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SIMPLE PRESENT: LIKES AND DISLIKES. WOULD LIKE AND GERUNDS 1. Read the article When an Interest becomes an Obsession. Which hobbies/collections does the article talk about?

WHEN AN INTEREST BECOMES AN OBSESSION Whether it's collecting coins, supporting your favorite football team, or just shopping, most people have some kind of interest. But what happens when that interest becomes the most important thing in your life? When does an interest become an obsession? Take Bob Martin, for example. In 1988, he went to see the musical Cats at the New London Theatre. He enjoyed it so much he went to see it again. And again. And again ... every week for fourteen years! He travelled 52,000 miles and saw the show 795 times, spending a total of £20,000. “I don't drink, smoke or run a car, so I could just about afford it,” says the 71-year-old. But sadly Bob is now looking for a new hobby. The show closed last year after a sixteen-year run in London. For some it's musicals that keep them coming back for more. For others, it's ... fast food. Peter Holden, from Washington DC, eats an average of two McDonald's meals a day. He has eaten at more than 11,000 McDonald's (there are 13,500 of them in the whole of the USA) and says, “I'm a collector of the McDonald's dining experience.” He is 1.9 m tall and weighs 90 kg - he says he doesn't put on weight partly because he is lucky and partly because he doesn't eat the fries. Most people collect something at some time in their life, whether it's dolls, trading cards or even stamps, but few take their collections as far as Rodolfo Renato Vazquez, who has the world's largest collection of books, posters and even life-size models related to his heroes, The Beatles. He divides his collection between his apartment and the club he owns in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he now organizes a regular Beatles event which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. But the 6,000 or so items in Rodolfo's collection are nothing compared to the 20,000 items belonging to Jason Joiner - all related to the Star Wars films. His collection includes an original Darth Vader costume! But such obsessions can have unfortunate results. John Weintraub became obsessed with collecting plastic figures of US presidents given as free gifts in packets of breakfast cereal. After two years, he had the whole set apart from Thomas Jefferson. Weintraub was so desperate to get the last one he broke into a factory and opened every box he could find. He was seen by a guard, arrested and sent to prison. “It's OK though,” he said, “because at my first prison breakfast I opened the cereal packet ... and out came Jefferson.”

2. Who does each of these statements refer to? Explain your choice. a. He has the largest collection of memorabilia, b. He now has to find something else to spend his money on. c. He's careful about what he eats, d. His obsession made him into a criminal, e. People come from other countries to see his collection. f. He spent most of his money going to see a show. 3. Which of the obsessions do you find the strangest? Do you know of any other people who have become obsessed in this way? GERUNDS (-ING FORMS) AFTER VERBS OF LIKING AND DISLIKING A. Gerunds (-ing forms) are like nouns or pronouns. We use them: a. as the subject of the sentence. Spending time with my friends is very important to me. b. as the object of the sentence. / find washing up really relaxing. c. after prepositions. She's crazy about shopping.


Many phrases expressing likes and dislikes are followed by a gerund.

He's crazy about 1 don't like buying playing chess. clothes. 1 really enjoy shopping. They can't stand losing. I love getting presents. I hate getting up early. She's keen on travelling.

LIKE DOING AND WOULD LIKE TO DO A. We use like to talk about things that we enjoy. My little brother likes horror films. If we put another verb after like, we use the -ing form. I like staying in bed late. He doesn't like lying on the beach. B.

We use would like to talk about things we want. I would like is more polite than I want. I'd like a new tennis racket for my birthday. If we put a verb after would like, we use the infinitive with to. I'd like to speak to the manager, please.

REMEMBER! We often use Would you like ...? for an offer. Would you like some coffee? Notice that the answer is: Yes, please, or Yes, I'd love to. (not Yes, I'd like. or Yes, I'd love. C. Other verbs with gerunds / infinitives follow a similar pattern. a. Verbs which express general likes / dislikes take the -ing form. She loves horse-riding. b. Verbs that express particular wishes for the future take the infinitive form. I'd love to come with you. She hopes to do a course in computer science.

4. Complete the gaps with one word only. a. Karen _________ chocolate: she is8. Choose the correct alternative. a. assist at / go to see / visit a musical specially keen _________ white b. collect / put on / play stamps chocolate. c. do / make / play chess b. Dave doesn't _________ buying d. do / make / play a model airplane presents for his family. In fact, he can't _________ it! c. Hazel is crazy _________ watching9. Complete the sentences with one word only. a. _________ you like to come to our Formula One on TV, but she doesn't house for dinner next week? like football or tennis very _________. b. My mother _________ like ironing, so d. Simon _________ enjoys sunbathing my father does it. because he _________ lying down and c. I don't like this music at all: it _________ also because he's _________ on like cats fighting! reading. d. _________ you like living in the city e. Bill hates long car journeys, but she centre? loves _________ by train. e. Unfortunately, I _________ afford that new computer game. 5. Make true sentences about your own likes. f. _________ does your new teacher look like?' - 'She's small and dark.' 6. Make these sentences true, using the -ing form. 10. Choose the correct alternative. a. I find cooking very relaxing. b. _________ can be stressful. a. I'm the only person in my family who c. I'm (not) very interested in _________. isn't keen about / in / on sport. d. I find _________ quite boring. b. Angela is absolutely crazy about / of / e. _________ is good fun. with all kinds of pop music. f. _________ is bad for you. c. Simon really looks as / like / same his g. _________ is good for you. father h. My friend _________ (name) is crazy d. How is / What was / Did the weather about _________. like while I was away? i. I think _________ is difficult. e. I'm not / can't / don't stand dogs -they j. _________ can be very dangerous. frighten me! f. I real / really / very enjoy going to the 7. Complete the table with a word from the cinema. How about you? word family. Adjective Verb Noun to obsess obsessed to weigh X X desperation collection


About the video 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

What would you if you were him? What do you think it happened? Why doesn’t she want to talk to him? Things you like doing to flirt with a girl. If you don’t have any, what would you like her/them to do? Thins you like a woman doing to flirt with you. Things you don’t What do you like doing when you are alone? In your bedroom? What things do you hate/like/love your siblings do? What things do you hate/like/love your parents do? What things do you hate/like/love your friends do? What thing you do your siblings hate/like/love? What things you do your parents hate/like/love? What things you do your friends hate/like/love? What offers you would/n’t accept? Why?