success. I know, that sounds ridiculous but it happens more often than you think. You are concerned that if you do this task well, that expectation will always be there and it Sometimes it’s as simple as not wanting to. So ask yourmay put you under greater self what will happen if you don’t. If you can live with the pressure. Can you sustain success? – if you never try you will never know. People answer then give yourself permission to score it off the list - what bliss! On the other hand, if the consequences also fear finishing because if they finish they will have to are too great, then you need to take some action so make decide what to do next. Sometimes not knowing the a plan, set a deadline and get on with it. Believe me, the outcome is easier than facing reality but how sad to go through life living in fear of ‘what if’. Ask yourself what is relief you feel when you have completed the task will be worth it. the worst thing that can happen if you were to do this thing – the answer is often much less scary than the Often the reason for putting a task off is that in some way perception in your head. It is important to confront your fear and consider the consequences of whatever action we are afraid of it. Perhaps you are worried that you will not do a good job. How likely is this? What can you do to you take. ensure that you do the job successfully? I would suggest Ever been in the position where you felt that a certain that thorough planning is the answer. task should be done and even offered to do it, but never quite got round to it? The way to overcome this is to let it work it’s way up the natural order until it gets to the top of the list and then do it or could you delegate it to someone else? Another strategy is to look at how you might benefit from doing the task. If you are really LOCKOUTS LOCKS CHANGED interested or enthused by something, is there usually a problem with seeing things through? Ask yourself then ‘What is in it for me?’ and ‘What will happen if I don’t do it?’ If the benefits are attractive enough your mindset is ALSO SUPPLIED AND FITTED likely to shift easily or if the consequences of not doing it are also positive, the same will occur. If neither work for KEY CUTTING SERVICE you, walk away happy that it’s not worth doing.



Finally we procrastinate because we do not feel we have all the right information and knowledge leading to the feeling that we might fail. Often all that is needed is a little research, a few questions asked, some time spent looking up books or surfing the internet.


01708 769507 ROBERT

07904 538 008 SIMON

Face up to the reasons you are not taking action. It is never as difficult, takes as long or is as painful as you think. In fact, the feeling of achievement may even become addictive!! Over to you.

07534 515 153

Heather Waring ‘The rocket behind your business’


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FACT Your pension fund needs to GROW It’s an urgent problem that requires attention. We give no advice—just facts. Find out what is available and you could change your financial outlook for good.

Paul J Violet

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Providing an



Penny For’em?


but do not because of the time it takes, or they're running late etc, etc. But, from a child's point of view it's very good to have a bit of exercise before settling down to do their schoolwork. It aids concentration Piercings? Mum's got one. Skulls emblazoned in studs (just ask a teacher) and keeps them a bit fit. It also teaches children that there is more than just the car as on your bag/jacket/scarf? Auntie's got one. Tattoo? an option for travelling from A to B. It's not just Even gran's got one. It seems anything that used to children that benefit from leaving the motor belong to the subversive counter-culture has been taken over into the mainstream - and thus losing all its behind. A 15-minute walk each way means 30-minutes of exercise for free for mum or dad, edge. Back in the seventies people would steer clear without even thinking about it. Every day. And not of a punk in full bondage regalia and spiked green many people can say they get too much exercise a Mohican. Now footballers have the fabled haircut. Goths these days just blend into the background with week can they? their heavily black-kohled eyes and dark-as-pitch AGEING band members are crawling out of their care clothing. Even baby clothes now come in black. And everyone in Essex knows how to create the Cleopatra homes to go on tour again. Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beach Boys, The Stranglers. Surely their look in liquid eyeliner. performances are not going to be on a par with what Now ripped jeans are back in so that's another item to they once were. I think you either had to have been there at the time or forget ‘em. Bed blockers! cross off the list. Mind you, Bros did for them in the 80s. Even the vintage tea dress - once the preserve of the alternative set when they had to look demure for work - is over-represented in the high street shops. Surely all that is left for today's teen to do to shock is to dress in a twin-set and pearls. IT must be hard work being a rebellious teen these days requiring ever more inventive ideas to shock the older generation.

