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The A-Frame Returns

Philippe Starck’s Spanish Home

Parisian­-Chic Design

World’s Best Tasting Menus

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MODERN T h e lo ca t i on , t h e sty l e, t he fe e l i n g you get w h e n you wal k t h rough t h e doo r – eve ry a s p e ct of your h om e s h oul d be a ref l e ct i on of w h o you are, wh ere you’ve b e e n , a n d t h e l i fe you as pi re to l i ve. Yo u r best l i fe b egi ns w i t h a h o me t h at i n s pi res you.

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he red-carpet ace says cut, fit, and comfort are most important

High-end interpretations of the classic architectural style 56 16


French interior and furniture designer Aline a arian gives tips 30



Homes around the world pay homage to Victorian style






ew s i resorts around the globe









uy an ama ing second home in one of these dream locales

Kelly Link on the writers who have inspired her


Wildlife-viewing destinations around the world




rom fine art to design to history, there s plenty to explore in the city-state 2


New hot spots are more diverse, appealing to a new demographic

rom a whis ey library to a music venue, what s worth chec ing out 38




From framing to ceilings to mini habitats, what s hot now

De Pi p is a chic, bohemian enclave in the Dutch city 28


The classic spirit is livening up modern cocktails

These vacation spots each have their own distinct character 20


Chef Jamie Malone on haute cooking with playful nuances



Around the world, six exclusive tasting menus worth exploring


hether you re going for modern or rustic, barns deliver



High-end headphones look as good as they sound

24 48


verfinch s customi ation ma es off-roaders bespo e

The co-anchor of CBS This Morning invites us in 32


Best lunar watches, in honor of the moon-landing anniversary


Designer Philippe tarc s for-sale ormentera home da les 22



he tennis star s foundation aims to help kids through sports


30 6





Exceptional Diamonds. Curated by Sotheby’s.


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WELCOME RESIDE, ISSUE ONE e are proud to introduce you to our fabulous and new Reside W magazine! In its pages we hope to

inspire you, inform you, and dream with you! I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the 1980s, I was in my 20s. I had big dreams, each one an invigorating possibility. I dreamt of having my own place, decorated by me, furnished by me … a respite for all my friends to enjoy … and envy. In my mind I pictured one of those wine commercials where good friends gather in an urban high-rise on a snowy night, the city sparkling below. Drinking fine wine, dressed in awesome sweaters, fire in the fireplace. t was going to be perfect. y very first purchase was that dream reali ed. riends, wine, fireplace, and all. And I have owned many places since, fulfilling dreams as dreamt them. My husband and I have experienced the pain and euphoria of renovating a charming, historic urban manse and a midcentury deep in the

woods with koi ponds and deer. Each one, a dream come true. I just turned 60, and as I play back the movie of my life, it is clear why my passion has been to associate myself with Sotheby’s International Realty. We are here for the sole purpose of interpreting your dreams and partnering with you to see them realized. We are here to listen, establish trust, forge friendships, and celebrate your milestones. And when you dream your new dream, whether it’s your first purchase as in a wine commercial, a manse in the woods, or your last cozy downsize, they are all dreams to us. We are “Sotheby’s Dreamweavers,” and with each new issue of Reside magazine, we will inspire you no matter your age, and remind you that all dreams are reachable. Welcome to Reside … Enjoy!


President Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty




hether we’re talking trends in art, architecture, or design, it’s all W about seeing the beauty of traditional

materials used in new ways. It’s looking at ordinary ob ects in a different light. It’s rethinking the purpose of conventional spaces. But most of all, it’s about being open to possibilities. ART

Picture frames increasingly are being recognized as objets d’art that raise the aesthetic as well as the monetary value of the masterworks they surround. “Every great artist, from Michelangelo and Van Gogh to Thomas Hart Benton, got involved in designing and sometimes even building great frames for each work they created,” says master framer Eli Wilner, whose namesake studio in Manhattan has restored and replicated frames for private clients and museums around the world. “The frame is a tool by which art gets elevated and energized. I consider it an adjunct to the artwork.” Wilner, who replicated the mammoth $3.5 million frame for Emanuel


From left: Todd Snapp/Perkins+Will; Timothy Dunford; Eli Wilner & Co.

From left: The Cooper Tower in Chicago's Southbank neighborhood; Ken Tate's ceiling treatment for a New Orleans villa; Eli Wilner & Co. made this frame for the portrait of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in the Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi.

Leutze’s Washington Crossing the Delaware at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, says that “when the right frame is paired with the right picture, it can add 10% to the value of the work.” And, he adds, “With major artworks selling for upwards of million, that s a significant amount.

“The Southbank development is about the synergy among the residences, the river, and the green space, says Per ins ill design principal Todd Snapp. “It’s designed to bring the public and the tower residents to the riverfront by weaving in water-taxi stops, fishing holes, and aya ing stations.



The newest residential towers in big cities are merging working and living spaces to create self-sustaining communities. Long-underutilized riverfront properties in cities such as Chicago, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh are becoming prime places for mixed-use “mini-habitats” that pair public and private spaces for a vibrant human/nature interaction. Southbank, a seven-acre development on the south branch of the Chicago River—built by Lendlease, an international firm based in ydney, and designed by the global architectural firm Per ins ill recently opened the first of five buildings on a half-mile stretch that incorporates the city’s riverwalk into its design. The 29-story, 452-unit luxury tower, known as The Cooper, is anchored by retail stores and features an amenity level, with a listening lounge with playable musical instruments, a shop space with sewing machines and craft supplies, a hairand-makeup studio, a game room with a pool table, a club-level fitness center, and co-wor ing rooms. An outdoor terrace, complete with pool and spa, has a pizza oven and grilling stations, a bocce court, a movie-screening area, and fire pits.

Elaborate design treatments elevate the status of the ceiling, enhancing its role as the fifth wall. “In classical styles of architecture, the ceiling was the sky, the cosmos,” says New Orleans architect Ken Tate. “It was something grander and bigger than the wall.” Tate says the treatments, which reference the style of the architecture, imbue the space with personality that “can be subtle or over-the-top.” In a 12,800-square-foot Palladian-style villa in New Orleans that he designed, Tate allowed the vast ceilings to soar in high style with groin and barrel vaults, antique wood beams supported by classically carved brackets, and plaster coves. “I kept the plaster walls neutral,” he says, “because not only is it in keeping with the Italian Renaissance style, but it also was a way to make the client’s large contemporary artworks stand out on their own.” And for a British Colonial–style home he designed in the Bahamas, Tate created traditional, pyramidal tray ceilings for a climactic effect. As an architect, see myself as a composer and conductor,” he says. “Ceiling designs can reference each other like the repeating notes in a song.” 7




ew building styles are as distinct as the aptly named A-frame. Starting in the 1950s, these triangular homes became staples in ski towns and other resort areas around the U.S. and Canada. Although interest faded for some time, the e cient design wasn t lost on modern architects and homeowners, and the A-frame has seen something of a renaissance over the past decade. here s a lot more interest in postwar design in general, says Chad Randl, author of the book A-frame and a visiting professor at the niversity of regon s chool of Architecture & nvironment. he uir iness appeals to people. n Victoria, ritish olumbia, otheby s nternational ealty agents inston han and ogan ilson are offering an almost 4,500-square-foot double A-frame for 6 million Canadian dollars (US$4.6 million). The structure was recently updated, keeping the oldschool look while adding modern amenities. It has the same footprint as the original home, but was brought down to the studs for the renovation, Chan says. he current owners didn t want to lose the historic A-frame shape, he adds. t s of an era. t s almost li e a vintage watch. A-frames, with their soaring ceilings, allow natural light to flood the home. he Victoria home is no exception, and there are views of the Satellite Channel, with Salt Spring Island in the distance. t allows for some beautiful sunsets, han says.


Tall ceilings and efficient design are drawing homebuyers to A-frame houses.

Getty Images



The 1.21-acre gated estate also features a second, newly built modern guest house, a fully finished tile garage perfect for showcasing several automobiles, and state-of-the-art technology to control and monitor the home from near or far. Nearby, in Sooke, British Columbia, a 2,907-square-foot original A-frame home is being offered at . million by otheby s Glynis ac eod. he five-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom home dates to 1969, and both the home and the extensive acreage surrounding it have been meticulously cared for by the original owners. “This is one of those rare properties preserved by a family who care for the land and respect the environment, ac eod says. he home sits on acres of virtually untouched forest, with waterfalls at the ocean and access to a dock in a sheltered bay. Designed by German architect ony Burkhart and built by European craftsmen, the home has a 1,360-square-foot deck cantilevered over the water and almost 2,000 feet of ocean frontage on Sooke Basin, plus a protected dock.

he double A-frame has floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides, providing an ever-changing light show that is the source of constant entertainment, says co-owner Virginia Wyman, whose father had the home built. t s a cathedral of light, she says. very hour of the day brings a subtle difference. ost potential buyers are een to update the historic abode, rather than scrapping it to build anew. “This home is sited closer to the water than current zoning would probably permit, so it is definitely worth eeping, ac eod says. nstead, potential buyers have tal ed about eeping the existing footprint, and extending the house behind it. A-frames, with their severely pitched roofs, make great vacation houses in wintry areas like Canada. “Snow is unlikely to collapse the roof, andl points out. Ski resorts—Squaw Valley and others near Lake Tahoe, for instance—are known for A-frames for this reason, as well as because the peaks of the roofs echo the peaks of the nearby mountains. But Randl says they were popular at other resort areas established after World War II, including places in Oregon and the Adirondacks in New York. hey were playful and whimsical. hey were different than the everyday, he says. The design was out of favor by the 1990s, but now that playfulness is popular again. Kim chneider and racey D. lar e of otheby s unset Strip sold a three-bedroom A-frame in Hollywood Hills, Calif., built for swimwear designer Fred Cole. Constructed in , architect arry Gesner also made good use of glass

Rawork Media

An elegant home with an A-frame focal point is for sale for C$6 million in Victoria, British Columbia. See it at

Rawork Media (2); Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, bottom

The house in Victoria, shown in the top two images, has lots of garage space, and lots of windows. The house in Sooke is described as a “cathedral of light.” Both are for sale on

and the soaring ceilings to let light into the almost 3,500-square-foot house. Just minutes from the Sunset Strip, it was recently restored by the seller and features ra ilian cherrywood floors, a pool, and expansive views of the city. The home was listed for US$3.5 million, and was sold in an off-mar et deal earlier this year. eanwhile, Davinci aus, a German company, is bringing A-frames to the Hamptons with its custom-designed four-bedroom, four-bathroom homes starting at US$2.5 million. Working with local architects and homeowners, the company promises a modern A-frame that is energy e cient and features amenities like standard triple-glazed glass and optional olf, Vi ing, and iele appliances and iuffo cabinetry. otheby s ohn Healey works with the Bridgehampton, N.Y.–based team to bring these contemporary A-frames to the Hamptons. The quirkiness many enjoy in A-frames can still be found. David enford of andmar otheby s International Realty is marketing a 2,800-square-foot A-frame in Hampstead, N.C., with a decidedly Polynesian look. Sitting on two acres, the home overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway. Palm trees outside and dark wood inside add to the island vibe, and the distinct triangular home also features a Jacuzzi in the master suite, an outdoor kitchen, and a private deep-water doc . t s being offered at . million. 11




Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

he Caribbean is one of the world’s most popular destinations for T fun in the sun, but each island has its

Many of Saint Lucia’s best hotels are in the shadow of the Pitons, seen above.

own character. Whereas the classic Caribbean experience once took place on a resort packed with honeymooners and vacationing families, present-day visitors choose from luxury boutique resorts, design-focused hotels, and eco-lodges. hese five destinations each uite different from one another offer a welcome contrast to touristclogged hot spots.

Among the 100-plus restaurants, rare is the menu that doesn’t focus on seafood; Anguillan crayfish spotted spiny lobsters are a must for first-timers. ther local delicacies include tamarind balls, saltfish, ohnnyca es simple uic bread found alongside many meals and rice with pigeon peas. Annual highlights include Anguilla Day in May, commemorating the Anguillan Revolution of 1967, and the Anguilla Summer Festival, a 10-day celebration with street parades, dancing, competitions, fairs, and boat races.



One of the northernmost of the Lesser Antilles’ Leeward Islands, this British Overseas Territory consists of the main island of Anguilla (population: 15,000) and smaller islands and cays none of which are permanently inhabited. Popular pastimes mostly take place in the water: diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, windsurfing, itesurfing, and kayaking. For a less strenuous experience, head to Sandy Island, a small cay accessible by boat. Anguilla makes up for its lack of conventional visitor attractions with its blindingly white beaches all open to the public and rarely crowded and renowned luxury resorts. American designer Kelly earstler s first international project, Four Seasons Resort & Residences Anguilla, thrills with chic interiors featuring natural materials. After a comprehensive, nine-figure renovation closed it down for more than a year, the Belmond Cap Juluca has reopened, offering a plethora of new facilities and guest experiences. Zemi Beach House is an award-winning boutique option on Anguilla’s East End. If price isn’t a concern, consider Altamer, an ultraexclusive resort comprised of three villas on the secluded West End. Guests enjoy 24-hour butler service, personal chefs, in-villa spa treatments, and boat charters to neighboring islands. For a tiny island, Anguilla punches above its weight, culinarily speaking.

