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Amy Lee- Evanescence

HOTSPOTORLANDO Started as a Blog about Orlando, and started going other places too, but it is our foundation. Everything we create, and photograph is based on our Philosophy “We got you on Camera� We like to show everything and everyone to the world, and it is important to always look at every moment as unique, because the last second you lived could never be duplicated. Did you ever think of that? We try to register whatever we can and bring it to everyone, giving them a chance to see what we see. We are originally from Brazil, and yes we write in English because after so many years, it is important to let people know what our people are all about, and how can we do that writing in Portuguese? Life is about moments, choices, and make your way through life sharing, not hiding. For this reason we photograph, and register every moment worth showing. So here is our history and where you can find us. Emails can be sent to: Our phone number for contact is 407-406-4900

EXECUTIVE EDITORIAL DIRECTORS: Ademar Rodrigues Laiz Rodrigues Photography: HotspotOrlando Fashion Editor and Consultant: Patricia Costa. Media Director/Sports Editor Sean Slack. Victoria- Vicky Talking alot Show Collaborator Patricia Nogueira writer Marta Thompson Food/Entertaining Edimundo Cavalcanti Writer-Blogger Bandeira Azul Guaruja-Brazil In this edition: Photos from Miss Vicky by NanyNina Photography

And here we go again. One more time we come to you trying our best! If Life gives you lemons, make it a caipirinha ! The last issue, number 5 in collaboration with BrazilUSA Magazine was the last we did together, we continue with the same crew, but on our own. Now, we are AboutUS Magazine by HotspotOrlando, on our very own unique creative view. For this reason we are restarting in this issue, reason why we decided to make it #1. Life goes on, and right now we are on fire. With all the years I carry on me, besides the birth of my daughter, and my beloved husband, the best moment I remember having in life, was to meet Amy Lee., lead singer of Evanescence, what a beutiful person! I can tell you it was priceless.I really think God has a plan, and if this is what he has to start, can you imagine the rest of the journey?! Wow ! we are rocking! with a few different things, and many pictures and articles for you. We are here again, whole, pouring our hearts to you, with the certainty, that life only gets better. Check it out!

The NBA All Star week will bring over 50,000 visitors to our region, and ge hotel room nights. The Magic are honored to serve as host for this great gam This is a very exciting time for the City of Orlando. As one of the few peopl walk in the cathedral that is the Amway Center, and know we are going to h


enerate in upwards of $100 million in revenue. They will fill over 30000 STRATEGY AND UPCOMING me, and confident that they will come back very soon.” NBA STAR le born and raised here, itEVENTS comes withFOR a great senseALL of accomplishment to host the NBA’s best soon.WEEK Hosted by Craig Sager: Anchorman at TNT, the announcement began by introducing Gail Hunter NBA Senior Vice-President for Events and Attractions. She announced that “ For one week, Orlando will become the NBA capital of the world. The 61st All Star game played in Orlando’s AmwayCenter, will be broad



The birth of the new Amway Center just a year ago is already beginning to bear needed fruit to the Orlando economy as Orlando will host the 2012 All Star Week beginning February 23, 2012. Hosted by Craig Sager from TNT, the announcement began by introducing Gail Hunter, NBA Senior Vice-President for Events and Attractions. She explained that “ For one week, Orlando would become theNBA capital of the world. The 61st All Star game played in Orlando’s Amway Center, which will bebroadcasts live on TNT and ESPN radio in the US, and reach fans in more than 200 countries and 40different languages.”

“ Beginning

February 23 through February 26, the NBA will transform the Orlando Convention Center into basketball heaven. Over 600,000 square feet will be turned into the NBA JAM SESSION that will include events like the NBA ALL STAR CELEBRITY GAME, an NBA DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE ALL STAR GAME, and NBA ALL STAR PRACTICES. On Friday, February 24, the attention shifts to the Amway Center, which will host the NBA RISING STARS CHALLENGE, where TurnerSports talent will pick from Rookies and Sophomores on a draft to be televised on February 16.” “Saturday February 25, will be the famous ALL STAR SATURDAY NIGHT presented by STATE FARM..Which includes SHOOTING STARS, TACO BELL SKILLS CHALLENGE, FOOTLOCKER 3 POINT CONTEST, AND THE SPRITE SLAMDUNK CONTEST. Then on Sunday, the 61st NBA All Star Game.” The new partnership with Sprint was announced thanking the Director of Sports & Marketing for Sprint, Tim Considine. Craig Sager was the perfect host for these festivities in his trademark, colorful suit…Magic colors no less. Flanked by the Magic Dancers and by the Rhythm Drum section for the Magic, it was a great scene. Also on the stage were Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins, Asst Coach Patrick Ewing, and Magic players Hedo Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, and Dwight Howard. Sager briefly spoke with each player, asking them about previous experiences with the All Star game. Once he reached Dwight Howard, he discussed how Dwight had received more All Star votes than any player last year, and how he had reached over 7.5 million votes in the last three years.

"A partir do dia 23 a 26 de fevereiro , a NBA vai transformar oOrlando Convention Center no paraiso do basquete. Mais de 600.000 metros quadrados será transformada na NBA JAM SESSION que incluirá eventos como o CELEBRITY NBA ALL STAR, GAMES um NBA Development League All Star Games, e treinos NBA ALL STAR. Na sexta-feira, 24 de fevereiro a atenção se desloca para o Centro Amway, que será o anfitrião do DESAFIO NBA RISING STARS onde TurnerSports talentos vai escolher entre Rookies ( novatos) e Sophomores (semi profissionais)sobre um projecto a ser televisionado em 26 de fevereiro. " "Sábado 25 de fevereiro, será o famoso ALL STAR NIGHT apresentado por STATE FARM (SEGUROS) .. Que inclui estrelas do TACO BELL desafiando suas habilidades, CONCURSO DE 3 PONTOS, e o concurso ​​ Slamdunk SPRITE. Em seguida, no domingo, o JOGO NBA ALL Star. " Foi apresentada a nova parceria com a Sprint e o Diretor de SportsMarketing da Sprint, Tim Considine. Craig Sager foi o anfitrião perfeito com sua marca registrada, terno colorido ... nada mais nada menos que as cores do Orlando Magic. Ladeado pelas Dancarinas Magia e pela seção de tambor Rhythm para o Magic. Também no palco estavam o prefeito Orlando Buddy Dyer, CEO Orlando Magic Alex Martins, Asst treinador Patrick Ewing, e jogadores de Magic Hedo Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, e Dwight Howard. Sager, em seguida, falou brevemente com cada jogador, pedindo-lhes sobre as experiências anteriores com o jogo All Star. Uma vez ele chegou Dwight Howard, ele discutiu como Dwight tinha recebido mais votos Todos estrela do que qualquer jogador no ano passado, e como ele tinha alcançado mais de 7,5 milhões de votos nos últimos três anos.

