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2 June

Disgruntled community

resorts to vigilantism Mzamane Ringane Members of the community at Modimolle resorted to vigilantism when they allegedly caught a burglary suspect red-handed, helping himself to the goods at one of the shacks at the informal settlements of Extension 9. According to information gathered by The BEAT, an unknown suspect or suspects went on a spate of burglaries between Friday and Saturday with several community members falling victim to burglaries in the neighbourhood. It is alleged that on Saturday night a suspect was caught red-handed while trying to help himself to the goods at one shack

that he had successfully broken into. Members of the community then reacted out of anger and assaulted the suspect before the police were called to the scene. Ward 13 councillor Mmanoko Lebese said she arrived at the scene and managed to restore calm, urging members of the community to do the right thing by handing over the suspect to the authorities. The police and the emergency personnel arrived at the scene where the suspect was given medical treatment before being taken away. The community was infuriated when they saw the suspect roaming the streets on Sunday morning.

It is reported that some members of the community opened the shack belonging to the suspect and discovered items that were stolen from community members who had previously fallen victim to burglaries in the area. Residents who chose not to reveal their identity due to fear of victimization made startling allegations on Sunday morning where the community gathered. Local resident Hellen Molekoa said she was dissatisfied with how the police are handling the issue of crime in the area. She said her house was broken into last year and a plasma TV was taken among other items. Molekoa complained that the police have not yet took any action although

A Bela-Bela municipal employee was involved in an accident on Tuesday, 30 May, at around 15:00. Apparently, the municipal vehicle was on the wrong side of the road, having swerved to avoid a headon collision with another vehicle. As a result, the car was sideswiped by a truck. Nobody was injured in the accident, and traffic officials and the police were on the scene swiftly to attend to the accident. Photos by TK Mashaba.

she had informed them about the suspected whereabouts of her stolen goods. One of the victims, Tintswalo Baloyi, said they have lost all of their groceries, clothes and blankets as a result of break-ins which took place this past weekend. Warrant officer James Findlay confirmed that a case of burglary was opened on Sunday by another complainant who alleges that he caught the suspect in question trying to gain access into his shack, after using a crowbar to break the lockpad. The suspect reportedly fled when the owner of the house approached him. According to the police spokesperson, the suspect was detained on Sunday and appeared in court on Monday, 29 May.

The Bela-Bela municipal vehicle which was dragged a short distance by a truck at the crossing between the R01 and Potgieter Street.


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Armed robberies on the rise in the Vaalwater area Zani Hiepner Three armed robberies have been reported in the Vaalwater region since Friday, 26 May. Suspects are said to be targeting the spaza shops in the Vaalwater townships. Four suspects entered a shop in Extension 2 on Friday, 26 May, at approximately 07:30 and held the shop keeper at gun point and demanded money. Two mobile phones were stolen and R2 800 were taken from the shop. The

suspects had already fled the scene when the police was alerted of the incident just after 08:00. No arrests have yet been made in connection to the robbery. A similar event occurred on Sunday, 28 May, at a shop near the Vaalwater clinic. The suspects held the shop keeper at gunpoint and left with cash, airtime vouchers, groceries and a mobile phone. “We would like shop owners in the various extensions to close earlier and to trade from behind burglar bars, to insure their safety,” said Warrant Officer Dihlora

Former public servant up for fraud Ronél van Jaarsveld A former technical services manager at the Modimolle Municipality, Ndivhuwo Sikhwivhilu, was arrested this weekend on fraud charges. Sikhwivhilu has been featured in the media before, especially after being accused of tender irregularities in 2012. The amount mentioned in relation to that case, where he was not criminally charged but was found guilty in an

internal investigation, was R392 000. Sikhwivhilu said in 2015 that “other people” were also involved in that case. He had promised to reveal their names in a council meeting but this was not to be. During a council meeting in March this year, the council decided that the municipal manager OP Sebola should lay criminal charges against Sikhwivhilu as the law requires. This was done, once the case had been discussed in parliament. LP Desirée van der Walt, the DA’s election

