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Diego Peña Álvarez Portfolio

Resumé I am Diego and I´m lucky to be a designer. I´m passionate about the will to transform the world, so I´m getting prepared as good as possible to do just that. Among so many developed projects, I´ve felt particularly attached to those that look for new ways, scenarios and realities. From conceptual footwear to recycling systems, bottles, scooters and theater plays, have nurtured my love and capacity to create any kind of movement. Since I consider design as a powerful human capacity to transform the world, I´ve developed abilities when managing interdisciplinary projects, bringing design concepts to life and prototype design proposals centered on culture and human being. Diverse passions will help me design organic and well rounded projects. Thats why I look forward to merge strenghts in the field of design as well as individual likes, such as gastronomy, media, film and contemporary image.


C1 Advanced

80% 70% 60%

English Proficiency Level Cambridge University Certified

Adobe Ilustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Dreamweaver (SENA certified) 90%

90% 60% 50%

Autodesk Alias

Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Showcase

Corel Draw


Technology Scenery Graphics Gastronomy


Writing Sketching Color pencils Watercolor

Illustration Engineerings Photography Art

Video Interiorism Music Environment

Ballpoint pen Graphic layout Prototyping Public presentation



(57-1) 216 4672

Bogotรก, Colombia

(57) 310 7601787

Home Smart solutions to everyday's issues in the home environment. Focused on improving energy and resources consumption.

Intelligent faucet

“Suitable for every house space and uses�

Modular and adaptable faucet to every house, working on any space such as backyard, garage, kitchen and bathrooms. The design looks for the evolution of the current house faucet, introducing digital interaction, enhancing its functionality and versatility in four principal aspects: -Flow variety -Ergonomics (Phisical and cognitive interaction) -Time of use -Digital display with technical information

Course: Design Practice II November 2010 Partners: Stefany Molina Juan GarcĂ­a Carlos RopaĂ­n Ivonne Petecua Jorge Moyano Derly Ferrucho The product aims to a radical transformation of the common functionalities and uses given to the water in the house environment. The usability improves due to simple and universal controllers and interfaces.

Pinao tableware

“What wolud be the faith of humankind, if all continents clash together again�

Inspired by world renowned architect Renzo Piano, whose creations have came to life all over the world, contributing to cultural improvement in cities across the globe. His work reflects capacity to adapt in every given environment, creating honest and coherent spaces.


Design Lab III April 2010


Ivonne Petecua Ana María forero

“Semi-industrial tableware manufacturing”

Starting from Piano's work conceptualization, different pieces where sketched and prototyped, using clay and plaster molds.

Manufacturing is done using semi-industrial methods, which allowed the design team get familiar with some of the techniques used in the real practice. The product was developed in collaboration with experienced ceramists in Bogotá.

environment Nowadys challenges involve working towards earth and human satisfaction. Products aimed to enhance people´s interaction with the environment.

Can eater Alluminum, and particularly Aluminum cans represent one of the most critical wastes when recycling. This process not only is an environmental improvement, but helps reducing manufacturing costs in the production of the same cans, as well as helping in fields like the automobile and aircraft industries

The CanEater works with basic mechanical principles. It takes advantage of people's strenght to samsh aluminum cans used in bars, shops, and public spaces.


8bauxite kg toxic 4chemicals kg 14 energY kW/h

Percentage of energy consumption when recycling cans, compared to its initial manufacturing.

Saving for every KG of recycled aluminum

MILLIONS cans used per day




Design Practice V August 2011


Partners: Leonardo RuĂ­z Viviana Rodriguez

Samba Flowerpot

Design of a trash treatment system in the city of Bogotรก. Under the Product Service System model it seeks to lengthen the product lifecycle of recyclable disposal (paper, carboard, clean plastics) and transform it into flowerpots, using a manufacturing process similar to the used in egg boxes.


Design practice VI November 2011


Leonardo RuĂ­z Alejandra Rodriguez

According to research and surveys, delivery of an incentive would increase recycling and source separation at home.

social innovation Every design should be social, but there are special ones who allow empowerment and better life quality standards, specially for communities in need.

