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My family is very important to me, because they can help when I need help and they are always with you also you can trust them and it is very important have a good communication for that everyone get along. I like to spend a lot time with my family because every Sunday going out to eat at a different restaurant and is very funny, because I spend more time together, also once a week we going to see my grandmother because she is sick. My family is very funny and likes to tell a lot jokes, I love spending time with them because my all family is very friendly and also my cousins play the guitar at every family reunion. My family is very large, we are 40 members and every one of my cousins has 3 childrens and the majorly are women and is beautiful because I can share a lot time with them and my family is very important to me because I can trust them and the values that have always thought me, also because I like to share with my family more time than any person.

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Paragraph of my family.... by Marilyn García