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Students are being challenged in every aspect of their lives. There is potential for greatness in every person, and the teachers at the Counselling-, Creative Arts- and Bible School, GAP Year and Dynamic Kids are all committed to instil this truth in the students belief system. The Training Centre has been founded on this principal, and aim to prepare people to walk in this lifestyle. Dunamis Education Centre exists for the sole purpose of training and preparing you; a man or woman who desires to take ownership of the vision in their Local church, and see it fulfilled. God bless you!

Raising true disciples with a heart after God and a readiness to build His Kingdom in the nations

Prof. Hendrik & Dr. Phillicia Bester

Founders of the Dunamis Education Centre


Dunamis International Family Church “A church with a difference� Mission

Our mission is to build a Church with a strong spirited atmosphere of worship, faith and purity, where every member is released into ministry, discipled in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

As the founders of DIFC it is our hearts desire to see the people in Germiston and the surrounding areas serving God and experiencing His goodness. We are a worshiping Church with a heart for God. We strongly believe that God is moving in and around our cities and the nations of the world to bring restoration and upliftment, however, He has chosen to use ordinary people to do this, in a supernatural way. God is raising up a generation of powerful Sons and Daughters who are willing to follow Him without compromise.


To influence the city, surrounding areas and nations to benefit the Kingdom of God. 2


Bible school

“putting God first in all things” Pst Jaco De Swardt HOD

Prof. Hendrik and Dr. Phillicia Bester are the Founders and Senior Pastors of Dunamis International Family Church which incorporates an extensive Education Centre, of which the Bible School is part of. Prof. Bester has always been committed to the Equipping process. Founding the Bible School in 2004, they have always allowed themselves to be trained and have through the years passed on what they have received to spiritual sons and daughters in the church. “The greatest people are those who continuously develop themselves to serve others better”. This life time mission statement together with “putting God first in all things” is the foundation from which the Bible school functions. With a clear vision to raise up effective and spiritual Ministers and Pastors, the standard has been set to be the best school! Pastor Jaco Zabbud de Swardt, together with his wife, Tanet, has taken up this vision and has been serving as the principal of the Bible School since 2005, under the spiritual fathering and leadership of Prof. Hendrik & Dr. Phillicia Bester.



Rufus Preenathan

Rufus completed his Bachelor of Divinity Degree at Dunamis Bible school. Currently Rufus and his wife Lalitha are on the pastoral team and serves as Senior Shepherds in the Children ministry.

Mark van Rooyen

Mark has completed his Bachelor of Divinity Degree and serve as a successful shepherd in the Local Church and has established no less than three successful businesses. Mark loves God and builds the Kingdom of God.

Bonnie Kennedy

Bonnie completed her Bachelor of Divinity degree in 2006 and came into the Full time ministry at Dunamis International Family Church in 2007, where she faithfully serves in the Financial department, and as a Senior Shepherd.

Testimonies Roelf Nel


I started Bible School because I thought it would be a good way to get more theoretical knowledge of the bible as my attempts to read it from cover to cover has proved less than successful. Boy was I in for a surprise! The first evening I was welcomed as a son and made to feel welcome by all. We prayed and were told to get to know one another to share the happenings of our days, to fellowship and support one another. Then came the copious notes and workbooks, I thought here comes university all over again. As the first lecture got underway I turned to the first page of my notes to follow diligently as the lecturer read same verbatim to us. Again I was blown away with the impartation and revelation that flowed from each lecturer as they were led by the spirit imparting to us what was released to them with an occasional reference to the typed notes. I could feel the Spirit of God moving as we were given pearls. Bible School has challenged and molded me from a Christian with a desire for theoretical knowledge to a Christian with a desire for a real relationship with a dynamic living God.

Curriculum 1st Year

Establish Strong foundations & Discover your Destiny.

Subjects we complete are: -Angels & Demons, Blood Covenant, Cell Church Principles, Character of Jesus, Disciplines of the New Testament Church, Healing & Deliverance, Practical Bible Study, Romans, Shepherding, The Creation, Weapons of warfare, Charismatic ministry, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Tabernacle of David, The Holy Spirit, Reproducing the Spirit of the Leader.

