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Trading Conditions on our DIF Freedom Trading Platform. Before starting your investment on a simulator account, please check the trading conditions for each individual product and Stock Exchange. Trading conditions will provide you information about the commission charged and the list of stocks available for trading on Each Worldwide Stock Exchange. Below you have an example of how you can access these information after logging to your trading account. First Step is to choose the functions Account > Trading Conditions > Stocks Trading Conditions as in the picture below:

2. In the Example below you can check the Stock List Instrument available for trading on each World Wide Stock Exchanges as in the picture below. Click on the symbols ‘’+’’ and ‘’-‘’ to maximize and minimize the instrument available for each Stock Exchange.

3. On some stock instruments traded on different Stock Exchanges there is a message alongside saying ‘’Online Trading Disable’’ which will mean that the stock cannot be traded online via the trading platform but can be bought via phone. So the order can be placed via phone.

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