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Tourist Sites of Guatemala

Diego MartĂ­nez

IximchĂŠ This park/archaeological site of Cackchiquel origin is located south of the municipality of TecpĂĄn, Chimaltenango; and consists of a wide variety of Mayan buildings among which are ancestral temples and areas for ball game.

IximchĂŠ is a beautiful Mayan ceremonial center where different ancestral and even current rituals have been celebrated, typical of the Mayan descendants. This is one of the main reasons why it has gained fame and visits by locals and foreigners for its cultural and religious importance.

Quetzaltenango maintains the commitment of culture and traditions that in a deserved moment made it known as “Cradle of the Culture�, proof of it is the welcome that Xela gives to its visitors with an emblematic monument in each one of the main entrances to the city. Cradle of great musicians, poets, sculptors, among other artists, have given renown to Quetzaltenango and Guatemala, as Efrain Recinos, Rodolfo Galeotti Torres, Jesus Castillo, Rodolfo Robles, Werner Ovalle Lopez, Domingo

Bethancourt Mazariegos, WotzbelĂ­ Aguilar and Mariano Valverde among others. The Historic Center of the city is a true expression of neoclassical architecture, monumental architectural works built with stone extracted from local quarries and buildings that currently house financial institutions, cultural, state as well as a wide range of cosmopolitan cuisine and nightlife. The colonial layout, its stone bridges, sculptural monuments, emblematic monuments such

Xela as the Temple to Minerva and cobblestone streets scattered throughout the city make each tour surprise visitors with stories and legends of Xela. Experience that extends visiting the General Cemetery rich in architecture and history of the Guatemalan liberal period. There are several museums and cultural centers in different parts of the city where you can appreciate and learn more about the historical, archaeological, cultural, traditional and artistic wealth of the department. An architectural jewel of the historical center is the Centennial Municipal Theater.

San Felipe de Lara Castle National Historical Monument, located at the mouth of the Río Dulce, Izabal, was erected to prevent English pirates from entering Guatemalan territory, since it had cannons that repelled these attacks that invaded the area, taking advantage of the country’s economic route.

a military center, prison and customs center and has also become one of the most important tourist sites in the area.

It has guided tours to appreciate the facilities that have been restored, boats that take walks in its surroundings and from the top of the tower you can enjoy beautiThis monument served as ful views of the place.

Lake Atitlรกn is located in a huge volcanic crater in the mountains of southwestern Guatemala. Surrounded by steep and lush hills, the area is famous for its Mayan villages and volcanoes with pointed cones. Panajachel, a bustling town where traditional textiles are sold, is a good base for exploring the lake. The Atitlรกn nature reserve is located on an old coffee plantation with trails and a butterfly farm.

Lake Atitlรกn


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Tourist Sites of Guatemala UMES EN  

Tourist Sites of Guatemala UMES EN