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9 November 2012

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9 November, 2012

Three men arrested for common robbery, Website:

Lizzy Bapela

Friday 2 October Two men were arrested in Vaalwater when they were allegedly caught with two stolen electrical power transformers in their vehicle. Photo as illustration

TK Mashaba Three men appeared briefly before the Modimolle Magistrate’s Court on 2 November, after they were arrested and charged with robbery. Modimolle police spokesperson, Warrant Officer James Findlay, said that a male pedestrian was hiking to Vaalwater when he was picked up by a blue golf with three people in the car. According to Findlay, the vehicle then turned off at the Donkerpoort road. On the Donkerpoort road, the accused allegedly robbed the hitchhiker from his cell phone and bankcards. They then pushed him out of the vehicle. The suspect started walking in the direction of Modimolle when a passer-by picked up the complainant and assisted him by phoning the police in Modimolle. Modimolle police officers reacted very quickly and arrested all three suspects in front of the First National Bank in Modimolle. The three accused appeared before the magistrate court and the case was post-

poned for seven days from 2 November to 8 November. They will remain in custody and their names are withheld while the police are still busy with investigations. In a separate incident, Modimolle police arrested two men on Monday, 5 November, in Vaalwater. According to Findlay, police started following a suspicious looking 4x4 vehicle. At around 23:30 they stopped the vehicle and the two men who were sitting in the back of the bakkie ran into the bushes. The two men, who were sitting in the front of the bakkie, were arrested on the scene when police discovered stolen items on the bakkie. “The police found electrical power transformers in the bakkie worth R45 000. The also found hand-saws and other equipment that can be used to steal cables,” Findlay said. The two suspects are still in police custody, waiting to be charged. Police are still searching for the two suspects that fled the scene.

R35 000 per month for mayor’s guards “Play the ball and not the man,” was Lephalale mayor, Jack Maeko’s, advice to the DA at a council meeting held on Tuesday, 30 October. This was in response to the DA’s questions concerning a payment order of R35 000 to Sheppard Security to protect Maeko. The municipal manager, Bob Naidoo, approved the order on 14 September when Maeko was said to have received anonymous threats. At the council meeting on Tuesday, the DA’s Stephen Manamela asked the mu-

nicipal manager if correct protocol was followed in appointing Sheppard Security to protect the Mayor. According to legislation, a risk analysis needs to be done by the police to determine if a public servant’s life is in danger. Naidoo did not respond to this question and only said that he would investigate to determine if the mayor is still in need of protection. In trying to establish if a risk analysis was done at any stage, Northern News learnt that Maeko contacted the Lephalale police on Wednesday morning, a day after the council meeting, with a complaint that his life is being threatened. He met with police officials at his office that same day. Other concerns raised by the DA were the extra expenditure related to the mayor’s inauguration. The event was postponed at a late stage resulting in wasted spending. The DA also said that bad planning forced the Municipal Manager to approve expenditure without the required three quotes from service providers. The DA assured the Mayor that they were not “playing the man,” but were rather focusing on issues that could prevent the Lephalale Municipality form achieving a clean audit in 2014. — LiN News/Northern News. Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose— a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. Mary Shelley

At least 26 people were arrested for contravening with the liquor act over the weekend of Friday, 4-, to Sunday, 6 October, in the streets of Rooiberg. Police spokesperson, Constable Mohlatlego Modubi, said that 14 suspects were arrested for being drunk and causing disorder. They were released after paying admission of guilt fines of R150 each. He added that a further 10 were arrested for public drinking and charged R100 each, while two suspects were nabbed for selling liquor without a license and their shebeens were closed down. Modubi said that the two illegal shebeen owners were released after paying admission of guilt fines of R500

each. Bela Bela police are looking for the suspects in a case of theft out of motor vehicle that took place at the Spar parking area. Police spokesperson, Captain Johnny Thiyo, said that the suspects stole a cell phone worth R6 000 before fleeing the scene. In a different incident, suspects stole a cell phone worth R1 119 from a house in the township before fleeing the scene. Thiyo said that the suspects opened the door by force to gain entry to the house. Police in Bela Bela are investigating a case of burglary that took place at a house in town. Thiyo said that the suspects stole jewellery worth R4 000 before fleeing the scene.

Saturday 3 October Bela Bela police arrested a suspect in connection with a case of malicious damage to property that happened at a block of flats in Moffat Street. Thiyo

said that the suspect damaged five burglar doors and advertisement boards and the total damages are valued at R1 500.

Sunday 4 October Police in Bela Bela are investigating a case of burglary following an incident that happened at a shop in town. Thiyo said that the suspects broke the lock to gain entry and stole alcohol, cosmetics, food and cigarettes, all valued at R4 200. The suspects are still

at large. Unknown suspects broke into a house in Bela Bela town and stole gold and diamond rings worth R5 000. Thiyo said the suspects broke the window to gain entry to the house and a case of burglary was opened.

Non-compliance under the lens Lizzy Bapela An ever increasing level of non-compliance with labour legislations in the wholesale and retail sector and other legislations, as well as criminal activities, are about to be turned on their heads from now on according to an announcement by the Department of Labour in Limpopo. Spokesperson for the department, Johannes Mokou, said that stakeholders deliberated after conducting a series of operations across the province. Stakeholders that are roped in during these operations include the South African Police Service, municipal environmental health practitioners (EHPs), Home Affairs and other relevant groups, because the sector is a fertile ground for criminal and fraudulent activities. Edith Malungana, from the Department of Labour in Limpopo, said that they focused on the wholesale and retail sector because they have learned that it is one of the worst in terms of compliance with labour legislations. She said they would stop at nothing to see an improvement in this regard.

