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9 February

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The tobacco farming community nationwide gathered at Vaalwater, pinning their hopes on the incoming ANC President to help ward off the illicit cigarette products’ trade threatening local jobs. Photo: TK Mashaba


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Judgement day for Maparangwa Justin Steyn Alledged drug dealer suspect Daniel Maparangwa (28) would know his fate on Wednesday, 21 February. The Modimolle Regional Court was expected to give judgement on the matter. The 28-year-old Zimbabwean national faces drug-related charges emanating from cases which took place between June and September in the year 2016. Maparangwa has since been released on bail of R5 000.

Full marks for Bela-Bela traffic cops

During his latest appearance, the court said judicial presentations were set to be followed by sentencing. In another prominent case, an interpreter had to be assigned for alleged narcotics dealer, Evy Ezeagbai, during his last court appearance on Tuesday, 12 November 2017. The Nigerian was facing charges of being in possession of 4.6Kg of CAT. Ezeagbai was on bail of R30 000, as he was not deemed a flight risk. He was expected to appear again in court on 24 April.

Pienaarsrivier cop on another count traveling across the border into Mozambique. Baloyi allegedly demanded a bribe of R2 In a dramatic turn of events, a 000 to allow Ragne to enter the border. Pienaarsrivier police officer accused of Ragne alleged that the remaining R8 000 being part of the alleged bribery and theft of was stolen as he left, allegedly by Baloyi. R210 000 from a motorist was in court for The brief court appearance resulted in an unrelated but similar charge. Baloyi’s case being postponed to Friday, 23 Constable Patrick February, the same Baloyi and his day he was expected colleague, Sergeant to appear alongside Andries Matlou, Matlou, on the other ... they had allegedly were expected to charge. removed a sum of R210 000 appear before the Baloyi and Matlou from his vehicle Bela Bela were arrested by the Magistrate’s Court Serious Corruption on Friday, 23 Crime Unit on February. Tuesday, 9 January. They were both on bail of R3 000. The two officers allegedly demanded and Baloyi had since been released on warning accepted a bribe of R20 000 cash from from the separate theft and corruption motorist, Promise Funani. charge. Funani later opened a case against the two The 40-year-old police officer was charged cops, alleging they had removed a sum of with theft and corruption in May 2016, after R210 000 from his vehicle. allegedly demanding money from one The incident occurred during a stop and Mohammed Ragne. search operation. According to the charge sheet, Baloyi They made their first court appearance on accused Ragne of not declaring that he had Wednesday, 10 January, before the BelaR10 000 in his possession as he was Bela Magistrate’s Court. Justin Steyn

Pressing challenges for Modimolle Municipality Mzamane Ringane The Modimolle-Mookgophong Municipality has been grappling with a string of challenges, ranging from dwindling water supplies to a work stoppage. In answer to questions relating to the wide range of challenges facing both the council and administration, Mayor Marlene van Staden continued to paint a gloomy picture over the water supply situation. “Water has been a huge problem and a very big concern,” she said on Tuesday, 6 February. Van Staden said barring good rains going forward, the Donkerpoort Dam had the capacity to supply water for 96 days, while in Mookgophong the Welgevonden Dam has 40 days left of water supplies. “This means that water has to be rationed certain times of the day, and certain days of the week. The high-lying areas like Ext 10 and Bosveldsig are normally affected first. Also areas like Jasper and Ext 13,” she explained.

Van Staden said when the pressure was low, suplies were affected negatively. High demand triggered by high temperatures was the main cause. “We need to all pray for rain,” she said. Asked about the non-payment or delayed payment of municipal workers’ wages, which culminated in a strike, van Staden said salaries were supposed to be paid on the 25th of each month. However, in recent days half of the workers were paid on Thursday, 1 February, while the rest were remunerated the next day. She said the work stoppage hampered service delivery all-round, adding the entire workforce was back to work by Friday, 2 February. “Our staff salaries should be our number one priority,” she said. Van Staden said the ModimolleMookgophong Council would discuss the establishment of an ad-hoc committee to assist in the management of finances, priotirising creditors in the process.

