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Diego Salazar Guerrero digital portfolio Industrial Design Engineer

Visual Communication User Interface Design for Automated Production Process Instagram for Desktop Proposal WakeMeIn App design Personal WebSite Design & Development Branding Sa’KanÊ Tucanes al Vuelo, Image Design Brand Design applications for TSE App Design - Tennis Coach Product design McDonalds Valentines Day Fries Bouquet Coca Cola ExpoWalmart 2018 Stand Design Electrical Scooter Street furniture design for study and recreation Airplane 3D modelling/render Certifications Solidworks CSWA FIA 2014 participation TOEIC Test FH Vorarlberg Transcript of records CV

Visual Communication

User Interface for Automated Production process UI & UX

Graduation Project FH Vorarlberg, Austria

Project made in FH Vorarlberg in Austria for the User Centered Technologies department. The project is about unifying a whole micro chips production process in an automated process so as a designer what I had to do is study the new proposal of production process and make the control user interfaces for all the process and stages corresponding with all users activities. In the experience of developing this project I learnt how to develop this kind of projects with different kind of methodologies for testing user interfacecs and user experience. Also creating and learining abut interaction design in this new aspects of how they work in this kind of projects, because more than developing the front end or just user interface, this project was more about the control interfaces, so it means also developing the backend.

During the development of this project in the department we realized that we needed more than just the control interface, so we also developed the front end part that is where other kind of users as the managers and so have access also to the information of the process. The simplification of the layout, the way of interaction, the new and easier visualization are some of the improvements achieved with this project.

Instagram Desktop proposal UX - UI

Re design of the Instagram celphone app to fit in desktop computers, so not just you can check Instagram without having your phone but also you can use all features taking the most advantage of your computer software and hardware.

night mode


Using every feature of Instagram you should be able to make posts, send chats, check your profile, upload pictures and so on with the Instagram app for desktop, even edit your settings and preferences.


direct messages

WakeMeIn UX - UI

An app designed as an alarm that will say to you how weather is going to be according where you are, where you are going to be, and it does it as soon as you wake up so you can start planning your day!

In the moment you wake up you’ll get information about how you will start your day even with a positive message and the hour deplyed at once. As soon as you stop the alarm then you get the forecast for the day and how it will be even in your workplace. Also included a related to this weather background that will change according to it.

You can set up your alarms and program your week as you want. Save your locations and set up alarms according to those locations so the app can tell you the weather on those places too. But what happens if you are going on vacations? You can also add planned events with alarms so it will sync with those places weather and accomplish this function.

Personal Web Page Web design | UX

Personal project about designing my own webpage for having a more proffessional view to the public as a designer. Creating a showdown style where I can put my projects and my personal information about me, my design style, my capabilities and more. Showing people using a web page more about even design skills and different design projects I’ve worked with.

The idea of this is more about also applying UX | UI design for creating a good and responsive web site that I can use to upload some work I’ve done by myself and for others and also creating a new way of contact and more proffessional experience about it.

Part of the idea of creating a website that has responsive design is of creating a bit more, applying new techniques and technologies for designing and adapt this design to those, for example mobile devices that are common nowadays. This project is by now being developed by myself.

Sa’Kané Branding

Selected one of the 3 best by the enterprise

In Talamanca, Costa Rica an small company is producing plantain snacks made in an unique way and different to other products of the same kind in the market, they wanted an organic but also competitive packaging that will put them in the market at the same level as recognized brands, but preserving the message that they are trying to sell with their products and show clients this product is done in a different way also showing where the product is from. So the challenge was to develop the whole brand and packaging and marketing applications for presenting the product in the markets and also in exhibitions.

Tucanes al Vuelo Image design

Participation in FIA 2014

The brand design was something needed by this craftsmen, because they have amazing products that they wanted to show in the International Arts Festival, in this case Mrs Alina Suarez wanted to show or reflect the Toucan, the animal in which her products are inspired, the products are made with hand treated and painted leather with bronze showing some elments of this exotic bird. What she wanted in the brand design was that, to show her product some details about it but at the same time something that was really simple. The usage of the same colors and the idea of also doing the brand in banana paper was something that helped a lot with the concept idea I had as designer and that she wanted to keep at the end.

Applications for TSE Brand design

At the TSE (Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones) they were searching new ideas of how to promote the culture of the elections in the country. The idea in this group of products is to use different kind of printing methods for creating useful things for students and information, so there is a manual, bottle, pencils, notebook and a small box for them, but also in the outside there should be something that the students can relate their things with so I created also a muppi and every student kit is going to be delivered in a boz branded with the logo of the IFED that is part from the TSE in charge of the education about elections.

Tennis Coach App design

Tennis Coach App

Nowadays technology is present in a lot of fields and even more with mobile devices, for beginners in the tennis sport you can learn the very basics, concepts and movements with an app. But what about also learning a bit more and also keep track of your trainings and advice in what kind of equipment you will need. Even if you are new and already following the sport in the social networks it has the chance of getting the news from specific providers in Twitter or another social media and have it in your device and the rules aswell. In this link you can have an animatic of the app functions:

Product Design

Mc Donald’s Valentines Day Bouquet Cut Lines Design

Designed the cut lines that will be used for this bouquet. The challenge part was that we cannot replace the McDonald’s fries package so we had to wrap them into a bouquet that fits perfectly and that never covers the M logo of Mc Donald’s.

