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Let’s not forget Donna Cole for the wonderful job she does with the TLAS Newsletter and Mal Hamilton for his amazing talent in creating the Websites, Facebook pages, flyers and putting up with a constant barrage from me! I thank you one and all … Rasheeda _

Tuggerah Lakes Art Society INC. ABN 81 282 337 158


PO Box 4288 BAY VILLAGE NSW 2261 The Society was incorporated on 4 September 1989 with the aim: “To promote and encourage Art & Craft on the Central Coast, particularly the Mid-Coast Region”.

EDITOR: And thankyou to our wonderful President who is the hardest worker of all and still keeps smiling. For the newsletter, remember to contact me if there is any information you would like included. Regards, Donna Mail to:


Website: Facebook:


Dear Members,


I remember reading a quote by Steve Jobs which said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people” and today all I have is gratitude for the wonderful TLAS Team for the Great Things they are achieving for the Society:

If you like our Website, Facebook and Newsletter, why not consider becoming a member of TLAS? What are the benefits: •

To Peter Tassell for the wonderful workshop he ran with all us participants coming away feeling we had achieved something. Peter has donated his demonstration painting. (See left)

• • • • •

To the team who ran the successful Bay Village Expo; Karelle Keane, Wendy Scorgie, Lynn Crisp and Ann Cooke and all those who assisted with the roster and dealt with the initial problems that were encountered.

• • • •

To Robert Chapman for giving of his time to run the successful Ceramic Workshop. To Ralph Smith for the professional way he ran the Life Drawing Workshop. Which I might mention was ‘fully booked’!!!

Eligibility to exhibit in our rapidly expanding number of exhibitions, with possible sales Attendance at our very reasonably priced workshops Fellowship with like-minded artists Eligibility to attend weekly academy meetings with experienced mentors available Well attended monthly meetings with interesting guest speakers Opportunities to win many raffles and door prizes Receipt of monthly newsletter Opportunity to place your art on our website for possible sales Discounts at Picture Framers And best of all - friendship and fun!!!!

If you want to join, go to the TLAS Website and download the Application Form. Mail this to our membership Secretary, Wendy Scorgie via the TLAS PO Box listed above, or send via email

To Pat Edwards who co-ordinates our Academy and all those who set up, take down after the session and attend so enhancing its success. To Tammy Briggs, Donna Cole, and Wendy Scorgie who have stepped in to run the Mingara Orchid Art Show. To the Carnevale Team; Troy Flight, Trevor Doyle, Donna Flight and Sami Flight-Fuda and the newly established Fab Fakes Committee; Noela Baker, Pam Brooks, Pat Edwards, Lee Meatchem, Irene Smith, Yuko Sherry and Yngvill Wright for taking on the responsibility of our two major events. Much appreciated!

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“Whiteley” - Documentary Review

You can preview the movie at It’s also available on DVD and iTunes.

It’s just over 25 years ago that Brett Whiteley died from a heroin overdose in the room of a motel in Thirroul, on the NSW south coast. Now 25 years ago I knew very little about Brett Whiteley. My knowledge of art was scant to say the least. I guess the only connection with Whiteley is the fact I stayed at the same motel (on a work assignment) a year or two after his death. One of the oddities about the motel was the fact you could not get a cup of tea as all the jugs had broken elements!

If you’re a member of any of the Central Coast Libraries you can also view it for free via on your computer or Smart TV. Just go to the website, on the top right of the Beamfilm website, click on ‘libraries’ then under ‘Participating Libraries’ choose ‘Central Coast Libraries’. Enter your library details. Mal Hamilton

“Whiteley” is a movie length documentary and is true to its promotion of being ‘a visual journey into the private life and creative legacy of Australia’s most iconic artist, Brett Whiteley, told “in his own words” using personal letters, notebooks and photographs, interwoven with reconstructions, animations, archival interviews and rare footage.’


It’s a visual feast of clever animation from old photos and Brett’s artwork, all interspersed throughout the 90 plus minutes. With many comments from his muse, his love and former wife, Wendy

Challenge: Create a sculpture – a very broad

Guest Presenter: David Soloman, from Eckersleys Head Office with hands on experience of new products.

definition of sculpture applies here. Stretch your imagination!! Guests welcome.

