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Friday, February 24, 2012

AADD wants ... YOU

Photo Illustration by Staff Sgt. Nicole Mickle

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By Senior Airman Anthony Hyatt Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs In 2011, Joint Base Charleston recorded 31 driving under the influence cases. Twenty DUIs were recorded the year before. This year, nine cases have already been recorded. At the current rate, JB Charleston will have a total of 48 DUIs by the end of the year. To help fight the rise of DUIs, JB Charleston leadership is encouraging more Airmen to not only volunteer for Airmen Against Drunk Driving, but also to utilize the program. AADD is an all-volunteer program, which provides free, safe, confidential rides home to military members, their families and Department of Defense civilians who make the responsible decision not to drink and drive. The program is activated on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. AADD also operates on Sunday if Monday is a federal holiday. "This organization provides personnel with an alternative to drinking and driving," said Staff Sgt. Stephen Kohn, 628th Security Forces Squadron Police Services non-commissioned officer in charge and JB Charleston- Air Base AADD president. "The impact of providing a safe ride home to someone who is too intoxicated to operate a

vehicle is far greater than just a simple ride," said Kohn. "It's the life of the family driving home from a vacation that you saved because you didn't allow your wingman to drive drunk. It's the financial stress that you saved your wingman by not letting him suffer the Air Force consequences of a DUI." The program is simple. A phone call to 963AADD or 2233 will get you a safe ride home, according to Kohn. Kohn also stressed JB Charleston's "0-0-1-3" rule applies to responsible drinking and does not determine if you can drive and not receive a DUI. This policy states zero underage drinking, zero DUIs, one drink per hour, not to exceed three drinks per night. "If you drink, don't drive ... if you drive, don't drink," said Kohn. "It's just that simple, because whether you have one drink or five drinks, you still have the same risk of being pulled over and arrested for DUI. This is the education that our Airmen need to hear not only from our leadership, but from the front line supervisors that interact with them daily." Last year, more than 4,700 hours were volunteered at JB Charleston, according to Kohn. Any military member can volunteer any weekend. "I feel that AADD is great way for me to give

back to the community and look out for my fellow Airmen and Sailors," said Airman 1st Class Christopher Curry, 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron customer service journeyman. Curry has already volunteered more than 27 hours this year to the program. To volunteer, members must fill out the AADD Volunteer Waiver and e-mail it to Volunteers can receive the form from their squadron representative or request one from the e-mail address above. "AADD is a great service, but it only operates with your help," said Kohn. "Support from the units is critical to the overall success of the organization. Prevent a DUI this weekend by volunteering." For more information on AADD or to volunteer, call 843-963-5809. (AADD is a purely voluntary organization. If you are involved in an accident, it is your responsibility to have adequate insurance to cover the cost involved. Neither AADD, the U.S. Air Force nor the Department of Defense carries any liability concerning your volunteer efforts. Do not solicit funds for picking up a member. If you choose to drive the member's vehicle, you accept all risks that come along with that decision.)

Base housing construction on schedule Charleston, SC Friday, February 24 Thunder Showers (60% precip)

High 76º Low 44º

Saturday, February 25 Sunny (0% precip)

High 60º Low 38º

Sunday, February 26 Sunny (0% precip)

High 58º Low 48º

By Airman 1st Class Tom Brading Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs The new year has brought new changes to Joint Base Charleston - Air Base and one of those changes is a 335-housing unit construction project by Forest City Military Communities. Forest City Military Communities took ownership of houses at JB Charleston - Air Base Oct 1, 2011, but representatives of the company have been going door-to-door introducing themselves to housing residents since August 2011. "Forty homes on the air base south of W. Hill and east of S. O'Neill are scheduled to be completed and available beginning in July," said John Hoyt, Forest City Communities, regional vice president of development. "Once we're finished in this area we will work our way east and north, building all new homes on the air base." Hoyt also added that construction is currently on schedule without delays.

ter bathroom, a family room and at least 1.5 additional bathrooms (depending on the bedroom count). All new homes will be three or four bedroom homes. "Currently, there is no waiting list for the existing on-base housing," said Allison Pack, Forest City Military Communities community manager. Service members, Federal Service Employ-ees, military U.S. Air Force photo / Airman 1st Class George Goslin and Federal Service retirees "After the initial phase is complete in July, and DoD contractors interested in living on the remaining homes will be delivered in mul- base should contact the JB Charleston tiple phases every couple months," said Hoyt. Housing Management Office at 963-3858 or Each phase will make between 40 to 50 Forest City Military Communities homes available to qualifying individuals. Charleston at 552-0600 or visit the office All homes will have screened porches, located at 1258 Batson Drive, JB Charleston attached two-car garages, Whirlpool appli- Air Base. ances, solid surface kitchen counter-tops, a For more photos of the new housing, visit master bedroom with walk-in closet and mas-

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The Patriot • February 24, 2012

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Chairman’s Corner: The Military Health System Commentary by Army Gen. Martin Dempsey Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff WASHINGTON – I spent last week on Capitol Hill with our Secretary of Defense. The questions about our defense budget were tough — as they ought to be. The stakes are high. There are no easy answers in cutting $487B from the budget, but we’re not the first generation to face difficult budget challenges. We’ll figure it out. The nation’s counting on us.

Health care costs generated a lot of attention. I welcomed the opportunity to speak about this important part of the budget, to express my concerns about further cuts that could come due to sequestration and to explain how we intend to keep faith with our armed forces — not just through pay and benefits but by ensuring we remain the best trained, best equipped and best led military in the world. In forming this budget, we looked at all cost variables. Many of you will know that pay and benefits account for more than one-third of the

budget and that health care costs in particular have increased from $19B in 2001 to $48B today. We had to act to slow this growth. I want those of you who serve and who have served to know that we’ve heard your concerns, in particular your concern about the tiered enrollment fee structure for TRICARE in retirement. You have our commitment that we will continue to review our health care system to make it as responsive, as affordable and as equitable as possible.

Five minutes at a time Commentary by Lt. Col. Aaron Burgstein 1st Combat Camera Squadron commander "Compete against everyone else and no one will want to help you. Compete against yourself and everyone will want to help you." - Simon Sinek I like to run. I run a lot. Some would say to the point of obsession. I don't look at it that way. I look at running as a way to keep healthy, stay fit and even, dare I say it, relax. The other morning, while out on a normal run, I felt a pain in my leg. That, coupled with the fact that I just wasn't feeling it that morning, made me decide to break the run off early. This was about seven minutes into what was supposed to be about a 45-50 minute run. However, when it came time to make the quick turn home I decided I could go for another five minutes. When those five minutes were up, I did the same - again and again - until I hit my 50 minute goal. So, what's the significance of this story? The five-minute-at-a-time approach to the 50 minute goal relates very closely with how we can plan and work our careers. Let's use the Airman Development Plan, as an example. There's a section for your one to three year assignment choice - the next five minutes. Then you've got a section for both three to five years and five to 10 years - that 50 minute goal.

You've probably heard that the most important job is the one you have right now. Do your best in that job and the rest will take care of itself. That's true - to a point. You do need to do your best in your current job. Focus on that job. Focus on the next five minutes. However, you also need to have at least an idea of what you want to do in the future. What is your goal, your 50 minutes? That's why we have tools such as the ADP and the career-field pyramid. They'll help you determine where you should go and when. With an idea of what you want to do and where you want to be, you can make the most of the near term goals to develop the expertise you need now; the same expertise that will become the foundation in later assignments. Speaking of foundations - in running, especially in distance running, you need to build a base before you start adding on mileage. The same is true in your career. That's why jobs at the beginning of your career are designed to help you learn the basics of the job; what to do and how to do it. Later on, once you've mastered those fundamentals, you start specializing by building upon that base. To establish a base, and then build upon it, seek out mentors and experiences. They'll help point you in the right direction in both your current endeavors and where you should be looking down the road. Plan out your work, both the near-term job and your career, but be willing to alter plans. Having that roadmap, and adjusting it when needed, will help guide you in not just your runs, but your life.

