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4 April 2014

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4 April, 2014

CSF in full swing, Website:

Damaged roads and woodsellers an issue at safety meeting

‘Our aim is to consult the courts and establish why people are given bail when they have most lik ely likely committed serious crimes.’

Trying to keep local communities safe. Samson Mundalamo (left) and Joseph Leburu (right) Photo: Justin Steyn was later reported that he committed Justin Steyn another murder in Mokopane, where The Department of Safety, Security he was granted bail again. Our aim is and Liason in Modimolle has reto consult with the courts and establaunched their Community Safety lish why people like this are being Forum (CSF) Initiative. given bail in the first place.” The forum’s chairman, Samson Leburu explained that it is important Mundalamo, said that the goal of the for the families of victims to have forum was to ensure greater measpeace of mind when they have lost a ures of safety and security in the loved one. He also stressed that the Waterberg. forum assists convicted felons in “The forum is currently busy with a leading a normal, rehabilitated life number of community projects such once they have paid their debt to as raising awareness on issues of society. alcohol and substance abuse, road Established in 2010, the forum is safety, tourism safety and rural heavily reliant on the support of local safety,” he said. municipalities, which Leburu said is a The forum’s head, Joseph Leburu, major ongoing challenge. said that they are also focusing on “Local municipalities have been instances where bail was granted quiet the last few years but we have even to those accused of serious received support from community offences. members and NGO’s. We are grow“Last year we had a case in ing slowly but surely,” he said. Modimolle where a man was acThose who wish to get involved in cused of brutally murdering a the forum can contact Joseph Leburu woman. He was granted bail and it on 079 797 2076

Man dies in hit and run Lizzy Bapela The police in Bela Bela are investigating a case of culpable homicide after an incident that occurred on the R516 Settlers Road at the Codrington junction on Sunday, 30 March. Detective commander LieutenantColonel Abel Phetla said that a man was driving in the area when he saw someone lying on the ground. He told the police that he stopped and attended to the scene, involving police immediately. Colonel Phetla said that after thorough investigations, the incident was revealed to have been a hit and run and the suspect is still nowhere to be found. He added that the victim, a male, was not

carrying any form of identification and was estimated to be between the ages of 27 and 34. Meanwhile, residents of Leseding Section in Bela Bela rushed to an incident suspected to be a murder to see what was going on. A group of men were apparently drinking at a local tavern and rushed to a house nearby shouting that someone was going to get killed. The intended victim had escaped his attackers and hidden in a nearby yard. The crowd allegedly stood waiting for him for more than half an hour before they gave up and left. Colonel Phetla said that no incident of murder or attempted murder had been opened, and that the police were not notified of the incident.

This woodseller’s stand was said to be a problem during the Rural Safety Meeting. Photo: Justin Steyn Justin Steyn The Rural Safety Meeting, held in Bela Bela on Wednesday, 26 March, saw various issues raised by stakeholders. The Bela Bela police department reported that housebreaking has decreased slightly during the month of March. They mentioned that the trend in increased housebreakings between 09:00 and 11:00 in the mornings, while residents are at work, is still ongoing. Common assault and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm have both increased dramatically, especially in the township. Warrant Officer Johan Momberg also reported that a large number of illegal immigrants have been reported recently. Several arrests have been made in this regard. Momberg stressed the importance of checking credentials of employees. “We have made many arrests regarding illegal immigrants, especially in the industrial areas in town and around Radium,” he said. “I know that employers sometimes take on immi-

grants as cheap labour, but the fines for employing illegal workers are very high.” Representatives of the Bela Bela Traffic Department said that the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) will be taking over the road repairs necessitated by the recent flooding. Pieter Wagner of the farmers’ union said that he is concerned about woodsellers across from Hoërskool Warmbad. “On that road many cars pull over to the side of the road to buy wood. The road itself is very narrow and there is a lot of truck traffic. I fear that a truck may drive into a stationary car due to the narrow space,” he said. Wagner also said that the area where the wood is being sold lacks sanitation facilities and sellers have allegedly had to use nearby bushes to relieve themselves. Suggestions to resolve this issue included moving the sellers to the market next to Shoprite in the town centre. The next Rural Safety Meeting will take place on April 30.

