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edition of Go Tel Aviv Magazine, your all-in-one guidestaurants, clubs, bars, and events in the White City. th fun things to do, cool places to go, and a myriad of dining satisfy everyone in your group. We let you in on the hottest new -standbys that have acquired a classic status in Tel Aviv culture. ar guide takes you from the favorite local dive all the st spot in town. Our in-depth neighborhood descriphe right amount of information to determine which ch to miss. (We recommend that you visit all of them.) it all in three languages: English, French, and Russian! nd so has the rain, so make sure you’ve got a warm jacket and Rain is a blessing in Israel, and it certainly won’t dampen your downpour, take the opportunity to explore some indoor venof Prime Minister Ben Gurion and his wife, or the Hagana Mureat musical lineup this month: Paul Anka will be performing d you definitely don’t want to miss that blast to the past. Get of rock at Emma Shapplin’s Macadam Flower Tour on November hing, check out Sonic Boom with Hiromi Uehara on the 14th.

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I am happy to offer a warm welcome to all tourists coming to Israel. Inside the guide that you hold in your hands, you will find the main attractions and hang-outs in Tel Aviv-Jaffo. This city is Israel’s capital of culture and business, but not far from our vibrant city I am happy to offer a warm welcome to all tourists coming to Israel. center await plenty of other must-see locations that should not Inside the guide that you hold in your hands, you will find the main attractions and hang-outs in Tel be missed when visiting the holy land: Jerusalem, the capital of Aviv-Jaffo. This city is Israel’s capital of culture and business, but not far from our vibrant city center await Israel- a sacred city kissed by history; the Dead Sea, the lowplenty of other must-see locations that should not be missed when visiting the holy land: Jerusalem, est place on earth- rich in a unique resource of health; the Sea the capital of Israel- a sacred city kissed by history; the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth- rich in a of Galilee in the north; Eilat, a vacation resort on the southern unique resource of health; the Sea of Galilee in the north; Eilat, a vacation resort on the southern tip of tip of the country- packed with a wide variety of attractions on the banks of the Red Sea; the country- packed with a wide variety of attractions on the banks of the Red Sea; and numerous other tourist attractions, and numerous other tourist attractions, sacred places, and parks can find something in Tel Aviv city that will touch his/ archeological sites, sacred places,.archeological and parks. sites, I am certain that everyone The city of Tel-Aviv is celebrating 100 Aviv-Jaffo, years since itsanfounding, withpersonal a series ofexperience. unique her heart, making a visit to Tel amazing The Ministry of Tourism is here for you, offering eventsand that combine both past and given future, as well and as great Tel-Aviv a lively help assistance at any time on enjoyment. any subject. Weishave representatives for all the cities and tourist attractions, city with richready culturaltolife and a diverse night instant life. You’llanswers find gourmet next and we aare provide you with on restaurants any subject. to trendywelcome. ones, and Ihistorical locations next tovacation, urban andbut architectural development. I expect to see you here again. Again, wish you a pleasant more importantly, I am certain that everyone can find something in this city that will touch his/ her heart, making a visit to Tel Aviv-Jaffo, an amazing personal experience. Stas Misezhnikov The Ministry of Tourism is here for you, offering help and assistance at any givMinister of Tourism en time and on any subject. We have representatives for all the cities and tourist attractions, and we are ready to provide you with instant answers on any subject. Again, welcome. I wish you a pleasant vacation, but more importantly, I expect to see you here again. Stas Misezhnikov Hello and welcome, Minister of Tourism

If you've arrived for a visit and are reading this magazine, then you know what I've known for years; TelNordau Aviv-Jaffa is one most perfect cities for a dream vacation. 300 days of sunshine every year GO TEL AVIV MAGAZINE 35 Blvd. Tel Aviv of Tel:the 077-4020448 | Fax: 077-4020438 amazing seashores are just a couple of our assets. Combine that with culture at the highest level, Email: and Publisher: O&E MEDIA GROUP vibrantReporter nightlife, luxurious tourist centers, exquisite world-class cuisine, and an atmosphere that EDITORIAl: Editor Ohad Yehudai, Gavriela Donati,hotels, Hagar Amar, Amelia Fujikake. you get a tourist city at the top of the league. TRANSlATION: Frenchis unparalleled anyText,anywhere Russianin the- world Yuli- andKarpilovski. In recent years,PHOTO: more and around Advertising the world Manager have become ART: Ira Bykova. Or more Many. people ADvERTISING: Ohad acquainted with Tel Aviv-Jaffa and have made her top choice their vacation destination; this is fact that can beGuli translated Yehudai, Salesfor Manager Eli Adler 052-6432527 DISTRIBUTION: lTD into numbers. In recent years we have witnessed sustained growth rates of-tourists who visit ourJaffa beautiful country our thriving city. SPECIAl THANKS: Arnon Giladi vice mayor of Tel Aviv Etty Gargir -The asand sociationI am for tourism Telhead Aviv -the Jaffa. proud to Tourism Association, which is part of the municipality responsible for developing an advanced tourist infrastructure and making it top priority. I invite you to visit our tourist information centers (on the promenade and at the renovated station) or check outresponsibillity our website at <> for more information acy of the information containedtrain in this publication, the publisher cannot accept for any errors may contain Aviv-Jaffa. You can also download our special visit-tlv app. for iPhone. leaseabout call:Tel052-3547594 Enjoy your visit. We are at your disposal.


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Neve Tzedek Neighborhood

Neve Tzedek was the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside of Jaffa, twenty-two years before the establishment of the city of Tel Aviv. The year was 1887, and as time went by, Neve Tzedek developed into a center of good taste and high culture. Many intellectuals and artists dwell and create in this charming neighborhood and it has become one of the more desirable areas of Tel Aviv in which to live. A tour of the narrow lanes and colorful streets is a fabulous experience, and constant renovations seem to reveal a gem on every corner. Among popular attractions such as Shabazi Street and the Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre, you’ll find the home of Hebrew Nobel Prize winning author Shai Agnon, who lived here from 1909 to 1912. Famed artist Nachum Gutman

also had a home in the area which is now a museum housing his photographs, videos, and numerous creations. The Rokeach House belonged to the Rokeach family who were pioneers of the area. Their home has become both a museum and memorial. In addition to the variety of objects on display, you’ll find an exhibition of artist Leah MajeroMintz, the founding father’s granddaughter; she renovated the house on her own, without the help of the authorities. On the east edge of the neighborhood stands the Shalom Tower, which was once the highest building in Tel Aviv. It still boasts a terrific observation deck from which you can take in an expansive view of Neve Tzedek, the hill of Jaffa, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Тел Авивский Район Неве Цедек был первым еврейским районом, построенным вне границ Яффо. Он был основан в начале 1887, за 22 года до основания города Тел Авив. С годами Неве Цедек превратился в центр культуры, вкуса и красивой жизни. Многие интеллектуалы и артисты выбрали этот район для проживания и созидания. Путешествие по узким переулкам и вьющимся улицам Неве Цедек открывает необыкновенную красоту этого места. Район был обновлен и отрестоврирован, и каждый его уголок - сокровище. Среди многочисленных исторических достопримечатель-ностей, вы можете найти

дом еврейского Лауреата Нобелевской премии автора, Шая Агнона, который жил здесь с 1909 по 1912. По соседству расположен Музей Гутман, дом художника Нахума Гутмана, в котором выставлены его работы, фотографии и видеофильмы, а также дом семьи Роках - первых поселенцев района, который был превращен в музеймемориал. В этом музее можно увидеть множество произведений исскуств, включая выставку художницы Леи Мейджро-Минц, которая реставрировала дом. Выше района расположена Башня Шалом, одно из высотных зданий Тель-Авива, и из его балкона наблюдения открывается прекрасный вид на Район Неве Цедек.

Le quartier de Neve Tzedek de Tel-Aviv fut le premier quartier juif à être construit hors de Jaffa en 1887, 22 ans avant la création de la ville de Tel-Aviv. Avec les années, Neve Tzedek est devenu un concentré de goût, de culture et de style de vie. C’est aujourd’hui l’un des quartiers les plus prisés par les israéliens pour vivre. De nombreux intellectuels et artistes ont choisi d’y établir leur résidence mais aussi leurs ateliers. Il ne faut à aucun prix manquer de déambuler le long des petites allées fleuries et calmes. Vous trouverez à Neve Tzedek ("oasis de justice" en hébreu) la maison du prix Nobel de littérature Shai Agnon qui y vécu de 1909 à 1912. S’y trouvent aussi de nombreux autres lieux à visiter comme le musée Nachum Gutman, ancienne maison de l’artiste, où sont exposés ses travaux, des photographies ainsi que des films. Il y a aussi celle de la famille Rokah, qui fut l’une des premières de ce quartier, devenue elle aussi un musée et un mémorial exposant une variété d’objets mais aussi les travaux réalisés

par l’artiste Leah Majero-Mintz, qui a rénové la maison. Un autre lieu à visiter absolument est le centre de danse Suzanne Dellal dans son bâtiment à la beauté impressionnante, et qui sert de salle de spectacle et de théâtre, mais qui abrite aussi la plus grande compagnie de danse du pays. Neve Tzedek représente aujourd’hui le must du "bobo chic" avec ses boutiques de nouveaux créateurs, de décoration d’intérieur et galeries d’art…. Mais ce qui fait le charme de ce quartier, c’est aussi le calme et la quiétude qui y règnent malgré le nombre de passants venus s‘y promener et manger dans l’un des nombreux cafés et restaurants. Le caractère si particulier de cette oasis située entre la mer et les buildings de verre de la city est peut être la raison pour laquelle vous aurez l’occasion d’y croiser de nombreux mariés venus y faire leurs photos de mariage !!! e votre serviette et parfaire votre bronzage.




"Hatachana" - The Station

After being closed and hidden from the public eye for many years, the historic train station complex located between the Neveh Zedek neighborhood and the Mediterranean Sea has been re-opened to the general public. The site, referred to simply as “HaTachana” (“The Station”) was the nerve center and bustling main junction for commerce in the Land of Israel. Much thought was given to the complex’s mix of businesses, as planners strived to create a place that combines history, culture and commerce - a “cultural compass” where every visitor can find his or her niche. They viewd the site as an important milestone in the city’s history and worked to make it one of the city’s most charming spots.

Спустя много лет после закрытия и утери известности, исторический железнодорожный вокзал, расположенный между районом Неве Цедек и Средиземным морем, вновь открывает свои ворота для посетителей. Этот уникальный комплекс под названием Тахана (станция) служил главным очагом торговой деятельности на Земле Израиля. Много внимания было уделено структурным компонентам деловой активности центра, так как проектировщики стремились создать место, воплощающее историю, культуру и коммерческую деятельность в единое целое, где каждый посетитель может найти свою нишу. Они рассматривали обьект как важную историческую достопримечательность, и приложили все усилия для его превращения в одну из

Après avoir été fermé et caché du public pendant de nombreuses années, le complexe historique "La Gare", situé entre le quartier de Neveh Zedek et la Méditerranée a été rouvert au public. Le site, tout simplement appelé "HaTachana" ("La Gare") a été par le passé centre névralgique et un des grands carrefours commerciaux en Israël. Beaucoup d’attention a été accordée à ce savant mélange de boutiques et autres, les planificateurs voulant créer un endroit associant histoire, culture et commerce, un point de rencontre culturel où chacun peut trouver ce qu’il souhaite. Pour eux, le site est un important jalon dans l’histoire et ils ont oeuvre pour


The complex is hosting international exhibitions, festivals, colorful markets and design events. Tours will leave from the complex to the White City section of Tel Aviv and to Old Jaffa. Here you can find businesses and brands that have spots in the complex are Ahava, which is opening a spa and concept store, Razili designer clothing, Michal Nagrin jewelry, a tapas bar and a Tzomet Sefarim book store combined with a branch of Greg’s Coffee, based on a concept inspired by New York based Barnes & Noble. Also you can enjoy from Quliti bars and restaurants like Shooshkashvili and Viki Cristina. So don’t forget your camera…

самых ярких жемчужин города. В комплексе проходят международные выставки, фестивали, ярмарки и дизайнерские мероприятия. Отсюда будут проводится туры до Белого Города Тель-Авив и Старого Яффо. Среди торговых предприятий и брендов на территории комплекса, посетителей будет ждать СПА и фирменный магазин Ahava, магазин модной одежды от Razili, бутик украшений Михаль Негрин, тапас-бар, и книжный магазин Цомет Сфарим совмещенный с филиалом Greg’s Coffee на основе концепции американской сети Barnes & Noble. А также вы сможете получить удовольствие от посещения качественных баров и ресторанов, таких как Shushka Shvili и Vicky Christina. И напоследок, не забудьте фотоаппарат... en faire un des endroits les plus charmants de la ville. Le complexe accueille des expositions internationales, festivals, marchés colorés et divers événements. Des visites guidées partent de la Tachana pour des quartiers de la Ville blanche et du Vieux Jaffa. Ici vous trouverez des grands noms dans différents domaines : Ahava, qui va ouvrir un Spa et un magasin, la styliste Razali, les bijoux de Michal Nagrin, un bar à tapas, la librairie Tzomet livre Sefarim, qui s’est associée aux cafés Greg, pour rendre un concept rappelant Barnes & Noble à New York... Vous pourrez également profiter des bars et des restaurants tels que Quliti Shooshkashvili et Viki Cristina. Alors n’oubliez pas votre appareil photo...

Jaffa - The Old City and the Port

Old Jaffa is one of the most attractive places to tour in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. This fisherman’s port served as the main entry point to the ancient land of Israel and has retained its charm with beautiful stone buildings, narrow winding alleys, an artist’s quarter, cafes, restaurants, and shops. You can almost smell the exotic fragrances and Middle Eastern aromas of long ago. The recommended route to Jaffa is via the Tel Aviv Promenade which begins in North Tel Aviv and follows the line of the Mediterranean all the way to the Jaffa Port. Along the way you’ll pass the skyscrapers of South Tel Aviv on your left. Like using a magic wand, you’ll move from modern Israel to the land of bygone times. In the center of Jaffa is the Clock Square, where the clock tower stands. Built by the Turkish Sultan Abed-el -Hamid in 1906, this is the traditional starting point for tours in Jaffa. East of the clock tower is the famed Jaffa flea market. Not only can you find a myriad of treasures- both old and new, you’ll also find historic buildings of archeological significance, many of which are currently being renovated and rejuvenated.