Looking for success? Don’t focus on it… Commentary by Chief Master Sergeant Jose LugoSantiago Joint Base Charleston command chief If you are looking for success, here’s my advice: forget about it…don’t focus on it. The law of life says, the more you focus on it, the more you’ll miss it. Several years ago a wise chief said these words to me; I could not fully understand them. My first inclination was to think that these words meant I had to achieve balance. So there I was in my life trying to achieve balance. What do I have to do? Well, I have to take care of my fitness, the people around me, my work, family, friends, those who call me for help, take time to study, take time to research…yes, take time to write…and the list was (and continues to be) never ending. As a matter of fact, as I wrote and started thinking about everything I needed to do, my stress level began to build. The truth is that CHAOS arrived when I started to balance all of these priorities. I missed the mark. Ok, my work is very important, so let me focus on that then. Guess what? I missed the mark again. I was so focused on my work that other areas of my life started to suffer. Yes, this wise chief who told me, “Don’t aim at success,” was right. The more I wanted it, the

ously told you about cited Viktor E. Frankl, more I kept missing it. Sometimes in his book Man’s Search for Meaning. This I felt like I was achieving, but in is what Dr. Viktor Frankl said: the end of the analysis, some victories were empty. Why? The reason Don’t aim at success—the more you for this is because life is full of aim at it and make it a target, the more contradictions. you are going to miss it. For success, like As we intensify our focus and happiness, cannot be pursued; it must energy on something we want, the ensue, and it only does so as the uninmore we increase the opportunity tended side-effect of one’s personal dedito end up with the unintended concation to a cause greater than oneself or sequences. The easy example of Chief Master Sgt. as the by-product of one’s surrender to a this is work versus physical and Jose LugoSantiago person other than oneself. mental fitness. When you totally “… I want you to listen to what your give yourself to one, the other ones suffer. The conscience commands you to do and go on to secret here is to know the warning signs you need carry it out to the best of your knowledge. Then to observe, so once you see a warning sign, you you will live…” (Frankl, p. 17). can shift or soften your focus from one to the If you paused to read those words, then you did other and stay fresh. well. If you just perused through them, please go Some may start looking at all of this puzzle and back. There lies the secret of true success. quickly dismiss any thought about wanting sucLooks like we have homework. Think: What cess. Of course, this stuff can be scary… it’s givignites the fire in you? Find the thing that lights ing your life away! And that is exactly what I your fire. Do it! Give yourself to that endeavor. In want to get at. your work, if you do not like what you do, think The discovery is this: Give yourself to a pasabout your choices. First, find why the thing you sion. Let that passion be a big fire within you, and do is important. Find your purpose. Your other then you will find success. Better yet, success will option? Change what you do. You are worth it! find you because it is the byproduct of everything Find your passion; give yourself to others— you dedicate your life to. success will follow. Stay motivated! Here are the exact words. This wise chief I previ-

My 30 minutes with the AMC command chief Commentary by Airman 1st Class Leah Young 62nd Airlift Wing Public Affairs JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – It was a cold and snowy Friday afternoon. McChord Field, which somewhat resembled an abandoned ghost town, was covered with more than nine inches of snow. Amid the unfavorable weather conditions, Air Mobility Command's command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Richard Kaiser, was still able to visit the installation and speak with a few Airmen. One of those Airmen happened to be me. Talking with a person who has witnessed the Air Force change and improve over the course of nearly 30 years has given me a whole new perspective. I've gained a different sense of pride and meaning in what we as a military branch do. Chief Kaiser's words not only encouraged and motivated me as an Airman, but a person as well. Chief, tell us a little about yourself. I'm from Columbus, Ohio, and I'm a huge Ohio State Buckeyes fan. I married my high school sweetheart, Debbie, and we have four wonderful children and three grandsons. I came into the Air Force open general and found out I was selected for a career in public health. After four years, I cross trained into communications and worked in that career field for 17 years. What are your initial thoughts about Joint Base Lewis-McChord? It's an amazing place, even with the snow! This transition has worked because of the relationships between the people who make it work. This is a very unique environment, and it's different from what we're used to, but it's working well here because of remarkable people. What have you learned since you've taken over as AMC command chief? I've been fortunate enough to witness the level of excellence and selfless dedication among the

amazing young Airmen every single day. Recently, we have identified the "why" of AMC... Why do we exist? We answer the call of other so they may prevail. That could mean anything from refueling to saving lives with our aeromedical evacuation or providing hope with our airlift mission. The quiet professionalism throughout our command continues to impress me. One of the things Comprehensive Airmen Fitness focuses on is resiliency. In what ways can Airmen become more resilient? Each individual Airmen needs to realize they're part of the Air Force family. One of the pillars of Comprehensive Airman Fitness is the social aspect, and I think it's important for Airmen to build strong relationships. Airmen who are willing to stretch outside of their comfort zone, try new things and succeed, often become more resilient in the long run. We want every individual Airman to succeed, and we're going to provide the tools and resources to ensure they succeed. How do you think we can better prepare our non-commissioned officers for expanded leadership roles? I think our front line supervisors are the most important role in the Air Force. Not only are they executing the mission, but they're also leading and growing the next generation of Airmen. That is a huge responsibility. I think our NCOs can be more confrontational, not in a negative way at all, but in a challenging way. Enhance your Airmen. Give them feedback in a helpful, respectful way. We take our Airmen to the next level with strong and effective leadership. The Air Force announced new high-year tenure rules which will begin in 2013. What are some suggestions you would make to young NCOs to ensure their careers are progressing in a positive direction? In one word: Study! Make the most of every single day.

How important has family been in your career? I would not be a command chief if it weren't for Debbie being such a great command chief's wife. Also, the sacrifices that our children had to make were incalculable. My career really has been a joint venture. You have to be all in it together. I would not be talking to you today were it not for the love and support of my family. Now that the war in Iraq has ended, in your opinion, what were some of Air Mobility Command's greatest contributions to the effort? We've played many traditional roles, such as airlift, airdrop and aero medical evacuation. We've also played many non-traditional roles. We've asked our Airmen to step outside of their career fields, such as Airmen who are embedded in joint special operations units. Now that we're out of Iraq, there's a democracy there. That's the bottom line. Also, our Airmen have become better leaders because of their experience in Iraq. Are there any final thoughts you'd like to share with the men and women of McChord Field? I'd like our leaders to set the bar high for their Airmen. Provide the tools for them to succeed and then stand back and watch them excel. Give them coaching and encouragement when they need it. You are obligated to help that Airmen become the best they can possibly be. I'd like for our individual Airmen to stretch beyond their comfort zones and try something new. Accept a new leadership opportunity or sign up for a new class. Find out what you're really capable of. The military makes up less than one percent of this country's population. Each one of our Airmen plays a huge part in the overall mission. Continue to grow and let nothing stand in your way.


The Patriot • February 24, 2012


New NCO Academy Distance Learning Course available Courtesy of 315th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

administered at the desig(ensure input is supplied for all boldnated authorized Test ed fields) - select create account Control Facility. Successful (3) Once the account is created of the completion (screen message will confirm creNCOADLC requires a miniation), select login to the AU portal mum passing score of 70 (4) Using left menu fill in User percent. Students who fail name and Password and select Log their initial exam with a in - Ok score of 69 or below are (5) Under Select a Program to authorized to retest after 72 Enroll In choose NCOADL (Course hours. Students will have 12 00015) (eligibility to enroll in the months to complete the course will be confirmed click ok) course. The 12-month read and check/accept all three stateenrollment period is incluments of understanding - and select sive of requested materials Earlier this month, the Thomas N. Barnes Center for enroll. Below the enrollment button delivery time, as well as the Enlisted Education released a new Course 00015, NCO is an option to change the Test time required to order, Academy Distance Learning Course. This new course will Control Facility that the student will schedule and submit exams replace Course 00009, the NCO Academy Correspondence use to test for Course 00015. for scoring/posting. Course. It consists of two sets of sub-courses; the first set Students may use this option if they Students may request an includes Course Introduction, Military Professional and will be away from their home station automatic four month exten- Operational Airman volumes and the second sub-course due to deployment or TDY. consists of the Managerial Communicator and Unit sion prior to the end of the (6) Media selection: Upon regisManager volumes. initial 12 months of enrolltration, students will have the ment; however, any other subsequent extension will be con- option to choose from one of two forms of media: hardcopy sidered an exception to policy and must be approved by the books or softcopy, electronic files. If the hardcopy is ordered, Operations Directorate, Barnes Center for Enlisted it will take a few weeks for the printed materials to be mailed. Professional Military Education/Academic Affairs. The electronic version will be available for immediate downEnrollment for the NCO Academy Distance Learning load in PDF format. Due to a software glitch, the student must Course will no longer be accomplished through the local base log out and log back in to see the downloadable files. Click on education office, but rather on-line via self registration the "Course Materials" tab to begin downloading the files. through the Air University Student Information System web- There is no difference in the course content between the hardsite located at Steps for copy and the PDFs. account creation are as follows: This is a challenging course. Potential students should plan (1) Move curser over and select "Create Account." Select to devote time and serious effort toward successful comple"NCOA DL Program." This will send the enrollee to the AU tion of this course. The more students apply themselves to the Portal to create a student account. study of the NCO Academy Distance Learning Course, the (2) From the right menu select the 'None of the above' option more they will learn to prepare themselves to be effective Air under New User Account - then select Create New Account Force managers, supervisors and leaders.