Suspended municipal manager faces disciplinary action Lizzy Bapela The council of Lephalale Local Municipality took a resolution to send their municipal manager Bob Naidoo on “special leave”. The resolution was taken during a council meeting that took place on Thursday, 27 March, under item A50/2014 (3). Municipal spokesperson Nakampe Monyepao said that Naidoo will be on suspension until the process of a disciplinary hearing is completed. Naidoo’s suspension is a result of a recent forensic audit report that revealed that he and other four section 57 managers in the municipality were allegedly involved in corrupt activities. Other managers who were caught with their fingers in the jar include Andrew Lesaka for Sanitation, April Shiko for Water Services, Rhudzani Ngobeni for Public Works and Sakkie Jooste who headed Expenditure.

Monyepao said that after learning about the report’s findings, the council sought legal advice from their attorneys, who advised them to suspend the suspects. He said that because the municipality could not operate with four out of action at the same time, they decided to first suspend those who were deeply implicated, those being Lesaka and Shiko. He further said that the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (SAMWU) challenged the decision, demanding that the municipality suspend the accounting officer first. This led to a council sitting that saw Naidoo joining his colleagues on the special leave. Monyepao said that the hearings and investigations against the suspended managers were in order and they are to be charged individually. He added that a chairperson of the council and a prosecutor will be chairing the proceedings., Website:

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4 April, 2014


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Bushveld Centre Construction Continues

Car chase ends in smash TK Mashaba A man appeared in the Bela-Bela magistrate’s court on Tuesday, 1 April, after allegedly being arrested in a high-speed car chase through the Bela Bela township. His case was postponed to 28 August while the investigation continues. According to sources, the driver of a BMW 5-series failed to stop at an intersection and was subsequently pursued by traffic officers. He had a passenger in the car at the time. The driver sped into the Bela Bela township with traffic officials hot on his heels, with police following as backup. Seeing that there was no escape, the driver allegedly slammed on the brakes, coming to a dead halt and causing the Traffic Department’s vehicle to smash into the back of his vehicle. According to the spokesperson for the Bela Bela Police Department, Glen Manamela, the suspect was arrested and charged with drunk driving, and released on R1 000 bail. Saki Monareng, a member of the Bela Bela traffic department, confirmed that the driver of a BMW has been arrested after a chase. “He refused to stop when ordered to, but when he entered the township he had no choice but to stop because the police were blocking his escape. His left back lights were broken in the crash that ensued when he slammed on the brakes, causing another car to crash into the back of his vehicle.” Witnesses said that the scene looked like a scene from a movie, with speeding cars and the scree of tires. The suspect’s family were allegedly at the scene almost immediately, and attempted to stop his vehicle being taken by the police. Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well. Aristotle What office is there which involves more responsibility, which requires more qualifications, and which ought, therefore, to be more honorable than teaching? Harriet Martineau To teach is to learn twice over. Joseph Joubert

The in-progress upgrades to the Bushveld Centre. Photo: Justin Steyn

Construction at the Bushveld Centre in Bela-Bela is in full swing again after a delay of several months. The delay was apparently due to a pending transaction between the current owners and a prospective buyer. According to Anton Killian, the centre’s leasing agent, construction was halted in November last year while the owners entertained an offer to purchase the property. “We received an offer to purchase the centre from a potential buyer last year. An order to halt construction was given due to negotiations and planned

changes to the upgrades, but the transaction fell through and construction has resumed,” he said. Killian said that the centre expects to have many new and exciting retail outlets when construction has been completed. “We are aiming to have a large number of established retailers at the centre — including, it has now been confirmed, Bela Bela’s first Woolworths.” Among other attractions the centre is expected to boast coffee shops, entertainment centres and restaurants. Killian stressed that Hakuna Matata and the Fish & Chips Co. will reopen once construction is

The Grade 12 Life Sciences class are hard at work with experiments. Photo: Marlene Vermaak.

