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Artemis is not just the goddess of the hunting and the moon that was virgin all his life, Artemis is a powerful goddess of the mount Olympus. She is part of the 12 Olympic gods. She comes from a powerful family of gods and titans. But with few hiccups. Artemis is recognized as an excellent hunter and his honorable nymphs no one can escape their arrows. She has a lot of myths that honor him as the protector of woman and feminisms. She passes most of his times in the forest away of mount Olympus hunting with her 50 nymphs and her brave hounds. The goddess of hunting, virgins, protector of pregnant woman, spread the diseases on woman. His arrow never misses, and the divan goddess of the moon. Artemis is that and more.

Artemis is part of a powerful family. His father is the more powerful and important god of the Olympus the god Zeus. His mother is a titan call Leto. Her twin brother Apolo. The god of sun, the archery and the protector of the man. Artemis and apolo are opposite in all there powers, Artemis is the goddess of the moon, apolo of the sun. Artemis is goddess of the girls; Apolo is the god of the boys and man. When Leto was going to give birth to twins of the god Zeus. Hera (Zeus wife) send a monsters call piton to kill Leto but Poseidon the god of the see take Leto to an island so they can be safe of the piton. When Artemis was born she helps his mother to give birth to his brother. “When Artemis was born she goes to her father Zeus and asked him to grant her a wish. She wanted to remain forever a wild young mined, hunting in the forest.�( parina pg 44)

Artemis have many powers and weapons. Artemis need weapons and tools to hunt of the forest. She has 50 nymphs that follow her to all the places she goes. He gave her honorable hounds that follow her victims until dead. Her bow and arrow that never miss to kill here victims. Her silver chariot to transport himself. She has the powers of transform people into stars. It have the power to control the animals and plants. She can transform animals into humans and humans into animals. She can spread diseases into the women. That are the Artemis powers.


Artemis have a lot of myths but the famous one is the one of Acteon. Acteon was a young hunter that have a terrible end. Acteon was hunting in the forest one day with his 15 dogs. It was a normal day unti begged a tree he see the goddess of the moon Artemis. Artemis was taking a bath naked in a waterfall with here nymphs. Artemis was virgin all his live when she acteon begiend that tree she was furious. Acteon was sow impress with the body of the goddes that he don’t see that artemis spread a spell in he. Acteon was transform in a dee an her own dogs eat him. In the towns that have Artemis like protector, the first time that a man is going to hunt. They put them in a treeand cover her body with the blood of a deer, then in a secure distance they put the dogs. The dogs bark all the night trying to eat the man. That is for the member of acteon “ateon become fearfl and fledaways but his huntingdogsthat total it him.”(hatzitsinidou 2013)

Artemis is not just the goddes of the hunting and the moon. It is the protector of the woman and the wild live. She proven of a powerfull family of gods and titans. She have a twin brothere name apolo her fatheres are zeus and leto. She have amazing tools like his bows, his nymphs, her hounds, his silver chariot, and powers like despress desesas in woman, to make that animals follow her, to transfore people in animals like the poor dead of Acteon. She was an exelent warior, virgen that defen her belifes. That is Artemis more that just the goddes of hunting.


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a work of a greek good


a work of a greek good