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15 March 2013

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15 March, 2013, Website:

“They killed my brother, now they Robbery suspect on the run want to murder me for muti” Mavis Sadiki (52), has been doing all she could to find answers to questions about her brother’s mysterious death. Perhaps she has gone too far, as rumours are rife that her bother’s murderers are now looking for her blood. Mavis’ disabled brother, Robert Munyai ( 5 5 ) o f Ts h a m u t i l i k w a o u ts i d e Thohoyandou, was found dead in his shack in January. He lived a lonely life and in abject poverty, and he had allegedly been killed. His alleged killers have not been found. Sadiki said that the post-mortem conducted on her brother’s body in her presence showed that he did not have intestines. She has been given an assurance by the police that she would be given the official post-mortem results later, but she is still waiting. The mysterious death of her brother, whom she believes had been ritually murdered, keeps on tormenting her. Her zeal to find out who the killers of her brother are, has earned her many enemies. As if that is not enough, the single mother is receiving threats that she is also to be ritually killed. A community meeting was held at the weekend and the witness who relayed the message that she was to be ritually murdered testified in front of the gathering. “I am living in fear. These people are not satisfied that they killed my brother; they now want to finish me off. I am no longer safe, and I do not even know where to hide as they might get me anywhere,” she said. Sadiki mentioned that her brother’s killers were still roaming the streets, and even though some people might have evidence, they are not being taken seriously. She said that she had paid for all services in the community, but her brother did not enjoy any of the government’s fruits of democracy. “My brother lived in poverty till the end. Some received RDP houses while he lived in a shack for the most of his life. They killed him for muti, knowing that no one would stand up for him, as we are a poor family. I will not rest until the muti killers are all behind bars. I am

worried that even the police are not being helpful in this case,” she added. According to her, the police have never informed the family of any progress about the case. “Now that the killers are after me, they want to silence me. I will not keep quiet, because I want his killers arrested and they must answer for their crimes” About the latest threat, Sadiki said that she was at home on Saturday when a man came and told her that a plan was being hatched to kill her for muti and to silence her, as she was being much too talkative. “The man was sobbing and when we tried to ask him questions, he could not answer as he was crying,” she said. She added that she was worried that people who might have information about the case might just shut up for fear of victimization. Thulamela DA councillor, Humbulani Nengovhela, who has been following the case closely, said that he was very disturbed about the turn of events. “The dead man was one of our disabled people. We are greatly saddened that his case does not seem to be moving forward. We are now more worried because his sister is being threatened,” he said. He said that the party would do everything in their power to see that the family received assistance and that there was progress in the case. “We will help the family in opening up a new case and see to it that they will be briefed about the progress of the old case. We will monitor this very closely,” he said. Jackson Rathari, the local civic leader, said that they had advised the family to go and open a case with the police. The local traditional leader, Chief Lavhelesani Mphaphuli, said that he, upon learning about the developments, had advised the family to report the matter quickly to the police. “This is a big issue which is beyond our scope and competence. This will need the intervention of the police, and I am going to write them a letter of authority to advise them to report the matter to the police,” he said. — LiN News/Limpopo Mirror.

Bela Bela police spokesperson, Glen Manamela, warned the public to be aware of their surroundings wherever they go. Photo: Lizzy Bapela Lizzy Bapela Police in Bela Bela are looking for a suspect in a case of common robbery following an incident that happened at the parking area next to the ATM at Metro Supermarket on Saturday, 9 March. Police spokesperson, Constable Glen Manamela, said that three suspects approached a woman while she was packing the groceries she had just bought. She had just withdrawn money from the ATM. Manamela said that two of the suspects pretended to be seeking directions to cer-

tain shops in town, while the third one robbed her of R500 cash, a bank card and a pin number written on a piece of paper. According to Manamela, the woman was concentrating on giving directions to the suspects when she noticed, too late, that another person was robbing her of her belongings. She said the woman remembered the suspects’ faces and reported the case immediately. Two of the suspects, Maropeng Peggy Sekgobela (34) and Tau Paulos Maluleka (50) were arrested in their hometown, Mokopane, on Sunday, 10 March. Police received a tip-off that led to the arrest of the suspects, one in town and the other one at his home. The suspects were remanded in custody when they appeared before the Bela Bela Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 11 March. A third suspect is still on the run. Bela Bela police call on members of the public to be aware of various criminal activities taking place in the area, where suspects target unsuspecting victims. “Never give out your personal details or seek help from strangers, especially when you have money or any valuable items in your possession. Most of the suspects that we arrest are from outside our area and flock in here to commit the crimes, saying the people are easily turned into victims. The suspects monitor the victims’ movements and usually lure them into isolated corners so they can rob them.” “Always be careful when you have any valuable items in your possession and seek help from tagged officials when in need,” said Constable Manamela.

DA wants service delivery Bela Bela DA members vow to serve the community. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Brothers killed by elephant in Balule On Monday, 4 March, another man was killed in the Olifant Region of Balule Private Nature Reserve by an elephant. Hoedspruit SAPS confirmed the death on Tuesday. In a similar incident on February 24 a farm worker, who was the brother of the present victim, was also killed on the reserve by the same animal. According to Constable Mabunda, Nelson Bango (47), who was working in the reserve as an anti poaching guard, was found dead by Rian Ahlers, the warden for the York Region, on Monday. Ahlers did not witness the attack but, after trying and failing to reach Bango by radio, he went out looking for him. Bango, who was patrolling on a motorbike, was eventually found by the sound of his radio. Andy Dott, chair person of Balule Private Nature Reserve, said that the elephant responsible for the death of the Bango brothers was found and killed on Tuesday, 5 March, a mere 15km from the scene of the first man’s death. “We have been looking for the elephant since last week, but just couldn’t find it. Nelson went out of his

way to find the elephant that killed his brother, and he did. It seems as if the elephant charged him but then the bike stalled. He ran for about 200m before the elephant killed him in the same way it had his brother,” Dott said. According to Dott, two large irregular ‘lumps’ were visible on the elephant’s trunk and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause for the animal’s aggression. According to Dr Peter Rogers, a renowned wildlife veterinarian based in Hoedspruit, there are two main reasons why an elephant would attack and kill people when not provoked. “When elephant bulls come into musth, which is the start of their sexual cycle, there is a very high level of testosterone in their blood which can make them very unpredictable and extremely aggressive. From a veterinary perspective, an abscess at the base of a tooth or a tusk can also be extremely painful, causing an elephant to become aggressive’. Rogers went on to say that any injury, visible or not, could also be causing the aggression. – LiN News/ Kruger2Canyon.


