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To Angie

Who loves JooMyun with a doctor's coat

Can you imagine the smile of JoonMyun? To describe his smile is the hardest part, because it is the cause of the whole anomalous events that do not let you think all day long. Yesterday I was watching him while he was drinking some coffee; I was totally hindered just for seeing how he cackled in front of the person who was with him . The most unexpected moment of the day was when he came to me, he was there in front of me without telling me, he smiled and asked me my name, and correctly I answered correct (?), not some silly. After revealing my name a series of funny events began modeling in front of me, and he invited me to drink some coffee, the same coffee that I use to drink to stay awake at work, but being next to him I didn’t see the bad side of it. His white skin and his eyes that were lit by the dim sunlight made me lose my mind and myself in his sight. Is he an angel?

Yes, it's Kim JoonMyun, an angel.



To Ana Who loves Chen’s smile

There was a guy in the supermarket, he had a funny face and a lovely smile. I was in the hallway of fruits and vegetables , this weird guy approached me and spoke a language I did not understand . —I sinseonhan olenjiibnikka? ( 이신선한 오렌지입니까 ? )— He said pointing the basket of oranges that were next to him, I thought he was talking about them, so I nodded and he smiled at me taking two or three of those beautiful oranges that looked really appetizing . While I ended up buying what I needed for my dinner, which really was not much, I came to mind that beautiful smile that gave me that strange guy. I was in the candy hallway, which is my favorite, but for reasons of weight I couldn’t take any of those delicious candys , and again the guy with the pierced ears was beside me. —Sorry— He said in a very poor attempt of English. —My- my name is... JongDae— added pointing to himself and making me feel like a complete retarded. —My name is Ana , nice to meet you— I replied, trying to make him feel the same way. He smiled and he illuminated his face in an almost heavenly way. Suddenly this strange guy left his basket full of oranges on the floor and opened the suitcase he was carrying on his back , he took out a pen and a sheet, he leaned on his knees and began writing taking his time . "Hi , my name is JongDae, I'm Korean, and I don’t speak English , can you help me to find sugar , cherry and coke ? I'm so lost, please, help me , Ana" I nodded again and quickly as he could he was following me around the supermarket, every time we stopped somewhere, he cackled in a strange way andpointed out the names of everything we saw, apparently it made him grace. He pulled out his phone from his pocket and asked me with some signs to pose next to him, the flash went off and I smiled like I knew this guy long time ago, when he separated from me, he wrote some text in his native language, lifted his face and smiled. Amidst the purchase tried to ask me something in English , but his knowledge was almost nil, so he spoke by signs . We finally got to the cashbox, He paid his articles and I paid mine, we walked to the gate of the supermarket and we said goodbye. After this strange event at the supermarket I arrived to my home and I turned on the TV, there was again that radiant smile that I found in the supermarket. I logged in my phone and my picture with him was all over the internet, Who would say I did knew someone like him lost in this city and specially that I helped him?

His name was Kim JongDae, possessor of the most beautiful smile in the world.