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Diesel is a well-known fuel source, used to power many different types of engines. In North America, three different types of diesel are commonly used; d1 diesel, d2 diesel and d4 diesel. Most goods that are transported throughout the United States and Canada are done so with d2 diesel, as it is more powerful and less flammable than regular gasoline. Diesel engines also get better gas mileage and don’t require the use of spark plugs due to a higher compression ratio. Keep reading for more diesel information.

Diesel fuels such as d2 diesel are produced in refineries in the United States and Canada. The diesel is made from crude oil, which is distilled at high temperatures. The crude oil that is the beginning of diesel fuel may be domestic or imported.

Fuels like d2 diesel might be created in a refinery, but they end up in a pump at your gas station. Most of the diesel that you find at your local service station was sent by pipeline from the refineries to ports close to the larger consuming areas. From there, tanker trucks deliver it to the retail gas stations. Diesel may also be transported by barge and by rail, but these are only small amounts, if any. The majority travels on the trucks we see driving the highways on a daily basis.

Sometimes, diesel and similar products are sent through the pipelines together at the same time. This results in mixing, which ultimately affects the quality of the diesel. It’s also why diesel is often tested for quality and to ensure it meets specifications. If it does not meet the right criteria, it may not be used.

Diesel fuel has many different uses, including powering: » » » » » » » »

Military vehicles Freight vehicles Construction equipment Farm equipment Public and school buses Trains Boats and barges Generators

Along with the larger engines, some specific makes of automobile rely on diesel fuel for their power source. Using a diesel powered car after owning cars that run on gasoline can take a little getting used to, but after a while you’ll get used to pulling up to the diesel pump at the gas station.

Fuels like d2 diesel are important in that it contains more energy than gasoline and has more power density than other fuels. The widespread usage of diesel makes it an important part of the North American economy, and its use with military vehicles even makes it important for national security reasons.

Most people have likely heard of biodiesel fuel. This is not derived from crude oil at all, but from agricultural materials that may be able to provide a cleaner alternative to standard fuel sources. Currently, there are rules and laws that govern the amount of biodiesel that may be used in a diesel powered engine. As more environmental laws are passed, and awareness continues to grow, the amount of biodiesel added to diesel fuel should increase in the future. page=diesel_where US Energy Information Administration

Where does diesel come from  

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