The grade 12 Agri Sciences class at Meetsetshelha Secondary School posed for the cameras. Photo: Marlene Vermaak

Justin Steyn

complete. Debruin Steyn of Embrinex Building Contractors said that the upgrades to the centre are expected to be complete within the next four to five months, and that the work is being done in as ecofriendly a manner as possible. “The building material has been selected to that the construction can be done in a way that is both quick and eco-friendly,” he said. Concerns regarding parking in front of the construction site have been raised, but Steyn commented that visitors should use the parking at the back of Pick n Pay when the parking at the entrance of the centre is fully occupied.

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4 April, 2014, Website:

Department in hot water again over textbooks Lizzy Bapela Human rights organization Section 27 has taken the Department of Basic Education to court again regarding textbooks. More specifically, the organization is acting on behalf of eighteen schools in Limpopo who have allegedly not yet received textbooks, despite repeated assurances by the Department that all textbooks had been delivered. The NGO is claiming that the Department gave misleading statements in the past when they claimed to have delivered textbooks to most schools in Limpopo before the end of 2013. The first hearing of the issue took place on Tuesday, 1 April. In the meantime, the Department is said to be disputing the claims, countering the accusations with reports that more than 6, 5 million textbooks have been delivered in 2014, with an addi-

tional 306 000 ordered to address shortages. They say that the majority of the 18 000 books alleged to have not been delivered are actually books that were to have been retrieved from students at the end of the 2013 school year. “We acknowledge that there are schools who have reported shortages in February and orders have been placed and delivered,” said Elijah Mhlanga of the Department of Basic Education. “We were taken aback by the reports of shortages as it is unusual to have shortages once deliveries have been made on appropriately reported shortages of textbooks. It is surprising to discover that the same organization who have previously praised the Department for the successful delivery of textbooks have now turned to the courts yet again, even after assuring the public that they would work with the Department on all issues regarding textbooks.”

NAPWA Limpopo calls for job security ‘We have noted that Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) do not account to the communities they serve but instead to board members, some of whom are employed by government departments in senior positions,’... Lizzy Bapela The National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS (NAPWA) in Limpopo called for an end to the exploitation of volunteers. The organization says that unpleasant incidents have been taking place at an alarming rate and is a cause for concern. NAPWA’s Limpopo Provincial secretary and Bela Bela resident Lawrence Sengwane said that as the country is in the process of creating more jobs, People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLIHIV) are pushed into being grant recipients by NGOs who claim to care for the community. Sengwane said that the hiring and firing syndrome seems to be rife among NGOs, affecting those living with the disease. “We have noted that CommunityBased Organizations (CBOs) do not account to the communities they serve but instead to board members, some of whom are employed by government departments in senior positions, and who do not realize how volunteers raise funds for their NGOs. As we end Human Rights Month, many people living with HIV are out of jobs, some not even

For a speedy & friendly service call: Jan: 073 1593 875 •Home: 014 737 8373 •Fax: 014 737 1577 Makwela: 071 490 3030

having received their stipends as breadwinners, and do not know how they are going to feed their families. He added that volunteers are reminded that they work on contracts and are not allowed to have unions. He also highlighted that some had to cancel their grants, only to be kicked out. “As a human rights activist and HIV activist and NAPWA’s Limpopo Provincial secretary, I would like to publicly withdraw my participation in a documentary that the HIV Prevention Group is working on for the upcoming AIDS conference in Australia. The documentary is being conducted with PLHIV that are being subjected to all sorts of ill-treatment. I also call on the Department of Health and Social Development to please ensure that we are not taken for granted by those who can present enticing proposals for funding,” he said. He added that his statements are not intended as an attack against any organization but to highlight the plight of People Living with HIV/AIDS. He further disclosed to the public that he had been diagnosed HIV Reactive in 1995. NAPWA called on PLHIV to unite and fight against any form of abuse, discrimination and exploitation.