With its lush rainforests, waterfalls, and hot springs, this sovereign island nation (population: 168,000) in the Lesser Antilles is a magnet for nature lovers. Adventurers can zipline above the rainforest, and active types challenge themselves with myriad hiking paths, none more famous than the trek up Gros Piton, the taller of the two volcanic peaks that form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other key activities: seeing wildly colorful flowers and birds at the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, and taking a dip in the famous hot springs at Sulphur Springs. Expect large crowds during the island’s annual Soleil Summer Festival. Highlights include the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival (May) and Carnival (June-July). Two of the island’s most lauded resorts reside in the shadow of the Pitons. Dramatically carved into a hillside, Jade Mountain is one of the most unusual resorts in all of the aribbean. t offers jaw-dropping views from its 24 “sanctuaries as guest rooms are called , each with its own infinity pool. ugar each, a Viceroy Resort, provides a livelier, more versatile option guests choose from cottages, villas, bungalows, and residences facing a stunning beach. Visitors dining off-resort are rewarded with the island’s unique blend of French, African, and West Indian cuisines. Classic Saint Lucian fare includes the national dish of green figs unripe 13

bananas and saltfish, lambi conch , breadfruit, accra salted cod cakes), rice and peas, and johnnycakes. otable beaches are everywhere silver- and blac -sand beaches in the volcanic southwest, and rugged beaches on the east coast, where endangered leatherback turtles go to nest. Island-hoppers are drawn to the BVI (population: 32,000), one of the few Caribbean destinations where sailing from island to island is common. This British Overseas Territory consists of the main islands of Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda, plus dozens of smaller islands and cays, only a handful of which most notably the gorgeous Guana sland and ir ichard ranson s legendary ec er sland are inhabited. The BVI is perfect for sailing novices; well-protected from the Atlantic, the islands are clustered near one another, making it easy to sail from one to the next. Many visitors skip the resorts and spend the night on residential boats or chartered vessels, sailing by day between key attractions. These include The Baths (Virgin Gorda), a beachfront area of unique geologic formations where visitors explore natural tidal pools, tunnels, and scenic grottoes; Flamingo Pond (Anegada), a salt pond where colorful aribbean flamingos can be viewed hite ay (Jost Van Dyke), a secluded, popular beach with snorkeling close to shore; and Sage Mountain (Tortola), the islands’ highest point, offering hi ing trails through the rainforest. he V offers world-class windsurfing and fishing opportunities, too. Scuba divers tackle one of the Caribbean’s most famous wreck dives, the RMS Rhone, where underwater scenes for the film The Deep were filmed. Among the most notable hotels, Guana Island Resort and Scrub Island Resort have both recently reopened after renovations; others, such as Virgin Gorda’s Rosewood Little Dix Bay and Bitter End Yacht Club, are reopening in 2019. Tortola, the largest and most populated island, is best for those looking to visit historical ruins or experience native 14

Saint Lucia has a rainforest to explore, top, Underwater wildlife is a draw in Turks and Caicos, below.

Saint Lucia Tourism Authority; Turks and Caicos Islands Tourist Board


culture, which draws upon West African, Creole, and British influences. Popular V dishes include regional favorites ohnnyca e, peas and rice, saltfish along with fresh snapper and conch. Epicures visit in November for the annual BVI Food Fête, a collection of food festivals and celebrations. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

As one of the largest and most versatile destinations in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic (population: 11 million) provides a worthy alternative to the smaller, pricier options nearby. The DR, as many call it, shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, its western neighbor. Santo Domingo, the bustling capital, delights cultural-minded visitors with its merengue-fueled nightlife and colorful Colonial Zone (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Other options run the gamut from sleepy beach towns to lively megaresorts. While the DR has long been lauded for its excellent rum, chocolate, and coffee, young chefs have elevated Dominican cuisine to the point where anto Domingo reputedly home to more restaurants than any city in the aribbean and the resort hub of Punta ana offer a variety of fine-dining destinations that wouldn’t be out of place in Miami or Medellín. There are hundreds of miles of coastline, and adventurers choose among eco-tourism activities spread across national parks, mountain ranges (including Pico Duarte, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean), and rivers. One notable option is Punta Cana’s Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve, a pristine nature reserve with freshwater lagoons, lush forest trails, and native animals. And with 26 attractive courses, the country was named the “2019 Golf Destination of the Year for atin America and the aribbean by the nternational Association of Golf Tour Operators. The DR’s wildly colorful and boisterous Carnival celebration consumes the entire country throughout the month of February, with the biggest parties often taking place on Dominican Independence Day (Feb. 27). One of the DR’s most famous natives, the late designer Oscar de la Renta, contributed to two resorts: Casa de Campo Resort & Villas (where de la Renta kept a lavish estate), in the popular seaside city of La Romana, and Punta Cana’s Tortuga Bay, where de la Renta designed the interiors. Sanctuary Cap Cana is another big-ticket Punta Cana destination, a Spanish Colonial-style property that’s the country’s most exclusive adults-only resort. ore recently, et-setters have been floc ing to the northeast coast for the private Playa Grande Golf and Ocean Club, which includes Amanera, a romantic, Balineseinspired hideaway that’s part of the Aman Resorts collection.

Anguilla Tourist Board; Nick Argires


water activities (snorkelling tours, boat charters, kayak eco-tours). The islands’ underwater topography and thriving coral reef ecosystem attract expert divers who gawk at sharks, rays, turtles, and dolphins, plus migrating humpback whales. To most visitors, the islands’ tony resorts and idyllic beaches are the main draw, none more so than Grace Bay. This five-mile stretch of white sand along the northeast coast of Providenciales houses several notable properties, including the Grace ay lub, an all-suite, all-oceanfront resort the host site of the annual Caribbean Food and Wine Festival. A few miles away is the first resort on ong ay each, the hore Club, which opened in 2017 as one of the most anticipated luxury newcomers in all of the Caribbean. Como Parrot Cay, situated on a private , -acre island, offers bree y beachfront villas that are popular with celebrities. Islanders are known as Belongers, and many can trace their heritage back to the African slaves who were brought in to work the islands’ salt pans and cotton plantations. To get a taste of the local culture, see out authentic dishes favorites include conch, blue crab, boiled or fried fish, and peas and hominy grits, which are easier to find at casual eateries away from Providenciales.

Anguilla, top, offers great sailing. Below, the Santo Domingo Colonial Zone in the Dominican Republic.

The Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) is a British Overseas Territory consisting of the larger Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands. A majority of the 31,000 residents live on Providenciales, one of the Caicos Islands. aving become a trusted, ero-tax option for offshore investors, TCI now boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean. The islands are exceptionally popular with Americans, than s to the proximity, easy flight connections, and o cial use of the . . dollar. Plus, there are the postcard-perfect beaches and ample 15




Ibiza Sotheby’s International Realty (2)

the midst of a juniper orchard, a waterfront property perched Ionnrustic, top of a cliff on the ap de arbaria

only miles from Africa s arbary oast is where designer Philippe Starck works and plays a few months out of the year. The French icon, known for creating avant-garde interiors, furniture, and household items, designed the six-bedroom, six-bathroom villa in Formentera, Spain, in the mid-1990s. Starck has since used the home as an escape, but it s now listed by bi a otheby s nternational ealty for . million euros (US$9 million).

ituated in the alearic slands, ormentera is the calmer sibling of bi a and allorca, offering pristine beaches ideal for a peaceful getaway. t s a place of crystal-clear waters, pale pink sand, and an untamed landscape. “Formentera is a paradise in the center of urope, tarc says. t s a roc , li e a boat, in the middle of the sea. don t now anything more perfect don t now anything more rare. tarc says his ormentera house has given him the greatest inspiration, more so than his other properties, and many of his pro ects were born during his time spent at home on the island. hat s unsurprising, considering the home s organic design the structure appears as if it s grown from the very ground on which it stands. his house is magical, tarc says. ust li e ormentera is magical, nothing else can compare. ed Venetian stucco walls enclose the nine-acre compound, which includes a 4,300-square-foot main house with four identical bedrooms and four bathrooms, and a guest house split into two studios with two baths. n the primary residence, natural light streams through large windows, providing phenomenal views of the editerranean ea and ormentera s rugged coastline. According to tarc , the architecture of asa alaparte on the island of apri featured in the ean- uc Godard film Le Mépris was a driving force in the design, particularly the wide, reverse-pyramid steps that lead to a flat roof, or as he calls them, the famous stairs leading to heaven. he designer adds that flow was essential to the open living space. ere, bright, white-linen sofas and distressed leather armchairs surround a wood-burning fireplace, as built-in daybeds flan glass doors leading to a terrace where sun lounges, constructed from tree branches and vines, and mismatched chairs (prototypes of Starck’s furniture designs celebrate the casual lifestyle of ormentera. eanwhile, a glistening infinity pool is a step off the porch, and a round swimming tub occupies a corner. arthy materials, both inside and out, reflect the natural environment. hen you arrive at this live-in sculpture, with the Venetian stucco, the red mahogany, the polished red concrete, all the fireplaces, and the wood on the walls, you simply don t now where you are, tarc says. ut when you see the -meter-long swimming pool in continuation with the sea, you know you are home.”

Philippe Starck’s home in Formentera, Spain, has an organic design and is open to the outdoors.





his eveningwear apart—besides elegant design—is the comfort factor, due to his s illful use of stretch ycra ersey under lace and in the lining of dresses. That has gained him customers across the globe: In addition to shops in the U.S. and Shanghai, he recently opened stores in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Qatar. You’re renowned for creating special-occasion clothes women can actually breathe in. Besides Lycra, what’s your secret?

t s all about playing with illusions, li e creating a waistline that curves up slightly instead of being a straight line—it gives you the appearance of a smaller waist and stomach. Also, we wor with different si e fit models, one for each category petite, standard, and ueen the latter being ho i s term for the plus-si e category . As opposed to standard practice, making one design and just, say, shrinking it to fit petite women.

ut and fit are very important. spend countless hours ensuring that each piece is impeccably tailored. You split your time between Los Angeles and Shanghai. What do you miss about each when you’re away—where do you go as soon as you get back?

Tadashi Shoji

ome fashion designers are obsessed with needle and thread from a S young age. Others fall into the industry

Tadashi Shoji, shown in photo at bottom, has unveiled his Spring 2019 collection.

on a flu e. Such was the case with Tadashi Shoji. He started painting and drawing at a young age in his native Sendai, apan, and wor ed for three years as an art assistant to prestigious artist Jiro a amatsu. ut at , sensing greater opportunities, he moved to Los Angeles, learned nglish while wor ing odd jobs, and eventually studied fashion design on a whim at Los Angeles Trade Tech College. Fast-forward 40-plus years, and Shoji, at 71, is a red-carpet veteran, his eponymous brand worn by celebrities of all ages and sizes, from Oscar winners (Octavia Spencer, Helen Mirren) to pop singers (Katy Perry) to of-the-moment trendsetters (Michael ac son s daughter, Paris . hat sets

hen arrive in .A., m eager for a plate of tru e and por dumplings from Din Tai Fung, or authentic Italian food from Gale s, close to my home in Pasadena. hen in hanghai, one of my favorite restaurants is u e ui a posh dining spot with a star from the ichelin guide . he chef creates vegetarian dishes using a blend of hinese and estern coo ing techni ues. After more than 40 years in fashion, some might think of retiring. But you seem to be ramping up.

n the past year we ve introduced a new bridal line, handbags, lingerie, shapewear, and fragrance. e re growing our e-commerce presence, and wor ing to evolve into a complete global lifestyle brand. How do you do that, exactly? How do you know what women in other countries want?

m a designer who en oys travel and m constantly loo ing at what women wear . m able to pic up on what women need and incorporate that into future designs. i e during my visits to atar, was inspired by the culture. he iddle ast mar et is conservative, but the women there are very fashion-forward and stylish they lean toward long sleeves, round and V-nec gowns with embellishment in vibrant rich colors. They also wear capes, as a separate piece or attached to the gown. So high style doesn’t have to suffocate—and modest doesn’t have to mean, well, boring.

o. he loo s are bold, fresh, and ma e a statement. 19



The roof deck at W Aspen has incredible views.


