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Issuu™ What is Issuu? Issuu is a free online publishing service and a creative community dedicated to publishing. What does Issuu mean? Issuu is pronounced 'issue' and can be used both as a noun and as a verb. It means something interesting that is published and put into circulation. This is exactly what we do: Help people publish their documents and spread them to a targeted, worldwide audience. What can you do on Issuu? With Issuu anyone can automatically convert their documents into interactive online publications. It only takes a minute and it's free. After this you can view your document in a neat magazine-style viewer, that other people can bookmark, share and comment on. Finally, you can also post (embed) your Issuu documents on any external site, profile or blog. Is Issuu a finished product? We consider Issuu a 'constant beta', which means we will continue to add more interesting features and functionality to Issuu. So please stick around as the fun increases. Is Issuu really a trademark? Yes. Back to index

Uploading How do I upload? We support the PDF file format only and the most commonly used language is English (US/UK). People are using Issuu to upload magazines, portfolios, photo catalogs, comics, art catalogs, books and articles, and much more. What can I upload? Simply press the big 'Upload' button on the top of the page and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the document is uploaded, we'll take care of the rest. Can I upload multiple files? As many as you like. How many files can I upload? While one PDF is being converted you can easily start uploading another PDF by pressing the 'Upload' button again. Why do I need to submit information about the file I upload? It is important to let our search engine know exactly what you are uploading. The more information you enter the easier it will be for people to find precisely what they are looking for. Must I own the copyright to a document I want to upload?

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Yes. You must own the copyright to any material you choose to upload, or have the proper permission to do so. This is a key part of our Terms that you will have to accept in order to create an account and upload. Also take a look at our Copyright FAQ. Back to index

The Issuu document Tell me about the Issuu document? An Issuu document (or simply 'an Issuu') is our way of showing your PDF documents on the screen. When you upload a PDF file to Issuu, it will automatically be converted into an interactive web page that is designed to make your document look fantastic and do new things. What can the Issuu document do? The Issuu document is presented in a way that looks similar to a magazine. You can easily flip through it, using the arrow buttons, page numbers, the 'dock' below it, or the index. You can also flip the page by clicking in the far left or right area of it. You can comment on the document, bookmark it, add it's author to favorites or subscribe to him/her in a newsreader (RSS) (you must be logged in to do these thing). Clicking the author's picture under the document, opens his/hers profile. Where do I find the documents? The documents are located on the front page on (click 'Explore'), in your personal library (My Library), and on a user's profile. You can also search for documents by entering something in the search field in the top of the page. If you have subscribed to someone in a newsreader (RSS) you can access the documents they publish directly from the reader. You can always open a document by clicking its thumbnail. Can I zoom in the document? Yes. When you left-click the page in an open document, it will enter zoom mode. You can now select how much to zoom by clicking one of the three differently sized A's. You can navigate in the zoom mode in two different ways: (1) 'Free move' (default) where you move around the page simply by moving the mouse, and (2) 'Click and drag' (click the hand icon), where you left-click-and-hold anywhere on the page to drag it by moving the mouse. Note that you also can move the zoom menu around on the page. You exit the zoom mode by left-clicking the page again. Can I share a document? Yes. Simply click the 'Share' button (in zoom mode: the envelope icon). Now, click 'email' to share the current document by sending a link in an email. When your friends open the link they will see exactly what you were looking at when you sent the email. Click 'Add a note' to write a note first, and then send the note and the document to a friend in an email. Note that you can move the note anywhere on the page by dragging it by the edge. When your friend opens the link in the email, s/he will see your note exactly where you left it. It's a great way of recommending something specific in a document (i.e. “check out these great boots�). Click 'Embed' to post any document on another page. Simply get the embed code and paste it anywhere you want; a website, blog or profile (i.e. on Facebook or MySpace). Learn more about embedding Can I use the keyboard to navigate my document? Yes, the keyboard shortcuts are... (space, arrows right and up): Turn to the next page (arrows down and left): Turn to the previous page [ i ]: Open the Index (press again to exit) [ s ]: Open the share menu [ z ]: Open zoom mode (press again to exit) [ f ]: Open fullscreen mode (press Esc to exit) What does the 'Fullscreen' button do? This will maximize the document and remove any distracting elements on your screen. Use it to get that nice reading experience or when presenting a document for an audience. Note that the keyboard screenshots are disabled in fullscreen mode. Click 'Esc' to exit the fullscreen mode (or click 'X' in the menu). Back to index