The SAPS cites that such operations must be repeated as often as possible as they are very helpful in uncovering underground criminal activities such as drug trafficking. Meanwhile, the EHPs usually find shop owners sleeping inside their shops to save on accommodation costs and highlighted that this is in contravention with the municipal act. The inspectorate encounter non-adherence to minimum wage as per the sectorial determination, which is the biggest challenge they face in this sector. Malungana indicated that the current minimum wage for a general assistant in a supermarket stands at R2006 per month, as prescribed by the Sectorial Determination (9) of Wholesale and Retail Sectors. She said that many shop owners were found to have fallen short of the minimum wage, with some paying as little as R600 per month, R1 400 less than the prescribed minimum wage. In such instances, the department counts the outstanding amount, look at duration at which the employee was employed, and demand a ransom on the spot., Website:

9 November, 2012


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Emotional outcry in protest against child rape Lizzy Bapela

Angry protesters cried and shouted to show their disgust with the actions of the alleged child rapist on Wednesday, 31 October, in front of the Bela Bela Magistrate’s Court. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Waterberg municipalities continue to under-spend infrastructure grants

Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Richard Baloyi, pledged that his department would assist municipalities to appoint skilled workers after the DA questioned failure to spend municipal grants. Photo: Supplied Lizzy Bapela The Democratic Alliance in Limpopo expressed concerns over the alleged continuous failure to spend on Municipal Infrastructure Grants (MIGs) by municipalities across the province. The DA said that they believe that a lack of appropriate skills at municipal level is the reason for the failure. These concerns follow the question that the DA asked the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Richard Baloyi, how he intended to remedy the failure to spend MIG’s. Baloyi said that his department would assist the municipalities in the appointment of skilled financial and technical personnel. The DA is concerned about municipalities in Limpopo that did not spend R614 793 000 in the 2011/12 financial year and Lephalale, Mookgopong and Bela-Bela are amongst the poorest municipalities, who simply returned these funds to the National Treasury. “These are funds which could be used

to improve service delivery in areas such as health, access to water, electricity and roads and sanitation,” said Langa Bodlani, the DA media liaison officer. “Following swiftly on the heels of a call by the Democratic Alliance to place malfunctioning municipalities under administration, this information gives further force to our call. This will ensure that suitably qualified people are appointed so that we can improve service delivery,” Bodlani explained. Meanwhile, the Bela Bela local municipality sent back an alleged R5 million to the Treasury, causing serious concern about poor service delivery. The BEAT received a tip-off from a member of the public who expressed serious concerns about the money being sent back while there are services that could have been rendered to the community with the money. The services that our source is most concerned about include roads that are in poor condition, a satellite police station closer to the community and much needed resources at schools.

Emotions were running high when the residents of Bela Bela and surrounding areas voiced their disapproval of the alleged rape of a 5-year-old girl. Protesters marched through the streets of Bela Bela and converged in front of the Magistrate’s Offices. The raw emotions were evident from the tears, shouting and even swear words that came from the crowd. Community members joined members of the Progressive Women’s Movement of South Africa (PWMSA), led by regional chairperson Mokgaetji Ramashala, in a protest march against the alleged child rapist. The protestors took to the streets, singing songs expressing pain and hurt on Wednesday, 31 October, to support the family of the child. People in town stopped and listened in silence as the group walked through the town, singing “Senzeni na?” The sadness and despair of the protesters clear in the words and melody of the song. The protestors displayed placards, written in strong language, with messages to the suspect. The placards stated that the protesters wanted to ask the suspect why he did such a horrible thing to a harmless child. The march started at the local civic centre under heavy police and traffic supervision and headed to the Bela Bela Magistrate’s Court, where a memorandum of grievances was

handed over. The protestors also wanted to plead with the magistrate, handling the case, not to grant Phonyokga Ngobeni bail. They said that he is a threat to the community and would traumatise the child and family further if they saw him again. Ramashala could not express in words how the PWMSA members felt about the incident. She was speaking at the rally with pain written on her face. She said that she could not even begin to imagine the state the victim was in at the time of the rape. When speaking to the chief magistrate, Moraka Rameetse, PWMSA regional secretary, Matilda Radebe, could not hold back her tears. She shouted that the justice system would be corrupt if they would let this “heartless rapist” walk free from the crime he allegedly committed. The PWMSA leadership handed a memorandum to Rameetse and asked him to send a copy to the Minister of Justice, Jeff Radebe. In the memorandum, they plead with the minister to intervene in the case and ensure that justice prevails. Maluleka told The BEAT the women will only feel better when the suspect is denied bail, convicted and jailed for the crime he committed. The suspect is expected to appear again in court on 6 December while the police are still busy with thorough investigations and await DNA results. Members of the PWMSA pledged to support the family of the victim through thick and thin until the case is finalised.

Protestor’s house burns down Lizzy Bapela One of the participants in a service delivery march was shocked to witness his house burning to ashes following the protest march. The house of Vaalwater’s, Andries Moima, was burned down the night after the march on Friday, 26 October. Moima told The BEAT he received a tip-off that his house will be burned and he must run for his and family’s safety. He said that he came back later that night to check on his home, only to find out the tip-off was true, his house was up in flames. He claimed that eyewitnesses told him they had seen a black VW Golf at the scene, but the witnesses are unsure of the model and registration number. Moima further alleged that a local councillor, Gladys Mojela, is his number one suspect in the case as she allegedly warned him before the march that she will deal with him if he goes ahead with it. “Councillor Mojela told me I will die and leave the community I am fighting for if I do not take her warning serious,” he said. “Three people told me, after we handed over the memorandum at the municipal offices, that I must not sleep at my house that night or I will be a dead man. She sent people to my place to kill me, but unfortunately her wishes did not come true because I am still alive,” he said. Moima said that Mojela allegedly promised to pay him R30 000 if he did not let the protest march take place. “I did not listen to her