Mhlanga said that the NGO was elected to work with several School Governing Bodies to approach the courts on matters that they had promised to coordinate with the Department on. Mhlanga added that several of the School Governing Bodies involved have allegedly not reported their shortages to the relevant authorities. “The evidence at our disposal reveals that the shortages reported are not even books that are in the catalogue. It appears that the majority of the schools listed in the court case did not verify the deliveries against orders placed in a timely manner, and in fact only did so after the start of the 2014 school year. There is no excuse for these schools not to have reported the shortages to the Limpopo Department,” he added. The Department said that they have taken extraordinary steps to ensure that books are delivered on time and that all reported shortages are addressed in a

timely manner. This includes holding a series of meetings with school principals in November and December 2013. The meetings were called to engage with school principals on matters of textbook procurement and shortages, as well as other matters as they came up. Mhlanga said that nothing came up in the meetings regarding the issues raised in the court case. “It should be remembered that the entity to whom the shortages should have been reported is the Department of Basic Education, which would have enabled the national Department to have placed additional orders with the publishers in good time for the 2014 school year,” he said. He added that the Department suspected a nefarious agenda at play in the matter of the missing books. The Department said that they continue to welcome reports of shortages and will attend to them as a matter of urgency.

Employers urged to submit their return of earnings Lizzy Bapela The Department of Labour in Limpopo have urged employers from all sectors except ‘exempted employers’ to submit their Return of Earnings (RoE). The employers have time from Tuesday, 1 April, until Saturday, 31 May, to do so, failing which penalties would be incurred, a leading Compensation Fund official, Jacob Mpulwane announced. The Department called on all employers to make use of this opportunity by using either online or manual methods of submission to ensure that they operate their businesses within the confines of the law. Limpopo provincial spokesperson for the Department, Johannes Mokou, said that the return of earnings is a record of all earnings or payments made regularly before deductions, whether in money or kind, to employees, and must be submitted by the employer to the Department of Labour. These include overtime of a regular nature, bonuses and travel allowances. Mpulwane said that the most suitable method of submission is online through the

Department’s website, as employers are able to receive their assessments immediately and act on these payments as swiftly as possible without any delay. He added that this way of submitting the reports is quick and would mean that employers would not have to make their way to the Department and queue. Mpulwane said that those who do not have the ability to submit online are encouraged to submit their documents well before the due date through the nearest departmental office. “We are fast arriving at a new age and as the Department we want to be on par with technology for the convenience of our clients as well as better and faster service delivery,” said the Department’s head in the office, Albert Tshidavhu. “Online submission would not only result in convenience for the client, but also help insure that we eradicate the use of paper in our daily business, leading to better record-keeping, faster processing of applications and the eradication of fraud.” Mpulwane said that if employers submit their RoE and pay the assessment fee on time, they will be able to obtain their letters of good standing immediately, which certifies that they are in compliance with the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA)., Website:


4 April, 2014

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Photo of the week The best revenge It’s been said many times, in many different ways. George Herbert, who died in 1633, said ‘Living well is the best revenge’. More recently, Frank ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Sinatra, the singer/actor, said: “The best revenge is massive success.” Albert Einstein, the famous scientist, said: “I am thankful to all those who said no to me. It’s because of them that I am doing it myself.” All three these quotes say basically the same thing — don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you feel you need to. Everyone has a dream. It’s a basic thing you’re issued with at birth — fingers, toes, dreams, they all come with the package. And sometimes, in life, there are people who will try to stop you from achieving your dreams. It may be your parents, who want you to do ‘something sensible’ with your life. It may be teachers who tell you that you’re never going to amount to anything. It can be your friends, or at least, the people you call your friends (because true friends will help you achieve your dreams, not tell you how it can’t be done). Any number of people will come up to you through your life and tell you, often in great detail and with glee, how your dreams are doomed to failure. Ignore them. They don’t know you. They don’t know your drive, or your willpower, or how badly you want this dream to come true. They don’t understand that sometimes it’s the process of reaching for your dream, of stretching yourself towards it, that is its own reward. Of course, if you do achieve your dream, you get the opportunity to put the sentiments of the first two quotes into action. Nothing is quite as annoying as someone succeeding despite your every attempt. So, should you achieve what you set out to do (and unless your dream is to marry Idris Elba or become Angelina Jolie, the only things standing in your way are technicalities) you can do so secure in the knowledge that you are annoying everyone who tried to stand in your way tremendously, by the simple fact of living well. And should you not achieve your dream, or not exactly, or not the way you planned, remember our final quote for today: When you reach for the stars, you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either, by Leo Burnett. So go ahead. Reach for your dreams. You’ve got nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

