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15 May 2019


YAY FOR AG MEI Maties sitting together on the Rooiplein grass discussing the events of the Ag Mei week. Photo: Carla Visagie

QueerUs takes control of ‘Ag Mei’ week with pride CARLA VISAGIE

THE QueerUS society hosted a series of events from 7 to 10 May to create a space for the queer community to express themselves. “[The week was] in reference to the homophobic primary school joke “Ag Mei”, so it’s like we’re claiming the word and took it back just like we’ve done with the word queer and now we are using it positively,”said Paul Joubert, vice-chair of QueerUS. Ag Mei week kicked off with two discussion platforms to pro-

vide an opportunity to engage about gender and identity. Brave Space was held on 7 May and, according to Joubert, the discussion was “open to allies to hear queer narratives and ask questions that would be otherwise uncomfortable”. Safe Space was held on eight May, which is a weekly tradition of QueerUS to provide an opportunity for the queer community to come together and share their experiences with each other. “Everyone is always together

when QueerUS comes together because it is a space where we see each other and we become friends very easily because you know this person understands what you are going through and to share your experiences with each other so every time QueerUS comes together it feels like something special. We set the expectations for people to be different so you don’t have to sensor your weirdness and your otherness,” Joubert said. The events continued on Thursday with an event that

was hosted in collaboration with UNASA, where there was speed dating to meet new people and a screening of While you weren’t looking, a South African queer movie. A discussion on being part of the queer community followed. The week concluded with a pinic on the grass in front of the Neelsie on Friday. According to Tshegofatso Matsha, a third year BA (Humanities) student who attended the picnic, the Ag Mei week is a way of normalising being queer and

Something phishy in your email MIA VAN DER MERWE

PHISHING can be a big problem. Phishing warnings flood the inboxes of students at Stellenbosch University (SU) at regular intervals, alerting users against fraudulent emails containing links that could infect their devices with viruses. Damage on an infiltrated device is very difficult to fix. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies or credible individuals asking for login information, in order to ploy individuals to reveal their personal information. The hacker sends an email with a link and gets hold of personal information such as passwords and other intellectual property.

Suné van Niekerk, from the SU IT Hub, explains that the IT Hub can see threats on the university’s network before serious attacks can damage personal devices or accounts. Andrew Stevens, chief IT executive at Humarga, says that there are monitors in place to detect an attack or virus before the hacking process is set in motion. The phishing alert email from the IT Hub itself is not a phishing attack, purely a warning. According to Stephens, no serious damage from phishing attacks has ever occurred and no student or staff member has ever lost personal information as the monitors that are in place work effectively. Van Niekerk says that students who could potentially be a victim of an attack are immediately con-

Students have been warned about phising attempts. Photo: Mia van der Merwe tacted and warned by the IT Hub. Stephens advises that students be vigilant when opening these emails, and to be certain that one is always on a legitimate website.

According to Stephens fraudulent websites can easily be spotted. For example, would be a legitimate website and not.

increasing visibility of the queer community. “I think the visibility [that is created by the eight May week] shows people that [we’re] allowed to be queer and associate with other people that [are] queer. It is important [to have such a week] because there is still a lot of stigma, stereotypes and hatred towards the queer community. Thus the week shows gay isn’t a disease and it is okay to exist and be part of the queer community,” Matsha said.

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Die Matie – 15 Mei 2019  

Agt-en-sewentigste jaargang, nommer sewe.

Die Matie – 15 Mei 2019  

Agt-en-sewentigste jaargang, nommer sewe.

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