TLAS MEETINGS AND ACADEMY 2018 Members’ General Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month from 10am to noon at the Uniting Church Hall, 204 The Entrance Road, Long Jetty. Cost is $5 covers morning tea and door prizes. TLAS Academy Style Sessions in 2018 for all mediums are held at the CWA Building, 1 Pacific Street, Long Jetty, from 9am to 12 noon on Wednesdays. Meeting Cost is $10 for continuous morning tea. June 2018 TLAS Academy: June 6 (Pat), 13 (Peter), 20 (Pat), 27 (Ralph) 16 June: Earl Hingston A whole day workshop – Line and Wash. Members’ Meeting: 28 June Guest Presenter: Michelle Kriz - Cloud Photography, spectrum of colours, find your aura and chakra (members participation) Challenge: Members Choice July 2018 TLAS Academy: July 4 (Pat), July 13 (Peter), July 20 (Pat), July 27 (Ralph) Members Meeting: 26 July Guest Presenter: Marlene Palagy – demonstration on photographic extension with attendee participation Challenge: bring an artwork that is not your own. Tell us what why it is special to you. 28 July: Cheryl Bruce Whole Day Workshop – Watercolour

The documentary is engrossing, wanting to know more about this artist, and his love of art that in many ways tormented him. It was early in the documentary that you learn of his favourite colour earthy reds - eventually making his own paints in the desired red. It’s a raunchy ride at times, his notoriety known to many, particularly his affairs.

__________________________________________________ NEW NAME BADGES To purchase one of our new badges (as modelled by Rasheeda at the last meeting) contact Rasheeda. Cost is $8. Just send an email to Rasheeda with the name that you would like on the badge Also, an order list will be available at the May meeting

The documentary has many highlights, though to me, his “American Dream” is simply amazing - just the enormity of the project is mind boggling. To say more about this documentary would be too much of a spoiler.


“Whiteley” picked up a load of AACTA awards last year for best direction, best editing, best sound, best original music and was nominated for best feature length documentary.

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31 May (or at 24 May meeting) 16 June

Deadline for Mingara Orchid Show exhibition Whole Day Wksp Earl Hingston – Line and Wash Mingara Orchid Show Exhibition

23 and 24 June 28 June

Deadline for Carnevale Entry Entry Whole Day Wksp Cheryl Bruce –

28 July 3 Aug – 31 Aug 15 Sep

Carnevale Whole Day Wksp Belinda Biggs Botanical Illustration Fab Fakes

6 Nov – 30 Nov

Condolences to Marie Bowden whose husband passed away recently. TLAS members send sympathy and warm thoughts to Marie. ____________________________________________________



CWA Hall Long Jetty 9am-3pm Mingara Leisure Centre CWA Hall Long Jetty 9am-3pm Art House CWA Hall Long Jetty 9am-3pm Art House

[Exhibition coordinator, Karelle Kaene] The Bay Village Art Expo was a great success. We sold 12 framed and unframed paintings and 24 cards. And best of all, TLAS made a profit! The winner of the raffle of the painting donated by Earl Hingston was Lynne Love.


The committee was highly organized, being coordinated by Karelle Keane who was assisted by Wendy Scorgie, Lynn Crisp and Ann Cooke. A great job by all and loads of fun for all the exhibitors.

Note for mail out members: You can contact Rasheeda for details and entry forms

__________________________________________________ EARL HINGSTON – WHOLE DAY WORKSHOP “Line and Wash”: Sat. 16th JUNE Make sure you don’t miss out on this one!!!! Details attached and to be found on the Website

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Fab Fakes 2018 Committee Announced

Central Coast Art Society - Invitation Paint Out Locations for 2018 Check out the website for details

Enthusiasm has no bounds with the newly formed Fab Fakes 2018 committee. They're already on the go with great plans for this year's exhibition. Fab Fakes also has a major sponsor this year with Southern Cross Wealth Advisors, thanks to Managing Director Mark J. Hoddinott. More great news in coming weeks.