Lefoka on behalf of Sergeant Mafemani Makhuvele. The Vaalwater police would like members of the community to please report any information regarding the suspects, as no arrests have been made. “Can all community members please remember to not invade a crime scene while an investigation is on-going as evidence is destroyed in the process and it makes it that much more difficult for us to make any arrests,” said Lefoka. Lefoka also mentioned that the theft of copper cables and transformers on

surrounding farms are on the rise, and advises farmers in the area to immediately report any suspicious vehicles or persons. “Please advise your farm employees to familiarise themselves with co-workers, and to immediately report unfamiliar faces to the farm managers or needed parties,” said Lefoka. “The police along with various community security and response units are here to help, please alert us immediately to avoid any future complications. We need to get the suspects off our streets,” said Lefoka.

head for the Waterberg, asked pointed questions of the Minister of the Department of Cooperative Governance, Human Settlements and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA), Des van Rooyen. The written parliamentary reply which was received on Friday, 31 March, said that four charges against Sikhwivhilu were investigated. These were: giving a false report to the mayor and the council, misconduct regarding quotations for the purchase of an electrical transformer — in this case he did not disclose a quote for almost R600 000 less than the one that was accepted — not confirming the supplier’s status at the

Revenue Service, and contravening Section 195 of the Constitution, as well as gross negligence in respect of recommending Makgoleng Trading Enterprise as supplier. The Minister said that the department is still waiting on the municipality to explain why criminal charges were not laid immediately. Sikhwivhilu’s contract with the municipality came to an end on Thursday, 30 March this year. During his court appearance on Monday, 29 May, his case was postponed until Wednesday, 5 July for further investigation. He was released on R3 000 bail.

Two injured in bus robbery at Bela-Bela Justin Steyn The police in Limpopo are looking for four men in connection with a robbery at Bela-Bela. According to police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, the police have launched a manhunt for the four suspects who are believed to have shot a bus driver and robbed his passengers of cash and cellphones during an incident on Friday, 26 May. “The incident took place at about 22:30 when a Phola Coaches bus with 49 passengers stopped just after the Mantsole Traffic Weigh Bridge. The bus was travelling along the N1 North at the time,” Mojapela said. According to information received, the bus was en route from Johannesburg to Moria. The bus was accosted by four armed individuals, who shot the driver in the leg and ordered him to take the Bela-Bela offramp. The driver was ordered to stop the bus after taking the off ramp, and the men began to rob the passengers. One passenger was stabbed during the robbery. The four fled the scene shortly thereafter.

Arrested man set free TK Mashaba The man who was arrested in connection with the murder of Allinah Modikwe on 22 May, has been released. Police were unable to link him to the case. Lieutenant-Colonel Abel Phetla

said the man, who is in his 20s, has been released, and that investigations are continuing. Modikwe was found dead at Zuma View recently. The man was believed to have been Modikwe’s boyfriend, and had apparently quarreled with the victim shortly before her death.

Three rob businesses Justin Steyn

Two people were injured during a bus robbery on Friday, 26 May. Photo as illustration “The suspects were seen jumping into a white bakkie and fleeing north,” Mojapela said. The injured driver and passenger were taken to hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police, or Crime Stop at 0860 010 111. Phola Coaches did not respond to requests for comment.

The Bela-Bela Crime Support (BBCS) unit is currently investigating a case involving three people who have been robbing local businesses. According to BBCS founder Elri Arlow, these incidents have been said to have three people involved who have robbed local businesses. On Monday, 22 May, Arlow reported two incidents on emergency WhatssApp groups. “Two males and one female who were wearing blazers and black pants have entered two

businesses today and stole laptops and cell phones,” Arlow said. Arlow said the trio distracts clerks and management on duty and then steals items especially cell phones from their shops. She said it has been reported that they were last seen driving in a white Volkswagen Polo. The spokesperson for the BelaBela police Sargent Hester Van Zyl, said cases have been opened and are currently under police investigation. Van Zyl added it is too early to tell whether the three are part of a syndicate, or a group operating by them.