Lizzy Bapela Councillors of the Democratic Alliance (DA) in Bela Bela have raised their concerns about poor service delivery in the area. Councillor Keenen Alberts, from Spa Park, claimed that most of the ANC councillors do not serve and interact with the community accordingly and that the partly delays the delivery of services. He also raised the issue of poor attendance of ANC councillors during council meetings, which he alleges delays the approving of projects that are needed to uplift and maintain services. Important council meetings to approve projects, budgets and appointments have been abandoned several times and this raised concerns from the DA and the community. Alberts said that there can be no services delivered without council meetings to look into processes and budgets for those services. He said that the duty of councillors is to work with the community and serve them accordingly. He claims that most ANC councillors are doing the opposite. The DA is also concerned about the recent withholding of grants to the municipality by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. The party’s provincial executive committee had previously asked MEC for Corporate Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs (CoGHSTA) Clifford Motsepe to place the municipality under administration. The call was made after the municipality had been in the news for numerous negative rea-

sons, including finances. Minister Gordon then wrote to MEC Motsepe, notifying him of his decision to halt the transfer of equitable shares and all conditional grants allocated for the municipality. The DA’s concern is that the community suffers the consequences of the actions conducted by the councillors and not the actual culprits. Alberts said that the DA in Bela Bela is committed to giving real services to the community and will continue to keep on working towards assisting them to achieve service delivery. The party also calls for the community to join the party in the quest for better service delivery in the area. He said that DA councillors Keenen Alberts, Karin Boshoff, Kobus van der Merwe and John Fourie welcome any enquiry from the community. Members of the party had a soccer day with the Pienaarsrivier community on Saturday, 9 March. A soccer team, made up of community members and educators, played a 3-3 game against the DA Spa Park branch executive committee members at the Bathopele High School sports field on the day. Alberts said that the aim of the activity was to build a relationship with the community and not just talk politics with them. The party is expected to hold a caucus meeting today, Friday 15 March, and will continue with their community outreach programmes; visiting different places around the municipality., Website:

15 March, 2013


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Football for Hope Centre officially opened

Mogalakwena acting mayor Mabusela, the Red Cross and FIFA FFH team, Executive Mayor Tlotlanang Mogotlane during the project walk-about. Photo: Supplied Lizzy Bapela Communities from Mokopane and surrounding areas came to witness the official opening of the Mogalakwena Football for Hope Centre (FFHC). The centre is situated within the deep rural village, Polar-Park, in Dudu Madisha Drive towards Mahwelereng Township and was officially opened on Friday, 8 March. The South African Red Cross Society (SARCS) coordinated the FFHC initiative, which is a campaign conducted by the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). Modjedi Kekana from the Red Cross said that the mission of the FFH centre is to accelerate youth development by creating opportunities for community integration and

solutions for socio–economic challenges facing young people in the municipality and beyond. The Red Cross provincial manager, George Mamabolo, said that FIFA intended to establish 20 centres for 2010, coincided with the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa. Twenty centres are being built in twenty different cities across Africa to offer education and public health as social services to the youths, along with a soccer field that children can use. The centres across Africa marked the first world’s biggest football event that harnessed the power of the game to inspire positive social change. Five centres are located in South Africa, with the first one opening in Cape Town suburb of Khayelitsha in December 2009 and

MEC Letsatsi-Duba and Executive Mayor Mogotlane celebrated the cutting of the ribbon. Photo: Supplied a further 15 are based across the continent. Limpopo Red Cross is one of the local NGOs selected to host one of the centres in South Africa. The Red Cross is a humanitarian organisation with a mandate to render services to all by addressing the basic needs of people, alleviate human suffering and to foster human dignity regardless of nationality, race or gender. SARCS operates under the four main programs being Health and Care, Organisational Development, Disaster Management and Preparedness, as well as Humanitarian Values. With pre-construction investment by FIFA, the Red Cross was able to reach out to over 11035 young people through soccer and other sporting activities. All activities were focused

on raising awareness on HIV/AIDS, empowering young people with leadership development and life and soccer skills. Kekana said that the strategic goal of the Mogalakwena FFH Centre is to increase knowledge; education and life skills amongst young people for better health and social change through the power of football. Provincial chairperson of the SARCS governing body, Thabo Thabakgale, Mogalakwena acting mayor Mabusela, and Waterberg District mayor, Tlotlanang Mogotlane, graced the event. The MEC for Sports Arts and Culture, Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba also attended the event. Mamabolo led the media briefing session, which took place at the Lekalakala Chamber, Mogalakwena Municipality building on the same day.