Central Coast Art Society welcomes members of TLAS to join them for their Paint Out locations. Morning tea is at 10am and lunch at 12Noon. (byo) Rose Bickley (Paint out Co-ordinator CCAS) __________________________________________ PAYMENTS TO TLAS – DIRECT INTERNET TRANSFER If you would prefer to make payments for exhibitions or any other purpose using internet direct banking, please feel free to do so. You must include your surname and a brief description of purpose. Details are: TLAS Incorporated St George Bank Tuggerah BSB: 112879 ACC NUMBER: 041284038 _____________________________________________________

l to r: Lee Meatchem, Yuko Sherry, Irene Smith, Pam Brooks, Pat Edwards and Noela Baker. (Yngvill Wright was away). _____________________________________________________

Ralph’s April Presentation A sincere thank you to Ralph Smith for his moving account of his World War II experiences at Milne Bay. Ralph’s preparedness to share his harrowing account was much appreciated and informative. Racing around on those old Indian motor bikes 100 miles a day delivering signals from Australia while sliding in the mud to avoid crazy Americans as well as enemy fire was quite the story. Being swung over the river on a rope trapeze each day for a week while waiting for the bridge to be rebuilt – and more stories touching on more grim matters. All this in the rain and mud and fog of war.

YES, another Exhibition very soon. Sat. 23rd and Sun. 24th June The Mingara Orchid Society has invited Tuggerah Lakes Art Society to join them during their Orchid Fair by putting on an art exhibition. Members can enter any artwork, not just paintings of orchids – although I’d think the orchid lovers would appreciate them. 4 entries accepted for $10. Entries close 31st May, but also enter same day at our monthly members meeting on Thursday 24th May – receipt books will be on the ready!!

But, as well, it was great of him to show images of a young and dashing Ralph and talk of the journey to war in a stinking cattle ship and an image of Ralph post -war camped on a beach painting with a mate (said he found it therapeutic).

Go to our to download the entry forms. If you have any questions, the lead coordinator is Tammy Briggs whose contact details are on the entry form. Set up day is Friday 22 June at the Mingara Club.

Ralph, a fitting way for us to be reminded of the meaning of Anzac Day.


Thank you also to the members who bought along their own war memories together with a wonderful painting of Anzac Cove Landing by Mal Hamilton – their stories and art were also emotional, personal and moving. DC

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2018 CARNEVALE REPORT It is with the greatest of pleasure that Troy announces that The Toukley and Districts Art Society have come on board to assist us with the Kids Mask Project for Infant and Primary School Students. What a bonus J

TRIED WATERBASED TURPS? Here is a great alternative to mineral turps for cleaning brushes. Bondall Water-based Turps. •

Waterbased, low odour, non-toxic, environmentally friendly

The Creative Art & Mask Projects for High School Students are also up and running. Trevor Doyle is co-ordinating this section and should you need any information about this, Trevor’s email address is Don’t forget we are still taking entries for tables / stalls for The Artisans Market. And we hope that you are all working on your masks and entries for the creative art section.

Biodegradable, no harmful chemicals

Easy to store and easy to dispose of

Non-flammable, no limitations

Bondall Waterbased Turps is a revolutionary water based

(Flyers and forms can be obtained from our TLAS Website – just go there and download).

alternative to White Spirit, Turpentine Substitute and Brush

Troy Flight. Event Co-ordinator

safer for the user and to the environment. The mix of high tech

Cleaner. Due to the minimal solvent content, Waterbased Turps is components are all readily biodegradable.

Life drawing with Ralph Smith

Waterbased Turps can be used to clean both oil and water based paints from brushes, rollers and paint pads. Containing a specialised conditioning agent, paint implements are left feeling soft and supple. I’ve been using it for just on a year and swear by it. Old brushes are new again. After cleaning in the Water based Turps do a final clean with Sunlight soap. It’s available from Bunnings at just under

What a terrific day we all had at Ralph’s Life Drawing Workshop on Saturday 12 May. Ralph worked us hard, as he said he would, but the results were astonishing – for me in particular, having no experience of live drawing. His lecture notes were well put together and gave me a solid set of guidance to take away, and his model was utterly professional.

$5 for a

1ltr bottle or $8 for the 2ltr. It can’t


used as a medium. M.H.

The “experienced” ones appreciated that Ralph actively offered suggestions and assistance all through the workshop. At times I felt like taking a sledge hammer to Ralph’s stop watch!!! Two-minute time limits were a real challenge for me. Fortunately, later on he allowed us to build up to ten minutes a couple of times, and wasn’t the twenty minute one a luxury! The point of it all was very clear by the end of the morning – forcing us to make large strokes and look at the shapes to capture form and proportion. Our improvement was clear to all. Thank you to Ralph from all participants. It was a real treat to be tutored by a master. DC

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ART LOVERS REVIEW Cartier – The Exhibition - National Gallery of Australia Canberra

PROMOTE AND SELL YOUR ART Your webmaster has set up a Member’s Gallery to promote and sell TLAS Member’s artwork on this website. All TLAS request is for a 10% honorarium from the sale to assist in running costs of the website and the society in general. NOTE: TLAS is only providing space on its website – visitors interested in an artwork would consult the artist directly via phone or email (whatever you supply). If any members are interested please send images to Mal Maximum of six artworks per member. Provide a short paragraph about yourself and some details of the artwork – including price if you wish.