‘Crime prevention is non-negotiable’ Andries van der Heyde Bringing peace to areas like Bela-Bela and to root out crime, is currently a priority for a new crime unit. According to this unit, crime prevention should not be dependent on political circumstances. The Limpopo Crime Intervention Unit (LCIU), an independent unit brought about by the Ekurhuleni Crime Intervention Unit (ECIU), was recently established and works closely with communities and law enforcement organizations, according to Etienne Kuhn, liaison for the Limpopo unit. The BEAT’s sister paper The Post met Kuhn and Richard Pillay, chairperson of the unit, who visited Bela-Bela on Tuesday, 23 May, to discuss their plans

with various community organizations. Pillay said the unit is primarily focussed on finding corrupt individuals and to bring corrupt officials within government agencies to account. He said the scope of the unit is much broader and intelligence driven. “Our focus is on crime, but not crime in isolation. If a drug dealer, for instance, is arrested and is suddenly set free, there may be elements of collusion involved and that the criminal justice system must be revisited. We are here to hold law enforcement to account,” said Pillay. Inadequate resources to prevent crime should not be an excuse since the resources are in fact available. The unit is in the position to assess, audit and compile a report on what action should be taken, which will then be taken up on provincial all the way to national level,

said Pillay. With the current drug crisis still looming over Bela-Bela, enforcement plays a major part. Drug abusers can turn to crime to feed their habit and women can be forced into prostitution or be subjected to human trafficking, said Pillay. “The purpose of the police is to be proactive and reactive at the same time and not to fall victim to become just another security company. Law enforcement is non-negotiable, but the community must report every criminal case no matter how small the complaint. We have a balance perspective and will check for stability in departments, but in order for our rights as citizens to be protected, the police must also have the necessary resources and safety measures in place for them to do their job safely. He further said the recent meeting in

town was fruitful and the unit will be looking into issues like animal welfare and environmental enforcement. This would include looking into the establishment of an animal welfare centre and cracking down on illegal forestation. Pillay said a meeting will be scheduled in the near future with the mayor and municipal manager in town and another meeting with the community will take place where training options will be provided. The unit is currently giving active feedback on a daily basis on incidents of crime, as well as sharing important information with the community. Community members are invited to make contact with the unit by reaching out to Kuhn on tel. 079 173 2421. People are also invited to join the unit’s WhatsApp and Zello groups. |

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Back to basics, say the police at Bela-Bela Justin Steyn Police officials from Bela-Bela met with their head office counterparts at the Bela-Bela police station on Wednesday, 24 May. The aim of the gathering was to liaise with local police officers and the community to address the challenges they face. The national police’s Corporate Communication Section Head, Brigadier Phillip Mokholwane, chaired the meeting. In his address, Mokholwane began by encouraging the local police and community to engage with one another on the issues they face. “The police service has a duty to fight crime. However, we cannot do this alone without the assistance from our local community. Assist us by being the eyes and ears of your community and approach us in such circumstances,” he said. Mokholwane added that it is not just the community’s responsibility to report problems, but that it is the responsibility of ward councillors to also serve as a voice for the community. “Not a single representative from the municipality has shown up for this meeting today. The community must report all crimes to their ward councillors, because I can assure you that many, if not all, of the councillors are not even aware of the challenges you face when it comes to crime,” he said. Mokholwane then gave the floor to representatives to raise their concerns. Hyman Cohan of the Waterberg Agricultural Union suggested that the police should also assist those who are involved in community neighbourhood watches as they are in direct communication with local government. “We would like to ask for assistance from the police. Local neighbourhood watches provide a service free of charge to the community and we would appreciate it if the police could assist and get a slight tax reduction due to us risking our lives to help

