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Diego Orlandi Via Emanuele Filiberto 191, Rome, 00185 + 39 3470106328 (ITALIA) + 49 15203235159 (DEUTSCHLAND) October 31st, 1982 Italian, Chilean

Academic Experiences: • '00 - '07 • Name of educational institution

• Principal topics/ professional abilities

Attended a 5-year masters' level course on architectural engineering in Pavia, Italy. Università di Pavia, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Edile e del Territorio. My thesis work aimed at merging bioarchitecture and restoration; it consisted in the realization of a tourist hotel / traditional restaurant by restructuring an abandoned rural dwelling in Puglia, Italy. Environmentally-friendly technologies were applied to make the project energetically sustainable. In this work I conducted a historical study on the

traditional rural constructions in the surroundings, studied solutions for the restructuring of the existing structure, and planned new ones. I also conducted structural analysis on some of these structures.

• '05 • Name of educational institution

• Principal topics • '96 -'00 • Name of educational institution

• Principal topics/ abilities

Attended an exchange program with an Architectural Faculty in Chile under the Socrates convention with the U. of Pavia. Universidad Central de Santiago de Chile, Architecture faculty. Attended courses in Spanish which were in accordance with my studies in Pavia. Attended and graduated at a scientific specialized High School in New York City. The Bronx High School of Science. Attended college-level courses in mathematics, physics, and English.

Working Experiences: • '09 - '10 • Main mansions and responsibilities

• '10

Freelance professional. Drafting and design of solar and renewable energy systems, structural analysis, 3d rendering, graphic and web design, private lessons. Currently collaborating with the studio Solidus srl., Rome. Structural drafting and design, from preliminary to detailed design, 3d rendering, graphic and web design.

• '09 • Main mansions and responsibilities

• '09 • Main mansions and responsibilities

• '08 • Main mansions and responsibilities

Collaborated with the studio Surf Engineering srl., Rome. Drafting and design, from an urban scale to executive drawings, 3d rendering, graphic and web design. Worked for one month for the firm Centro Costruzioni srl. Apprenticeship as construction supervisor. Worked in the Arch. studio P. Ferro as renderer. Rendering architectural projects.

• '08

• Main mansions and responsibilities

• '07 - '08

• Main mansions and responsibilities

• '98 - '07 • Main mansions and responsibilities

Worked for two months at an architecture firm in Pavia, Studio Matassa, specialized in urban planning, urban systems, and architectural design. Drafting with CAD, working mostly on preliminary projects starting from topographical projections or from scratch. Being able to draft quickly and to interpret and respond to the senior architects' ideas were my main tasks. Worked for two consecutive years at a printing and publishing shop during my studies, specialized in color prints, architectural plotting, and commercial graphic design. Reference Unicopy srl. tel. +39 0382 301603 Costumer service, working various plotting, printing, and graphic design softwares in a local network, handling heavy paperwork. Part-time experiences: Valid working experience in numerous odd-jobs such as: construction, indoor and outdoor house renovations, customer-service, working the cash register, working for callcenters (in-bound and out-bound, 3 months in Pavia and 2 months in Germany), waitering, etc...

Skills, Further Information: Mother-tongue Other Languages

• Reading / Writing / Oral expression

Relational Capabilities:

Organizational Capabilities:

Italian, Spanish, English. French, Portuguese, German Elementary / Elementary / Satisfactory Experiences in an international environment. Lived for ten years in New York, studied English, Italian, French, and Spanish. Open-minded to relationing with different cultures and peoples, interested and informed in international news and politics, as well as our contemporary history. Group-work experiences at the Arch. Eng. faculty has taught me the importance of putting in priority the collective goal of establishing a project and a working method, by putting forth only the personal doubts or objections that could be vital to the project and to its schedule, in order to prevent difficulties but rather to work in a collaborative manner.

• Graphic and architectural design and drafting (Autocad, Software Knowledge:

Sketchup-3d, Photoshop, Illustrator, Artlantis, Archicad, Studio Max, Freehand, ...). MS Office.

• Structural Analysis on sap2000. • Basic knowledge of html. • A series of modelling and composing audio softwares (Reason, Wavelab, Sony Acid Pro, Audacity). Artistic Capabilities:

Drivers' Licence:

Rome, September 2010

Attended various free-hand courses, I also draw frequently on my spare time. Musical capacities at reading notes, playing violin, guitar, and percussions. Car drivers' licence B, car-equipped.


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