but went ahead with the march and she promised me she will deal with the Extension 3 community leadership and she did deal with me.” “The police are not giving me straight answers about my case. Even the municipality has not provided me with anything to assist in this time of need. When I approached the mayor, Kgaretja Lekalakala, she said the person responsible for informing the municipality about my situation is Mojela and she did not submit any report to the municipality or office of the mayor,” Moima said. Mojela denied all allegations levelled against her, saying she would never stand in a way of service delivery or that of community members voicing out concerns. She said that she was present when municipal officials, Johanna Mafora and Mittah Majadibodu, were typing a report about Moima’s burnt shack and submitting it to the social services office in the municipality. Mojela further said that Moima has a grudge against her and he stopped a mass meeting she called recently, intimidating attendees. “He also led a group of people who came to my house several times threatening to burn it down and I called the police and opened an intimidation case against them. I will personally speak to the police and urge them to speed up his case so he can get clarity.” “I will do this regardless of him spreading the rumours that I paid someone R15 000 to burn his shack,” she said.

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9 November, 2012

Executive mayor addresses challenges during imbizo Timothy Sekoboane from Regorogile section was among the residents who raised their issues during Imbizo in Thabazimbi. Photo supplied

Lizzy Bapela The Waterberg District mayor, Cllr Tlotlanang Mogotlane, came face to face with some of the challenges facing residents in Skierlik, Thabazimbi. The mayor addressed these challenges during a district mayoral Imbizo that was held in the area on Saturday, 27 October. Before the mayor’s visit to the area, mayor of Thabazimbi, Cllr Patricia Mosito, visited areas of Rooiberg, Northam, Raphuti and Regorogile communities as part of the IDP Public Participation 2013/14 process. Mosito, councillors and the entire management team of the municipality participated in community engagement from Tuesday, 16-, to Wednesday, 31 October. Spokesperson for the local municipality, Joshua Motsomane, said that the main objective of the presentation was to gather the needs from communities, which would culminate into ward cluster priorities that will ultimately be consolidated into the local municipality’s priorities. He said the aim is to educate communities on how they should be involved in the process of decision making of the local municipality. Residents in these areas were given time to come forward with their grievances before the mayors and all councillors present. Some of the issues raised were unemployment, no recreational facilities and not enough transport to some of the farm schools. A caregiver, Lizzy Thipe, from Skierlik, complained about the fact that there is no clinic, water, electricity and feeding

scheme in the area. Timothy Sekoboane, from Regorogile section, raised the issue of cemeteries that are about to be full to its capacity. He further made an appeal to the municipality to start preparing a new cemetery. A Smashblock resident, Nkele Matsape pointed out that there is lack of service delivery in the area, which is an informal settlement. She said the land is not yet formalised and belongs to the Baphalane. Motsomane said the municipality is currently providing temporary services. In response, Mosito said that the residents should give the municipality time to implement an IDP programme that would lead to the improvement of lives of the people. She said the issues noted were identified in terms of their frequency in most proceedings. “Allocation of stands and provision or making land available for development, infrastructure maintenance, repairs and installations lights (high mast lights), water meters (electrical), storm water drainage, roads (potholes and street humps) sewer systems) were some of issues that will be looked into”, she said. Addressing the residents, Mogotlane pledged to look into the complaints that were raised by various speakers. “We are here to address your problems. The municipality has an obligation once it is put in office by residents.” “We have put in place a committee that will look at how mines in the area can play a role as part of job creation. Some of your issues as mentioned will be forwarded to relevant departments,” she said., Website:

Parliament leaders visit Thabazimbi Lizzy Bapela The Constituency Management Committee (CMC) in Thabazimbi will visit circuits shortly to check and monitor performance in as far as final examinations are concerned. Spokesperson for the local municipality Joshua Motsomane said the resolution to visit the circuits comes after a visit to Northam projects by members of parliament and the provincial legislature recently. Joy Matshoge and R Mashigo, members of the provincial legislature, undertook a visit in Northam, accompanied by the Thabazimbi municipal council committee. Councillors Themba Mkansi, Aron Moatshe, Two-Days Molefe, ME Sikwane, Adolph Ramogale and Steven Lerumo led the Infrastructure and Planning Committee members on the visit. Gopolang Booysen, technical services manager, briefed delegates on progress registered, challenges encountered and issues that needed to be attended to, following the committee’s oversight visit. Booysen highlighted the progress in as far as projects are concerned. He indicated that the contract for Northam paving of internal streets was terminated and a new contractor will be appointed to complete the project. The issue was discussed at length and the other proposal was that of utilising Expanded Public Works Programme to complete the project. The presentation covered the Northam Waste Water Treatment Works (NWWTW), Northam paving of internal streets and resealing and rehabilitation of roads in Northam. Motsomane indicated that the bulk earthworks for the NWWTW project are

completed. He said that excavations for the inlet pump station, biological reactors, sludge ponds and return water pump station are completed and an earthwork for access road to the new plant is completed. After the presentation, the committee visited the projects above to see for themselves. In her briefing remarks, Matshoge said members of parliament and members of the provincial legislature are the eyes and ears of their community. She said that they are in close contact with their constituencies and are ideally placed to raise constituents’ views and concerns in the Parliament and Legislature. “This process can be assisted by the members of the portfolio committee and through concerted efforts to get the public to comment on pending legislation, projects and pending budgets. These views are then fed into other parliamentary structures, notably, in the case of the provinces, to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP),” she said. Matshoge said the oversight activity was to visit respective projects to assess the state of delivery in the municipality. The committee resolved that all projects must be visited at all times to monitor and to give progress and interventions where needed. They also resolved to intensify the process of visiting projects to all parts of the municipality. “Councillors have an oversight role and that they do not have to wait for us to do oversight work,” concluded Mashigo. The issue of non-payment of services by consumers or community members was raised as a serious concern. It was agreed that people be educated on payment of services and all illegal services such as water and electricity must be investigated.