Officials of the national offices of the South African Police service visited the Bela-Bela police station in its bid to involve the community to fight crime. Photo: Justin Steyn the police,” he said. Cohan explained that the members often spend money and resources in order to assist in fighting crime. “It costs us petrol and manpower to conduct these patrols but our taxes remain the same. Some assistance from the police would be appreciated in this regard.” The Community Policing Forum in BelaBela’s chairperson, Stephen Maswanganye, said there seems to be concerns in the area of Tsakane. According to Maswanganye, the area’s residents are concerned about “white community watch members who are patrolling the area”. “It seems suspicious and sometimes causes raises racial tension when residents see cars patrolling and only white members are involved in these patrols. These are not my

words, but only reports that I have been given by residents in Tsakane,” Maswanganye was advised to raise this issue during the monthly rural safety meetings where he may be able to raise the issue with the members involved. Johan Mills of the Bela-Bela Tax payers’ forum said the local municipality must be held accountable for its absence from policing meetings. “Poverty is rife in the town which leads to crimes taking place. Thus far only the local traffic offices have shown up at our meetings and no representative from the municipality. They are responsible for the town’s financial upliftment and we must sit together and find innovative solutions to combat crime,” he said. Sammy Masole, a local pastor, said the

meeting should also have had more involvement from the local residents. “A meeting like this should also be held where the community can attend and have a voice. They are the main stakeholders and should be able to have their say,” he said. Mokholwane responded and said visits such as these will be conducted by the police more often. The station commander concluded the meeting by stating that the station is faced with major challenges and welcomes every person who would like to be active in the fight against crime. “Our station has about 24 detectives and only two vehicles available for them to use. This is just one of the many problems we have at the station and I welcome every person who wants to be active with us,” she said.

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Rooiberg prepares its land owners for fire Lizzy Bapela The Department of Environmental Affairs’ Working on Fire (WOF) is working tirelessly, preparing land owners for this year’s winter fire season that is already knocking at the door. The Rooiberg team, which was opened late last year, will be facing their first fire season. The team will be dispatched to the fire line for fire suppression. The young firefighters worked hard within their community, implementing integrated fire

management systems which includes fire prevention, fuel load reduction, fire detection, fire awareness and fire suppression. Rooiberg team Type 1 Crew Leader Sehlare Foster Mabeba said the area had a high fuel load in terms of the tall, thick untrimmed grass and trees, and limited education about the impacts of fires in the area. He added that he, together with his team, worked very hard alongside the Fire Protection Association implementing IFMS (Integrated Fire Management Systems) for the landowners and community members.

The team is also running fire awareness campaigns at local schools and communities, which are aimed at educating the communities on how to be fire safe during the upcoming fire season and to prevent unwanted veld and forest fires. WoF provincial spokesperson Matema Gwangwa said these campaigns are running throughout the year even outside the fire season. WoF urges communities to be more vigilant during this fire season and not to start unnecessary fires, particularly during dry days this winter. People are also asked

to remove unnecessary rubble on their properties which can pose a serious fire risk. For houses next to grasslands, members of the public need to ensure that there is sufficient fire breaks between their properties and these grasslands. “We also ask people to cut down overhanging tree branches close to their properties and clean their gutters as the leaves that end up in these gutters also can pose a fire risk. People must also ensure that they have the contact details of their local fire authorities at hand should there be a fire emergency,” said Gwangwa.

Police feed ‘station’ cats

A large group of cats have been staying at the Bela-Bela police station for the past three years. They are fed and taken care of by officers despite their growing numbers. Photo: Justin Steyn Justin Steyn

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is investigating an alleged shooting that took place in Bela-Bela. The shooting involved a police officer who allegedly shot an attacker in self-defence. Photo supplied

IPID investigates Bela-Bela shooting Justin Steyn Investigations regarding a shooting incident at the Bela-Bela township are being conducted by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID). The details of an alleged shooting that occurred on Friday, 26 May are few, but the national spokesperson for IPID, Moses Dlamini has provided a statement regarding the incident. “It is alleged that on Friday night at around 23:00, concerned community members called the police after they spotted a suspicious man at a local spaza shop buying cigarettes. The man was allegedly making provocative gestures towards the people who were at the shop,” he said. Dlamini said police assistance was sought as the man in question was feared to be a house burglar. “They immediately called the police because they had a lot of

housebreakings in the area. They suspected that he might be one of those people who are terrorizing them. The police, together with the community, went to search for him at the bush where he fled when police arrived,” he said. Dlamini said he charged towards one of the police officers with a panga but the police officer fired a warning shot to scare him away. “The man continued charging at the police officer, who then shot him in the stomach and he died on the scene,” Dlamini said He added that the man has not yet been identified and that he was not alone. His accomplice evaded capture. “The deceased man was living in a shelter around a mountainous area. Police investigations found three pangas that allegedly belonged to him,” Dlamini said. Investigations are still underway and no arrests have been made. The Bela-Bela police were not allowed to comment on the issue.