This page: W Hotels Worldwide, Opposite page: Jeremy Swanson


cold-weather warriors, first snowfall means one thing time to get those s is and boards out of storage. ForIt’shile the call of the mountain may lead you bac to where you ve been before, these new hotels opening in s i regions the world over might inspire you to ma e fresh trac s. 1 CLUB MED LES ARCS PANORAMA RESORT; ARCS PANORAMA, FRANCE

estled in the heart of the rench Alps and part of Arcs s i resort, this all-inclusive, family-friendly resort is rimmed by forest at the edge of Paradis i, the second-largest s i area in rance. pened in December, the retreat has rooms, a spa, heated indoor and outdoor pools, a whirlpool bath, a ur ish bath, fitness and cardio facilities, and a ids club. 2


Perched among the pea s of ermatt, ust minutes from the village center and the atterhorn Glacier Paradise station, one of the main access points to the entire ermatt slope networ , this bouti ue hotel has ust rooms. pened in December, the lodge combines contemporary design with rustic charm all with a breathta ing bac drop. ith its slee , terraced bar and living room and library, the resort affords a co y vibe. here s also a two-story spa, with a innish sauna and treatments. 3

The Limelight indoor lounge offers a great place to relax, post-ski session.


lated to open by une , Aspen and he y esidences at Aspen will be the first alpine property in orth America for the brand. ocated at the base of Aspen ountain for easy lift access, this urban-meets-alpine-style spot will have guestrooms and residences. A , -s uare-foot rooftop bar and pool will provide guests with a panoramic apr s-s i setting for signature coc tails. A full-service s i shop will also be on the property.


n the center of charming nowmass Village at the base of the l amp Gondola, some seven miles from Aspen-Pit in ounty Airport, imelight offers s i-on s i-out access. he contemporary-yet-casual-feeling hotel completed in December features rooms and condos. Amenities include an ice-s ating rin , a five-story climbing wall the tallest in the state , two pool spas with cabanas and a fireplace, a fitness center, a children s game area, and s i valet. 4

offer modern alpine-chic-style lodging. hile the slope-side convenience and the proximity to alt a e ity nternational Airport minutes away are a draw, the property also offers a heated pool with mountain views, hot tubs, a spa facility with treatment rooms, an indoor grotto, fitness center, oxygen bar, game and movie rooms, and outdoor fire pits.


uilt at the top of ittle ottonwood anyon and due to open in anuary , this will be the first true luxury resort in Alta with s i-in s i-out access to Alta and nowbird ountains. ith rooms and suites and bun rooms, the resort will


ocated in the heart of ig y s own enter Pla a, ust minutes from the mountain, this -room resort is slated to open in spring of . t ll be the first ma or hotel brand in ig y. Amenities will include a restaurant bar, fitness center, heated outdoor pool, s i storage, and free shuttle service to the lifts of ig y esort, one of the largest, most pictures ue s i resorts in orth America, with , acres of s iable terrain. 21




t is very modern and rench to mix pieces from a wide array of periods and styles in a balanced and harmonious way, a arian says. he pieces, she says, should resonate with you Perhaps a piece that reminds you of a favorite destination or time period. he furniture needs to function for the space and reflect your personality. Plus, she says, t s important not to overdo any one style or incorporate too many elements. e want rooms that always feel fresh and modern when you are in them. MAINTAIN FLOW

armonious flow from one room to the next is ey. At the same time, a arian says, ou do want rooms to be independent from one space to the next it s a delicate balance. sing the same flooring throughout can be a good way to achieve flow, she says. PROVIDE UNEXPECTED POPS

a arian recommends using natural, earth-tone colors throughout the space, since they provide a great radiant warmth. hen you can add in more touches of color. or example, a arian uses neutral colors, mainly whites, for upholstery fabrics, then incorporates more-vibrant colors for damas draperies in the dining room, adding fresh bou uets of flowers for a pop of color in rooms throughout a space. LET LIGHTING SHINE

here’s a certain chicness about a Parisian home that s so effortless, T even the most hapha ardly strewn

items seem decidedly curated. t s that je ne sais quoi that comes second nature to the rench. Designing a uintessentially rench space is about elegance, a sense of the spectacular, and creating a warm and co y atmosphere, says Paris-based interior and furniture designer Aline a arian, who wor s with clients who are leaders in international business and finance, and who is nown for her stri ing and sophisticated interiors. he best way to achieve this is to always mix the old with the new, and be fearless in your design choices, she says. elow, a arian s design tips.

ighting is an essential component in terms of creating mood and ambience. he architecture in Parisian-style residences typically features uite elaborate ceilings, so recommend incorporating dramatic floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces, which will brighten a room even when not illuminated, a arian says. he also says that including at least one spectacular chandelier in an interior is a must, especially in the dining room or any room where romance and glamour are part of the ambiance and function of the room. conces are a great way to illuminate hallways, staircases, and rooms. FOCUS ON FURNITURE

or me, the furniture era that defines a Parisian-chic home is the th-century rench Art Deco period, a arian says, noting that this period s designers including mile- ac ues uhlmann, ean ichel ran , Andre Arbus, and ac ues Adnet created interiors and furnishings that were the epitome of sophisticated simplicity. hile she says any furniture, either anti ue or modern, can be incorporated into a Parisian apartment, the use of side tables and occasional tables with different types of chairs is a very rench way to decorate.




ne of the hallmar s of a Parisian-chic interior is the casual, collected-over-time loo . a arian suggests piling boo s on the floor and on side chairs, card tables, des s, and accent tables. Don t worry about styling boo s that fit together by theme or si e lending together different cultures and periods shows the true appreciation of art and design, she says. And the rench regularly shop for ob ects from vases and collectibles to paintings and sculptures at flea mar ets, anti ues galleries, and art galleries.

Matthieu Salvaing (3)

adore incorporating rench th-, th-, and th-century influences in unexpected ways so that the interiors maintain comfort and livability, a arian says. he allows her spaces to reflect the former glory of a Parisian apartment by highlighting elements that existed previously, such as the chimney, the plaster on the wall ornaments, and the par uet floors.

Interiors designed by Aline Hazarian, who recommends curating items that mean something to you and span different periods.


The Krug Room at the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong offers an innovative menu.



timulate your palate with a foamy amuse-bouche. Finish your multiS course meal with a silky chocolate

Mesa 1 in Mexico offers views as impressive as its food, top. A dish at The Krug Room, below.

dessert. Often presenting delicacies like foie gras, sweetbreads, and Wagyu, tastings allow gifted chefs to show off their cooking chops. What gourmet dreams are made of, the tasting menus at the following restaurants might not be on your radar—but should be.


Location is everything, and that’s never more apparent than at the chef’s table set on an idyllic private island at the W Punta De Mita. Seven courses come with expert wine pairings, optional mescal tastings, and house-made sangrita (a cilantro-based chaser). King-crab tartare with green gazpacho, Chilean sea bass with pumpkin purée, and lamb steak with pistachio mole are menu highlights. With just one seating per night, Mesa 1 caters to preferences, encouraging a one-of-a-kind tasting adventure for the most discerning diners.


Food marries art in this moody cavern and private club that’s also open to the public. The secret entrance is through Ala Moana Center’s basement, but once you arrive, you’re in for a four-hour feast. Vintage Cave hosts a multiplate Japan Wagyu Course in the Grand Dining Room, and a 20- to 25-course Kaiseki menu at a six-person sushi counter. Exquisite Old World wines enhance the culinary journey. Be sure to tour the cave and appreciate Picasso’s Les Deux femmes nues and other works in the world-class collection.

The Krug Room (2), Mesa1, top right


Giel Kaagman steers the kitchen, and Gram Kortekaas manages the front of the house and wine program at this Parisinspired restaurant situated in Amsterdam’s Old Town. Ask for the “surprise menu”—a bold lineup of six courses ranging from sunflower seeds with ohlrabi to pheasant with baccala. Kaagman practices the nose-to-tail approach when he cooks (kidney, liver, and brain are common), hence diners should trust whatever hits the plate. xpect uni ue flavors, flawless timing and Dutch wines curated by Kortekaas. 4


Tucked in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, this intimate dining room—styled to resemble a railway car— is where opulence meets innovative cuisine. Executive chef Robin Zavou works

magic when preparing the likes of langoustine with sea urchin cauliflower and soy; and kinmedai with abalone, liver, and lemon—along with a parade of other delicious courses. All dishes pair beautifully with select bottles of bubbly from the most extensive collection of Krug Champagne in Asia. 5 HOUSE OF TIDES, NEWCASTLEUPON -TYNE, ENGLAND

If carrot meringue, mussels with leeks and caviar, and salt-aged venison rouse your taste buds, then a meal at this Michelin-starred restaurant in northeast England should be on your short list. Chef and Newcastleupon-Tyne native Kenny Atkinson helms this informal albeit fine-dining establishment, focusing on seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Choose from eight or 10 courses, with an optional cheese tasting. Wine pairings are a must—bottles hail from the Old and New World, including small and emerging producers. 6 THE TEST KITCHEN, CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA

Chef Luke Dale-Roberts’ cutting-edge eatery shows off his inventive approach to cuisine. Meanwhile, the interior design plays an essential role in the culinary journey. Guests dine in the Dark Room, where starters paired with coc tails reflect cuisine from all seven continents. This is followed by the Light Room, where an open kitchen ta es center stage as chefs flutter about preparing eight decadent courses. 25

A row of homes in stylish De Pijp.



De Hooch is a new development, named for its street address and an old master painter.


residential buildings, which date to the s, are filled with long, narrow units that have windows only in the front and back. Aside from some renovated buildings, most do not have elevators. According to Joanknecht, renovated units go for 7,000 euros (US$7,970) per square meter, putting the price range at €280,000 to €560,000. WHAT MAKES IT UNIQUE

Opposite page: Getty Images. This page: Amsterdam Sotheby’s International Realty

e Pijp, which in English means The Pipe, is the hippest neighborhood D in Amsterdam, The Netherlands’ city

of canals. Located directly south of the city center in the Oud Zuid, or Old South section, De Pijp originally was a working-class neighborhood and has three districts—Diamantbuurt or Diamond, Nieuwe Pijp, and Oude Pijp. “It’s the hipster section of the city,” says Marianne Joanknecht, managing partner, at Amsterdam Sotheby’s International Realty. “It’s comparable to SoHo or the Meatpacking district in New York.” Many of the residents, she adds, are students at the University of Amsterdam or VU University Amsterdam. Throughout its history, De Pijp has been home to creative notables, including painter Piet Mondrian, folk singer André Hazes, and actress Carice van Houten. And De Pijp’s bohemian charm starts with its streets, most of which are named for Dutch painters—Jan Steen, Frans Hals, and, of course, Vincent van Gogh; they lead to a variety of chic shops, bars, and restaurants. APARTMENTS WITH CHARACTER

Apartment living defines De Pi p. he

De Pi p offers a variety of activities during the day and at night, and its youthful residents keep it ahead of the trends. “There’s a good range of unique shops and restaurants and little bars and cafes with terraces,” Joanknecht says. A favorite spot for residents and visitors alike is the Albert Cuyp Market, a 260-stand, open-air grocery that’s the largest day market in Europe and is named for the famed 17th-century painter. The neighborhood, home to some 150 nationalities, has an abundance of ethnic restaurants that feature Syrian, Moroccan, Surinamese, Turkish, Japanese, and Spanish dishes. Joanknecht mentions Brut de Mer, an oyster bar, and Caron, a French restaurant. Bazar, which is in a converted church, specializes in Middle Eastern and African dishes, and Chocolate Bar serves drinks and holds weekly DJ nights. For dessert, there’s Taart Van M’n Tante, known for elaborate custom cakes—just like your tante used to make. The concept shop Miuse carries fashion, interior, and beauty brands created by emerging local designers. ne of the neighborhood s defining buildings is the former Heineken brewery, a national monument that’s on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The imposing redbrick structure has been repurposed into a tourist attraction. The area also has its own park, Sarphati, a two-block-long rectangular green space in the center of the neighborhood that features a Victorian monument honoring its namesake, doctor and philanthropist Samuel Sarphati. De Pijp is a short walk from Museum Square, home of the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk—which has a world-renowned collection of modern art—and the Concertgebouw or concert hall. It’s also close to the Vondelpark, a 120-acre green space that features an open-air theater. It’s easy to get around De Pijp—it has its own metro stop, and as Joanknecht notes, recent upgrades to the subway system have given residents easy, e cient access to all parts of Amsterdam as well as the airport. 27

R E S I D E W INTER 2 0 1 9

city confidential: Portland, Oregon, After Dark from a whiskey library to a european - style drinking den, there are myriad nightlife offerings

Multnomah Whiskey Library

Though the list to get in is long, this suave whiskey bar is well worth the wait. Old-fashioned regal in the extreme, no detail—in drink, decor, or cuisine—is overlooked. Try a shot of the single-malt Macallan Royal Marriage for $1,785. Or, for mortals on a budget, there are nearly 1,000 other less pricey whiskeys to try, as well as an impressive selection of top-shelf tequila, gin, cognac, vodka, and other spirits. The bartenders need ladders to access much of it. Multnomah’s food offerings, most sourced locally and paired with your whiskey choice, are also well worth sampling, especially the lamb tartare. Doug Fir Lounge

With 14 years on the Portland scene, this popular log-cabin-esque music venue in the centrally located East Burnside neighborhood, adjacent to the Jupiter Hotel, knows exactly what works. By its own description, Doug Fir’s interior design is “Twin Peaks meets the Jetsons,” which, in a very


Portland way, works spectacularly. The focus rests squarely on the music; most anywhere you are in the place, you can see the stage. The lounge’s designers commission a unique poster to be made by a local artist for each show. Recently the place underwent a mini-revamp, with a new food menu focused on local ingredients and vegan fare, more advanced cocktails, and the addition of a custom photo booth. Mississippi Studios

If there is anything one can expect from a former Baptist church turned recording studio turned concert venue, it is variety. This late-night legend, located on the always-hopping Mississippi Avenue, puts on some of the best and most intimate shows in town, from garage rock to indie folk to reggae (tickets from $5 to $20). The joint next door, Bar Bar, is also part of the attraction, with people often going between the two spots. At Bar Bar, there is great patio space and a hidden garden. It also boasts some of the best burgers in the city.

The Solo Club

For a more subdued experience, snag a table and sip one of the expertly designed cocktails at this bilevel, European-style drinking den in northwest Portland. It is known for its amaro-based libations, such as the fernet and cola, or cava served with your choice of amaro. The carefully crafted food menu, with seared diver scallops and lamb meatballs, is also wonderful, as are the pastries and coffee. Its popular patio is a good spot for enjoying “coolers”—combos of beer, soda, and bubbly wine. Expatriate

Nestled in the Alberta Arts District is this slightly surreal cocktail lounge. Consider the Hollygrove: Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac, yellow chartreuse, lemon, foreign palm sugar, fresh orgeat, and blue Curaçao. Or try the Alibi: Pueblo Viejo Blanco tequila, fresh lime, hibiscus, local honey, ginger, and prickly pear cactus. Bartenders here are also known to customize drinks based on tastes. Not to be missed, though, are the Asian-inspired “drinking snacks,” out of the mind of Naomi Pomeroy, the 2014 James Beard winner for Best Chef Northwest. We’re talking about Laotian Tacos, with toasted coconut, tuna belly, nectarine, lime, chili, dried shrimp, candied peanuts, and fish sauce; Burmese Coconut Noodles with chicken; and more.