2nd Year

Enforce Foundational Principles.

Subjects we complete are: Introduction to Counseling, Equipping Process, Hebrews, How Cults see Jesus, Journeys of Paul, Raising New Leaders, Eschatology, Synopsis of the Gospels, Marriage, divorce & re-marriage, Church history, Ephesians, Team building, Foundations of Leadership, Bible doctrines, Prophetic ministry

3rd Year

Ministry training.

Subjects we complete are: Church Growth, Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Yielded Vessels, Leadership Training, Missions & Evangelism, Practical Preaching, Utilizing your Gifts and Talents, Homiletics, Qualifications of a Pastor, Basic Accounting, Vision of a Leader, Church finance, Bible History, Old & New Testament Survey, Hermeneutics, Personalities, Hosting & Catering, Education, Culture Interaction, Organizational Behavior, Legal Matters, Modern Leadership Styles, General Management



Accredited Bachelor Degree of Divinity in Theology from Dunamis Education Centre. The ability to stand in Leadership in the Local Church with a clear understanding of what it means to function under Covering and with Accountability.


Classes are presented on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm-9pm.


2011 Registration 1st Year R700 2nd Year R700 3rd Year R700

Monthly R450 R450 R450

Being a teacher in the Bible School of Dunamis International Family Church is a privilege and honor. Seeing the students take up challenges and allowing change to take place in their lives as they progress to where God wants them to be makes it all worthwhile. - Bonnie Kennedy Everything done out of a true love for GOD is ministry, the rest is performance. GOD has a great toolbox.  Come and see what is in store for you. - Mark v Rooyen.

Counselling School

“growth to the full stature of God� Teachers Pst Niki Lauder HOD

The school has professional well-trained lecturers that believe in practical application. The school was birthed in 2004 and has since grown to a healthy, successful counseling school. We have two branches; one based in Germiston and another in Pretoria. We enforce the principles of healing and deliverance in your personal life. How could we try to counsel others if we are broken? We create an atmosphere where every individual is developed in character, so they can assist people to overcome the past: hurt, disappointment, abuse. We believe in a great future and destiny for every one. Jeremiah 29:11. We will equip you to counsel effectively at any given time or situation. If you want to develop skill and depth of understanding from a biblical approach, behavior and the understanding of human nature, don’t hesitate to register for the course.


Karina Els

Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Counseling

Sharon Bester

Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Counseling

Yolandi Kuit

Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Counseling

JP Theron

Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Counseling


Leon Ackerman (current student)

Since I have started with the Counseling course, I have a better understanding of my own life as well as the people around me. I have been brought up in a broken home filled with abuse and rejection without a spiritual father. I have realized what my assignment is and that I have to lead my immediate family with principals as set out by God. I have to raise my children also with these standards. I know with God as the anchor for my children, they will not have to go through life as confused as I did. I am teaching my children Gods principals and what their roles are in the house now as well as when they get married. The thing that I have learned most is that the foundation has to be right. I am not completely healed yet, but my heart is open for more and more of God.

Amanda Stafleu Ps Niki Lauder

Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Counseling

Elizabeth Croeser Bachelor of Divinity Degree in Theology

(completed the 3 year course)

The counseling course has given me clarity in my life and how to handle things and circumstances much better than in the past. My life has changed radically and God has set me totally free. I have gotten to know more about myself and who I really am in God.

Curriculum 1st Year

Subjects we complete are: Christian Counseling, Counseling Techniques, Communication skills, The whole person, Personality Types, Perceptions, Roots, Sexual wholeness, Divorce, How to deal with personal pain, Abuse, Trauma, Addictions, Eating disorders, Depression, Suicide, Abortion, Homosexuality

2nd Year

Subjects we complete are: Vitality of the counselor, Characteristics of a counselor, Etiquette of counseling, Strongholds, The mind, The will, Curses, Soul ties, Bruises, Guilt & Forgiveness, Deal with your background, Deal with rejection, Deal with Shame and guilt, Finding balance, Dealing with Trauma, Dealing with fear, Lies v\s truths, Relational development, Developing security, self-worth and significance, Developing confidence

3rd Year

Subjects we complete are: Blood covenant, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Weapons of warfare, Prophetic Ministries, Disc – Personal identifications, Children, personalities and character development, Homosexuality, Marriage Issues, Family Issues, Children Issues, Relational Issues, Angels & Demons, Cults



This course will equip and develop you in multiple ways: - After this course you could be whole, healed and restored. - You will be able to counsel someone by identifying a problem, applying the recovery steps and value changes.