Earlier this month, the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education released a new Course 00015, NCO Academy Distance Learning Course. This new course will replace Course 00009, the NCO Academy Correspondence Course. It consists of two sets of sub-courses; the first set includes Course Introduction, Military Professional and Operational Airman volumes and the second sub-course consists of the Managerial Communicator and Unit Manager volumes. The major differences between Course 00009 and the NCOADLC 00015 include a new design, current and relevant content, higher levels of learning and two different types of media. The new college text book design departs significantly from the CDC format and offers the student a new visual experience by incorporating colorful graphics and thoughtprovoking activities. The NCOADLC is equivalent to the current resident NCO Academy Program in terms of content and required learning levels. Students will be challenged to explore cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) aspects of the curriculum. The level of learning is at a higher level of comprehension than Course 00009; hence the exams test to this higher level of learning. Upon enrollment, students may select between two types of media: hardcopy books, delivered via mail and electronic softcopy (Adobe PDFs) files available for immediate download. Some exercises may have to be printed locally from the softcopy files. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Until funding is available for hardcopy printing, the NCOADLC will only be available via electronic softcopies. While the course includes all the material necessary to meet the developmental educational objectives, critical thinking will be required to comprehend the material and pass the exams. A cursory reading of the material will not prepare students for the exams. In preparation for sub-course exams, each chapter takes the student through various exercises and assignments. Each sub-course has a closed book exam that will be

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The Patriot • February 24, 2012


Space-A customers find flights through Facebook By Airman 1st Class George Goslin Joint Base Charleston Space-A travelers at Joint Base Charleston have a new option when looking for Space-A flights - Facebook. The JB Charleston Passenger Terminal is now listing Space-A flights on their Facebook page to give customers a faster, more convenient way of getting flight information up to 72 hours in advance. Site administrators can post comments to the schedules with current updates to seat availability, which allows passengers to coordinate their travel plans much more expediently. Space-A flights are flights that have available seating for passengers to travel and are broken down into six categories which determine the priority on available seats. The passengers must be active-duty military, Reserve, National Guard, eligible family members or retired military personnel. JB Charleston is one of 11 terminals in the Air Mobility

Command that are currently in the test phase of this new program which began Jan. 1 and continues until June 30. The other AMC bases in the program are JB Andrews, Md., Dover AFB, Del., JB Hickam - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, JB Lewis McChord, Wash., Little Rock AFB, La., MacDill AFB, Fla., Osan Air Base, South Korea, Pope Field, N.C., Ramstein AB, Germany and Scott AFB, Ill., with more terminals expected to be online soon. The Facebook page offers the ability to see the projected schedule for flights, as well as current seat availability. Site visitors can also post questions to the page which are answered within 24 hours, according to Master Sgt. Robert Kruger, 437th Aerial Port Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing's passenger service operations manager. "Another added benefit of the page is that passengers can interact with one another," said Kruger. "Someone may ask about flight information from Germany to Italy and another passenger will reply with information that will help them out.

However, only posts from the JB Charleston Passenger Terminal are official. We want to do whatever we can to assist our customers and this allows us one more tool to do that." All previous options to find out about Space-A flights still exist, including the passenger service counter number which customers can call to speak directly to a passenger service agent or the flight recording number, a recording of all the outbound flights which is updated every four hours. "From what we have seen with our page alone, people are thrilled with it," said Kruger. "We have many customers thanking us when they come into the terminal and on the Facebook page itself. Space-A travel is one of your benefits, please use it. We welcome you to call or come visit us in the passenger terminal." For more information on the Space-A flights, call the passenger service counter at 963-3083 or visit the JB Charleston Passenger Terminal Facebook page.

Joint basing increases community relations opportunities By Airman 1st Class Jared Trimarchi Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs On military installations around the world, public affairs professionals try to educate the local community about the military. These community relations programs can take many different forms, from base tours for school groups, to the Air Force's Honorary Commander program. At Joint Base Charleston, a recent community relations project enabled one of JB Charleston's honorary commanders to fly to a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to see first-hand, what life is like at sea. James Warner, WCSC TV news director and 628th Air Base Wing honorary commander, was nominated by JB Charleston commanders to take part in the Navy's Distinguished Visitors Embark program. He flew to the USS Enterprise (CVN 69) which was 75 miles off the coast of Florida conducting pre-deployment exercises. The DV embark program is designed to increase awareness of the Navy's mission by selecting community leaders to share their experiences with the largest possible audience. Embarks aboard Navy vessels by community leaders assist recruiting and educational efforts. "I did some research before heading out on my voyage since this was my first time on an aircraft carrier," Warner said. "There is nothing you can read or a video you can watch,

which will prepare you for life on a ship." Warner was joined by 11 other distinguished visitors from around the country, but was the only Air Force honorary commander. "I felt privileged to be the only distinguished visitor to have some military experience through my time as an honorary commander," Warner said. "I have been part of the honorary commander program and the Air Force for more than a year and was excited to learn more about the Navy way of life." Warner flew from Mayport/Jacksonville, Fla. to the Enterprise via a C-2 Greyhound or Carrier Onboard Delivery and in doing so, became an honorary Tailhooker. Warner said landing aboard the Enterprise was exactly what he thought it would be. "The short runway and the line that catches the plane made the flight feel like the best rollercoaster I have ever been on," he said. "The C-2 is a small plane and we were sitting facing the rear of the aircraft. We wore seatbelts, life vests, helmets, ear protection and goggles. It's definitely not flying first class." The visitors spent their first night aboard touring the flight deck and observing flight operations. "Being on the flight deck and watching fighter jets catapult off was exhilarating," Warner said. "I could literally feel the roar made by the engines throughout my body. The fire coming from the jets lit up the sky. You could almost feel the forces the pilots

were holding in their hands. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before." The remainder of the evening was spent talking to Sailors and learning about their experiences. After socializing, the visitors headed to their 'dorm-like-sized quarters.' "Even though the ship was full of confined spaces, hot air and the noise around me was deafening, I was so exhausted I slept all through the night - despite all the noise," Warner said. The next morning started with each distinguished visitor paring up with a Sailor for breakfast. This was the most memorable part of the trip, Warner said. "Spending one-on-one time with a young Sailor and finding out why he joined the Navy was the highlight of the trip," he said. After breakfast, the visitors toured the ship's medical facilities, dental clinic, maintenance shops and the bomb storage deck. "The ship was like a city," Warner said. "I was amazed how people could find their way around." Since Warner works for a television station, he wanted to tour the ship's public affairs office. He wanted to see how his job differs from mass communicators in the Navy. "Surprisingly their T.V. studio was pretty similar to the smaller stations I used to work for earlier in my career," Warner said. Touring the Enterprise was Warner's second trip with the military. In the summer of 2011,

he spent a week with Team Charleston's Rodeo members at Joint Base Lewis - McChord, Wash. for an air mobility competition. "I have been impressed with the character, talent, drive and passion the young Sailors and Airmen I have met displayed," Warner said. "I wish I could see those same characteristics in the civilian world for the same age group." "Joint Basing has opened up another avenue for us to tell the military's story." said Capt. Frank Hartnett, JB Charleston's public affairs officer. "As a Joint Air Force and Navy base, we have to concentrate on telling two stories, those of our Airmen and Sailors. Since so many of the Navy's nuclear Sailors are trained right here on our base, this is an extraordinary opportunity to show community leaders the other half of what we do." Although 12 distinguished visitors experienced the same tour aboard the Enterprise, Warner felt a closer appreciation to the service members on board. "I felt I had a greater understanding and appreciation for the love for country the Sailors aboard had through my time as an honorary commander," he said. "Being fully emerged in the Air Force way of life and now the Navy way of life has opened my eyes in ways I couldn't imagine. “Airmen and Sailors, as dissimilar as they may seem, and all service members, show every day their selfless dedication to protect our freedoms."