Vaalwater community to keep protesting

Vaalwater Extension 3 leadership led protesters to the local municipal offices during a recent service delivery march. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

DA cries foul over new appointment The recommendation to appoint Lawrence Tlhako as manager of infrastructure services at the Lephalale municipality has several councillors up in arms. The recommendation was made at a council meeting held on Tuesday, 30 October, at the Lephalale municipality. Tlhako was the technical manager at the municipality up until August 2007, when he was dismissed and a case of mismanaging of funds was opened against him by the previous council. Tlhako contested his dismissal and the municipality, under new leadership, decided to settle the matter out of court. Tlhako was paid R750 000 to settle the matter. Municipal manager, Bob Naidoo, said that the matter was settled in this way to avoid hefty legal costs. The DA believes that irreparable damage was done in the Municipality’s relationship with Tlhako, and that he should not be appointed as Manager.

Tlhako was chosen from a list of four candidates after interviews were held on 19 September. The panel recommended to council on Tuesday that Tlhako be appointed, as he was the best candidate during the interview process. T h e p r e v i o u s m a y o r, J o h a n n a Mojela, accused the municipality of misconduct and was especially concerned about the R1, 5 million paid to Tlhako and Shirley Tloane in May, after the settlement. Mojela, who remained as ANC councillor after her dismissal as mayor was in the meeting on Tuesday and objected strongly to Tlhako’s appointment. Councillor Motsholakgetse, who is also opposed to the appointment, was not allowed to speak, as he was not part of the ANC caucus when the matter was discussed. Northern News tried this week to get hold of Municipal Manager, Bob Naidoo but he was not available for comment. — LiN News/Northern News

Lizzy Bapela Residents of Leseding and Extension 3 in Vaalwater have resolved to protest until the management of the Modimolle local municipality takes them seriously. This is a resolution taken after a protest march that took place on the morning of Friday, 26 October. The residents are expected to head to the streets again soon and march against poor service delivery in the area. A community representative, Andries Moima, told The BEAT that the grave situation in the area forced them to take to the streets and if response is not given within the given period, they will continue with their protest marches until they get answers. During the previous protest march, the residents indicated that they have been living in Extension 3 for 12 years and that the municipality is not taking care of them in terms of delivering basic services. The protesters claimed that, in the beginning of the year, Modimolle municipality speaker, Sechele Sebolai, showed them a

map, assuring them that their area is registered and the residents will soon receive municipal services. Residents want the municipality to provide them with taps and clean water in their yards, supply uninterrupted electricity, rezone stands and roads and build RDP houses with proper and safe toilets. The protesters also want free rubbish bins, streetlights, paved streets, and a school in the section and sports grounds. They also want land where they can build a church, a pre-school and develop a business district. The community of Vaalwater expressed serious anger and sadness regarding three shacks that were burnt because the owners had to use candles due to the fact that they had no electricity. They pleaded with the local municipality to assist the victims and respond to the marchers’ grievances within seven days. Spokesperson for the Modimolle local municipality, Patrick Shika, promised the protesters that the municipality would get back to them within the given time., Website:


9 November, 2012

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Senzeni na? On Wednesday, 31 October, the women of Bela Bela made their way through the town on their way to the Magistrate’s Court in a protest march to show their joint anger at the fact that a suspect was appearing before the court for raping a child. They walked in the streets of Bela Bela, singing “Senzeni na,” what have we done to deserve this? The emotion of the song touched everybody who heard it, even if they did not know what it meant. The song emphasised the fact that these women were beyond anger. The women of Bela Bela were crying for the lost innocence of yet another child, for the brutal way that her childhood was stolen from her. In Ga Molopo, outside Polokwane, learners embarked on a protest march to voice their unhappiness about the fact that several learners of Sebitja High School were raped while walking to and from school every day. The most recent victim in Ga Molopo was a 13-year old girl who was raped on her way to school in April. No arrests were made. When she encountered her rapist in August, she immediately reported it to the police. Still no arrests were made. She still walks to school every day and she still uses the same route. There is no alternative for her, no assurance that she will be safe from now on. According to, South Africa has some of the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world with 28 128 cases of rape and sexual assaults against children reported in 2011. Welfare groups believe that the number of unreported incidents could be up to ten times that number. The largest increase in attacks was against children under seven and onethird of all juvenile victims of sexual abuse cases are children younger than 6 years of age. When we look at these statistics, it makes sense that women feel so powerless in our society that they no longer shout in anger. They can only cry “Senzeni na,” what have we done to deserve this... What have we done to deserve this? Why do South Africans have to live in fear? Why does a minority of criminals have such a stronghold over the lives of the majority of law-abiding people? Maybe our president should concentrate on the fight against poverty and crime, and not on building a palace. Maybe government should take the R4.67 billion that they spent on entertainment, catering and travel in the past financial year, and use it to ensure that our children are safe.