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Easter Sermon, Part I John Donne

A music lover showing his dancing skills during an event at Yona Yethu Chisanyama : Photo: TK Mashaba

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In honour of Easter, we are using for our Food For Thought this month the Easter Sermon, preached by John Donne on March 28, 1619, in four parts. The sermon remains one of the most beautiful and well-known Easter sermons of all time, relevant even today. The BEAT has taken the liberty of updating the English slightly to make the text easier to understand. What man is he that lives, and shall not see death? (Psalm 89:48) At first, God gave the judgement of death upon man, when he should transgress, absolutely: Thou shalt surely die. The woman in her dialogue with the serpent, she modifies it: perchance, if we eat, we may die; and then the Devil is as peremptory on the other side: do what you will, surely you shall not die. And now God in this text comes to his reply, shall they not die? Give me but one instance, but one exception to this rule, ‘What man is he that lives, and shall not see death?’ Let no man, no woman, no devil offer a Ne fortè, (perchance we may die) much less a Nequaquam, (surely we shall not die) except he be provided of an answer to this question, except he can give an instance against this generalization, except he can produce that man’s name, and history, that hath lived, and shall not see death. In these words, we shall first, for our general humiliation, consider the unanswerableness of this question: There is no man that lives, and shall not see death. Secondly, we shall see, how that modification of Eve may stand, how there may be a probable answer made to this question, that it is like enough, that there are some men that live, and shall not see death: And thirdly, we shall find that truly spoken, which the Devil spoke deceitfully then, we shall find the Nequaquam verified, we shall find a direct, and full answer to this question; we shall find a man that lives, and shall not see death, our Lord, and Saviour Christ Jesus, of whom both S. Augustine, and S. Hierome, do take this question to be principally asked, and this text to be principally intended. Ask me this question then, of all the sons of men, generally guilty of original sin, Quis homo, (one man / I am but a man) and I am speechless, I can make no answer. Ask me this question of those men, which shall be alive upon earth at the last day, when Christ comes to judgement, Quis homo, and I can make a probable answer; fortè moriemur, perchance they shall die; It is a problematical matter, and we say nothing too peremptorily. Ask me this question without relation to original sin, Quis homo, and then I will answer directly, fully, confidently, Ecce homo, there was a man that lived, and was not subject to death by the law, neither did he actually die so, but that he fulfilled the rest of this verse; Eruit animam de inferno (rescued from Hell), by his own power, he delivered his soul from the hand of the grave. From the first, this lesson rises, General doctrines must be generally delivered: All men must die. From the second, this lesson, Collateral and unrevealed doctrines must be soberly delivered: How shall we be changed at the last day, we know not so clearly. From the third, this lesson arises, Conditional Doctrines must be conditionally delivered: If we be dead with him, we shall be raised with him.

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4 April, 2014


Bela Bela Hospital launches TB Campaign

Members of the community were informed about the hospital’s TB awareness campaign. Photo: Justin Steyn Justin Steyn The Bela Bela provincial hospital launched their tuberculosis (TB) awareness campaign on Friday, 28 March. The co-ordinator of the program, Tina Yzelle, said that the campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the virus. “March was TB Awareness Month and we instituted this program to raise awareness of the disease. Not many people are aware that TB and MDR-TB (Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis) are both curable diseases and we would like to educate the community about this,” she said. The program manager, Ntasi Sema, stressed that TB is a very serious disease which, nevertheless, can be cured in the average patient within six months. She painted a grim picture of TB statistics in South Africa, however. “South Africa currently has the thirdhighest rate of TB-related deaths in the world,” she said. The country follows behind China and India. Sema speculated that the reason may

