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Dangerous Liaisons 1- You’ve got the technical details of the film in Valencià. Translate it into English, so you can learn/revise the basic vocabulary related to audiovisual productions.

Length: 119 min Nationality: United Kingdom and EEUU Year: 1988 (Color) Address: Stephen Frears Production: Warner Bros Producer: Norma Heyman and Hank monjean Script: Christopher Hampton (Based on the work of Choderlos de Laclos) Photographs: P.Rousselot Mounting: Mick Ausdley Music: George Fenton Art Direction: Stuart Craig I Gérard James Wardrobe: James Acheson. 2- Write about 3 of the main characters (Madame of Merteuil, Viscount of Valmont, Madame of Tourvel, and Cecile of Volanges). Include their physical and personality description. Madame of Merteuil - She is a marquise and keeps up appearances. She is a big woman and of short hair. She does not have mulberry tree and is deceptive to the whole world that him makes a detour. She is wicked and goes to bed with many different men. Finally Danceny counts everything what happened and leaves her in the misery. Viscount of Valmont - He is a viscount. He is a man who has short hair and brown eyes. He looks like greatly Madame of Merteuil. He is a “don Juan” who likes the girls for a night. He does bets with Madame of Merteuil. They write to themselves letters during the movie. He dies fighting against Danceny in a sword match. Madame of Tourvel - She is a girl. She is handsome. Madame of Merteuil bet on Viscount of Valmont that it could not flirt with her. She falls in love with Viscount of Valmont but he finishes leaving her to be with the marquise. Finally she died because of the notice of the dead of the Viscount. 3- Write a description of the most representative locations of the age, like the lounges (living rooms), the bedrooms or the gardens. Lounges - The lounges were places where the illustrated were sitting down and conversing on diverse topics. They were possessing several seats and were very well decorated. There were offering exotic products at who they were present. Bedrooms - They were very wide rooms with a high bed. The bed had a few long supports that were covered with curtains. There were many furniture because they were a symbol of power and wealth. Gardens - The gardens were very big and were very elegant. One saw as symbol of being able to have a nice and big garden. 4- Do you think that they are genuine people? What do Mme de Merteuil and the Viscount of Valmont use to dress up in front of the people? Which physical or material elements do they use to build their social identity?


We think that they are genuine people because they behave in private of a form and in public different. They were helped of others to dress correctly. In addition they use a heap of useless devices and tools as powders of talc in the face or the simple wigs. The powders of talc in the face, the wigs, the voluminous dresses, the corsets or the high averages are physical symbols of the company. The behavior and the way of speaking are the principal psychic features.

5- In the film you can find people who aren’t what they are supposed to be. The society of that age was based on rules, conventions and traditions which stopped people from being what they really were. What are the objectives that each character wants to meet? What means do they use to get those objectives? Are they really happy? - It is supposed that these characters were looking for a harmony by means of physical, material and psychic rules. - To get those objectives they only have to be still the general model of life of this century without doing changes. -We think they are not really happy because they aren’t really how we are. They can’t do the things they like, they must be elegant, they must dress up some clothes… 6- Quina dona de les que hi apareixen a la pel·lícula et sembla més moderna, més atrevida, més d’acord a l’esperit del Segle de les Llums reflectit a l’expressió Sapere aude? Mme de Merteuil, Mme de Tourvel, Cécile de Volanges, sa mare…? Justifica la teua resposta. Per a nosaltres, la dona més moderna que hi apareix a la pel·lícula és Madame de Merteuil perquè ens pareix que és la més liberal de totes elles i no pensa totalment en les regles d’aquell temps. 7- Diríeu que Mme de Tourvel és una persona “major d’edat” d’acord a l’ètica de Kant? Hi ha algun canvi en aquesta situació al llarg de la pel·lícula? Justifica detingudament la teua resposta utilitzant els teus coneixements. Pensem que Madame de Tourvel, al començament de la història no és una persona major d’edat perquè segueix totes les regles i no vol canviar-les, però mentre es va desenvolupant la història, aquesta comença a canviar i a anar fent-se major d’edat. 8- La pel·lícula és una crítica a la moral i els costums de l’aristocràcia durant el segle XVIII. Elabora tú aquesta crítica. Un element molt important és l’escena final de Mme de Merteuil, el desenllaç de Valmont, etc.

Després de vore aquesta pel·lícula i la moral i les costums de l’aristocràcia del segle XVIII, hem pensat que una petita part de l’aristocràcia en aquella època no seguia les regles i feia coses malévoles, tractant de cumplir els seus objectius sense contar amb la moralitat i els principis. Ho feien per al seu propi benefici, però moltes vegades amagant el seu honor i fent-ho per darrer de tothom.

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