Target Area Tell me about Target Area? When you upload a PDF to Issuu, you are asked to select 'Target area'. This is the area where you want people to find your document. By selecting e.g. 'New York, USA', you make sure that people in New York (or someone interested in New York) are more likely to find your document. Why should I narrow my target area? We recommend that you are as specific as possible. If you choose e.g. 'The World' or 'North America' you will be 'competing' with a lot more content. Also, if your document really is specific to a certain target area, you will loose the advantage of a higher search ranking when someone searches within that area.

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If I select a narrow area will my document be invisible to the rest of the world? No. Anyone can still find your document as long as your target area is part of their desired search area. In fact, your document will also be listed in searches outside your target area; although it will be listed below more geographically relevant search hits (if any). Why do people want to narrow their search geographically? Although the web is world-wide, most people naturally take a higher interest in their geographic setting. You should however remember that the geographical area is only one search parameter among others. If you do something interesting to someone, they are likely to find you regardless of what search area you select. This is why we highly recommend that you are as specific as possible when selecting your target area. It's simply the best thing for you to do. Back to index

PDF help Which file formats do you support? Issuu supports PDF only. What is a PDF? A PDF is the most commonly used file format for digital publications. Its file name normally has the extension '.pdf'. To open a PDF you need a small program, such as Adobe Reader (Windows and Mac) or Preview (normally pre-installed on Mac). Get Adobe Reader here (free). What kind of PDF do you support? Your PDF must be: Version 1.0-1.5 (both extremes included) / 100 mb max / 500 pages max / about 100 dpi resolution. It is important that you layout your PDF with only one content page per PDF page. Don't design your PDF as a magazine spread (double-pages), as Issuu will do this for you automatically. Also note that if your PDF is higher than v1.5 we will still convert it for you, although we cannot guarantee a perfect result. If your PDF is lower than v1.0 we will not convert it for you. See below, how to change the version of your PDF. How do I create a PDF? Most DTP/layout applications can 'Save as' or 'Export' directly to PDF. Mac users can choose to save as PDF from the general print menu. On Windows you may need to install a small plugin. Try the free PrimoPDF (windows only). Download and install it from . Once it is installed, you can print your document as a PDF by selecting PrimoPDF as a printer. More help is found here. How do I change my PDF to version 1.5 or earlier? Look for 'Compatibility', 'PDF options', or similar in the software that you use to create the PDF. Select the desired version and create the PDF again. How do I make a PDF from paper illustrations or paintings? First you have to scan or photograph your material onto your computer, using a scanning device or digital camera. Then use graphics and DTP/layout software to edit and layout the scanned material. When you're done, make a PDF (see above) and upload it to Issuu. Are there any free applications for making a PDF from images? Mac users can easily use the pre-installed iPhoto to make a PDF. Simply click 'Book' to choose theme (layout) and drag your images onto the the desired pages. Once you're satisfied, right-click outside the book pages and choose 'Save as PDF'. Windows users can use the free Open Office document editor and simply insert photos into a new document. The software supports direct export to PDF: Mac users can download the equally free Mac version of Open Office, NeoOffice: Can I upload a PDF with just one page? Yes, but we appreciate documents with more than one page, as we are a platform for publications. If you only know how to make PDFs with just one page, see below how to merge single pages. How do I merge several PDFs into one document? There are several free programs you can use to do this: PDF Helper (for Windows). CombinePDFs (for Mac): Online: There's also an online version, where you upload a Zip-file (archive) with multiple PDF's that is then merged into one PDF: Certain items in my document were not converted correctly? If you have made use of certain layout effects you may experience conversion errors. This normally has to do with transparency, masks, and drop shadow. Some of these problems might disappear if you upload as PDF version 1.3. Only very few publications will have this problem, and we are naturally working on providing perfect conversion for everyone. If you are stuck with a problem like this consider changing/simplifying the layout of your document. My Issuu document 'jumps' every time I turn the page?