To see seethe thePatriot Airlift online Dispatch online or adownload PDF ofplease the paper, please visit To or download PDF of thea paper, visit

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The Patriot • February 24, 2012


JB Charleston protocol officer recognized as honorary chief By Airman 1st Class Ashley Galloway Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs There is only one path to becoming an E-9 in the Air Force; work hard and be promoted from E-8. But there is a lesser known avenue to becoming a chief master sergeant. Catherine Knichel, 628th Air Base Wing chief of protocol was recognized as an ‘Honorary Chief Master Sergeant’ at an induction ceremony at Joint Base Charleston – Air Base Feb. 4. The honor recognizes Joint Base Charleston leaders, service members or civilians, who have displayed exemplary concern for the enlisted force and who possess the traits of a chief master sergeant. “People who know me, know that I have worked with enlisted members for years,” said Knichel. “What most people don’t know, is my husband is retired enlisted Navy, so being a part of the enlisted community has always been the heart of what I do.” Honorary chief master sergeants are hard to come by, especially civilians. Knichel is the second civilian honorary chief to be inducted in JB Charleston. Honorary chiefs are selected by a base’s chief master sergeant’s group. Once inducted, the honorary chief becomes one of them. As chief of protocol, Knichel’s duties include reviewing scripts, seating, meeting with people to discuss upcoming ceremonial events, flightline arrivals and preparations for distinguished visitors. “My door is a revolving door,” Knichel said. Knichel trains Airmen from around the base who are assigned to work in the protocol office for a minimum of one year as a temporary duty assignment. She teaches Airmen by providing hands-on training, formal instruction and putting them in leadership positions to do the job. “I strive to see them take the next step in their careers and help them broaden their leadership style,” Knichel said. “They develop skills which can be used in the military or in the civilian world.” Knichel doesn’t just work with the people in her office; she develops a relationship with them outside the office as well. It is important to develop strong relationships with co-workers and their families, she said. “When one of my staff members was recognized as the John Levitow Award recipient during the Airman Leadership School graduation, I was extremely proud,” Knichel said. Though Knichel doesn’t have much down time, when she does get a break she enjoys spending time with her family, taking walks and riding her bike. She continues to teach youth programs and serves at her local church. Chief Master Sgt. Damien Fox, 437th Operations Group superintendent, 437th Airlift

Wing said, “I nominated Kathy because she has demonstrated the qualities we expect from our chief master sergeants. She has always put the JB Charleston mission, personnel and enlisted members first through her hard work and leadership by showcasing and telling the story of our Airmen, civilians and contractors’ accomplishments. She also mentors our Airmen daily on how they can be more effective leaders and supervisors.” When a civilian is made an honorary chief, it indicates a collective vote of respect by a base’s chief’s group. They are recognizing someone who they believe would have made an awesome chief themselves, Fox said. “Her leadership and dedication also plays a large role in maintaining our Air Force heritage and also allows our Airmen's accomplishment to be recognized. Mrs. Knichel takes the time to mentor, guide and lead our Airmen so they can grow as leaders and professionals. Her leadership by example, mentorship and dedication to our Airmen is what we ask of our leaders and chiefs making her selection as honorary chief warranted and well earned.” Chief Master Sgt. Tonia Savidge, 628th Mission Support Group superintendent, said, “Ms. Kathy was nominated for this award because of her U.S. Air Force photos / Tech. Sgt. Chrissy Best demonstrated commitment to the development of our enlisted force. Behind the scenes of every DV Kathy Knichel and her family pose for a photo after she was made an honorary chief master sergeant at the Chief's Recognition Ceremony at Joint Base visit, ceremony or JB Charleston event, Ms. Kathy Charleston - Air Base Club Feb. 4. (Left to right) Knichel's son Brian Knichel and is mentoring, advising and developing Airmen. We his wife Emily Knichel, her son-in-law Fred Lacier and daughter Amie Lacier, Mrs. routinely provide her office temporary manpower Knichel and her husband Mike. Knichel is the 628th Air Base Wing protocol officer. to help augment the Wing's ‘No Fail’ protocol mission. The chief's group only selects someone who has repeatedly demonstrated the highest quality of commitment to the mission and the enlisted force. It is not to be taken lightly.” Knichel has been serving the Charleston Air Force community since 1986 and was asked to become a protocol officer when Charleston received its first C-17 Globemaster III and would like to thank every chief that has ever served at JB Charleston. Looking back at her award, she said, “It’s an amazing feeling. I never would have imagined it … ever.” Knichel has served under 13 wing commanders and command chiefs and literally hundreds of chief master sergeants that have been stationed in Charleston. According to her, everyone of them has been an inspiration. “I’ve just received my 30 year pin and reflecting back through the years, Kathy Knichel sits center stage among Joint Base Charleston's leadership and new chief I continue to be extremely honored and master sergeants after being named as an honorary chief master sergeant at the Chiefs humbled by this experience,” Knichel Recognition Ceremony at JB Charleston's - Air Base Club Feb. 4. Knichel is the 628th Air Base Wing protocol officer. said.

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The Patriot • February 24, 2012


Shoot, move, communicate! Airmen take cover behind a wall during a “Shoot, Move, Communicate” training course at the Combat Arms Training and Maintenance range at Joint Base Charleston Air Base Feb. 16. The training teaches Airmen to react to a hostile shooter by using cover and effective communication to maneuver and engage the target.

To See More Photos & News, Visit www.Charleston.Af.Mil

U.S. Air Force photo / Airman 1st Class George Goslin

U.S. Air Force photo / Staff Sgt. Nicole Mickle

Senior Airman Timothy Rantala fires his M4A1 rifle during a "Shoot, Move, Communicate" training course at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 16. The training teaches Airmen to react to a hostile shooter by using cover and effective communication to maneuver and engage the target. Rantala is a 628th Security Forces Squadron patrolman.

U.S. Air Force photo / Staff Sgt. Nicole Mickle

Staff Sgt. Christina Andros looks for a target through the smoke during a "Shoot, Move, Communicate" training course at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 16. Andros is a 628th Security Forces Squadron patrolman.

Staff Sgt. Timothy Garrett practices reloading drills with his M4A1 during a “Shoot, Move, Communicate” training course at the Combat Arms Training and Maintenance range at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 16. Garrett is a 628th Security Forces Squadron K-9 handler at JB Charleston - Air Base. U.S. Air Force photo / Airman 1st Class George Goslin

Staff Sgt. David Perez times the firing and reload speed of Guy Jones during a “Shoot, Move, Communicate” training course at the Combat Arms Training and Maintenance range at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 16. Perez is a 628th Security Forces Squadron security forces trainer and Jones is a 628th SFS flight chief at JB Charleston - Weapons Station.

U.S. Air Force photo / Airman 1st Class George Goslin


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The Patriot • February 24, 2012


Civil Air Patrol: A legacy of selfless sacrifice By Airman 1st Class Tom Brading Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs From flying through the skies conducting search and rescue missions to training tomorrow's leaders, one volunteer organization has been leading the way in making profound differences in America's communities. The Civil Air Patrol is a congressionally chartered, nonprofit, national corporation that was founded in 1941, one week prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, by more than 150,000 citizens who were concerned about the defense of America's coastline. The organization has three primary missions; aerospace education, cadet programs and emergency systems and is the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force with approximately 1,600 units nation-wide and more than 55,000 members. "One aspect of CAP is aerospace education," said (Ret.) Col. Robert Townsend, CAP Coastal Charleston Composite Squadron deputy commander. "We provide classroom materials, teacher training and other educational aids at no cost to America's teachers and homeschoolers." "CAP has one of the largest fleets of single-engine aircraft in the world," said Townsend. "We have more than 550 aircraft nation-wide with the mission of orienting and preparing cadets, as young as 12, towards careers in leadership and aviation." "CAP is a great program," said Col. James Clavenna, 437th Maintenance Group commander, 437th Airlift Wing. "It U.S. Air Force photos / Airman 1st Class Ashlee Galloway allows cadets, as well as CAP's senior members, an opportu- Cadet Airmen Jack Clavenna and his father Col. James Clavenna read the Civil Air Patrol Leadership Manual at the Coastal nity to grow professionally" Charleston Composite Squadron, Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 13. The Civil Air Patrol has one of the largest fleets of sinClavenna's son, Jack, has been a member of the CAP gle-engine aircraft in the world, with more than 550 aircraft nationwide. Clavenna is the 437th Maintenance Group commander, Coastal Carolina Composite Squadron in Charleston for near- 437th Airlift Wing. Jack has been in CAP for nearly a year. ly a year and is a CAP cadet airman. As a flight line supervisor for CAP, he supervises and assists in aircraft movement on and According to Clavenna, Airmen volunteering for CAP create an exceptional opportunity for themselves and for the Air Force. Volunteering for an organization that develops skills that off the flight line. His experience in CAP has given him a greater knowledge of the challenges may be applied to an Air Force career is positive for service members' professional develop- other Airmen face in the Air Force. Another CAP mission is emergency services, which includes disaster relief, humanitarian ment, as well as for the Air Force. "For many cadets," said Clavenna. "CAP is their first exposure to the Air Force. The expo- services and Air Force support. "CAP enjoys a proud legacy of selfless sacrifice and service to country and community that sure is crucial for developing tomorrow's leaders." "I've noticed my son is very motivated for weekly CAP meetings," said Clavenna. "In addi- spans decades," said Maj. Gen. Charles Carr, CAP national commander and 23-year retired Air Force veteran. "Today, CAP handles 90 percent of inland search and rescue missions with tion, he has pride in his CAP uniform." "Unlike other youth leadership programs, CAP has a bigger mission that extends to our sen- approximately 75 lives saved each year." After the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, all commercial aviation was grounded. ior members," said Townsend. One of the senior members is 18-year Air Force veteran Tech Sgt. Peter Axiotis, 437th However, CAP had the first airplanes in the air photographing and transmitting images around Aircraft Maintenance Squadron - Gold training monitor, 437th Airlift Wing, at Joint Base the world. "CAP has been instrumental in providing help in many U.S. disasters, including Hurricane Charleston - Air Base. During his free time he volunteers to wear a different uniform. For more than a decade, Axiotis has volunteered for CAP and he is a CAP major within their Katrina," said Townsend. "CAP also conducts aerial humanitarian missions for the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other civilian agencies." ranks. CAP also partners with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Drug Enforcement "Originally, I just wanted to learn more about aviation," said Axiotis. "That's why I joined CAP more than 12 years ago. Today, I've noticed being a member has made me a better leader Administration and United States Forest Service in the War on Drugs. In 2005, CAP pilots flew 12,000 hours and helped agencies locate more than $400 million dollars worth of illegal suband wingman." Axiotis has had opportunities to do things in CAP that weren't available to him in the Air stances. "CAP makes a huge impact each and every day, going above and beyond to make a proForce, such as being a flight line supervisor. found difference in America's communities," said Carr. To become part of the 'profound difference' and join the volunteer Civil Air Patrol program, call (877) 277-9142 or request additional information by visiting

Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Tyler Hoover and Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Alexander Durr sit inside a Cessna 172 at the Coastal Charleston Composite Squadron on Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 6. The Civil Air Patrol has one of the largest fleets of single-engine aircraft in the world, with more than 550 aircraft nationwide. Durr and Hoover have been members of the CAP since 2010.

Civil Air Patrol Colonel Bob Townsend speaks with Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Alexander Durr and Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Tyler Hoover at the Coastal Charleston Composite Squadron at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 6. Townsend is the Deputy Commander for Cadets and has been a member of the CAP since 1964. Durr and Hoover have been members of the CAP since 2010.

Crossword answers to puzzle on page 15

Tosee seethe thePatriot Airlift online Dispatch online or adownload PDF ofplease the paper, please visit To or download PDF of thea paper, visit To see the our Airlift Dispatchfor online download a PDF the paper, Thank advertisers theiror support of your baseofpaper. Say, “Iplease Saw It visit In Patriot!” To seeusthe Dispatch onlineour or page! download a PDF of the paper, please visit Visit onAirlift Facebook and “Like” Search “Charleston Military” or “Diggle Publishing”

The Patriot • February 24, 2012


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Tosee seethe thePatriot Airlift online Dispatch online or adownload PDF ofplease the paper, please visit To or download PDF of thea paper, visit To see the our Airliftadvertisers Dispatchforonline download a PDF the paper, Thank theirorsupport of your baseofpaper. Say, “Iplease Saw It visit In Patriot!�

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New thinking, new approaches !"#!$"#%&"'ghters NATIONAL SECURIT Y !"#$%&'(#))*+,+*"'(*-.&')/+'*01+&'(+)2++1').#"0)0!1#*',+*"&'!3'2#.' #1"')/+'2!.*"'!3'4$(+.&5#4+6'7!.'5+.&!11+*'#)')/+')#4)04#*'+"8+9')/+' :!&)'5!2+.3-*'2+#5!1'!1')/+'(#))*+,+*"'4#1'(+')/+';-04<'4!**+4)0!19' #&&-.#14+9'#1"'"+*0=+.$'!3'013!.:#)0!16' >?@A'0&'&/.01<018')/+')0:+')!'"+*0=+.'/#."2#.+9'&!3)2#.+9'4$(+.9'#1"' &-55!.)'013.#&).-4)-.+')!'+1#(*+'2#.,8/)018'&-5+.0!.0)$'#1"'013!.:#)0!1' "!:01#14+6'>:#.)'5+!5*+'&!*=018'/#."'5.!(*+:&6 B0&0)'-&'!1*01+C'

!"#$ !%&'()*+#",&&-&&( (+.,&/&( 0#+$ 1( "&&-&&2(!%"2&&-&&),3(+'()*+#",



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you deserve. Your Family-Owned Jeweler

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The Patriot • February 24, 2012


in CFC contributions

By Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone Marshall Jr. American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON – The Defense Department raised nearly $16 million in contributions during the 2011 Combined Federal Campaign, marking its fifth consecutive year raising more than $15 million, Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said today. “With almost $16 million raised, we have again surpassed this year’s fundraising amount,” Carter said. “This is DoD’s eighth consecutive record-setting year; our fifth year in a row we’ve raised over $15 million – no small accomplishment.” Carter spoke during the 2011 DoD CFC Awards for the National Capital Region to celebrate the department’s “impressive contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign.” It also was the campaign’s 50th anniversary. “Working at this department signifies the devotion all of you have to public service and I think of our contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign as an extension of that devotion,” he said. “It’s a reflection of that devotion that underscores just how committed each of you are to bettering our nation and our world. “So it’s not surprising that we do so well in the Combined Federal Campaign in this department because it’s the kind of people who make it up,” he added. Carter praised DoD employees for their substantial contributions during a period of fiscal austerity. “The individual contributions you make have a huge col-

lective impact even during difficult times for individuals and families, and I know many of you face them. This commitment in our department continues to be truly remarkable,” he said. “From the earthquake and tsunami in Japan [to] the deadly outbreak of tornados in the American South and Midwest,” he said, “[to] the continued uncertainty and turmoil in the global economy, the past year reminds us of just how important it is to extend a helping hand to others.” The deputy secretary referred to volunteerism as a part of the “fabric of our society.” “Our commitment to each other through charity and service is one of the things that keep this country great,” Carter said. “Every year those that contribute to the CFC astound us with their personal dedication to philanthropy.” Carter said CFC contributions go to more than 4,000 charities and impact the lives of tens of thousands of people domestically and overseas. “What you give extends access to medicine and medical care to some of the most impoverished parts of the world,” he said. “What you give fights hunger from poverty with technological advances and agricultural education.” Carter noted contributions also provide emergency relief to disaster-stricken areas and promote women’s health, freedom and dignity. “Thanks to you, once again, these organizations and charities will benefit from another record-setting year of generosity,” he said.

Synthetic chemical compound abuse – Sailors who use, will lose By Petty Officer 1st Class LaTunya Howard Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs MILLINGTON, Tenn. – The Navy continued to emphasize the policy of zero tolerance for substance abuse by separating 1,515 Sailors in fiscal year 2011 for synthetic chemical compounds, commonly called Spice, and other drug usage according to an official Feb. 21. "Currently, we are discharging a number of Sailors for use of synthetic chemical compounds also known as Spice, sighting failure to obey a direct order," said Lanorfeia Holder, deputy director of Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. "Those that are tested by our Armed Forces Medical Examiner System are discharged under an Article 92 misconduct or an Article 112A which is drug abuse." A ban was placed on five synthetic cannabis compounds commonly found in the designer drug Spice, but also sold under different names, just one year ago March 1. AFMES has the ability to test for those five compounds via Navy Criminal Investigative Services at the request of unit commanders if probable cause is determined. Spice is a synthetic chemical compound that is sold as herbal incense and mimics the effects of the drug marijuana. Some of the compounds were initially developed as research to help individuals with certain brain conditions, but the research did not reach its fruition, according to Holder.

Some of the short-term effects include auditory and visual hallucinations, painless head pressure, panic attacks, time distortion and delirium. Long-term effects from the designer drug can include permanent physical impairment, mental illness or death. "We have Sailors who are having mental conditions that they will never recover from," said Holder. "Using synthetic chemical compounds is like playing Russian roulette; you never know what is in the package. As detection catches up with manufacturers, makers alter the ingredients in an attempt to avoid detection." OPNAVINST 5350.4D defines the scope of drug abuse as the wrongful use of controlled substances to include designer drugs, illicit-use anabolic steroids, prescription or over-thecounter medication. The unlawful possession or use by Department of the Navy personnel of controlled substance analogues (designer drugs), natural substances, chemicals wrongfully used as inhalants, propellants, prescribed or over-the-counter medication or pharmaceutical compound with the intent to induce intoxication, excitement or stupefaction of the central nervous system is prohibited via SECNAVINST 5300.28D. Violators are subject to punitive action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 92. "If a Sailor is having issues with drug abuse or synthetic chemical compound use specifically, we recommend that they reach out to Military-One Source for confidential assessment and counseling at no cost to the Sailor," said Holder. "We also recommend members seeking substance use counseling talk with their doctor, chain-of-command or self-refer to a substance abuse rehabilitation program."