Старинный Яффо - одно из самых привлекательных мест в Тель-Авив Яффо. Город, который служил морскими воротами древней Эрец-Исраэль, сохранил свою историческую о собенность до сегодняшних дней. Прогулка по Яффо напоминает атмосферу прошлых столетий: красивые каменные дома, узкие извилистые переулки, порт, квартал художников, кафетерии, рестораны и магазины. Как и в прежние далекие времена, церкви старинного Яффо открыты для верующих и посетителей. Мы рекомендуем вам совершить пешую прогулку по Яффо, начав маршрут с набережной Тель-Авива, которая простирается от северной части города до порта Яффо. Пройдя мимо небоскребов делового центра в южном ТельАвиве, вы попадете в древний Яффо. Как по мановению волшебной палочки, вы перенесетесь из современного Израиля в Израиль прошлых столетий. Вместо небоскребов и деловых центров - высокие стены, каменные дома и арки. Вместо перегруженных дорог и шоссе узкие переулки и каменные ступени. В нижней части города расположены рестораны и магазины. В центре находится площадь с часовой башней, построенной турецким султаном Абед Эль Хамидом Вторым в 1906 г. Это место является традиционной


Westward is Old Jaffa herself. Situated on a high hill that overlooks the sea and South Tel Aviv, this is a beautiful, breathtaking view. A film depicting the history of Jaffa is available for viewing at the visitor’s center located in the heart of Old Jaffa at Kikar Kedumim. The alleys are named after the signs of the Zodiac in Hebrew and here you will find artist galleries, Judaica shops, fine jewelry, and other creations from some of Israel’s top artists. Make sure to visit some of the many ancient churches in Jaffa, which are among the most beautiful in Israel. They actively serve the city’s Christian community and open their doors for both visitors and the faithful. Enhance your experience with a good meal or a drink at one of the many kiosks, cafes, and restaurants. On festive days and the Sabbath, Old Jaffa bustles with street artists, tourists, and other visitors. One of the most interesting sites is the Ilana Goor Museum, which is actually the home of Ilana Goor. It was formerly a Khan (hotel for visitors) and has been beautifully renovated by the artist boasting an outstanding view of the entire area.

отправной точкой для экскурсий по Яффо. Другая известная достопримечательность Яффо - это блошиной рынок, расположенный неподалеку от часовой башни. В этом районе сохранилось множество старинных зданий археологической важности, которые находятся в процессе реставрации. Продолжая прогулку в западном направлении, вы окажетесь в старинном Яффо. Этот район расположен на высоком холме, открывая красивейший вид на море и южную часть Тель-Авива. Мы рекомендуем посмотреть фильм об истории Яффо в центре посетителей на площади Кикар Хакдумим , которая расположена в центре района. Переулки старинного Яффо названы в честь знаков зодиака. Здесь находятся галереи произведений ведущих израильских художников, магазины Иудаики и драгоценностей, а также кафе, рестораны и продовольственные магазины. В праздничные и выходные дни старинный Яффо наполнен уличными художниками, туристами и другими посетителями. Одна из интереснейших достопримечательностей Яффо - это музей Иланы Гур. Это здание бывшего Хана (гостиница для посетителей), которое впоследствии было отремонтировано и превращено в дом художника.

Le vieux Jaffa est l’un des endroits les plus visités de la ville. La petite localité qui a toujours été la porte d’entrée de la terre d’Israël, continue aujourd’hui d’être atypique de par ses arômes, ses magnifiques bâtiments de pierre, ses allées fleuries, son port de pêche, sesquartiers d’artistes avec ses nombreux cafés, bars, restaurants et boutiques. Jaffa recèle aussi d’anciennes églises qui font partie des plus beaux monuments israéliens et continuent d’ouvrir leurs portes aux fidèles et aux visiteurs. Il est recommandé d’aller à pied de TelAviv à Jaffa en longeant la promenade du bord de mer qui débute dans les quartiers nord de Tel-Aviv et se termine au port de Jaffa. En chemin, vous passerez par les gratteciels du centre économique de la ville avant d’arriver dans le vieux Jaffa; ce qui vous offrira une perspective des plus impressionnante du contraste entre l’Israël moderne des immeubles de verre et l’ancien Israël, pittoresque, avec ses murs de pierre et ses arcades. Déambulez le long des petites allées aux larges marches pour arriver au centre des activités, place de l’horloge. Au centre de cette place se trouve la tour de l’horloge construite part le sultan turc Abed-el-Hamid en 1906. Cette place

est généralement le point de départ touristique de Jaffa. A l’est, près de la place de l’horloge, vous trouverez le marché aux puces, autre lieu incontournable. Continuez votre balade à travers les ruelles de la ville bordées d’immeubles anciens au passé historique lourd, immeubles qui n’ont rien perdu de leur charme malgré les ravalements et rénovations. Il est à présent temps de continuer vers l’ouest pour retrouver le " vrai " vieux Jaffa. Ce quartier est situé sur une petite colline, surplombant la mer et le sud de Tel-Aviv. Kikar Kedumim est situé au centre de cette place et un film sur l’histoire de Jaffa est projeté au centre de tourisme. Dans les allées du vieux Jaffa portant comme nom les différents signes du zodiaque, il est possible d’y trouver des galeries d’artistes, des boutiques de Judaica et des bijouteries. Vous pourrez vous arrêter dans l’un des nombreux kiosques et cafés pour vous désaltérer et prendre un petit en-cas. Lors des jours de fêtes ou le Shabbat, le vieux Jaffa est bondé d’artistes, de touristes, et d’autres visiteurs. L’un des sites les plus intéressants est le musée Ilana Goor, qui est la maison de l’artiste, et qui fut auparavant une maison d’hôtes avant d’être rénovée de façon spectaculaire.

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Rothschild Boulevard

Americans have Fifth Avenue, the French have the Champs Elysees, and Israelis have Rothschild Boulevard. Everything began in the 20’s when Tel Aviv started to expand towards Rothschild Boulevard with construction in the Eastern European style. In the 30’s even bigger change ensued when the Bauhaus style of architecture became popular and was widely used in the houses that border this luxurious boulevard. The distinctive European charm of Rothschild leaves its visitors with a thirst for more. There are a number of important landmarks to be seen here and many of them are located near the Founder’s Monument next to 8 Rothschild. This is also the location of the first well of the city of Tel Aviv. Just a short walk away

У Американцев есть Пятая Авеню, У Французов Шан-за-лизе, а у нас, Израильтян, есть Ротшильд и это название говорит само за себя. Все началось в 20-ых годах, когда Тель-Авив начал расширяться по направлению к бульвару Ротшильд, с преобладанием зданий в восточноевропейском стиле. В 30-ых годах, здесь произошли более существенные перемены и начали строиться здания в стиле "Бахаус", в основном, на роскошной улице Ротшильд. Эта улица обладает европейским очарованием, притягивающим людей со вкусом. Множество важных исторических мест находятся на улице Ротшильд, большинство из них рядом с памятником "Основателей", который расположен рядом с домом № 8 – на том же самом месте, где был установлен первый источник воды города. Совсем неподалеку от памятника, находится

Les américains ont la Cinquième Avenue, les français les Champs Élysées et les israéliens....le boulevard Rothschild! Tout a commencé au début des années 20 alors que Tel-Aviv s’étendant vers le boulevard Rothschild et construisait des immeubles à l’architecture rappelant celle de l’Europe de l’Est. Dans les années 30, un changement radical se fit dans le paysage tel-avivien avec l’arrivée d’un nouveau style architectural, le Bauhaus, très présent autour de notre célèbre avenue. A visiter absolument le Monument des fondateurs construit face au numéro 8. C’est là qu’était le premier puits de Tel Aviv. Au numéro 16, une maison construite en 1910 abrita ensuite


at 16 Rothschild stands a house that was built in 1910 and was the home of Ziona and Meir Dizengoff. Visit today and witness a full re-enactment of the declaration read in the voice of then- Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion. Aside from its historical significance, the real jam is the Rothschild Boulevard promenade, which is a vivid and vibrant place where one may enjoy sitting areas and playgrounds. In the summer, visitors are treated to a variety of artistic exhibitions and musical events along this wide pedestrian path. The real charms of this street, however, are the many Bauhaus buildings that line the boulevard. In Rothschild Boulevard you’ll also find a myriad of restaurants and coffee houses that offer a culinary experience you should not miss.

дом № 16, который был построен в 1910 году. В этом здании когда-то жили Ционa и Меир Дизенгофф, а также проводилась церемония провозглашения государства Израиль. Посещение этого исторического места вернёт Вас на много лет назад, в тот исторический день, а боле того, вы сможете услышать полное воспроизведение провозглашения голосом Давида Бен Гуриона. Помимо исторической важности, улица Ротшильд славится живописными аллеями, вдоль которых установлено множество скамеек для отдыха и игровых площадок. Но несмотря ни на что, настоящей жемчужиной улицы Ротшильд является множество зданий, построенных в стиле Бахаус. В летний сезон здесь проводятся выставки произведений исскуства и разнообразные музыкальные мероприятия . А также, вас ожидает обилие роскошных кафе и ресторанов, располагающих кулинарными шедеврами, мимо которых невозможно пройти с равнодушием.

Tsiona et Meir Dizengoff (premier maire de Tel-Aviv). Elle est célèbre pour avoir été le théâtre de la déclaration de la création de l’État d’Israël en 1948 et lors de sa visite, on peut entendre un enregistrement original de cette déclaration. Il s’agit d’une visite à ne pas manquer pour tous les touristes de passage. Mais la perle rare de cette rue se trouve être la promenade piétonne aux coins détente et aires de jeux pour enfants. En été, c’est un lieu qui accueille des expositions et des spectacles musicaux. Ce qui donne cependant son cachet à l’endroit, ce sont les maisons Bauhaus. Le Boulevard Rothschild, c’est aussi de nombreux cafés, salons de thé ou encore restaurants gourmets qui jalonnent la rue. A ne pas manquer.

UNIQUE-HOME is different and unique Institute of Cosmetic in the local landscape. The atmosphere is upscale and luxurious and offers a wide range of professional cosmetic treatments. The equipment on UNIQUE-HOME is modern and advanced, with professional and experienced team - each customer is getting a cozy and hearty treatment. The experience of UNIQUE-HOME, that celebrating 5 years this April, and thousands of satisfied customers, indicate the quality.

Sunday - Thursday: 09:00 to 01:00 Friday: 9:00 to 16:00 124 Ben Yehuda St., Tel - Aviv 03-5273737 |

Dizengoff, Sheinkin, Tel Aviv port

{Dizengoff Street} Dizengoff Street has always been the embodiment of Tel Aviv street culture, and is home to Israeli fashion designers and International favorites, as well as numerous coffee shops and local bars. The northern part of Dizengoff is known for an array of exclusive name-brand bridal boutiques and brides-to-be come here from all over the country to shop for that special gown. To the east of northern Dizengoff is Basel Street. The Basel area has become a favorite area for shopping enthusiasts in recent years, as the main circle is peppered with many chic shops in the midst of a welcoming neighborhood atmosphere. Two important Dizengoff landmarks which should not go unmentioned are at the southern end of the street: the colorful fountain at Dizengoff square and the infamous Dizengoff Center shopping mall. Dizengoff Square hosts a flea market every Tuesday and Friday where you can snag a unique antique or second-hand dress at bargain prices.

Dizengoff Center, located at the corner of Dizengoff and King George Streets is home to top-brand fashion, sporting goods, computing, and house ware shops, as well as book stalls, flower stores, jewelry kiosks, and much more. Visit on Thursday or Friday and make the rounds of the International Food Fair on the main level, where you can sample authentic world and Israeli cuisine in a bustling and vibrant atmosphere. After all that walking, stop by one of the delicious fruit-shake kiosks on Dizengoff, particularly the one at the corner of Dizengoff and Ben-Gurion Blvd., which is known for its interesting mixes and cool local vibe. If you want to mingle with the local celebs, check out Moving at 340 Dizengoff where you can rent your favorite DVD on the second floor. Pop back in the evening to sample some of the restaurants and late-night bars featuring live music, and enjoy the best of Dizengoff Israeli nightlife.

Но самой знаменитой территорией для шопинга возможно является Дизенгоф.Эта центральная улица всегда воплощала в себе уличную культуру ТельАвива, служа домом для местных и международных модных шедевров, а также для множества кафе и баров. Северная часть Дизенгоф славится вереницей эксклюзивных свадебных бутиков, заманивая невест со всех концов страны. Улица Базель, расположенная на востоке от северной части Дизенгоф,отличается гостеприимной атмосферой и интересными находками. Две важных достопримечательности города – фонтан и тороговый центр Дизенгоф, расположены на южной

части улицы. Каждый вторник и пятницу на территории фонтана работает блошиный рынок. А знаменитый торговый центр Дизенгоф расположен на пересечении улиц Дизенгоф и Кинг Джордж. Полностью снабженный системой кондиционирования и свободный от курения, этот торговый центр служит домом для ведущих модных брендов, спортивных товаров, компьютерной продукции, хозяйственных магазинов, книжных магазинов, бутиков украшений и многих других нужд потребителя. По четвергам и пятницам здесь проводится международная ярмарка еды, где вы сможете попробовать кулинарные изделия всех времен и народов.


А затем, не забудьте зайти в один из фрут-шейк киосков, особенно на пересечении улиц Дизенгоф и Бен Гурион, где можно насладиться оригинальными миксами и местной живой атмосферой. Если Вы хотите познакомиться с

местными знаменитостями и взять на прокат ваш любимый DVD, Moving на Дизенгоф 340 ждет вас. Ночная жизнь на Дизенгоф весьма разнообразна и увлекательна – на ваш выбор рестораны и бары с живой музыкой.

