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Low Wind One MW Wind Farm ’s 10 Low Wind 100 KW Turbine’s Cost ≈ One-MW Lift Turbine

151 ft. 46 m.

Statue of Liberty

232 ft. 71 m.

200 ft. 61 m.

Low Wind 100 KW Turbine

Boeing 747

One MW Turbine

328 ft. 100 m.

360 ft. 110 m.

Football Field

394 ft. 120 m.

Soccer Field

558 ft. 170 m.

Washington Monument

Overview Low Wind Drag-Type 100 KW Wind Turbines and a Low Wind One-MW Wind Farm Comparative sizes of the Low Wind and Lift-Type Turbines, and well-known familiar objects Copyright © 2013 - Low Wind LLC

7MW, and up, Turbines and experimental Airborne Tethered Wind Turbines

939 ft. 286 m.

Wind turbine comparison  
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