Fleet & Automotive Services

Where We


Our Military We honor our local military for their service, as well as our military families, who support those who serve in uniform. We are a local, family owned business which has been serving the Lowcountry from the same location for 16 years. We understand that trust has to be earned, and we work hard to build long relationships with loyal customers by exceeding expectations for honesty, value, quality and friendliness on every visit.

We thank you for your service and intend to offer you the best service in return!

$ 95

9 Oil Change & Tire Rotation! with 40- Point Safety Inspection FLEET & AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES • 552-7244 With coupon, Diesel and luxury cars extra, By appointment. Expires 2/28/12

Enjoy a cup of coffee and wi-fi in the climate-controlled comfort of our waiting area.

“You simply provide outstanding customer service.” Ms. Tonita E.

Like us on Facebook and receive a free gift when you visit us at

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FLEET & AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR - (843) 552-7244

Just off Ashley Phosphate, across from O’Reilly Auto Parts (behind the Wash Wizard).


The Patriot • February 24, 2012


Children's Dental Health Month is all smiles at JB Charleston By Airman 1st Class Tom Brading Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Ariel Brown practices proper brushing techniques on Dudley, the preventative dentistry mascot, at the child development center at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 10. Every Februrary, the American Dental Association sponsors National Children's Dental Health Month to raise awareness of the importance of children's oral health. Ariel is the daughter of Tech. Sgt. Ricky Brown and Staff Sgt. Crystal Brown.

As February comes to a close, it also marks the conclusion of the month-long, Children's Dental Health Month, the American Dental Association's yearly observance created to raise awareness of children's oral health. "Children's Dental Health Month may be coming to an end but healthy dental habits are something everyone should practice all year," said Senior Ariman Kristin Bruce, 628th Medical Group, dental assistant. Although Bruce wears the rank of Senior Airman, she was recently given a different nickname by the children at the Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Child Development Center. The children call her, "the tooth lady." Bruce lived up to her nickname Feb. 9 and 10 when she and Gaye Adams, 628th Medical Group, chief of preventative dentistry, visited the CDC to show children first-hand the importance of healthy teeth. "The children were very excited to learn about dental health," said Bruce. "We used cartoons, games, displays and toys to educate them. The more laughter and fun the children had, the more successful we were." Tooth decay, however, is nothing to laugh about. According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 percent of children ages two to four have tooth decay and nearly one out of six have untreated tooth decay. By age 17, more than seven percent of children have lost at least one permanent tooth due to decay. "It's vital to start healthy dental habits while children are young," said Bruce. "Children need the help and support of their parents to ensure they have good oral health care habits." According to Bruce, parents should encourage and teach their children proper brushing and flossing techniques, proper nutrition and take them to the dentist for routine check-ups. These habits will make a difference in establishing successful dental health habits. "Children's Dental Health Month was very successful," said Bruce. "I don't mind being remembered as the tooth lady at the CDC, as long as the children remember how important thier dental health is."

U.S. Air Force photos / Airman 1st Class Ashlee Galloway

A display at the child development center shows children the importance of healthy teeth at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Feb. 10. Every February, the American Dental Association sponsors National Dental Health Month to raise awareness of the importance of children's dental health.

Swing under the silver wings with TCSC Courtesy of Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs The Team Charleston Spouses Club will host their 2012 Annual Silver Wings Scholarship Dinner and Auction at Joint Base Charleston - Air Base, Nose Dock

1, Bldg. 519, March 24. The program's theme is "An Evening of Swing under the Silver Wings" and begins at 6 p.m. Dinner will feature southern cuisine and there will be an open bar, music, dancing and the annual silent auction. All pro-

ceeds from the evening's events aid military dependents seeking higher education. Tickets are available at the JB Charleston - Air Base Consignment Store or from TCSC board members.


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The Biggest Little Gunshop in the Lowcountry!

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1725 North Main Street Summerville, SC 29483 • (843) 832-2453

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Gyro Chicken Gyro Greek Salad Spanakopita

Mousaka Pastichio Greek Chicken Seafood Pork

Chops Philly Steak Chicken Philly Hamburger French Fries

OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY, 11AM - 9PM BEER & WINE SERVED 10150 Dorchester Road, Unit 211 Summerville, SC 29485 Tel: 843.875.7797 • Fax: 843.875-7767

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The Patriot • February 24, 2012




dirt bike and atv adventure S U N D AY, M A R C H 2 5 Carolina Adventure World Winnsboro, S.C.

Operation: Magic! Dinner Show Wednesday, March 7 5:30 p.m. Featuring the magic of

2,600 acres · 100 miles of trails · motocross tracks · mud bogs · enduro course banked oval track and a whole lot more!

Outdoor Recreation Center On the Air Base 963-1732

Rec Review

Rec Review is produced by the 628th Force Support Squadron Marketing Office as a supplement to The Patriot. All prices for events and services advertised are subject to change without notice. For questions about Rec Review, call the Marketing Office at (843) 963-3809. Mention of any sponsor or sponsorship in this publication is not a federal endorsement for the product or service. For more information on Force Support facilities, visit our website at

The Bornsteins

And comedy with

Steve Mills

Advance reservations required Tickets now available in the Club Office Commercial sponsors for this special program are


Federal endorsement of sponsors not implied or intended.

Charleston Club


$195 pp includes transportation, admission to CAW, use of an ATV or dirt bike, fuel and helmet. Advance registration required. Single riders must be at least 16 years old. Call or stop by to sign-up or for more details.

Singles - $25 Couples - $40 Table of 10 - $175 Price includes dinner & show

On the Air Base 963-3914



The Patriot • February 24, 2012

Events Feb. 25 ❏ Heart Link Charleston Spouse Orientation: Learn about the Air Force mission, culture, traditions, military language, benefits and services while making new friends, Feb. 25 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Childcare issues will be addressed at time of registration. Call the A&FRC at 963-4406 to register. Feb. 27 ❏ Passenger Terminal Family Lounge Ribbon cutting: There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new family lounge at the Joint Base Charleston - Air Base passenger terminal, Bldg. 164, Feb. 27 at 4 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend. ❏ Making Sense of the TSP (Civilian & Military). Simplified language to help even the novice investor understand the purpose of the TSP, whether it is a good choice for you, strategies to use when investing in the TSP and much more, Feb. 27 from 1 to 2 p.m. Call the A&FRC at 9634406 to register. Feb. 29 ❏ Smooth Move Workshop: Learn how to ease thru a PCS move with the help of relocation experts, Feb. 29 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Call the A&FRC at 963-4406 to register. March 1 ❏ Newcomer's Tour: Join us on this free, fun bus and walking tour of downtown Charleston, March 1 from 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Let a professional tour guide show you the sights and tell you all the secrets that make Charleston a wonderful place to live. Call the A&FRC at 963-4406 to register. March 6 ❏ Interviewing Techniques: Learn and practice the skills to have a successful interview March 6 from 9 a.m. to noon. Call the A&FRC at 963-4406 to register. March 7 ❏ Unleashing the Power of a Budget: Learn how to create a budget and how it can help you accomplish all of your financial goals, March 7 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. Call the A&FRC at 9634406 to register. ❏ Resume I and Cover Letter: Learn the basics of writing a resume & cover letter, March 7 from 9 a.m. to noon. Call the A&FRC at 963-4406 to register.

Special Announcements ❏ Clinic Announcement: The Health and Wellness Center has changed phone numbers. To contact the HAWC, call 843-963-4087. ❏ LEAN Awareness Class: Learn how to create a more efficient and effective environment in the workplace and learn proven techniques and methods to eliminate waste in processes. The Lean Awareness Class is held every Tuesday in Bldg. 16,000, Mission Support Group Conference Room from 8 to 11 a.m. Call George McDowell at 4698378 for more information. ❏ Over Pricing (ZOP) Program: Per Air

Mobility Command, everyone that orders parts through the Department of Defense stock system is requested to file a report when large discrepancies in prices exist for parts received. An example would be a $5 part that costs $500. All personnel should contact the 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron Customer Service office to file a complaint. For questions, concerns or further instruction on ZOP, contact Staff Sgt. Charles Brown at 963-4831. ❏ Workforce Specialist: A workforce specialist is now available by appointment on Tuesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to noon. The specialist can help with job referrals, resume and interview assistance and provide information about educational opportunities for active duty, retirees, dependents and Department of Defense civilians. Call 963-4406 to schedule an appointment. ❏ Spouse Introduction to Joint Base Charleston: Held the first and third Wednesday of each month, this is a fun and fast-paced introduction to JB Charleston for all military spouses who have recently moved here. Meet other newlyarrived spouses, connect with your sponsor's unit Key Spouse and learn where to shop, dine and play in the Lowcountry. Get the information you need to make this your family's best assignment ever. Call the A&FRC at 963-4406 to register. ❏ Coupon exchange: The AFRC has a coupon exchange that is open to all ranks. Bring in your unused coupons between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Friday and help yourself to coupons for you and your family. For more information on the coupon exchange, call 963-4408. ❏ Stress coping workshops: Learn how to cope with life's stresses without pulling your hair out. Workshops meet the second Wednesday of every month from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Health and Wellness Center classroom and are open to everyone. Call 963-4007 to sign up.