The police at Bela-Bela seem to be stuck with a large group of cats who have housed themselves at this station’s detective offices. The BEAT noticed these cats during a community meeting, as they lay lazily in front of the station’s lecture hall. According to Warrant Officer Tommy van Blerk, these cats have been at the station since 2014 and have since multiplied to a shocking total of 35 cats. “About three years ago a small group of stray cats walked around the station. Some of the police officers started feeding them and they decided to stay here. They’ve been here for the past three years and today we have an overwhelming group of cats at the station,” Van Blerk said. He further said the cats are fairly docile,

but warned that the public should not approach them because they have not received any vaccinations. According to Van Blerk, the cats are currently being fed by a group of police officers at the station. “Myself and a few other officers are currently feeding the cats out of our own pockets. I’m not sure how long we can keep doing this as their numbers are increasing.” Van Blerk said he was given a sterilization quote earlier this year but it is something the officers cannot afford. “The veterinarians here gave me a quote of R1200 per cat, but we cannot afford it and will accept any contribution from the community because we just want the cats to be well taken care of,” he said. He further requested that animal experts contact the police to provide advice on how the cats can be better taken care of.

Man arrested for Nyaope possession Justin Steyn The police in Bela-Bela have arrested a man for allegedly being in possession of 17 packets of nyaope. According to the police’s spokesperson Sergeant Hester van Zyl, police arrested Freddy Mogashoa (27) on Tuesday, 23 May in Bela-Bela township during a random stop and search operation. “He was arrested during one of our operations when the drugs were found on him at the corner of Mothokwa Street in Extension 5 of the Township area,” Van

Zyl said. Van Zyl said Mogashoa is not a firsttime offender and was known to police who were patrolling the area. Mogashoa made his first court appearance at the Bela-Bela Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 24 May but the case was postponed to allow further investigations. He appeared in court for a second time on Monday 29 May where he was granted bail of R1000. Mogashoa has since been warned to appear before the Magistrate’s court on Tuesday 27 June as forensic results are under way.

This traffic light on Modimolle’s Pretorius Street was knocked down last weekend. The BEAT noticed this traffic light on Saturday, and could confirm that it was still down but the signal was still on at the time of going to press on Tuesday, 30 May. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

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MEC encourages sport and recreation Lizzy Bapela Limpopo MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture, Onicca Moloi is encouraging public servants from all the province’s districts to engage in sport and recreation activities. This is aimed at promoting healthy bodies and minds, and fostering team work. The programme is part of the MEC’s Corporate Recreation Programme, which is encouraging active Wednesdays. Games such as netball, soccer, volleyball, aerobics, bank/river balance game, tug-of-war, morabaraba and ncuba are played as part of the active Wednesdays. The Corporate Recreation Programme was rolled out in 2014 in a league format and confined to three sporting codes including football, netball and volleyball. Departmental spokesperson Kola Maila said the games have had a positive impact on employees. The MEC therefore deemed it prudent to reengineer the focus and introduce other new codes and activities. Moloi said this will be done with the purpose of broadening the base for employees to choose activities of their appeal and interests.



Department responds to DA allegations Lizzy Bapela

Limpopo MEC for Sport, Arts and Culture, Onicca Moloi encourages sport and recreation activities participation among public servants. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

She indicated that corporate recreation is one of the employee programs that help to eradicate one of the biggest health threats to society, obesity, as well as chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes. The programme is expected to assist in strengthening relationships between organizations’ management and employees as it has the potential of bringing employees and management in the relax environment of play.