La rue Dizengoff a toujours été l'incarnation de la culture des rues à Tel Aviv. Elle accueille des créateurs de mode israélienne et internationale, ainsi que de nombreux cafés et bars. La partie nord de la rue est connue pour ses boutiques de robes de mariée et les futures mariées y viennent de tout le pays. A l'est, la rue Basel est devenue un lieu de prédilection pour les amateurs de shopping ces dernières années, avec de nombreuses boutiques chic dans un quartier accueillant. Deux musts au sud de la rue Dizengoff : la fontaine colorée de la place et le centre commercial. La Place Dizengoff accueille un marché aux puces tous les mardis et vendredis, vous pourrez y dénicher une antiquité unique ou une robe d'occasion à prix d'aubaine. Dizengoff Center, situé à l'angle des rues Dizengoff et King George accueille des grandes

marques, des magasins de sport, d’informatique, des articles de maison, des bouquinistes, des fleuristes, petits bijoutiers, etc. Le jeudi et le vendredi, les plats cuisinés sont à l’honneur au niveau principal du Centre où vous pourrez déguster des plats internationaux et israéliens dans une ambiance animée et dynamique. Après avoir tant marché, désaltérez-vous dans un kiosque à jus de fruit. Celui à l’angle des rues Dizengoff et Ben Gourion est fameux. Si vous voulez vous mêler aux stars locales, rendez vous à Moving, au 340 rue Dizengoff où vous pouvez louer vos DVD préférés au deuxième étage. Revenez le soir dans rue pour dîner dans un des restaurants ou bars avec musique live, et profitez véritablement de la vie nocturne israélienne.


Dizengoff, Sheinkin, Tel Aviv port

{Sheinkin Street} Sheinkin Street which begins at the triangle junction of Allenby and King George Streets. Sheinkin is home to Tel Aviv’s bohemia and has a vibe all its own. The street is lined with boutiques featuring some of the country’s most talented and eclectic designers as well as global brand-name fashion GO TEL AVIV - women PAGE 22 shop here for the wide and unique range houses. Israeli of shoes and accessories. Sheinken is also known for its vast array of dining venues and cafes. Take a much needed shopping SHOPPING break at some of the hippest andПокУПки most diverse restaurants and Another place for shopping in Tlv would be Совершив всевозможные прогулки и coffee shops in Tel Aviv. You sit here to see….and be seen! A “Kikar HaMedina”. as the literal meaning of экскурсии по городу Тель авив,вам хотелось

this name is “The Country Square”; Kikar Ha- бы отдохнуть и отправиться в незабываемый Medina is one of the best shopping areas in the city, if not the best one. Designers shops in the square include; Armani, versace, Ralph lauren, Jean Paul Goutier and many more. A different interesting shopping experience of more original fashion items can be found on the following streets: Dizingof, Ben Yehuda, Bugrashov, King-George, and the above mentioned streets, Sheinkin and Shabazi..A prominent Israeli designer worth visiting is Sigal Dekel, her shop is on Dizingoff 228. Every season Sigal produces three main lines: sporty, classic and avant-garde. The store offers customers a total experience and a solution for all their needs, from jeans to T-shirts for daily wear, to evening gowns and elegant jackets. On Gordon street you can find Gidon Oberzon store. Don’t miss Ben Yehuda Street and specially the shopping store on Ben Yehuda Street No.231. The shop offers a large variety of Ed Hardy products witch many movie stars and celebrities like to wear. On this streets, women can also enjoy from a large selection of famous fashion design- поход за покупками. Центр города является ers of swimsuits and True Religion products. In самым подходящим местом для этой цели. case you need a short break or a quick escape Площадь кикар Хамедина в Тель-авиве from the heat, there are central malls with vari- считается самым элитным торговым ety of shops to cater every customer, from foods, центром в израиле, и характеризуется cafes and cloths to cinema and sport shops. You продукцией ведущих модельеров мира. can find famous companies likeYehuda Adidas, Магазины элитных марок одежды и 119-121 Ben st. Puma, Tel Aviv, Israel Nike, Replay, zara Tel: and+972-3-5229393 more. There are two модных аксессуаров можно найти также Fax:main +972-3-5229222 major malls in TLV,E-mail: from Dizingoff center, вдоль по улицам дизенгофф и Бен йехуда. Azrieli mall on the Web: east side of the city, and Ra- Я особенно рекомендую посетить «блок mat-Aviv mall on the north part of the city across 190» - магазин мужской и женской the Yarkon River. So enjoy your shopping day… одежды от европейских модельеров blue

the place is great , guests are even better...


visitor to Sheinkin will be treated to a glimpse of every kind of Israeli that exists: young, old, religious, secular, punks, gay couples, Arabs, Jews, and many, many more. November 2009 -расположена Vol.18 улица Шенкин, на тройном пересечении улиц Аленби и Кинг Джордж. Эта улица, рай для Тель-Авивской богемии и любителей кипящей жизни, SHOPPING славится длинной вереницей бутиков ведущих местных и Si vous avez envie de vous détendre международных дизайнеров. Шенкин пользуется особой après avoir visité Tel Aviv et les enviпопулярностью благодаря бесконечному rons, si vous voulez vousу израильтянок faire plaisir et выбору обуви и украшений. А также, здесь разбросано множество разнообразных ресторанов и кафе, где всегда можно повстречать представителей всех слоев израильского общества: религиозных и светских, евреев и арабов, молодых и пожилых, и многих других.

La rue Sheinkin qui commence à la jonction triangulaire des rues Allenby et King George, est le haut-lieu de la bohème de Tel Aviv. La rue, bordée de boutiques de créateurs talentueux et éclectiques et de grands noms internationaux, a une atmosphère unique. Les femmes israéliennes y viennent pour le vaste choix de chaussures et d'accessoires. Sheinkin est également célèbre pour ses cafés et restaurants. C'est le moment INN 7, 177 Yehuda Street de prendre uneBen pause. Ici, on s'assoit pour voir... et être vu ! A Shenkin, vous aurez un aperçu de tous les types d'Israéliens: de faire du shopping comme jamais, “Kikar jeunes, vieux, laïques, punks, homosexuels, Arabes, HaMedina” )“la Place dureligieux, Pays”( est l’endroit rêvé. Comme son Juifs, etc.nom l’indique, il n’y a pas mieux pour faire son shopping. Parmi les quelques grands noms qui ont pignon sur rue : Armani, versace, Ralph lauren, Jean-Paul Gaultier, etc. C’est tout autre chose rue Dizengoff ou rue Ben Yehuda. Chez Bluk 190, vous trouverez pour hom me et femme, des vêtements originaux des grandes marques, Alexander McQueen, Blue Blood, etc. Ne ratez pas Sigal Dekel, 228 rue Dizengoff, une styliste des plus renommées A chaque saison, Sigal Dekel présente trois grandes lignes de prêtà-porter : sport, classique et avant-garde. Chacun y trouvera véritablement son bonheur : des jeans et T-shirts pour tous les jours aux robes de soirées en passant par des vestes superbes. Rue Gordon, ne ratez pas la boutique de Gideon Oberson, le numéro 1 israélien des maillots de bain et des vêtements de plage. Il possède deux boutiques, l’une à New York et l’autre à Tel Aviv. Il est apprécié également pour son prêt-à-porter féminin. Rendez-vous à la boutique My Brand au 231de la rue Ben Yehuda. vous y trouverez toute une gamme de produits Ed Hardy, très prisés par les stars du cinéma et les people. les femmes y trouveront

Italian Restaurant

Dizengoff, Sheinkin, Tel Aviv port

Shalvata an attractive and buStling beach bar. every evening, the bar hoStS the leading dJS. the Sexy and Special atmoSphere attractS a colorful public who enJoyS excellent alcohol and taSty food.

{Tel Aviv Port - Namal Tel Aviv}

The famous Pizza since 1984, homemade on brick oven, and the fresh homemade pasta. The secret is in the unique recipe of dough. No doubt, it is the best pizza place in Tel Aviv, and it's kosher!

Open: Sun-Thu 12:00-00:00, Fri 12:00-15:00, Sat 18:00-00:00 169 Ben-Yehuda St. Tel: (03) 522-8165, (03) 523-9582


This is the new hot spot for some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants and shops- and all at a sea-side location. Namal Tel Aviv has become the center of city activity offering hangar-style spaces for both brand and boutique shopping, restaurants and bars (with magnificent sea views), hairstylists, alternative medical centers, surfing and diving shops, and wedding and banquet halls- all carefully designed with the goal of preserving the authenticity and history of the area. Treat yourself to a healthy and bounteous Israeli breakfast at one of the many quality cafes and restaurants that dot the coastline. Ready to shop? These newly-

restored hangars boast some of the best of Israeli fashion including the well-known Castro brand, as well as global names like Diesel, Blue Bird, and Levis. You’ll find a Mega Sports store on the premises, a huge Ace Hardware and coveted labels like Armani, Dolce and Gabana, and Miss Sixty. When you’ve exhausted all your shopping options, rejuvenate at one of the many spas located here. Follow that pampering session with an evening at the namal after dark. Enjoy an aperitif at one of the restaurant bars such as Shalvata and continue the evening with a fresh seafood dinner at White Pergola, or the luxurious gourmet restaurant, Mul Yam.

парикмахерские салоны, центры альтернативной медицины, магазины снаряжений для серфинга и дайвинга, банкетные и свадебные залы. Но несмотря на современный облик, территория порта сохранила свою неповторимую историческую символичность. Здесь Вы можете начать утро со здорового и аппетитного завтрака в одном из кафе или ресторанов на самом побережье Средиземного моря. Созрели для шопинга? В таком случае, вас ожидает огромный выбор ведущих марок

– Castro, Diesel, Blue Bird,Levis, Armani, Dolce and Gabana и Miss Sixty. А также, на территории порта расположена крупная торговая точка сети Ace. Устав от похода по всевозможным магазинам, Вы можете освежиться в одном из многочисленных СПА. А после захода солнца, отведайте апперитив в одном из замечательных баров-ресторанов наподобие "Шальвата", и закрепите вечер ужином из свежих морепродуктов в "Ха-сука Ха-левана" или в роскошном гурмэ-ресторане "Муль Ха-ям".

Vous y trouverez certains des restaurants et des boutiques tendance de la ville, le tout en bord de mer. C’est véritablement devenu un nouveau centre ville offrant boutiques et hangars, grandes marques, restaurants et bars (d'où la vue est imprenable), salons de coiffure, médecine douce, centres de surf et de plongée, salles de mariage et de réception, le tout conçu afin de préserver l’authenticité et le caractère historique de l’endroit. Offrez-vous un petit déjeuner israélien sain et généreux dans l’un des nombreux cafés et restaurants du bord de mer. Prêt pour le shopping ? Ces hangars

récemment restaurés affichent les grands noms de la mode israélienne, notamment Castro, Diesel, Blue Bird, et Levis. Vous trouverez aussi un Mega Sports sur les lieux, un grand magasin de bricolage Ace et des marques très prestigieuses telles qu’Armani, Dolce Gabana et Miss Sixty. Lorsque vous aurez épuisé toutes vos options d'achats, ressourcez-vous dans l'un des nombreux spas puis passez une soirée fantastique. Prenez un apéritif dans l'un des bars restaurants, le Shalvata ou autre et poursuivez la soirée par un dîner aux fruits de mer au White Pergola, ou au restaurant gastronomique de luxe, Mul Yam.

Hangar 28, Tel-aviv porT For privaTe / business evenTs 054-8122223 For reservaTion 03-5441279 exT. 1

Tel Aviv beaches

The beaches that run along the Tel-Aviv shore line from north to south are inarguably the most beautiful areas of the city. The beaches of Tel-Aviv provide visitors with hot sands and lapping waters to help them to relax and cool down in the hot Israeli summer. Each section of the beach has its own name and unique atmosphere depending on what you are looking for. Let’s start north on Herbert Samuel on the “Tayellet”. We first arrive at Gordon beach boasting Israeli dancing, the ubiquitous “matkot” (bat and ball) and some nice restaurants and cafes. Then we get to Frishman Beach, which is a popular hang-out for young people where you can chill out with some music and the young-beach atmosphere - along with a drink or snack from the good quality restaurant situated there.

Then we get to Jerusalem and Geula beaches, which are a favorite for young kids and families. If you want to be”cool” then we can stop at Metizizim Beach (literally “peeping” beach!) There is also the beach in front of the Hilton Hotel, which are a narrow, concrete lined beach and a favorite for dogs and their owners and surfers (a strange but surprisingly compatible combination!) If you venture further north you will arrive at Tel-Aviv port which offers you dining on the beach but not much bathing, then further still, you will arrive at Tel-Baruch beach (a personal favorite of mine!) It’s a good choice if you are looking for a quieter, more family-orientated beach, especially on Saturdays as it has been protected from development due to the proximity of the airfield.

Пляжи в Тель-Авиве - лучшее место для отдыха Набережная Тель-Авива является одним из красивейших мест для посетителей, желающих получить удовольствие от отдыха и необычной атмосферы, царящей на протяжении жаркого израильского лета. Многое предусмотрено, чтобы обеспечить вам идеальный отдых и комфорт, включая бесплатный доступ к раздевалкам, душу и к другим местам общественного пользования. Большинство пляжей имеют спасательные станции с 7 утра до захода солнца (в зависимости от времени года). В июне и июле спасатели остаются до раннего вечера. Если вы начинаете прогулку с набережной Герберт Самуэль, то перед вами расположены пляжи “Гордон” и “Фришман” – оба с хорошими ресторанами, множеством молодых людей и хорошей музыкой. Следующие два пляжа – “Иерусалим” и “Геула” расположены посередине набережной, и являются любимым местом для маленьких детей и семей. Пляж “Мецицим” – это один из самых крутых пляжей в Тель –Авиве. Пляж назван в честь израильского известного

фильма “Мецицим”, т.е. подсмотр в переводе с иврита. Публика на пляже молодая и модная. Отличное место для загара и встречи с новыми красивыми людьми. Кусок набережной между улицами Фришман и Гордон отведен для консервативно религиозных людей и разделен на женский и мужской пляж. Пляж открыт для женщин по воскресеньям, вторникам и четвергам. Понедельник, среда и пятница – для мужчин. Пляж “Хильтон”- это особенный пляж, предназначенный для собак и их хозяев, через который пролегает пешеходный тротуар. Он расположен неподалеку от гостиницы “Хильтон”. Хорошее место для серфинга и встреч с интересными людьми…и их собаками. Пляж “Тель Барух” расположен между аэропортом “Сдэ Дов” с южной стороны и южной границей города Герцелия с северной стороны. Этот пляж защищен от застройки из-за маленького аэропорта “Сдэ Дов”, расположенного неподалеку. Идеальное место для спокойного отдыха и чтения.

