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Heart Smart Retailing A healthy heart means a healthy business

Look for the Leaders A recruiting strategy to multiply your success

1,000 Presidents Are you next?

Making the world healthier.

Who We Are

A Premier Nutrition and Weight-Management Company with an Unparalleled Business Opportunity

Global. Improving lives in 63 countries, on six continents through a network of over 1.5 million Independent Distributors.

Opportunity. Offering anyone, anywhere, a proven business opportunity that empowers people to achieve their dreams, goals and ambitions.

Personalized. Focusing on each customer’s unique needs and providing the personal attention to help them achieve their goals.

Innovative. Developing the best weightmanagement, targeted nutrition, and energy and fitness products, backed by world-renowned doctors and scientists.


from the CEO

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erbalife, Team H

ew Year, Happy N





Take Heart in Your Business

Look for the Leaders

Are You Our Next President?

Herbalife’s heart health products present a huge opportunity for you. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Finding future leaders within your downline is an effective way to develop your organization. Top Distributors show you how they do it.

Herbalife is about to celebrate over 1,000 President’s Team members. Are you next?

departments 3

Letter from the CEO

Michael O. Johnson talks about the value of setting goals. 6


Read how Mark Hughes’ messages continue to help Distributors grow their businesses. 8

Direct from the Doctor

Dr. Ignarro discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy heart for overall health. 10 Living Fit Dr. Gratton shares tips for keeping your heart healthy and strong. It’s easier than you think.

Jeff B. - 13 “Losing 105 pounds changed my whole life.” Lynn R. - 14 “Niteworks® gave me back my life.” 16 To Do Make the Cut - 16 There’s still time to requalify. Don’t miss out on the Royalty points and other advantages. Remind your downline today. Get Ready for Extravaganza - 17 Herbalife’s biggest event of the year is almost here. Make your plans now!

11 Fast Facts Read these important statistics on cardiovascular disease.

18 Giving Back See how Chairman’s Club members Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier are helping children in need.

12 Success Stories Christine W. - 12 “This has improved every aspect of my life.”

46 Snapshots Troféu Brasil de Triathlon and Laguna Phuket Triathlon.

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what’s | new

Distributors on the Rise 26 Karla Sharke 26 Hal Koppel President’s Team 27 Maricela Cervantes & Felipe Curiel 28 Nancy & Rickey Franks 29 Mariana & Arnulfo Gonzalez 30 Jim & Caryn Kyzer Millionaire Team 31 Nathan Coates 31 Montakia Dance 32 Zenaida & Mario Diaz

Live from Los Angeles

Going on tour

Hip, Hip Toray!

Herbalife’s corporate headquarters is moving from Century City to L.A. Live, a new, four-million-square-foot sports and entertainment district in downtown L.A. The highly anticipated move is scheduled for early 2008.

Herbalife is proud to be the Official Nutrition Company and Founding Partner of the 2007 Amgen Tour of California cycling race. Seventeen of the world’s top professional cycling teams will compete from February 18-25, 2007, along a thrilling 650-mile course.

Herbalife was an Official Sponsor of the Toray Pan Pacific Open Tennis Tournament in Japan. The Toray Tennis Open serves up some of the biggest names in women’s tennis and this year delivered another all-star lineup.


Make the



honor roll


The year 2007 will bring anniversary announcements from across the globe: the 10year anniversary for Chile and Thailand; five-year milestones for Latvia, Macau and Ukraine; and Malaysia and Costa Rica will be celebrating their first year in the Herbalife family.

President’s Summit 2007 is just around the corner and it features the largest bonus payout in history at the Mark Hughes Bonus Awards. It’s an event that will have an impact on your business in 2007 and beyond!

Make sure your team is focused on qualifying for an Herbalife Vacation in 2007. Set your goals today to qualify and join us on the vacation of a lifetime. You won’t want to miss out.