The Department of Education in Limpopo responded to the DA’s allegations that the department still has not delivered textbooks and Learner Teacher Support Material (LTSM) to many of the schools across the province. The department slammed the party for allegedly exaggerating the issue. DA provincial spokesperson on education Jacques Smalle told the media a week ago that the department once again missed the March 2017 deadline to deliver stationery to more than 538 schools across the province. The DA expressed their concerns over the effect that the non-delivery is alleged to have had on schools and learners in the second quarter of the academic year. He added that the delay proves a lack of planning that continues to hamper the learners’ chances of having a successful academic year. In his response, departmental spokesperson Doctor Naledzani Rasila said the DA are aiming at exaggerating issues. He added that the two groups of materials are delivered by sole providers and the department was scheduled to meet with them on Thursday, 25 May to chart the way forward. Rasila further said it is a concern the department has had in the past, hence having another meeting. He added that as for compensating schools that have used Norms and Standards budgets — perhaps the DA must be reminded that schools cannot buy material that has not yet been printed. “What is wrong with it if they also use it to buy “teachers’ handbooks” or any additional material to advance learning and teaching?” Rasila asked. Rasila was scheduled to report back on the meeting that the department had with the sole providers who handles the deliveries.



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Modimolle girls’ day in the workplace Mzamane Ringane Legal Aid South Africa, Modimolle Justice Centre is delighted to have hosted eight learners from the local Solomon Mahlangu High School during the 15th edition of Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day on Thursday, 25 May. The programme, which is held annually on the last Thursday of May, serves to expose girl children to the workplace, where they get a chance to meet positive role models and also given an opportunity to make informed career decisions based on real work experiences “We have been a part of this annual corporate social investment initiative that is held across South Africa and exposes Grade 10 to 12 girl learners to the workplace — since 2007,” said the Justice Centre Executive Mrs J.E.T Maimela. Maimela said this year they invited eight pupils from Solomon Mahlangu School spend the day with them. The young girls were taken on this journey of a lifetime under the mentorship Mr Floors Visser and Mrs J.E.T. Maimela. As part of the Cell C’s Take a Girl Child

The young girls were awarded certificates after spending a day at the Legal Aid South Africa, Modimolle Justice Centre. Photo: Mzamane Ringane to Work Day, the schoolgirls also visited the Modimolle Magistrate Court. “The girls were shown how we at Legal Aid South Africa, Modimolle Justice Centre, manage to legally represent the

COSAS demands MEC’s retirement Lizzy Bapela The Congress of South African Students (COSAS) in Limpopo have demanded that Education MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe tender his resignation. This comes after they accused him of causing instability in schools across the province. COSAS provincial secretary Phineas Sebola said the Department of Education in Limpopo is a laughingstock, and alleged that the MEC’s actions have proved that he is not ready to serve in government. Sebola also said the department is constantly associated with corrupt dealings, and continues to fail learners’ academic interests. The young leader also slammed

Modimolle police took girl children from three high schools in the area to work on the day of the campaign. Photo supplied

The Take a Girl Child to Work 2017 Campaign saw girl learners from three schools at Modimolle scoring a visit at the local police’s different units. Modimolle SAPS took learners from Hoërskool Nylstroom, as well as Phagameng and Mahlangu High Schools, five from each school, to work on Thursday, 25 May. Police spokesperson Warrant Officer James Findlay said the aim of the campaign was to have learners exposed to the working

Local pastor passes away

the department for allegedly failing to deliver stationary to schools for the 2017 academic year, and claimed that the MEC publicly refused to rebuild schools that had been damaged by natural disasters. The organization also accused Kgetjepe of wasting departmental resources by hosting a costly awards ceremony while the budget lacked money for building classrooms. “The MEC must pack his spectacles and leave the office,” Sebola said. “It is enough and we cannot take it anymore.” Departmental spokesperson Doctor Naledzani Rasila said in his statement that the statements are political and emotional in nature, and that he has been struggling to obtain professional responses from various parties.

Modimolle police take girl children to work

Lizzy Bapela

vulnerable and indigent people. At Legal Aid South Africa, we are committed to fostering gender equality and the empowerment of women through education,” she said.