Le bord de mer qui longe Tel-Aviv du nord au sud est incontestablement la plus belle partie de la ville. Ces plages au sable fin et à l’eau turquoise procure aux touristes l’unique occasion de se détendre et d’oublier le stress de l’année mais c’est aussi une excellente alternative à la chaleur israélienne. Chaque partie de ce long bord de mer à son propre nom et une atmosphère particulière, tout dépend de ce que vous rechercher. Alors débutons par le nord d’Herbert Samuel sur la Tayelet. Nous arrivons tout d’abord sur la plage Gordon où fanfaronnent les danseurs le samedi après-midi ainsi que les nombreux joueurs de “matkot” ( tac-tac) et où vous pourrez vous rafraîchir à loisir dans l’un des nombreux cafés.

Un peu plus au sud se trouve la plage Frishman, lieu de rencontre populaire pour les jeunes gens se prélassent au soleil ou sirotent une boisson fraîche au rythme de la musique que choisi le DJ de la plage. se trouvent les plages Jérusalem et Geoula, grandes favorites des jeunes adolescents et des familles. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une ambiance vraiment “cool” je vous conseil de vous arrêter à la plage Metzitzim, plus au nord située juste avant le port. Enfin, dans le cas où vous désirez faire partie des jeunes telaviviens tendances, c’est incontestablement à la plage du Hilton, Topsy beach qu’il faut que vous alliez étendre votre serviette et parfaire votre bronzage.



Shopping in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Great shopping in Tel Aviv is found all over the city. No matter where you go, you can find plenty of unique boutiques and international labels to keep your credit card busy. There are some areas of town that are particularly known as hot-spots for shoppers, however, and if you’re a true fashionista, you’ll want to make sure to hit them all. The northernmost shopping center is the Ramat Aviv Mall. Located in a primarily residential neighborhood, it contains many high-end shops and prestigious brands- and ample parking. Also in the northern part of the city, but with a completely different vibe is the Tel Aviv Port (Namal Tel Aviv). This is the new hot spot for some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants and shops- and all at a sea-side location. Another favorite area of the northern shopping enthusiasts is Tel Aviv’s answer to Rodeo Drive, the prestigious fashion circle at Kikar HaMedina. This is where you can indulge in such international names as Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Goutier and many more. Dizengoff Street has always been the embodiment of Tel Aviv street culture, and is home to Israeli fashion designers and International favorites, as well as numerous coffee shops and local bars. A less-interesting street than Dizengoff, but a busy one with lots of renovated shops, boutiques, cafés, and restaurants is Ibn Gvirol. East of Dizengoff and running parallel to it, this is a long street with lots of traffic, but it is still an interesting shopping experience. Stop into the City Garden (Gan Hair) Mall near the City Hall building and Kikar Rabin to take a breather from the traffic outside and continue shopping. Even further east is the

expansive Azrieli Mall which houses a huge range of shops with leading fashion brands. Ride the elevator to the 49th floor observatory to get breathtaking views of the city. Smack in the city center is Sheinkin Street which begins at the triangle junction of Allenby and King George Streets. If you are looking for one-of-a-kind Israeli craftsmanship then don’t miss Tuesdays and Fridays on Nahalat Binyamin Street. Starting from the triangle intersection of Allenby, King George, and Sheinken Street (and near the Carmel Shuk), a short section of this street provides s a colorful and bustling stroll that includes cafes and street performers. The southern part of the city also contains special neighborhoods where shopping hounds abound. Gan HaHashmal is tucked into a corner off Allenby and between Yehuda HaLevi and Menachem Begin Streets, and although the area is small, many fresh, young designers are making a name for themselves here. The unique atmosphere of Neve Tzedek - the most picturesque neighborhood in the city – has attracted quite a few designers. Shabazi Street is the main drag where you’ll find clothes, shoes, jewelry, ceramics, books, a health food store, and many cafés and restaurant concentrated along this narrow street Old Jaffa boasts a number of galleries and jewelry shops with the backdrop of a stunning view of the sea and Tel Aviv. The flea market is home to many a lucky find and the prices are always negotiable. Such diversity is part of what makes Tel Aviv a truly unique shopping experience - both in the malls and the streets, and we believe it is unequalled, both in this country and maybe the entire world.

Самая северная торговая точка города – изысканный центр Рамат-Авив, служащий домом для престижных брендов с мировым именем. Южнее вас ждет порт Тель-Авива – популярная территория на побережье моря, где расположены одни из самых эксклюзивных ресторанов и магазинов. Еще одно любимое место для поклонников шопинга в северных районах города расположено на Кикар Ха-медина. Здесь вы не сможете пройти мимо магазинов ведущих мировых брендов, таких как Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Goutier и многих других. Но самой знаменитой территорией для шопинга возможно является Дизенгоф.Эта центральная улица всегда воплощала в себе уличную культуру Тель-Авива, служа домом для местных и международных модных шедевров, а также для множества кафе и баров. Центральная часть города располагает многими привлекательными вариантами – площадь Масарик постепенно превращается в стихию молодых модельеров. Помимо известного торгового центра Ган Ха-ир и бесконечного ряда магазинов, на улице Ибн

Гвироль бесперерывно появляются новые интересные бутики, рестораны и кафе. Еще один торговый центр, отличающийся великолепным выбором ведущих модных брендов, это знаменитый Азриели. На 49-м этаже центра находится обзорная площадка, с которой открывается захватывающий вид на весь город. Поистине горячая точка шопинга, улица Шенкин, расположена на тройном пересечении улиц Аленби и Кинг Джордж. Южная часть города полна приятных неожидонастей- здесь немало интересных мест и магазинов с оригинальными модными аксессуарами. Особая атмосфера, царящая в районе Неве Цедек,расположенном на южной окраине Тель-Авива, заманила немало дизайнеров. Вдоль центрального переулка района – ул.Шабази, простирается ряд магазинов оригинальной одежды, обуви, украшений и книг. А узкие переулки живописного Яфо таят в себе множество картинных галерей, дизайнерских бутиков и магазинов, как на территории блошиного рынка, так и в районе старого театра Нога. Богатое разнообразие находок во время шопинга поТель-Авиву не уступает ни одному городу в стране, а возможно и в мире...




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Shopping in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

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Tel-Aviv est l’endroit idéal pour le shopping. Où que vous allez, vous trouverez des boutiques uniques et des marques internationales. Votre carte de crédit n’aura pas un instant de repos. Certains quartiers de la ville sont bien connus des clients et si vous ne voulez rien manquer, n’en ratez aucun. Au nord de la ville, la galerie marchande Ramat Aviv, située dans un quartier principalement résidentiel, contient de nombreuses boutiques haut de gamme, des marques prestigieuses et un grand parking. Toujours au nord mais dans un genre totalement différent, le Port de Tel Aviv (Namal Tel Aviv). Vous y trouverez certains des restaurants et des boutiques tendance de la ville, le tout en bord de mer. Un autre endroit très apprécié des amateurs de shopping dans le nord de Tel Aviv est le Kikar Hamedina. C’est là que vous pourrez vous offrir des grands noms internationaux tels qu’Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Gauthier et bien d’autres. La rue Dizengoff a toujours été l’incarnation de la culture des rues à Tel Aviv. Elle accueille des créateurs de mode israélienne et internationale, ainsi que de nombreux cafés et bars. Moins intéressante que Dizengoff, mais très animée avec ses nombreux magasins et boutiques rénovés, ses cafés et restaurants, la rue Ibn Gvirol, parallèle à Dizengoff, à l’est, est une longue rue souvent encombrée mais les magasins y sont intéressants. Pour continuer à faire du shopping dans le calme, quittez la rue pour le centre commercial Gan Hair, près de la Mairie et de la place Itshak Rabin. Encore plus à l’est, l’immense centre commercial Azrieli, avec ses très nombreuses boutiques. Et pour avoir une vue imprenable de la ville, rendez-vous à l’observatoire du 49e étage.

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En plein centre-ville, la rue Sheinkin qui commence à la jonction triangulaire des rues Allenby et King George, est le haut-lieu de la bohème de Tel Aviv. Si vous êtes à la recherche d’objets d’artisanat israélien, ne manquez pas d’aller le mardi ou le vendredi rue Nahalat Binyamin. Au bout de la rue, non loin de l’intersection triangulaire des rues Allenby, King George et Sheinkin (tout près du souk Carmel), vous aurez un aperçu animé de ce que vous offre la rue, notamment ses spectacles de rue.

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La partie sud de la ville possède elle aussi des quartiers propres au shopping : Gan HaHashmal, non loin de la rue Allenby, entre les rues Yehuda Halevi et Menachem Begin. Ici sont concentrés des jeunes designers cherchant à se faire un nom. L’atmosphère unique de Neve Tzedek - le quartier le plus pittoresque de la ville - a attiré un bon nombre des designers. La rue Shabazi est la rue principale, vous pourrez y trouver vêtements, chaussures, bijoux, objets en céramique, livres, magasins bio, cafés et restaurants. Le Vieux Jaffa vous offre galeries et magasins de bijoux avec en toile de fond une vue imprenable sur la mer et Tel Aviv. Le marché aux puces est l’occasion de faire de nombreuses trouvailles, les prix sont toujours négociables. Toute cette diversité fait de Tel-Aviv une expérience unique pour le shopping, dans les galeries marchandes ou dans la rue, une expérience que vous ne trouverez nulle part ailleurs.

121 Dizingoff St. tel aviv

{Hakarmel market}

Introducing the one little corner of Tel Aviv that serves to remind us of the good old days Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you – Shuk HaCarmel! This old-fashioned and typically Middle Eastern shuk is one of the most inescapable places in Tel Aviv and you always seem to end up there one way or another- even if you don’t need to actually buy anything! So, take a deep breath, hold onto your bags and let’s step in… There is absolutely nothing that you cannot find in this market items like clothes, belts, T-shirts, underwear, costume jewelry, shoes, and sandals. Fresh fruit and vegetable stands that have made this shuk famous. There are several coffee houses and restaurants dotting both the inside border of the shuk and the many side streets leading off the main hub. It’s guaranteed that after this little visit, you will truly feel as though you’ve had a genuine Israeli experience.

{The Flea Market}

This is where you can find anything from a dress, through fabrics, into antic tables and chairs, or maybe just a 16th century door knob. The Flea Market in Jaffa is one of the more charming places to walk around. The real day of activity is Friday, when all the shops take out their merchandise on to the street. French sofas, an old shawl, a carved oak table and pillow covers from India, Judaica, old enamel kitchenware, antic clocks and what not, you can probably find anything here.

{The Bezalel Market}

The Bezalel Market offers a range of clothes, shoes, bags, underwear, home appliances, and rugs from leading stores at bargain prices. There are often genuine items from well-

{Базар Ха-Кармель}

Уважаемые дамы и господа! Добро пожаловать в жемчужину Тель-Авива с запахом ностальгии по старым добрым временам - Шук Ха-Кармель. Этот старомодный и типично ближневосточный рынок является одним из самых неизбежимых мест в Тель-Авиве и вы всегда какимто образом можете там оказаться - даже если вы зашли отнюдь не за покупками! Так что соберитесь с духом, захватите сумки и вперед... Здесь вы можете найти все что пожелаете: предметы одежды, ремни, футболки, нижнее белье, украшения и обувь. Прилавки свежих овощей и фруктов, которыми славится рынок, радуют глаз своим разнообразием. На территории рынка и на близлежащих переулках мелькают кафе и рестораны.



Markets in Tel Aviv-Jaffa My appointment at Dr. Jerry's clinic was pleasant, and I got reflexology as a bonus

known brand names on offer here such as The Gap and Old Navy, as well as beautiful French dresses and other treasures. (located on Bezalel Street, off King George Street)

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{Nachalat Binyamin Market}

Open every Tuesday and Friday, the market offers a wonderful display of authentic, hand-made Israeli arts and crafts ranging from jewellery to glassware to hand-made puppets to Judaica items.

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{Dizengoff flea market}

Dizengoff Square hosts a flea market every Tuesday and Friday where you can snag a unique antique or second-hand dress at bargain prices.

{The Port Market}

Come taste, smell and savor the finest cheeses, wines, sausages and meats that the fertile lands of Israel have to offer. Wander around the stalls, relax with a cup of coffee by the sea or stop by a restaurant or a food stand from the best chefs in Israel.

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{The Farmers' Market}

The Farmers Market is yet another glorious testament to our small country's biblical reputation as the "land of milk and honey." Come taste the local produce, and make sure to bring a basket, every Friday from 7:00 AM TO 3:00 PM.

В ходе небольшого путешествия по Шук Ха-Кармель, вы непременно ознакомитесь с настоящими израильскими буднями.

Блошиный рынок}

Здесь вас ожидает море находок - от одежды, украшений и материи до антикварной мебели или просто дверной ручки 16-го века. Блошиный рынок в Яффо не перестает завораживать посетителей своей неординарностью. Пик активности приходится на пятницу, когда товар из магазинов на территории рынка выставляют на продажу под открытым небом. Французские диваны, старинные шали, дубовый стол, индийские наволочки, предметы Иудаики, кухонная посуда из старинной эмали, антикварные часы, чего здесь только не найти...

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Markets in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

{Рынок Бецалэль}

Рынок Бецалэль славится смешными ценами на товар. Здесь можно найти по дешевке разнообразную одежду, обувь, сумки, нижнее белье, хозтовары и ковры из ведущих магазинов. Часто попадаются фирменные изделия от известных брендов, таких как The Gap, Old Navy, а также красивые французские платья и другие находки. (ул. Бецалэль, угол Кинг Джордж)

{Базар Нахалат Биньямин}

Два раза в неделю - по вторникам и пятницам, ремесленники торгуют своими оригинальными ручными изделиями на улице Нахалат Биньямин. Удивительный выбор украшений, изделий из стекла, игрушек и предметов Иудаики.

{Le marché Hakarmel}

Voici l’endroit de Tel-Aviv qui va vous rappeler le bon vieux temps : le Shuk HaCarmel ! Ce marché typiquement oriental est l’un des endroits incontournables de Tel-Aviv. On finit toujours par y arriver, même si on n’a rien besoin d’y acheter. A vos cabas et en route… On y trouve tout : vêtements, ceintures, tee-shirts, , bijoux de fantaisie, des chaussures, sandales mais aussi fruits et légumes frais, c’est d’ailleurs pour cela qu’il est célèbre. Vous trouverez aussi des cafés et des petits restaurants dans ce quartier très animé et dans ses rues avoisinantes. A la fin de votre visite, vous aurez véritablement fait connaissance avec un des hauts lieux de Tel Aviv, une expérience israélienne à 100 %.