How to complain and get results Suspected rhino poachers arrested At some stage in their lives, all consumers will have cause for complaint. The method of complaint is important, as it will influence the resolution of the problem. Photo as illustration

All people can be called consumers at one stage or another of their lives. Consumers are the final users of a product or a service in a community or society. Whether a product is not up to standard, customer service that leaves much to be desired or poor service delivery, at some stage the consumer would want to complain about it. How the consumer complains is very important, because it will directly influence the results of the complaint. According to the National Consumers Union, there are certain procedures that are very important to take into account when lodging a complaint. Complain to the right person as soon as possible. It will not yield any results when the consumer waits for months before lodging a complaint. It is also important to complain to the right person. A shop assistant or cashier will not be able to help the consumer with a complaint. It is also important to note the name of the person that is handling your complaint. Keep the number and date of all invoices, receipts or warranties on record and take the relevant document along if you lodge your complaint personally. When you have the evidence on hand, the official will be able to deal with the complaint effectively. Make sure you indicate how you paid in the complaint. This will make it easier for the person dealing with the problem to find details of your purchase.

Do not mail or hand receipts or other important documents to anyone. Use photocopies and keep the originals in a safe place. Put important complaints in writing. Quote your order or invoice number clearly. You may also wish to register your letter. Keep copies of your correspondence and replies. Be brief and set out your complaint clearly. Long, rambling complaints tend to lead to delays. If you do not receive a reply within two to three weeks, send a follow-up letter and attach a copy of your original complaint as it might have gone astray in the mail or been mislaid by the recipient. Indicate how you would like to be compensated for the problem. Would you like a new product or do you prefer for the product to be repaired? Sometimes the consumer would prefer to get their money back and to move on from that particular product or service. The Consumer Protection Act of South Africa has been brought into law to promote and advance the welfare of all consumers. The act makes it possible for consumers to complain about their problems and forces business and government to do something about the complaints. When the normal channels of complaint does not work, the consumer can turn to the Consumer Commission. The commission can be contacted on 0861 843 384.

Lizzy Bapela Limpopo police arrested nine suspected rhino poachers at a private game farm in Lephalale on Monday, 11 March. Police spokesperson, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, said that the suspects, whose names and ages are unknown, are from Mozambique and Zimbabwe. He said the suspects were arrested while they were burning a field on the farm to lure the animals to a spot where they would then kill the rhinos and dehorn them. Mulaudzi said that, so far, police have managed to confiscate a camera that was allegedly used by the suspects to take pictures of the game farm, rhinos on the farm and the movement of the owners. He said that police also confiscated a grinder, generator and two vehicles — a small private vehicle and a small truck with Gauteng registration number. He said that the suspects have been

linked with another possible rhino poaching case within the same vicinity were a calf was killed two months ago. Mulaudzi said that the same modus operandi of burning a field was used. He said that all the suspects are in custody and will appear before the Lephalale Magistrate Court soon, facing charges of illegal hunting of protected game. Police investigations are at an advance stage to determine the names and ages and of all the suspects. Rhinos are critically endangered animals that look like they have not changed much since prehistoric times. Rhinos are critically endangered due to poaching. Their horns are used to make ceremonial dagger handles in the Middle East and as an aphrodisiac in traditional Asian medicine. In many national parks of the world, each rhino is assigned an armed guard who walks with it on its rambles. That is how few there are left in the world and how important it is to protect this species.

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15 March, 2013

Waterberg celebrates World Wetlands Day Lizzy Bapela Residents from across the Waterberg District and representatives from different institutions gathered in Modimolle to celebrate World Wetlands Day. Modimolle mayor, Kgaretja Lekalakala, addressed the audience at the event that was held at the Ephraim Mogale Stadium on Wednesday, 27 February. Political leadership, officials, management from municipalities and government departments, pastors and members of the Wetlands Forum were part of the event. Lekalakala gave a message of support during this celebration and passed on greetings from the Waterberg District executive mayor, Tlotlanang Mogotlane, who could not attend because of other commitments. Wetlands continue to offer great value for biodiversity, which human beings depend on for their livelihood. The significance of World Wetlands Day is highlighted worldwide through a variety of activities aligned to the Ramsar Convention. The Ramsar Convention is an international agreement for the conservation and sustainable utilization of wetlands. The convention was developed and adopted by participating nations at a meeting in Ramsar, Iran, on 2 February 1971. This year’s celebration was conducted under the theme “Wetlands and water management”, which highlights the important role played by wetlands in ground water storage, flood flow attention, toxin retention nutrients removal and transformation as well as organic matter production and export. In her speech, Lekalakala said that wetlands perform essential functions such as the enhancement of water quality, erosion control, water storage and maintenance of biodiversity. She said that wetlands provide many essential goods and services and they provide food, plant, water, medicinal and livelihood resources to rural communities, and play an important role in tourism, subsist-

ence farming, grazing and environmental education and awareness. “Wetlands are very important in water-scarce countries such as South Africa, yet about 50% of South Africa`s wetlands have been destroyed or converted. The serious loss of wetlands is caused by many factors such as building of dams, incorrect burning of forests, the use of wetlands for waste disposal, the abstraction of water and the drainage of wetlands for agricultural cultivation,” she said. “Therefore careful consideration should be given to the continued destruction of wetlands. South Africa is a developing country and most of our rural communities depend heavily on wetlands for cultivation, grazing and water as I said before,” the mayor said. Lekalakala said that, given their importance for the livelihood of communities living adjacent to wetlands, teaching communities the right farming methods and rehabilitation should be considered of extreme importance. She said that the government need to strengthen their partnership and educational awareness campaigns such as Land Care, which is championed by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Working for Wetlands. The campaign is undertaken by the South African National Biodiversity Institute. “We also note the good work done by the law enforcement agencies. Waterberg is also home to Nylsvlei, an internationally recognised wetland that has been accorded Ramsar status. This icon should be protected at all times,” said the mayor. The district municipality called upon members of the community to protect and take care of these wetlands for the benefit of tourism, water provision and cultivation. “Let us use water sparingly. It is never too late to act. Save the wetlands today for cleaner, better and safer tomorrow. Working together we can do more to manage our water resources,” Mogotlane said in in her message to the delegates., Website:

Waste Management and Air Quality Act by-laws under revision The Waterberg District Waste Management and Air Quality Act bylaws are under revision and as part of the initial process the public is asked to participate and bring their problems and concerns to government officials. A meeting was held on Friday, 1 March, at the Vaalwater Community Hall in Leseding and concerned community members attended the meeting. Officials from the National Department of Environmental Affairs as well as the Waterberg District Municipality addressed the community members and explained the reason for the meeting. Air quality is the responsibility of the Waterberg District Municipality and their inspectors should enforce by-laws concerning clean and healthy air, the meeting heard. The waste management bylaws are the responsibility of the local municipality but because their bylaws are outdated the district’s by-laws are implemented. According to the National Waste Strategy there should be a waste hierarchy where more should be done to avoid generating waste and this in turn would produce less waste to dispose of. But currently more waste is generated than should be and this is causing a lot of problems in the waste management plan. People should be reducing, re-using and recycling waste, but instead they are just dumping all their organic and non-organic waste at the landfill dumps and in bins, the meeting heard.

Acting mayor talks to the youth Acting mayor of the Waterberg District, Khazamula Baloyi, addressed the audience during the district youth economic summit. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

SASSA hands over hall to Mookgophong municipality

Mayor Sarah Monyamane with SASSA’s regional executive manager, Themba Matlou, during the handing over of the community hall. Photo supplied TK Mashaba On Monday, 11 March, the Mookgophong municipality received the keys to a brand new renovated Community Hall from the South African Social Services Association (SASSA). Regional manager of SASSA, Themba Matlou, handed over the keys to the Community Hall to the mayor of Mookgophong, Sarah Monyamane.

According to municipal spokesperson, Lerato Makomene, the ceremony was an initiative to implement the People Development Project and to promote accessibility to government services. “Earlier last year the Minister of Social Development identified Mookgophong as one of the key areas where facility upgrading was a serious need,” she said. Makomene said that the hall would be utilised on pension days, for outreach programmes or Imbizo’s. “The hall will be used to ensure that the elderly are able to access their pension money with no hassle. They will not have to miss payments due to transport problems or ill health,” she said. Renovations of the community hall included tiling, bathrooms, windows and new doors. SASSA also contributed 396 chairs to the municipality. In her acceptance speech, Monyamane expressed her gratitude to SASSA. She said that such a facility was much needed by the community for effective service. ‘We are humbled by SASSA for honouring our community with a renovated hall. We can assure you that we will utilise the hall fully to ensure that we adhere to the Batho Pele principle,” she said. The community hall was also used during the AFCON tournament as a Public Viewing Area (PVA) where residents could go to watch the games.

The Waterberg District wants to implement more by-laws to restrict people from generating so much waste and to inform them of better ways to dispose of their waste. Some problems addressed by community members included air pollution from Lephalale, Matimba and Medupi power stations. According to one of the officials, monitoring stations have been set up to monitor the air quality and government will see to it that they do not exceed the acceptable limits. Another problem raised was the raw sewerage leaking from sewerage pipes in Leseding. This occurs where people live and walk. Another big problem for the Leseding community is the landfill site in their area. This landfill is too close to houses where people live and children play. The piggery on the Lephalale road next to Vaalwater, was also discussed. This piggery has been operating since June 2012 and residents complain about the smell and possible air pollution as well as water pollution in the nearby rivers and boreholes. The community was assured that these activities shall be looked into. Residents were invited to contact the District Municipality on tel. (014) 717 1055 if they want to report an offence. For comments on the air quality and waste management by-laws in the area, contact before Wednesday, 20 March.

Lizzy Bapela The acting executive mayor of the Waterberg District Municipality, Khazamola Baloyi, addressed the youth during the district youth economic summit held at Oasis Lodge, Mogalakwena, on Thursday, 28 February. The district municipality hosted the summit under the theme “Economic Awareness of Youth to Sustainable Development.” It has been four months since the South African Youth Council in the Waterberg District was launched on 5 October 2012. The summit was meant to chart the way forward and to embark on a clear plan of action that would address youth matters in the district. The summit came at a time when municipalities are busy with the IDP process plan for the 2013/2014 financial year and young people’s participation in the IDP rep forums is needed to provide inputs on issues affecting young people. Waterberg District executive mayor, Tlotlanang Mogotlane, said on a previous occasion that the leadership of the Youth Council in the district should organise a vibrant youth civil society sector to deal with challenges facing the youth in Limpopo Province and Waterberg in particular. She meant that, in every village and township and in every formal and informal settlement, the young people must be aware of the existence of the South African Youth Council in the district. The structure must be able to assist and advice them on issues relating to their well-being. Baloyi said that economic issues are closely linked to environmental concerns, so the

economy depends on the sustainable use of renewable resources. He said the overuse of these resources for short-term gains might undercut a country’s long-term economic future. The summit was meant to deal with these issues in various commissions; focusing on sustainable development dilemmas that the youth face in their everyday lives. The goal of sustainable development is to improve living standards and quality of people‘s lives, both now and for the future generations. “Education and skills development are central for sustainable development among the youth. There is a need to forge relationships and partnerships with relevant stakeholders in youth development to finance some of the programmes that would be developed.” “We face the challenge of drug abuse and alcohol in the district. Waterberg is regarded as the number one district in substance abuse especially among young people. The youth councils must find a way of dealing with this issue to build a solid foundation for society that takes care of the lives of its young people,” Baloyi said. Baloyi said that crime is also a thorny issue and the majority of young people are unemployed, but that this is not an excuse for youth involvement in crime. He said the public and private sector must work together to find ways of involving young people in Community Safety Forums and Community Policing Forums to curb the situation. “Working together we can do more to raise economic awareness of youth to sustainable development, said Baloyi., Website:


15 March, 2013

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Be careful what you type The South African community are increasingly involved in online forums and social media. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of members and most online newspapers have forums where readers can leave their comment. Unfortunately, this phenomenon brings its own complications. In a country where there are extremely strict laws governing the media, private comments have come under scrutiny. It seems unfair that every Tom, Dick and Harry can write whatever he or she want to, no matter who is hurt in the process. Recently the South Gauteng High Court has set a new legal precedent after it granted a South African Facebook user an interdict preventing a friend from posting about his personal life on the social network after she defamed him on the site. Judge Nigel Willis ruled that he could not find any evidence that Facebook would comply with a request to take any offending comment down and said that it is better to tackle users, rather than Facebook itself, in matters of privacy. The Court confirmed that the right to privacy is an independent personality right, and that the law of defamation protects the right to privacy and the right to good name and reputation. The first claim that people raise to defend their activity on social media is that freedom of speech is a constitutional right, which is guaranteed to every person in South Africa. While this may be true, no right, which is guaranteed in terms of the Constitution, is absolute and all these rights may be regulated. The violation of the individual’s right is weighed up against how much that freedom of speech affects the rights of others. Most people do not think that their comments on social media or newspaper forums could be seen as defamation. However, the mere fact that a person clicked on the send button means that that person meant for the comment to be published. Any published comment is in public view and can be seen as defamation of character. The apparent facelessness of the internet often means that people do not think clearly before posting a comment on social media platforms. A good rule of thumb is to decide whether you would repeat the comment that you posted to the person’s face. If not, that comment is not suitable for publishing. The online community is becoming an extension of the individual’s personal life. What we say on websites, forums and social media is more than just comments. Online comments say more about the person making the comment than the one at the receiving end of the comment.

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Doing things differently Bishop Silas Tlou

Nurses from clinics in Bela Bela sang and danced to show their gratitude for the donations made to them by Forever Resorts, Comtec and Bellanet. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

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Every person makes resolutions each time a season starts or ends. By the end of the year, results may speak the different story. One thing that needs to be scrutinised is ‘how do we do thing’. If our routine does not change, then the results also will never change. We are spirits living in body having a soul. We are not bodies, but spirit possessing a soul. This means that we are spiritual beings. There is nothing wrong with the spirit because is fashioned in the nature of Sovereign God Almighty. Nevertheless, the soul needs to be trained to respond and react in the particular manner and the word can provide that essential training. Romans 12: 1-3 – “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.” The bible talks about presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice. God expects it from us. We need to look after our bodies. There is no use in enjoying successes in ailing bodies. Our bodies must have the strength to praise and pray Him at all given time. Therefore you got to love living and looking after you body. Some people think that neglecting their bodies and to skip medication or avoid treatment is Christian. This is not true. Stick to your routine medication. Christianity does not prohibit medications. It is God, after all, who gives us our doctors. Romans 12:2 – “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” The enemies of success are conformity, mediocrity and trying to belong. That poses a danger to us in that we find ourselves trapped in traditions and stereotypes, which makes the Word of God of ineffective in our lives. Renewing the Mind is not an easy thing or one-day event; it is an on-going and challenging process. However, it is not impossible and can be well managed. The only way that our minds can truly transform is when the Lord is in charge of the process. Galatians 5:1617 – “So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want.”

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15 March, 2013 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AMENDMENT OF THE TOWN PLANNING SCHEME IN TERMS OF SECTION 56(1)(b)(i) OF THE TOWN PLANNING AND TOWNSHIPS ORDINANCE 1986 (ORDINANCE No 15 OF 1986) We, Geo Projects, authorised agents of the owner of the remainder of portion 13 of the farm Bospoort 450 KR Bela Bela hereby give notice in terms of section 56 (1)(b)(i) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance No 15 of 1986) that we have applied to the Bela Bela Municipality for the amendment of the Town Planning Scheme, known as the Bela Bela Land Use Scheme, 2008, by the amendment of the zoning of the property by the addition of an annexure to the existing Agriculture zoning, to make provision for over night accomodation and ancillary uses, as indicated in the annexure 153 to the amendment scheme. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the Munucipal Manager, Municipal Offices, Bela Bela, for a period of 28 days from 8 March 2013. Objections to or presentations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to: The Municipal Manager at the above address or Private Bag x 1609, Bela Bela, 0480, within a period of 28 days from 8 March 2013. Address: P.O.Box 919, Bela Bela, 0480, Tel: 082 8817 252. (15/3).

LEGALS NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF TOWNSHIP The Modimolle Municipality, hereby gives notice in terms of Section 108 (1)(a) of the Town Planning and To w n s h i p s O r d i n a n c e , 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986), that an application to establish the township reffered to in the Annexure hereto, have been received by it. Particulars of the application will lie for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Town Planner: Modimolle Municipality, O R Tambo Building, Harry Gwala Street, Modimolle, for a period of 28 days from 08 March 2013. Objections to or representations in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing to: Municipal Manager at the above address or at Private Bag x1008, Modimolle, 0510, within a period of 28 days from 08 March 2013. Annexure: Name of township: Mabaleng Full name of the applicant: Hannes Lerm and Associates, P O Box 2231, Polokwane, 0700, Tel: 015 296 0853. Number of Erven in proposed Township: 850 Erven Erven 1-683 Residential 1 Erven 684-833: Residential 2 Erven 834-837: Business 1 Erven 838-842: Institutional Erf 843: Educational Erven 844-848: Municipal Erven 849-850: Public Open Space Description of land on which townships is to be established: Portion 10 of the farm Knopfentein 184 KR, Alma/Mabaleng MUNICIPAL MANAGER Modimolle Local Municipality Private Bag x1008 Modimolle 0510. (15/3).

NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (NORTH GAUTENG HIGH COURT, PRETORIA). Case No. 2665/2010 In the matter between: Absa Bank Limited Plaintiff and David Van Rooyen (ID NO. 750803 5078 083) Defendant In pursuance of a judgement granted on the 8 July 2010,


in the above Honourable Court and under a writ of executio issued thereafter the immovable property listed hereunder will be sold in execution on the 28 March 2013 at 11h00 by the Sheriff of the High Court Bela Bela, at 52 Robertsons Avenue, Bela Bela, to the highest bidder: Description: A portion of the real right that the Developer (Klaprops 69 (Proprietary Limited) reseved to extend the Scheme in terms of section 25(1) of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 (as amended), which is the right to erect and complete from time to time in terms os Section 25(2)(a). Within a period of (ten) years from date of registration of the certificate of the real right of Extension, for its personal account, a building or buildings on the specified of the common property described as S75, measuring 3333 (three thousand three hundred and thirty three) square metres, as shown on diagram S.G. NR D266/ 2004, comprising a portion of the common property in the Scheme known as Elements Private Golf Reserve, and as shown on the sectional plan SS452/2004, in respect of the land and building or buildings situate at Portion 9 (a portion of portion 3) of the farm Elandsfontein 440, Registration division K.R., Limpopo Province, Bela Bela, Local Municipality, in terms of the plan refered to in Section 25(2)(a) of the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 (as amended) filed with the Registra of Deeds, and to divide such building or buildings into a Section and common property. Street Address: Known as 7 Sanatorium Road, Bela Bela Zoned: Residential; Improvements: The following information is given but nothing in this regard is guaranteed: The improvements on the property consist of the following: Vacant Stand Held by the Defendant under Notarial Deed of Ces-

sion of a Portion of the Real Right of Extension Nr SK1475/2005S. The full conditions may be inspected at the offices of the Sheriff of the High Court, Bela Bela, at 52 Robertson Avenue, Bela Bela. Dated at Pretoria on this the 31st day of January 2013. NEWTONS Plaintiff’s Attorneys 2nd Floor, Lobby 3 Brooklyn Forum Building, 337 Veale Street Niew Muckleneuk, Pretoria Te l : ( 0 1 2 ) 4 2 5 0 2 0 0 / Telefax: (012) 460 9491 Ref: F01080/N Venter. NOTICE OF SALE IN TERMS OF RULE 46(7)(b) AUCTION INTHE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (NORTH GAUTENG HIGH COURT, PRETORIA) Case No: 19862/2012 In the matter between: Nedbank Limited Registration Number: (1951/ 000009/06) Execution Creditor and Diamond Duo Properties 214 CC Registration number: 2002/ 090033/23 1st Execution Debtor Karl Jaco Schutte Identity number: 700704 5129 085 2nd Execution Debtor Lawrence Martin Baird Identity number: 720408 5100 080 3rd Execution Debtor In execution of judgement of the High Court of South Africa (North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria) in the abovementioned suit, a sale will be held by the Sheriff Bela Bela at the Sheriff’s offices, 52 Robertsons Avenue, Bela Bela on Thursday, 28 March 2013 at 11h00 of the undermentioned property of the Defendants on the conditions to be read out by the Auctioneer at the time of the sale: Portion 106 of the farm Kromdraai No. 560 Registration Division K.Q. Limpopo Province in Extent 9,9326 hectares Held by deed of transfer T19692/2005 Physical address: Portion 106 of the farm Kromdraai

Municipality Harry Gwala Str. 6, Private Bag X1008, Modimolle 0510

COMMENTS ON 2011/2012 DRAFT ANNUAL REPORT Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 21(a) of the Municipal Systems Act, No 32 of 2000 and Section 127(5) of the Municipal Finance Act, 2003 (Act 56 of 2003). Members of the public, communities within Modimolle Municipality, Government Institutions, Business Communities, Private Sectors and Civil Society Organisations are hereby invited to comment on the Draft Annual Report for Modimolle Municipality for the 2011/2012 financial year. The report is accessible on the municipal website: or alternatively the hard copies of the report may b e perused during office hours from 7:30 – 16:15 on Mondays to Fridays at the following places: ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾ ¾

Modimolle Municipal Building: O R Tambo Square, Harry Gwala Street. Phagameng Library Modimolle Town Library Mabatlane Thusong Service Centre (Vaalwater) Mabaleng Municipal Office (Alma)

NB: Any person who cannot write may come during office hours from 07:30 to 16:15 to Communications Office for assistance. The closing date for written representations or submission is 9 April 2013 at respective sites. Your written comments should be directed to: The office of the Acting Municipal Manager Private Bag X1008, MODIMOLLE 0510 For further information please do not hesitate to contact Mr M P Shika (Divisional Manager Communications and IT) on the following contract numbers: Tel: (014) 718-2045 Cell: 083 287 3336 E-mail: The Civic Centre O R Tambo Square Harry Gwala Street MODIMOLLE 0510