Cell C’s Take a Girl Child to Work Day statistics show that this day has a strong effect on the girls with many choosing a career based on their day in the workplace. The Justice Centre Exectutive concluded by saying: “We are delighted to have taken part in this life altering initiative for young women.” Take a Girl Child to Work Day was started in 2003 as Cell C’s flagship CSI project. The programme is focused on girl learners from Grade 10 to 12, who want to start making decisions about their careers in the near future. The programme has already touched the lives of 750 000 girls since its inception. Among the girls who were afforded an opportunity to spend a day at a workplace, was Morongwa Moketoa from Solomon Mhalangu High School. Moketoa said although she learnt a lot about choosing her own career, she was mostly fascinated by the fact that the justice system protects every single citizen in the country. “After spending my day in the world of work, I can safely say I know what choices to make after high school,” she said.

environment in the SAPS. Social Crime Prevention and Communication units accompanied the girls to the different units and addressed them. Among the visited units were included the Local Criminal Record Centre, a unit that deals with fingerprints, the K9, which is former Dog Unit, and the Family Violence and Child Support Unit (FCS). “The learners were taught about the work of each unit, and showed appreciation for being granted the opportunity to visit the SAPS,” said Findlay.

Pastor Frans du Plessis (83) of Bela-Bela passed away on Wednesday, 24 May, in the Wilgers hospital in Pretoria. He was undergoing an angiogram and passed away under sedation when his heart stopped. “For him, life was Christ and death was gain,” said his family. Pastor Frans leaves behind his wife Sybil, as well as two daughters, Bea Emslie and Ansie Jordaan, his son Francois du Plessis, his sonsin-law Victor Emslie and Gerhard Jordaan, and five grandchildren. His funeral is due to take place on Saturday, 3 June at 11:00 from the AFM parish in Ludorf Street, Bela-Bela. Pastor Moses Shipalana of Venda will be delivering the sermon.

BELA-BELA (014) 736 2723 MODIMOLLE (014) 717 1774 MOOKGOPHONG (014) 743 3802

BLOCK add can also be done at additional charges. For more information please contact our offices. |

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Malaria strikes again

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Miss Mookgophong’s birthday to benefit learners

Zani Hiepner Charlene Willemse (20), an au pair from Vaalwater, currently finds herself booked into the ZuidAfrikaanse hospital in Pretoria due to malaria. “Charlene has not recently been out of the area, only to Lephalale,” said Christel Willemse, Charlene’s mother. She was booked off of work on the 24 and 25 of May for upper airway infection, but things took a turn for the worse when medication showed no signs of improvement. Christel rushed Charlene through to Zuid-Afrikaanse Hospital on the evening of Monday, 29 May, when she appeared weak, her blood pressure was sky-high and she had no major signs of improvement after initial medication. Upon arrival doctors immediately did tests and discovered that Willemse’s infection count was over 90 and should normally be in the area of 9. “Luckily the laboratory who did all the various tests, took initiative when the infection count was abnormal, and did the malaria test. The results came back positive for the virus,” said Christel. Willemse’s doctor was immediately alerted and the right medication was brought in to treat her. “We are still not sure what kind of malaria Charlene has, but at least we have confirmation that it is malaria, and that she can now receive the right treatment,” said


Charlene Willemse (20) from Vaalwater has been hospitalised with malaria.

Christel. Christel mentioned that one hears about the malaria cases in the area and often takes note, but one tends to forget about it until it happens to one of your own or your family. Malaria can be a life threatening blood disease that is caused by parasites transmitted to humans through the bite of a mosquito. Although the disease is not commonly found in areas like Vaalwater and Lephalale, a few instances have recently been recorded in these areas over the last few months. Willemse is the most recent “target” at Vaalwater. “Although malaria is not common in our area, mosquitos carrying the disease may often be brought back from those areas that are, by travellers in bags or cars for example,” Dr Albert Poortier from Vaalwater said. The symptoms of malaria are very

similar to exaggerated flu symptoms, in other words: a high fever, headache, aching body and often diarrhoea. Poortier advised that if patients have the abovementioned symptoms that they make an appointment to get the test done and to avoid future complications should tests be positive for the disease. Winter is upon us and flu often result in the change of season. Christel mentioned that parents should keep the virus in mind when there are no signs of improvement and insist on doing the malaria tests to stay on the safe side. “I think it is important to apply the necessary precautions to avoid any complications,” said Christel. It has been advised that longlasting insecticide sprays be used inside homes and buildings, and to apply mosquito repellents directly to the skin.