NIDO Temporary Shelter

“Product design and system of shelter organization�

Design response to the insufficient state of temporary shelter in Colombia, used in winter-caused emergencies (floods and landslides). Primarily promotes conservation of the comunity, from the familiy core to the entire affected community.

Participant Corona Pro Hábitat Award 2012 Course: Design Practice VI November 2011 Partners: Leonardo Ruíz Alejandra Rodríguez

The shelter structure is made of plastic and wooden pallets, which loads easilly 1000kg. Besides, these pallets are modified so it can be ensembled within the general structure of the shelter, consisting of weatherproof fabrics, steel poles, and wood sheets. All of these can be manufactured in almost any basic workshop, making it easier to expand over the Colombian territory.


“Temporary shelter for flood related emergencies�

Design proposal aimed to Colombia´s pacific ocean region. By taking advantage of rotational moulding properties, big structural panels were developed in order to endure extreme conditions present in that location.


Design Practice I April 2012


Camila Morales Cesar Jaramillo

The modular panel allows different kind of space configuration; for two, three or four people, and morphing it into spaces like bathrooms, kitchens or warehouse.

transportation People in urban areas (literallly) wastes hours and hours of their time moving around the cities. Projects that shorten those hours, or improve the conditions of the journeys

Madua eco-scooter

“Ecoefficient transportation system�

Mobility alternative to the BicirUN transportation system in the National University of Colombia. Focused on improving the lifecycle assesment on key points such as source materials, maintenance and lifecycle endpoints. Its surface is made out of a local bamboo variety (guadua), which reduces environmental impact, both in extraction and disposal.

Design for piece maintenance, exchange and recyclability

The system improves transportation inside the University campus, thanks to the development of routes, stops, and rental methods possible and viable to University's reality.

Course: Design practice V August 2011

Partners: Leonardo RuĂ­z Viviana Rodriguez

Coco Coco is a modular chair designed specifically for Bogota´s Integrated Transportation System. With the entry into circulation of more than 10.000 buses, the demand for cheap, standard meeting, and comfortable chairs will grow radically.


Práctica Proyectual VI Noviembre 2011

Both seat and back of the chair are the same mirrored piece, from a single injection mold, reducing manufacturing costs highly.


Alejandra Rodríguez Leonardo Ruíz

Meets ISO 5206 standard, making it possible of being internationally marketed

fashion As anewly explored field for me, this and future projects will aim for true recognition of people´s culture, needs, and aspirations.

Helsinki Nahka Spring/Summer 2014

Leaher shoes based on Helsinki's market, sapce and people Shoe and bag collection, designed conceptually using finnish capital as the main source. Using leather as a main material for colombian shoemakers, and colombian foot and accesories market.


Design Observatory I November 2012

The design include materials swatching and selection, pattern making, protyping and illustration. This all led to fully marketable products

This two products were fully protoyped


Lissa Muriel Julio Naranjo

Starting from a strong investigation on Helsinki's main characteristics like weather, streetview, people, transportation, activites and so on, the design was tied to three main concepts: Nature, Spirituality and Technology.

Helsinki Nahka Spring/Summer 2014

Along the design process, some sketches and illustrations were done in order to visually represent the characteristics of the collection

The illstrations were developed along with the products, to communicate graphically the design concept

For further information about this project go to the blog

graphics Allong to smart products, ellegant and simple graphics help communicate ideas, concepts and expereicnes the best possible way.

Illustration / Infographics / Logo / Editorial *illustration


*logo design


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Soluciones y Aplicaciones Estadísticas S.A.S.

Soluciones y Aplicaciones Estadísticas S.A.S.

*editorial ergonomía organizacional

Universidad Nacional de Colombia Facultad de Artes Escuela de Diseño industrial

Diseño y ergonomía: una forma de ampliar la mirada a la complejidad sistémica de las organizaciones Nociones de organización y ergonomía, estudiantes y docente de Diseño industrial de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

leonel carolina mónica juan pablo lady linda catalina felipe diego nicolás juan camilo john

“custom typography using every-day objects”

*Under constant updating

Diego Pe単a Alvarez Universidad Nacional de Colombia June 2012

diego diego pe単a alvarez portfolio

Design Portfolio - Diego Peña Alvarez  

Industrial design portfolio, by Colombian student and soon-to-be industrial designer, Diego Peña Álvarez