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The End Transmogrify by mind into transcendental Kali gore Hail it down on the earth. My essence to combust into the glorious pandemonium of the fin daze of the slave state. Let the donnybrook reign for all the tragedians will rest in the cinerarium lets have a mess of the synchromesh. Hail Onanism!, the son of Juda who spilt his seed on the ground here lies your origins. The sick garble of your metaphysical reality ignored a vacuous existence find your little niche your societal Suigeneris in the vacuole of society UNtil one day the paroxysm’s expound out of control the Duodenum erodes spilling stomach acid all over the tops of your guts. You melt from the inside out.

A NOTE Mattress sopped in gore testosterone driven. Magna Carta revolving back again. French kiss tongue twist, lizard lips un-digestion falling out of an elephants gaping ass on a good day were someone actually takes an interest in your name. You can see in the sand the drawings of Cholesterol in the afternoon raise. With the puffs and disperses of the 2nd hand poison. Alcohol is the good company tonight. Again full participation in the ritual. Your skin is like a sock puppet for your consciousness, those sick fucks. The battlefield constantly expanding in terrain and difficulty in crossing. Questing is the ultimate mountaintop to be climbed. Steps to be taken, a sermon to be delivered. Well manicured, pomp and crisp. As if the man had taken a sauna featuring blow dry via thousands of gusts of wind from angel babies. Crystal rock must be inhaled. No saving the world today. Today we inhale the sacred rock! Tomorrow always looks better today. Under the bed where we hide. There is a case. In which you will find a gun. Under the gun is a note. It is from the director. It reads DEAR, BURD THE FALTY WIRING OF THE SAID DEVICE 33161322 IS NOW IN POSSESSION OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ULTRASOUND MONITORING. We have investigated your claims of involuntary governmental fraud, corruption and anti social disgruntlism, under the context of inflation, duration of which has come to be known as subjective starter fluid for more disgruntalism we have found that due to your individual disaffection the poor conditions will now be fixed without a due process via showdown with shottys drive by in limo battle sex mobile cum/buck shot battle dance. ATTN# PERSON OF IMPORTANCE. NECESSARY DOCUMENTATION FOR TOP ULTRA SUPER SENSATIVE MATERIAL TO BE DISCUSSED AS SOON AS THE FORTRESS IS IMPOUNDED VIA THE BROTHERS SAND INC. IN DIS UNIT. KLESMER KIRMIT IN A BONNOT GANG CLEARLY DECIEVING THE IGNORANT CHEERLEADERS FOR THE DICKENS AND REDUNDANCE UNDER THE RECYLEING WAISTOID REGIME. BELIEVE IN CLEAVER PEOPLE CHEATERS OF THE DEATH NOTE WROTE FOR THOSE WITH CONCIOUSESS. THOSE WITH PRESCRIBED MORRALITYS ARE DYEING AND DECOMPOSING SEWING THE SEEDS FOR A FANTASITIC CREATURE TO BE AWAKENED AT A FAST APPROACHING DATE. NOTHING SEEMS OF MUCH IMPORTANCE BUT SEXXXX XXX XXX OOOOX XOXOXOXXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX THE MUSIC WAS GOOD

Self Defense is Intelligence

Choose to shoot with utmost precision your Sig Saur .45 German fine fire arm aim carefully close one eye brace and squeeze release the metal powder explode combustion propel the discharge of metal through the vital organ of a Homo sapien who maintains the tyranny of rationality.

How I Feel A portly pig yelling angrily dastardly foul I wanna roast over a pear sauce another warted face another surface salve another angry master a dragon by the aqueduct another substance-less day another dead cat on the side of the road a woman pleasing her man a man investigating interesting topics for conversation getting to know one another a satellite observing children masturbating in bubble baths a butcher making love to a steer carcass a white man cash crops in new Mexico call for chariots and luxury Taco Bells a large phallic structure in the sunset a boring old cow watching David Letterman a boring old cow watching Dave Lennno a Chinese immigrant a kicked dog a dying duck a copied piece of paper Xeroxed to death under the shadow of the flavor of the starburst bubble of the housing market, taste the rainbow, gay rights, taste the gay, under new circumstances, in the closet, Don't want it like that, children wondering waiting for the agony of the school day, work week, dead meat, under old stars hanging out still, under the old sun which will die soon, next to big brother who cares, and militants with a good heart, if only they had the artillery, under the CCTV watching it all from underground bunkers in new Mexico, hanging out with the Anunnaki, some strange Asian dish named alien group who enslaved us, because we still read the bible, and humans are inherently incorruptible, we all know, But then the master is still the slave and slave is still a slave. Under bed sheets of sex. Odd smells. Tired tired, getting older tired of the same shit dead under the sea aqua zombies 10,000 leagues under the sea. Monster apocalypse rosy red machine gun nest blazing chop chop chop cut cut cut deaaaaaaaaaay after daaaaaaayyyyyyy I will chop and chop and chop and hamburgulurize the nation of its dept to China in order to SAVE THE USA and TAKE back America. WE are the best. The boys in blue. Hallelujah for the saving grace of JESSUS.