{Le Marché aux Puces}

Vous y trouverez certainement quelque chose : une robe, des tissus, des tables et des chaises anciennes, ou peut-être juste un bouton de porte 16e siècle. Le marché aux puces de Jaffa est l’un des endroits les plus charmants. Il est le plus animé le vendredi : tous les magasins étalent leur marchandise dans la rue. Canapés français, un vieux châle, une table en chêne sculpté et les taies d’oreiller d’Inde, des objets rituels juifs, de vieux ustensiles de cuisine en émail, des vieilles…


{Портовый рынок}

Приходите и пробуйте на вкус и на запах, посмакуйте лучшие сыры, вина, колбасы и мясо, предлагаемые плодородной землей Израиля. Побродите между ларьками, расслабьтесь за чашкой кофе у моря или же посетите один из ресторанов или кулинарных стендов лучших израильских шефов.

{Фермерский рынок}

Фермерский рынок Фермерский рынок – это еще одно славное свидетельство библейской репутации нашей маленькой страны в качестве “земли, текущей молоком и медом”. Приходите, чтобы попробовать местной продукции и не забудьте прихватить корзинку побольше, каждую пятницу с 7.00 утра до 3.00 дня.

{Le marché de Bezalel}

Le marché de Bezalel offre une gamme de vêtements, chaussures, sacs, vêtements, appareils ménagers, et tapis à prix intéressants. On y trouve souvent des dégriffés tels que Gap et Old Navy, ainsi que de belles robes françaises et d’autres trésors. (Situé rue Bezalel, angle de la rue King George)

{Le Marché Nachalat Binyamin}

Ouvert le mardi et le vendredi, le marché présente des travaux artisanaux israéliens: bijoux, verrerie, marionnettes, objets de culte.

{Le marché fermier}

Le Marché fermier est un autre glorieux rappel de la réputation biblique de notre petit pays de "pays où coulent le lait et le miel". Venez goûter à la production locale et assurez-vous de venir avec un panier, chaque vendredi du 7h00 à 15h00.

{le Marché du Port}

Le Port de Tel Aviv est fier de présenter le Marché du Port, ouvert dans le Hangar 12 avec une vue sur les vagues. Venez goûter, sentir et savourer les fromages, les vins, les saucisses et les viandes les plus délicats que les terres fertiles d'Israël ont à offrir.

Jewish holiday Shavuot, the Festi val of Weeks, is th e Jewish holiday “weeks”, refers to celebrating the ha the timing of the rvest season in Isr festival which is he the anniversary of ael. Shavuot, wh ld exactly seven we the giving of the ich means eks after Passover. Ten Commandm One of the custo Shavuot also comm ents to Moses an ms is to dress en emorates d th tir e ely in white cloth Israelites at Moun and their friends ing, and kids have t Sinai. . Once you’ve chos a unique custom en your attire an where to spend tw of spraying water d hosed down th o of the nicest da e neighbors, all th on cars ys of the year. The festival of Sh at is left is deciding avuot creates a gr how and eat atmosphere and offers an abun dance of fun activ ities in the heart of nature.

я. В праздник, символизирующий сезон сбора урожа Шавуот, или Праздник Недель – это еврейский ника Песах и до празд дня го второ Со и. недел ает означ от» буквальном переводе с иврита слово «шаву ом х недель. Шавуот также напоминает об историческ начала праздника Шавуот отсчитывают семь полны Синай. горе на ля Израи у народ и ю Моисе едей событии – даровании Десяти Запов динарный» одежду, а у детей существует немного «неор В канун праздника принято надевать белую й наряд и ничны празд рали подоб друга. Если вы уже обычай – брызгаться водой и обливать друг провести два самых как и где ся елить опред это тсяостае вам осмелились облить всех соседей, все что погожих дня в году. зможные феру и приглашает всех желающих на всево Праздник Шавуот создает идеальную атмос . небом развлекательные мероприятия под открытым Shavuot, la Fête des Sem aines, est la fête juive qui célèbre les moisso exactement sept sem ns. Elle tombe aines après la Pâque . Shavuot commémo don des dix command re également le ements à Moïse et au x pe L’une des coutumes uple juif au Mont Sin est de s’habiller tou aï. t en blanc. La coutum les enfants est celle e que préfèrent de s’arroser mutuellem ent d’eau. Ceci étant reste à choisir comme fait, il vous nt passer ces deux jou rs de fête, parmi les de l’année. plus agréables La fête de Shavuot cré ée une atmosphère toute particulière et une gamme d’activit propose toute és en pleine nature.


Cell +972.54.7000213 6 Koifman St. Tel Aviv. |

Born to be proud... Welcome to Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps. Tel Aviv is one of the most attractive destinations for GLBT tourists, with its wonderful sunny weather, beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and hundreds of fine cafés and bistros. Tel Aviv’s gay scene is very active, and in fact, Tel Aviv has rightfully become one of the gay capitals of the world. Israel is now one of the world’s most progressive countries in terms of equality for the GLBT community Every June for the last 11 years, the gay community in Israel celebrates gay pride in the streets of Tel Aviv. The city of Tel Aviv is bedecked in the rainbow colors for a week with the pride flag weaving from the flagpole all over the city. This year June 10 will be the highlight Tel Aviv’s pride week, with the biggest parade ever. Добро пожаловать в Тель-Авив – город, который никогда не спит. ТельАвив является одним из самых привлекательных туристических центров мира для гей-общественности..Удивительная солнечная погода, красивые пляжи, кипящая ночная жизнь и сотни модных кафе - идеальное сочитание для незабываемого отдыха. Тель-Авив славится активным сообществом гейев и по праву считается одной из столиц гомо-лесбийской общественности. Сегодня Израиль является одной из самых продвинутых стран, борящихся за равноправие гей-общества.Каждый июнь гей-сообщество Израиля отмечает день секс-меньшинств на улицах Тель-Авива. На протяжении недели город заполнен флагами всех цветов радуги.В этом году самое знаменательное событие гей-недели - гей-парад будет проводиться в Тель-Авиве 10-го июня. Bienvenue à Tel Aviv, la ville qui ne dort jamais. Tel Aviv est une des destinations les plus prisées des touristes GLBT, grâce à son climat ensoleillé et ses merveilleuses plages de sable. Sans oublier une vie nocturne trépidante et des centaines de cafés et bistrots. La scène gay de Tel Aviv est très active et la ville est de fait une des capitales gay du monde, Israël étant considéré comme un pays des plus modernes en terme d’égalité pour la communauté GLBT. Cela fait dix ans que la communauté gay et lesbienne organise une parade dans les rues de Tel Aviv, au mois de juin. La ville se pare alors des couleurs de l’arc en ciel et la bannière gay est fièrement brandie. Cette année, on prévoit que la parade, évènement saillant de la semaine des gays qui aura lieu le 10 juin dépasse toutes les précédentes.



what's up...?



Sunday ng Maria Ko Companys r e c Dan il Miss Braz 0 21:0 center


Tel Aviv A Art Fair pace,

20:30 eatre Cameri th ci St. do da Vin ar n o e 30 L 60 03-60609



n Chalk

asia The Cauc Circle

22: 188123 03-5


10:30-16:30 Ha’tachana


Food Festival ’ir a H Tel Aviv m ’a Ta ua at the ei Yehosh




ook Week

Hebrew B 6pm-11pme ar


Chihuly llery Litvak Ga 3440






21:00 Suzanne dellal center 03-5105656

an 17:30 1 K rry Mann Bryan Fe a y li rz e H m Auditoriu 73 03-52473

Israel Security 2011 el The Isra n Conventio el Aviv Center, T






h Gesher T 20:30 00 03-51570




15:00 712 052-7782



Saturday k


lA 22:00 Te ter n e C Arts 00 03-69277



Festival Sunbeat Hurshata

r– Open Doo n Raichel a d I India& viv Performing

Don Juaneatre


21:00 viv atre, Tel A Cameri The 0 03-606096

p azrieli am 0 20:0 221 072-275-3




es Gypsy Blu LOYKO - hitheatre

tz St.*

Rabin Squ


C 20:00 13 82 2 8 18 -5 3 0

4 Berkovi

ZLIYA IDC HER Asaf Avidan USE 20:30 Zappa Tel Aviv OPEN HO arim fey Nesh

Rabin Squ



Hebrew ek Book We :00 18:00-23 e

21:00 Zappa Tel Aviv 03-7626666

Ramat Gan 73 03-52473 .il .co n aa e .l www

22:00 Opera House of the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center 03-6927777



Resital to






Gay Tel Aviv Parade

Dance Batsheva s Premiere Company : ’s in ar Ohad Nah 1 2 h Sade 21:00 ter dellal cen Suzanne 56 03-51056

“From village Zappa Tel Aviv 66 to city” 03-76266


Bob DylanStadium

Ladysmith Black Mambazo


an & Avid f a s s A Mojo ub The00 Barby cl




Shavuot Christian McBride

18:00 Gan n grounds Exhibitio

20:30 ci St. do da Vin 30 Leonar 60 03-60609


p 21:00 Zap 66 6 6 2 6 -7 3 0





ve Shavuot E A PEOPLE THE VOCa Tel Aviv







S i Gebo Art Bocell v vi A l drea tival in e n T A 1 s 014 Fe 077 330 Opera a d a s a M 6 2 2 *6


ellal ce Suzanne d 21:00 56 03-51056

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dellal Suzanne 56 6 5 10 -5 03










22:00 b Barby clu 3 03-518812


ight White N ional t a n Inter Festival Night All Day&




Events of the month

Events of the month





Voca People

Christian Mcbride

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade 2011

A white night

A new inter-galactic phenomenon like no other show. Amazing vocal sounds, accapella singing with the art of beat box creating an incredible range of sounds and instruments. An evening of total excitement, music of all times, comedy and audience participation.

Is an American jazz bassist. He is regarded as a virtuoso, and is one of the most recorded bassists of the last 20 years.

The parade passes through downtown Tel Aviv and features trucks with dancers and DJs. It ends at the beach where the partying continues until sunset

For the last four years, Tel Aviv is having a “white night” all over the city. Restaurants will be open all night offering special deals; there will be late night theatre shows, music, art, special night time tours of the city and much more. So make sure you stay awake…

20:00 Zappa Tel Aviv | 03-7626666

9.6.2011 Sadeh21 The Batsheva Dance Company will premiere Sadeh21 a new dance work by Ohad Naharin Allusive and elusive as ever, the work invites our curiosity, engaging the viewer intellectually and emotionally without limiting the imagination. The name suggests possibilities: the word sadeh in Hebrew means field, and the possibilities of associations from nature, religion, literature, art, physics – or any number of fields – seems endless. 9.6-11.6, 15.6-18.6 Suzanne Dellal center 03-5105656

13.6-16.6.2011 Ta’am Ha’ir Food Festival This festival showcases one-hundred restaurants that present a tasting menu of their signature dishes at an affordable price. This event draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. So if you’re a bona fide foodie, be sure not to miss out on some of the best restaurants Tel Aviv has to offer. Ganei Yehoshua at the Tel Aviv Exhibition grounds. 18:00

 women’s haircut men haircut  color and highlights  evening& bride hairstyles  blow-dry  straightening hair  wax  make up  permanent make up  cosmetics

Женская/мужская стрижка  Окрашивание и мелирование волос  Вечерние и свадебные прически Укладка феном  Выпрямление волос  Маникюр и педикюр  Макияж  Перманентный макияж  Косметика 

 Coupes femme  Coupe homme  Brushing  Coiffures  de cérémonie  Couleurs et mèches  Maquillage  Bronzage  Massages corporels  Soins du visage  Epilation à la cire  Coiffure de soirée/de mariage  Lissage  Maquillage permanent

180 Ben Yeuda Street Tel Aviv Tel : 03-5278084/5/6 Sun & Wend: 11:00-24:00 Mon,tues,thurs: 11:00-21:00 Fri: 9:00-15:00


20.6.2011 Bob Dylan



Be a tourist, feel at home

Visiting Tel Aviv on business or pleasure? Enjoying a family vacation? Relocated and need a home away from home?

Bob Dylan is coming to Israel as part of an international tour that began in early April in the Far East included: Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia-New Zealand. The tour will continue from Israel to leading sites in Europe. Ramat Gan Stadium 03-5247373

‘Dinami – Holiday Apartments’ can provide the perfect cost effective and convenient accommodation: Self contained, superbly located, high standard and well equipped serviced short and long term apartments. Bring your suitcase and let us take care of the rest. Tel 972-3-7414795 | 972-3-7414798 | Fax 972-7414797 |



Museums and galleries


Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv

a multi-disciplinary museum focusing on the history and culture of the Land of Israel through an array of extensive permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibits in archaeology, ethnography, folklore, Judaica, cultural history and local identity, traditional crafts and practical arts. 2 Haim Levanon St. | 03-6415244

Ben-Gurion Museum

Helena Rubinstein’s pavilion for Contemporary Art

Permanent and changing exhibitions of Israeli and International Art. 6 Tarsat Bould. | 03-5287196

The Israeli Museum at the Yitzhak Rabin Center

David Ben Gurion is first Prime Minister of Israel. In the museum you’ll have a chance to look into his private and public life. 17 Ben-Gurion St. | 03-5221010

The Israeli Museum at the Yitzhak Rabin Center is the first and only museum in Israel to detail the history and development of the modern State of Israel. 14 Haim Levanon st. | 03-7453358

Bialik house

The Jabotinsky Museum

colorful house of Israel's most highly acclaimed poet, Haim Nachman Bialik, which is appropriately situated on Bialik Street The house itself contains books, letters and works given to Bialik by Israel's finest artists and a special children's room which offers activities for children related to Bialik's well known nursery rhymes. 22 Bialik St. | 03- 5254530

Etzel Museum

This museum is the history of the struggle for Independence (1947-1948). The main exhibit – the Passover 1949 campaign to liberate Jaffa. The idea of the Etzel movement itself is the free entrance of Jews to Palestine. 38 King George St. | 03-5284001

Ilana Goor Museum

Located on the 3rd floor of the artist’s residence in Old Jaffa. The building is very old dated 1740. Exhibition presents paintings, sculptures, furniture of Israeli and foreign artists. 4 Mazal Dagim St. | 03-6837676

Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

A rich collection of modern and old paintings are presented by works of Israeli and foreign artists. Works of Cezanne, Chagall, Dali, Monet, Henri Moore, Auguste Rodin, Archipenko, Picasso, Klimt, Kadinsky and others are among the many works represented in the collection. 27 King Shaul Bould. | 03-6961297


Zeev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky – the famous leader of Zionism movement. The history of the Revisionist Movement and Etzel and Lehi underground movements.