Even for the less informed in the car world, the show has an appeal unlike any other ists. America’s story told by its cars, carved by artisans, masters that dare, and showe bol of a time that will never come back. American cars were always known by its siz cars, luxury sedans and muscle cars, turned everyone’s heads in the past. Today in a of transportation. The quality we had then, today is a privilege of few, and the wheel

r. Many unique, collectibles, that will make you dream of a time that no longer exed all their talent on these cars that today could very well be in a museum as symze, rich detail, innovative accessories and lines nobody could imitate . Large family much different economical, environmental society, our cars are reduced to vessels ls turn taking us into smaller and smaller, but not necessarily better.

Everybody has a dream, we are all driven towards an idea of accomplish something great, that will mark our stay in this world, or at least to be remembered by creating something worth sharing. Sometimes we start a Journey, that without advice turns out to be the journey of your lifetime, and I think this is what happened to Jonh. Read his trajectory that started a few years ago.

In 2001 John and his sister Michelle Grant arrived in Brazil with a group to study Capoeira and Brazilian culture for what was supposed to be a four month trip. After four months they began to understand the language and decided to stay. Living in Brazil, John and Michelle began working. They started teaching English in schools in many different cities. John also began working in a Brazilian musical instrument factory teaching them how to make Marimbas, Xylophones, Vibraphones and other percussion keyboard instruments. By working in the factory, John began to meet people involved in the music industry and John and Michelle began to help teach percussion in bands throughout the country. Bands in Brazil were similar to concert bands in the United States only with very limited access to quality instruments and information. On the release of the film ‘Drumline’ a new culture in Brazil was born. Many groups were to formed inspired by what they saw in the film. Rudimental percussion equipment is very expensive in Brazil and very difficult to find to the groups end up using the instruments they have available. Rudimental Percussion did not exist in Brazil in neither did the instruments used in rudimental percussion. In 2004 John and Michelle bought a lathe and started making drum sticks and practice pads in their garage for the kids. American sticks and pads were so expensive by the time they got to Brazil that it was impossible for the kids to buy. Many different types of Brazilian wood were tested but nothing came close to Hickory and still quality sticks were desired and needed.

In teaching these groups John and Michelle noticed that generally each band had one or t sion and music theory but were being held back in their bands or groups. The idea came about to have a Sunday ‘rehearsal’ where each of these more advanced kids level of interest and have the opportunity to receive more advanced information. After a few of these Sunday rehearsals it became apparent that these rehearsals needed to pate and to provide more information it was decided to try to have “camps” similar to ‘Dr weekend and to receive more information. These camps have lasted up to 11 days. In these monthly camps/workshops a group began forming and the name “Tcha Degga D Drag” as a logo, a great rudiment to teach a person starting to play rudimental percussion play and read at least a “Flam Drag”. It works.

two kids that really studied and really wanted to know more about rudimental percus-

s could come together and have the opportunity to play with other people at the same

o be full weekend rehearsals. People were coming from across the country to particirum Corps’ camps where the kids would have the opportunity to play together for a full

Da” was decided upon, using the musical notation of the rudiment known as a “Flam n. The idea was that maybe people would come to the camps already knowing how to

After a few years of having these weekend rehearsals and teaching in many different band meet Patrick Seidling and to teach a workshop together with him. Mr. Seidling is involve ‘take these kids to WGI’. Some of the kids attending these camps are really starting to play at an advanced level and at a high level. A few kids have actually gone out to the United States and played in DCI ( In 2009 Tcha Degga Da was invited to play in a clinic for three days at the Conservatory o internet where a national television station saw them and invited Tcha Degga Da to play i went on to the semi-final competition and received attention and recognition throughout Tcha Degga Da has had up to 140 students at a camp and as little as 12. Each camp is held sometimes schools are available. The costs of food and rent are divided and everyone inv different states and cities throughout Brazil. Tcha Degga Da has had the opportunity to te The instruments used in the camps are borrowed from schools or bands of the students w where the kids played on the ground or even set up a board on saw horses.

ds and groups of percussion throughout Brazil John and Michelle had opportunity to ed in the Drum and Bugle Corps community in the United States and gave the idea to

d if this work continues it will be possible to give these kids the opportunity to compete (Drum Corps International). of Music in Tatui, Sao Paulo. Video recordings of these clinics were posted on the in the television program “Brazil’s got Talent” (Qual e o Seu Talento). Tcha Degga Da t Brazil and in the world. d at different locations. Sometimes it is necessary to rent a house to rehearse, volved helps to pay to keep Tcha Degga Da going. There have been camps in many each hundreds of people since formation in 2005. who come to the camps. Tcha Degga Da has had many camps with no instruments

The costs of food and rent are divided and everyone involved helps to pay to keep Tcha Degga Da going. There have been camps in many different states and cities throughout Brazil. Tcha Degga Da has had the opportunity to teach hundreds of people since formation in 2005. The instruments used in the camps are borrowed from schools or bands of the students who come to the camps. Tcha Degga Da has had many camps with no instruments where the kids played on the ground or even set up a board on saw horses. In 2010 Offworld Percussion sponsored Tcha Degga Da with 20 professional practice pads as a donation to the kids. To decide who would get a pad the kids posted videos on facebook as a competition and received constructive comments from teachers and professionals throughout the world. This attention really helps and makes a difference. Kids who are unable to attend camps send videos to receive instructional information. These videos are also utilized to help other people learn the exercises that are posted on our site. A person can very easily find a video of the exercise they want to study just by looking for “Tchadeggada” and the name of the exercise they want to study. Tchá Degga Da is a non-profit organization. The group is maintained by the members and teachers paying their own way to participate. Any support or help really makes a difference. For more information: Send an email to JOHN GRANT at:

Regular Exhibit Hours Sunday - Tuesday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Thursday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays for Exhibit Updates and Maintenance, except during Orange and Seminole County school holidays. Please check the Events Calendar for Hours changes and updates. Hours and content are subject to change. Orlando Science Center is open on most major holidays except for: Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