The Solo Club is all about amaro-based libations.

The Solo Club


ortland has a reputation that precedes it. Oregon’s most populated city is associated in the national imagination with both hipsters and hippies, crowded as much with tattoos as Birkenstocks. But while much of Portland lives up to the stereotype, the city is also incredibly diverse in its urban offerings, a trait best exemplified through its nightlife. An evening in Portland offers everything from swanky, dimly lit cocktail lounges to dingy dives to raucous music clubs. Connecting all of them is Portland’s oftlampooned but seriously followed modus operandi: Individuality reigns supreme.

R E S I D E FA L L 2 0 1 8



NORAH O’DONNELL’S 4 FAVORITE THINGS AT HOME THE NEWS ANCHOR LOVES PIECES THAT PAY HOMAGE TO JOURNALISM, THE MILITARY, AND FAMILY hroughout Norah O’Donnell’s airy, light-filled ew or ity apartment, there are glimpses of her far-reaching career in broadcasting. or example, boo ended by T the CBS This Morning co-anchor s two mmys are elegantly framed photos of Don-

Photos: Deidre Schoo; makeup: Brandice Coletta; hair: Cheryl Porter; wardrobe: James Swift; stylist: Fran Taylor

nell with dignitaries, a pope, presidents, and other politicos. A broadcast ournalist for more than two decades, Donnell, who turns in anuary, has covered six presidential elections and traveled the world to interview notable newsma ers. orn into a military family, Donnell grew up in such far-flung locales as andstuhl, Germany, and eoul, outh Korea. he is married to Geoff racy, a restaurateur, and the couple has -year-old twins, enry and Grace, and another daughter, iley, . ead on as Donnell who splits her time between ew or ity and ashington, D. . shares her four favorite things in the world.


e ve gone to ea sland, Ga., for many years and when we stayed at he loister, noticed a painting of ids on the beach that really li ed. as ed the concierge to give me the name of the artist and learned that the paintings were by Ann onrad, an artist in orth arolina. trac ed her down and now send her photos and she ma es these . he one of my son and husband at the beach is a favorite.


hese first-edition, signed boo s, A Reporter’s Life by alter ron ite and In Search of Light: The Broadcasts of Edward R. Murrow 1938-1961, were given to me as gifts and treasure them. n fact, in our CBS This Morning studio, we have the original map of the world that was on set when ron ite read the news. he values from those days are the same original reporting and great storytelling.... but now we have a very powerful group of female correspondents who dominate the broadcast.



raditionally, if you meet with a commander or the secretary of defense, you may be given a coin. t s considered an honorary gift. have about , each of which tells a story. or example, there s one here from AG- ongsan, the airbase in eoul where lived as a child, that was given to me by the commander. n military circles, a coin is a sign of respect, a memento to be treasured.

y husband gave these star earrings to me two Mother’s Days ago. m not really a ewelry person, but spotted these in an ad and loved them. ended up wearing them to the ime Gala. usually get Mother’s Day cards, so this was a big deal





ith towers, turrets, gables, and trim, a Victorian house makes a distinct statement. It says quaintness. Craftsmanship. Grace. By definition, it also says history. A Victorian house “speaks of the time that it was built and how people lived there,” says Celia Dunn of Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty. In Savannah, Ga., where her firm is based, Dunn says the historic district offers an excellent sampling of desirable, Victorianstyle houses. In the U.S., Old Louisville in Kentucky and the seaside Cape May district in New Jersey have a large assortment of Victorians. Of course, London is also replete with these gems. Popularized during and after Queen Victoria’s reign (1837–1901) and the Industrial Revolution, Victorian architecture is a term that includes Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and Italianate styles. What these have in common is charm: from ornate porches and balconies to arched or Gothic windows, ornamental wrought iron, asymmetrical facades, hardwood floors, and carved fireplace mantels. And according to Spence Kass, principal of architectural firm Kass & Associates, based in Philadelphia, Pa., these properties are easily adaptable to modern living. “We are preserving the main rooms of the house, and combining a lot of very small spaces to make grander rooms,” Kass says. The key is maintaining the integrity of these houses. “There’s a real warmth about living in a Victorian home,” adds Dunn.

Claudia Gryvatz Copquin is a New York-based journalist.


Hillgrove is one of Hobart’s most recognized historic homes, located directly across from the Shot Tower and Glen Albyn Estate in beautiful Taroona. Built in the 1860s, this mid-Victorian house is perfectly positioned on 11 acres to capture stunning views of the Derwent estuary and Storm Bay. The property is substantial, with three levels of space, five bedrooms, and three bathrooms, combined with more than 26 meters of verandah to fully appreciate the location. $1,400,000

Property ID: 23CSMZ | Sotheby’s International Realty Tasmania Leigh Patrick +61 (0) 447 159 618



This famous and spectacular Gothic Revival Victorian home was built for the 1876 World’s Fair and sits just four blocks from the beautiful beaches of Spring Lake on the Atlantic Ocean. Tasteful renovations seamlessly blend historic craftsmanship and modern amenities while preserving its original character. The mahogany front porch welcomes you to three levels of extraordinary spaces, with attention to detail uniting living, entertaining, and dining areas. Beautiful gardens, mature trees, and a heated inground saltwater pool create a secluded backyard setting for peaceful relaxation or entertaining. $1,975,000

Property ID: L2Z89H | Ward Wight Sotheby’s International Realty Denise Dreyer +1 201 819 2604



This classic Victorian home near San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park has been reimagined for 21st-century living, adding contemporary and high-tech conveniences behind a timeless facade. Highlights include designer living and dining areas, an open-concept chef’s kitchen, a skylit family room, three bedroom suites, and walls of glass overlooking a bright atrium. The serene south-facing garden includes an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and a spa. The home also encompasses a fourcar garage accessible via elevator and a 1,300-square-foot guest level with a private entrance. $9,400,000

Property ID: 0089486 | Sotheby’s International Realty— San Francisco Brokerage Neill Bassi +1 415 296 2233 Daniel DerVartanian +1 415 901 1727



Overlooking Forsyth Park, this circa 1895 graceful Queen Anne-style Victorian is one of Savannah’s finest restorations, earning a coveted Historic Savannah Foundation Preservation Award. Eclecticism, asymmetry, and contrast are among the architectural characteristics of this singular residence. From the sweeping verandas to the millwork and spandrel detail, this celebrated manor is exceptional. Enter through the grand foyer and be enveloped into the home’s refined features, such as the meticulously restored woodwork, oriel windows, and large parlors with pocket doors. $2,500,000

Property ID: 9ZE9P9 | Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty Staci Donegan +1 912 247 2052

KNIGHTSBRIDGE A midcrescent Victorian townhouse that has been meticulously refurbished throughout, this home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a formal drawing room, dining room, grand entrance hall, and a contemporary kitchen. Wilton Place is within walking distance of Belgravia, Knightsbridge, and the green expanses of Hyde Park. £12,000,000

Property ID: 55DS9Q | United Kingdom Sotheby’s International Realty Guy Bradshaw +44 7849 398 941












F O R I N S I D E R FA S H I O N A C C E S S : T H E W I N D O W. B A R N E Y S . C O M

Reside_Sept_ad.indd 1

9/19/18 5:34 PM




urchasing a second home away from the mainland is an exciting adventure—one with many thought-provoking decisions to make before signing on the dotted line First, consider the type of climate you’re seeking and how far you’re willing to commute to a vacation home. Then visit geographic locations, and spend as much time as possible at each one. Is exotic Hawaii an option? How about a beachfront abode in the Bahamas? Perhaps you’d like to venture to real estate hot spots such as Malta, the Philippines, or Portugal. “Algarve is the most touristy place in Portugal. There’s warm weather all year long, amazing beaches, and tons of things to explore. It’s also known as the best golf destination in the world,” says Miguel Poisson, managing director of Portugal Sotheby’s International Realty in Algarve. He also cites Lisbon and Cascais as popular with second-home buyers. Aside from considering proximity to your main home, climate, lifestyle, language, and security, when evaluating locations loo at countries that offer investment-based citizenship and residency programs. For example, Portugal and Malta are attractive to second-home buyers since, depending on the amount invested in a property, they offer Golden Visas. A Golden Visa is a residency permit offered to people who invest in a country,” explains Kathleen Peddicord, author and publisher of the website Live and Invest Overseas. ased on certain ualifications and investment re uirements, the Philippines allows foreign property buyers to reside there indefinitely, under a pecial nvestor s esident Visa (SIRV). Once you’ve chosen your dream location, retain experienced professionals. “Work with well-known and established real estate companies,” Poisson cautions. “There are a lot of different people and companies in the real estate business and some of them don’t have the capability of delivering a good customer experience.” And with varying foreign-ownership laws, special permits, plus title and transactions costs, make sure you work with a savvy real estate attorney from the get-go, Peddicord says. Lastly, she says, once you’ve made your purchase it’s imperative that you retain a caretaker to look out for your property when you’re not there. After all, you want your home away from home to be safe and sound, all year round. Claudia Gryvatz Copquin is a New York-based journalist.



Located on Harbour Island’s famous Pink Sand Beach, this five-bedroom, seven-bathroom estate is an idyllic tropical retreat situated in one of the Bahamas’ most coveted locations. As one of only five homes located in a private enclave on the grounds of the exclusive Dunmore Beach Club, this Dunmore Estate recalls the traditional colonial architecture of a bygone era and offers more than 6,000 square feet of living space. The estate features three structures: The Main House, the Pool Cottage and the Beach Villa. Owners have use of all the resort amenities, concierge, and estate management services, and they can also choose to participate in the resort’s rental program.

Price Upon Inquiry

Property ID: 80731 | Damianos Sotheby’s International Realty Nick Damianos +1 242.376.1841


This exotic, Moorish-inspired fourbedroom, six-bathroom property offers privacy, elegance, and comfort. The grand spaces—crafted with arches, carvings, and strong colors—create the perfect environment for both reflection and entertaining. The exquisite features continue throughout the grounds, with a saltwater pool and the most beautiful trees native to Algarve, such as almond, fig, and olive. €8,000,000

Property ID N6Y6E7 | Portugal Sotheby’s International Realty Virgolino Gomes +351 910271224


Bonifacio Global City is the most modern and fastest growing city in the Philippines. This one-of-a-kind loft lies in the very heart of this metropolis. The modern, custom abode is loaded with amenities and has a Manhattan feel, including awe-inspiring panoramic views. PHP39,000,000

Property ID C7JQX6 | List Sotheby’s International Realty Avelino Evangelista +632 556 0554



An extraordinary farmhouse situated in a gated estate on high ground and enjoying beautiful country and sea views. The bespoke interior was created by a renowned Spanish designer, and features five bedrooms, elegant zoned living spaces, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a separate formal dining room. This impressive estate offers 2,200 square meters of pristine private land, with a large pool, equestrian stable block with gym, formal gardens, and vegetable and herb gardens. Price upon request

Property ID: KZL7DK | Malta Sotheby’s International Realty +356 2010 8070


This oceanfront cottage is in a small, picturesque village tucked away on the shores of the Kohala Coast, between Mauna Kea and Mauna Lani Resorts—a piece of history dating back to the first cattle arriving on the island in 1793. It is sited on .44 acres and has five bedrooms, five baths, and over 3,000 square feet of living area. Start the day facing the horizon, whale watching from the timeless plantation porch. $4,485,000

Property ID: R2RS5D | MacArthur Sotheby’s International Realty Dodie MacArthur 1+ 808.895.2485






are is the global traveler’s bucket list that doesn’t include a safari. And R while many nature lovers associate

world-class wildlife viewing with Africa, a growing number of international operators and destination resorts offer compelling alternatives. Here’s a look at notable options around the globe.


Clockwise from top: Angama Mara in Africa; a walaroo in Northern Territory, Australia; a safari in India’s Baghvan; a view of Intrepid Travel’s Borneo safari.