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This is because the page sizes in the uploaded PDF not are the same. Please make sure all the pages in your PDF is the same size; it will make reading/browsing a much smoother experience. Back to index

Searching How do I search? You enter your search query in the central search field above. For instance, typing 'colors' in the field, will return a result of documents on Issuu where 'color' is mentioned. Can I do advanced searches? Yes, by using specific query terms. They include 'tag' (search for a specific tag) and 'user' (search for content submitted by a particular user). You use these terms by entering them in the search field like this: 'tag:art' (searches for documents with the tag 'art'). You can also use multiple terms separated by space, like this: 'tag:design user:manray' (searches for all documents by user ManRay with the tag 'design'). If you want to search for tags that include a space, use double quotation marks, as in: tag:'vintage cars'. You can also search for multiple tags (but not multiple users). The following search will list documents by user ManRay with the tags 'color' AND 'design': 'user:manray tag:color tag:design'. Why can't I find the document I just uploaded? It takes a while before your document is indexed by the search engine, depending on the general work load. It usually happens within 10-15 minutes. I can find a document but not access it? This might be because the particular document has just been deleted by the user. Our search engine usually updates its database within 24 hours, which is why you might experience hits for documents that no longer exist. Back to index

My Library and sections Tell me about My Library? This is your entrance to Issuu. It will show you 'sections' listing various types of documents, some specified by Issuu and some by YOU. You will find My Library in the central navigation bar. What are 'sections'? A section is an independent box on the My Library page, listing a particular type of content. Select 'Add section' to see the different types of sections you can choose from. There is an on-screen description of each of them. You can choose to remove any section at any time, by selecting 'Delete'. How do I create my own sections? Select 'Add section' from My Library. Choose 'Custom' from the drop-down menu, and add up to 6 different filters (add or remove a field by pressing + or - ). For example: Submitting 'User: Keyser' and 'Free text: design' will list all documents from user Keyser that are about design. Whenever Keyser uploads a new document about design, it will now show up in your custom section. Finally, you can also choose a name for your custom section, as well as how many documents to list and how to sort them. Can I change the order of my sections? Yes, grab the title of any section (left-click and hold) and drag it to where you want it. Can other people see My Library? No, only you. And you are only changing your own library when editing your sections. Other people have their own personal library too. Can I share my custom sections? When making a custom section, there is a check-box where you can choose to share your section. This means that other people can find and include your custom sections in their personal library. You can also choose 'Send to a friend' from the 'Options' menu to send a direct email to a friend, recommending your custom section. Your friend can then add your custom section to his personal library. Make sure to add a headline, description and tags about your custom section. Back to index

People Tell me about 'People'? You can access 'People' in the central navigation bar. Here you will meet the other users on Issuu.

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What's 'Active people'? Active people are the users who recently have been very active on Issuu. To get on this list, start uploading, inviting friends, commenting, bookmarking, subscribing etc. In short: be active! How do I find friends on Issuu? Learn more about friends Back to index

Profile Tell me about my Profile? You will find 'Profile' in the central navigation bar. A profile is how you are represented on Issuu. You can choose to upload a picture and add more information about yourself. Whenever you do something new on your profile, i.e. upload a document or add someone to your favorites, it will be shown on your profile. You can edit anything on your profile, simply by clicking 'Edit' next to the item you want to edit. Can people contact me via my Profile? Yes, there's a link in the top-right called 'Send private message' where people can enter a message that is sent to your email. Your email will remain secret. People can also enter a comment in the bottom of your profile. Comments are visible to anyone. Learn more about Comments . How do I manage my Profile? You can easily manage your profile-details, documents, bookmarks, connections, and favorites: Simply select 'Edit' next to the content category you wish to manage. Who can see my Profile? Anyone can see your profile, as long as they are logged in. What is the web-address (URL) of my profile? You can always find your profile at (where USERNAME is your name on Issuu), so make sure to link to it from other sites, blogs or profiles you have. Back to index