The Dinosaur Exhibit is located at the fourth floor, where you can see the bigge creatures that have ever lived on Planet Earth millions of years ago, A moment recompose yourself, will be needed, after you glance at these gigantic bone stru tures. For a second you just imagine them in real life, and it is hard to believe su creatures really existed. They have not only the singular exhibits of each one bu also mammal bones, and other interesting aspects about this era. I really think for the kids that come to see the Science Center, this one causes the biggest imp of all. It is amazing !

est to ucuch ut that pact

The fashion now it's Tokyo! Arigato girls! Chic Harajuku! Gangaru Dolls! Skin is IN! Even though skin-to-porcelain or bronze goddess of Tokyo, a fashionable this and that ahead of its time! Use the base that is perfect for you! Use MATTE. Beige. Go on ... will be fine! For the eyes, play with colors. Think PINK? Do not ... then go from royal blue! Try a bright blue pencil on the waterline of the eyes. Use under the eyes. Now add black and mix at the temples. Use blue shadow on the outside of the eyes. Place a pencil on top strategically placed below the eyes to look for a doll. Very mascara! Use mascara to give quite a plunk in the eye. Do not be afraid to use mascara for a false and exaggerated look ethereal! Cheeks may be tan or pink goddess innocent! For lips, start with an extreme nude lip color. Or try a deep and intense purple for a Gothic Lolita Look!

A moda agora e’ Tokyo!!! Arigatô girls!!! Harajuku Chic! Bonecas gangaru! A pele esta IN! Mesmo sendo pele -de- porcelana ou a deusa bronzeada de Tokyo, esta e uma moda que esta a frente do seu tempo! Use a base que seja perfeita para você! Use MATTE. Beige. Va em frente… vai ficar bem! Para os olhos, brinque com as cores. Pense em ROSA? Não…então vá de azul real! Tente um lápis azul brilhante na linha de água dos olhos. Use abaixo dos olhos. Agora adicione preto e misture nas têmporas. Use sombra azul na parte externa dos olhos. Coloque no topo um lápis preto estrategicamente colocado abaixo dos olhos para um look de boneca. Muito rímel! Use bastante rímel para dar um tchan nos olhos. Não tenha medo de usar falso rímel para um look etéreo e exagerado! Bochechas podem ser de deusa bronzeada ou rosa inocente! Para os lábios, comece com um extreme lábio cor nua. Ou então tente um profundo e intenso roxo para um Look gótico de Lolita!

Espírito de Amor e Alegria Por Patricia Nogueira A revista Ladies Home Journal publicou uma história que fez meu coração sorrir: “- Como vão os negócios, Eben? O homem idoso estava lavando a louça após retornar à casa depois do trabalho. - Tudo em ordem, Martha, tudo em ordem. - A loja ainda está do mesmo jeito? Nossa como gostaria de ir para lá de novo, ver o sol brilhar em seu interior. Como a loja está agora, Eben? - A loja nunca mais foi a mesma desde que você saiu de lá, Martha. Martha corou levemente. Uma esposa será algum dia velha demais para se emocionar com os elogios do marido? Eben e Martha tiveram uma loja de miudezas por muitos anos, mas um dia Martha ficou doente e foi hospitalizada. Isso aconteceu dois meses atrás. Ela já saíra do hospital, mas jamais recuperaria as forças de novo. Nunca mais seria parceira dele naquela pequena loja tão alegre. Não consigo deixar de sentir uma vontade imensa de ver nossa pequena loja, pensou Martha uma tarde. Se for muito cuidadosa acho que conseguirei chegar·lá. Afinal, não é tão longe assim. Levou um tempo enorme até que ela conseguisse chegar ao centro da cidade, mas, por fim, ela alcançou o início da rua onde a loja se localizava. De repente, ela parou bruscamente. Não muito longe dela, na calçada, estava Eben. Carregava um tabuleiro à altura da cintura, pendurado no pescoço por tiras. Nesse tabuleiro havia algumas cartelas de botões para colarinho, outras com alfinetes e muitos maços de cadarços de sapato. Com voz trêmula, anunciava seu produto. Martha se apoiou contra o muro de um prédio próximo. Depois, olhou na direção da pequena loja. As vitrinas estavam repletas de frutas. Só então ela compreendeu o que acontecera. A pequena loja fora vendida para pagar as despesas hospitalares. Virou-se e se apressou para sair dali, o mais rápido que suas pernas enfraquecidas conseguissem. Ele ficará muito sentido se souber que descobri tudo!, pensou ela, e as lágrimas molharam sua face.

Ele guardou esse segredo, e agora eu é que guardarei um segredo. Ele nunca saberá que eu sei o que aconteceu com a nossa loja. Aquela noite, quando Eben chegou em casa, com frio e cansado, Martha fez alegremente a mesma velha pergunta: - Como vão os negócios, Eben? - Melhor do que nunca, Martha – Ele respondeu com entusiasmo. E ela orou a Deus para que o abençoasse por seu espírito de alegria e pelo amor que dedicava a ela”. I Coríntios 13, o capítulo do amor, diz:

“Ainda que eu falasse as línguas dos homens e dos anjos, e não tivesse amor,seria como o metal que soa ou como o sino que tine. E ainda que tivesse o dom de profecia, e conhecesse todos os mistérios e toda a ciência, e ainda que tivesse toda a fé, de maneira tal que transportasse os montes,e não tivesse amor, nada seria. E ainda que distribuísse toda a minha fortuna para sustento dos pobres, e ainda que entregasse o meu corpo para ser queimado, e não tivesse amor, nada disso me aproveitaria. O amor é sofredor, é benigno; o amor não é invejoso; o amor não trata com leviandade, não se ensoberbece. Não se porta com indecência, não busca os seus interesses, não se irrita, não suspeita mal; Não folga com a injustiça, mas folga com a verdade; Tudo sofre, tudo crê, tudo espera, tudo suporta. O amor nunca falha... Agora, pois, permanecem a fé, a esperança e o amor, estes três, mas o maior destes é o amor”. Que esse espírito de amor e alegria nos alcance hoje!



COACH POPPY FLOWER exudes fresh floral - fruity character, which

is supposed to be more refined and romantic than the debut. It opens with citrusy notes, wet ivy, black currant and litchi. Fruits serve as an introduction to the heart of jasmine, rose, water lily, peony and sugared raspberries, fading into the background of amber wood, sandalwood, apricot skin and musk. At Coach Stores US$70 aprox.