Australia’s Northern Territory lures adventurous types with untouched nature and close, respectful access to aboriginal culture. A pair of environmentally friendly safari operators provide a range of wildlife-viewing experiences in the northern, tropical Top End region. Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris focuses on Mount Borradaile, an aboriginal sacred site owned and managed by its custodians, the Amurdak people. Options include bird-watching expeditions and a wetlands cruise with crocodile spotting. Guests can also spend the night in an eco-lodge or cabin located in a natural bush setting. Bamurru Plains is an eco-friendly, luxury safari lodge with exclusive access to , acres of floodplains and savanna woodland around the Mary River, on the edge of Kakadu National Park. en bungalows overloo the floodplains and feature mesh walls, providing close access to ever-present wildlife. INDIA

Taj Hotels—India’s most iconic luxury hotel brand—maintains four safari lodges, each offering twice-daily safaris and unique, culturally minded guest experiences. Each is dedicated to conservation and eco-friendly behavior. ahua Kothi offers a variety of nature-spotting experiences. Animal lovers hop into open 4x4 vehicles to cruise around looking for Bandhavgarh National Park’s famous Royal Bengal tigers, white tigers, and leopards. Baghvan attracts travelers drawn to Pench National Park, which inspired Rudyard Kipling’s iconic The Jungle Book. Guests explore Pench s tea -filled jungles in search of tigers and other elusive creatures. Tucked into a rocky outcrop near Panna National Park, Pashan Garh offers views of the Vindhya ills and 200 acres of private jungle. When not relaxing in the dozen well-appointed Clockwise from top: Angama Mara; Tourism NT; Taj Hotels; Intrepid Travel

cottages, safari-goers enjoy sightings of tigers, crocodiles, and wildly colorful birds. Cultural-minded travelers take a break from nature to visit the Khajuraho group of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples, one of India’s most fascinating Unesco World Heritage sites. Banjaar Tola overlooks Kanha ational Par and offers an opulent glamping experience in one of 18 tented suites. Kanha is one of the largest and best-maintained of India’s national par s, as well as one of the first ndian tiger reserves aimed at protecting the fierce felines and their ecosystems. BORNEO

Intrepid Travel, the world’s largest adventure-travel company, offers a 12-day Sabah Adventure, which packs in the many natural wonders found in Sabah, a Malaysian state located on the northern portion of Borneo. Besides visiting some of the region’s hot springs and tribal villages, participants catch glimpses of rainforest wildlife, such as tigers, elephants, and orangutans. Also included is a visit to Turtle Island Marine Park, where sea turtles come ashore to lay eggs every night. NORWAY

Intrepid’s Spitsbergen Explorer thrills adventurers who jump at the chance to visit arctic Spitsbergen, the largest and only permanently populated island of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. Beyond exploring windswept polar deserts, cliff-lined shores, and imposing fjords via hiking, snowshoeing, or kayaking, participants keep an eye out for polar bears hunting along the ice sheets, plus walruses, reindeer, Arctic foxes, and vast colonies of rare seabirds. KENYA

Towering above the Maasai Mara— arguably the most famous safari destination in Africa—Angama Mara contains two separate camps, each with 15 tented suites, on the edge of a scenic escarpment, where some of the most famous scenes from the film Out of Africa were shot. Suites feature -foot-wide, floor-to-ceiling windows, and guests can use binoculars to view elephants and water buffalo. And guests rest easy knowing that part of their payment goes toward conservation. 43

Set on 56 waterfront acres, Garvies Point is the North Shore’s most dynamic new community. Offering a lifestyle totally unique to Long Island, The Beacon comprises 167 picturesque one, two and three bedroom condominiums all within one hour of Manhattan. Priced from $700,000. ¡ 516.858.3877¡ 49 Herb Hill Rd, Glen Cove, NY The complete terms are in an Offering Plan available from Sponsor. File No. CD17-0068. Artist Rendering. Each Office Is Independently Owned and Operated.



hef Jamie Malone has been busy: Her year-old Minneapolis restaurant, the Grand Cafe, was named one of Food C & Wine magazine’s Best New Restaurants of 2018, and her


alone bought the Grand afe, a -year-old give or ta e Minneapolis restaurant, after the owners reached out for help. “The place had tons of soul,” she says. “It was really cool; it was quaint. I said, ‘Yeah, let’s do this.’ And I just fell in love with it.” he wor ed as the chef for about a year before o cially buying the eatery from the owners. She closed for about three months, had the itchen completely redone, and mostly D -ed the front-of-house renovations herself with friends and family. ve always ind of had this romantic relationship with rench food and found the perfect spot to coo it in, she says. “It felt perfectly messy.” FRENCH, BUT WITH A TWIST

When Malone was creating the menu for the Grand Cafe, she drew from her training at Le Cordon Bleu, as well as her passions. he menu boasts classics li e p t en cro te and beef tartare—but then there’s that liver mousse doughnut. new wanted it to be old-fashioned food blan uette de veau, cassoulet. But I didn’t want it to feel rustic,” she says. put uir y things on the menu to balance it out. t s very strictly French, but with a few Japanese touches to give it a little modern lightness.” Diners often loo past chic en on a restaurant menu, but at the Grand Cafe they’d be wise to ignore that inclination. hic en breast is brined for hours before the s in is peeled bac and allowed to dry out for a day. ousse made from leg 46

meat is then piped between the s in and the breast meat, and the chic en is coo ed at intervals seven minutes coo ing, seven minutes resting, repeat. The herbs used and the side dishes change with the seasons. Malone says this dish surprises and delights diners. Another example of the chef’s modernity in the itchen roasted oysters and cream topped with potato chips. She came up with the dish while eating with a friend e always coo in his open hearth, ust sitting on the floor and throwing stuff in. e had oysters, so we put them on the fire and topped them with cream, and we happened to have an open bag of ettle chips that crushed up and put on top.” “It’s very Parisian to build yourself on contradictions,” she says.

Chef Jamie Malone makes an upscale egg dish called the Porcini Royale with parmesan and pine nuts.


alone li es to eep her menu curated and consistent throughout the year, which stands in opposition to the ever-changing small-plate trend that’s present in so many hip restaurants. Of course, seasonality will change some of the ingredients in a dish, but the chef insists that a menu that isn’t full of surprises is good for both the customer and the itchen.

Melissa Berg (2)

decadently high-end, French-inspired dessert—a doughnut filled with chic en-liver mousse and topped with a burnt-honey and pastry-glitter-accented gastrique glaze—was named the magazine’s 2018 Dish of the Year. In October, the chef—who herself is a F&W Best New Chef Alum and her business partner too the reins of another Minneapolis restaurant, Eastside, and are revamping the menu and coc tail program while remaining open for service. oo ing was the only thing alone, , ever wanted to do. And now, with two of her own restaurants, she’s creating her own uni ue ta e on rench cuisine in her hometown.


Chef Jamie Malone says it’s Parisian “to build yourself on contradictions.”




he great bones, sheer volume, openplan living style—a barn dwelling T is an inspired place to use as a primary residence, guest house, or art venue. “Barns were built with the idea of having as much open square footage as possible,” says Phillip Thomas, founder and principal of Phillip Thomas Inc., a design firm in ew or . his openstyle living lends itself to multiple and exciting ways of adaptation to modern living.” Keep it rustic or go for a more modern edge—the design is only limited to the confines of your imagination. Let these ideas from the design pros spar your vision. WORK WITH THE ORIGINAL BONES

hat ma es a barn so special is its exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, and uni ue noo s and crannies. “A more rustic approach is to highlight the existing beams and interior siding, says ri Gilmer, managing partner of Das Mod, a real estate development firm in an Diego. xposing the beams and trusses in the vaulted ceilings can help to call attention to the barn structure while adding character to the interior. taining the beamwor dar to contrast lighter colored walls is another example of how to highlight the existing rustic structure.” “By its very nature, a barn has dramatic spaces—tall sections for hay storage next to low stalls,” says Kevin Lichten, principal of Lichten Architects in ew or . “Their large structure creates the opportunity to have large open areas and connections to upper levels that are unli e standard homes, which are more compartmentalized and scaled to a single family,” says Robert D. Hoang of a e lato Architects, in Austin, exas.

John Bessler (2)


One of the most prized qualities of a barn is its pitched beam ceiling. Maximizing the height of a vaulted barn ceiling can be accomplished through light fixtures or eye-catching sculptures such as mobiles, Thomas says.

ou can also ta e advantage of the height by turning some of the added room into a vaulted sleeping noo or o ce, Gilmer adds. If you want to draw attention upward, Manhattan-based designer awn Galli suggests using a large-scale wallpaper on the ceiling or hanging a fun y light fixture to attract the eye.

Opposite page: A barn interior from Kevin Lichten. Above: The home's exterior.


Kitchens and bathrooms easily fit in the low places where the animal stalls were located, Lichten says. The living room can reside in the tall central area; and bedrooms are naturals for tuc ing into the haylofts that don t absolutely need to be open to the great room below. Galli recommends designating a few focal points, li e wide, open windows or a fireplace, and building on them, while also creating intimate noo s as well as social areas. USE THE SPACE CREATIVELY

A barn can be a great entertaining spot. “Large openings and true barn doors connect people to the nature that surrounds them and allows an ease of flow to the outdoors, oang says. Guest accommodations also ma es sense. ays homas A secondary structure in a barn, such as a stall, affords the opportunity for homeowners to create a guesthouse.” 49


that have been lauded in the respected product-design category can be found throughout the museum. SINGAPORE ART MUSEUM

The Lion City’s home of contemporary art is, somewhat surprisingly, a storied 19th-century school. Inside its halls is an impressive permanent collection of multimedia works from across Southeast Asia. Where the Singapore Art Museum really excels, however, is with its events and workshops, highlighting the importance of creativity and curiosity. It’s an emphasis underlined by SAM at 8Q, the museum’s younger, hipper extension that hosts innovative installations and film screenings. PARKVIEW MUSEUM SINGAPORE

Opposite page: NUS Baba House. This page: National Gallery Singapore


ingapore is home to international-standard art museums and galleries celebrating an innovative approach to S design, institutions offering a glimpse into the city’s rich and diverse past, and private museums seeking to democratize access to the arts. In fact, if it weren’t for Hong Kong’s association with Art Basel, the Lion City would proudly wear the region’s cultural crown. Below, six top art and design destinations in Singapore.


Housed in the former City Hall and Supreme Court building—adorned with classically proportioned columns and a s yline-defining rotunda the ational Gallery ingapore is the embodiment of a cultural landmark. The space contains an unrivaled collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art, presented through a series of permanent exhibitions exploring national identity, as well as a varied visual-arts program and visiting exhibitions. RED DOT DESIGN MUSEUM Opposite page: Baba House, a history museum. This page: National Gallery Singapore.

The Red Dot Design Awards have come to symbolize the perfect marriage of form and function, and at the Red Dot Design Museum, superlative creations come together under one roof. A special exhibition imagines the world of tomorrow and assembles a curated selection of award-winning concepts that Red Dot judges believe will shape the future, while items

When it opened in March 2017, Parkview Museum Singapore brought a welcome injection of cool to the city’s artscape. The passion project of late Hong Kong property tycoon and art enthusiast George ong Kin-wah, the 1,500-square-meter space showcases pieces from Wong’s personal collection, which encompasses the largest number of works by Salvador Dalí outside of Spain and more than 10,000 pieces of contemporary Chinese art. Parkview also organizes exhibitions involving local and international artists, as well as a series of workshops and events. BABA HOUSE

Baba House is an exquisitely restored townhouse that dates back to 1895. Once the ancestral home of a wealthy Straits-Chinese or Peranakan family— descendants of Chinese who immigrated to the region between the 15th and 17th centuries—it has been preserved as it would have been, as a way to educate about the life and culture of Peranakan through a rich collection of antiques and artifacts. GILLMAN BARRACKS

Occupying the site of a former British military encampment, Gillman Barracks is an “arts cluster,” home to 12 galleries, including ew or s undaram agore Gallery and ong Kong s Pearl am Galleries. hen there is the entre for ontemporary Art, a research center and visual-arts space committed to the advancement of the local art scene through hosting talks, lectures, exhibitions, and artists-inresidence programs. 51

R E S I D E FA L L 2 0 1 8




Opposite page: Albert's at Beaufort House in London opened two years ago. This page: The facade of the Chelsea Arts Club in London; mural by Tony Common.

Left: Albert’s. Right: mural by Tony Common, picture by Hugh Gilbert, © Chelsea Arts Club

rivate social clubs, traditional bastions of upper-class decorum, are reinventing themselves as democratic gathP ering spots for a diverse, younger generation of members.

The old clubs are easing membership rules, dress codes, and even fees, while new clubs like the one being planned by David Beckham and Guy Ritchie in West London’s Notting Hill are catering to the chic sneakers-and-cellphone crowd. “It is not about removing the previous generations but evolving the concepts so they work for all ages and breathe fresh life into quite often traditional members clubs with quite a traditional clientele,” says Carlo Carello, managing director of Onslow Holdings, which operates the London clubs ahi i, Albert s at eaufort ouse, and a es. Megan Stromberg, general manager of The Battery in San Francisco, says, “We like to think of ourselves as avant-garde, not old guard.” The club, which opened in 2013 and counts 4,900 members, includes a 120-seat restaurant, a public hotel with 14 rooms and a penthouse, a library that’s used for events instead of reading, several bars, and a wine cellar with 1,200 unique labels. “It’s a cheeky nod to the past of clubs,” she says. In addition to world-class programs on music, literature, and culture, he attery offers what tromberg calls “thoughtfully curated experiences” such as yoga retreats and women’s wellness hot-tub hang outs. Its subclubs, which include one devoted to adventure and one for LGBT members, are designed for special interests. Its philanthropic arm has donated some million to over nonprofits. “The goal is to bring together a diverse group of leaders from various fields and professions, she says. t s a place for people to connect and share ideas, but it’s social, not business.” The Island Yacht Club, which has been on Canada’s Toronto Islands since its founding in 1953, recently revamped its property and programs—moves that increased membership from 40 families to 225. “We used to have only boating memberships, but we added a social membership whose fees are significantly lower, so it has become a neighborhood boutique club,” says Andrew Birch, director of membership. “People see it as a summer resort. We have families that come to swim in our pool, play tennis, and hike on nature trails.” He added that not only has the number of boating members doubled, but “some of the social members have been

converted to boating members.” In place of lectures and readings, the club hosts themed nights in its glassenclosed clubhouse. he exican fiesta night, which features food and music and children taking swings at a piñata, is quite popular, he says. Since its opening two years ago, Albert’s at Beaufort House in London has attracted 2,000 annual and 200 life members from varied professions. Those under 30 are eligible for reduced-rate quarterly memberships. he decor reflects a younger aesthetic,” Carello says. “The interiors are still luxurious but with touches designed for the highly visual Instagram generation,” he says.“Our events schedule is designed for our young members, with world-class DJs and fancy-dress parties.” For the 125-year-old Chelsea Arts Club in London, which has always possessed a bohemian atmosphere, change meant spending 2 million British pounds (US$2.62 million) on its clubhouse just so things didn’t change. “It was a restoration, not a refurbishing project,” says club secretary Geoffrey atthews. e offer a friendly and informal home for artists who are ta ing time off from the studio our approach continues to appeal to the creatively minded of all ages. We’ve never had a dress code and we’ve never allowed the use of phones or computers, and our subscriptions remain less than half the average of other London clubs.” The institutions are likely to keep changing with the times, because as Carello says, “A club cannot rest on its laurels.” 53

