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On Reaction

Calvin Pennix

On Reaction Calvin Pennix

Differentia Press Santa Maria, CA

On Reaction Calvin Pennix Copyright © 2013 All Rights Reserved. Published by Differentia Press Book Design by Felino A. Soriano Cover Art, “boomboom”, courtesy of Calvin Pennix Except for the sole purpose for use in reviews, no portion of this book may be reproduced in any form, without the written permission from the publisher. Differentia Press Santa Maria, CA 93458

Differentia Press Poetic Collections of the │Experimental Spectrum│

Thank you to the editors of On Barcelona, New Mystics and Lightning’d Press, where parts of this collection appear

COMMUNICATED CONFIDENCE At a loss one begins in italics

Additional markings communicate confidence in upwards of … situating a main point

As distracted avoidance and clearly defined however it’s a fragment

How far does blue

A CALL FOR INTERPRETATION but still there’s a position of acquiring which is cause for concern of immediacy

A call for interpretation produces a finite infinity that stretches to a personal end Black Left White Right Up Blue Down Seven Lenses widen as they shrink when one steps outside themselves allowing for the music to be heard

This impatient used to sprout in the spring

A COLLECTION OF LESSER DISTINCTION So as it happens notoriety concedes to hatred Apart from each we speak in monotone allowing wiggle room An expansion is welcome in conversation o o a watering daylight o o a collection of humanity Recognition ďƒ other than metaphor ďƒ&#x; represents those of lesser distinction who have overcome the struggle which is a necessity to o o o o

Glow Flourish Shine Grow

Finally a check worth mentioning is prevalent

ABSTAINING FROM FALTERING Perseverance as it stands expectantly as a barrier that molds and corrodes outside spatial quality divides itself in many directions abstaining from faltering though teeter it may

Residue begins to compile feverishly giving in to spastic sights seen through perforated vision

LEADING IS ANOTHER MATTER A landing stuck leaves no room for interpretation Who What When Where Why How Square root or squared The inverse takes on a following that follows the followers leading is another matter An enclosed space has its fourth wall broken a gaze produces anxiety

Memorizing a memory changes its definition

REGISTERED AS OPAQUE Things exist in differing modes of o stasis o closure o finality

A decent person waiting to be allowed to breathe reaches for the surface as it continuously appears registers its status as opaque

This contempt

though object leers nearby

VOID THE VISION OF EMPTINESS In the distance shriveled with age the purple posits a reckoning but vows in its stillness to void the vision of emptiness Registered with adornment the landscape expands at a minimal clip and light provides nourishment while sifting through the gravity With exaggerated amplification this ornamentation speaks in tones audible though masked under a differing sense Archived as permanently expandable is this instant this instant this instant

DISJOINTED BY ITS OWN CONNECTIVITY Down and around on Barbadanes1

that contributes to the landscape a condition of bluntness nevertheless a condition The fall preceding the rise presents as necessity disjointedness

by its own connectivity

We employ a place that has pounded itself into deconstruction Alas we celebrate its openness and present it as variously configurable bits stiffened by a kind of rigor mortis Down and around on Barbadanes


the street not a metaphorical street but an actual street

GUIDES THE RESERVES A collection of stock resists in varying forms of conflicting grandeur allowing for instances of seclusion

Demonstrative displays as deterrents act as barriers withholders of the miniscule ((((bright browns highlighted with black)))) fostered for such a presentation

The empowered portion guides the reserves intensifying the delusion

REPURPOSING CONTROLS THE SOUNDS Obtuse accuracy relies on a perspective of change as authors persuade

gathering identities

Repurposing controls the sounds as we arrive shortly effecting our own attribution and causing stasis inching stasis stasis placing a premium on being a commodity

A straightening

spiral opens at a wide angle access easily attained

PERPENDICULAR TO EVERYTHING To discredit belies an allowance of judgment

The sound of night distorts an aroma’s hue leaving its nakedness concealed

Hands appear pristine pristine only because they are empty and angled perpendicular to everything

TRANSLATIONS OF INTRICATE SYSTEMS But then again what we call for is sustenance

The ability to o speak o write o think Is not a given and comes with a price

What do we pay or withhold to become transparent within ideals

We hold these truths

I often wonder

World peace

We employ a stance that mirrors others but yet deviate to make it our own

There was once a place that we held dear it has been torn apart by what we hold dear

Varying forms serve as translations of the most intricate systems in a bouquet that holds its silence amongst ceremonial opposition

EXISTING IN READINESS Deferral against participation elides a knowing slowed by casual connectiveness empowered by consumption Absolutes speak no equal resist categorizing elitists in logic

Figures being unified amongst a background figures


Some readiness exists digresses in a mass of digressions but not before a slow dance a rhythm prone to deter filtering a domain in the last possible seconds and we stand and oblige the lack of topical relation extending through a scope disclosed as historical

AN INNATE VICARIOUSNESS In correspondence to the lowest plane of mental capacity we go down around 11 give or take

An episode of waking life Man Tree Tree Man Inertia is built through lack of action an innate vicariousness on display though missed in sight

A narcissistic mimicry carries a hint of truth realness that belies perception and allows for interpretation simulating an appearance of submission

We exert a compulsion of bowing to necessity then vow to defeat it

DIMENSIONS OF EXTENSION Undocumented resources downgrade somewhere between this


that looming

in hopes of waiting for ascension




Domain: {humans} Range: {culture} A dimension of extension allows for one of time Put up against oneself

there’s a retreating

The trick of being alive is something about having an outside which can be witnessed and an inside that can’t

Though they vary in size one tends to walk in circles

STRUCTURED W/ POTENTIAL A chance [word] upon paper may destroy [the world] as a window [ ] also acts as a wall | || as consequence it becomes impenetrable  A sour stench seeps through a loss o innocence o time o capacity portrayed as inductive posits procrastination […] structured with potential

On Reaction  

Poetry collection from Calvin Pennix

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