Versace’s latest fragrance, Yellow Dia-

mond, is as bright and elegant as the gem itself. An airy mix of pear, bergamot, freesia, and orange blossom, it stays grounded with the faintest trace of Palo Santo wood and musk (at Department stores for$88).

Jimmy Choo fragrance, described as


“feminine yet empowering, with a lot of sensuality to it”

Tom Ford presents a stunning new scent for

a new era of feminine glamour. Tom Ford Violet Blonde is an opulent and dressed-up fragrance that reveals a stunning new facet of violet: ravishing, intriguing elegance. Made with some of the most precious ingredients in the world, it is crafted accordingly to the finest traditions of European perfumery.

Versace, Yellow Diamond , é tão

brilhante e elegante como a jóia em si. Uma mistura arejada de pêra, bergamota, freesia e flor de laranjeira, fica aterrado com o menor traço de Palo Santo madeira e musk Aproximadamente $ 88 em Lojas de Departamentos.

Jimmy Choo

A fragrância, descrita como "feminina com muita sensualidade para ele", foi desenvolvid em cooperação com a Inter Parfums e o perfumista famoso do IFF Olivier Polge. A composição é uma sedutora mistura de fruta e chypre moderno, com notas de verde, orquídea tigre, caramelo , toffee e patchouli da Indonesia. Todos nós sabemos o quão importante Dia dos Namorados é, mais para as mulheres que na maioria das vezes são essencialmente mais romântico do que homens, mas é também uma maneira doce de que as pessoas saibam o quão romântico que podemos ser. Só porque ... Mas seja qual for o seu orçamento é, lembre-se que é importante não é o valor do presente, mas o sentido da importância que o presente irá gerar. Um presente de Valentine é um lembrete de Amor, uma pequena mensagem de Cupido.




A fragrância floral fresco também emana - de caráter frutado, o que é suposto ser mais refinado e romântico do que a estréia. Ela abre com notas cítricas, hera molhada, groselha preta e lichia. Frutas servir como uma introdução para o coração de jasmim, rosa, lírio de água, peônia e framboesas com açúcar, desvanecendo-se no fundo de âmbar, madeira de sândalo da pele, damasco e musk.

A coleção de fragrâncias de

Tom Ford é como os sapatos do

Christian Louboutin do mundo do perfume, chic super, elegante, sofisticada, sexy, clássica e atemporal, um must-have. O Tom Ford Loira Violeta. É exatamente o tipo de cheiro que eu amo, woody, difícil de descrever, e exótica. Também é como se vestir bem, isso te faz sentir forte e bonita em um instante.

marca 20 anos de sucesso com um livro.

Christian Leboutin

He began sketching shoes in his early teens, ignoring his academic studies. In fact, he was expelled from four schools. Going through a punkphase, he was in a few films, including 1979 cult classic Race d'ep. Under the title The Homosexual Century, the film attracted an English-language audience. His little formal training included drawing and the decorative arts at the Académie d'Art Roederer. Louboutin claims his fascination with shoes began in 1976 when he visited the Musée national des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie on the Avenue Daumesnil in Paris. It was there that he saw a sign from Africa forbidding women wearing sharp stilettos from entering a building for fear of damage to the extensive wood flooring. This image stayed in his mind, and he later used this idea in his designs. "I wanted to defy that," Louboutin said.

"I wanted to create something that broke rules and made women feel confident and empowered.” Fascinated by world cultures, he ran away in his teens to Egypt and spent a year in India. Louboutin returned to Paris in 1981, where he assembled a portfolio of drawings of elaborate high heels. He brought it to the top couture houses. The effort resulted in employment with Charles Jourdan. Subsequently, Louboutin met Roger Vivier. (Claims about Vivier is that he invented the stiletto [or spike]-heel shoe.) Louboutin thus became an apprentice in Vivier’s atelier. Going on to serve as a freelance designer, Louboutin designed women’s shoes for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Maude Frizon.

With funds from two backers, he opened a Paris shoe salon in 1991 with Princess Caroline of Monaco as his first customer. She complimented the store one day when a fashion journalist was present and the journalist subsequent publication of Princess's comments helped greatly to increase Louboutin's renown. Clients such asDiane Von Furstenburg and Catherine Deneuve followed. Later ones interested in his stiletto heels have included Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pair of shoes by Louboutin for her wedding. Louboutin has topped The Luxury Institute's annual Luxury Brand Status Index (LBSI) for three years; the brand's offerings were declared the Most Prestigious Women's Shoes in 2007, 2008, and 2009. The list of distributors and location of the stores can be found on the Christian Louboutin website.New boutiques have been scheduled to open in Turkey and India in 2012.

Ele começou a desenhar sapatos no início da adolescência, ignorando seus estudos acadêmicos. Na verdade, ele foi expulso de quatro escolas. Passando por um punkphase, ele apareceu em alguns filmes, incluindo o cult clássico de 1979 Raça d'ep. Sob o título Um centenario homossexual, o filme atraiu um público de língua Inglêsa. Seu pequeno treinamento formal incluiam desenho e as artes decorativas na Académie d'Art Roederer. Louboutin diz que sua fascinação por sapatos começou em 1976 quando visitou o Musée des Arts nacional d'Afrique et d'Oceanie na Daumesnil Avenue, em Paris. Foi lá que ele viu um sinal da África proibindo mulheres usando saltos estiletes afiados de entrar em um edifício, por medo de danificar o piso de madeira extensiva. Esta imagem ficou em sua mente, e mais tarde usou essa idéia em seus projetos. "Eu queria desafiar isso", disse Louboutin.

"Eu queria criar algo que quebrasse as regras e fizesse as mulheres se sentir confiantes e capacitadas.” Fascinado por culturas do mundo, ele fugiu em sua adolescência para o Egito e passou um ano na Índia. Louboutin retornou a Paris em 1981, onde ele montou um portfolio de desenhos elaborados de saltos altos. Trouxe-o para as casas de alta costura de topo. O esforço resultou em emprego com Charles Jourdan. Posteriormente, Louboutin conheceu Roger Vivier. (Reclamações sobre Vivier é que ele inventou o stiletto [ou spike] sapato de salto.) Louboutin, assim, tornou-se um aprendiz no atelier de Vivier. Passando a servir como um designer freelance, Louboutin projetava sapatos femininos para Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, e Maude Frizon. Com recursos de dois investidores ele abriu um salão de sapatos em Paris em 1991 com a princesa Caroline de Mônaco como sua primeira cliente. Ela elogiou a loja quando um jornalista de moda estava presente e a jornalista publicou as observações da princesa ajudando muito a aumentar a fama de Louboutin. Clientes, tais como Diane Von Furstenburg e Catherine Deneuve . Mais tarde, os interessados em ​​ saltos stiletto incluíram Jennifer Lopez, Madonna e Gwyneth Paltrow. Sarah Jessica Parker usou um par de sapatos por Louboutin para seu casamento. Louboutin superou o indice da Luxury Institute Brand (LBSI) por três anos; ofertas da marca foi declarada a marca de sapatos das mulheres de maior prestígio em 2007, 2008 e 2009.