’Our staff salaries should be our number one priority’

Corrupt traffic officers have faced the full might of the law recently. Photo supplied Justin Steyn The Bela-Bela head of traffic Isack Monare has given his men and women in uniform a clean bill of health, following sweeping arrests of their colleagues in Mokopane and elsewhere. A total of 21 traffic officers were raided and arrested in Mokopane and Polokwane on charges of alleged fraud and corruption. Hawks spokesperson, Captain Matimba Maluleke, said the officers had been arrested following a sting operation, whereby they

allegedly solicited bribes from offending motorists. The operation was targeted at the highseason December holidays, whereby traffic volumes increase tremendously. The arrested traffic officers appeared before the Mokopane Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, 31 January. Monare applauded the sting operation by the Road Traffic Management Corporation, which led to the massive arrests. He said as far as he was concerned, no traffic officer at Bela-Bela feared immininent arrest following the raids in Polokwane.

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Auditor-general unimpressed with town’s finances ’Morris Maluleka, the previous municipal manager, left us with a ton of problems’ Andries van der Heyde

Things are not looking good for Bela-Bela after Kimi Makwetu, the auditor general (AG) of South Africa, released an audit report on the municipality’s finances, stating that the municipality has regressed from an unqualified audit opinion to a qualified opinion for the 2016/2017 financial year. This means the municipality will have difficulty securing government funds for capital projects in the future, according to the DA. The manner in which the municipality spends its money, is also raising questions. The audit report was made public during the first council meeting of the year on Wednesday 24 January. The AG said in the report that evidence was missing regarding infrastructure assets and that previous years’ misstatements was not rectified. In the cash flow statements there were an unexplained difference of R24 665 373 generated from operations, which was also misstated. Additional errors in the financial statements also came up, according to the AG.

The municipality did not disclose irregular expenditure amounting to R24 201 749, resulting from the unspent conditional grant and the AG could not determine the purpose the amount was used for. Material losses to the amount of R32 309 464 were also incurred as a result of traffic fines and trade debtors which was written off and considered to be irrecoverable according to the report. Other losses totalled R19 269 226 for electricity, R3 490 584 for water, an amount of R2 203 436 for fruitless expenditure and an amount of R40 046 173 for unauthorised expenditure as a result of overspending. The AG found that money owed by the municipality was also not paid within 30 days as required by the municipal finance act. No adequate management, accounting and information system was in place, which should have recognised expenditure when it was incurred and no steps were taken to curb fruitless and wasteful expenditure, according to the report. The municipal infrastructure grant and integrated national electrical programme were also not spent in accordance with the division of revenue act. Basic service delivery, as well as local economic

development, were also looked at, but the reporting was taken into question. The AG found that municipal contracts were awarded to bidders that did not score the highest points during the evaluation process as was required. This non-compliance was identified in the procurement processes, according to the report. Furthermore, the reported achievement for the target of 10 425 households with access to a basic level of solid waste removal, was misstated. The AG found that from the evidence provided, there were only 9 012 households. Job creation was also reported on, but the AG was unable to confirm the exact figures. The AG reiterated that no effective system of internal control was in place for asset management, but the disposal of capital assets were done correctly. The AG also spoke of uncertainties relating to the future outcomes of exceptional litigations. “The municipality is the defendant in various lawsuits. The municipality is opposing these claims, as it believes there is reasonable ground for success. The ultimate outcome of the matter cannot presently be determined and no provision for any liability that may result, has been made in the financial statements.”

The AG concluded that the accounting officer did not adequately exercise its oversight responsibility regarding financial and performance reporting and compliance with certain laws and regulations. The misstatements were mainly due to inadequate review by management and compliance issues would have been successful if it was properly reviewed. DA councillor Kobus van der Merwe said the DA is worried that the report, once again, proves that the municipality cannot be trusted to handle public funds. “Morris Maluleka, the previous municipal manager, left us with a ton of problems, notwithstanding the fact that the town’s maintenance will take a huge knock because of this. It is even worse to know that the municipality had only spent 0,6% of the budget on maintenance, where the prescribed norm is 8%,” said Van der Merwe. “Council have asked that representatives of the AG come and address council on the report but still, the facts speak for themselves.” There was no response from David Raborolo, the municipal spokesperson, to emailed queries at the time going to press.