Classes are presented on Monday evenings in Germiston and Tueday evenings in Pretoria from 7pm-9pm.


2011 Registration 1st Year R500 2nd Year R500 3rd Year R700

Monthly R280 R300 R450

Knowing how to identify and deal with your own limitations will enable you to log into Gods limitless world. - Yolandie Kuit It is our goal to train individuals to align their soul, body and spirit to the likeness of God to live in total Liberty. - Sharon Bester

“Hurting people hurt people, whole people heal people”

creative arts school “restoring the arts” Tanja van Biljon HOD

It has long since been the heart and plan of Prof. Hendrik Bester and Dr. Phillicia Bester to establish a Creative Arts school surrounding all the arts that carries the foundation and impact of God’s plan and purpose for the arts. The Arts is a powerful tool in the Kingdom and people need to be diligently trained in all areas to apply it accurately. The school’s aim is to train students in creative, technical skill as well as imparting important values to them regarding their characters and spiritual growth. The Arts was originally meant for God’s Kingdom and along the past centuries the arts left the church because of various reasons. We as a school want to take back the arts and restore it to its former position (Amos 9:11) and create a safe place for the arts and artists to flourish accurately and with effect in his/her creative gifts again.


Robert Bocking


Audio Visual

Robert Studied at The Oscar and multiple award winning South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA) and received his BA Motion Picture Honours degree. During his studies he worked on over 10 short films and his honours graduation film “The Healer” was nominated and won 8 AFDA Awards including Best Film and Best Post-Graduate Editor. He also worked on a Vuka commercial “Prayer for the Hungry” for UNICEF which was short listed in the VUKA awards. Robert’s films have been shown at numerous film festivals including DIFF, Cinem Afrique (Sweden). He has great technical and theoretical knowledge and has a deep understanding of story and character.

Leon Meyer


Leon is a Recording Engineer Producer at Dynamic Recording Studio. At the Dynamic Creative Arts School he has been the Leading guitar teacher since 2003. He is also the Leading Guitarist of Dunamis International Family Church’s music team. Leon is actively involved in the practise and performing of professional live recordings He has experience in all type’s of recording having done two live albums for Dunamis’ worship band, a full length studio album for an artist outside of the church, as well as many demo’s for up coming local artists. Recently he took a training course at a world-class recording studio, learning from a top professional recording engineer who has more than 10 years experience.


Francois Combrinck

Piano & Vocals

BCom Econometrics cum laude from the University of Pretoria (2003) Trinity Guildhall Rock School Vocal Grade 4 (2008) Volunteer teacher in Keyboards and Singing at Dynamic Creative Arts School since 2005 Vocal coach to church band vocalists since 2007 Choir coach since 2005 Keyboardist and vocalist for Dunamis International Family Church band since 2004. Achieved highest mark in Johannesburg in Grade 4 Rock School exam. Students entered into Rock School exam achieved above 85%.

Yolande Scheepers


There is so much more to learn than just opening your mouth and keeping the note. There are various techniques that bring out your voice, project the sound, protect your voice (very important) and just make you better than you could have ever imagined. I am currently doing my 3rd year vocal training, have just finished my Grade 3 International music exam, and have become a first year music teacher from beginning this year! I now have the privilege to teach others what I have learned through the years, and see them becoming the true singers they really are.