LIVE Sa n d s Poi nt , N ew York sot h e bys rea l t m /I D/22 5D L P © MMXVIII Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC. All Rights Reserved. Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC fully supports the principles of the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Sotheby’s International Realty and the Sotheby’s International Realty logo are registered (or unregistered) service marks licensed to Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates LLC.

livesir_spread_TIMELESS.indd 1

12/6/18 1:12 PM

TIMELESS T h e lo ca t i on , t h e sty l e, t he fe e l i n g you get w h e n you wal k t h rough t h e doo r – eve ry a s p e ct of your h om e s h oul d be a ref l e ct i on of w h o you are, wh ere you’ve b e e n , a n d t h e l i fe you as pi re to l i ve. Yo u r best l i fe b egi ns w i t h a h o me t h at i n s pi res you.

livesir_spread_TIMELESS.indd 2

12/6/18 1:12 PM



1968, Apollo 8 became the crewed mission to circumnavigate IthenfirstDecember moon. ver the following three years, A A landed a do en astronauts on the lunar surface, including u Aldrin, who famously wore an mega peedmaster during his historic moonwal with eil Armstrong in uly . riginally developed for road and trac , the peedmaster was declared light ualified for all anned pace issions in , and mega became the exclusive watch supplier to A A. ast year, to mar the th anniversary of the first lunar circumnavigation, mega released the peedmaster Dar ide of the oon Apollo , , the latest addition to its popular Dar ide of the oon lineup. ade of blac irconium oxide ceramic, the model is distinguished by a cutaway dial that reveals the blac ened movement with its bridges, and main plate decorated using a laser ablation techni ue to mimic the cratered lunar landscape. he dial side is a lighter shade than the bac , referencing the two views seen by the astronauts. A sapphire crystal case bac is encircled with astronaut im ovell s words, e ll see you on the other side, uttered to ground control before losing contact. he porthole showcases the alibre dubbed in a nod to the first moon landing in , which we expect to see mega celebrate in a big way this year. mega s space-age moon legacy is uni ue. ypically, watchma ers employ a moon phase complication to trac the


Omega (3)

waxing and waning of the orb on the wrist. Given that our calendar is based on astronomical cycles, moon phases are closely connected to calendar functions, particularly perpetual calendars, which automatically ad ust for months of varying lengths, including leap years, theoretically until the year . ast year, Pate Philippe merged its expertise in complex perpetual calendars and its highly coveted autilus sport watch, which was designed by the legendary Gerald Genta in . he first autilus Perpetual alendar ef. G, is powered by the svelte aliber automatic movement e uipped with a super-precise moon phase that is so accurate it deviates from the moon s position by only one day every years. he dial also displays month, day, date, leap year, and a -hour indicator. legant and sporty at the same time, the mm white gold autilus measures only . millimeters thic , ma ing it the thinnest perpetual calendar offered by Pate Philippe. Another old-guard brand, Vacheron onstantin launched its retro-contemporary iftysix collection last year, with an eye toward collectors with urbane tastes and an a nity for vintage styling. hile the basic automatic establishes a new entry-level price for Vacheron, at , in steel, the range also includes a mm omplete alendar , in steel and , in rose gold . Day of the wee and month are displayed in two apertures, while the date is indicated around the periphery with a blue arrow hand. ut the moon phase at o cloc instantly catches the eye ith no stars or other ornamentation, the moon on a pure blue bac ground is clean and modern, standing out on the retro, sector-style dial. i e the Pate Philippe, it will theoretically stay on course with the moon s phases for years. y then, watchma ers may be setting their sights on ars.

Opposite page: An Omega Speedmaster worn by Ryan Gosling in First Man, which tells the tale of Neil Armstrong. This page: The watch being tested by NASA, top; the original watch and its certificate of authenticity, bottom.

R E S I D E FA L L 2 0 1 8




Angel’s Envy (2)

Opposite page: A cocktail made with Angel’s Envy. At right: The company’s rye.

ye is a spirit with lots of history. The peppery drink was a favorite of the forefathers of R the U.S., including President George Washington, and was a

staple right up until Prohibition. But rye distillers never recovered from that 13-year dry spell, and until recently, the spirit was all but extinct. Now, with bespoke bars and craft cocktails making everything old new again, it is having a more-than-triumphant return to the top shelf. Between 2009 and 2017, sales of the spirit rose a whopping 934%, according to the Distilled Spirits Council. Craft distillers have led the rye trend, but bigger brands such as Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, and Bulleit have joined in as well. The rise in rye “has amazed everyone in the industry,” albeit pleasantly, says Wes Henderson, co-founder of Angel’s Envy distillery in Louisville, Ky. “If you’d asked me 10 years ago if rye would even still be around, I would have said, ‘Hell, no,’ ” he says. “But it makes sense in terms of the premiumization of spirits and the rise of the classic cocktail.” Colin Spoelman, co-founder of Brooklyn-based Kings ounty Distillery, agrees. e re ust coming off a time when the cocktail culture was looking back rather than forward,” he says. “Bartenders got interested in rye because it’s called for in so many classic cocktails.” To be a rye, the spirit must be made from at least 51% rye grain the higher the percentage, the more rye flavor. raft ryes, made in small batches, are traditionally more “grain forward,” says Spoelman, and have “that sort of rich mouthfeel.” Kings Distillery has teamed up with five other ew or distilleries to create a standard Empire Rye within the state, which calls for ew or grown rye and barley malt and is aged two years in charred-oak barrels, giving it notes of maple, mint, and cut grass with a spicy finish. At Angel’s Envy, Henderson started making rye once he realized how wrong he was about its future. His version is made from rye and finished in aribbean rum barrels, combining “the classic rye spice with the sweetness of the rum.” Rye is just one of many whiskies made at Angel’s Envy and Kings Distillery, but WhistlePig in Vermont is dedicated to rye alone. At what was once a dairy farm, master distiller Dave Pickerell has created a collection of ryes, including its annual FarmStock estate release, which is made with the distillery’s own grain and finished in Vermont white oa barrels. Rye can be pricier than other spirits. WhistlePig’s Farmtoc starts at a fifth, but its premium whis ies can cost $300 or more. The spirit can be served in a number of ways. Rye brings its spicy notes to yesterday’s tipples, like Old Fashioneds or Sazeracs, and mixologists are making it their own with modern recipes. The spirit is also as good neat or on the rocks as it is in cocktails, Henderson adds. “I don’t care how your drink it, just drink it,” he says. 59




ince 1975, a British company called verfinch has been making S already-special Range Rover and Land

Rover motorcars even more distinctive, with bespo e upgrades to both performance and appearance. t was verfinch, for example, that first gave buyers of these vehicles access to five-speed manual and three-speed automatic transmissions, plus enhanced power from smallbloc hevrolet V- engines. n , a high-endurance verfinch ange over won the notoriously di cult Paris-Dakar Rally. Although its success has led to imitators, verfinch remains the mar et leader in the conversion of these toughbut-tender ritish icons. Pricing isn t an exact science, because each car is one of a ind, drawing from option lists limited only by the customer s imagination. verfinch cars have long been available in Great ritain where they re popular with footballers and celebrities and to overfinch your ride has become a popular verb that implies

Overfinch (2)

Those looking for a luxury car made even more distinctive opt for Overfinch, which gussies up interiors and exteriors.

upgrades and customi ation. ow, the luxury models are ma ing the Atlantic crossing for American buyers. he latest verfinch Range Rover leads off with a deep, carbon-fiber-trimmed front spoiler with dramatically lower air inta es. he body, which gains signature D running lights, is subtly flared to ma e it loo wider but never bul y. he rear bumper and air dam echo the theme, and are set off with a sound-enhanced and performance-tuned exhaust featuring special-cast verfinch tips. he driver can even change the system s sound signature with a phone app. he car s body is appointed with high-grade carbon fiber. he verfinch design ensures that the ange over s builtin technology from cruise-control radar and high-end infotainment to -degree digital cameras and built-in par ing sensors are perfectly integrated. verfinch s own lightweight wheels in the latest entaur design are either cast -inch or forged -inch rims. nside is the new umi re seating, with perforated cottish ridge of eir leather center panels, framed in special hexagonal stitching. ac -seat passengers en oy heated arm- and footrests. ut ust say the word and verfinch will style your own exclusive seating in any material you desire, even shagreen. his being ritish luxury, the leather is complemented by a wide choice of wood veneers. t goes without saying that there are many other options, including carbon-fiber roc er panels, tailgate badging, and

a huge palette of colors and trim choices. e invite special commissions from all our customers, says verfinch chairman Kevin loane. And, of course, this ange over is a serious off-roader, too. The Land Rover Defender has been discontinued, but verfinch has prepared its own tribute to the beloved x . he bodywor is enhanced with a special signature hood and grille, and the front bumper is transplanted from the V . he distinctiveness continues with uni ue integrated running lights, satin-blac uarter panels, and diamond-plated rocker panels. he verfinch Defender sits on -inch custom alloy wheels, which complement specially painted rearview mirrors. he upgrades create a distinctly new Defender, but they re also practical. he car gains aluminum gas and bra e pedals, and a rear step with an electric tow bar. he interior is all leather. Driver and front passenger sit on ecaro seats with th-anniversary stitching, and the useful rear seats fold down. Also ma ing the cabin better and more modern are an Alpine satellite-navigation system, a luetooth-ready stereo, and a bac up camera. here s also an enhancement pac age for the all-new Range Rover Sport, and a very exclusive one for the V . hat one comes with a special sport-seat interior with diamond- uilted paneling, contrast micro piping, and stitching. arbon fiber is used extensively, as it is in all verfinch models. ust Vs will be made. 61


THE GENRE- BENDING WRITER RECOMMENDS FOUR ANTHOLOGIES THAT HAVE INSPIRED HER CRAFT elly Link’s short stories blur the line between genre and literary fiction, drawing upon elements of fairy tale, sciK ence fiction, and horror.

he author, , of orthampton, ass., has written three story collections and edited several anthologies, and was recently awarded a acArthur oundation fellowship for her trailbla ing fiction. t doesn t feel in any way li e a practical o e, but it does not feel real either, in says, recalling the moment she learned of the award. hen she isn t writing, in and her husband, Gavin Grant, run mall eer Press, a publisher of fantasy and literary fiction. And now, she is ta ing a hiatus from the short form to wor on a novel. he difference with the novel is its capacity, and the sense that it eeps opening up, she says. open a door and go through it and then there s another door. he middle space between where started and where want to end up feels li e an enormous and unexplored series of interesting rooms. in is still devoted, though, to the short story. ere, she shares some of her favorite collections, and her thoughts on how they ve inspired her own craft.




Grace Paley is one of my favorite writers. er stories are very dialogue- and voice-driven, and have such a sense of a brain and a heart. he s very funny and witty, but also unafraid to tac le big sub ects. he pulls off tric s of narrative in a smaller space than any other writer. he s the master of that. ou read her wor and thin , didn t now this was allowed. here s a feeling of permission that her boo s can give you, that you can go off and do this and you re not going to be by yourself. 2


he was one of my teachers when was studying creative writing, and too her course because she was the instructor. he is somebody who straddles that line between science fiction, fantasy, and literary wor . owler is li e Grace Paley in the sense that her writing gives you permission to thin and care about things very deeply, and shows that language could be used in such a way that isn t ust about precision or rhythm, but also conveys something about the person who is writing. eading her wor is li e having a conversation with somebody. eep a lot of duplicate copies of certain boo s to give to people, and Black Glass is one of those. 3


Aic man was a writer of the uncanny. e wrote a lot of ghost stories and a lot of stories that have this mur y, airless uality to them. As a reader, you feel very estranged, but also very interested in what s going on. is boo s have stayed in print in the .K. much longer than in the . ., but the ew or eview of oo s ust put out Compulsory Games, a collection of some of his previously published and unpublished stories. 4


t s very di cult to build a collection around a theme, in which the theme doesn t overwhelm the stories in that collection. ere, the idea of eys feels mysterious it s a very generous theme. hose stories really build on each other as the collection progresses forward. he theme enriches the movement of the collection, and the movement of the reader through it. t s a great metaphor for the experience of reading short stories.