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Zuma View residents make a statement

Mookgophong Stadium’s roof blown off

David Moela (on his knees) with some of the Zuma View Committee members. Photo: TK Mashaba

TK Mashaba Residents from Bela-Bela’s Zuma View informal settlement recently descended on The BEAT offices in their numbers to press home demands for lack of basic services. The Zuma View Concerned Residents Committee alleged the Bela-Bela Local Municipality had given a blind eye to their plight over a period of six years. Committee chairperson David Moela alleged the municipality had failed to respond to a series of correspondence over a period of time.

He said the homeless had settled at Zuma View because they had nowhere else to stay. In 2012 the municipality attempted to evict the residents, but this was blocked by a court order. Moela has confirmed that the municipality had made running water available, but was lacking in terms of housing, proper roads and electricity. He said the residents demanded that their ward councillor, Jeremiah Ngobeni, make an appearance and address their plight. Mayoral spokesperson David Raborolo was not available for comment at the time of going to print.

Popular DJ visits Limpopo Disc jockey and producer Karabo supplied.

TK Mashaba Homegrown disc jockey Karabo Mashego had them eating out of his palm during a performance at Modimolle. The open-air braai circuit, since branded as the chisanyama (roast the meat) outlets, has carved a niche on the Modimolle entertainment circuit. The main drawcard at the re-launch of the

new Tsongo Chisanyama braai venue was none other than Johanneburg-based – but Limpopo born and bred – disk jockey and producer, Mashego, otherwise known as S Jam. The sensational Mashego started his career at the age of 15, and went full-time as a producer at the age of 20. In 2007 he joined Johannesbuirg-based wellknown deejays Edgar Modiba, aka Jaguar Paw, and Eunice Motsepe, better known as DJ Migss, who were shaped by the famous Soul Candi Records. Mashego released his debut single in 2010, with some of the tracks breaking into the coveted House AFrika album. Talking to Mashego ahead of his show, he said he was looking forward to meet people back home in Limpopo. He said he was thrilled after being invited to perform on the home territory for the very first time. Mashego was joined by some of the local deejays.

Afri-Forum blocks relocation Justin Steyn The Mookgophong branch of Afri-Forum, working with grassroots communities, has been able to block the relocation of a mining community, with the potential to disrupt the lives of the most vulnerable. According to the branch’s chairperson, Phillip van Staden, the action was launched in April 2014, after the Rustenburg Platinum Mine brought an application to relocate the community with the aim of expanding mining activities. He said that the branch argued that the Modimolle-Mookgophong Municipality did not have sufficient infrastructure and resources to provide the community with the necessary services. “Services such as water, electricity, and infrastructure such as roads, would not have been provided to the new community

in a sustainable manner. “The application would also have seen people from a traditional township being relocated to an established commercial farming area. Farmers in the vicinity would have been negatively influenced by the relocation,” Van Staden said in a statement. He said he was of the opinion that the relocation of the community to the Mookgophong area would have had a very negative impact on the town. “The municipality is already struggling to address the existing needs of the town and community. It is very unlikely that an already struggling municipality would have been able to provide another community with sustainable services,” he said. The case was withdrawn on 24 January by PlanCentre, who represented the mine with the application.