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Looking after the next generation Bishop Silas Tlou

The BEAT likes to celebrate our readers big and small. Naledi Moima of Modimolle celebrated her 3rd Birthday on Saturday, 3 November. We wish her a happy birthday and hope that the next year will be full of joy for her. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

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People are constantly searching for fortune and prosperity. Some open themselves to evil in their quest to succeed and to acquire material wealth. Others live for luck and luck alone. Always chasing the next lottery ticket, the sure win. In the end, they are all unhappy, because their search is never finished. We have to ask ourselves what it will take to turn around our lives. How can we lead fulfilling lives and be happy? Changing just one day, can change a whole future and generation. Great job opportunities, a good salary and security is not enough to make sure that your descendants are well adjusted and able to cope with life. We need to breed good core values into our families. The Bile will teach you what is important in life. Romans 12:1-3 – “Dear friends, God is good. So I beg you to offer your bodies to him as a living sacrifice, pure and pleasing. That’s the most sensible way to serve God. Don’t be like the people of this world, but let God change the way you think. Then you will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to him. I realize how kind God has been to me, and so I tell each of you not to think you are better than you really are. Use good sense and measure yourself by the amount of faith that God has given you.” God wants you to live a healthy life and be strong of body and mind. 3 John 1:2 – “…dear friend, and I pray that all goes well for you. I hope that you are as strong in body, as I know you are in spirit.” You can rest in the knowledge that God wants to take care of you. God wants to look after all your needs. Philippians 4:19 – “ I pray that God will take care of all your needs with the wonderful blessings that come from Christ Jesus!” The Bible teaches us how to have quality relationships and order in our families. The Bible will develop your emotional life and help you teach the right ways to the younger generations. Ephesians 5:21-23 – “Honour Christ and put others first. A wife should put her husband first, as she does the Lord. A husband is the head of his wife, as Christ is the head and the Saviour of the church, which is his own body.” The Word of God teaches us the truth and gives you an understanding of the spiritual world. John 8:32 – “ You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Let the Word of God find place in your life and let it grow to yield the fruits. Practice the culture of meditating on the Word and teach your children to do so too. Then you will raise a generation that can cope with an ever-increasing evil world.

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9 November, 2012

When breath escapes you

An inhaler is a device that delivers medicine directly into the lungs. There are specific instructions on how and when to use an inhaler. Asthma sufferers must keep to these prescriptions to live a healthy life. Photo: Supplied Asthma is an illness that causes the airways of the lungs to swell and narrow, leading to wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing. Asthma is caused by swelling in the airways. When an asthma attack occurs, the muscles around the airways become tight and the lining of the airways to the lungs swell. This reduces the amount of air that can pass by and reach the lungs. In sensitive people, asthma symptoms can be triggered by breathing in allergycausing substances including pet hair, dust, pollen, seeds and stress. Asthma attacks can last for minutes to days, and can become dangerous if the airflow is severely restricted. Therefore, it is important to know the sympFINANCE do you need cash toms of asthma. NOW? Do you have ID, payslip and bank card? for The symptoms of shortterm loan call Willem at asthma are wheez0825229654. ing, coughing withFOR SALE: Thaba Dikgogo out phlegm, a blue Broiler Chickens for sale R32 tint around the lips, each. Re rekiša dikgogo ke


drowsiness, confusion, panic and tightness in the chest. There is no asthma cure, but sufferers can live a full life if they keep their asthma under control. People with asthma can learn to pinpoint and avoid the things that trigger an episode. Patients should educate themselves about medications. Working with a health care professional is the best way to take care of asthma. There are specific guidelines for treating asthma in different ages, from infants to 4 years old, 5 to 11 years old and 12 years and older. An inhaler is a device for delivering medicine directly into the lungs. Inhalers are used by asthma sufferers to deliver life saving medicine to the lungs and airways. Inhalers consist of a pressurised metal container, medicine, placed within a plastic case with a mouthpiece. When the container is pushed down, a valve delivers a measured dose of medicine in a fine mist. This medicine mist is breathed into the lungs via the mouthpiece. Using an inhaler delivers your medicine directly into the lungs where it is needed. According to the National Asthma Education Programme, people do not know how to use their inhalers. Begin by shaking inhaler vigorously. After taking the cap off, hold the inhaler in the upright position. Sit or stand and tilt your head back slightly and breathe out all the air in your lungs slowly. The more air that is breathed out the better the inhalation of the medicine will be. Place the inhaler in the upright position in your mouth. Breathe in slowly. Just after the start of the breath, press the inhaler once. Breathe the medicine right down into the lungs by breathing in as much air as you can. Hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds. This allows the medicine to settle in your airways. Breathe out slowly. Inhalers are lifesavers and should be kept clean, in good working order and always close enough for the patient to reach it. Whenever the asthma sufferer feels an attack coming on, the patient must use the inhaler immediately. In some cases, a doctor will prescribe a certain amount of doses per day. Doctor’s orders should always be followed to the letter. This can be the difference between life and death., Website:

Fresh breeze on the catering scene TK Mashaba A young woman from Bela Bela is optimistic and is determined to take her family’s business to new heights. Lea Ngoetjana told The BEAT that she is planning a re-launch of her family’s catering business on 24 November at a venue that will be confirmed at a later stage. Ngoetjana said that the love of food runs deep through the veins of her family. “My family have been in the catering business for nine years, but it was always a small company,” she explained. “My father, Charles Ngoetjana, started the company in 2003 and those who knew his restaurant, Hakhuna Mathata, must agree that the food that he prepared was delicious,” she said.

Now the torch had been passed on to Lea and a new generation who plans to blow new life into the business. “I have always had a passion for catering and décor. I was brought up in a family that loves catering for and decorating special events. Being a mean team in the kitchen has always been our family motto,” she said. Lea studied the finer points of the hospitality industry at Settlers Agricultural High School and furthered her studies in the field after school. She explained that Rema Catering is not under new management, but rather extending its services to include events, rather than just catering alone. Lea hopes to breathe new life into the business and to do her family proud in the process.