Dresses Object of Art When we were little girls, we dressed our dolls, at least we used to, and explored our imagination. As a child we have the dresses we love and we can't wait to wear them, we walk around the house with our mother's dresses and shoes, hoping to one day look as beautiful as them. In the storybooks the characters have beautiful and magical clothes, that only in dream could be possible. As we grow up, the journey in a woman’s life has a vast collection of defined occasions represented by each dress. Treasures, thophies, to every special occasion planned with great detail. In a woman’s universe the element that will remind her her as the one, or the most successful, charming, or beautiful, could be anything, but she chooses to be the dress. As the journey continues women will embrace not only the dresses she dreamed all her life, or the ones that she never imagined to wear, but comes time when she gets to pick the most cherished, the wedding dress. Life is a cycle, and every time she looks in her closet, right in front of her, a timeline of dresses, to remind her of everything. In this collection presented by many artists at the Gallery of Avalon Island in Downtown Orlando, last September, in each object portrait you could see imagination and magic, art dedicated to the transformation in a woman's universe. Beautiful work created from the heart. The Artists featured in the collection are Donna Dowless in the photo,Dina Mack, Henry Sinn, Meredith Olinger, Robin Maria Pedrero, J Virgil Rice, Gena Semenov,Cindy A. Anderson, Martha Lent, Lynn Whipple, Fritz Stinebaugh and Lori Mirisola .

Roger’s 2012 Breakfast in America World Tour have been coming at a fast pace! US shows have been announced in California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, and Rhode Island. Presale has already begun for the February 28 show at The Joint at Tulsa Hard Rock Casino and on January 30 for the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL! (Details below) In Europe we’ve already announced shows in Germany, Holland, and Italy. Magnificent news for French fans - Roger will be performing at the Olympia in Paris on October 5! Tickets on sale soon.

South America fans – don’t despair – good news will be coming soon! PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED SHOWS USA and EUROPE 2012 USA: Pechanga Casino, Temecula, CA February 24 On Sale Pechanga Casino, Temecula, CA February 25 On Sale Wild Horse Pass Casino, Chandler, AZ February 26 On Sale Hard Rock Casino, Tulsa, OK February 28 Pre-sale Jan. 5 “REWARDS” is Password Grand Casino, Hinckley, MN March 2 On Sale Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, WI March 3 On Sale Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, WI March 4 On Sale Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FL March 7 Pre-sale Jan. 30 “Logical” is Password

Sunrise Theatre, Fort Pierce, FL March 8 On Sale Twin River Casino, Lincoln, RI August 17 Pre-sale Jan. 18 “Logical� is Password EUROPE: Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany June 6 On Sale Retropop, Emmen, Holland June 9 On Sale Zeltfestival, Tuttlingen, Germany July 11 On Sale Sommer Festival, Rosenheim, Germany July 19 On Sale Merano Kursaal, Merano, Italy Sept. 12 On Sale Amphitheater Hanau, Hanau, Germany Sept. 13 On Sale Olympia, Paris, France Oct. 5 Tickets on sale soon!

"Floridian of the Year" Helps Boost International Numbers for November at Orlando International Airport The South American country of Brazil was named the "Floridian of the Year" for 2011 by Florida Trend Magazine. With two daily non-stop flights to Sao Paulo, Brazil from Orlando International Airport (MCO), generating some $280 million for the local economy annually, the robust Brazilian economy has not only made Florida the number one United States destination for Brazilian tourists, it has also stimulated international traffic for MCO. Based in part on the strong Brazilian numbers, a 3 percent increase in international traffic helped offset a slight decline in domestic traffic for the month at MCO. "Based on November numbers, on a rolling 12-month basis, Brazilian traffic has increased by 41 percent at Orlando International Airport. Approximately 203,552 Brazilian passengers can be directly attributed to TAM Airlines' twice-daily nonstop flights from MCO to Sao Paulo. Fueled by Brazilian numbers, we should be able to break another international travel record at Orlando International for 2011 ," says Phil Brown, Executive Director of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. November Statistical Data: International traffic increased 3.27 percent in November with 261 ,924 travelers. Domestic traffic decreased 1.67 percent with 2.56 million travelers in November. Overall traflic fell 1.23 percent for the month with 2.8 million travelers moving through MCO. Y-T -D (Year to date) overall traffic is up 1.6 percent with 32,390,723 passengers Airlines increased service to MCO by adding 62 additional flights per week to destinations including Minneapolis, Denver and Marsh Harbour in the Bahamas. For calendar year 2010, international passengers accounted for approximately 10 percent of total MCO traffic.

"Floridian do Ano" Ajuda a aumentar as estatisticas Internacionais de Novembro no Aeroporto Internacional de Orlando O país da América do Sul do Brasil foi nomeado o "Floridian do Ano" em 2011 pela revista Florida Trend. Com dois voos diários non-stop para São Paulo -Brasil saindo do Orlando International Airport (MCO), gerando cerca de US $ 280 milhões para a economia local por ano, a economia robusta do brasileiro não só fez Florida USA o destino número um para os turistas brasileiros, mas também estimulou o tráfego internacional para o MCO. Baseado em parte sobre os números fortes do Brasil, um aumento de 3 por cento no tráfego internacional ajudou a compensar um ligeiro declínio no tráfego doméstico para o mês no MCO. "Baseado em Novembro, e em 12 meses continuos de dados , o tráfego de brasileiros aumentou 41 por cento no Orlando International Airport. Cerca de 203.552 passageiros brasileiros podem ser diretamente atribuídos a TAM Airlines com 2 voos diarios non-stop de MCO para São Paulo. Abastecido por inúmeros brasileiros, devemos ser capazes de quebrar mais um recorde de viagens internacionais no Aeroporto Internacional para 2011 ", diz Phil Brown, Diretor Executivo do Greater Orlando Aviation Authority. Dados estatísticos de Novembro: Tráfego internacional aumentou 3,27 por cento em novembro, com 261, 924 viajantes.Tráfego doméstico diminuiu 1,67 por cento, com 2.560.000 passageiros em novembro. O trafego geral caiu 1,23 por cento para o mês com 2,8 milhões de viajantes que se deslocam através MCO. YT-D Year to date- (2011 ate a presente data)tráfego global é de 1,6 por cento com 32.390.723 passageiros. As Companhias aéreas aumentaram serviços para o MCO, adicionando 62 vôos adicionais por semana para vários destinos, incluindo Minneapolis, Denver e Marsh Harbour, nas Bahamas. Para o ano calendário de 2010, os passageiros internacionais representaram cerca de 10 por cento do tráfego total no MCO .

