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5 High Street, Wednesfield, WV11 1SP Telephone: 01902 732324 Fax: 01902 722610 Email:

Dear Applicant Re: Credit check application We thank you for your enquiry with reference to renting the recently viewed property. We have enclosed a credit check application form for you to complete. We will need three forms of identification per applicant, ie Passport, Driving Licence, Utility Bill, Job Contract, we will also require your latest bank statement and 3 recent wage slips. If you are self employed please supply copies of your last three end of year accounts. Please note, if you do not hold a British passport we will need to see a valid work permit. As mentioned there will be a fee of £150.00 plus VAT (£180.00) NON REFUNDABLE, for the credit check and tenancy application for up to a maximum of three applicants. This fee should be paid in cash for your application to be processed immediately. However, it can be paid by cheque, although we will have to wait for it to clear before your application can be processed. Please bring in original documentation which we will photo copy. All correspondence should be sent or bought directly to this office, address as above. Skitts Residential Lettings will not be held responsible for lost or missing paperwork in transit. Please also note that all accepted tenants will need to provide one month’s rent in advance and a deposit equivalent to one and a half months rent. As part of your Tenancy Agreement you are obliged to take out a Tenant Contents insurance which not only covers your personal possessions but also the Landlords’ fixtures and fittings for a minimum of £10,000.00. Proof of this cover will need to be produced on the day of signing the Tenancy Agreement. You should also note that on the final day of your fixed term tenancy you will be met at the property in order for a quick inspection to be carried out and any necessary problems can then be discussed. You will also be required to sign a further tenancy agreement for either a six or twelve month period. A renewal fee will be taken from you depending on the agreed period:   

£85.00 including VAT for a further six month tenancy. £130.00 including VAT for a further twelve month tenancy. £50.00 including VAT for periodic tenancy inspections usually conducted at approximately six month periods

The Tenancy Application Form and appropriate fee can only be submitted to the Great Bridge or Wednesfield Office. Your local branch of Skitts can no longer accept any fees payable. All paperwork must be handed in to the Great Bridge or Wednesfield Office to ensure receipt of documentation and fees payable. If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01902 732324. Yours sincerely

Mr P. J. Barnfield Residential Lettings Manager On behalf of GC Skitt & Co


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