Friends and Address Book Tell me about Friends? Friends are people you have invited to join Issuu, or existing Issuu members you have connected with. Select 'Profile' / 'Edit Friends' to manage your friends. What does it mean to be friends with someone on Issuu? 1. The My Library section called 'Friends' Documents' will constantly be updated with documents and bookmarks from your friends. And anything you publish or bookmark will be shown in your friends' library. More about My Library 2. Your friends will be shown on your profile, and vice versa. Learn more about Profile 3. In your News Feed you will receive updates about what your friends are doing on Issuu. Learn more about News Feed How do I invite someone to join Issuu? Select 'Profile' / 'Edit Friends'. Here you see your Address Book on Issuu. If you haven't imported your contacts, do so by giving Issuu the login to your webmail (don't worry, we won't store this information). Now select the people you want to invite, and click 'Invite'. An email will be sent to them with instructions on how to join. How do I become friends with existing members? In your Address Book you can also see who's already an Issuu member. Select the ones you wish to connect with directly. They will receive an email where they can accept or ignore your request. Why do I need someone's email address to become friends with them? Knowing someone's email address indicates that the person really is your friend or personal contact. It helps prevent request-spamming and meaningless relationships. Naturally, we also need their email address so we can send the request to them. Can I import contacts from more than one webmail account? Yes. Simply click 'Import contacts' to import another account. It's also important to regularly update your Issuu Address Book to expand your Friend list on Issuu. Will you store my webmail login? No, and we only use it to import your contacts one time. What happens when I 'Disconnect' from a friend? You will disappear from their profile and vice versa. Any benefit you enjoyed from being connected with that person will be cancelled. S/he will however continue to be an Issuu member.

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Can I reconnect with a friend that I disconnected from? Yes, simply connect to that person as you would otherwise. Back to index

Uploads Tell me about Uploads? You will find Uploads under the 'Profile' tab. Here you can see the PDFs you have uploaded; now as Issuu documents. Can I edit my document info? Yes. In the top-right of any document thumbnail (in 'Profile' / 'Uploads') there's a drop-down menu called 'Edit'. Select it to update your document info (title, tags, description etc.). Can I delete a document? Yes, simply select a document by clicking the check box below it and select 'Delete'. After your document is deleted, it will take about 15 minutes before it is completely erased from our search engine. Warning: You cannot undo deletion and anyone who have linked to or embedded your document will get an empty document. How do I change something in a document? Once you've uploaded something on Issuu, you cannot change the content. You will have to change the document with whatever software you created the PDF with and upload it to Issuu again. Make sure to use the same Web-name (delete the old document first), so people who link to your document or have embedded it wont experience dead links. One of my documents are labeled 'Warning'? This happens when something may have gone wrong as we converted your PDF-file into an Issuu document. Most of the times the problem is easy to fix, so click the 'Why?' link below the document to read the error report and what to do about it. Your PDF must be version 1.5 or earlier / 100 mb max / 500 pages max / about 100 dpi resolution. But remember, even though your document is labeled 'Warning' it might be perfectly fine, and you can choose to clear the 'Warning' status via the drop-down menu on your document thumbnail (in 'Profile' / 'Uploads') Can other people see the 'Warning' label? No, just you. My document is labeled 'Removed'? This happens because someone has filed a copyright infringement report regarding that particular document, or maybe Issuu has removed it because it obviously is infringing on someone's copyright. In any case, you will always be notified if your document has been removed. If you believe this is not the case, please email with details about the matter. Please refer to our copyright FAQ for more information. You should also view our DMCA Notification Guidelines . Back to index