O TREM ANTIGO DA CHURCH STREET FOI REMOVIDO. No dia 16 de Janeiro, a Câmara Municipal anunciou um evento histórico e inovador para o Sun bição. Ontem, equipes da RE Johnson começaram a preparar o carro de passageiros da Estação Golfo ,o Railway Museum em Parrish, Florida. O trem será movido um carro de cada vez, o ca durar duas semanas.

O trem partiu...

nRail. A estação localizada na Church Street requer a remoção do trem atualmente em exio de Comboios do Church Street a ser removido por caminhão para o novo local na costa do arro de passageiros vai primeiro e o do motor do carro depois. Este movimento é esperado

Turismo de negócios no Guarujá Ao contrário do que todos pensam o Guarujá não é somente um destino com turismo de lazer, é uma cidade pronta para receber o turismo de negócios. Sua vocação turística fica evidenciada pelos mais de 9.000 leitos disponíveis em 67 hotéis, dois resorts, pousadas e flats de nível internacional. Trata-se de uma cidade com diversidade gastronômica, cultural, compras, lazer e entretenimento. Mas também possui moderna e completa oferta de produtos e serviços para a realização de eventos de todos os segmentos e portes com garantia de sucesso, mesclando as atividades de negócios com a beleza de nossas 27 belíssimas praias. Para promover o turismo de negócios foi criado o Guarujá Convention & Visitors Bureau, associação sem fins lucrativos, fundada em 25 de novembro de 2005, que tem como missão promover e fortalecer, através da iniciativa privada, associações de classe, poder público e todos os interessados, o destino Guarujá, apoiando a captação de eventos nacionais e internacionais que aumentem o fluxo de visitantes na cidade o ano todo. Conheça mais: Escrito por Edmundo Cavalcanti.

Business tourism in Guaruja Contrary to what everyone thinks Guarujรก is not only a tourist destination with leisure, is a city ready to welcome the tourism business. Its tourist potential is evidenced by more than 9,000 available beds in 67 hotels, two resorts, guest houses and flats at the international level. It is a city of gastronomic diversity, cultural, shopping, leisure and entertainment. But it also has modern and comprehensive range of products and services for holding events of all sizes and sectors with a guarantee of success, combining business activity with the beauty of our 27 beautiful beaches. To promote tourism business The Guarujรก Convention & Visitors Bureau, a non-profit association was created and founded in November 25, 2005, whose mission is to promote and strengthen, through private enterprise, trade associations, public authorities and all concerned, the fate Guaruja, supporting the capture of national and international events that increase the flow of visitors in the city throughout the year.

Learn more: Written by Edmund Cavalcanti.

Hotspotorlando/AboutUS: "Parabéns pelo seu novo álbum e o sucesso que você está Loudwire ... Primeiro, deixe-me dizer rapidamente sobre nós ... o Hotspotorlando e AboutUS é u ra, assim como todos os interessados. É em Inglês e em Português. Os proprietários, como diretor na area de relações de mídia social. Bem, sou um grande fã seu e da banda em geral. Eu também sei de sua enorme base em ter a chance de falar com você hoje, e depois sentar com você brevemente quand

AMY LEE: "É verdade. Eu não posso imaginar que seja mais perfeito para a banda. O

"Hotspotorlando/AboutUS: "Evanescence tem um apelo incrível em todo o mundo. sobre: Por que você acha que a sua música e tão bem apreciada pelo público no exte

AMY LEE: "Um", risos ... "É uma pergunta realmente difícil. É realmente incrível o q mos. Eu não tenho certeza. Eu acho que toda vez que vamos para a América do Sul, mas a paixão é enorme. Rock pesado, ainda está vivo no Brasil, e isso é um deleite pa o mesmo. " "Eu me sinto como quando vamos ao Brasil, temos essa enorme festa de recepcao, e ... É algo que você não pode imaginar, tocar para mais de 100.000 pessoas. Eles sao "E porque minhas letras são emocionais, apaixonadas, parece haver uma grande con sil.

"Hotspotorlando/AboutUS: "Eu vi clips de seus shows no Brasil, e mesmo sabendo q juntam-se a voce e ajudam a cantar, especialmente seus hits clássicos como" Bring M passando esse tipo de impacto e todo esse tipo de entusiasmo?

"AMY LEE:" É incrível. É por isso que gostamos de ir ao Brasil. Eu nao iria ao Brasil ouvir e nos ver tocar, somos muito gratos. Nós estamos nos preparando para tocar e saber que pessoas de outros paises sabem as letras das minhas musicas ... E tao pesso tao relacionadas a música em um nível profundo e pessoal ... Muitas vezes os fãs no nos. Esse é o objetivo final (para mim).Não é o Grammy, e não o recorde de vendas, Amy Lee foi entrevistada ontem por telefone por Sean Slack, que e' parte de nossa eq Magazine tem sido uma jornada de grande alegria. Estamos anciosos na espera do concerto! e de encontra-la pessoalmente. Vai ser real


á começando a colher com a trilha sonora de Underworld e os dois prêmios

uma revista digital online e tambem um blog, que atende a comunidade brasilei, Ademar e Laiz são do Rio de Janeiro ... E eu, pessoalmente, Sean Slack, trabalho

e de fans no Brasil e na América do Sul , sendo assim nós nos sentimos excitados do você estiver aqui em Orlando no dia 18 ...

Os nossos fãs brasileiros são uns dos mais fortes .