Maritsa van Zyl



Charlene Roberson

Sugn Language

Currently doing 2nd year in Ballroom & Latin Certificate second year – Vocals Mime course presented by Todd Farley Drama course presented by Sarahan Doherty Drama course presented by Colin Kurton Intensive hands on training from Dr Phillicia Bester, Director of Music & Creative Arts at Dunamis International Family Church. Teaching theatre productions to students at Dynamic Creative Arts School. Co-direct Dynamic creative art school yearly theatre productions. Head of drama & creative arts theatre productions at DIFC. Write, direct & produce theatre productions at DIFC (Cast of about 80 People). Several years experience in décor design, costume design, script writing, stage design, fantasy make-up, stage management, producing & directing. Also involved in dance choreography, singing and mime.

Rhema Randburg - Certificate in Sign Language DTC - Counselling - Certificate DTC - Dance - Bachelors of Divinity (3 years) WITS - Sign Language Level 1A - Certificate of Attendance WITS - Sign Language Level 1B - Certificate Running of Sign Language workshop in an International Creative Arts Conference 2007,2008 Teaching Sign language to students at Dynamic Creative Arts School since 2007 Involved in dance as well as sign language items for annual productions hosted by Dunamis International Family Church.


Alana Coetzer

creative arts school

Hip Hop & Contemporary Dance

Royal Academy of Dance CBTS(Certificate in Ballet teaching studies) Completed all graded and vocational graded ballet examinations SADTA: Training in Hip Hop, Modern & Contemporary Pilates Method Alliance Instructors Certificate SA Ballet Theatre: Performed with professional dancers Drama at Tswane University 2003-2004 International Creative Arts Conference: Versed as a teacher in Choreographing, Contemporary & Hip Hop Did Choreography with 300 dancers Dynamic Creative Arts School Active as a dance teacher since 2002

Mervin Ho & Kayleigh Callaghan

Latin & Ballroom

Represented the Fred Astaire Dance Studio for three years at the annual South African Ballroom and Latin Dance Championships. One year’s training with the Fred Astaire Dance Studio for Technique and Choreography. Participated in Group and Student Showcases. Received Bronze and Silver Certificates for the Ballroom and Latin Competitions. Received an award for the completion of the Bronze and Silver Syllabus. Currently teaching Ballroom and Latin Dance at the Dynamic Training Academy


Tanja van Biljon


Fine Arts & HOD

BA-Fine Arts(Hon) University of Pretoria 2000 DTC- Diploma in Bible College Was employed at National School of the Arts and versed in teaching of the following subjects: Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Design and History of Art as well as Visual Communications Versed in creating subject curriculum and syllabus Running and the setting up of termly art exhibitions Running and managing various art workshops during the Festival of Fame 2002 International Creative Arts Conference-versed in stage and venue dĂŠcor as well as the running of the Fine Arts workshop since 2003 Dunamis International Family Church Creative Arts team: Leader of the Fine Arts team since 2002 Head of Dynamic Creative Arts School

Dewald Fourie

Fine Arts

Ministerial Training Course Certificate Bachelors of divinity degree in Fine Arts(2008) Assistant Photographer in the line of Commercial & Advertising Photography (1999-2001) Active as an artist in Dunamis International Family Church since 2003 Assisted in teaching Fine Arts since 2007 at the Dynamic Creative Arts School Actively involved as an artistic minister during Sunday services



Subjects we complete are: The 3 act Structure, Scriptwriting 101 – Format, Producing 101- Scheduling & Budgeting, Directing 101 – Directors Vision Staging and blocking, Principals of camerawork (Workshop), Basic editing (workshop), Using sound to tell stories, Target Markets, Building on a concept, Adverting – Motivate and Move people, Stream workshops, Using Audio Visuals in Musical Theatre Production

(current student)

Audio Visual


Subjects we complete are: Scales (Major, Natural Minor, Minor Pentatonic), Songs in popular styles, demonstrating mastering of outcomes listed above, Sight Reading, Songs in popular styles, General Musicianship, Aural Tests, Improvisation, Musical Theatre Production, Functioning as a band musician


Subjects we complete are: Note Names, Note Values, Intervals, Time Signatures (4/4 and 3/4), Basic Chords, Incidental signs, Dynamic markings, Articulation Markings, Using the sustain pedal, Chord Variations, Scales, Basics of tonality – theory and practice, Functioning as a band musician, Musical Theatre Production


