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HCG Programs - I ts I ntricacies & Dedicated Benefits

HCG programs, prescribed by experienced HCG doctors, can help you to shed your extra flab quickly but in a healthy way. Learn more about these programs here. HCG Programs - The Natural Way Of Total Wellness HCG programs need no further introduction when the matter relates to shedding fat or overall weight. There are lots of instant weight loss programs and assurances found online. However, finding an apt weight loss program is a challenging task. In a bid to make the challenging task achievable, HCG programs from DietDoc have come to the rescue. They mean what they promise and their results can be witnessed within a month or so. As per survey and statistics, it has been found that an individual undergoing a weight loss program from Diet Doc can shed 34 to 40 pounds of excess fat. You can try their administered HCG weight loss cure programs and feel the difference in just one month. It is a medically supervised weight loss program where detail is given to your unique healthcare needs The Dedicated Work Process of HCG Programs Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone which is mostly produced in pregnant women. Research has revealed that this hormone is also found in men and non-pregnant women. Medical research has unveiled the fact that an HCG injection in a non-pregnant person tends to raise the body metabolism and stimulates the fat shedding activity. It also helps in naturally reshaping the human body. A patient can take the hormone either through HCG shots or oral drops. HCG programs consist of HCG consumption, coupled with the intake of a ketogenic, low glycemic diet. Dos & Don’ts of the HCG Programs No need to engage in unnecessary exercise. Just go for a daily 30 minute walk. Don’ t try to skip meals. Try to avoid the intake of sugar or starch based foods. Drink as much tea or water as you want. Consult physicians if there are any existing health conditions or any need for additional medications. ● At the time of menstruation cycle, never stay on a low calorie diet and you should avoid the HCG program. ● Go for a regular weight check, preferably with a digital scale. ● ● ● ● ●

HCG Programs - The Diet Phases The diet phases of HCG can be categorized into Phase 1-4: HCG Programs - Phase 1 On the first two days of diet phase, you are should take HCG drops. Keep HCG under your tongue for a duration of 30 seconds. Do not take water or food for the next half an hour. In this phase you will be advised to drink ½ to 1 gallon of water every day. You should also have a reasonable amount of food as prescribed. During the first two days, you will be asked to load with high amounts of fat and carbohydrates to prepare the fat cells for Phase 2. HCG Programs - Phase2 Every morning try to drink a good amount of water. Stay away from fruit juices or alcohol. At lunch or at dinner, try to have meat including skinless chicken breast, sliced turkey, sole, lobster, shrimp etc. Have enough salads in the diet chart. Try to consume a good amount of vegetables including lettuce, spinach, beet greens, cucumbers, cabbage, asparagus, red radish etc. Remember the vegetables should be fresh, raw and steamed and must be only with MCT oil. You can have certain types of low glycemic fruits at the end of meals. This is the stage that your body resets the hypothalamus gland and metabolism in accordance with your new body weight. HCG Programs - Phase 3 It is not uncommon to hit a weight loss plateau. It is important that you communicate with your doctor when you experience a plateau of more than 3 or 4 days. There are a variety of reasons for a weight loss plateau and it is important that you work closely with your doctor to determine the unique cause of your plateau. HCG Programs – Phase 4 Once the weight loss goal has been achieved, the weight maintenance phase begins. Appropriately expanding the diet to focus on long term health, ensuring some level of physical activity, and mitigating stress are the three important components of the weight maintenance phase. So, what are you waiting for? Shed your extra weight & inches by embracing the natural HCG Program by Diet Doc and enjoy its benefits.

HCG Programs - Its Intricacies & Dedicated Benefits  

HCG programs, prescribed by experienced HCG doctors, can help you to shed your extra flab quickly but in a healthy way. Learn more about the...

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