LEGALS KENNISGEWING MOOKGOPHONG AMENDMENT SCHEME 71 I, Jaco du Plessis, being the authorised agent of the owner of Portion 81 of the farm Byzonderheid 607 K.S., HEREBY GIVE NOTICE IN TERMS OF sECTION 56(1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 that I have applied to the Mookgophong Municipality for the amendment of the Mookgophong Land Use Scheme, 2010 by the rezoning of Portion 81 of the farm Byzonderheid 607 K.S., located adjacent and to the South of Roedtan and adjacent and to the East of the N11-National Road to Mable Hall, from “Agriculture” to ”Government”, for the purpose of developing a police station and related uses, with an Annexure to limit the extent of such facilities. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Technical Services Manager, Municipal Offices, corner of Nelson Mandela Drive and Sixth Street, Mookgophong, for a period of 28 days from 28 March 2014. Objections to or representations to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to the Municipal Manager at the above

address or at Private Bag x340, Mookgophong, 0560 within a period of 28 days from 28 March 2014. N.P. Magwala, Municipal Manager. (28/3&04/4). NOTICE TO REINSTATE A DEREGISTERED PRIVATE COMPANY Notice is hereby given of the intention to reinstate the deregistered Private Company: Motalane & Sons (Pty) Ltd, Registration Number: 1983/070101/07. The reason for the reinstatement is that the Company is in business and was deregistered because of an administrative omission. For further information or objection please contact: NUMERI ACCOUNTANTS INC IA Van Niekerk, Tel: 014 004 0100, 35 Luna Road, Bela Bela, 0480. (28/3,04&11/4). LIQUIDATION AND DISTRIBUTION ACCOUNTS IN DECEASED ESTATES LYING FOR INSPECTION In terms of section 35 (5) of the Administration of Estates Act, No. 66 of 1965, notice is hereby given that copies of the liquidation and distribution accounts (first and final, unless otherwise stated) in the estates specified below will be open for the inspection of all persons with an interest therein for a period of 21 days (or shorter or longer if specially stated) from the date spacified or from the date of publication hereof,, Website:

On Thursday, 27 March, one of The BEAT’s reporters had the opportunity to take pictures from the air. This is what she sent back to us:

Gerhardus Lottering spoke about his experience with TB. Photo: Justin Steyn be that victims of the disease do not know that it is curable — despite the fact that it can be cured, TB has claimed more lives than HIV/AIDS. She added that in 2005 an emergency status with regards to the virus in South Africa was declared, as the TB death toll rose dramatically. She reiterated again that TB is not a death sentence and can be cured by following the instructions of health care professionals. “I encourage the community to come to the hospital for screening if they have a cough for a few days. People must not wait until the minute to be screened,” said Sema. Gerhardus Lottering, a TB survivor, spoke about his experience. “I was devastated and felt very weak. I was very lucky to be taken care of at the hospital and after following the sixmonth medication program I was declared TB free,” he said. TB symptoms include fever, chest pains, night sweats, coughing blood and sudden unexplained weight loss. whichever may be the later, and at the offices of the Masters of the High Court and Magistrates as stated. Should no objection thereto be lodged with the Masters concerned during the specified period, the executors will proceed to make payments in accordance with the accounts. A. Estate Number: 1012/13 Province: Gauteng Surname: Larkan First Names: Gary Wilfred South African ID Number: 540202 5121 081 Last address: Plot 16, Noodhulp, Bela Bela, Limpopo B. Complete only if deceased was married in community of property. First Names of Surviving Spouse: Carole R Surname of Surviving Spouse: Larkan ID Number of Surviving Spouse: 471108 0167 180 C. Description of Account other than First and Final: Period of Inspection other than 21 days: Magistrate’s Office: Bela Bela Master’s Office: Pretoria North Gauteng Advertiser Name: Rory H Larkan Advertiser Address: 11 Flamboyant Road, Bela Bela, 0480, Limpopo Advertiser Email: Advertiser Telephone: 082 968 8509. BELA-BELA AMENDMENT SCHEME 76/08 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF

THE TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56 (1) (b) (i) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE 1986 (ORDINANCE No 15 OF 1986) We, Geo Projects, authorised agents of the owner of Portion 117 of the farm Roodepoort 467 KR Bela Bela hereby give notice in terms of section 56 (1) (b) (i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance No 15 of 1986) that we have applied to the Bela Bela Municipality for the amendment of the Town Planning Scheme, known as the Bela-Bela Land Use Scheme, 2008, by the amendment of the zoning of the property by the addition of annexure 165 to the existing Agriculture zoning, to make provision for over night accommodation, workshop and additional uses as indicated in the annexure to the amendment scheme. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Municipal Manager, Municipal Offices, Bela Bela, for a period of 28 days from 4 April 2014 Objections to or presentations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to: The Municipal Manager at the above address or Private Bag X 1609, Bela Bela, 0480, within a period of 28 days from 4 April 2014. Address: P.O. Box 919, Bela Bela, 0480, Tel: 0828817252 (4/4-11/4)

An aerial view of Vaalwater. Photo: Marlene Vermaak

Leseding Section seen from the air. Photo; Marlene Vermaak

Meetsetshelha Secondary School. Photo: Marlene Vermaak, Website:

Miss SA Princess is the pride of her school

The pride of Settlers’ Lord Milner Primary School, Matlala Mokoko is grateful to be a product of the school. Photo supplied boarding schools. She moved to the Waterberg District for her primary school years at Lord Milner and followed that up with matric at Pretoria Girls High. She is now a student at the University of Johannesburg, where she is studying for her Honours Degree in Accounting and playing netball for the university team. Mokoko said that netball is very dear to her heart, and she has both provincial and national colours in the sport. She also coaches a netball team at King David High School in Johannesburg. During an interview with The BEAT, Mokoko said that she would like to someday meet former president Thabo Mbeki, saying that there is something about him that leads her to believe that she could learn a great deal from him, “Other than the obvious, that he was the president of our country for a good reason, I feel that he could tell an incredible story and walk you through the past and give you wisdom for the future.” She added that she also drew inspiration from former Miss South Africa Basetsana Khumalo, who inspired her to further herself beyond any titles she may hold.

‘We worked hard on training.’

Kamplits volleyball team at training. Photo: TK Mashaba TK Mashaba Bela Bela’s local volleyball team, Kamplits, have opened their league matches with triumph after their boys and girls teams won all their games. The provincial league games were played at Ngoako Ramahlodi Sports Centre in Polokwane on Sunday, 29 March, and saw Kamplits’ boys team beating Polokwane City Volleyball Team 2-0 while Kamplits’ B Side beat Masokolara Volleyball 2-0. The Kamplits ladies team delivered a 2-0 thrashing to the University of Venda’s team, leaving Bela Bela

Ytjokotja: This lady was having a great time during the Sunday Session at MK Chisanyama Bela Bela. Photo: TK Mashaba

The people of Leseding Section in Bela Bela benefited from the national bread company Blue Ribbon’s charity campaign. The ward councillor Jeremiah Ngobeni engaged the company to return to his area, this time to accommodate residents who did not benefit in the previous leg of the campaign. More than 500 loafs of bread were dished out to the local residents. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

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Kamplits leads the league in opening game

Lizzy Bapela A former student of Settlers’ Lord Milner Primary School, Matlala Mokoko, became the pride of the school when she was crowned Second Princess at the 2014 Miss South Africa Pageant. One of her former teachers, Alta Hitchcock, could not contain her joy for her former pupil. “Matlala Mokoko was our senior hostel head girl and the school head girl in 2003,” said Hitchcock. “She was an exceptional swimmer and netball player and also excelled at running hurdles. She also had a leading role in our revue. From here, she went on to do matric at Pretoria Girls High. If the world could only know what she is like on the inside, they would know that she is a hundred times more beautiful than her gorgeous outside. Lord Milner is very proud of our very own princess.” She added that only a few weeks before the grand finale, Mokoko wrote to her, saying that she still takes pride in being a product of Lord Milner School and said that the valuable life lessons that her teachers, coaches and peers taught her are still deeply engrained in her. “I always say that I am so grateful that I went to a school where I was not only there to learn in the classroom, but on the fields about life skills. I truly value what the school did for me,” the letter said. Hitchcock said that the exciting thing is that it’s Mokoko’s first entry into the pageant, and to have come so far is a real accomplishment. Mokoko said that she’s never entered a beauty pageant before but that her dream has always been to enter the Miss South Africa pageant and be crowned queen. She said that her dream is to motivate and inspire young people. It is crucial for them to start young in exploring the opportunities given to them,” she said. “They must always be mindful that as young people, the world has many doors that only we have the keys to. Challenges must not deter us and through commitment, dedication and a persistent focus, we can reach our destiny. No matter where you come from, whether it is a rural area like me or the city, success is attainable.” Born in Ga-Masemoal Village in the Capricorn District, the 23-year old beauty spent most of her childhood in


