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There is nothing quite like the strength of a Mother/Daughter team, and Martel & Mester are proof of that. Meet the team of LISA MARTEL and JILL MESTER. Lisa’s professional vitae includes marketing director for Simon Properties where she marketed shopping centers in the US and Mexico. Since starting her career in residential real estate, Lisa has accomplished incredible professional goals, including Rookie of the Year at Dielmann Sotheby’s in 2015. “Everything I’ve done is because of my clients. I’m absolutely energized by getting to know people, and I am relentless in my pursuit of finding homes for them and their families. I want them to feel like I am their advocate. It comes

Lisa’s business has steadily grown because of clients referring more clients. “Someone asked me once, “Why would someone recommend you to their best friend?” I said, “Because my clients always become my friends. This isn’t just transactional for me, it is all about gaining trust through hard work. I believe that the homes where people live are the places where they write their life stories. Holidays, childbirths and graduations, weddings and job promotions, are all celebrated there. What an amazing privilege it is for me to help them find that place.” Jill is clearly her mother’s daughter. According to Jill, “Real estate is not about making a deal, it’s about creating an experience. A beautiful, transformative, positive life event.” She is the mother of three boys, and plays an active role in her faith community at the Holy Infant Parish in Ballwin. “My family and I live in west county because our roots are here. I grew up here, many of my clients grew up here. West County is known for its community events, big yards, fireworks, and Friday night football. When asked, “What is the difference your clients see in you?” Jill’s answer is absolutely authentic. “I am creating a legacy, just like the clients I represent. We are real people who build our careers here, have families, adopt pets, play little league soccer, and


He is one of our 13 Mizzou graduates at Dielmann Sotheby’s and is particularly gifted at representing the Tigers at every opportunity. “I’m passionate about home buyers. The idea that I could find just the right place for a young family, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur finding their first home, is invigorating to me! I have a son and daughter of my own, and 4 amazing grandchildren, so I know how it feels to live your best life in the perfect space. I’m also a proud baby boomer, and I know what it’s like to sell the home where you raised your kids, and then downsize to start a great new adventure. So I guess what I am saying, is that I am all in when it comes to matching the perfect home with just the right client. I am fortunate enough to travel the world, live in a great town, and represent the best buyers and sellers on the planet. It doesn’t get better than this!”

naturally to me, as an active volunteer for the Alzheimers’ Association in memory of my mom.”


Meet TERRY ROSS, a proud St. Louis native, and homeowner in the Chesterfield Trails neighborhood in West County. Terry joined a small 17 person IT company in 1989, and led the team through sales growth and mergers to a 400+ employee firm. After great success, he sold his portion of the company in 2011 to pursue other business ventures. T, as we call him, was recruited by the Warner Hall Group at Dielmann Sotheby’s, and has been representing buyers and sellers with passion and conviction ever since.

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RESIDE STL Magazine - Volume 7  

RESIDE STL Magazine - Volume 7