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Glad to have you back – just over one hundred years later. Same place. Grundsund. Returning to our roots gives us the greatest pleasure. The building behind Anders, Hanna, Stig-Arne, and Erik housed our first Didriksons factory. This is where it all began in 1913 – when Hanna and Julius Didrikson started making waterproof garments for local fishermen. The Didriksons brand was born.

We’re proud to present a continuation of our anniversary collection that we released last year. A new collection inspired by our history. We searched our archives, extracted details, and generated our own interpretation – while paying tribute to our predecessors who laid the foundation for what you hold in hand today.

We hope you’ll enjoy this edition of DIDRIKSONS ORIGINALS 1913.

A PROUDLY MANAGED HERITAGE Managing 100 years of tradition is a challenging responsibility. We bear the Hannah and Julius legacy in everything we do. We delve into our archives with utmost respect, and we find fascinating treasures and details. A gold mine of knowledge and professional pride has sustained our company all these years. We chose to make our ORIGINALS 1913 collection a tribute — a way to preserve the memory and continue the tradition. Our next 100-year anniversary is just 99 years away. We move forward, look ahead, to the horizon.

A number that’s part of our name. The year that Grand Central Station opened in New York City and Richard Nixon was born. Just one year after the Olympic Games in Stockholm. It’s also the year when Hanna Didrikson wrote 1913 on Didriksons first accounting ledger’s front cover. With squiggly handwriting, she wrote the numbers you see above. These are Hannah’s handwritten digits, which are displayed on all garments in our ORIGINAL 1913 collection. A small tribute to our history and inheritance.

we love rain but hate to get wet Waterproof. A word that drives our operations. Rain and water form the foundation of our existence, so naturally, we love rain. But that’s no reason to enjoy getting wet. Our clothes are designed to keep moisture out. A hundred years ago, flax oil was used to coat cotton garments. Today, we work with functional design that leads to functional materials in multiple layers, taped seams, and waterproof zippers. But sometimes, like when we developed our ORIGINALS 1913 collection, we take a half step back and make garments in classical PU (also called Galon®). Why? Just because we can – and because the garments are very stylish and waterproof, of course.

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Not all garments in our ORIGINALS collection contain Galon速. We work with many other materials. A critical success factor for us: our garments must be comfortable to wear. Waterproof garments naturally form the foundation. But we also believe that garments must catch the eye. So we do what we usually do: we design garments to be functional and comfortable. Then we add cut, details, and materials that gives them that particular Didrikson look. Consequently, form and function go hand-in-hand in the rain. And you stay dry with style.


Details make the man and the woman. When we started to work with our ORIGINALS 1913 collection, we put extra focus on the small details. Corduroy around collars and cuffs. Fleece lining on collars and contrasting inner linings. Waterproof buttons with a vintage copper look and embossed logo. We attend to the small ripples and the big waves on the ocean’s surface.


C A R L J A C K E T 5 0 0 1 2 9 , P I G M E N T- D Y E D C O T TO N

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S K U T E V I K L A D Y ’ S PA R K A S 5 0 0 0 6 2 , G A LO N ®

Skutevik. It’s more than a bay on the backside of Grundsund’s island. It’s also a jacket that has taken one hundred years to develop – a truth with modification of course. But all one hundred years of experience and knowledge went into this seemingly simple jacket. Made in classic Galon®, with a neat denim lining. Waterproof buttons in antique-copper finish. We retrieved details, such as corduroy collars and cuffs, from old jackets in our archives. Back then, this material was used to absorb water and prevent it from flowing into necks and sleeves. This model has a classic threequarter length and a hood fitted with a drawstring for smart adjustment. The fit is modern. Spacious pockets are lined with denim and corduroy. A jacket that bears our name and tradition with pride. It’s not a garment you just buy; it’s an investment. An investment in a dry, comfortable, fashionable future. Wear your Skutevik in good health. We’re proud of it. Karl & Ludvig. Didriksons design team.


Summer is a time for relaxation, contemplation, and spending time with near and dear ones. It’s a time to greet the ocean and find small treasures along its coastline. Perhaps a crab? A small piece of driftwood? Or, just the sun setting. All these small things together make up the sum total of your summer. Memories to look back on and bring some light into the dark winter nights that we all know will come. Didriksons love summer.

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Stig Arne. Please allow us to introduce our friend. A man who symbolizes Grundsund more than we do. He personifies the essence of Grundsund. Straightforward, with a twinkle in his eye and a sense of security that no trends in the world can unsettle. When we first met Stig Arne, he thought we were a few strange birds that landed outside his boathouse by the Grundsund pier. What were we doing there? When we talked about what we were doing and that we would be happy to have him as our model for some pictures he just laughed, lit his pipe, took a deep puff, and said “Why not?”. It was the beginning of our relationship with this most brilliant man who was born and raised just behind Didriksons factory by the Grundsund pier. Here he has his boathouse, which he seldom or never leaves. Occasionally, he has taken a boat over to the other side of the canal for a beer, but that was many years ago. We tried to invite Stig Arne to dine with us, but he just politely declined, and said, ”That’s not for me, I’ll just stay here. Besides, I have a bad back.” When Stig Arne was young, he was errand boy on the pier and frequently delivered goods to Hanna Didriksons, who lived to be more than 90. He told us several lovely stories about Hanna, which we won’t mention here. If you want to hear them, then head for the Grundsund pier. There you’ll find Stig Arne in his boathouse, and if you’re lucky, he might tell you the stories. Otherwise you’ll have to settle for the view and the feeling of tranquility that will surround you. Welcome to Grundsund. SKUTEVIK JACKET 500062 G A LT E N H E A V Y K N I T S W E A T E R 5 7 4 0 9 9

J Ö R G E N T- S H I R T 5 0 0 0 7 0 SKUTEVIK JACKET 500085


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