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How to trade CFD Products on out DIF Freedom Trading Platform. 1.

After logging to your trading platform, you can create your own trading room by adding a new screen and deleting the old one by clicking File> View> Add View, as presented below.

CFDs 2. Instruments presented below are ready for trading. Press the ‘+’ symbol to see all the Financial Exchanges for trading CFDs.

3. Instruments presented below are ready for trading:

CFDs 4. Alternatively, you can search instruments of choice in the "Look For" available Instrument Explorer function. For example, you can search for a particular company by entering the name 'Apple' or ticker "AAPL '', in this section as stated below::

5. Right-Click on the Instrument to place an order:

CFDs 6. The option ‘’Trade CFDs’’ will appear then select the traded product of choice (for example Apple). Then please add the amount of shares you would like to buy in the option ‘’Amount’’.

CFDs 7. Click the Ask function to open a Buy Market order and click on the Bid function to open a Sales Market order on the Exchange. To be possible to sell a CFD on a stock you must own that stock.

If the above window will change colors during trading activity it will mean that: Green Price Window 

The prices you see are the exact prices you can buy or sell the stock.

Yellow Price Window 

The prices you see are indicative and you must press "Prices Live ' window to request a binding offer. DIF Broker will offer you a live quotation, which you can click to trade in real time prices.

Purple Price Window 

The prices you see are indicative, because the market is currently closed or uncertain.

8. After pressing the function '' Place Order '' a new window will open asking you double confirmation of the transaction as in the example below, if the order is correct, you can click on the command '' OK ''

CFDs 8. Once your order has been placed a new window called "Trade Order and Confirmation '' will appear confirming execution of the order at a specific price:

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