I NOTE with joy that high heels are on their way out. They are the modern equivalent of bound feet. In heels I can just about manage to totter out the front door into a waiting taxi and hobble out again the other end into the restaurant. So farewell heels. I mean that from the bottom of my soles. THE subject of parking appears to be a thorny issue in the area. Particularly of note are the school run fools who will stop at nothing to get their beloved offspring as near to the door of their educational establishment as possible with scant regard for anyone else. I am talking about those who ditch their - usually large motors across other people's driveways who may heaven forbid - want to go out in their own cars. Or those who selfishly park on double yellow lines thus endangering everyone else's kids who have to cross the road, whilst their own little lambs stay as safe as houses (or Range Rovers, about the same size). However, it's not actually an issue about parking. It's an issue about driving. Not everyone is in a position to walk their children to school, granted. But many are



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MAGASCENE Now coming to Waltham Abbey A special sister edition, MAGASCENE Waltham Abbey, will be published in the next few months To be distributed to 5,000 homes in Waltham Abbey

How has MAGASCENE helped our clients over the years? “I've been advertising in Magascene

for many years now and it's been a great way to get new clients and also for existing clients to see photos of their pets! Jane has always been very professional, coming up with new ideas, and is very flexible!"

“Since opening in March of 2007, Tikadi has advertised through then Community Times and now Magascene; the feedback we’ve had from clients with our adverts has been tremendous and without any shadow of a doubt has helped brand Tikadi in a very positive and successful way.” Michael, Tikadi “I have been advertising in Magascene for 3 years. My ad always pays for itself, with new customers, who then become regulars. They are always very helpful with the wording of my ads, and always come up with great ideas for any promotions I want to do.”

Sue, Pet Chums

“I've been advertising in Magascene

since its infancy with great success. I can't wait to see my advert in each edition."

Faith, The Steam Queen

Hannake, Kip McGrath

“Fantastic service for a fantastic price!” Fiona, FGS Accountancy & Taxation

“My experience with Magascene has been a great opportunity with an overwhelming response and a significant boost in overall sales! I’ve been able to reach markets that would have otherwise cost me five times the effort and resources. It has been a wonderful way to spread the word about The Volunteer.” Pete, The Volunteer

Interested? For more information about advertising in MAGASCENE * or MAGASCENE Waltham Abbey please visit Email: or call 01992 814621 35

* MAGASCENE is distributed bi-monthly to 7,000 homes in Epping, Theydon Bois, Loughton & Buckhurst Hill



Eye of the storm


020 8504 4334


3rd North Weald Scout Group

Robert Phillips

(Registered Charity No. 1011464)

Scouting is for boys and girls from the age of 6

mobile 07949 082367 tel 0845 257 0254 Email:

Come along and join us! North Weald Scout Hut, 56a Queens Road North Weald, Essex CM16 6JG Contact Nikki Smith-Pryor on 01992 524 672 or 07817 314372 Email:

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MOT Servicing Motor body repairs Welding Panel beating Cellulose spraying Mechanical repairs

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B. A. Repairs DOMESTIC APPLIANCE SERVICES Over 20 years experience Washing machines Tumble dryers Dishwashers Fridges Freezers FREEPHONE 0800 037 0861 MOBILE 07956 258043

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40 £120. Call 01992 814621 Annual advertising rates from

Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z ALAL-ANON FAMILY GROUPS For friends and relatives of alcoholics Email: Helpline 020 7403 0888 (10am— (10am—10pm)

in joining the club, contact Steve Allen on 07932 532694, Graham Sly on 07973 530148 or Tracy Wilkinson 07738 089251 or visit

Alpine Garden Society— Society—Epping Forest Group. Group We meet on the second Tuesday of the month at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER at 8pm.

Epping Forest District Badger Group—meet on the 3rd Monday Group of the month at Hemnall Street Social club, Epping at 8pm. Find out more about the existence and secret life of badgers, and their preservation. Contact 01992 756038.