Sharona Jacobs Photography




Rafa Nadal Foundation


Tennis star Rafael Nadal works with children in underserved communities.

ennis master Rafael Nadal has quite the résumé. He has won 11 French T Opens, 17 Grand Slams, and an Olympic

gold medal for singles, and he has been labeled the “King of Clay” for winning more than 50 matches on clay courts. But while tennis may be Nadal’s passion, he feels his greatest achievement is the foundation bearing his name. “The work we do via the Rafa Nadal Foundation—and everything we have achieved over the years—is very enriching for me,” Nadal, 32, says. Born in Manacor on the island of Mallorca in Spain, Nadal still chooses to live in his hometown, where he and his family started the foundation, a private nonprofit dedicated to children in underserved communities. Nadal and his organization believe that all young people should have equal opportunities to reach their full potential.“Be it with vulnerable children, youth with disabilities, or talented

athletes, our objective is in all cases the same,” says Maria Francisca Perelló, director of strategy for the foundation. She explains that the organization aims “to promote values and empower minors and adolescents, enabling them to face the challenges of the future.” Sports and education are the backbones of the foundation and the projects it currently supports. “What better tool than sports to make it possible?” Perello says. Since its creation in 2008, the foundation has assisted 3,700 children, ranging in age from 6 to 17. In 2014, the Rafa Nadal Foundation Center—the initiative s flagship pro ect opened in Palma de allorca. he center focuses on sports, social skills, and psychotherapy. Besides establishing productive study habits, the children learn how to communicate and deepen their respect for their colleagues. Nadal says he isn’t surprised to see “how, through sport and education, we are able to improve the lives of so many children and young people, and of their families, too.” The foundation’s More Than Tennis program, started in 2010 in collaboration with Special Olympics Spain, reaches children in 18 schools in the country, assisting with learning disabilities and teaching the basics of tennis. Students learn playing techni ues as they build self-confidence, which ultimately creates a sense of belonging and an enhanced quality of life for both them and their parents. While much work takes place in Spain, the team also reaches children in India. Launched with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in 2010, the Anantapur Educational Center in Andhra Pradesh is based in one of India’s poorest areas. The project, which uses tennis to integrate and socialize boys and girls from local villages, has helped more than 200 children. “We strive to ensure that there is equality among them, regardless of gender or the caste they belong to,” Perello says. ere, in the classroom and on the courts, such differences don’t exist.” The second annual Rafa Nadal Golf Challenge will take place from Feb. 14-17, 2019, in Mallorca, Spain. Participants will have the chance to network with colleagues and clients from around the world while golfing, dining, and socializing at this event, exclusive to the Sotheby’s network. Upscale accommodations will be provided by the Rafa Nadal Sports Center, and players will golf at the Vall D’Or Golf course in Baleares, Spain.



SOUND AND STYLE UNITE HIGH - END HEADPHONES THAT LOOK AND SOUND GREAT igh-end headphones don’t just make the sound quality of your songs significantly better, they also serve as a stylish H accessory.

With high-tech features like noise cancellation, wireless wear, and state-of-the-art acoustics—combined with luxury design elements such as Swarovski crystals, rose gold, and hand-stitched leather—today’s headphones go way beyond basic earbuds. Here are some of the most coveted models on the market. BANG & OLUFSEN BEOPLAY H9I

Crafted from lambskin and cowhide, this leather-bound memory-foam pair has a noise-cancellation mechanism that lets you either focus on the music without ambient noise, or drown out sound completely. An intuitive touch interface means you can control everything—answer a call, adjust volume, change a song—just by touching the ear cup (it even works if you’re wearing gloves).


The original street-chic music wear, Beats by Dre have a gold patina and a wireless design. By holding them near your iPhone, they simultaneously connect to your Apple Watch, iPad, and Apple computer. Cushioned ear cups help cancel out noise, so you can focus on the music or take calls in stereo Bluetooth.

These Bowers & Wilkins headphones have a luxe—if retro—look.


Bedecked in black Swarovski crystals, this gunmetal-andleather set combines the high touch of fashion designer Carolyn Rowan with the cutting-edge sound engineering for which Master & Dynamic is known. Fashioned from breathable lambskin-wrapped memory foam, the ear cups feature 40-millimeter neodymium drivers that deliver superior sound quality in a red carpet–worthy accessory. BOWERS & WILKINS P9 SIGNATURE

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signatures showcase ear cups and a headband made from fine talian a ano leather and a design that bears a funky, retro feel. Meticulously constructed by sound engineers, the P9 Signatures features a stereo system that produces live-concertlike quality. SENNHEISER HD 800S

etal and plastic merge in a slee , matte-blac finish, and materials were developed in the aerospace industry to achieve durability without extra weight. A see-through mesh covering on each ear cup provides a window into the mechanism’s working. Patented absorber technology allows for even the slightest nuances in music to be heard. 64

Frends headphones are made from rose gold and leather and look like a trendy hair accessory. It’s no wonder the brand has collaborated with the likes of fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Zadig & Voltaire for custom pairs that have appeared on the runways. The caps are interchangeable, so you can swap them out for different loo s. BOSE CUSTOM QUIETCOMFORT 35 WIRELESS HEADPHONES II

Designing your dream set is easy (well, somewhat), with 26 colors and two finishes of automotive-grade paint to choose from. But these wireless headphones aren’t just about looks: Special noise-canceling technology allows you to adjust to three levels of sound drown-out, and voice-activation controls Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can manage your day-to-day tasks to the tune of your own personal playlist.

Bowers & Wilkins



Page 80 | 5 Edgewood Road, Ladue 65

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12/17/18 12:23 PM


19294 Puellman Road A rare opportunity to purchase a 77-acre estate in Wild Horse Creek Valley. From the moment you enter the stone gates, you can see the stately home on the hill high above. You will enjoy a lake with two waterfalls and a 10-bay barn on your way up the private drive. The home, built by Gene Roentz and designed by Lauren Strutman, boasts 7,400 square feet of living space with reclaimed beamed vaulted ceilings and walnut flooring. The outdoor area includes a covered porch with fireplace, remote-control screens and saltwater pool and spa. The walk-out lower level features recreation room with wet bar, billiards room and media room. The carriage house provides a large workshop, half bath & 2 garage spaces with 6 bays.




Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 66

12/17/18 12:23 PM


4909 Laclede Avenue #1403 Live a life of luxury and prestige surrounded by the best of what makes Saint Louis a spectacular place to live. Now is your time to immerse yourself in coveted grandeur. Situated in the heart of the Central West End, walking distance to Whole Foods, Shake Shack, Taste, Brasserie, and more. Here, timeless eloquence meets artistic sophistication. This 14th-floor corner unit has the best views in the building. Gaze at the awe-inspiring Arch, skyline and Forest Park view that invite you in and revitalizes your mindset. An open floor plan with walls of windows provides homey, sun-drenched surroundings. The divine master suite bestows a breathtaking view of the city along with spa-like features. This is exclusive executive living at its finest. Two parking spaces with Tesla charging station, beautiful pool, party room for entertaining, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, and a 24-hour doorman for security. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/BZFTR5



16 Carrswold Drive A residence that embodies the marriage of tradition and sophistication. Architectural elements speak volumes to its master craftsmanship. The indoor space flows seamlessly to the private pool, vegetable garden beds and lush outdoor scapes. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/2ES2EX



1215 Hampton Park Drive The luxury and sophistication of this 1.9 acre residence are unmatched. From the exquisite architectural detail to the extensive renovations, imagine an abundance of open, light-filled space perfect for family living and stylish soirees. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/Z9NVHC

$ 1,445,000

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12/17/18 12:23 PM



emember when we actually answered our phones and read every email? Crazy, I know! In today’s world, we are faced with a daily tsunami of sales calls, emails, advertising, and social media posts. It’s no wonder many of us long for the days when the phone would only ring when someone we cared about was on the other end. What has this onslaught of non-personal communication created? In sales, it has instilled an intuitive distrust. Due to the increasingly prevalent strategy of using new media outlets for misdirection, we have become a society that is instinctively guarded; we build a defensive wall to protect ourselves from people whom we have yet to meet face to face. Nefarious salespeople bombard today’s consumers, on a daily basis, telling us what we need in order to have a meaningful existence and obtain a happy, healthy life. Strangers tell us what we need to survive and be successful. Do they really know what we need? Do they know how to tap into what makes us tick or present it in a way we will best understand?


Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 68

ow do we now they are not ust pushing to fulfill and fuel their own success in the hope we take the bait? It is much easier to hide behind a screen than to look someone in the eye, between calls from recorded voices with ambiguous names to constant emails flooding inboxes with advertisements. We have morphed into consumers who no longer shake hands, look each other in the eye, speak to each other or ask questions. How many people actually get through the recorded voice without ending the call or delete the email without even opening the file If you were to ask me, I would say most. Due to the vast number of intrusions and amount of such occurrences in our busy lives, our brains have become conditioned to immediately disregard such information and both block the call on our cell phones and unsubscribe from the emails. This increasing leeriness has made gaining client trust harder than ever. The art of real human communication has begun to fall by the wayside. We long for those whom we want to spend time with

7201 Greenway Avenue, University City Sold

12/17/18 12:23 PM

and tell our stories to. What can we do to break the barrier we have all helped to create and return to a more natural human approach that is missing not only in sales but also in our day-to-day interactions? Go back to the basics. The basics of gaining trust while having an innate capability of connecting in the rarest stripped-down form of interpersonal communication. It does not matter if one is in sales as this transcends across all professions and our personal lives. All facets of life improve when we stop talking, slow down, reach for a hand, look someone in the eye and genuinely listen to their story. Want to increase your level of personal happiness? Want to increase your level of success in the professional world? Want to understand your fellow humans on a level you never thought you could? Success comes naturally when we remove ourselves from the equation and focus on what it is we are actually asking and to be remembered. Is it ironic that we pay big money for services to help us become relevant and memorable while these ideas never physically put us in front of someone. will be the first one to say it out loud as it is not a popular trend in the world of people making millions selling us all the next big way to reach our future customer or ads posting our faces for recognition. No social media outlet, cold call, email blast or full-page ad is going to make you successful. Everyone wants to surround themselves with others that make them feel protected, seen for who they are and know, that their story is being heard. My Secret? Slow down, be the person in someone’s life who makes them feel like they are the only client or only person in the room. By nature, all of us want to be seen, heard, and understood. Be that person and success will come. As much as we may try, nothing can replace the way we are hardwired to read people’s nonverbal behavior, take that information, process it, and use it to understand the way they see, hear, and respond to what it is we are trying to convey. Once we step inside that circle with them, trust is easily obtained. Of course, the digital age cannot and should not be totally ignored. We should use the tools given to us as it is part of what helps us reach further than we ever thought possible but in the end, a simple balance must be reached. A perfect combination of both is a necessity for the success we are striving to achieve. Go back to the basics, work forward from there, open yourself to the possibility of knowing the person before you and prepare for what lies ahead.


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9135 Clayton Road This home is ideal for those seeking bright, open spaces with a hint of the beach. The living room features skylights and beams, as well as a wood stove. The kitchen features expansive windows, designer appliances, and abundant storage. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/XEGP4G



4101 Laclede Avenue #510 This corner home contains over 2,000 square feet of unique finishes and natural light pouring through impressive windows. The gourmet kitchen with expansive island is topped with a stunning marble waterfall countertop. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/V3XE24

$900,000 | PENDING


1856 Menard Street Designed by award-winning architect and AIA Fellow, Philip Durham, this historic 1880’s property is located on a private street in Soulard and boasts an exquisitely designed lofted living space on the second floor. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/72G7FT



4156 Hueffmeier Road This abode looks like a castle but warmly welcomes you home. Built in 2013, you have access to all of the modern amenities you could want while also providing you with a private retreat for family living. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/LDBQ67



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33 Brentmoor Park The rare opportunity to purchase one of the most impressive estates in Saint Louis has come and gone. This Frederick Dunn home was reimagined by the collaboration of Brian Smith, Jamieson Interior Design and Moynihan & Associates to create a neoclassical regency experience with one-of-a-kind features throughout. The Sir John Soane inspired residence, guided by the bisymmetrical philosophy, spans 13,000 square feet and includes 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a screening room, a world class wine cellar, a Paris-imported paneled sitting room, and a pool house that echoes Queen Victoria’s Brighton Pavilion. Set on 1.7 acres of artfully composed gardens and grounds, the 3-car garage doubles as a coveed valet drop off for parties. This property is a true feast for the eyes and opportunity to appreciate remarkable style and craftsmanship. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM

$5,650,000 | LIST PRICE



1 Upper Whitmoor Drive Located in a highly sought after enclave, you will find this beautiful blend of exceptional quality, regal details and magnificent finishes. This special estate is situated on 7 private acres with panoramic views of the Missouri River Valley. The artfully designed home and multiple garages comprises over 25,000 square feet of total living space creating a unique opportunity to live in luxury while showcasing fine cars, boats or RVs. Upon entering the grand foyer, you will be greeted by a double sweeping staircase and flawless crystal chandelier. The Neff designed kitchen features custom inlaid wood cabinets, granite counters, walk-in butler’s pantry, adjoining breakfast room and hearth room. The master suite offers enviable views, luxurious bathroom and custom dressing room. The lower level offers a court for racquetball and basketball, a gym, and a sauna. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/2DQKM8


