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Who We Are In this world of tough competition where scope is endless and prospects are encouraging, entrepreneurs need to carve out a niche strategy for their businesses to






conceptions of ideas can be turned into reality through numerous opportunities in digital media. For a brilliant online subsistence, DigiDrive Consulting is a name to reckon with. As millions of customers search online for specific requirement, there is a high demand in the acknowledgment of sites in the social media and the clever way to deal with it is taking advantage of the search engines and social media. A combination of these can aid the website in gaining higher rankings in search engines, enhance site traffic as well as get leads for sale conversions. SEO is the best way for a website to gain prominence over the internet. At DigiDrive Consulting, the SEO experts do extensive research on keyword density, social media presence, developing relevant and unique content and applying them with SEO parameters through on-page and off-page optimization for a better visibility of the website.

Our Journey & Growth We started our journey on 17th August, 2011 from a very small place & have gained accolades from all of our customers right away. With our dedicated support, analytical solutions to each tasks and 1:1 interaction for all the project related questions have simplified a lot of things. Our company growth has increased by 2% every quarter that equals to 8% for the whole year which needs appreciation. We’re a small bunch of team comprising of talented individuals and with a blend of fresh minds as well who’re always keen to play a significant role in company’s success.

What Is Internet Marketing? This form of advertising utilizes the Internet to promote and market products, services, websites and businesses to online consumers. Using a variety of techniques, Internet marketers are able to earn money directly though online sales or generate a commission by marketing products for other merchants. For many businesses, online advertising is the key to drawing in new customers and succeeding in the competitive online market. Effective online campaigns can quickly increase your brand recognition, online visibility and sales revenue.

Flowchart of Strategic Internet Marketing

Show Your Presence Worldwide Once you get in touch with us, we’ll extract all the goals that you’ve set and based upon that a thorough research of your brand, its competitors & business avenues will be done. This initiative will help us to design a unique emarketing program that will be exclusively for your company. It’ll also help you to understand your online presence thus creating an awareness to do effective online marketing.

What Approach We Take Our e-Marketing experts drill down your requirements and perform each task one by one. From small to medium and large businesses, our e-Marketing team creates a customized solution for you that are strategically correct. This mainly involves website analysis through Google Analytics, estimation of web users, minor changes in design with respect to SEO, optimization of the entire website to make it search engine friendly, submission of the website to the top search engines, promoting at social bookmarking websites, image & video sharing if any.

Our Strategic Online Marketing Plan or Packages are created after: 

Going through the whole website, its business competitors, products & services

Analyzing the potential customers & their search trends through website auditing

Alt, Title, H1 tags are missing or not and W3C testing of the website with respect to SEO guidelines

Search engine results of the particular business, service or entity

Alexa ranking, domain age & monthly traffic analysis

Marketing channels (like bookmarking, directory submissions, press releases etc.)

Our Basic Package Includes: 1. Listing of targeted keywords 2. Header & Image Tag optimizations along with minor design fix 3. Addition of meta title, description & keywords 4. Keyword research via Google Adwords 5. Unlimited Directory submission, Social bookmarking & Classified ads 6. Google & Bing Analytics, Webmaster tools setup 7. 1 XML Site Map creation 8. RSS feed 9. Like or company page in FB based on local business, company, brand or product, artist or public figure, cause or community and entertainment 10. Follow page in Twitter 11. 1-article writing

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO? White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO regulate the ranking of websites in the search engine marketing through various actions. Black Hat SEO refers to techniques employed that do not comply with the guidelines of the search engines. The tactics applied in honest way to enhance search engine rankings are White Hat SEO strategies. Some White Hat SEO practice involves thorough research on keyword density and keyword analysis, informative and unique content, appropriate and suitable link submission techniques and augmenting meta tags etc. Although White Hat SEO consumes a lot of time before it displays positive results, this technique is considered as a valid and preferred way of projecting the websites in the World Wide Web. At DigiDrive Consulting we’re providing a wide array of services that we’ve mentioned below in brief, kindly go through them in order to have detailed insight about your own business & where does it stands now.

Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is very important medium of internet marketing. To increase the visibility of your website on search engines, we optimize your site to make it search engine friendly and offer other internet marketing and SEO services that will bring in high-volume traffic and targeted audiences to your website. Our SEO campaign highlights:

Keyword research for valuable terms of your niche business category

Website and content optimization for better search engine visibility

Google verification codes & webmaster tools setup

Link building campaign to increase ranking

Google Analytics to analyze traffic, daily visits, search criteria trends of visitors

Social Media Optimization Social media optimization or social media marketing is used to increase your web presence through FaceBook, twitter, BlogSpot, YouTube and other forms of social media. We are in the boom of social media usage thus social media marketing cannot be ignored. Through SMM you can influence target audience in your niche, increase word-of-mouth referrals and your products remains fresh in the minds of the end user. Strong presence on social media will increase conversion rates. We undertake social media marketing services like:

Creating fan page in FaceBook, Twitter etc.

Social media profile maintenance

Blog optimization & marketing

Social bookmarking

RSS feeds

E-mail/Newsletter Marketing While problems with spam and unscrupulous scams have resulted in skepticism of email marketing, this method can still be highly effective when used properly. The key to using e-mail in your online marketing campaigns is to reach out to readers who want to learn more about your business. A great way to do this is to set up a weekly newsletter. By allowing customers to request your communications, they are far more likely to read and respond to your marketing efforts. Whatever form of Internet marketing you choose, it is vital to spend some time planning your advertising campaigns. What do you hope to accomplish with your marketing efforts? Who are the people you are trying to

reach? What are your potential customers looking for? By answering these questions and using this information to guide your advertising efforts, you can achieve Internet marketing results that you want.

Website or URL Promotion Our URL promotions are mainly done through following channels:1. Search engine & directory submission 2. Social bookmarking, press releases, article submission 3. FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ sharing & pinning of images in Pinterest and in other image sharing websites 4. Generating back-links, blog commenting 5. Updating the keywords weekly or monthly based upon the rankings in search result pages

Website Design At many occasions, while an e-Marketing program is implemented, the websites receives a lot of traffic & gradually becomes less as the time progresses. This may be in relation to the poor or average user interface design that hampers an effective online marketing campaign. That’s why we often provide valuable tips which needs a website re-design or some modifications. Our expert web designers will understand your every need in detail and then create or redesign a website that is commercially viable as well as aesthetically pleasing to search engines and visitors. Features of our web designing services:

Direct and clear description of the product

Depicting your brand

Easy navigation

Interactive user interface

Design that does not distract the viewers but highlights your product

Simple yet powerful designs

Easy maintenance and search engine friendly with latest updates

Web Consulting (E-Commerce, Web Application Development, Responsive Layouts) With the increase of technological advances rapidly in the commercial arena it is highly suggested that every organization must obtain web consulting services to gain the maximum benefits & endless opportunities available today. The key features/factors for a web consulting team are as follows:

Expertise in latest technologies

Understanding client requirements

Business strategy formation & execution

Optimizing the brand & its popularity

We provide business process consulting, social media marketing consulting and web design & development consulting as well. For more information please click here:

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Ddc promotional pdf  

DigiDrive Consulting is a team of professional web consultants, search engine optimizers and social media analysts .

Ddc promotional pdf  

DigiDrive Consulting is a team of professional web consultants, search engine optimizers and social media analysts .