Depressing Scene

Fractured skull helpless lingering trigger warning anxiety child wandering through the battlefield in the danger zone pampers are full mother is gone daddy is dead baby is fed cats in the corner is getting a boner lick lick lick its little testes in bombed out shells of cities cry no more granite countertops in the Poison in the well hi my name is creeepy Jesus heavenly doughnuts gaudy baked potatoes Born soldier born clown Were all going in the ground

The Coming Landscape Military death camp military death camp military death camp child soldier crazed antler face foaming at the mouth neon green nuclear sunset haze over the mountains of bodies the cream of the crop all ways raised can we gather enough arms to prevent the storm no its enviable radiation clouds inhale taste the sweet future America Problems too large and mounting.


Burn at the stake! Burn the wicked men at the stake! Let the lizard pope walk among the battlefield in the end! The alien god will host a thousand more probing sessions! Before the year is up! Necromancy probing! Jesus will save the roman empire once again! Faltered by unfaltering remarks about your beauty you Feel really appreciated! But the cold is sharp and begins biting your flesh! Hard throbbing! Piercing the steal underbelly of stealth bombers! dropping care packages or Police helicopters dropping satchel charges burning down city blocks in Philadelphia M.O.V.E. into reality that power concedes nothing with out a fight! So take to the nights and slit the throat of the hoarders of plastic!

The End 2 Chicken in the African baths of Sumerian alien air craft in the afternoon of the red moon the blood was let in the eye of the old Jerusalem choir singing for the second coming of the seven horsemen the great apple in the mouth of the snake feeding the infant by the river. Bite, bite, bite, infinite munch in to the snakes fangs. Convulsions poison, foaming, cutting in and out of consciousness. The great geometry seen> release then death. In the absurdity of the real truth of the golden arches the sigilization of the landscape into the ordinary of today's post structuralism co opted hell. All against all. In secret unrealized fashion. Enlighten henchmen serving the sacred order of sin under the robes of the pope gathering the colonies of children under the catholic churches new calendars for the new years. Divided by arbitrary divisions Understand that so many mouths to feed, starve inevitably. Calling all units, Calling all units. The cardinal was out fornicating again. Then the satellite drew in closer bouncing back signals to the local mercenaries in blue. Now armed with predator drones dropped a few bombs, with a higher IQ then the average American, on the shit talking cardinal, devolving his ass into a melted glob of molten flesh precluded buy eyes liquefying, muscle tissue swelling and then bursting in a splash. Roger... good eye. The bastards are now walking the plank. The invisible insurgent individual liberation front for autonomous anatomy are now confronted by a clown car filled to the brim, performing the heaviest fire powered drive by shooting. Leaving a mutilated mess. Small cells of police pigs challenge the events; however, their minority numbers leave them powerless. The shark brigade trends the fence between the two sides.. Vincent price Cackling, cackling ensues the air. A great red must fills the room. Praise the ultimate fluxxy fluff of the grad Baroness. Suddenly all of mans imaginary lines, the worlds borders, territorial boundaries and political lines, lifted from their place and swarmed overhead condescending into one gapping hole in the sky. With the force of the devastating splat of a thousand bodies in a cattle car run off the tracks they formed a great black hole in which a monstrous beast emerged. Tri headed with the child molesting head of Christopher Columbus, the failed artists aesthetic vengeance supervillian power of Super Hitler, and the wrinkled face of Margaret Thatcher, the torso of a pregnant cow with protruding breasts, the legs of a 666 snake and the arms of the great burly WWE fighter, Randy Macho Man Savage. The eyes of the three evil ones rolled back their mouths open letting out a void of a complete absence of matter and a swirling drove of flies. Which consumed the closest onlooker in a screaming fit of torture. Everywhere the snake man beast traveled, steaming flats of asphalt followed like a slug's slimy path. Good citizens emerged to bow to the great creature. Shackles, coming out the great beast ass, stretched the worlds corners bonding with the worlds citizenry via ingested through their oral cavities. Everywhere men followed the great beast tethered in a symbiotic nature. Tired men fell to their knees and inevitably to their faces where they were torn by the fresh hot asphalt. Losing all strength unable to resist every bit of their body was ripped and mangled to shreds by a terrible road rash inflected death. The beast march continued until it finally dissented the great valley at sunset where he was met by the grand cardinal with protruding

puffed breast, the great cardinal, who was perched in the window of a massive floating Swedish styled coco clock. A massive bird of two stories. Said ahhhhhhhhhhh. Destiny. The people have followed their pasts, their history, the ultimate achievement of animal husbandry, the domestication of man in the footsteps of their forefathers they have committed the complete suicide. I, the great faith will now feast on their feeble broken bodies. Pluck pluck pluck (heads popping off). The end of the world.




DIEgestive System Free Association.

The Message Still Remains  

By:Tyler Bristow

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