32 Wayne & Denise Frette 33 Esperanza Garcia & Antonio Ortiz Garcia 33 Esperanza Grimaldo 34 Laura McGuire 34 Paula Pecorella 35 Patricia Robinow 35 Ira & Blanca Rosa Wagner 36 Philip Stine 36 Kelly Weas 37 Mario & Lourdes Zuñiga 37 Global Expansion Team 40 Top Achievers 41 Distributor Milestones 42 Worldwide Achievers

our | founder “Your success is only limited by your own imagination and your hard work.” Herbalife’s founder and first Distributor, MARK HUGHES 1956 – 2000

herbalifetoday | 5

spot | light


Over 25 years ago, a young man named Mark Hughes had a dream to make the world healthier and wealthier. That dream became Herbalife. And what Herbalife became is simply astonishing: a multibillion dollar wellness and business opportunity company with over a million Distributors, operating in 63 countries, countless satisfied customers, and a nonprofit foundation that has helped atrisk children on five continents. Can one person change the world? Absolutely! This Herbalife global wellness revolution all began with one person’s dream, his passion and his inspirational message that continues to lead people everywhere

6 | herbalifetoday


to take control of their lives. Having recently celebrated Mark Hughes Day, this is a great time to get inspired all over again by Mark’s messages–messages that so many Distributors credit with the success they enjoy today. “You must treat people with love and affection from your whole heart.” – Mark Hughes “The guiding principal behind our business has always been honoring Mark’s vision. We consider each business decision we make in terms of how Mark would view it. Does it help people? Does it create opportunity for

others? By making the health and happiness of others our top priority, we’ve become successful beyond our dreams. We know that’s what Mark always wanted.” – Norma & Roberto Nava President’s Team “Can anyone succeed at Herbalife? Yes, if you’re willing to do the work and put in the effort.” – Mark Hughes “The words of Mark Hughes are just as true today as they were when he started this great company. Any person who fully commits to this business can become

Words to Heart

One person can change the world!

financially free, just as any person who truly commits to taking the products can achieve any wellness goals they desire. We should always keep Mark’s vision in the front of our minds–because it’s how we change lives.” – Alberto Rebollo President’s Team “Everyone is part of the goal and plan of making this a better place to live. Everyone.” – Mark Hughes

“This business was built on Mark’s dream to make people everywhere healthier and wealthier. As owners of health food stores before we joined the business, that’s what attracted us to Herbalife. Today, Mark’s dream still inspires people all over the world to pursue their own dreams of better health and financial freedom. It’s hard to imagine how much better the world is because of Mark Hughes.” – Juan José Nájera & Hilda Sánchez Nájera Chairman’s Club members

“You can’t stop a good idea from taking hold and spreading.” – Mark Hughes “We were are professionals when we discovered Herbalife. We both believed our mission in life was helping people. So when we learned about Mark Hughes’ philosophy of bringing good nutrition to the world, we knew we’d found our life’s work. Ever since we became Distributors, our lives have been filled with purpose, we’re truly helping people. Mark was right: You can’t stop a good idea from taking hold and spreading.”

– Victor & Erika Slim President’s Team herbalifetoday | 7


from the Doctor

Learn about the importance of a healthy cardiovascular system from Dr. Lou Ignarro. Q: I’ve been hearing a lot about cardiovascular health. Why is it so important? A: Your cardiovascular system is literally at the heart of your overall

health. Maintaining it is crucial for a variety of reasons. It gives you energy and the ability to keep up with the daily demands of life. A healthy cardiovascular system is also essential for mental clarity and protecting you against stress. Additionally, cardiovascular health contributes to overall vitality. Q: What kinds of things can I do to improve my cardiovascular health?

** Lou Ignarro, Ph.D. Nobel Laureate in Medicine and member of Herbalife’s Scientific and Nutrition Advisory Boards

A: There are several things you can–and should–incorporate into your life to

maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Exercise is crucial. Brisk walks, sit-ups, light weight training, swimming and biking are all excellent, lowimpact and efficient exercises for any fitness level. The important thing is to do something every day. Another important factor is proper eating–and that means getting the right amount of essential vitamins and other nutrients, as well as antioxidants. Q: How does Herbalife’s Core Complex help improve heart health? A: Core Complex targets four key indicators of heart health: cholesterol,

triglycerides, homocysteine and oxidative stress.* Taking Core Complex is a great way to give your cardiovascular system the nutrition it needs every day. Whatever you do to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, the important thing to remember is to make it a priority. Exercise regularly, eat right and keep stress to a minimum. Your health depends on it.

8 | herbalifetoday

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **The Nobel Foundation has no affiliation with Herbalife and does not review, approve or endorse Herbalife products.