Meetings and Registrations ❏ Healthy Thinking Workshop registration: Do you find yourself feeling angry or stressed more often than you would like, or regret how you act when you are upset? Do you wish you could express yourself more clearly and be more assertive? Consider registering for the Healthy Thinking Workshop. The workshop is divided into four, 90-minute sessions held on consecutive Wednesdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m., with a new group beginning the first Wednesday of every month. To sign up or for more information, contact Family Advocacy at 963-6972. ❏ Palace Chase, Palace Front briefings: The in-service recruiter conducts Palace Chase and Palace Front briefings at 9 a.m. on the first and third Tuesday of every month in Bldg. 503, Room 201. Air Force Instruction 36-3205 mandates eligible Airmen who are separating to be informed about the benefits and opportunities available to them within the Reserve, such as cross training, continued service, retirement, education, medical insurance and promotion. For more information, call 963-4499.

See more briefs at To submit a news brief, send an e-mail to Make the subject line "NEWS BRIEFS." Submissions must be received no later than close of business the Friday prior to publication.

Family Events is dedicated to family activities. To submit an activity, send an e-mail to patriot@ Make the subject line "Family Events." Submissions must be received no later than close of business the Friday prior to publication.

your dreams. The purpose of a financial plan is for you to determine where you are now, where you want to go and how you plan to get there by starting today. Contact the FFSC 764-7480 for more information.

Updates and Notices

Events Feb. 28 ❏ Basic Resume Writing: The Basic Resume Writing workshop, Feb. 28 from 10 to 11 a.m. assists attendees in completing a professional looking resume. For more information call the FFSC at 764-7480. ❏ Military Spouse 101: Learn about military culture, jargon, rates, ranks, the chain of command and core values Feb. 28 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Call the FFSC at 764-7480 for more information.

Special Announcements ❏ LEAN Awareness Class: Learn how to create a more efficient and effective environment in the workplace and learn proven techniques and methods to eliminate waste in processes. The Lean Awareness Class is held every Tuesday in Bldg. 16,000, Mission Support Group Conference Room from 8 to 11 a.m. Call George McDowell at 4698378 for more information. ❏ Coupon Exchange: The FFSC has a coupon exchange station in Bldg. 755 and is open to all military and family members. Bring in unused coupons between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday and help yourself to coupons for your family. Call the FFSC at 764-7480 for more information. ❏ Budget for Baby: The Navy Marine Corps Relief Society offers a basic budgeting class for expecting mothers. Class is held the every second Thursday of the month from 9:30 a.m. to noon. After completing the class, each mom will receive a Layette filled with free baby items such as crib sheets, onesies and a homemade blanket. Call 7647662 or come in to sign up for the class. Our temporary office is located in Bldg. 301 (PSD), Room 212. ❏ Work & Family Life Specialists: Work & Family Life specialists are available by appointment. Get help with job referrals, resume and interview assistance, first move and information about educational opportunities for active duty, retirees, family members and Department of Defense civilians. Call the FFSC at 764-7480 for an appointment. ❏ Personal Financial Management: Let an FFSC certified financial specialists assist you in accessing and explaining your credit report. They can provide the tools and information to improve your score and make the right decisions about collections and debt. Call FFSC at 764-7480 for more information. ❏ Wise Credit Choices: Did you know that your credit score is a huge deciding factor for interest rates, mortgages, insurance costs, employability, loans, deposits, etc.? Call a personal financial manager at the FFSC for an appointment at 764-7480. ❏ Developing your spending plan: Let a financial education specialist at the FFSC on Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station provide you the tools and resources needed to develop a financial plan of

❏ Stepping Stones Pre-School storytime: Parents and pre-school children learn together through stories, songs, arts & crafts and play time with the Stepping Stones Pre-school Story Time program at the JB CHS - Weapons Station Branch Library. Children must be pre-school age and accompanied by a parent or guardian. This free program is Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. To register, call 764-7900. ❏ MWR's Recycling Department calling for all metal: Containers for empty aluminum cans are located throughout the Naval Support Activity. Aluminum cans are the mainstay of the recycling program; however, all types of metal are accepted. If you have heavy metal products that need to be picked up, call the Recycling Department at 7430510. All recycling proceeds go towards enhancing your Morale, Welfare, Recreation facilities and programs. ❏ Parents, need a night out? The Child Development Homes program has certified providers available for Friday night child care. Call the CDH office for a list of available providers at 764-7347. ❏ Resale vehicle lot: Selling a car, truck, camper, boat or motorcycle? MWR's "Hot Deals on Wheels" used vehicle lot offers the only authorized place to display vehicles for sale on Naval Support Activity. The lot is located near Red Bank Road in the New Wave Pool parking lot. The cost is $8 per week for military and immediate family and $10 per week for retirees and DoD civilians. Reservations and payment are accepted at the Information, Tickets and Tours Office. Call 7642120 for more information. ❏ "Early Bird" drop-off service: The Auto Skills Center, located on Fletcher Street, offers "Early Bird" drop-off service for your convenience. Vehicles in need of service can be dropped off prior to our normal operating hours using the key drop-box, located outside the facility. Patrons can simply fill out the provided envelope with an explanation of the mechanic services needed, place the vehicle keys in the envelope, and drop them in the box. Call the Auto Skills Center during their normal operating hours to receive an estimate or to provide any additional information concerning the work needed.

Meetings and Registrations ❏ Join the Redbank Plantation Golf Association: The Redbank Plantation Golf Association invites you to become a member at a cost of only $20 per year. Benefits of the Golf Association membership include: USGA Handicap, participation in monthly tournaments, participation in Association Club Championship and participation in the Association Blitz. Membership is open to all military and civilian golf patrons. Membership applications are available in the golf course club house. Applications and payment may be placed in the silver locked box near the Pro Shop. For more information, contact Tournament Chairman Tina Bohannon at or call the Pro Shop at 764-7802.

See more briefs at

Due to a lack of revenue, the Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Theater will be closed indefinitely.

The site, offers round-the-clock professional tutors who can assist with homework, studying, test preparation, proof-reading and more. Active-duty military members and National Guard, Reserve personnel and Defense Department civilians on active duty in a deployed status and their family members are eligible to participate.'s network includes more than 2,500 professional tutors who have delivered more than six million, one-on-one tutoring sessions since 2001. Each tutor is certified through the site, and all sessions are recorded for quality control. The program can also be accessed through a free app for the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. ❏ Make your next party a movie party at Cinema One: Looking for a unique idea for your next group party? Why not make it a movie party? Cinema One offers private showings of your favorite feature films. Cinema One movie parties are perfect for birthday celebrations, command socials, class trips, youth groups and lots more. Movie parties are free to groups of 40 or more (with concessions purchase) and are $40 to groups of less than 40 people. Call theater manager, Teresa Stuckey, at 764-4107 for reservation information.

Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station

Joint Base Charleston - Air Base

❏ Birthday bowling parties: Looking for something different to do for your next birthday party? Marrington Bowling Center has birthday bowling parties that are great for kids of any age. Call the bowling center for party options and availability. ❏ Stroller Rollers offers "Fitness for Mom, fun for baby!" Attention new mothers, now there is a way to get fit while spending quality time with your baby. With the Stroller Rollers program, you'll shape up with a power walk and body sculpting while strolling with your baby. It's a great chance to interact with other new moms. Classes meet at the Naval Support Activity gymnasium on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m. Classes are free. Materials are provided. For more information, call MWR Fitness Director Nancy Haynsworth at 764-4067. ❏ Free on-line tutoring service: for Military Families is the Defense Department's official, online, on-demand tutoring and homework help service for military members and their families.