The Avenue Lawn Tennis Club—18 The Avenue, Loughton IG10 Club 4PT. Four artificial grass courts. Membership-balls, court hire included; social programme & licensed bar. Club sessions: Men—Thursday 5.30pm and Sunday mornings; Ladies—Tuesdays at 5.30pm; Mixed—Thursdays 11am to 1pm, Fridays 6.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 1.30pm. The club has teams in both the South West Essex (men’s, ladies and mixed) and Essex leagues (men). Contact Lynda Wyles Membership Secretary on 0208 505 4704 or email Badminton Club Call for Players We are looking for (mature) players to join our badminton club. We meet on Monday evenings at 8pm at Debden Park High School’s Sports Hall. Please contact Alan on 020 8508 6306. Bodyworks exercise classes for everyone Loughton Tues 10.30am, Buckhurst Hill Mon 8-9pm and Thurs 9.30-10.30am. Call Jan Hall on 020 8508 3346. Book Club— Club—meet locally once a month. Call Linda on 01992 571178. Breatheasy in Harlow & Epping Forest Meet the first Monday of the month at Jack Silley Pavilion in Epping between 1pm and 3pm. Contact branch secretary Mrs C Carr on 01992 573387 for more details. Breatheasy is the support group of The British Lung Foundation Buckhurst Hill Bowls Club, Club 72 Epping New Road, Buckhurst Hill IG9 5TX. If you are looking for a local, friendly bowls club, please call the Secretary Malcolm Lord on 0208 502 1285. Open 7 days a week. Chigwell & Epping Forest Orienteering Club. Club Bored with just running, in pain from too much running on roads? Try running through forests and having to work out where to go. There is a local event approximately once a month. For more details ring Helen on 020 8502 1629, or visit

Clive’s Easylearn Pop Music Schools—For a free taster session Schools in Epping, call 01992 670575 or visit Craniosacral Therapy Clinic, Clinic The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping. Contact Liam Hurley on 07941 621887 Drum Tuition—All styles; pop, rock, jazz, Latin, blues...Beginners Tuition to advanced. All ages welcome. Call 07803 893722.

Epping Bowls Club, Lower Bury Lane. New members welcome to join our friendly, local club. Regular tuition sessions take place for beginners. Contact Anne Munro: 01992 561164. Epping Cricket Club—We are looking for new members of all Club standards. Three Saturday sides and a Sunday team and colts cricket for boys and girls. Contact Matthew Barrett 07877 923151 or EppingEpping-Eppingen Twin Town Association. Association Exciting cultural, school, musical and personal exchanges with our active and friendly twinned town in southern Germany. Contact Uschi Jesson 01992 577603 or Tony Church 07725 608368.

Epping Forest & District Stamp Club. Club Meet 2nd Tuesday of month at the Dining Room, Roding Valley High School, Loughton. New members and beginners always welcome. Keith Smith 020 8505 5620. Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society Nonmembers are welcome. For further information please contact the Group Secretary: Keith Ballard, Tel: 01992 813231 or email Epping Forest HP (Walking) Group. Group We are a walking group who walk in Epping, Redbridge and sometimes London each week. Walks start at 10.30am. There is no charge to join walks, optional membership at £4. Social evenings, coach trips and holidays. Email Epping Forest Outdoor Group– Group Are you a walker or a cyclist? Like to enjoy a more varied outdoor and social life? 8.30pm Thursdays, ROVSCO Hall, 72 Hollybush Hill, E11 1PX. Weekends away, day activities and social events. Call Secretary Ken 020 8524 3960. Epping Forest Rotary Club—Meet Garnon Bushes, Coopersale Club on Tuesday evenings for meal and regular speaker. If you want to join other business and community minded men and women please contact Telephone 01992 814105 The Epping Horticultural Society Share gardening tips and enjoy our social events throughout the year. Annual membership £1 and discounts available at the trading hut on the Meadow Road allotment site (Sunday mornings10am to 12pm). Contact Christine Burgess 01992 577020. Epping Tennis Club Lower Bury Lane Four all weather courts (3 floodlit). New members welcome—Lessons and coaching available. Visit or call 01992 572230 or 07940 183596 for membership/general enquiries. To contact Matt Smith (LTA Senior Club Coach), call 07743 378055 or visit

Exercise with me: Exercise for Free!!! Power walking group in Buckhurst Hill, weekday evenings, meet outside The Toby Carvery, 5k distance approx. Call/text 07706 700 666 or go to for further details Family Care Counselling Service We provide affordable, professional counselling in the Epping Forest area Tel: 01992 788499 Registered Charity No: 1118296

Forest Creative Writers 12.45pm12.45pm-2.45pm, Thurs Loughton Library. Intending new members invited to first free taster session. Contact Pete Relph on 0208 508 6313. Friends of Swaines Green. Conservation days on the second Sunday of every month. Contact Ian Anderson for further details on 01992 574909 or visit

