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It's a simple fact of life; everyone gets hungry. Where I have found being hungry to be most aggravating is at work. Not that hunger itself is aggravating; it's the lack of options to snack from that is aggravating. In most offices, there is some sort of break room stocked with yummy, delicious, so bad for you snacks like donuts, leftover birthday cake, plain bagels, or even bad coffee that you are tempted to put sugar into because, well, something has to mask the taste. And, of course, you are way too tired in the morning to throw anything into your laptop bag or briefcase as you're rushing out of the door, already 10 minutes late. What to do?! Now, before you tear your hair out, eating healthily at work is not really as difficult as you think. The first step is to plan ahead. Since waking up an extra 15 minutes early to spend time packing snacks and a lunch sounds rather unappealing, put your food together before you go to sleep. This will save you time in the already hectic mornings, lose weight by eating healthier, and ultimately save, according to MSN's Brown Bag Lunch Challenge, somewhere between $20-$100 a week by not buying lunch everyday. These are all great statistics, but who cares if you don't know what to pack. Here are some ideas of what to pack for lunch: -Remember those leftovers from dinner last night that you threw out? Next time, put them in some Tupperware and bring them with you for lunch. -Make a salad stocked with you favorite raw veggies like carrots, celery, chives, or radishes and maybe even some tuna. Keep the dressing on the side and toss it in right before you eat, that way the lettuce won't get soggy. -Even a simple turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread, some delicious cheese, and whatever toppings are better than the one you would have bought in the cafeteria. Packing your own lunch is easier to remember than bringing snacks. Snacking is also harder to keep track of because you are not always aware that you are doing it and/or you tell yourself that "it's only a snack, what harm could it do?" In college, I used to eat M&Ms while studying without realizing how many I ate. It made a much bigger difference that I it would. I'm sure you've all experienced that sugar crash that comes from eating too much birthday cake or candy; the same is true if you eat sugary snacks. The best snacks for you are the snacks that are healthy and keep you full. Granola bars, for example, are healthy, but they don't keep you full for a long time. Here are some good snacks for the office: -Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and grapes are great fruits and veggies to toss in a small Tupperware container instead of snacking on candy or other small sweets. -If you like salty foods try goldfish, pretzels, or lightly/dry-roasted nuts instead of your generic nut

medley. -If you crave potato chips as a snack try eating Sun Chips or Wheat Thins instead. Another great tip to keep in mind for eating well at work is to try to drink only one cup of coffee and/or soda a day. Stick with water or fruit juice for the rest of the day. If you need a pick-me-up in the middle of a long meeting, I always reach for a package of Emergen-C to mix into my water. It is good for your immune system and has natural energy supplements. Keep tabs on the food that you bring with you and try to eat only what you packed. This will ensure that you eat more healthy food and less unhealthy food during the day, which will make you feel better in the long run!

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==== ==== The Secrets of Healthy Weight Loss are Revealed! Go To: ==== ====

Brown Bag Your Lunch Eating Healthily at Work