Great opportunities for the unemployed Lizzy Bapela The Department of Labour in Limpopo has announced a placement of over 390 job seekers across the province in various employs through its Employment Services of South Africa (ESSA) system in the past six months. Spokesperson for the department in the province, Johannes Mokou, told The BEAT that the report came just after a series of successful job fairs and summits held across the province, where employers were urged to make use of the system to register their employment opportunities and outsource suitably qualified job seekers. H e a d o f t h e d e pa r t m e n t , A l b e r t Tshidavhu, said that the department worked very hard to ensure that the unemployed are placed in the job market. ESSA is a system that the department uses for employers to register their employment and to recruit suitably qualified job seekers to their employ. The system also seeks to give job seekers an opportunity to register their information and curriculum vitae on the

system. “We have made a commitment to contribute to the creation of decent employment through inclusive economic growth and to respond to the strategic priorities of government through increased focus on decent work.” “This will be achieved through the enhancement of public employment services and intensifying inspection and enforcement services to effectively monitor and enforce compliance with legislation, strengthening social security and strengthening the institutional capacity of the department,” Tshidavhu said. He further said that the department has also taken a conscious decision to go out and interact with job seekers in various arenas so that it develops and designs different approaches that may be used in providing them with support. According to Tshidavhu, they are going to scrutinise the usage of unregistered Public Employment Agencies (PEA), through the departmental inspectorate, because these agencies delay and disturb the target that the department want to achieve.

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars. Destitutus ventis, remos adhibe Latin Proverb Men’s best successes come after their disappointments. Henry Ward Beecher

R32. Contact: 0716890862 or 0736169389 for order

LEGALS BELA BELA AMENDMENT SCHEME 63/08 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF THE TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56 (1) (b) (i) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE 1986 (ORDINANCE No 15 OF 1986) We, Geo Projects, authorised agents of the owner of Erf 1483, Warmbaths, Bela-Bela hereby give notice in terms of section 56 (1) (b) (i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance No 15 of 1986) that we have applied to the Bela Bela Municipality for the amendment, known as the Bela Bela Land Use Scheme, 2008, by the rezoning of the property describe above by the edition of annexure 151 for the purpose of a household enterprise. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, Municipal Offices, Bela Bela , for a period of 28 days from 2 November 2012 Objections to or presentations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to: The Municipal Manager at the above address or Private Bag X 1609, Bela Bela, 0480, within a period of 28 days from 2 November 2012 Address: P.O. Box 919, BelaBela, 0480, Tel: 082 881 7252

Hellen Motaung was happy for Koketso Motaung who was graduating from Grade R, last Thursday 1 November. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

Malebo Pole of Maokeng Primary School received a trophy and a certificate after being named top achiever out of all the Grade 3 learners. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

Maokeng Primary School Grade 2 learner Maria Maremane outshined her peers and received a certificate and a trophy for her outstanding performance. Photo: Mzamane Ringane, Website:

Computer centre for youth

Stakeholders posed for a photo during the official opening ceremony of the Timothy House Computer Centre in Vaalwater. Photo supplied Lizzy Bapela Over 80 students are already benefiting from a new state-of-the-art computer centre that was launched at the Waterberg Welfare Society (WWS) in Vaalwater on the afternoon of Friday, 26 October. Youth director for the centre, Zachariah Sekhu, said that the Timothy House Computer Centre was established with a grant from the Australian High Commission. He said the centre was established in support of the WWS computer literacy and ‘Readiness for Work’ programs, which are run in partnership with the Waterberg Biosphere. Australian High Commissioner to South Africa, the honourable Ann Harrap, said that Australia was extremely proud to be supporting the high-quality training programs provided by WWS. “These are excellent programs that aim to connect students with educational and economic opportunities in the local wildlife and eco-tourism industries.” “I understand those students who have been taking computer classes and utilising the computer centre to complete their homework are already seeing improvement in their school results,” said Harrap. She mentioned that, for many of the children and youth accessing the computer centre, this has been their first opportunity to use a computer. Sekhu told The BEAT that WWS used the


9 November, 2012

Australian grant to purchase computers, AV equipment and furniture for the Centre earlier this year. Yvonne Eskell Klagsbrun from the WWS said that the grant funding for the establishment of the computer centre was provided through the Australian High Commission’s Direct Aid Programme. This programme a small grants scheme designed to assist community organisations working on projects to address the needs of disadvantaged groups. Harrap said that Australia prioritises projects, which include an educational or skills development component, given the importance of education in addressing the Millennium Development Goals. She said a significant proportion of Australia’s broader development assistance program in Africa is also directed towards skills development. She further added that, through the Australia Awards in Africa program, Australia is delivering 1000 scholarships per year across Africa, focused in areas of priority for partner governments such as agriculture, governance, health, mining, natural resource management and water and sanitation. “The Australian Government’s objective is to provide high quality education and training to talented African professionals who will be in a position, when they return to their home countries, to make an important contribution to national or regional development,” she said.

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COSAS wishes learners well in exams

Regional secretary of COSAS in Waterberg Abram Motlhake wished learners well in their examinations. Photo: Lizzy Bapela Lizzy Bapela The office of the secretary of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS)

in the Waterberg, Abram Motlhake, sent out a message of support and best wishes to all learners in their final examinations, especially matriculants. Motlhake said that the organisation hopes that the Class of 2012 learners will make them proud because the Waterberg is lagging behind when it comes to matric results. He said that learners should not make excuses of the issue of the Grade 10 curriculum and assessment policy statement (CAPS) textbooks being delivered late to not study and prepare themselves. “We agree that the textbooks were delivered late, but the Department of Basic Education did try their best in making sure that the curriculum is up to date,” he said. Motlhake wished all the learners the best of luck.