Epping Football Club, Stonards Hill, Epping If you are interested


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Epping Art Society—Art Appreciation evenings, 2nd Wednesday Society of the month at Pelly Court, Hemnall Street, Epping. Call Robin 01992 572077. Members £2, non-members £3. Practical evenings are run the first Friday evening of the month, at 7.30 for 2 hours at the Methodist Church Hall, Epping

Epping Forest Centenary Trust. Trust We can provide practical conservation sessions in Epping Forest for groups, including special needs groups, community groups and youth groups. Call Epping Forest Centenary Trust on 0208 508 9061, email or visit

Clubs, Societies & Health Services A-Z Guitar Lessons— Lessons—Learn to play guitar. All ages, abilities and styles. Experienced local teacher. Individual and group teaching. Christian Karlsson 07958 471083. Email: Herts & Essex Architectural Research Society. Society Meet on the fourth Friday of the month at 8pm, Church Hall, Loughton Methodist Church, 260 Loughton High Road. Call 020 8508 2512 for more details or visit Jo Jingles Monday Epping 10:00am Over 2's and 11:00am babies from 3months to 2 years. Monday Theydon Bois 3:15pm Mixed ages (babies-5years old); Tuesday Harlow 9:30am Over 2s and 10:30am Walking-2years . We are also available to do Children's parties, nurseries, Children's centres or NCT group activities. For more information on classes or to book a place please call Lucy on 01279 868410 or email us: You can also visit our website Karate Classes for adults and children in Epping, Loughton, Theydon Bois and Nazeing. Contact Sensei Andy Major 07941 164544, email More details at LAUGHTER WORKOUT (LAUGHTER YOGA). YOGA) Laughter is a great stress buster and has many scientifically proven health benefits. The body does not know the difference between real and pretend laughter, you still get the same benefits. Laughter Yoga combines Laughter Exercises with Yogic Breathing. We have a Loughton Group that meets three times a month. Please call 0208 508 2134 and visit for more information. Come and join us. Lee Valley Friends Rambling Association Group Specialising in short weekend walks—mainly in West Essex and some London walks. Call for details 020 8529 1602 or visit Loughton Astronomical Society (LAS). New members welcome. Meets Thurs 8pm at Scout Hut, Theydon Bois. Tel. 01992 815804. Also, junior section, Theydon Bois AstroKyds for 6-14 year-olds meet 2nd Friday of month (term time), 6.30pm to 8pm at St. Mary’s Parish Hall, Theydon Bois. Same contact details as above.

Loughton Camera Club, Club Lopping Hall, Loughton. Meet every Wednesday 8-10pm. New members welcome. Contact John Banks 020 8508 4199. Loughton Folk Club meets every Thursday from 8pm at Loughton Club, 8 Station Road, Loughton, IG10 4NX. Parking front and rear. Email or call Jill Coombes 0776 214 6623 Messy Days— Days—Mother and Toddler Group, Monday and Fridays 10am to 11am. St Mary’s Church Hall, Theydon Bois. Come along for some messy fun. £4.50 per session. Discount for second child. Pre-school Learning accreditation. Ring Lindsay on 01992 814487. Musical Minis— Minis—PrePre-school fun time music group. Classes in Epping and Buckhurst Hill. Call Claire on 01992 787793