4 April, 2014

solidly in possession of the top of the log. Thabo Molokomme, the team’s coach, said that it was not easy to beat the three teams they defeated, but he said that his teams were always ready for such competition. “We worked hard on training and strategy, and we fought hard,” he said. He added that the team is pleased with the renovations to their volleyball court, which helped not only their practices but also their morale. The next set of games will be held at the same venue on the 26th of April.

Heavily pregnant but having fun: This lady enjoyed the music regardless of her advanced pregnancy. Photo: TK Mashaba

Looking serious: These three friends looked serious for The BEAT’s photographer during the Sunday session. Photo: TK Mashaba

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4 April, 2014, Website:

Total Surrender Dethroned

Total Surrender tumbled three places in the log this week. Photo: TK Mashaba Auto took a 5-1 beating from Home TK Mashaba Defenders while Modimolle All Stars Bela Bela’s Total Surrender has tumbled roundly thrashed their homeboys Trouble from the top of the log after their weekMakers with a final score of 3-1. NTK end matches. They lost a hard-fought 4Happy Boys lost 3-2 to Happy Hearts, 3 match against M.Mammoet Arsenal, who are still trailing the pack with only who have taken the lead off them. one win now on their scorecard. Arsenal and Surrender have each In Stream B, Yster United beat Thaba played 14 games, with Surrender FC 4-1 while Real Madrid played a 2-all winning eight while Arsenal won nine. draw with S. black Rangers. The weekend ended with Arsenal on Mookgophong All Stars beat Simple 29 points to Surrender’s 27, but the Yellows 3-1 while Maxoma played to a 2league is still open with teams like A1 all draw with Mokopane Stone Breakers. Terrors looking to claim the title for Siwelele beat Mokopane Ratanang 3-1 themselves. while Dimakatso Sundowns suffered a Terrors are in second place with 28 humiliating 6-0 defeat in their game points after beating Bela Bela Pirates 2against SASE. 1 while Diesel n Dust are holding down In Stream C, Ocean Birds handed down third after playing to a 3-all draw with a 4-0 thrashing to Super Eagles while Qualitho FC. Barcelona defeated Shining Stars, also The other Stream A results are: Elmar with a final 4-0 score.

Modimolle soccer player gets his chance to shine ‘I am over the moon with my son’s talents and the opportunity he has been given. I want him to continue and be a good player and reach his dreams.’ TK Mashaba Modimolle’s Silas Setumo was expected to receive his turn to strut his stuff when his Limpopo under-17 team was to have played with the Wits University Development Team. Setumo was selected for the under17 provincial team during the SAFA trials which were held recently, the only one from the 24 Waterberg players who went through. He is currently doing Grade 9 at Phagameng High School, and is attending a camp for the inter Championship from the 31st of March to the 5th of April, hosted by Bojanala SAFA. Setumo’s mother Sophia could

hardly contain her excitement in her interview with The BEAT. “I am over the moon with my son’s talents and the opportunity he has been given. I want him to continue and be a good player and reach his dreams,” she said. Silas was described as a quiet boy who loves soccer with his whole heart and always fights for the remote control when there is soccer on the television. “He is an Orlando Pirates fan while in the family we are mainly supporters of Kaizer Chiefs and the Sundowns,” his mother added. She said that in addition to his soccer dreams, Setumo would also like to study law.

The Beat 4 April 2014  

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