❏ Girl Scouting: Girls in kindergarten through eighth grade are invited to join Girl Scout Troop 895 at the Chapel Annex on the second and fourth Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Contact Patti Donahue at 618-363-5230 or for more information. ❏ Story Hours at the Library: The Base Library has two fun story hours every week. Mondays at 10 a.m., is the home day care story hour. Please call ahead each week to sign-up your group for this day. Tuesdays is the toddler open story and craft hour starting at 10 a.m. Reservations are not required for this session. Both sessions are free. Call 963-3320 to sign up. ❏ Tennis Lessons: Lessons are held at the Outdoor Recreation tennis courts. Children six through 17 and adults can enroll for one-hour sessions, twice a week for $80 per month. Lessons are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 11 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m.

Movie Schedule: Weapons Station Movie Theater: Call 764-7516 for show times. Admission is free. Doors open 30 minutes prior to each showing. ❏ Killer Elite: Feb. 24, 7:30 p.m., Rated R ❏ The Three Musketeers: Feb. 25, 5 p.m., Rated PG-13 ❏ Immortals: Feb. 25, 7:30 p.m., Rated R ❏ The Three Musketeers: Feb. 26, 2 p.m., Rated Pg-13

Movie Schedule: Air Base

EXPERIENCE the Dental Care that makes our office special

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MARKETPLACE 22" SUV chrome wheels & tires. Excellent condition. 6x139 lug pattern, 305/40/22 Falken tires $1200 Call 843-819-7799

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MISC NOTICES Come Join the Fun at info, playdates & meet other Moms on the base! group "Moms on the NWS in Charleston SC" Military Mommies Group for JB Charleston. Visit our website for playdates and more MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) For Moms with kids birth through kindergarten. Meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at Old Fort Baptist Church, 10505 Dorchester RD. Summerville, SC 29485. Contact Heather Hansen 873-2283 for more information.

SErvICES Home Day Care 6wks-4yrs full/part time/wkends/eves/hol. off Ashley Phos. Rd. call 568-8609 / 364-4140

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STSC/SS Sam Pennington, Owner Chief's Wholesale Autos Open 7 Days A Week $0 DOWN, GUARANTEED FINANCING THRU USAA, NFCU AND SNAAC. 843-568-9856 Nationwide Warranty Regional Quality Award Winner

Nice 2br-2ba semi furnished half duplex, 1150 sft, near air base, 4 ceiling fans, new, roof, screen porch. $66,500. 843 767 8902


12” Thick Pillowtop mattress Set. Never opened, still in plastic. Must sell ASAP. Was $600, Sell $245. Call Keith, 843-375-5908. SIRIUS Starmate Boombox; $50. For home use; activated with subscription. Call 696-3314 Solid Oak Twin Size Futon Chair that Opens into a twin bed, $175 OBO, you haul Call 572-4199, lv msg if no answer

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3br, 1 1/2 ba, brk house, lg fenced yd. near AFB, I-26, mall, new carpet/paint. $ 950 +dep, military discount $ 750 mo. 767-0112 no pets.

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The Best Way To Submit A Free Ad Is With Our Online Form At We do not take ads by phone. Please do not call to confirm your free ad was received.

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The Patriot • February 24, 2012

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You don’t have to donate a kidney to save a life.

Aiken Technical College

• We will accept any auto - running or not.

is assisting with the recruitment and training for

• 100% tax deductible.

Bridgestone Americas

• is a 501C3 nonprofit organization. • 100% of the proceeds will go to help saving the lives of people needing organ transplants.

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“Bridgestone Americas is very excited to begin the process of recruiting for this project. We are seeking both entry-level and experienced Crew Leaders. Our company continues to be successful as an organization due in large part to our hardworking employees. We look forward to adding to this workforce in South Carolina.” Potential employment opportunities exist for:

Crew Leader

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Qualifications and requirements include: • This position directs, controls and organizes production team member activities, ensures a safe work environment is maintained, makes certain the quality and quantity of the product meets departmental requirements, communicates company objectives, plans work, seeks continuous improvement opportunities, aims to reach goals while working a continuous operating schedule, and is responsible for directing and supporting the development of teammates. • Minimum requirements: 6 years of manufacturing experience including 2 years of supervisory experience; or Bachelor’s degree with 4 years of manufacturing experience • Must be able to work a 12.5 hour shift, days or nights 3-4 days per week; occasional overtime is required. Must be able to stand for long periods of time, and work on elevated spaces if required • Must be able to operate mobile equipment and heavy machinery. • If selected to continue in the interview process, willingness to participate in a series of contingency screenings to include: drugscreen, physical and background check

Apply online at An Equal Opportunity Employer


Finish What You Start Complete your undergraduate degree at Webster University. You’ll learn from faculty that practices what it teaches and benefit from one-on-one attention. Classes meet in the evening; you can take just one class per term. If you’re ready to complete your degree and move forward, contact us today. UÊ ʈ˜Ê>˜>}i“i˜ÌÊ UÊ ʈ˜Ê*ÃÞV…œœ}Þ

…>ÀiÃ̜˜ÊiÌÀœ«œˆÌ>˜Ê >“«Õà 5300 International Blvd, North Charleston, SC 29418

See the Answers, Page 8


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10/6/11 1:24 PM


Giant Used Car Sale ~ 1000 Used Vehicles!

The Patriot • February 24, 2012

February 16 - 25! Come Check Out Our HUGE Inventory and Outstanding Deals!

Signthendrive It’s Amazing What You Can Do With A Pen Come See All the 2012 Models!

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2012 VW Golf

2012 VW Passat

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2012 Mazda CX-9

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Previously Pampered Pre-Owned Vehicles 2011 Nissan Versa

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2004 VW Jetta 1.8T $6,990

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2011 Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport


Superb turbocharged engine, must see!


2011 Dodge Ram 1500

2011 Mazda MAZDA2


5 Speed With Overdrive, 4 Cyl 1.5L

5 Speed With Overdrive, 4 Cyl 2L, Convertible

Stock 227A

Stock 2277P

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 (4x4)


2008 Mazda CX-9

Just Arrived!

Auto, V8, only 18k miles

2010 Toyota Corolla LE $22,991


Stock 2271P

Stock 2263P

Auto, 4 Cyl. 1.8L

Auto, 6 Cyl 3.7L


Stock 21451P

2007 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE1

2008 Toyota Tundra $23,825 5.7L V8 Double cab, Nav., Bedliner

2006 Volkswagen Passat



Stock 21441QX

Stock 498A

5.3L V8 Fuel Injected Crew Cab

2010 Hyundai Elantra $13,491

Auto, 4 Cyl. 2L, Sunroof

Auto, 4 Cyl. 2L,

Stock 2285P

Stock 21446P

2011 Ford Fusion SE

2012 Volkswagen CC



Auto, 2.0L 4 cyl Turbocharged

Auto, 2.5L 4 cyl SequentialPort F.I.

Stock 21434P

Stock 21425P

2007 Toyota Tacoma

2010 Kia Forte EX

2007 Mazda MAZDA3 $9,932


Auto, 4 Cyl. 2L, Premium Sound

Auto, 4 Cyl. 2L

Stock 2256Q

Stock 2284P

2004 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 LS $11,000

$19,500 V6 Manual, Loaded, Bedliner

Z71 Package! 4WD! 5.3L V8 Fuel Injected

Stock 21447P

2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS

2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart



Auto, 6 Cyl. 4.2L, OnStar

Auto, 4 Cyl. 2L, Hatchback

Stock 490A

Stock 46809P

Stock 5002A

2008 Volkswagen R32

2009 Volkswagen Eos

$21,800 Auto, 3.2L 6 cyl Fuel Injected Stock 4922A


Auto, 2.0L 4 cyl Turbocharged

2008 Toyota Tacoma PreRunner

2002 Mazda Millenia



Stock 2264P

Stock 544A

Auto, 4.0L V6

Auto, 6 Cyl. 2.5L

Stock 21442P



3491 Ashley Phosphate Road North Charleston, SC 29418

3570 Ashley Phosphate Road North Charleston, SC 29418



Stokes is not responsible for any price discrepancies, statements of condition, or incorrect equipment listed on any preowned vehicle. Car may have minor road chips, light scratches, wheel scuffs, etc. Depending on the age of the vehicle, normal wear and tear should be anticipated. We may or may not have all the keys and floor mats. We will be happy to obtain extra ones for you at our dealer cost. Unless the vehicle has a remaining factory warranty, all sales are "AS-IS" with no warranty. Excludes tax, tag, registration and title and includes 299.50 - Administration Fee.

02-24-2012 The Patriot (Joint Base Charleston)  

The official base paper for Joint Base Charleston, S.C. (Charleston Air Force Base & Naval Weapons Station) This 12,000 circulation newspap...

02-24-2012 The Patriot (Joint Base Charleston)  

The official base paper for Joint Base Charleston, S.C. (Charleston Air Force Base & Naval Weapons Station) This 12,000 circulation newspap...