The Miss Mookgophong team is looking forward to the event which is scheduled this coming weekend. Photo supplied Mzamane Ringane Deserving learners from three local primary schools will receive school uniforms during the birthday celebration of reigning Miss Mookgophong, Mahlodi Malema. The event will be held at the Mookgophong Community Hall starting at 10:30 in the morning on Saturday, 3 June. The three local schools, Dikubu Primary, BB Matlaila Primary School and Mookgophong Primary School, were invited to come and receive the uniforms at the event. Miss Mookgophong coorganiser George Khosa said the beneficiaries were identified by the social worker together with the Miss Mookgophong team.

He said they will be handing over shirts, trousers, jerseys and shoes during this special occasion. “To gain access to this event, members of the public are humbly requested to bring either a shirt and trousers, a pair of shoes plus socks or only a jersey,” Khosa told The BEAT. Miss Mookgophong is an annual event which according to Khosa, serves to inspire young people to be role models in their own communities. Among other core purposes of this event is to also raise funds to buy school uniforms for learners who are in need. For more information about this event the Miss Mookgophong organiser can be contacted on 076 360 5004.

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The joy and pain of Limpopo football Mzamane Ringane While soccer followers in Limpopo are celebrating the fact that some of their favourite teams have earned a place in the play-offs for promotion, others are holding thumbs as they hope for their teams to survive the dreaded axe. Although Baroka FC managed to avoid straight relegation after securing an allimportant 1-0 victory over Ajax Cape Town last weekend, the Limpopo side is not out of danger yet. After their midweek away fixture against Stellenbosch FC, Baroka FC will square off with Black Leopards FC on Wednesday, 7 June. The fixture between these two Limpopo teams is likely to produce fireworks. Stellenbosch FC was expected to visit Baroka FC in the second leg on Saturday, 10 June. The second leg between Baroka FC and Black Leopards FC will take place on Saturday, 17 June. Black Leopards FC will be fighting for promotion into the higher ABSA Premiership, while Baroka FC will also be battling to keep their position in the league. In the SAFA second division (ABC Motsepe League), Lephalale Young Killers and Terrors FC have been relegated to the lower SAB League. On the fourteenth spot, Mokopane Ratanang FC may survive relegation if the team at the top of the table (The Dolphins FC) gains promotion into the National First Division. The play-offs for promotion into the ABC Motsepe League are held at the national level, with all nine provincial winners competing for a spot in the NFD. Two outstanding teams from these playoffs are ultimately promoted into the first division league.

Mokopane Ratanang FC was promoted from the SAB League into the higher ABC Motsepe League last season. Photo: Mzamane Ringane

Mayor hosts fun run Andries van der Heyde The mayor of Bela-Bela, Jeremia Ngobeni, and the municipality as a whole, are presenting a fun run on Saturday, 3 June, where athletes and residents of all ages can take part. Since the serious athletes will most likely find themselves in KwaZulu-Natal for the Comrades Marathon, those who run for fun rather than medals will have their chance to shine this weekend. David Ramollo, the organizer of the event, said that it will be a very comfortable race comprising a 10km section or a 5km section, both routes snaking through the town and township. Participants will be starting from Moloto Street in the township – the same street where the offices of the Department of Home Affairs may be found. The race will begin strictly at 07:00. Traffic officials and safety personnel will be on hand, and motorists may expect some delays on the roads involved in the race. Entry fees are R20, and tickets will be available in the morning before the race. Each person to complete the route will receive a medal. For more information, contact David Ramollo at 072 760 6605.

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The Beat 2 June 2017  

The Beat 2 June 2017: die pos,the post,the beat,nuus,news,misdaad,crime,sport,skool,schools,vaalwater,naboomspruit,mookgophong,nylstroom,mod...

The Beat 2 June 2017  

The Beat 2 June 2017: die pos,the post,the beat,nuus,news,misdaad,crime,sport,skool,schools,vaalwater,naboomspruit,mookgophong,nylstroom,mod...

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