If you have been lucky enough to see the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London as I have, you may have developed an intense interest in viewing precious jewels of all colours, clarity and carats. A little closer to home for the traveller is the current display of more than 300 pieces of jewellery, timepieces and precious objects from the world renowned house of Cartier at the NGA in Canberra. Louis-Francois Cartier opened the first Cartier store in Paris in 1847 his son Alfred took over the business in 1874 and his sons Pierre and Jacques subsequently opened boutiques in London in 1902 and New York in 1909. The exhibition in Canberra includes jewels and objects created from 1900 till 1975 that have come from private collections including Queen Elizabeth II, the Cartier Collection, aristocrats, stars of stage and screen, socialites, royalty and galleries to museums from all over the globe. Cartier was one of the first jewellers to use Platinum to great effect in the design of their exquisite pieces, making them appear to sparkle with a lightness not captured with gold or silver. They also featured separable components making the jewels more versatile for the client. Tiara’s could be worn as necklaces, pendants as brooches and necklace sections as bracelets.

Some of Cartier’s famous clients include Dame Nellie Melba, Queen Elizabeth and her daughter’s Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, Princess Grace, Elizabeth Taylor, the Duchess of Windsor and King Edward VII, who granted the jeweller a Royal Warrant in 1904. All of the Cartier design drawings for the jewels had to be highly detailed including the colours and exact sizes of the precious gems the artist was working with, the great skill of these highly talented people would have been without question. Pearls from this time were all natural and in 1908 they were four times more valuable than diamonds in weight and it took years to assemble a perfect strand matching the exact size and colour of each individual pearl. They of course were collected by the wealthiest people of the day.

Katoomba Has Changed (a bit)

With too many brilliant and beautiful sparkling art works to mention here now, my advice to the Art Lovers out there is to attend the unique and priceless Cartier the Exhibition without delay. If I had to choose two creations only to set the standard for the whole collection my pick would have to be the 10.48 step cut diamond engagement ring that belonged to Princess Grace and the Halo diamond tiara of Queen Elizabeth II that Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge wore for her wedding to Prince William. Absolutely fabulous, lovely to look at and of the highest artistic standard to admire. And not a Tower Guard in sight, exhibition runs till 22nd July 2018.

Katoomba has certainly changed since I was a kid, once a place where the family would go to visit the Three Sisters - on what I can remember as the coldest day of the year! It's a bit “Brass Monkeys” they used to say!


The three sisters have an impressive viewing platform now – my earliest recollection was of it having a wire fence with just a handful of tourists – that’s all changed now with tourists flocking in their thousands – buses everywhere and parking meters in the side streets!

Promotional image from the NGA website. Click image for more info.

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Katoomba has always been a mecca for artists, however, since its World Heritage listing it’s also become an art hub in its own right. It boasts several art galleries and trendy restaurants exhibiting local artworks.

But it also has some unique art, displaying by what some describe as the best ‘spray can’ street art 'this side of the Great Divide' produced by both local and international artists. All artworks are temporary by the very nature of street art - probably for a few years. It’s located in Beverly Street, just off the main street of Katoomba. It’s in a laneway that exposes the rear of the main street shops.

All art is created with spray cans and guns. A ‘woolly’ signpost.


Rasheeda Flight

4333 8387


What an unusual experience to walk the 150 metres or more amongst huge artworks of varying themes ‘reaching for the sky’. To cope with the cold even the signposts have knitted ‘jumpers’ uh, well it is art!


So when you are next off to see the Three Sisters, take the trip to the Beverly Street Art Walk. You won’t be disappointed. Here’s a video all about it. Try Leura for a great lunch or coffee - it’s changed as well. Mind, the Paragon Cafe is still open for a cuppa. Mal Hamilton

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May 2018 TLAS Newsletter  

The monthly newsletter of Tuggerah Lakes Art Society, based in the Central Coast of NSW

May 2018 TLAS Newsletter  

The monthly newsletter of Tuggerah Lakes Art Society, based in the Central Coast of NSW