Como prova de sua última viagem ao Brasil para o Rock in Rio . Você pode falar erior, especialmente no Brasil?

que a música pode proporcionar, especialmente com certas pessoas que conversahá realmente algo apaixonante que vem do publico... sensacao boa, tipo assim, ara nós, porque não é assim em todo o mundo ... Mesmo aqui na América não é

isso ai, pertencemos a este lugar . Nós amamos isto,e nós amamos tocar no Brasil tao apaixonados, e românticos por música. " nexão . Nós temos verdadeiramente uma relação especial com nossos fãs no Bra-

que muitos dos seus fas não falam Inglês, apenas Português, milhares de fãs Me to Life " e "My Immortal", Como isso faz você se sentir sabendo que você está

l, se nós não tivessemos uma frequencia de seguidores, e aos fãs que querem nos e ver novos países desta vez (Com o novo álbum). Eu me sinto muito sortuda em oal ! Eu derramo meu coração nisto ... e há pessoas que não falam Inglês , que esBrasil choram quando eles se encontram conosco por causa desta coneccao entre , mas este tipo de conexão ... É tão especial. " quipe e originariamente de Orlando. Para nos do HotspotOrlando e AboutUS

lmente inigualavel !


Orlando receives 50 million visitors a year. Last night, we received 5 more visi Lee who happen to all be members of the world famous rock band EVANESC here to rock this city to its core, and bring back their unique, pulsating sound waiting to welcome back their beloved group to Orlando since 2006. Let me t


itors‌Tim McCord, Troy McLawhorn, Terry Balsalmo, Will Hunt, and Amy CENCE. They were not here to ride our rides or shop in our stores. They were to the House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, Fl. Evanescence fans have been tell you, it was worth the wait!

We would like to congratulate the winners of our contest giveaway, Da tickets and the chance to meet the entire band. They both were spee

anielle Bologna and Natasha Negron whom we were able to provide echless, and had an amazing time and unforgettable night.

The band came on right away with an in-your-face style with the rhyth Ripping the crowd into an immediate frenzy, the band turned back the clock to Mixing in new, amazing songs from the new album like “Other Side”, “The Ch non-stop. Amy belted out songs with a furious passion and an obvious liking o Men, Old fans, young fans, from all different backgrou

hmic drum pounding found on their hit single “WHAT YOU WANT.” an original favorite “Going Under” with the crowd helping at every point. hange”, “Erase this”, and “Made of Stone”, the energy from the group was of the passionate, emotional crowd who sounded like a chorus. Women, unds were united in a jam-packed sold out crowd.

The show then reached a different level when th fluid piano strokes. Her voice never missed a no new hit single “My Heart is Broken” and the me with “Lithium.” Of course, the night would not amazing to hear the male portion of the audien UP! SAVE ME!” Awesome. After an amazing encore of songs, the con out loudly, along with Amy. We all felt like we w some form or another. An incredible ending to

he trademark piano was rolled onto the stage and Amy’s voice danced above her ote, and sounded as pure as a Rio sunset. Capturing the moment while singing the elodic return to form “Lost in paradise.” The crowd also chimed in enthusiastically t be complete without ending the first set of songs with “Bring me to Life”. It was nce participate with their version of this song singing the male portion“WAKE ME

ncert ended with a rousing rendition of “My Immortal” that the entire crowd belted were in the living room with her, singing a fantastic song that has touched us all in o a dream night.

Personally, we want to thank Amy Lee for the phone interview last week, and of co person with her . We learned more and more about this beautiful talent, and we w of luck in the future. We also want to thank Mr. Lurie from 110 management, 42 W the security staff from House of Blues, and all others who helped make this momen do and About Us Magazine. Please stay tuned with us as we will continue to work with Evanescence an

ourse the chance to sit down in wish her and the band the best West, Chrissy igoe, Marty Hom, nt possible for thehotspotorlan-

nd update you on tour



Orlando has the distinct honor this year of hosting the NBA’s crown jewel magazine thought this would be a great opportunity to examine the incredible p contacted Philipee Moggio, the Vice President for Latin America of the NBA to whole throughout Latin America. Mr. Moggio is originally from Colombia speaks Portuguese and Spanish, a throughout Latin America. Here is a recap of our conversation with him today.

ABOUT US: “ We wanted to talk to you today because we believe this would be nering in South America , and primarily in Brasil. And, since we are based in O next month, we felt this would be a great tie in…. Your title with the NBA is listed as the VP for Latin America. To begin, can you

MOGGIO: “ Thank you Sean. Yes, I am the VP for Latin America, which mean business lines of distribution that includes digital, television, and other platform to grow our fan base and viewership, and increasing merchandising and access

ABOUT US: “The NBA continues to grow worldwide every year with audience think the sport is gaining ground, especially in areas like Brasil which are domin

MOGGIO: “ First the NBA is very committed to growing our global bases and cific to Brasil, that country has a very long history going back to the eighties wh grown in popularity for a few reasons. One, the local leagues and confederation are getting stronger and are doing ver mer games in London. And that create a great platform and momentum as wel NBA players also helps as well.”



event, All Star week starting on February 23, 2012. As such, we at About Us popularity rise of the NBA in Brasil and in South America as a whole. So we o discuss the phenomenon that is American basquete, and look at the impact as a

and serves as the point position to guide the NBA’s growth and promotion .

e a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the immense popularity the NBA is garOrlando, Fl and your signature event, the All star fesitivites are heading our way

u give us an idea of what your job entails and your responsibilities?”

ns I run the business of the NBA in Latin America. Which entails all of our ms, increasing our sponsorship business, increasing our activities on the ground to our products.”

numbers continuing to steadily rise every year. Can you talk about why you nated by the other futbol?”

with that, we have a strong commitment to the Latin American region. Spehen they had a strong international team. And, in the last decade, basketball has

ry well. Recently, both the men and women’s teams qualified for the 2012 Sumll heading into the 2016 Olympics in Brasil. The link between current Brasilian

ABOUT US: “The summe the NBA. The last summer not like it used to be. Man cans…Can you talk about growth in the sport?”

MOGGIO: “ Absolutely. ing lots of grass roots activ are working closely with th in Brasil, last summer we c together 50 of the top playe INTERSCHOOL TOURNA between Rio de Janiero and roots level.”

ABOUT US: “ You can tel travels there, you can feel t TV like the Lakers, Heat, a

MOGGIO: “ We have grea day and Friday nights duri at, the Brazilian year previous, we saw an in ways to enjoy all of the thin

ABOUT US: “ As we discu dersen Varejao, Nanu Gino their home countries and h influence?