Petanque (Boules). Epping Horizons Petanque Club meets on Saturdays and Mondays at 1.30pm on Stonards Hill Recreation Ground. New members always welcome. To arrange a taster session call Peter Lumb on 01992 571744 or visit Physiotherapist. Appointments available at Theydon Bois Pharmacy, 10 Forest Drive, Theydon Bois CM16 7EY. Contact Jayne Gould Chartered Physiotherapist on 07963 349754 Piano Club— Club—Loughton Methodist Church. Wednesdays 10--12noon. Contact Rea Camus on 01992 571773. We are a 10 group of keen amateur pianists who enjoy making music together and having fun. All standards welcome. PROBUS. PROBUS FOREST Probus Club is actively seeking new members. members Monthly meetings on second Friday 12.30pm & lunch at County Hotel, Oak Hill Woodford Green. Please contact the Secretary or 020 8529 6500 Rotary Club of Loughton and Buckhurst Hill—meet at The Blue Hill Boar, Abridge, RM4 1UA. On Thursdays at 1pm (1st and 3rd Thursdays) and 6.30pm (2nd and 4th Thursdays). For further details call A Harvey on 01992 572867 or visit South West Essex Choir welcomes new members. We meet at Loughton Methodist Church, High Road, Loughton IG10 1RB on Tuesdays 7.45-10pm. No audition is necessary. Please contact Mary McElarney on 01992 812606 or More information at Station Road Wellness Centre, Osteopathy, Chiropody, massage, reflexology, Reiki. 12 Station Road, Epping. Tel. 01992 570003. St John Ambulance— Ambulance—Epping Community First Responders help to save lives. Full training given. Please contact Sandra Newman on 01992 572545 for more details. St Thomas Moore Dancing Club—Ballroom and sequence for the Club over 60s. Wednesdays 2-4pm at Thomas Moore Church, Willingale Rd, Loughton. Tel. 020 8504 0998. £1.50 including tea and biscuits. Tappy Toes—Fun and creative dance and movement classes for Toes girls and boys aged 20 months to 4 and a half years. Epping classes start in September. Call Claire on 01992 732 800. WEA Loughton & Epping Branch Details from, leaflets in the libraries. Phone Bettie Bock, 020 8508 4919 or e-mail: West Essex Flower Club, Thornwood Village Hall, Weald Lane. Meet 2nd Monday of each month (except January and August) From 1.45pm. Visitors and new members always welcome. Contact the Club Secretary for further details on 01992 577036 West Essex Ramblers. Walk every Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun. Most walks countryside, some London. About 10 coach rambles Apr-Oct. Each yr have a British & foreign walking holiday. For a sample programme, call 020 8502 1628. Woodford and District Floral Arrangement Group. Group We meet

Osteopath—Epping Osteopathic & Sports Injuries Clinic, The Osteopath Limes Medical Centre, Theydon Bois 01992 815 166 Parkinson’s UK— UK—Harlow & District Branch. Meet at the David Livingstone Club, 11 Potter Street, CM17 9AE every Wednesday 11am-3pm. On the first Wednesday of each month there is a speaker from 1 to 3pm. For more information contact Secretary Corinne—Branch mobile 07982 094194 or email All welcome. Personal Trainer (mobile & gym based) / Nordic Walking Instructor—Tanya Hurley 07941 233880


every third Monday of the month in the Churchill Room at Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Road E11. Doors open at 6.45pm for a prompt 7.30pm start. Guest floral demonstrator every month, raffle and refreshments. Visitors always welcome to join for a small fee of £4.

Yoga— Yoga—’Fitness Yoga’. Mondays 7pm—8pm at Theydon Bois Primary School, Orchard Drive. A revitalising and relaxing workout including a blend of Yoga based postures, traditional stretching, core exercises from Pilates, balance work and a final relaxation section. Taught to relaxing music. First class FREE, then £25 per month. Contact Lucilla on 07956 695077 Email,

What’s On

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Clubs, Societies and Health Services A-Z continued (Iyengar) Yoga, Yoga Lindsey Street, Epping. Monday evenings from 6pm. Please contact Dorothy on 01992 574623. Yoga classes and workshops for all levels in Epping and North Weald, Tues/Weds/Thurs/Sat. Contact Amy on 07841 378364 or visit for more details. Yoga (Vinyasa & Hatha), Private classes in Epping & Buckhurst Hill 07725 653682. Zumba Fitness— Fitness Mondays St Michael’s Church, Loughton 8-9pm; Tuesdays Theydon Bois Primary School 7-8pm; Fridays Loughton Club 10-11am. Email or call Laura 07581 673998 or Lisa 07775 553722. Doctors Surgeries The Limes Medical Centre, The Plain, Epping Appointments/Emergencies/Cancellations 01992 573 838 Theydon Bois Branch, Branch Thrifts Mead 01992 812 450 North Weald Branch, Branch 67 Wheelers Farm Gardens 01992 524 383 Dr Lowry & Partners, Partners High Street, Epping 0844 5769797 Hospitals St Margaret’s Hospital, Epping 01992 561 666 Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow 01279 444 455 NHS Direct 0845 4647 Sports Centres & Fitness Studios Epping Sports Centre 25 Hemnall Street 01992 564 564 Waltham Abbey Swimming Pool Roundhills 01992 716 733 Loughton Leisure Centre Traps Hill, Loughton 01992 564 574 Concept Fitness UK 224b High Street, Epping 01992 579050

Buckhurst Hill openopen-mic Jazz Jam Session. Every Sunday at the Sports & Social Club, 50 Queens Road IG9 5BY 8pm start. Admission £3. Visit to check dates. Farmers’ Market organised by the Loughton Residents Association on the first Sunday of the month. Centric Parade, High Road, Loughton. 9am-2pm. FAB— FAB—Fabulous and Beautiful. Beautiful If you are undergoing chemotherapy or have recently finished treatment, charity FAB, which runs a three hour session on the first Monday of the month at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Epping (11am to 2pm) may be just the tonic. Please call Laura Jones on 01279 827396.