Visitors center old Jaffa

Visitors Center is located in Kedumim Square in the Old City of Jaffa in a unique underground old building. The Visitors Center has a light and sound show about the past and present of the Old City of Jaffa, including a movie and life-sized figures placed within the dig representing a range of figures from different eras at the site. 03-5184015

Bible Museum

The Museum has the wings “The Bible in Art” that includes paintings, sculptures and ceramics, and “The Bible in Print” – Commentaries on the Bible and Apocrypha; books on biblical criticism, history, geography and archeology; maps and photos. Dizengof House, 16 Rotchild Blvd | 03-5177760

Hagana Museum

The Hagana Museum describes the horrors of the situation in the country on the eve of the formation of the Hagana organization, the activities of the organization in the efforts to get a Jewish state, the development of the organization and its achievements. 23 Rothschild Blvd. | 03-5608624


'Prenez un bout de Jérusalem'

Museums and galleries

Lechi Museum - Beit Yair

The exhibits are devoted to "Lehi" organization (Fighters for Israel freedom) and one of its founders - Abraham Shtern. The history of Independence War in the period of British mandate in photos and documents. Library, archives. 8 Avraam Shtern St. | 03-6820288

Beit Hatefusoth

The history of Jews, their life in different countries for 2500 years – what can be more important for the history and for the present of the people who started to create their own country only 50 years ago. All the exhibits produce a great impression: dioramas, audiovisual displays, documentary films, computers and multimedia presentations. Klauzner St. | 03-6408000

Rokach House

was built in 1887, the house of Shimon Rokach, the head of community who had the vision and the initiation to build the first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa walls. 36 Shomon Rokach st. | 03-5168042

The Palmach Museum

The Palmach Museum is an experiential museum, covering the Palmach legacy through the stories of individuals and groups. 10 Haim Levanon st. | 03-6436393

Shalom Aleichem Museum

Shalom Aleichem (Shalom Rabinovich) a famous Jewish writer. The house is devoted to Yiddish culture. Permanent exhibition about Shalom Aleichem’s life. 4Berkovich St. | 03-6956513

Beit Ha’ir

Beit Ha’ir sits in the historical Town Hall of Tel-Aviv and forms part of the Bialik Complex – a center of Hebrew and Israeli culture that comprises a pivotal chapter in the history and cultural. life of the city 27 Bialik St. | 03-7243111

Nahum Gutman Museum

The Rubin Museum is the former residence of the Israeli painter Reuven Rubin. 14 Bialik St. | 03-5255961

The entire museum collection was donated by the artist's family who wished to illuminate Nahum Gutman's multidimensional character and portray him as painter, illustrator, sculptor and children's author, thus allowing the public to become acquainted with his oeuvre. 21 Shimon Rokach St. | 03-5161970 

Bauhaus Museum

Israel Defense Forces History Museum

Rubin Museum

a new boutique gallery/museum on Bialik Street, showcasing the history and development Bauhaus design in the heart of Tel Aviv’s UNESCO recognised White City. 21 Bialik St. | 03-6204664


An extraordinary huge site, which attempts to portray the IDF, from the early struggle for the establishment of the state of Israel, to the present time. Koifman Cr. of Hamered, Boardwalk | 03-5172913

Collection ‘Moriah’

Bijoux de prestige imbriqués de pierres provenant du Mont du Temple

Jérusalem, ville sainte pour les trois grandes religions, a toujours été le centre du Peuple Juif et l’objet de ses désirs en Diaspora. Son passé radieux, son histoire mouvementée et sa sainteté absolue font de Jérusalem un centre spirituelle mondial. Inspirée par la ville et son symbolisme, le groupe IDC (Israel Diamond Center), expert en design, production et commerce de bijoux de prestige et de diamants, a lancé une collection de bijoux de prestige imbriqués de pierre provenant du Mont du Temple - la collection ‘Moriah’. Il s’agit d’une première mondiale pour ce genre de collections, protégée par un brevet, car personne n’a jamais imbriqué des bijoux de pierres provenant du Mont du Temple. ‘Prenez un bout de Jérusalem’ - la devise de la collection ‘Moriah’ est l’expression de la capacité pour toute personne d’avoir sur lui un ‘bout’ de la ville sainte et éternelle de Jérusalem pour le poser sur son cœur. Chaque bijou de la collection ‘Moriah’ est conçu à la main, transmet un message puissant, en alliant en les matières qui représentent la force, la valeur et la sainteté de Jérusalem : des diamants - la pierre la plus dure et la plus chère au monde, de l’or - le plus noble des métaux, et la pierre de Jérusalem, provenant du Mont du Temple - le lieu le plus sacré au monde depuis plus de 3000 ans. Les bijoutiers d’IDC ont conservé l’intégrité brute de chaque pierre

du Mont du Temple pour en préserver l’originalité et le symbolisme sacré. La collection ‘Moriah’ est composée d’articles dont l’édition est restreinte. Le nombre d’articles dans chaque série est de 7, considéré comme un chiffre particulier dans le judaïsme. Tous les bijoux de la collection sont numérotés et accompagnés d’un certificat d’origine. Le nom de ‘Moriah’ lui vient du Mont Moriah, où Abraham tenta de sacrifier son fils, Itzhak. Il devint plus tard le Mont du Temple où fut construit le Temple de Jérusalem et d’où proviennent les pierres de nos bijoux. Il y a quelques années, le Waqf musulman réalisa des travaux d’élargissement dans le périmètre du Mont du Temple et de nombreux gravas furent extraits du Mont. En 2004, le périmètre de l’Emek Tzurim fut créé en contrebas du Mont des Oliviers pour passer au crible les gravas provenant du Mont du Temple. On y trouva des dizaines de pièces de monnaie, des bijoux, des bougies d’argile, des pierres de mosaïques, des bris de poterie, de verre et de pierre, tous provenant du Mont du Temple et desquels la collection ‘Moriah’ a été conçue. Le patron du groupe, M. Avi Tavisal, est membre de la Bourse des Diamants depuis 1978, deuxième génération d’une famille de diamantaires. A l’occasion du lancement de la collection, M. Tavisal disait

que " la collection ‘Moriah’ compte des bijoux qui sont le reflet de la Création de l’Univers. Exactement comme l’Homme est composé de matière et d’esprit, d’un corps et d’une âme, le bijou se compose d’or et de diamants, qui sont les matières premières les plus chères au monde, avec, en leur cœur, une pierre de la ville sainte de Jérusalem - qui en représente l’esprit ". M. Tavisal ajoutait que " la collection ‘Moriah’ est évoque la stupeur et l’enthousiasme parmi des Juifs, des Chrétiens et des Musulmans, car le porteur du bijou a la sensation de porter sur lui un bout de Jérusalem, ce qui renfonce ses liens avec la Ville Sainte "." Chaque bijou vendu par IDC est accompagné d’un certificat international des plus grands instituts de gemmologie du monde : IGC, EGL, GIA, etc. Le client reçoit donc un document précis et complet relatif au diamant qu’il achète. Nous disposons d’un site Internet en russe. D’autres langues seront bientôt disponibles. Le site permet à notre clientèle d’effectuer des achats en ligne. A l’occasion du lancement de la collection ‘Moriah’ nous avons ouvert un site dédiée à cette collection: La collection ‘Moriah’ est exposée à l’immeuble IDC au 1 rue Jabotinsky à Ramat-Gan, et par la chaîne de bijouteries ‘Gold Time’ de Jérusalem (dans la rue King George, au centre commercial de Malha et au magasin Rolex de Mamila).


Museums and galleries

{Galleries} 97 Gallery New Art Gallery

Engel Gallery


Aman Nelly Art Gallery

Frank Meisler Gallery

Shai Danon Gallery

Amalia Arbel

GINA- Gallery of International Naïve Art

Shakin Studio

97 Ben Yehuda | 03-5290659 26 Gordon | 03-5232003

3 Shaar Zion | 03-5444399

26 Gordon | 03-5225637 25 Mazal Arie Jaffa | 03-6813502

Arman Sarah

255 Dizengoff | 03- 54444150

Arte Vetro Gallery

35 Gordon | 03-5225427

29 Gordon| 03-5225790 217 Hayarkon | 03-5227538

Art Gallery Twenty Four 28 Gordon | 03-5229547

Ascola's Design Gallery 8 Haharash | 03-6888774

Aviram Art Gallery Ltd. 27 Gordon | 03-5234706

Givon Art Gallery Ltd Gordon Gallery

95 Ben Yehuda | 03-5240323

Halachmi Oded

21 Mazal Arie Jaffa | 03-6831379

Horace Richter Gallery

24 Mazal Arie Jaffa | 03-6825842

Julie M. Gallery


10 Betzalel Yafe | 03-5607005

Bezalel Tel Aviv

161 Ben Yehuda | 03-5220678

Bineth Gallery

Museum Tower, 4 Berkovitz | 03-6959496

Bruno Gallery

33 Yehuda Halevi | 03-5175335

12B Hasharon | 03-5666162 60 Salameh Rd. | 03-6824082 15 Frishman | 03-5238910 64 Ben Yehuda | 03-5220635


170 Ben Yehuda | 03-5270547


Limbos Gallery Litvak Gallery

Meyatzeg Gallery Nama Gallery

97 Ben Yehuda | 03-5223954

New Atelier Gallery

56 Ahad Ha'am | 03-5665058

117 Herzl | 03-6822777

Noga Gallery

Chelouch Contemporary Art


7 Mazeh | 03-5289713

60 Ahad Ha'am | 03-5660123 176 Ben Yehuda | 03-5226815

Danon Gallery

Perry Art Gallery

Dvir Gallery

Reut Gallery

42 Frug | 03-5225847

104 Ben Yehuda | 054-4370825

11 Nahum | 03-6043003

3 Hayesod | 03-6812928

Efrat Gallery Ltd.

Sara Kishon Gallery

2 Gordon | 03-5237624


31 Frug | 03-5225069

69 Ben Yehuda | 03-5223751 42 Frug | 03-5225847

1 Kikar Kdumim | 03-6822145

Shenart Studio & Gallery 21 Frishman | 03-5237290

Sommer Contemporary Art Rothschild Blvd | 03-5600630

Stern Gallery

30 Gordon | 03-5246303

Studio Hendelmann

14 Mazal Dagim Jaffa | 03-6834593

The Heder Contemporary Art 11 Gottlieb | 03 5222402

The Scottish House Gallery 52 Yefet Jaffa | 03-5180033

Time for Art

36 Montefiore | 03-5664450

Timor Rachel

12 Frug | 03-5270824

Tirosh Gallery

22 Frishman | 03-5176699

Tova Osman Gallery

100 Ben Yehuda | 03-5227687

Shorashim (hebrew for roots) 2 Habima Square | 03-6853553

Zaritzky Atists House Tel Aviv 9 Elharizi | 03 5246685

Einav Culture Center

Ahad Ha’am Tapas Bar - 27 Ahad Ha’am St. (the corner of Yavne St.) A Spanish décor tapas bar located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s financial district, Serving international cuisine prepared by Chef Yonatan Roshfeld. Traditional tapas menu in addition to other house specialties, such as black seafood paella, warm goose liver served on an apple in white sangria, anchovies from Spain, and much more… The restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood, vegetable and meat tapas, all prepared in a traditional style. Red hot planchas add a true authentic taste to the grilled meats, fish and vegetables. There is also a rich selection of alcoholic beverages, including choice Spanish brandies and classic cocktails from Spain. At lunchtime the restaurant holds private family or corporate events. In the evening the restaurant turns into a colorful, spirited and youthful entertainment spot, offering its clientele a culinary experience as well as lively merrymaking.

71 Eben Gvirol Street On the Roof of Gan Hayr | 03-5217763


30 Eben Gvirol | 03-6950156

ZeZeZe Architecture gallery Mivne 21 Tel Aviv Port | 03-5444261

Tel: 03-5666966 Business hours: Sunday- Thursday: 18:00-01:00, Friday and Saturday: 12:30-01:00


Chef restaurants

Herbert Samuel

All combined in this new restaurant run by top chef Yonatan Roshfeld. 03-5166516


The Famous restaurant of Chef Segev Moshe resident in Herzeliya became a place of interest thanks to the fascinating design and the colorful cuisine. Segev uses the best products available in Israel, whether fish, seafood, meat or vegetables. The dishes are prepared and serve with an emphasis on texture, design and aesthetics. 16 Shenkar St. Hachoshlim St. Corner Herzliya | +97299580410


one of the best places in town. 87 HaYarkon St. | 03-5226464

Hotel Montefiore’s restaurant

Located on the main floor, Hotel Montefiore’s restaurant serves brasserie cuisine under Vietnamese spell. The hip restaurant is the new addition to the city’s Dining life The restaurant at the boutique hotel keeps the tradition of serving wonderful food in an impeccable atmosphere. Whether you’re in for a morning coffee and pastries, a three course lunch or dinner, or a late night drink by the bar, the well trained staff at the kitchen and the elegant service will make sure you wish you could stay with us a little longer. 36 Montefiore St. | 03-564 6100

Vicki Cristina

Located in the heart of Tel-Aviv, north to Jaffa, between the beach and Neve Tzedek, Tapas&Wine bar with genuine Spanish atmosphere,serves a wide variety of Spanish tapas and other Spanish-oriented cuisine with an extremely light Mediterranean touch a great place to spend an evening eating tapas and drinking cocktails in a Latin atmosphere The Station (Hatahana) | 03-7367272


Restaurant is located in the Sea & Sun project in Tel Aviv. The magnificent view of the sea that the restaurant offers and the special connection between the restaurant owners and local fishermen, is expressed in the menu that offers a variety of fresh saltwater fish and seafood that varies every day. For meat lovers, there is selection of dishes from fine, aged meat, carefully chosen on a daily basis. 6 rosenblum hertzel, sea & sun | 03-6996306


Brilliantly designed in monochrome gently hinting at London or New York. 19 Ha’arba St. | 03-6856859


Resto-bar is located in one of the pastoral streets of Neveh Zedek’s neighborhood. The compound was designed by the owner, Golad Dor, who inspired to create a changing atmosphere according to the different spaces in the resto-bar which include a salon, a garden patio & French chateau, all of which are decorated with a collection of artpieces, antiques and a touch of unique household objects. 1 Ahad Haam St. | 03-516 1915

White Pergola

A Tel Aviv tradition for decades, White Pergola relocated from Old Jaffa to the modern and trendy Tel Aviv Port and brought along its excellent reputation for fresh seafood cuisine. This is a fish lover’s paradise where every entrée arrives grilled, fried, or baked depending upon your preference. The menu also includes favorites such as shrimp, calamari, mussels in white wine, and blue crabs with rosemary and garlic. Those with a taste for lobster can choose a fresh one right from the tank. Meat lovers enjoy options ranging from entrecote to lamb ribs, and there are even vegetarian choices and a kid’s menu 1 Yordei Hasira St. Hanger 4 Tel Aviv Port 03-5464747 Also available for special events

Eating kosher is not a compromise!