Subjects we complete are: Basic Intonation, Basic Rhythm, Tone Control, Introduction to the use of head voice, Range extension, Style Awareness, Tone Control – Beginning to make use of the Solid Voice, Intervallic Leaps, Improvisation, Basics of tonality – theory and practice, Functioning as a band musician, Musical Theatre Production

Theatre Studies

Subjects we complete are: Introduction to theatre, Basic principals of acting, Stage presence / expression, Stage make up, Décor/props, Costuming, Stage design, Special effects for stage, Script Writing, Producing & Directing


Tino Moodley “Over the past two months God has been revealing different things to me, for example, I should change my desire from improving in vocal abilities and focus on becoming disciplined with the gift God has given me and make sure that I use it to bring worship and glory to His name, and as He sees fit He will enable me to reach new levels vocally. I am now more excited about experiencing throne room worship than passing an exam or trying to get a distinction, my passion now is to give God the glory with what He has given me.”

“The Creative Arts School has equipped me to teach and share my heart and skill with others, so that they can achieve success in their own lives.” - Yolande Scheepers

Curriculum Sign Language

creative arts school

Subjects we complete are: Introducing oneself, Exchanging Personal Information, Talking about Surroundings, Telling about Where you Live, Talking about your family, Telling about Activities, Giving Directions, Describing Others, Making Requests, Talking about Family and occupation, Attributing Qualities to Others, Talking about Routines

Hip Hop & Contemparary Dance

Subjects we complete are: Foundational & Understanding of dance Technique, Coordination & Free movement, Anatomy 1&2, Theory 1, Enhancing of previous terms in affiliation to the Year end Production.

Latin & Ballroom

Subjects we complete are: Merengue, Boogie, Waltz, Rumba, Cha – Cha, Foxtrot, Mambo, Line Dance, Samba, Salsa, W/Swing, Quickstep, Tango, Bolero, E/Swing, Line Dance. Warm ups, stretching, cool downs, Dance Etiquette, Nature and Character of Dance, Partner/Group Dance Skills, Dance Relationships, Music, Beat, Posture, Dance Variation Efficiency, Dancing beyond limitations, Dance Acceleration Techniques, Personal Performance based Dance VS Showcase Group based Dance, Production and Items

Fine Arts

Subjects we complete are: Fundamentals of drawing I, Applying drawing in Praise and Worship I, The elements of art, The principles of design, Fundamentals of painting I, Visual Language I, Creative Thinking I, Stage Art I, History of Art I, Theatre Production, Props, Backdrops

Music Theory

Subjects we complete are: Clefs, Music stave, Note names, Note values, Simple time signatures, Intervals, Scales, Chords, Compound Time Signatures, Transposing, Conventional Grouping in simple and compound time signatures, Syncopation, Practical Musicianship, Musical Theatre Production

Christian Theory


Subjects we complete are: Foundational Principles of Praise and Worship, The Worshipping Artist , Christian Character Building principles –The Heart of the Artist , Theatre Production

“This is a Creative Arts School with a difference. More than just teaching you to sing and play piano, this is an opportunity for you to grow and excel in every area of your life.” - Francois Combrinck


After having attended our school for the duration of the three year course, we trust that the students will have reached a further level of technical excellence in their chosen field. With the aim of applying it successfully to whatever direction they will go into and carry a deeper understanding of the important role of kingdom artists. So that not only their talent, but character and a relationship with God will sustain them and lead them into their destiny.


Monday and Tuesday evenings Time: 6:45-9:30 Hip Hop, Guitar and fine arts lessons can be scheduled in the afternoon.