Account settings Tell me about Account Settings? This is where you edit settings for your Issuu account, such as password and email preferences.You will find these settings under the central 'Profile' tab. What is 'Footprints'? When you visit a profile you leave your profile image under 'Recent Visitors'. You can disable this feature in Account Settings, but we advice against it, as it means less traffic to your profile. What happens when pressing 'Delete my account'? Everything will be deleted, including your profile and all your documents. However, your comments will remain until a user decides to delete the document or profile you commented on. So, just to recap: Don't play around with the delete button unless you really mean it! Can I undo 'Delete my account'? No. Once it's gone, it's really gone. Issuu can't help you get back a deleted account even if we wanted to, sorry. Back to index

Bookmarks Tell me about Bookmarks? When you read a document that you like, you can choose to bookmark it on Issuu. It

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will be added to your list of bookmarks, that are displayed on your profile so you don't forget them. It also shows what you are interested in, and give visitors to your profile an idea of who you are. How do I manage my bookmarks? When you are in Edit-mode on your profile (the master Edit-button in the top right corner must be enabled), you press the Edit-button next to where your bookmarks are shown. You can now choose to delete unwanted bookmarks. Can I make private bookmarks? Not at the moment. Any bookmark you make is currently shown on your profile. How many bookmarks can I make? Unlimited. Back to index

Favorites Tell me about Favorites? When you find an interesting person on Issuu, you can choose to add his or hers profile to your favorites. It will be added to your list of favorites, that are displayed on your profile so you don't forget them. It also shows who you are interested in, and give visitors to your profile an idea of who you are. How do I manage my favorites? Press the Edit-button next to where your favorites are shown (in the right side of your profile). You can now choose to delete unwanted favorites. Can I make private favorites? Not at the moment. Any favorite you make is currently shown on your profile. How many favorites can I make? Unlimited.

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RSS subscription Can I subscribe to a user in a feed reader? Yes, instead of having to check a users' profile all the time, his content can come to you in your favorite feed reader (RSS). How do I subscribe? Click where it says 'Subscribe (RSS)' on a user profile or document. This will add it to your preferred RSS reader. Every time new stuff is published by that user, it will now show up as a link in your reader from that particular feed. If you click the thumbnail of a document in your reader, you will be directed to Issuu where the document will open. Tell me about RSS readers? An RSS feed reader (or news reader) is a very common way to subscribe to news and blogs on the Internet. All you need is a small program, a 'reader', that reads the feed for you. There are many free readers to choose from. If you have a Gmail account, you can start using Google Reader right away. Other readers are built into webbrowsers, such as Firefox, Safari, and MSN Explorer 7. Back to index

Comments Tell me about Comments? You can comment on both profiles and documents. You have to be logged in to make comments, so anyone can see who made the comment. Can I delete a comment I made? Not at the moment, so think twice before you hit the 'Post' button. Can I delete a comment someone else made? Not at the moment. Back to index

