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The Les Golding Memorial 10K July 2013

through the lens of

The walk to registration

As runners carefully head towards the start in deep contemplation onlookers gaze down reflecting on their past races.

Stretch Chat View the opposition

A last minute warm up along the beach front

As one stretches... relaxes taking in the view

John, a member of the Maidstone Harriers arrives at the race.

The Vetran

SEaside. Wind. Warmup.

A spectator capturing the start.

The start takes you past some of the smaller sail boats.

The leader, Tom Collins who is a formidable force in Kent races accelerates past the “Talk of the Town� which he was.

Kids cheer on their dad

Ancient Greece or traditional English seaside town?

As the vetran reaches 5km... of the leaders reaches 8km

A lady looks on waiting for the race to pace by. She was supposed to be competing but got the start time wrong and missed it.

At the finish she takes a place away from the line and crowds and quietly observes what might have been. Was this her first race that she has been training months for or is she a vetran who will be more annoyed with herself than sad.

The vetran is almost at the finish line

One of the last competitors heads towards the finish.



John is a true inspiration. Approaching his 80’s he is a regular competitor at running and triathlon events in Kent.

He may just have raced, but still pushes the buggy up the steep hill towards his car.

Different Persepctive Photography by David Pearce 07983552748

Copyright David Pearce 2013

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Images from the Les Golding 10km