Students attending Tuesday evening theory & practical lessons 1st & 2nd Year 1st & 2nd Year 3rd Year

Age 8 - 12 12 + All

2011 Registration R500 R500 R700

Monthly Fees R270 R320 R400

Students only attending the weekly practical lessons Age 4-7 7 - 12 12 +

2011 Registration R180 R180 R200

Private Lessons (Adults & Chidren)


Class Duration 1/2 hour 45 minutes 1 hour

2011 Weekly Fees R100 per week R130 per week R150 per week

Monthly Fees R200 R280 R320


Contemporary Dance by Alana Coetzer Vocal training by Yolande Scheepers Photography by Phillip Botha Ceramics(Pottery) by Jean Scheepers

The main aim of this production is to highlight the absence of the father figure in the lives of our youth today; it captures both the plan of God and Satan in our lives. Through its visual illustration of the truth this production has not only entertained and inspired the audience, but it has been a lifechanging experience. This production truly ministered to the lives of both the audience and the actors that were involved in bringing the characters to life. According to the numerous feedback given by the audience as well as the cast and crew, a group of people that left The Wits Great hall walked with “an outcry of intense hurt, defeat and brokenness confirmed by tears streaming down their faces, knowing that they received an answer to their hopeless situations, whilst others were silenced when they realised that they would not make it without giving the ‘Ultimate Father’ an opportunity to restore what had been stolen from them for many years because of the father’s absence in their lives.”


2009 - Father to the Fatherless


Live in Him move in Him, have our being in Him. The word says that He chose us first but we forget that!! God wants to talk to His people, not through religion, not through church but speak to them from His heart, directly!! What He desires for us, how He sees us. How His Kingdom works and how we fit into that, our inheritance. His love is a consuming fire and it is all directed to us and the lost world. There are too many people that merely exist, they don’t live anymore, and they have no reason to live. They wake up in the morning, go to work come home; eat sleep, work, that’s it. They feel this void and they try and fill it with all things that will only satisfy for a little while, the worldly desires and sins that just destroy them more and leave them broken and empty, they will never be fulfilled without being in God and Him being in them. There is no fellowhip, no life, no passion, and no destiny. God did not create us to merely exist!!! He created us to worship, to touch, to live life abundantly and to have our being in Him.


La Mia Passione - 2010

“Most of the cast & crew of La Mia Passione graduated from the Creative Arts School ”

dynamic kids

“Dynamic Education For Dynamic Kids!” Christelle Steyn Principal

Nine years ago, in only one room, Dynamic Kids Educational Centre started with only five Children. Today we can accommodate over one hundred children between the ages of three months to six years in an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing. It is our aim to provide and equip the individual with maximum learning opportunity to fulfill a contributing role in their community – raising up not only children with passion and zest for life but also devoted staff that are skilled and sold out for what they do. For us as a school it is important that each child’s unique strengths and weaknesses must be discovered and addressed accordingly. That each child will achieve the best that he/she is capable of. We want to build every child’s confidence, and change every “I can’t” into “I can”.

Working for Dynamic Kids was an opportunity for me to change. After eight years of service at this school I’m still enjoying every minute of working with the children. They are such a blessing in my life. What really touched my heart is the vision and the culture of the school. This is to take the children forward, believe in their destiny, love and protect them and most of all, to work as a team. I’m thankful every day for being a teacher at Dynamic Kids Pre-school Education Centre. Virginia Nnabuchi


Curriculum & Teaching methods are based on the following: Early Development

Gross Motor Development Fine Motor Development Perceptual Skills Conceptual Skills Sensory Stimulation Language Development

Character Development

Language Development: The development of healthy and strong characters is essential to prepare and equip the child to fulfill a contributing role in their community.

Life Skill Training and Application

Kitchen Mate


Basic gardening and agriculture

The skills involved in social and emotional problem solving.

Development of a healthy selfesteem, through constructive play, creative classes and a child centers approach. Self learning.

Basic cooking skills


Hair, health & hygiene Basic hygiene

Crafts & Innovations

Innovative Thinking development that unlocks the ‘out of the box’ mentality

Other Activities

Swim School Gym Kidz Music Master “What Walrus?” Productions Dance School

We offer the following BABY CARE CENTRE - Baby Class: 3 Months – 18 Months - Baby Class: 19 Months – 24 Months - Toddler Class: 2 Years – 3 Years

PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION CENTRE - Pre-School Class: 3 – 4 Years - Pre-School Class: 4 – 5 Years - Grade R Class AFTER CARE CENTRE Transport for After Care children from various schools

I have been working at Dynamic Kids for the past Five years and have seen my destiny unfold. I started as an assistant not knowing what the future holds. Currently I am busy with my NQF level 4 and see myself growing daily as I take up more responsibility and ownership. Here at 16 Dynamic Kids we believe in the future of our kids and to give them the best. - Nicolene Kleinhans

“get ready for Dynamic Transformation”


Anaclayto Mooney

Elvira du Tiot

(previous student)

(current student)

I have never experienced anything in my life like last year’s the GAP. First of all, God changed so many perceptions I had of myself, of the kingdom, of ministry, and of my assignment here on earth.

