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Reasons to choose BuyDRM to get DRM solutions Are you looking forward to buying DRM for your requirements? If yes, this post is must read for you. At BuyDRM, we provide best features for your DRM solutions. There are essential features to consider while choosing DRM solutions. As the leading digital rights management software companies, we have listed critical reasons to select BuyDRM solution.

Top 10 reasons to choose BuyDRM solutions for your requirements: #1 You retrieve the rights: One of the principal reasons to select BuyDRM is to have full access to complete rights. You can easily control the people who can view, print, edit, progressive download, copy or paste the documents or different information that includes in it. #2 We provide the feature of location command: Our DRM solutions also offer the significant control of the geo-location and IP range where the receiver have overall access to the shared data. #3 We also offer the services of password need: Another essential feature we provide for DRM solutions is the requirement of passwords and also the MFA (Multi-factor authentication) that also means one time passwords. It can also instruct through limited corporate policy or the document owner. It is essential for the receiver to validate while opening or while you download and also when documents downloads. It helps to safeguard that different documents can be used by approved users. We provide various solutions like Fairplay DRM, widevine, HTML, etc. #4 We also offer the rights to cancel the decision: All the DRM solutions we provide gives you complete freedom to revoke the accessing the shared documents, as soon as a receiver starts downloading files from his/her device. #5 We also give the right to specific folders: Another essential feature we provide is entirely particular folders at the endpoints or even the file servers that utilize DRM rules. If any document is added or developed in the Secure Folder, then you can just carry on to be preserved in the complete lifecycle. At BuyDRM, we provide services of play ready DRM for different clients as per their requirements. #6 All the features we offer are simple in usage: When you use the BuyDRM solutions, it is simple to secure your critical files just by right click or select the DRM policy. On the part of receivers, the overall experience is just smooth running because DRM encrypted files can be only open in the web browser when you cannot find the native app. #7 We also provide the content protection features for mobile handsets: As per the mobile content management (MCM) policy, the critical files can limit to only view mode on different mobile handsets, ios, and Android. It is also limited to control for various editing by

utilizing proper editor for the Microsoft Office and even for PDF version files. It is just pure to control copy/paste and move to multiple mobile applications. #8 We also provide features of safe online document viewer: Another essential element we provide for DRM solutions is fully secured document viewer for clients. Well, the view of all shared documents in third parties is also limited to just read-only access to the secure web-based solution by complete IT control through copy/paste or print method. #9 Digital watermark feature: We also provide the functionality of digital watermark for DRM solutions we provide to clients. By using online document viewer, it is easy to include every page of the document that helps to prevent screen capture and printing. The watermark consists of text embedding feature and also emails from the share link receiver. #10 To manage file tracking and reporting: Another feature we provide for DRM solutions is filing track and report that also involves file share, opening, viewing, and forwarding. Moreover, it also helps to know about IP address, domain, and geolocation. Summing Up: So, aforementioned are the crucial factors we provide for DRM solutions to the clients. If you are looking forward to buying DRM solutions, feel free to contact us, and we will assist you further in selecting right digital rights management solutions as per your requirement and budget.

Reasons to choose buydrm to get drm solutions  
Reasons to choose buydrm to get drm solutions  

Are you looking forward to buying DRM for your requirements? If yes, this post is must read for you. At BuyDRM, we provide best features for...