SmartNet Essex — Meet monthly or informal business networking 12-2pm at Miller & Carter Epping (Wake Arms roundabout). £15 meeting fee includes lunch. Next meeting April 18th— 18th Pay-as-you-go. Call Julie to book on 07843 260 186 or email EppNet— EppNet—Business Networking. Meet every Wednesday morning for breakfast, 7.15 to 9am at The Bell Hotel, Epping. £40 per month for regular members, or one off annual fee for infrequent visitors (plus £10 fee per meeting). For more details email or call Vincent Goode on 07931 580031.

Harlow Playhouse—Box Office 01279 431945—Full season Playhouse details and booking details at Shows include: HBA Les Sylphides and Other Ballets 11-14 April Forever Jackson 20 April Omid Djalili 26 April Julian Clary 1 May The Importance of Being Earnest 2-4 May The Burlesque Show 8 May Billy Ocean 2013 10 May Nicholas Parsons 22 May Best Friends Forever 26 May High Schoo Musical 30 May / 1 June West Essex Flower Club— Club—April 8th at 1.45pm, 1.45pm Thornwood Village Hall, Weald Hall Lane, Thornwood. Demonstration entitled ‘Plan B’ by Pat Barton. May 13th, 13th demonstration by Christine Makings entitled ‘Wonderful World of Flowers’. All welcome, visitors £4 payable on the door. Contact the Club Secretary for further details on 01992 577036 Waltham Abbey Art, Crafts & Literature Festival April 12th and 13th, 13th 11am to 3pm each day (see page 27 for more details). RNLI Loughton and Woodford Branch presents Meridian Opera performing SCENES FROM THE SEA. Saturday 13th April at 7.30pm. 7.30pm United Free Church, High Elms, Woodford Green IG8 0UP. An evening of nautical scenes from popular operas including HMS Pinafore, Cosi fan tutti, Idomeneo, Pirates of Penzance and more. Tickets £8 in advance, £10 on the door. Available from 020 8502 1788 or 07510 195877. The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Theydon Bois & District Friends of Cancer Research UK BRIDGE NIGHT Thursday 25th April at Theydon Bois Village Hall 7pm for 7.30pm start. Fish/chicken & chips supper. Bring your own drinks. Tickets £12.50 from 01992 573319 or 01992 577719. Haven House Children’s Hospice Celebrity Football Match— Match—in memory of John Docker, Sunday 12th May at 1pm. Tickets £10 adults, £1 under 15s, £18 family ticket (2 + 2). VIP £25 adults, £5 under 15s to include buffet, DJ, live music and a chance to meet celebrities on the day. footballmatch The Epping Bookshop author signing May 15th 7/7.30pm, Linda Stratmann, Stratmann crime writer, to discuss latest book, ‘A Case of Doubtful Death’ - a Frances Doughty Mystery. Tickets £3 to include wine—redeemable against any purchase.

EVENT LISTINGS FOR JUNE & JULY EDITION Please submit your event listings to or by calling 01992 814621 by May 15th for inclusion in the next edition.


Community Pages

Epping Forest Group of the Alpine Garden Society, Society 8pm at Theydon Bois Village Hall CM16 7ER (2nd Tuesday of the month). Group visits being arranged between June and September. Non-members welcome. Please call Keith Ballard for further information on 01992 813231.

Music at Marigolds Jazz Club, Club Harlow Cricket Club, Chippingfield, Old Harlow, CM17 0DJ. Enquiries 01279 414174/421763. Doors open 7.30pm. Price guide £7-£8. April 12th The Fugitives April 26th the Dave O’Higgins Quartet May 10th Doc K’s Blues Band May 31st The Marigold’s 10th Birthday Party Bash

Furniture Clinic Epping, Unit 15, Hobbs Cross Business Centre, Theydon Garnon, Epping CM16 7NY

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