Fine food, ultra cool setting and elegant style in this excellent Neve Tzedek restaurant 5 Heichal HaTalmud St. |03-5107001

Mul Yam

A restaurant located in Tel Aviv seaport specializing in fish and seafood, was found in 1995 and is the first and only restaurant to be included in the Les Grandes Ttables Du Monde. The menu is unique and runs abreast with menus composed by the best Chefs in the world. Port of Tel Aviv, Hangar 23. | 03-5469920


Voted the best seafood restaurant in Israel so it must be good! Renowned chef Victor Glugar offers a near-perfect menu along with tasty diet choices for those weight-conscious diners among you. 16 Abba Hillel St. | 03-5759060


ut good m all abo eat It's Kosher Phone: 03-5100266

Available for business and private events. 60 Herbert Samuel St., Opera tower, Tel aviv's promenade.



TLV Restaurants

Tel-Aviv is a city renowned for its varied array of bars, restaurants and clubs. Tel-Aviv is fast becoming the centre of culinary excellence and variety, as new, exclusive restaurants are popping up at a staggering rate. The city provides a huge variety of choice depending on your eating-requests. There is of course the added advantage of fresh seafood and locally grown produce to enhance the Tel-Aviv eating experience and the opportunity to eat very late at night, or early into the morning as restaurants now remain open well into the small hours. Obviously we are unable to include every eatery in this index, however, we have carefully categorized and chosen for you, to offer you a wide and varied selection of food at recommended establishments, and you will be able to find all that you are looking for in this comprehensive guide. Now all that’s left for you to do is to eat and drink to your heart’s content.

{Meat} Gili’s Great meat, great breakfasts, great sea-views Tel-Aviv Port | 03-6057777

Baba Yaga

Situated on the Tel-Aviv Promenade Charming atmosphere. Mediterranean and European cuisine/ Special seafood menu Jazz and wine events in restaurant garden. 12 HaYarkon st. | 03-5167305 Meat Bar 52 Hen Blvd | 03-6956276 Mifgash HaSteak Highly recommended for arguably the best hummus and perfectly cooked meat 37 Menachem Begin Way | 03-5623171 Moses Busy restaurant boasting the best burger around "The Art Burger" with plenty of choice for non-meat eaters too - a local favourite 35 Rothschild Blvd | 03-5664949 Agadir Brilliant hamburger place which also offers the best veggie burger we have ever tasted - choose from a dazzling array of toppings and accompaniments,


watch their big screen TV and take advantage of their happy hour offering cocktails and beer at very good prices. 2 Nachalat Binyamin St. | 03-5104442 NG Meat Bar Stylish, trendy and overwhelmingly good in the heart of über-cool Neve Tzedek. 6 Ahad Ha’am St. | 03-5167888 Josepha Bistro&Bar A great bistro located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Special and high quality dishes of meat, fish, sea food etc. 41 Frishman St. | Tel: 03-5221163 Poyke A fabulously interesting South African meat restaurant with colourful décor and delectable food 14 Tirtza St (off Gesher Theatre) | 03-6814622

{Fish & Seafood} Boya A personal favourite - mainly because of the terrific views of the sea. Boya offers fresh fish in a trendy restaurant with the added bonus of outdoor seating right by the water. 3 HaTa’arucha S. |03-5446766 Hasuka Halevana Elegant designing and an impressive

wide inner space; an amazing view to the blue sea; warm hosting and professional service - and of course, wonderful food… 4 Haangar, Tel Aviv port |03-5464747 Tsfoni batayelet Fresh fish & seafood every day 51 Herbert Samuel | 03-5106494 Manta Ray For one of the best sunsets you can see while eating fabulous food, you absolutely must visit Manta Ray at least once in your life! South Tayellet next to the Etzel House Museum 03-5174773 Mediterranean Cuisine French Brasserie 70 Ebn Gvirol St. | 03-6967111 Sergos Bistro Bar-Restaurant. 8 Hamalaha St. | 03-5615121 Kimmel Famous Tel-Aviv restaurant with a nowcelebrity chef. 6 HaShachar St. | 03-5161596 Olive Leaf Magnificent sea view and regional dishes with a hint of French influence in this well designed Kosher restaurant. Sheraton Tel-Aviv Hotel. 115 HaYarkon St. | 03-5219300

Herbert Samuel – 6 Koifman St., Gaon House Herbert Samuel, located in the Gaon House on Tel Aviv's promenade opposite the sea, features creative and contemporary cuisine prepared by Chef Yonatan Roshfeld. The menu includes a colorful array of appetizers, some of which can be ordered as half tapas portions, thereby enabling patrons to enjoy a meal made up of diverse and unparalleled ingredients. The vista from the restaurant's windows complements the Mediterranean ambience.

The wide variety of ingredients, the selection of wines from Israel and abroad, and the bar in the center of the restaurant together contribute to Herbert Samuel›s distinctive character. The spectacular kitchen on the second floor leads to a private dining area facing the sea, where guests can order dishes from the regular menu and also hold private family or corporate events.

Business hours: Business menu: Sunday – Wednesday, 12:30-16:00; Thursday and Friday, 12:30-17:00 Dinner: Sunday – Wednesday, 12:30-00:30; Thursday – Saturday, 12:30-01:00


TLV Restaurants

{Italian} Since 1910 Josepha has been known for her generosity, passionate hospitality and of course... delicious food! Indulge Your Self.

Boccaccio Italian food and an art gallery. all in one 106 HaYarkon St. | 03-5246837 Pronto Considered by some to be the best Italian restaurant in Tel-Aviv Herzel St. | 03-5660915 Bistro Gordon The Mediterranean-culinary experience: Bistro Gordon, which is located at the hotel's entrance floor; overlook's the sea and offers a gastronomic encounter with a modern Mediterranean kitchen.... 2 j.l.gordon st. | 03-5206100

Eastern European Batia Ashkenazi cooking is on offer here. 197 Dizengoff St. | 03-5221335

{Indian} 24 Rupee Pretend you’re in India for the night as you remove your shoes, sit on the floor and eat vegetarian Thali with your fingers! 14 Shoken St. | 03-6818066 Tandoori Fabulous Indian food including perfect vegetarian and gluten-free dishes along with traditional Indian flavours. 2 Zamenhof St. | 03-6296185

Bar Gyora A rich chef bistro placed in a beutifull tropical garden. 64 Dizzengof st. | 03-5240642 Ha'Neviyim New neighborhood Bar with great atmosphere 54 Yirmiyahu St. | 052-2958959 Masada coffee&food Sit outside overlooking the sea in this elegant restaurant offering fusion cooking. Open for 24HRS 7 days 83 Hayarkon St. | 03-5103353 Nana Bar is stylish, charming and offers an unforgettable dining experience in the popular and gorgoue Neve Tzedek area. 1 Ahad Ha’am St. | 03-5161915 Orna & Ella Great Mediterranean cuisine in this hip Tel-Aviv favourite, go to see, and be seen. 33 Sheinkin St. | 03-6204753 Coffee Bar French Bistro 15 Yad Haruzim St. | 03-6889696

Josepha Bistro & Bar is located at the center and Heart of Tel Aviv, serving meticulous dishes of Meat, Fish, Sea food etc. 41 Frishman St., Tel Aviv Tel: 03-5221163 Sun-Sat 12:00 - until last customer


Shalvata Cofee Bar Bar - Restaurant, On the beach Tel-Aviv port | 03-5441279 Suzanna Ultra arty and in a lovely location opposite the Susan Dallal in Neve Tzedek. Good food, good looking waiters and arty clientele 9 ShabaziSt. | 035177580 | 03-5252085

{Japanese} Kyoto A fusion of Japanese and Latin cuisine,this place it ultra cool. 7 shenkar St Herzeliya Pituah 09-9587770 Sushido One of the first sushi bars in Tel-Aviv, this Japanese restaurant will provide you with the freshest fish you can find in their unique sushi creations. 15 Rothschild Blv. | 03-5177794 Sushisamba TLV The Israeli branch of the already successful New York, Chicago and Miami establishments. 27 HaBarzel St. | 03-6444345

The restaurant called "The Old Love of Jaffa" is now located at it’s new pastoral location of the Tel Aviv harbor... 1 Yordei Hassira St. Hangar 4, Tel Aviv Port Tel: 03-5464747 | Fax: 03-5464080

more meat. Go hungry.


3 Razi'el St. Jaffa | 03-5181802 | 03-5274020

TLV Restaurants

Kuba Bar Authentic Israeli Food specializers in cuisine from Iraq and kurdistan. 10 Melachey Israel st. | 03-6090942




Hasinit HaAduma The best &seasoned Chinese Restaurant in Israel 326 Dizengoff st. | 03-5460347

Pasha Try traditional and delicious Turkish food in this hugely popular and successful restaurant 8 Ha'Arba'a st. | 03-5617778


Mexicana Find all the classic and traditional Mexican delights in this conveniently located restaurant - Go Guacamole! 7 Bograsho st. | 03-5279911

Pini B’Chatzer Turkish and Kurdistani food in a great location. 6 Nachum Goldman Boardwalk, Jaffa 03-6839198


{Middle-Eastern Cuisine}

Thai House Cooking anywhere in the world. This unbelievably good Thai restaurant is always packed so we recommend that you make a booking in advance - it would be a great shame to miss out on this experience.. 8 Bograshov st. | 03-517856

Dr Shakshuka If you’ve never tried the famous Israeli dish "Shakshuka" then you absolutely must. 3 Beit Eshel st. Jaffa | 03-6822842


Itzik HaGadol “Shipud” heaven! An unbelievable amount of food is on offer here at this highly popular middle-eastern restaurant in Jaffa. Meat, salads and

Citrin New fish and dairy quality restaurant. Mehadrin Kosher 105 Hayarkon st. | 03-5444442


Tapas 1 Traditional tapas menue in addition to other house specialties. The restaurant serves a wide variety of seafood, vegetable, and meat tapas 27 Ahad Ha'am | 03-5666966 Viki cristina Tapas&Wine bar with genuine Spanish atmosphere, serves a wide variety of Spanish tapas and other Spanishoriented cuisine. a great place eating tapas and drinking cocktails in a Latin atmosphere The Station (Hatahana) | 03-7367272

2C Kosher cuisine at altitude! 49th floor of the Azrieli Tower | 03-6081990

La Terrasse Grill bar - entress,first course, plats, main course, desserts 14 Ahad Ha'am st. | 03-5108000 Le Relais Jaffa Fine French cuisine in the heart of Old Jaffa - worth a visit simply for the exquisite setting. 7 Bat Ami st. | 03-6810637 Derby Bar Popular and much loved fish restaurant. 96 Igal Alon st. | 03-5614545 CafeCafe Tel Aviv Port | 03-5440054

The place of your dreams - Bar, restaurant, karaoke, the food is kosher and all in one place. What more can you ask for… Opening hours: Sun-Thu 18:00-04:00| Sat - an hour after Shabbat-04:00 14 Ahad Ha'am st. Neve Tsedek | 03-5105555


Pizza Pino Delicious brick-oven pizza, pastas and deserts, with great vibe – make sure you get a slice 169 Ben yehuda St. | 03- 5228165

The prestigious “Byblos” restaurant, located at one of the most beautiful spots on Tel-Aviv’s shoreline, presents a modern international cuisine by chef Naor Cohen, who previously worked in Michelin stared restaurants in Canada and Spain. The restaurant’s menu offers a rich

variety of elegantly composed gourmet dishes and a vast selection of local and foreign wines. The glamorous interior design, along with the spectacular view of the sea, will submerge you to the harmonic atmosphere that is Byblos. After dawn, when the sky above

For Reservation: 03-5109207

Address: Kaufman 6 St. Tel Aviv

VIP Reservation: 054-7698033 Роскошный ресторан «Библос», расположившийся в одном из чудеснейших уголков на морском побережье Тель-Авива, предлагает Вам современную международную кухню от шеф-повара Наора Коена, работавшего в ресторанах- обладателях звезд Мишлена в Испании и Канаде. Меню ресторана предлагает богатое

the shore is filled with light pastel colors, Byblos becomes a stylish DJ Bar, offering an inspiring selection of alcohol. On Thursdays, when the night enters its full mode and the troubles of the week is but a distant memory, Byblos opens its doors as an elite night club.

разнообразие авторских блюд класса гурме, исполненных с исключительным изяществом, и великолепное собрание израильских и иностранных вин. Благородный стиль интерьера вместе с потрясающим видом на море позволит Вам погрузиться в атмосферу неги и гармонии. С наступлением заката, когда небо

над побережьем окрашивается в мягкие терракотовые цвета, «Библос» превращается в ультра-модный DJ бар с широким выбором алкогольных напитков. По четвергам, когда ночь полностью вступает в свои права и о вальяжности дня остаются только приятные воспоминания, «Библос» открывает свои двери как элитный ночной клуб.


Hot spots

Sublet Roof Lounge

The official summer refresher perched on the roof of an office building off the Tel Aviv beach. Constructed of two large square bars on two separate wooden decks, there is plenty of room for everyone. Near the balcony on the seaside, there are sofas, places to sit, and tables. The crowd is both attractive and intelligent, and during the afternoon parties on Fridays and Shabbat, the girls are in dresses, tunics, short skirts, and tanks tops, and the guys are in shorts flip flops. This is definitely the place to hang out during the hot summer months. 6 Koifman St, Tel Aviv | 054-7000213


Otto Bar



the night diamond of Tel-Aviv. The official venue of the world brand FTV. Combines a high level of design with quality people, music, alcohol and food. Dress code 27+ 46 Yehuda-ha Levi 46 St. | 052-5447070


Summer in Tel Aviv is synonymous with this place. Situated on the beautiful seaside of Tel Aviv, this summer bar offers a stunning view of the gulf of Jaffa, and the northern strip of Tel Aviv’s shoreline. Koifman 1, Boardwalk | 03-5102060

Located in front of Rabin square Underground bar with “neighborhood bar” atmosphere. you can enjoy pool table and video games while drinking few beers. Adult crowd and fine music. 76 Eben Gavirol St.