The aftermath of the storm. Photo supplied Marietjie Steenkamp The roof of part of the grandstands at Mookgophong Stadium was ripped off following a severe thunderstorm on Monday, 5 February. The popular facility was built before South Africa’s democracy in 1994, and is frerquently used for many occassions. According to Mookgophong municipal official, Herman Sebata, the cost of the damage to the building had not yet been determined. Structually, the stadium consists of two pavilions (A and B) which can house up to 600 people. The B-sided pavilion suffered the most damage. The roof has been ripped off completely and the structure of the pavilion suffered

major damage. According to Sebata, this will have to be repaired before the roof can be attended to. The Stadium is owned by the municipality and was mainly used for sporting events for schools in Mookgophong. The use of the facility is free of charge to schools, but is frequently rented out to individuals for concerts and music festivals. Sebata said mopping up operations in the aftermath of the storm started on Tuesday, 6 February. Mookgophong Mayor, Marlene Van Staden has since lamented the loss but also said that repairs can be conducted from the insurance claim. The storm also wreaked havoc in the town with trees and business properties damaged. The stormwater also reportedly caused damage to the road between the Mookgophong graveyard and Extention 8

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Tobacco jobs threat



MODIMOLLE-MOOKGOPHONG LOCAL MUNICIPALITY MODIMOLLE-MOOKGPHONG LOCAL MUNICIPALITY is an equal opportunity employer subscribing to the Employment Equity Act, and hereby invites applications from suitably qualified persons to fill the under-mentioned post:

Cyril Ramaphosa. Photo: Google

Tobacco farmers descended on Vaalwater. Photo: TK Mashaba

Vaalwater emerging farmers. Photo: TK Mashaba TK Mashaba Farmers and their workforce across tobacco farmlands nationwide have pinned hopes on the rise of Cyril Ramaphosa as ANC President to ward off threats to upwards of 10 000 jobs. Speaking on the occasion of a farm tour at Vaalwater on Thursday, 1 February, Tobacco Instirutute of South Africa national chairman, Francois van der Merwe, said the Ramaphosa narrative had triggered hopes for the industry. The BEAT reported on 2 February that around 10 000 jobs on tobacco farms across the country were under threat, as a direct result of the illicit trade of cigarettes, mainly from Zimbabwe. Vaalwater as a nerve centre for a mainstream media news conference was a symbolic venue in that truckloads of illicit cigarette products were often interrupted by the authorities, on the stretch of the N1 South between Polokwane and Pretoria. Van der Merwe said Vaalwater was a special case because there was almost nothing in terms of employment prospects in the area, with tobacco farms absorbing many of the locals. He said with the acsendency of Ramaphosa to high office, the industry had, like other sections of society across the spectrum, triggered hopes of renewal. The Limpopo Tobacco Processors (LPO) had warned in an earlier statement the illicit tobacco products were harmful to the region’s economic growth and development. Van der Merwe said these effects were evident at tobacco farms nationwide. Commercial and emerging farmers converged for the rather picturesque tour of the affected tobacco farms, which the LPO said were feeling the effect of the illicit trade, through decreased demand, and declining profits.

GENERAL Applications should be submitted on Modimolle-Mookgophong Local Municipality Senior Managers application form obtainable from the Municipality or at and must be completed in full. Certified copies of your identity document, license and qualifications, CV and particulars of at least three contactable work-related references must be attached. The specific reference number for the post must be quoted. Failure to submit the required documents will automatically disqualify applications. Applications should be submitted to: The Municipal Manager; Modimolle-Mookgophong Local Municipality Private Bag X 1008 MODIMOLLE 0510

or delivered personally at: O R Tambo Building O R Tambo Square 1 Harry Gwala Street MODIMOLLE 0510

Applicants must note that their appointment is subject to the following reference checks: qualifications, criminal records, security vetting and record of dismissed staff members contemplated in section 57A of the Municipal Systems Act. Candidates recommended for appointment to the posts must undergo a competency assessment. The successful incumbent must sign an employment contract, a performance agreement as contemplated in section 57 of the Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000 and provide a disclosure of financial interests. All general enquiries should be directed to Human Resources Manager, Me Adolphine Phala at (014) 718 2037 or the Human Resources Officer, Mr Hendrick Makhubele at (014) 718 2068 during office hours (07h30 – 16h15). NB: No late applications will be considered. Closing date: 2 March 2018 Communication will only be limited to shortlisted candidates and if you do not receive any response from us within three (3) months after the closing date, you may regard your application as unsuccessful. OP SEBOLA MUNICIPAL MANAGER




Funeral tent, 50 Chairs, 2x2 Fibre glass toilets for sale. Contact Gerhard 082 416 6067