Coca Cola ExpoWalmart 2018 Stand Stand Design

Design for Coca Cola in ExpoWalmart 2018 that took place in Pedregal, BelĂŠn Heredia, Costa Rica, designed in Leo Burnett Costa Rica for this important event for the brands that Walmart works with, and accomplished to see it as a reality.

Small showroom of the final result the day of the event

Electrical Scooter Functional product design

Prototype of electrical scooter for an urban environment. Considering the weather, terrain and other means of transportation in an urban/universitary environment located in Cartago, the development and construction of this product was using Aluminum 6061 which is strong enough for holding all components in place and also gives the product a really good structure taking the weight to the minimum. This was something that as designer during the project wanted to achieve, so also this is the reason of the shapes and configuration used for building this product. Detail and final construction is showed in the renders.

The fully functional prototype gives you the chance of different positions so you can use it the way you feel more comfortable. As improvements from existing models we achieved a better structure reducing weight, also a shorter distance between the wheels, the new constructive shape and the way it can go over obstacles during the usage without touching the internal components. In the following link you can check the functioning of the final prototype:

Street furniture design “study & recreation”

Street furniture design is something that nowadays we can see more and more in modern cities, how designeers try to create new environments for people to enjoy the city. This project with the idea of being developed in the ITCR has the purpose of giving the users a space for recreation and also facilities for them. In the final design we can see that the final design is modular, so it allows us to place it the way we want and the way the terrain aloow us to build in it, so we can achieve different spaces with the same furniture, also with the idea of being eco friendly with the materials that are used for building it. Another feature of this is that for the assembly you don’t need electrical machines and everything can be placed with security. Design in collaboration with Felipe Blanco and Cindy Barrantes.

Airplane Douglas DC-10 3D modelling & render

This was one of the projects for a course of 3D Modelling using different softwares for modelling and also for rendering. The software used for making the whole 3D Model was Rhinoceros 3D. Also for rendering I used 2 different softwares that will give different realistic textures and different capabilities of light, camera angles and visualizations. The used software for the previous page was VRay in some of the details but also the most of them were made with Keyshot 5.



Curriculum Vitae

From 2017

Web development Introduction (html and css) Universidad de Alicante, International Economy Institute, Google 2017 International Graduation Project and exchange FH Vorarlberg, Austria, User centered Technologies department 2012 - 2017 Industrial Design Engineering Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica 2007 - 2011 High School Vilaseca HighSchool


Diego Salazar G. Industrial Design Engineer / UX designer

2017 - today Industrial Design Eng. Leo Burnet, Costa Rica 2014-2016 3D Modelling & Ergonomics Assistant Industrial Design Engineering Department, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

About me Date of birth

26 / 07 / 1994

Place of birth

San Jose

Place of residence

Santo Domingo, Heredia

2015 Branding SaKané Coopetsiola S.A. 2014 Branding Tucanes Al vuelo / Participation in FIA 2014 Tucanes al Vuelo


Contact E-mail


(+506) 86825285









SolidWorks Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator football




Adobe Premiere

References Prof. (FH) Dr. Guido Kempter Leiter. Telefon: +43 5572 792

Prof. Donald Granados Gomez Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Adobe Indesign

Rhinoceros Prof. Mario Gonzalez Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

HTML/CSS Pixelmator Adobe XD

Prof. Luis Carlos Araya R. Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Sketch - Product Design - Graphic Design - UX design - UI design - Interaction Design

- Branding - Web design & coding - App design & coding (iOS) - 3D Modelling & simulation - Render

- Digital Animation - Drawing - Packaging - Photo & Video editing


Curriculum Vitae


Introducción al desarrollo Web (html y css) Universidad de Alicante, Instituto de Economía Internacional, Google 2017 Proyecto de Graduación Internacional - Intercambio FH Vorarlberg, Austria, Departamento de Tecnologías centradas en el Usuario 2012 - 2017 Ingeniería en Diseño Industrial Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica 2007 - 2011 Educación Media Colegio Vilaseca


Diego Salazar G. Ing. Diseño Industrial / UX designer

2017 - presente Ing. Diseño Indstrial Leo Burnet 2014-2016 Asistente de modelado 3D y Ergonomía Escuela de Ing. Diseño Industrial, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Acerca de mi



26 / 07 / 1994

Ciudad de nac.

San Jose


Santo Domingo, Heredia

Branding SaKané Coopetsiola S.A. 2014 Branding Tucanes Al vuelo / Participación en FIA 2014 Tucanes al Vuelo


Contacto E-mail


(+506) 86825285









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Adobe Premiere

Referencias Prof. (FH) Dr. Guido Kempter Leiter. Telefon: +43 5572 792

Prof. Donald Granados Gomez Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Adobe Indesign

Rhinoceros Prof. Mario Gonzalez Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

HTML/CSS Pixelmator Adobe XD

Prof. Luis Carlos Araya R. Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica

Sketch - Product Design - Graphic Design - UX design - UI design - Interaction Design

- Branding - Web design & coding - App design & coding (iOS) - 3D Modelling & simulation - Render

- Digital Animation - Drawing - Packaging - Photo & Video editing



Diego Salazar Guerrero Por haber concluido su entrenamiento en Curso de preparación para la certificación CSWA 1 Marzo 2015 a Junio 2015 | 32 horas de capacitación

---------------------------------------------------Gerente de Soporte Técnico

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Portfolio dsg  

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