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Control and Tention Arms

Suspension Components

Front Adjustable Control Arms 306-UCAF: Front Control Arms These adjustable Upper Control Arms were designed to be an exact fitment with your vehicle, FEA tested to provide more strength than the OEM pieces, and provide a maximum range of adjustability for both camber and caster. We start with 4130 Chromoly tubing and add laser cut steel plate with CNC machined fatigue-resistant steel hardware. The assembly is then precision TiG welded in a custom fixture to ensure an exact fit every time. The threaded adjusters provide more than 4 degrees of camber adjustment while the caster shims can be relocated to fine-tune caster to your liking. They fit and work better than any other adjustable UCA on the market.

Rear Adjustable Control Arms 306-UCAR: Rear Control Arms These Adjustable Rear Control arms presented quite a design challenge for REM. Other solutions in the market offer standard threaded adjustments, but we knew the reason these lack durability is that the threaded portions are not loaded axially. As such, we set out to incorporate some technology developed while working with a GRAND-AM racing team on their LC race car - adjustment tabs. The arms are precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum and the tabs are laser-cut from steel plate for an exact fit. By changing out the tabs with different offsets, you can tune the alignment of your vehicle to suit your needs whether you’re trying to increase ore reduce camber. The arms are designed to occupy the same space

Rear Billet Tension Arms 306-RTA: Rear Tension Arms These 6061 aluminum tension arms are CNC cut from a single aluminum billet. FEA tested to withstand twice the load of the OEM pieces, they offer peace of mind in high-horsepower applications and can help reduce wheel-hop. Additionally, the 90 durometer Polyurethane bushings reduce flex in the joint and are designed to utilize maximum surface area in contact with the arm to ensure they’ll stand up to years of punishment at the track or on the street. Offering a XXX% weight reduction over the stock pieces with more strength and better performance makes these arms a great value.



2013 Razors Edge Product Guide  
2013 Razors Edge Product Guide