Solomon Mahlangu High’s outstanding learners and educators were honoured with achievement certificates. The school honoured teachers for their relentless hard work throughout the year. Photo: Mzamane Ringane



Meloding Guest House in Bela-Bela

Private Bag X1609 Bela Bela 0480

The rooms are all furnished with lovely white cotton percale linen and modern furniture for guest to relax and get a good night sleep. Photo: Supplied


TECHNICAL SERVICES UPGRADING OF WATER & SEWER TELEMETRY SYSTEM Bids are hereby invited for the upgrading of the Water & Sewer Telemetry System for Bela-Bela Local Municipality. Preference points for B-BBEE will be scored in accordance with the status level attained by the tenderer in terms of section 9(1) of the Broad-Base Black Economic Empowerment Act.

Prepare to be pampered as you step into the exceptionally elegant Meloding Guest House. It is situated in the quiet countryside in the popular holiday town of Bela-Bela. This double storey manor offers six individually styled suites, all beautifully furnished with lovely white cotton percale linen, stylish modern furniture and world class finishing. Whether guests are travelling for business or pleasure, they will be welcomed by the never-ending melodies from birds as the name describes and charmed by the lush green gardens with shady trees that complement this stunning property. Meloding is an upmarket guesthouse that offers quality accommodation, delectable meals and outstanding service for the discerning traveller. Good security with perimeter fence around the property and access into the property will be through remote controlled gates. Capturing the ambience of country life, Meloding Guest House is an exquisite and convenient destination away from home. The beautifully decorated en-suite suites are luxuriously furnished. Distinctive origi-

nal artwork, select DSTV channels, individual climate controls and complimentary limited wireless internet facilities are just a few standard features found in each room. Meloding Guest House provides a lot of services and facilities, like laundry service, heated swimming pool, tea and coffee stations in all rooms, always-On wireless Hotspot facilities available, secured parking, conference and function facilities, transport services on request and much more. They accommodate business meetings, social lunches or special dinner arrangements and weddings. Selections of an intimate private meeting room or poolside setting are available for wedding parties. They also provide a variety of food and beverages, which can be selected from their specially designed menus. It is situated within easy driving distance of all major tourist attractions and sport facilities in Bela-Bela. At Meloding, you relax and let nature discover the wild side in you. For more information, contact them at tel. 014 0017202 or cell. 081 753 5729.

Tender documents will be obtained as from Monday, 12th November 2012, at the Municipal Records Offices of Bela Bela Local Municipality, in Bela-Bela, upon payment of a non-refundable amount of R500.00. Only cash or bank guaranteed cheques made out to Bela-Bela Local Municipality will be acceptable. A compulsory site inspection will be held on the 15th November 2012 at 10:00. Prospective bidders are expected to meet the representative of the client at the main entrance of the Bela-Bela Local Municipality in Bela-Bela, 59 Chris Hani Drive. All bids remain valid for a period of ninety days after the time and date of opening. Late submissions, telegraphic, telefax or e-mail transmission tenders will not be accepted. Bela-Bela Local Municipality does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any bid and reserves the right to accept a tender as a whole or in part. All tenders and supporting documents must be sealed in a cover clearly marked “TENDER 9/3/1/115: Upgrading of the Water & Sewer Telemetry System of Bela-Bela Municipality” and must be deposited in the tender box, at the Bela-Bela Local Municipality, 59 Chris Hani Drive, Bela-Bela, 1st Floor Records office, not later than 11:00 on the 28th November 2012. Supply Chain Management related enquiries can be directed to the procurement office of Bela-Bela Local Municipality on 014 736 8000. Technical related queries may be addressed to Mr Carl Klopper from Aurecon South Africa at 015 295 4408. N.S. Bambo Municipal Manager NOTICE NO: 104/12

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9 November, 2012

Nedbank Cup kicks off TK Mashaba The annual R6 million Nedbank Cup tournament kicked off on local level on Sunday, 4 November, when teams from the SAB Regional Waterberg League battled it out for a chance at the prize. The Nedbank Cup is known for its unexpected wins where smaller teams have the opportunity to face up to the soccer giants of South Africa. Two years ago a Vodacom League team, Baroka FC, from Ga Mphahlele, surprised many people when they reached the semi finals in the Nedbank Cup tournament. Baroka FC proved that there is always space for a hard working team to make it to the top of the game. They beat giants like Moroka Swallows and Kaizer Chiefs in their campaign for the Nedbank Cup. In the first leg of the tournament, some local teams’ hopes were dashed when they were eliminated from the competition after the first round. In the Waterberg, Stream A saw NTK Happy Boys being beaten 6-0 by A1 Terrors. For Happy Boys it was a particular heavy blow, because they were only recently promoted to the SAB League. Bela Bela Pirates FC beat Bazooka FC 3-1 while Bela Bela United FC suffered a 2-1 de-

feat at the hands of Diesel n Dust in a thrilling clash. In the last game of Stream A, Trouble Makers FC lost 2-0 to Young Black Lizards FC. A1 Terrors will face Bela Bela Pirates FC in the semi finals for the regional leg of the Nedbank Cup tournament. In the other semi final game, Young Black Lizards will visit Diesel n Dust on their home grounds. In Stream B, Dynasty FC lost 3-2 to Mookgopong All Stars while Moloto Morning Stars beat Mookgopong Black Pool 2-0. Mokopane Stone Breakers lost their game against Real Madrid on a 5-4 penalty score after the two played to a 2-2 draw. Dimakatso FC beat Mosesetjane All Stars 2-0. The results of the match between Thaba FC and Benefica was not available at the time of going to press, but The BEAT heard from a reliable source that Benefica won the game. Simple Yellows did not show up for their game against Yster United and Yster United won the game by default Mookgopong All Stars will meet Moloto Morning Stars in the semi-finals while Dimakatso FC will meet Yster United. Benfica will meet Real Madrid in the third semi final game. Results for Stream C were still pending at the time of going to press. The BEAT will endeavour to keep our readers updated., Website:

