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Use your common sense when eating banana as part of your diet. For many people bananas are included in their diet as a healthy snack, but they should remain mindful about how the banana is consumed. A banana smoothie isn't necessarily healthy just because it has bananas in it. The same goes for a banana shake also. You would be wrong to think that banana shakes contain the same amount of calories as a banana that is eaten alone. A milk shake will typically have additional sugar, milk and sometimes other things like other fruit, cream or ice cream that might go into it which can significantly increase the overall calorie count. A banana is a great snack when it is just eaten plain, just as it is naturally. Bananas are a great snack if you are looking to boost your energy level. Some Banana facts: >> Bananas contain high vitamin contents and calorie enrichment. >> If you count the amount of calories in a medium sized peeled banana, you will find that the are calories are around 100. >> Bananas supply a great source of energy when consumed around 30 minutes prior to doing exercise. This is mainly because bananas are digested in a slow manner and a stable energy source is achieved and supplied to the body. For this reason, you will see lots of professional sports people like squash players for example eat one to two during a long match. >> As a banana becomes more ripened its color gets more yellowish, and our body finds it easier and easier to digest. >> There is a sufficient amount of Vitamin C in bananas that help our bodies to fight, shield and heal against various bacteria that can harm us. >> Bananas do not have cholesterol, fat, nor do they contain sodium either. >> Three sugars are found in their natural form in bananas - They are glucose, sucrose and fructose >> Bananas contain Vitamin B6, which helps in the synthesis of antibodies in the body's immune system, red blood formation, protein metabolism and the functioning of the central nervous system. >> It is said that a nutritional regime can reduce the threat of stroke and hypertension if it is high in

potassium. Bananas are high in potassium so it is a good idea to include them in your diet. >> The carbohydrate constitution of calories in a banana will depend on how ripe the banana is. The sugar and starch levels depend on how ripe it is also. As a banana ripens, the level of starch falls and the level of sugar rises.

Information just like this will help you gain an understanding of the calories in a banana and other foods, and also help you with your diet plan and weight loss goals.

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Are Calories In a Banana Important?  

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