LEGALS LIQUIDATION AND DISTRIBUTION ACCOUNTS IN DECEASED ESTATES LYING FOR INSPECTION In terms of section 35 (5) of the Administration of Estates Act, No. 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that copies of the liquidation and distribution accounts (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estates specified below will be open for the inspection of all persons with an interest therein for a period of 21 days (or shorter or longer if specially stated) from the date specified or from the date of publication hereof, whichever may be the later, and at the offices of the Masters of the High Court and Magistrates as stated. Should no objection thereto be lodged with the Masters concerned during the specified period, the executors will proceed to make payments in accordance with the accounts. Mandatory Fields Province: Limpopo A. Estate number: 3619/ 2017 Surname: PRETORIUS First names: GERTIENA JOHANNA SCHUTTE South African ID number: 260811 0060 082 or Passport / Other ID: Last address: Rusoord, Chris Hani Street, Bela Bela B. Complete this section only if deceased was married in community of property: First names of surviving spouse: N/A Surname of surviving spouse: ID number of surviving spouse: C. Description of Account if other than First and Final: First and Final Period of inspection (if other than 21 days): Magistrate’s office: Bela Bela Master’s office: Polokwane Advertiser name: ANGI GERMISHUYS ATTORNEYS Advertiser address: 18 Mentz Avenue, Bela Bela, Limpopo Province Advertiser email: Advertiser telephone: 014 736 4233.

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Towards the goat trails of Nkandla several of them posting their “like” for The art of designing and packaging the the anti-corruption narrative. front page of a newspaper is somewhat Now who are these readers who tricky. The front page, in terms of headline and “liked’ the story, and what did they necessarily “like” about its content? pictures, is primarily aimed at making Surely it could not be “liked” by those sure The BEAT title does stand out with their hands in the till, or indeed alongside the mainstream press such as individuals who have stolen funds Daily Sun, or even the all-powerful intended for the wellbeing of the Sunday Times. poorest of the poor. Because of the The graft narrative affordability of our aside, the backstory was cover price, we strive that Mabuza, a known that whoever picks Jacob Zuma supporter, up say, City Press, also picks up The gave many BEAT for purposes of the of local content. readers a Last weekend we pleasant ran with the front surprise page headline “Graft when he panic buttons”, charged that which was a gamble Ramaphosa LETTER FROM THE EDITOR in a way because “is very safe Johnny Masilela civil servants in these with me neck of the woods next to are supposed to be clean of corruption, him.” or are they? In all fairness, this line The success of this particular edition could have attracted some, tells an interesting story about the if not all, of the “likes” on corruption narrative in the Waterberg. The BEAT website. The article was to the effect that ANC As you may have noticed, Deputy President, David Mabuza, there has been a slight brought bad news for corrupt civil increase in the political servants and politicians, by endorsing content of your favourite Cyril Ramaphosa’s relentless pursuit of read. those with their hands in the till. The reason is simple; the The article continued to attract steady arrival of Cyril Ramaphosa interest from online readers, with as the new sheriff in town

has changed the national political discourse for all time. That is why in this letter last weekend we ran with the headline “Ramaphosa is bad news for the DA and EFF”, which also drew a fair share of social media attention. At the time of writing this, President Jacob Zuma was reportedly on a pushback to have him removed as head of state. By the time you read this (written on Monday 5 February), a lot should have happened between the Sona, or no

KOKANJE RETIREMENT VILLAGE - NURSE Kokanje Retirement Village, situated in Modimolle (Nylstroom), runs an extremely efficient Frail care unit, which is equipped with 45 beds, for frail residents. We are awaiting written applications for the post of Registered Sister in this popular unit. • Applicants must be registered as a Sister at the SA Board of Nursing. • Bilingual - Afrikaans and English is required. • Compassion and patience towards frail, aged residents are important. Apart from pleasant working conditions in a Bushveld area, Kokanje Retirement Village offers subsidised pension and medical aid membership benefits. Housing subsidy is available to qualifying personnel. Remuneration will be discussed with the successful candidate during the interview. Complete applications with follow-up references and certified proof of qualifications must reach the Manager: Frail Care unit, P O Box 951, Kokanje, 0515 before or on 23 February 2018. E-mails can be send to or If you haven’t received any communication from us within 14 days, you can assume that your application was not successful. WESSEL VAN HEERDEN - EXECUTIVE MANAGER

Wishing you a fabulous Valentine’s Day The Editor and staff of thThe BEAT take this opportunity to wish our readers, young and old, a happy Valentine.