MOGGIO: “ Sure, these p program we have on the gr national teams as well whic

er Olympics are also just around the corner which serves as another showcase for r Olympics team from the United States came away with gold, but it’s definitely ny countries, including those in South America are catching up to the Ameriwhy you think that is, and are the programs you are installing a part of this

Our global focus is contributing to more people playing the sport. We are dovities across the region that give access to players to develop in this sport. We hese organizations to put in place the right development platforms. Specifically conducted the “BASKETBALL WITHOUT BORDERS CAMP” which brought ers in the region. And, we had a different platform called the “BRASIL 5 on 5 NAMENT” between May and June of last year that was interschool competition d Sao Paulo. So we are building the platforms to help develop players at a grass-

ll there is a definite buzz in Brasil about the NBA. I know from my frequent the growth of the popularity of the sport. Seeing some of the Marquis games on and Magic..People wearing NBA jerseys, etc…It’s exciting!”

at distribution partners like ESPN who broadcast two games weekly on Wednesing the regular season, as well as the playoffs and the Finals. On the digital side n side in Portuguese increasing significantly. For example from last year and the ncrease of traffic of 44%. So, we are trying to give our fans more access and more ngs that happen on a basketball court through all of these mediums.”

ussed, the NBA is a melting pot of many countries. Great players like Nene, Anobli form Argentina…During the offseason, do these players typically return to help continue to promote the game? As they obviously would have great

players are great ambassadors for the game. They get involved in a lot of the round, making appearances, doing interviews, and sometimes they play on the ch is great exposure.”

ABOUT US: “ The All Star week here in Orlando is going to be fantastic. As you know, thousands of Brazilians will be on holiday here, possibly celebrating carnival here…many of which I am sure would love to participate in the jam session activities, and those lucky enough to get tickets will go as well…Do you have any message for the visiting tourists who may want to join in the festivities?” MOGGIO: “ The message is…Continue to be a fan of the NBA and certainly follow us in your home country whether it is television, digital, and participate in our events when we come on the ground.” MOGGIO: “If I could add one more comment… For us, through licensing and marketing of our products helps our growth. We recently announced a great partnership in Brasil with a company called NETSHOE which is the largest sports apparel retailer. They are going to launch the official NBA ecommerce site in Brasil, Argentina, and Mexico in May of this year. So we are very excited about that. It is a great way to give our fans access to our products, as well they helped sponsor and handle the events on the ground. They are helping us grow the sport.” ABOUT US: “ Wow! I’ll tell you what we can do if you have time prior to launch we could do an interview with all parties involved and help let your fans know about this great collaboration.” MOGGIO: “ That sounds great, Sean. This will happen right when the playoffs are starting, and this will be a great time to get this off the ground.” ABOUT US: “ Congratulations! Mr. Moggio, thank you so much for your time….From all of us at thehotspotorlando and About Us magazine. We look forward to seeing you soon here in Orlando, and good luck with the rest of the season.”


The Year of 2012 has just started and The Central Florida Bra an entire ye As you know the Chamber has worked many years to be a major re sometimes even functioning as a base for some ch This will never change, as CFBACC gets bigger, and stronger it will be a great follow up that has just improv That said, it is important to establish that The Chamber will keep go The administration of the 2011 Board was a great start u On 2011 the Chamber made great accomplishments, and now th

It is with great pleasure that we announce the N

azilian American Chamber of Commerce is already in gear for ear of work. epresentative of the Brazilian Business Community in Orlando, and harity work, as in 2011 for The SOS Rio Campaign. e able to do more for the Companies that will join and it already have ved significantly in the last few weeks. oing straight an forward, following through the path that was laid . under the Presidency of Joao Marcos Pires- APASCORP. he beginning of a new dimension has brought us to this moment.

New Board of Directors CFBACC for the year of 2012.

Treats Come True - A V By Marta Th

Valentine’s Day Treat hompson


P 7 3 2 c 7 p fi

D s c a d

E d fe b

M "T




ipoca colorida

PIPOCA COLORIDA 7 copos de pipoca (ja estouradas) 3 copos de marshmallows (pequenos) 2 colheres de manteiga corante em gel pra bolo 7 palitos plasticos fitas e ornamentos

Derreter os marshmallows com a manteiga no fogo medio, mexendo sempre. Quando estiver totalmente derretido acrescentar o corante na cor desejada, em seguida despejar sobre as pipocas e misturar com a ajuda de uma espatula.Unte as maos com manteiga e faca as bolas de aproximadamente 3 inches.Esta receita rende 7 bolas de pipocas.

Em seguida espete os palitos e cubra com plastico.Decore com lacinho de fitas e alguma decoracao combinando com o tema e as cores da sua esta. Se quiser diversao, faca junto com seus filhos, eles vao amar a brincadeira!

Marta Thompson Treats come true"

phone 407 8106381

colored popcorn 7 cups of popcorn (already popped) 3 cups marshmallows (small) 2 tablespoon butter cake coloring gel plastic STICKS ribbon and decorative stickers Prepare the popcorn Melt marshmallows and butter over medium heat, stirring constantly. When fully melted add the dye in the desired color, then pour over the popcorn and mix with the help of a espatula. Unte hands with butter and roll it in balls approximately 3 inches round . This recipe makes 7 popcorn balls . After the balls are ready pierce it with the sticks and cover with plastic wrap.Decorate with ribbon and some decoration sticker matching the theme and colors of your party. If you want fun, make along with the children, they're going to love the game! Martha Thompson "Treats come true" phone 407 8106381

hotspotorlando/aboutus magazine


Quero dividir minha alegria com voces!!!! Eu gravei com o Gusttavo Lima que e’ o cantor #1 do Brasil e fiquei muito feliz. Tive muitas visitas no site, e quando postei meu video cantando no YouTube foi tambem um sucesso. Isso e’ bom demais nao e’ ? O fato das pessoas estarem curtindo o meu trabalho independente de ter um artista Big Famous comigo, e’ muito importante!!!! Na proxima semana estarei em Miami, recebendo o premio “Rising Star” no Talento Brasil, e ainda para o ano de 2012 teremos o prazer de entrevistar Luan Santana, assim como Victor e Leo, entao quem tiver recadinhos e’ so mandar atraves do meu site que eu transmito. Lembrem-se do meu site e meu twitter vickytalkshow Ate a proxima, muitos beijos e assistam o meu show!

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