Israeli Bar, in front of Dan Hotel. Beautiful crowd and great music. 102 Hayarkon St. | 050-8464462


of the season. The space is huge and is divided into an air-conditioned indoor lounge, and an open balcony with a view to the magical beach of Tel Aviv Ben Yehuda 3 (The corner of Allenby St.) , 5th floor, Sun-Fri 21:00- last customer, Sat 18:00-last customer. | 050-4446664

Octopus Bar

The hottest place for Tel Aviv winter nights Mega bar, where you can find beautiful crowed and great music New The best place to spend an evening dancing and drinking. 3 Hataarucha St. (Tel Aviv Port) | 054-5448444

(African word for summer), which recently opened in the lighthouse, already seems like it’s going to be the biggest hit


Summer starts here. An open bar overlooking the sea. Gives you the choice of either dancing inside the club or mingling outside in the open lounge. opening hours: 9:00 pm-4:00 am Saturdays from 6:00 pm. Age 25+ 19 Hangar, Tel Aviv Port | 054-3320805

Dizzy Frishdon

Lounge bar located at the center of the tlv bar scene (on dizingoff between gorodn and frishman). With it's unique tapas kitchen and various alcoholic cocktails it is the perfect spot for an early snack or a later drink and pick up. 121 Dizengoff St. | 03-5234111

Mike's place

Established in 1992,Mike's place is a restaurant/bar that features American, Italian &Tex Max Mexican dishes. open from 11 am till the last customer, the atmosphere is combination of North American, Irish, and England influences with blues and classic rock background music.


A new new-york style winebar with a european flavor, offers a great selection of wines and Tapas from all over the world. Located in the heart of Hayarkon St. just few steps from the beach.

98 Hyarkon St. Tel Aviv Tel. 054-455-4876

Marina Roof Bar & Pool: Combine swimming, drinking, and socializing with a visit to this unique venue that includes both a rooftop pool, and a bar. The amazing view looks out over a strip of the Tel Aviv beach, and the port of Jaffa. Surrounding the pool are comfortable couches that provide the perfect meeting spot for old friends, and new. If you’re looking for an evening swim and an exotic cocktail, this is the place to find both. Amazing Sunset,Varied menu. Lounge music and acoustic shows. opening hours: 10:00AM-01:00AM Marina Hotel, Kikar Atarim | 03-5211761

Tel Aviv beach – 86 Herbert Samuel st. (next to the us embassy) 054-8192089 New location in Jerusalem with full kosher menu – 33 jaffa rd. | 050- 3313322 Ramat Hahayal – 24 raul Wallenberg st. (ziv Towers) 054-2084191



Night life

Tel-Aviv is the 24 hour nightlife centre of Israel and you will find such a wide and varied mix of venues! Bars for drinking or dancing, or just meeting people, nightclubs, and exclusive after-parties. Tel-Aviv has it all! Photos by: Or Many {Allenby St.}

{Dizengoff St.}

{Florentin St.}

Allenby 40 Good old-fashioned Bar with dance floor and locals and lots of beer all conveniently situated on lively 40 Allenby St. | 052-8929218

Storage (Second Floor) Loft-style bar centrally located with a club-vibe. 98 Dizengoff St.

Barbie You’ve gotta go at least once in your life... 40 Salameh St. | 03-6816757

Allenby 44 An overall similar style of bar 44 Allenby St. | 03-5176441

{Lilienblum St.} Abraxas One of our favourites - packed, exciting drinking and meeting with live DJ’s and good-looking people 40 Lilenblum St. | 03-5104435 Armadillo Laid-back local neighbourhood bar - you can chill out here after a few hours at Abraxis as it’s just next door. 40 Lilenblum St. | 03-6205573 Lima Lima Lounge Bar Is it a bar? Is it a club? Not too sure really, it depends on what time you roll up… but it keeps on going all through the night! 42 Lilenblum St. | 03-5600924 Nanuchka Another editor-favourite - brilliant atmosphere in this Georgian bar with fabulous Georgian delicacies 48 Lilenblum St. | 03-5162254

{Nachalat Binyamin St.} La Champa This Tapas bar offers a cool atmosphere and very good Spanish cuisine 52 Nachalat Binyamin St. | 077-2008636


Armadillo Cerveza Another branch of the above-mentioned bar and equally as inviting 174 Dizengoff St. | 03-5293277 Bar Giora Very cool neighbourhood bar with a smoking room (shh!) and food to soak up the great selection of alcohol, they also have a pool table.. 4 Bar Giora St. | 03-6204880 Ilka Dark Broody and pretty successful local pick-up bar 148 Dizengoff St. | 054-8030706 Rosa Parks Favourite of the celebs - see and be seen in this über-trendy bar. 265 Dizengoff St. | 054-6439958 Sex Boutique The bar at street level is attractively backlit and sports large erotic pictures on the walls. Perhaps a little forward for parents, first dates, and impressionable high schoolers on Birthright. 544 Dizengoff St. |03-4555122

{Carlibach St.} Cat and dog late underground club, mix of electro music and great crowd 23 Caribach St.

Methuselah The best wine bar in the city, good music, greate food. Florentine neighborhood, 16 Uriel Acosta St. | 03-6811018

{Ben Yehuda St.} 15 minutes A neighbourhood bar experience 15 Arlozorov St. corner of Ben Yehuda St. 054-5908100 Eiezer Very busy and popular bar. 186 Ben Yehuda St. | 03-5275961 Friends Not quite “Central Perk” but still worth a vist 186 Ben Yehuda St. | 054-8035757 The KEY Club Your best underground club in town. 052-6710726 Moledet Bar Tel-Aviv City bar lounge, located downtown (Junction of Arlozorov St. & Ben-Yehuda St. - Behined Hilton hotel). offer's the best music & alcohol in the city, open every day from 20:00 PM untill the last customer. 13 arlozorov St. | 052-6400466


Night life

{Ibn Gavirol St.}

{Hayarkon & Beach Area} {Tel Aviv Port}

Gossip super HOT place for the winter nights A place of quality, class, amazing music, luxurious Couches, 4 bars and more... 6 Dafna St. | 050-7650089

MIke’s Place A favourite among tourists and ex-pats with its American vibe. You wont be disappointed! 86 Herbert Samuel | 054-8192089

HaShoftim Another one of Tel-Aviv’s staples on the bar scene with its gang of seasoned regulars 39 Ibn Gvirol St. | 03-6951153

Tomas A new new-york style winebar with a european flavor, offers a great selection of wines and Tapas from all over the world. 98 Hyarkon St. Tel Aviv | 054-455-4876

Rodika In one on the most crowd corners of Tel Aviv Tamuz Bar offers quality food and drinks, with beautiful people and great atmosphere. 147 Yehuda Halevi St.

Chin Chin Mega bar with mega expectations! 3 HaTaaruch St. | 03-5440633 Galina An open bar overlooking the sea, give you the choice of either dancing inside the club, or mingling outside in the open lounge 19 Hangar | 054-3320805

Sublet erched on the roof of an office building off the Tel Aviv beach. This is definitely the place to hang out during the hot summer months 8 Koifman St. | 03 - 5165888

From sandwich and beer to lemonade and fresh salad, these damn good round the clock place will impress you with quality that goes beyond the simplicity of a sandwich



Open 7 days a week from 23:00 Podium Dancers | live Shows | V.I.P Rooms Special show every night There's more entertainment then anyone could handle!

3 Yordey Hasira St. Tel Aviv port 050-5909707 | 050-7714071




The coolest European trend arrives in Tel Aviv If you’ve done any European traveling, you’ve undoubtedly seen the rows of rental bikes dotting the landscape in popular cities such as Paris, London, and Barcelona, which beckon to free-wheeling cyclists who pay a monthly fee for the luxury of grabbing a bike, riding to their destination, docking it at the nearest lock station, and walking awaywithout the worry of theft or maintenance. In some cities, this perk is only offered to permanent residents, but the Tel Aviv municipality has recently launched their own version of this ecologically-friendly and universally popular trend, and it’s open to residents and tourists alike. Whether you want to trade-in the hassle and hustle of traffic jams and overpriced parking fees, or you just want to


cruise around the city at your own pace, Tel-O-Fun works for everyone. The concept is simple. Located throughout the city are locking stations where rows of eye-catching lime green bicycles are docked. The location list is too long to provide here, but they include Allenby, Bograshov, Ibn Gvirol, Ben Gurion, Ben Yehuda, and Dizengoff Streets, as well as many, many others. The locking stations are scattered throughout the city from North Tel Aviv all the way down to Jaffa. In one day you can tour the Port of Tel Aviv, breeze past the shops on Dizengoff, catch the ocean breeze while riding down the boardwalk, cycle to the Tahana for a cup of coffee or lunch, and sweat the steep slope of Old Jaffa while getting


Sushi Combination



a healthy dose of exercise and sunshine. Tel Avivians love getting around town by bike, and you’ll fit right in with this hot new perk.


"Синит адума" Ресторан Китайской и Таиландской кухни

Even if you’re only in town for one day, you can take advantage of this fun and convenient travel option, but if your visit lasts a week or longer, take advantage of the reduced weekly subscription. The fee you pay includes a flat rate subscription for the day, week, or year, with Saturday and holiday subscriptions costing slightly more. In addition to this flat rate, you also accrue charges depending on how long you take the bike, but the first 30 minutes are always free. This means that if you plan your sightseeing so that you always return a bike within the 30-minute window, the only fee you will have to pay for the day is the flat rate subscription. But there is no need to worry if your destination takes longer than 30 minutes; the rates are more than reasonable. And signing up is so easy! There is no need to reserve a bike in advance. Simply go to any locking station and use the service terminal. Instructions are provided in English. Register a day, week, or year subscription and pay with your credit card. When you return the bike, any additional cost accrued will be applied to the card and a receipt will be dispensed. Touring Tel Aviv has never been easier or more fun! For more information in English about Tel-O-Fun, including rates, bike locations, and contact information, go to

THE BEST & MOST SEASONED CHINESE RESTAURANT IN ISRAEL Самый лучший Китайский ресторан в Израиле, с многолетним опытом и историей OPEN DAILY FROM 12:30 TO MIDNIGHT 326 DIZINGOF ST.TLV TEL:03-5466347 DELIVERIES AVAILABLE Открыт каждый день с 12:30 до полуночи ул. Дизингоф 326, Тель-Авив тел: 03-5466347 Имеется возможность доставки заказов на дом


Makers Café

They say that it’s hard to find a good cup of coffee anymore because everyone is selling it on every street corner. And while that does seem to be the case more and more, there are good places to find espresso heaven and cool atmosphere. Makers Café is one of them. Here you can find really terrific coffee, the best sandwich in town, Clean and cool interior Staff makes you feel right at home, relaxed and helpful Give it a try; you're in for a real treat!!!

It will catch you Tel. 054-7000213 3 HaTa’arucha St.




buttle of cava and dessert by having a full meal for 2

10% off With this coupon

kaufman 6 st. tel aviv | tel - 03-5109207

61 Ibn Gabirol St. | 202 Ben Yehuda St.

10% off With this coupon

Free glass of wine

business lunch & delivery not included

326 Dizingoff St. | 03-5466347


by having a full course meal for 2 1 Yordei Hasira St, Hangar 4, Tel Aviv Port | 03-5464747

205 nis

10% off

Instead of 305 nis 50 minutes massage + 15 minutes Oxygen Session

2 Koifman St. Tel Aviv | Tel. 03.516.2252 | Fax. 03.516.2206

for all treatments, With this coupon   

124 Ben Yehuda St. , Tel-Aviv | 03-5273737


iphone ap


Web site: www.vis

FREE GUIDED WALKING TOURS IN TEL AVIV-JAFFA For English Speakers, All year aroun d (except Yom Kippur). No need to book in advance


Every Monday at 11:00 (except holidays) Meeting point: Dyonon bookstore, university campus entrance (Entin Square - Intersection of Haim Levanon and Einstein Streets) Israeli architecture on campus – styles, international influences, stories of buildings and architects, environmental sculpture and landscape design


Every Tuesday at 20:00 Meeting point: Rothschild blvd. and Hertzel Street (on the boulevard) A nighttime tour of Tel Aviv,depicting the foundation of the city through intriguing stories. The tour passes through Rothschild Boulevard, Nahalat Binyamin and the heart of Tel Aviv.



Every Wednesday at 10:00 Meeting point: Marzouk & Azar Street (Clock Square),Jaffa. The tour embraces the picturesque Flea Market, archeological sites, the view of Tel Aviv from the Crest Garden (Gan Hapisga), tour of the renewed alleys of Old Jaffa.

‘THE WHITE CITY’ – The beginning of Tel Aviv

Free Ch as with thi er s ad

Every Saturday at 11:00 Meeting point: 46 Rothschild blvd. (corner of Shadal Street) In July, 2003, UNESCO Organization proclaimed ‘The White City’, the unique urban and historical fabric of Tel Aviv, as a World Cultural Heritage site. This tour focuses on the modern architectural styles and the story of Tel Aviv, from its beginning to today.

The tours are offered by The Association for Tourism Tel Aviv-Jaffa

For additional information call our Tourist centers: 46 Herbert Samuel St. +972-3-5166188 The Historic Train Station Complex | +972-3-7764005

3 Hata'arucha st. Tel Aviv Port. 054-7700141


City map

Gordon Pool






Tourist information 46 Herbert Samuel st. The train station complex Ben gurion airport Emergency Police First aid Fire department

03-9754260 100 101 102

Money Lost credit card lines: amex 1-800-940-3211 Mc 1-800-941-8873 visa 1-800-9416384

Health First aid sos doctor Shachal ambulance service

1-800-225005 03-5625555 1-800-444666

Taxi service Gordon Habima Kastel Shekem

03-5272999 03-5283131 03-6332253 03-5270404

03-5166188 03-7764005

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Saphira Tessler, Psychology, US

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