Maria Makwela Reception & Advertisements 014 736 2723

Lizzy Bapela Journalist - Bela-Bela News, Crime, Government and Advertisements 072 264 7740

BELA-BELA (014) 736 2723 MODIMOLLE (014) 717 1774 MOOKGOPHONG (014) 743 3802

Sona. My prediction – in hindsight – is that the ANC NEC would either allow Zuma to use the Sona as a farewell platform for the grumpy old man, or recall him and have Ramaphosa take to the podium on Thursday, 8 February. There was also another narrative, at the time of writing, that the whole Sona may well be postponed until a clear decision had been taken around Zuma. Either way, the game is over for the Zulu traditional dancer from the goat and cattle trails of Nkandla. |

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Executive Mayor Morris Mataboge hosts the elderly Waterberg District Mayor Mataboge’s birthday bash. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Lizzy Bapela Waterberg Executive Mayor Morris Mataboge spent his birthday Monday, 5

February, with senior citizens arriving from from across Pienaarsrivier and Masakhane. The occasion was held inside the Pienaarsrivier Community Hall. The theme for the event was healthy living,

inspired by the ongoing activities of the Pienaars Elderly Group, which facilitates programmes such as road-running. Bela-Bela Mayor Jeremiah Mfiti Ngobeni, ward councillors, and civil servants were in

attendance. Pienaars Elderly Group leader, Dorah Matlou, told the audience the senior citizens kept themselves busy with regular exercise and brisk walking. She hoped the elderly’s endeavours would inspire the younger generation to choose a healthy lifestyle. Mataboge called on other senior citizens to swell the ranks of the Pienaars Elderly Group. He said officialdom ackowlegded that social grants were not enough to cover household needs, especially because many of the elders were breadwinners in their own homes. Mataboge and his entourage distributed calendars, bags and blankets to the elderly.

Modimolle Troublemakers FC to sustain winning streak Former Home Defenders FC man, Thabiso Maitsapo, who is currently plying his trade in the National First Division. Photo: Mzamane Ringane Mzamane Ringane Modimolle Troublemakers players and managers ensured that they sustain their position on top of the log standings, following a 2-0 victory over Rapotokwane’s Qualitho FC. Modimolle Troublemakers FC will be aiming to further humiliate the struggling local rivals, Modimolle Celtic FC, when the two teams meet at Ephraim Mogale Stadium on Saturday, 10 February.

At Rapotokwane, Qualitho FC will be hoping to bounce back when the team hosts Bela Bela Pirates FC, also this forthcoming Saturday. Mookgophong Junior Stars FC, which won 2-1 during a visit to Modimolle Home Defenders FC last weekend, was this week scheduled to play hosts to Modimolle Bussel FC, at the Mookgophong Stadium. Modimolle Home Defenders FC had a fixture to welcome Bela Bela Diesel ‘n Dust at the former’s Ephraim Mogale Stadium home ground. In the higher echelons of South African football, Limpopo’s National First Division (NFD) contenders, Tshakuma Tsha Madzhivandila FC, narrowly defeated Mthatha Bucks 1-0, at the Thohoyandou Stadium last Saturday.

Tshakuma Tsha Madzhivandila FC, which is mentored by former Professional Leaguie campaigners’, Baroka FC’s coach, Sello Chokoe, has recently unveiled the signing of Modimolle’s Thabiso Maitsapo. Maitsapo was once a player of the Waterberg Region’s SAB League team Modimolle Home Defenders FC. The team is currently occupying second position on the log standings, eight points behind log leaders Highlands Park FC. Another team from the home province, Black Leopards FC, bettered their chances of contending for the title after battering Ubuntu Cape Town FC (formerly FC Cape Town) 4-0 at Parrow Park last weekend. There would be no NFD fixtures this weekend, because some of the teams were scheduled to take part in the multi-million rand Nedbank Cup.