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hen people come to t. ouis for the first time, they almost always leave in awe of the gorgeous architecture seen in our buildings and homes. St. Louis has a mix of East oast and outhern influences. oulard loo s much li e oston or Washington D.C. Lafayette Square could resemble New York with its brownstones. Ladue’s gracious estates often have pillared homes modeled after the South. Kirkwood and Webster Groves resemble the train suburbs of Chicago’s North Shore. There is something for everyone! Styles typically seen throughout the city’s core are Tudor, Spanish Revival, Italianate, Greek Revival & Beaux Arts. As we stretch out to the suburbs, these styles continue though are peppered by Mid-century homes. Sometimes St. Louis is nicknamed “Brick City.” With our rich clay deposits, St. Louis boasted 40-50 brick manufactures at its peak of brick production. The clay was of such high quality that

it could be used to build homes, create decorative terra cotta and street pavers. It was shipped throughout the country. Today, salvaged bricks from demolished homes are still highly sought-after. The neighborhood that gets people most excited to show visitors is the Central West End. Most of the homes in the CWE were built at the turn of the century when St. Louis boasted the 3rd most millionaires in the country. Other popular city neighborhoods are Tower Grove, Compton Heights, St. Louis Hills, Benton Park, and many others. All with block after block of stunning homes. St. Louisans love their traditional architecture, though the city has a tradition of embracing modern styles. The Arch’s design by Eero Saarinen was a bold move by the city over conventional arch designs. Around the same time, the city enlisted Minoru Yamasaki to design Lambert Airport. He also designed the World Trade Centers and JFK Airport. More recently

2 Tall Timbers Drive, Ladue (Page 77)

Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 72

12/17/18 12:23 PM

internationally celebrated architect Tadao Ando was recruited to design the Pulitzer Art Museum. This spirit of contemporary design carried over to residential architecture. The city boasts two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a home designed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen and many by esteemed local architects. One of the most celebrated and prolific t. ouis architects was William Bernoudy. Bernoudy studied under Frank Lloyd Wright and designed many homes in the West corridor. In fact, I live in the house that he designed and lived in himself in Ladue. It is a pleasure to live in a work of art. Today, St. Louis still leans towards traditional homes. There are exceptional examples of beautiful estate homes built in ildwood, hesterfield, t. Albans, Sunset Hills, Ladue, Huntleigh, Frontenac, Town and Country to name a few. In the more central suburbs like Clayton, we have many elegant in-fill homes that add to the streetscape. Contemporary and mid-century homes are gaining in popularity with buyers who crave open floor plans and large windows. Contemporary design is particularly strong in other parts of the world and nation. Just look at current furniture designs featured in magazines like Architectural Digest and it is hard to find traditional styles. t will be interesting to see how St. Louis’ design aesthetic changes in the years to come. It is an honor to be considered the “Go To” real estate expert for architecturally interesting homes in St. Louis. This could be a historic manse or a contemporary gem. I think back to some of the important properties that I have sold over the last years. he oc cliffe ansion is one of them, designed by Barnett, Haynes, and Barnett in 1898; it is located up on a bluff in annibal, issouri. he home spans over 13,500 square feet and included most of the original possessions of the lumber baron who built it. I sold several homes designed by noted mid-century architects like William Bernoudy, Harris Armstrong, Ralph Fournier and Isadore Shank in addition to recent contemporary architects like Philip Durham. I also have successfully marketed plenty of quirky properties like a church designed by Frederick Dunn, a log cabin and a water tank turned into a home. This year I participated in the sale of the most expensive home sold in St. Louis: a beautiful Clayton estate. No matter the price point I love to work with buyers and sellers of architecturally or historically interesting properties.

33 Brentmoor Park, Clayton (Page 71)

4969 Pershing Place, Central West End | Sold

— Ted Wight

Ted Wight’s personal residence in Ladue


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2332 Park Avenue In the heart of historic Lafayette Square stands a painted lady, proud and tall in her row... yet like no other. This property offers an exciting balance between the romance of the past and a contemporary interpretation of the well-lived present. Magnificent living and entertaining areas include large formal and informal rooms adorned with beautiful moldings and fireplaces. A newly updated gourmet kitchen with built-in double refrigerator and a massive island spills out onto the designer red deck. A solid masonry wall encircles the private outdoor sanctuary of passionately inspired gardens surrounding a stone pond and fountain providing the perfect space for tranquility or urban entertaining. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/3FJ5JE



Brumley, Missouri 65017 Horse Power Ranch offers a unique haven for privacy and security as well as the unsurpassed quality of construction and attention to detail. Two decades in the making, this work of art has been meticulously sculpted into the earth’s landscape. The home is impeccably comprised of carefully selected Douglas Fir logs and timbers, with the perfect mixture of stone, and contemporary finishes. Custom windows provide the owner of this estate with panoramic views of one of several private lakes and rolling hillsides. Rich walnut cabinets, moldings, and doors milled from timber harvested right off the 1,075-acre property are just some of the many unique features that adorn this beautiful home. The entire 13,000 square foot main residence offers a wonderful single level floor plan, perfect for entertaining family and friends. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/W4FGY9



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Sunrise Beach This Ozark hideaway is a modernist architectural masterpiece that has been carefully sculpted onto a waterfront bluff. Unobstructed views make this one of the most breathtaking lake settings in the country. Lavishly remodeled and upgraded in 2009, this 4,469 square foot home on 1.5 forested acres offers a vista of the Lake of the Ozarks through floor to ceiling windows from the living room, kitchen and master bedroom suite. The large chef’s kitchen has highly upgraded appliances and fixtures along with an adjacent deck for morning coffee or an afternoon glass of wine. Off of the spacious master suite is a cozy lounge and dressing area with mirrored built-ins. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/9D4PWE



57 Lake Forest Drive Enter to find beautiful architectural detail, magnificent rooms, terrazzo foyer and stairs, with hardwood floors. Make most of the private outdoors, which feature a pool, deck, and gardens. Make this remarkable neighborhood your home. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/THDM5J

$ 1,080,000


12808 Bellerive Springs Drive The circle drive and lush landscaping welcome you while soaring ceilings, gleaming wood floors, and light-filled rooms beckon you inside. A truly serene backyard with flagstone patio, fire pit, and bistro lights create your own oasis for relaxing under the stars. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/4NEQEQ


Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 75


12/17/18 12:24 PM


906 West Essex Avenue Perched graciously on a hill, this six bedroom, six bath home immediately draws you in, inviting you to explore its extraordinary spaces. Marble floors grace the entry hall with views into the stunning dining room, formal living room, family room, and den. The heart of the home is the kitchen with custom cabinetry, Dacor range with dual ovens and an expansive island. The light-filled breakfast room spills into the family room with custom painted bookcases and fireplace with stone hearth. Through the large mud room is the studio with hardwood floors and another fireplace. Both the den and hearth room open to outdoor living with covered porches, terraces, a stone fireplace and gunite pool with a waterfall! Pinterest worthy built-in bunk beds, kitchenette, and full bath can be found in the pool house, complete with a porch swing. Walking distance to Kirkwood high school. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM

$1,250,000 | LIST PRICE



2 Daniel Road This new, custom one and a half story Cape Cod residence is now available! Upon entering this fantastic open floor-plan, you will love the high-end custom finishes with beautiful hardwoods and crown molding throughout. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/GHCF3F

$1,525,000 | PENDING


461 Matts Way From the rotunda tower, to the dual sweeping staircases, you will be in awe as you step through the front door. Custom built to the highest standards with no detail overlooked. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM

$1,499,000 | LIST PRICE



Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 76

12/20/18 2:11 PM


18615 Ro Bridge Court Just off of Wild Horse Creek Road, you will swear you are in Napa on your private estate. The ‘Hebron Home’ is a stunning gift of craftsmanship and passion that sits high on a hill with views of Missouri Bluffs and Babler Park. The home boasts six bedrooms with the potential for two master suites; one with a covered deck and outdoor fireplace. Wide, walnut floors grace the entry foyer and main hallways and white oak floors shine in the main kitchen and first-floor living spaces. A wine closet is housed in a natural stone tunnel adjoining the living quarters. Incomprable attention to detail touches every single part of the home with purpose and pleasure. Convenient to Chesterfield Valley, the Wildwood Town Center, and Spirit of St. Louis Airport. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/RH2KP5



2 Tall Timbers Drive This custom contemporary home designed by Boston architect, Doug Dolezal, is a dramatic masterpiece. The dynamic house is open, bright and sophisticated. The living room has a 2-story ceiling, wood burning fireplace and doors that lead to the back deck and private yard. The kitchen has European cabinets, 2 dishwashers, 2 refrigerators and freezers, gas and electric stove with wok burner and 2 ovens. The master suite is separate from the other bedrooms creating a special retreat. The adjoining bathroom houses a Jacuzzi tub, separate shower and dual sink vanity. The east wing of the home is great for your family or guests with three bedrooms, laundry room, office, and 2 full baths. This incredible and modern gem is situated on a 3.47-acre lot that backs to lush trees and a tennis court.



Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 77


12/20/18 2:11 PM



p before sunrise every day just because he doesn’t want to miss what he calls, “the greatest show on earth,” Warner’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. He loves to remind his team “it’s not work if you love doing it!” For nearly 35 years Warner has been a nationally recognized top realtor. His passion for real estate is manifested in his extensive knowledge of the ever-evolving local real estate market. Warner grew up in the business – his parents were prominent interior designers and realtors. The owner of the renowned luxury firm of ra . erry, where arner’s mother worked, stated at the age of 8, Warner could tell you the value of any Saint Louis home. His intuition and creativity make him a superb matchmaker for his clients and their perfect home. Viewing a home as the frame around the masterpiece that are its residents. Warner was drawn to Sotheby’s because it is a brand he knows well and feels closely associated with. He and his spouse have three homes: one in Provence Cote D’Azur France, one in Old Naples Florida and a primary residence in Old Town Clayton Missouri. Additionally, they have rehabbed over 20 historic homes in Saint Louis’ best older neighborhoods. All of this allows them to feel connected to the Sotheby’s lifestyle and communities wherever they go. “Sotheby’s has a presence everywhere we choose to call home, and more importantly, is a valuable resource for us in whatever we may need. Choosing to partner with a Sotheby’s brokerage is more than merely working for a company, it’s a lifestyle choice.” hen meeting with prospective clients, can tell them from experience what a worldview connection they receive when listing with Dielmann otheby s nternational ealty. ur mar eting is always first in its appeal within the community. The Warner Hall Group is recognized as the most creative and


Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 78

hardworking realtor group in the prestigious Central Corridor. This and the Sotheby’s branding are what have propelled them to be the top-selling luxury agents in the entire metropolitan Saint Louis County and City communities. “Our team consists of the two principal partners, myself and Sam Hall and three other luxury agents who are all past clients! We sell a lifestyle, and we deliver concierge level service that extends far beyond closing.” Concierge service is what one expects from both the Sotheby s Auction ouse, a liated corporations and absolutely, he arner all Group at Dielmann otheby s nternational ealty.

7246 Wydown Boulevard, Clayton | Sold

12/19/18 11:32 AM



“As an involved and outspoken advocate of my local community, it was always imperative for me to find a professional home where making one’s community stronger and more successful was the norm and not the exception. My wife, children, and I love calling Saint Louis home, and hope to shape the future of this community.“ Along with his dedicated partner and team members at The Warner Hall Group, Sam and Warner have built the most successful luxury real estate team in Saint Louis’ Central Corridor, helping their clients realize their dream lifestyles embodied through the perfect home. his has been done through much effort, dedication, and creativity paired with a brokerage that understands how to deliver unparalleled results.


am Hall admits “real estate is a tough business.” It requires fortitude, relentless commitment, and an ability to thin differently. In today’s market, agent, as well as brokerage must align on these ualities in order to be exceptional. his is why am and arner find their partnership with Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty to be so productive. Their desire to serve real estate clients to a degree and at a level unlike any other agents in Saint Louis matches the Sotheby’s brand as the most exceptional luxury firm in the world. Professionally, as well as personally, Sam has always enjoyed a challenge! For the last 9 years, he has not only built an exceptional career in real estate but traveled the world to climb the Seven Summits - the seven highest peaks on each of the seven continents. “Having already climbed extensively in Colorado, New England, and Europe, I am proud to say that I have reached the highest peaks in Africa, Europe, South, and North America. The Himalayas and Antarctica are up next.” “Throughout my travels around the world, the support I feel from my partner Warner, our team and our brokerage has been unequaled. his is not only felt in the lifestyle it affords me, but otheby s presence around the globe has always made me feel connected no matter where find myself. t is truly uni ue in our industry to find a bro erage with such an incredible network locally, nationally, and globally. The Sotheby’s brand and the tools provided to its agents have always been the perfect match to help our clients find and sell their properties at levels that would not be possible otherwise.” Beginning his career in real estate in 2011, Sam quickly became one of the most successful agents in Saint Louis’ Central Corridor. A 2001 graduate of the University of Missouri - Columbia, he began his professional career working as a political and community organizer both at the State and National levels. In 2006, he joined the Nation’s largest land use and oning consulting firm, where he negotiated projects throughout the Southeast United States. Returning to the Saint Louis area he took the helm of his family’s remodeling business, and expanded its reach throughout the area, specializing in historic renovations.

37 Westmoreland Place, Central West End | Sold

Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 79

12/17/18 12:24 PM


5 Edgewood Road The protective walls of this lifetime home reflect all that is good to you and yours. Unsurpassed renovation, expansion and preservation come together at Ladue’s most premiere location. Within walking distance to Saint Louis Country Club, Reed Elementary and Downtown Clayton, this historic offering capped by 100 year old grapevines sits on a nearly 3 acre estate including the original colonial revival grand residence, with open floor plan flooded all day by curative natural light. Wrapped by the covered walkway a pool with cabana suite, carriage house apartment and cozy caretaker/nanny cottage constructed with finishes equal to those seen in the world’s finest architectural magazines await. DIELMANN SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY +1 314 725 0009 | INQUIRY@DIELMANNSIR.COM SOTHEBYSREALTY.COM/ID/58WVJZ



Dielmann_reside-0119.indd 80

12/17/18 12:24 PM


Available now for download in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

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