Young guns anticipate great season

Tebogo Malla (left) and Raphael Malatji are looking forward for a hot season in the Waterberg SAB Regional League this season. Photo: Mzamane Ringane Mzamane Ringane Modimolle A1 Terrors has roped in a few young players into their squad ahead of the new SAB Regional season. The youngsters include 16-year-old Raphael Malatji popularly known as Makhathini and 17-year-old Tebogo Malla also known as Walaza. The Beat spoke to these local football wizards in a post match interview recently. Both players are a product of Future Stars FC, who campaigns in the Local Football Association’s league. Malatji says he is confident that his team, Modimolle A1 Terrors, will have a great season and that he is honoured to be part of a reputable team like Terrors.

Malla also share these sentiments with his fellow player. “Escalating from the LFA league to the SAB Regional League means a lot to me. My aim is to reach the highest football level available. Playing in the PSL is my main goal, but I am taking it one step at a time. I would be glad one day if I could see myself in Ajax Cape Town FC colours,” said Malatji. Malatji says his role model is Orlando Pirates attacking midfielder, Andile Jali. This young player says he likes to grab every opportunity given to him and use it wisely. “If I find myself in a position where I fail to use an opportunity wisely, I regret it a lot. I remember when we played against the SuperSport United FC under-19 squad. I missed a chance to grab a leading goal in a one-on-one situation. At the end of the day we played to a draw,” concluded Malatji. On the other hand, Malla says he would be delighted if he finds himself as part of the high riding PSL team Kaizer Chiefs one day. Malla, who is a striker at A1 Terrors, told The Beat that he is fascinated by Kaizer Chiefs’ lethal striker, Bernard Parker’s, football tactics. “In soccer we play as a team, but I always believe that each and every player feels good when he contributes in getting a winning goal. My main goal is to become one of the best strikers in the world. There is a lot to learn at A1 Terrors and that is why I am proud to be part of this team,” said Malla.

Tavern owner takes on the sport of soccer

Modimolle derby six-goal thriller

Wilvax FC owner Christinah Lekalakala (wearing blue cap in the back row), pose for a photo with her team. Photo: Mzamane Ringane The team is running under the mentorship of Johannes Moeng, who is assisted by Most people believe that tavern owners are Modala Lekalakala and Jan Baloyi. all about making money out of selling alcohol This local businesswoman told The Beat that and do not care about the well-being of resi- it is important for people to take part in sport dents. This is definitely not the case when it activities; and that is why they started this comes to Modimolle based businesswoman, team. “As a tavern owner in the Modimolle Christinah Lekalakala, who is the owner of area, I felt it was appropriate to give back to Wilvax Tavern. Lekalakala formed a soccer the community. We have a soccer team and team and is currently in a process of register- a team that plays pool. This helps to keep ing with the Modimolle Local Football Asso- people healthy and fit, and we also wish to ciation. see some of our players becoming better people in the community,” said Lekalakala. The team has no less than 25 players New & Used vehicles who include young players who have great ambitions to make into the national level. Assistant coach, Modala Lekalakala, told The Beat that their aim is to develop young soccer Tel: (014) 736 2127 players and to keep Fax: (014) 736 3241 them away from the Cell: 078 782 4501 streets. He said they email: were committed and were confident that MOPANI TOYOTA their team would go 12 Potgieter Street. Bela-Bela 0480. PO Box 1061 LEAD THE WAY far. Mzamane Ringane

Sales Consultant Noko Mphahlele

For Top Service, Call me

A1 Terrors FC (blue) in action against Happy Boys FC in a local derby last Sunday 4 November. Photo: Mzamane Ringane Mzamane Ringane Soccer lovers in Modimolle were treated to arguably the best opening game of the season on Sunday 4 November. Modimolle A1 Terrors got off to a good start when they beat rivals NTK Happy Boys 6-0 in the prestigious Nedbank Cup Challenge fixture. Stanley Mashiane’s first goal on the 24th minute, gave A1 Terrors confidence to snatch one goal after the other. Five minutes after the first goal, A1 Terrors won a penalty kick and Mashiane made sure he puts it behind the opponents’ goalkeeper. Happy Boys FC players were vulnerable after conceding two goals in such a short space of time. Sarel Marakalla and Raphael Malatji also took advantage of the situation and registered their names, making the score 4-0 before half time. In the second half Happy Boys tried to stop A1 Terrors from reaching the penalty area. It took 34 minutes to see a goal in the second half, scored by Stanley Mashiane who attained his third goal of the day. Three minutes after Mashiane scored

A1 Terrors’ fifth goal, his teammate, Teacher Manganye, also made sure that his presence was felt when he scored the sixth goal for his team. Coach David Kutumela said that his team’s followers should expect to see a revamped A1 Terrors. “This is a good start indeed, and we are hoping to do well in the league games also. We were in control, especially in the first half, but in the second half, our players missed a few more opportunities. We would have scored more than six goals, but then in all fairness I am happy about our players’ performance,” said Kutumela. On the other side NTK Happy Boys mentor, Simon Makhubela said it is a matter of going back to the drawing board and prepare for the league. “We now have to go back to the drawing board and shift our focus to the SAB league. Another thing that has cost us this game is that most of our players were not available for this match. I am confident that the morale will pick up very soon and we will do well in the league,” said Makhubela. Happy Boys are making their debut in the Waterberg SAB Regional League this season.

The Beat 9 November 2012  

The Beat - Community Newspaper

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