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Masters’ soccer back on local grounds TK Mashaba The popular senior citizens’ soccer was soon to be re-introduced across the length and breadth of the Waterberg region. Waterberg Masters’ Soccer League coordinator, Hlupi Lehong, said plans were at advanced stage for the re-launch of the formal games. Speaking during an interview on the sidelines of dress rehearsal matches played at Bela-Bela’s Sunfa Stadium on Sunday, 4 February, he said dates, venues and other logistics would unfold in due course. The Waterberg Masters’ Soccer Leauge was a highly popular source of weekend entertainment since the launch of the tournament in the year 2014. Teams arrived for league fixtures from as far afield as Pienaarsrivier and Mookgophong. The games were held in high regard by, among others, the health sector, in that they provided an opportunity for older citizens to be active to ward off conditions such as hypertension. Lehong said former players from the ages of 35 and upwards qualified to take part in the Waterberg Masters’ Soccer League. Part of the dress rehearsal matches last Sunday were washed out following a cloud burst in the vicinity of Sunfa Stadium. During the first match Bela-Bela Masters FC came from behind a 2-0 loss, to beat Modimolle Masters FC 3-2. The game between Mokgopong Masters FC and Tsakane Masters FC was washed out by heavy downpours.

The waterlogged Sunfa Stadium. Photo: TK Mashaba

Jonas Matsena of Bela Bela Masters FC on the ball. Photo: TK Mashaba

All eyes on Tzaneen boys in Nedbank Cup TK Mashaba The lesser-known Mariveni United FC from Tzaneen have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rise to the highest levels of South African football, when the team campaigns in the lucrative Nedbank Cup on Sunday, 11 February. The R20,3-million Nedbank Cup has over the years been touted as “the cup of dreams”, in that it had always been a platform for teams from the amateur ranks to showcase their talents. Mariveni United was in the last-32 of the Nedbank Cup, and was scheduled to welcome EC Bees at Old Peter Mokaba Stadium on Sunday, 11 February. The two teams have already pocketed a mouth-watering R100 000 each, after qualifying for the last-32 stages of the tournament. Should Mariveni United advance to the last-16 stages of the competition, then scouts from bigger teams start circling, looking for players to sign for the professional ranks. In other fixtures this weekend, Cape Town All Stars welcome reigning African Champions League kings, Mamelodi Sundowns, at Athlone Stadium on the evening of Friday, 9 February. Soccer in the Western Cape has always been of the highest level, and Cape Town All Stars was expected to do the Mother City proud. Swallows FC, another lesser-known outfit, was scheduled to host PSL campaigners, Maritzburg United, at Dobsonville Stadium, Gauteng, on Saturday, 10 February.

Tzanen’s Mariveni United. Photo: Supplied Another Western Cape side, Steenberg United host Orbit College, also on Saturday at Parrow Stadium. PSL campaigners Chippa United have an away date with Phiva Young Stars at KaBokweni Stadium on Saturday, 10 February.

The most talked-about fixture should be the one between hosts, Orlando Pirates and Ajax Cape Town, which gave Pirates an embarrassing lashing in a recent league fixture. The two giants do battle at Orlando Stadium on Saturday night.

Team managers from all sporting codes are reminded to send story ideas/pictures to The Editor at thebeateditor@gmail or call us for forthcoming events on 014 736 2723

The Beat 9 February 2018  

The Beat 9 February 2018: die pos,the post,the beat,nuus,news,misdaad,crime,sport,skool,schools,vaalwater,naboomspruit,mookgophong,nylstroom...

The Beat 9 February 2018  

The Beat 9 February 2018: die pos,the post,the beat,nuus,news,misdaad,crime,sport,skool,schools,vaalwater,naboomspruit,mookgophong,nylstroom...