HOSEA 6:1-2 “Come and let us RETURN TO THE LORD for he has torn, but HE WILL HEAL US, he has stricken, but he will bind us up. After two days HE WILL REVIVE US; on the third day HE WILL RAISE US UP that we may LIVE IN HIS SIGHT”

I can say with much confidence and certainty that this was definitely in the predetermined, predestined plan that God had set for my life while I was still in my mother’s womb. Before I did the GAP year, I was a confused school leaver that didn’t have clear direction of where it is I am going, or what it is I should do with my life. This changed as my life turned right-side-up doing the GAP year. Clarity of purpose and of direction came into my life, and I can testify that an unfolding of destiny was released. Since the GAP Year, I have enrolled at the Faculty of Economics at UNISA, studying BCom Financial Management. Since the GAP Year, everything in my life has increased. My love for my God, for my leaders, and for people has moved to a higher level than what it was before I did the GAP Year. I now know where I am going, what I must do, who I am in Christ, and what my assignment is…


When I gave my life to God my soul was crying out for impartation to know more about ‘the man who came down to save me’ I then spoke to my cell Shepherd and he informed me about the Gap Year training course that equips one to walk a road with Christ. I was joyous and wanted to do it straight away. I started in the beginning of February with the Gap Year course at Dynamic Training Centre. I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt that it has changed my course. During the training and practical sessions - going out with the pastors - I have received so much impartation and teaching that I‘ve grown immensely. Being in this powerful atmosphere has changed me and I can truly say that I have experienced a metamorphosis to such an extent that I know I am now moving from strength to strength with my Father that has a plan for me and a destiny. GOD IS GOOD, HE IS REAL, HE IS ALIVE, HE IS OUR FATHER and He really wants to prosper us for something greater than ourselves. At Dunamis I found a home, I now have the urge to keep on Running! Running! Running! Running to a place of the unknown, but where I know I belong!!

Curriculum 1st Term

Get to know your true identity in Christ, you have a destiny.

Breaking free from your past, Know your destiny that God has set out for you, Letting go of the labels that the world placed on you, taking up your true identity in Christ, Develop a strong character free from emotions, Allow God to take control of your life and help others to overcome.

2nd Term

My purpose in God’s Kingdom

Find your place in God’s kingdom, Be effective in God’s kingdom, Develop your leadership styles, Become effective in your calling, Identify problems and finding solutions in the Local Church.

3rd Term

Healthy relationships and effective ministry with impact

Know how to be effective in Children’s and Youth Ministry, Know how to have a healthy marriage, Know how to be effective in relationships, Know how to be successfully single, Handle your relationships healthy in the future, Being able to develop Discernment

4th Term

Prepare for a future with destiny


Deeper level with God, Be prepared for your future, Be motivated to live your life to the full in God, Know what warnings to look for in life, Live a balanced life


This will be a year where you will be equipped with God’s destiny and purpose for your life.

Fees 1st Year

2011 Monthly R1500

Bible school

Pastor Jaco de Swardt (011) 827 5046 082 529 5797

Counselling School Pastor Niki Lauder (011) 827 1581 082 523 9111

gap year

Marissa Kieser (011) 827 1581 083 261 2474

dynamic kids Christelle Steyn (011) 827 8289

creative arts School GERMISTON & PRETORIA Tanja van Biljon (011) 824 2722 / (011) 827 1581 082 388 2114

Profile for Dunamis International Family Church


Brochure for Dunamis Education Centre including the: Dunamis Bible School, Dynamic Counseling School and Creative Arts School


Brochure for Dunamis Education Centre including the: Dunamis Bible School, Dynamic Counseling School and Creative Arts School

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