Conversion errors

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Tell me about Conversion errors? Conversion errors are possible problems we have found when converting PDFs to the Issuu document. If the conversion might be flawed, a 'Warning' label will will show in 'Profile' / 'Uploads'. From here you can access the relevant error information and get help on what to change. The conversion errors are listed below. Conversion engine tried but gave up This error occurs when Issuu has tried converting your PDF three times. We can't seem to find out what's wrong with it. Please try again and if the problem persists, consider emailing your document to along with any relevant details you might have. File is not a proper PDF It appears that the file you're trying to convert is not a proper PDF. Try opening it with a PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader). If you can't open it, try creating the PDF again with whatever software you were using. When the document looks right in a PDF reader, try uploading it again to Issuu. If the problem persists, consider emailing your document to along with any relevant details you might have. PDF is more than 500 pages The PDF you are trying to convert is above our 500 page limit. Consider splitting up your document into smaller PDFs (less than 500 pages), otherwise we won't be able to convert it for you. If the problem persists, consider emailing your document to along with any relevant details you might have. PDF is encrypted The PDF you are trying to convert is encrypted. Encryption means that the document is protected by a password or some other form of access restriction. Please remove the encryption and try again. If you haven't actively encrypted your PDF, there might be a default encryption in the software you used to create the PDF. Try to switch off this encryption (look for 'PDF options' or similar) and create the PDF again. If the problem persists, consider emailing your document to along with any relevant details you might have. PDF version is lower than v1.0 The PDF version you are trying to convert is not supported by Issuu. We support versions 1.0-1.5 (both extremes included). You will have to change the format of your PDF to version 1.0-1.5 (preferably v1.5). You can probably do this with whatever software you were using to create the PDF (look for 'Compatibility', 'PDF options', or similar). Once you've saved your PDF in version 1.5 or earlier, try uploading it again to Issuu. If the problem persists, consider emailing your document to along with any relevant details you might have. PDF version is higher than v1.5 Your document is labeled 'Warning' because the PDF version you have converted is not fully supported by Issuu. We support versions 1.0-1.5 (both extremes included). Still, your document may look all right, be we cannot guarantee it. You may have to change the version of your PDF to 1.0-1.5 (preferably v1.5). You can probably do this with whatever software you were using to create the PDF (look for 'Compatibility', 'PDF options', or similar). Once you've saved your PDF in version 1.5 or earlier, try uploading it again to Issuu. If the problem persists, consider emailing your document to along with any relevant details you might have. PDF content is too complex The PDF you are trying to convert appears to be too complex, i.e. has too many different fonts, page elements etc. In this case, Issuu is unfortunately dependent on third party software that has its limitations. However, we are trying to work around the problem, so please try again later. Completely unknown error We don't know exactly what causes this conversion error, but we're getting smarter by the hour so maybe we'll figure it out. Please try again, and if the problem persists, consider emailing your document to along with any relevant details you might have. Other conversion problems Please check out PDF help. Back to index

How to post/embed What is embedding? Embedding means that you insert a mini-version of an Issuu publication on another website. We also call it posting, but it means the same thing. Do I need special skills to embed? Not at all. We even have a number of simple guides lined up for you. Embedding a publication only takes a minute to do. Try it out. What can I embed? Any document on Issuu. When you embed another member's publication, you do that person a favor by drawing attention to it. Note that there always will be a link to that person's Issuu profile, where s/he is listed as the author of that publication.

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How do I embed? 1. When you are looking at an open publication, click 'Share' in the top menu. 2. Select 'Embed'. 3. Now customize the way your Issuu should look like. 4. Click 'Next' and choose where to embed. 5. Follow the guide to copy and paste the code. Note: You can also find a shortcut to the embed guide by clicking 'Share' on the thumbnail of a publication. Where can I embed something? Just about anywhere. We currently have codes for Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, Blogger, Friendster, TypePad and LiveJournal. We also have a code for normal HTML embed, which is used for regular web-pages as well as sites not mentioned on the list. How do I copy and paste? 1. Highlight the code you want to copy with your mouse (left-click-and-hold, while you mark the desired text area). 2. Press CTRL+C (or right-click and select 'Copy'). 3. Select where to paste and press CTRL+V (or right-click and select 'Paste'). Note: Mac users must use COMMAND (Apple) instead of CTRL. How do I embed a full-size viewer on my website? Right now it's a bit technical, but it can be done. We are working on making this easier. 1. Get the URL for the standalone viewer. You can find it below an open publication, or in the embed/customize guide. 2. Make a web-page with an html-frame that points to the URL. 3. Put your page online. Find a few examples here: and You can view their page sources to see how they did it. I'm having trouble embedding If your problem is related to MySpace, please notice there are several different codes, depending on where you are embedding on MySpace. If you want to embed something in a comment, make sure to select 'Comments' from the drop-down menu in the MySpace embed guide. Currently we do not support embedding in MySpace's internal email system. If you are embedding on a non-supported site, we can't guarantee that the code works. You could try one of the other codes if you feel lucky. If you have changed the code before using it, we can't help you. We suggest you get the original code and start over.

Problems with full size embedding Problems with your full size embedding? You might have used an internal Issuu viewer component on your site. Please make sure that you are not referencing 'IssuuViewerInternal.swf' which is for internal use only. Instead we suggest you replace this component with 'IssuuViewer.swf'. This issue will be fixed shortly. Please refer to in case of any problems with this. Back to index

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