No. 560, Ellisras Zoning: Agricultural Improvements: (Please note that nothing is guaranteed and/or no warranty is given in respect thereof). Vacant land: The above mentioned information with regard to the improvements on the property is furnished although no guarantee can be supplied in this regard. Take further notice that the conditions of sale may be inspected at the offices of the Sheriff Bela Bela at the Sheriff’s Office, 52 Robertsons Avenue, Bela Bela. Dated at Pretoria this 21st day of January 2013. VA N D E R M E RW E D U TOIT INC. Attorneys for Plaintiff Brooklyn Place Cnr Bronkhorst & DEY streets Brooklyn Pretoria. Tel: (012) 452 1300 Fax: 086 623 2984 Ref: SORETHA/Janet/ NED108/0287. NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN THE N O RT H GAUTENG HIGH COURT (HELD IN PRETORIA) Case No: 6783/2012 In the matter between: First Rand Bank Limited Plaintiff and Christo De Koker First Defendant. Annelize De Koker Second Defendant. Sale in execution to be held at No 52 Robertsons Avenue, Bela Bela at 11h00 on 28 March 2013; by the Sheriff: Bela Bela Certain: Erf 121 Rooiberg township Registration Division: K.O., Limpopo Province, Measuring: 2941 square metres Held by deed of Transfer T155398/2005 Situate at: 40 Maroela street, Rooiberg, Thabazimbi, Limpopo Province Improvements-(Not guaranteed): A residential dwelling consisting of: 3 bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, lounge, dining room, patio, single garage, 2 carpots and servants quarters with toilet as well as single flat with ½ bathroom. TERMS: 10% in cash on day of sale and balance against Transfer to be secured by approved guarantee to be furnished within 21 days after date of sale. Conditions of sale can be inspected at the Offices of the Sheriff Bela Bela., Website: FRIEDLAND H A RT SOLOMON NICOLSON Attorneys for Plaintiff Monument Office Park Block 4, 3rd Floor 79 Steenbok Avenue Pretoria (012) 424 0200 GROBLER/Charla/B1058 NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (NORTH GAUTENG HIGH COURT, PRETORIA) Case No: 67968/2011 In the matter between: Absa Bank Limited Plaintiff and Silver Falcon Trading 380 (PTY) LTD (Reg. No. 2006/ 018789/07) 1ST Defendant Willem Loubser (ID No. 580625 5056 082) 2ND Defendant Albertus Stefanus Cronje (ID No. 620718 5116 089) 3RD Defendant Engela Cronje (ID No. 690831 0087 083) 4TH Defendant Persuant to a judgement granted by this Honourable Court on 27 February 2012 and a warrant of execution, the undermentioned property will be sold in execution by the Sheriff of the High Court, Warmbad on Thursday the 28th day of March 2013, at 11H00 at the Sheriff’s Office No. 1, 52 Robertson Avenue, Bela Bela (Warmbad), Limpopo Province, to the highest bidder without a reserve price: Erf 883 Warmbath Extension 5 township, Registration Division K Q., Limpopo Province. Street address: 5 K n o p p i e s d o o r n Av e n u e , Bela Bela, Limpopo Province Measuring: 1360 (one thousand three hundred and sixty) square metres and held by second Defendant in terms of Deed of Transfer No. T22498/1988. Improvements are: Dwelling: Entrance Hall, lounge, dining room, TV room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, scullery, servants quarters, double garage, swimming pool, braai/ lapa. No warranties regarding description, extent or improvements are given. The conditions of sale to be read out by the Sheriff of the High Court at the time of the sale and will be available for inspection at the office of the Sheriff Bela Bela, Office No. 1, 52 Robertson Avenue, Bela Bela, Limpopo Province. Dated at Pretoria on this the 21st day of February 2013.

VAN ZYL LE ROUX INC First Floor Monument Office Park 71 Steenbok Avenue First Floor, Block 3 Monument Park, Pretoria P O Box 974, Pretoria 0001 Tel: (012) 435 9444 Fax: (012) 435 9555 REF: 401699/E NIEMAND/MN NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION IN THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA (NORTH GAUTENG HIGH COURT, PRETORIA) Case No. 5205/2011 In the matter between: Absa Bank Limited Applicant/ Plaintiff and Santa Elizabeth Pieterse N.O. (ID NO. 520611 0150 081) First Respondent/ Defendant Santa Elizabeth Pieterse (ID NO.520611 0150 081) Second Respondent/ Defendant Theo Pieterse (ID NO. 470915 5027 081) Third Respondent/ Defendant In pursuance of the judgement granted on the 10 June 2011 in the above Honourable Court and under a writ of execution issued thereafter the immovable property listed hereunder will be sold in execution on the 28 March 2013 at 11H00 by the Sheriff of the High Court, Bela Bela, at 52 Robertsons Avenue, Bela Bela, to the highest bidder: Description: (i) Section No. 10 as shown and more fully described on Sectional Plan No. SS346/ 2004 in the scheme known as Rooibergkrans, in respect of the land and building or buildings situate at portion 27 (a portion of portion 23) of the farm Olievenbosch 506, Local Authority: Thabazimbi Local Municipality of which Section the floor area, according to the said Sectional Plan, is 323 (three hundred and twenty three) square metres in extent; and (ii) an undevided share in the common property in the scheme appartioned to the said Section in accordance with the participation quota as endorsed on the said Sectional Plan; Zoned: Residential; Improvements: The following information is given but nothing in this regard is guaranteed: The improvements on the property consists of the following: Main dwelling comprising Inter Alia: - 4x Bedrooms - 3x Bathrooms 1x Flat with ½ bathroom and kitchen

1x Lounge/ dining room/ kitchen (open plan) 1x Laundry 1x Lounge/bar/ TV room 1x Bar / conference room 3x Large stoepe with braai area 1x Double garages 1x Spa with dressingroom Held by the first defendant (ADS TRUST, IT 4691/02) in its name under Deed of Transfer No. ST130010/2005. The full conditions may be be inspected at the offices of the Sheriff of the High Court, Bela Bela, at 52 Robertsons Avenue, Bela Bela. Dated at Pretoria on this the 5th day of March 2013. NEWTONS Plaintiff’s Attorneys 2nd floor, Lobby 3 Brooklyn Forum building, 337 Veale street Nieuw Muckleneuk, Pretoria Tel: (012) 425 0200 / Telefax: (012) 460 9491 Ref: F01420/Nelene Venter REMOVAL OF RESTRICTIONS ACT, 1967 Notice in terms of Section 3(1) of the Removal of Restrictions Act, 1967 (act 84 of 1967) I, Johannes Hendrik Lerm of Hannes Lerm & associates being the authorised agent of the owner hereby give notice in terms of Section 3 (1) of Removal of Restrictions Act, 1967 that I have applied to the Limpopo Province, Department of Co-operative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs (COGHSTA) for the removal of certain conditions contained in the Title Deed T090781 11 for Portion 10 of the farm Knopfontein, 184 KR, situated along Road D2748, Alma, in order to establish a township. All relevant documents relating to the application will be open for inspection during normal office hours at the office of the Director General, Limpopo Province, COGHSTA, Hensa Towers, 20 Rabé Street, Polokwane, 0700 from 15 March 2013 2013 until 16 April 2013. Any person who wishes to object to the application or submit representation in respect thereof must lodge the same in writing with the Limpopo Province, C O G H S TA at the abovementioned address and or at Private Bag X9485, Polokwane, 0700 on or before 16 April 2013. Authorized agent: Hannes Lerm & Associates P O Box 2231 POLOKWANE 0700 (22/3), Website:

15 March, 2013


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Blaauwboschkuil through to next round of Danone cup

Blaauwboschkuil Primary School in action during their game against Spa Park Primary School. Photo: TK Mashaba

Blaauwboschkuil Primary School’s under twelve soccer team is through to the next round of the Danone Cup. Photo: TK Mashaba TK Mashaba The Masakhane based Blaauwboschkuil Primary School’s under twelve soccer team is one step closer to flying to France and meeting French soccer star and Danone ambassador, Zinedine Yazid Zidane. The team is daring to dream after they won the cluster stage of the Danone Nations Cup competition by beating back six other schools in Bela Bela on Thursday, 7 March. Albert Luthuli-, Khabele-, Mmamakwa-, Hleketani and Spa Park Primary Schools took part in the cluster leg of the competition in Bela Bela. Blaauwboschkuil beat Spa Park 6-0 in their final game of the day. The next step for Blaauwboschkuil is when they face the winners of the Vaalwater cluster competition to battle it out for the next round. According to Pat Seema, a SAFA provincial official, only six schools took part in this first leg of the competition in Bela Bela, because other schools did not qualify for the registration or did not register in time.

The Danone Nations Cup is an international football tournament organised annually on the initiative of Group Danone. Supported by Zinedine Zidane, it gathers under ten to under twelve teams from 40 different countries and all continents. This competition is made of 40 national tournaments and a world final agreed by the FIFA. Each year 40 teams qualify to represent their country at the world final of the event. 2,5 million children worldwide take part every year in the event. Danone is supporting a healthy lifestyle by encouraging children at schools across the world to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Forty countries worldwide take part in this competition, so it is an opportunity for young footballers to participate in a real world cup and follow in the footsteps of their heroes. The final will take place in a prestigious stadium in the presence of a large audience of supporters and VIP’s. Throughout the competition, healthy lifestyle messages are promoted via the website, branding and other communications.

Spa Park Primary School’s 115 learners rejoiced after receiving stationery packs from Bela Bela DA members who visited their school on Thursday, 7 March. Photo: Lizzy Bapela

Jinnah Park Primary School is very proud of these learners who performed very well at the Limpopo athletic championships in Polokwane. Tiamo Chiloane (left) won third place in the shot put for girls under eleven and Tshegofatso Molefe won second place in the high jump for girls under twelve. Photo: Supplied

These athletes from Jinnah Park Primary School performed very well at a regional athletics meet at the Kruger National Park. In front from left to right are Mandla Mazibuku who won first place in the 80 metres sprint for boys under twelve and Tshepang Monama who won first place in the long jump and third place in the 80 metres for boys under ten. Behind from left to right are Tiamo Chiloane who won first place in the shot put for girls under eleven and Tshegofatso Molefe who won second place in the high jump for girls under twelve. Photo: Supplied

Modderspruit Primary School, outside Bela Bela, received a welcome surprise in February when they received a large shipment of books from the Rotary Club. Zanele Ledwaba, principal of the school, was delighted to receive a visit from the representatives of the Rotary Club. “These books will help our children so much, because it will help us teach them to read well,” she said. “It is the first time that we are able to welcome visitors from abroad as well.” The donation included reading books, Mathematics books, Science books and English grammar books. Photos: TK Mashaba

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15 March, 2013, Website:

Yster United 8 goal thriller TK Mashaba The game log for Stream B in the SAFA Regional Waterberg league is still wide open with the league coming to an end and all teams vying for the top three positions. The battle is not easy because log leaders, Yster United, are solid in their lead. Yster United have been on top of the log for some time now, but they solidified their lead when they beat Simple Yellows with a shocking final score of 8-1. Yster United are leading with three points ahead of Real Madrid, who are in second position. United has 38 points while Madrid has 35 points on the log. Yster United still have one more game than Real Madrid to play, which could make their lead even stronger. Real Madrid are not slacking off in their quest for the top spot. On Saturday, 9 March, Madrid beat Mokopane Morning Stars 2-1. On

the same day, Benefica beat Mosesetjane United 2-1. Benefica are in the third position on the log. Maxoma, who is on the end of the log, made it easy for its competitors in the league. The team lost 13 of their 17 games and only managed to rake up 10 points. Maxoma lost 6-1 against Mookgophong All Stars on Saturday and 6-2 against Mosesetjane United on Sunday, 10 March. This might mean that Maxoma will be relegated to join the Local Football Association League in the next season. Mosesetjane United, who are in fourth position, lost 2-1 against Benefica on Saturday while Thaba FC and Dynasty played to a 2-2 draw. Dimakatso Sundowns won by default when Simple Yellows did not show up for their game on Sunday, 10 March. The league teams still have six games to complete before the league winners can be announced.

Zweli Ngoma was Hoërskool Nylstroom’s top athlete on the Athletics South Africa table at the Inter High School athletics meet that was held in Modimolle on 23 February. He won first places in the 110 metres hurdles and the 400 metres hurdles. Photo: Herman Steyn

Hoërskool Warmbad was very proud of their own Amu Ndlovu, who won the 100 metres and 200 metres at the Inter High School athletics meet that was held in Modimolle on 23 February. Photo: Herman Steyn

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