One-Stop Shop for Your Heart Core Complex Makes Heart Health Easy Having a healthy heart is a serious matter, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Core Complex targets the four key indicators of heart health: cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine and oxidative stress. Just take one packette a day– now that’s easy! Core Complex Taking good nutrition to heart.

living | fit


Do you have the heart of a



Champion? Enjoy a long, active life full of energy and vitality. Maintaining a strong, healthy cardiovascular system is essential to your overall health and quality of life. So why wait? Start making life choices today that will give you the heart of a champion–and the life of a winner. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Luigi Gratton, M.D., M.P.H. vice president of Medical Affairs

1. Step up your game

and Education, Herbalife

Get your body moving. Studies show that moderate physical activity can strengthen the heart. Regular exercise–jogging, weightlifting, playing sports–is key to a healthy heart and a rich and fulfilling life. Not interested in playing sports or joining a gym? Try walking. Taking 6,000 to 10,000 steps every day is terrific for your heart. A pedometer, available at any sporting goods store, can help you keep track of your steps throughout the day. Try different types of exercise, find the ones you really enjoy, and make them a regular part of your life.

10 | herbalifetoday

2. Eat like a winner

Forget the fast food. Junk the junk food. Create a heart-healthy diet. That means healthy protein, healthy fatty acids like Omega-3s, lots of water and plenty of fruits and veggies. The way you eat is important, too. So don’t skip meals. Schedule regular times for meals and snacks. And try not to eat anything within a few hours of going to bed. 3. Rest, recharge and rejuvenate

And speaking of going to bed…it’s time to get some shuteye. Sleep deprivation has been linked to an increased risk of heart problems. We’re busy people, and it can be tempting to shave off an hour or two of sleep to “be more productive.” Resist that temptation. For eight hours of every day of your life, the most productive activity you can engage in for your health is sleeping. So have a good night–and you’ll have a great life.

fast | facts Put the power of HEART HEALTH in your hands

CVD is


Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including heart disease and stroke, causes nearly 40% of all deaths annually in the U.S. and is the leading cause of death for both men and women. — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, 2006


At Risk

Approximately eight million American women are living with heart disease. Heart attacks kill six times as many women each year as breast cancer. – National Center on Health Statistics; National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute; and the American Heart Association’s Heart and Stroke Statistical Update, 2002

Big Bucks In 2001, cardiovascular disease’s economic impact on the nation, in terms of healthcare expenditures and lost productivity, was estimated at $298 billion. – New York State Department of Health, 2006


35 seconds…

an American dies from cardiovascular disease. That’s more than 910,000 deaths each year. – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, 2006

Simple as


Protecting yourself against cardiovascular disease starts with making three life choices: avoiding tobacco, becoming more active and choosing good nutrition. – American Heart Association, 2006 herbalifetoday | 11

success | stories | weight loss

13 Pounds Lost here’s how Develop a program

“This has improved every aspect of my life.” Christine W.

energy drink.

“I was at the heaviest I’d ever been,” recalls registered nurse Christine W., “My energy was so low that I’d wake up each morning thinking about how soon I could get back into bed.” As a healthcare professional, instructing people every day to develop healthier lifestyles, Christine felt like a hypocrite. “I wasn’t doing anything to help myself,” she says. So Christine decided to do something.

Before: 140 pounds

“As a registered nurse, I was

After: 127 pounds

beginning to feel like a hypocrite.”

that’s right for you–and stick with it. ●

Ask for help. Your Herbalife Coach wants you to succeed, so accept their support and guidance.

Favorites: ●

Formula 1 Vanilla or Cookies ’n Cream; “It’s a close call.” Cell Activator®, Herbalifeline® and Liftoff®

“I wanted a program with easy-toprepare meals and snacks,” Christine explains, “that wouldn’t leave me hungry an hour later.” That’s what Christine found with her personalized ShapeWorks® program. “The results were astonishing,” she says. “I began feeling more comfortable in my clothes, finding more energy to keep up with my children and having a better attitude overall. And now I have the confidence to help others reach their wellness goals!”* “I feel healthier, have more energy and have a much better attitude.”

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

12 | herbalifetoday

success | stories | weight loss

“Losing 105 pounds changed my whole life.” Jeff B. At 278 pounds, Jeff B. often found himself exhausted, stressed and suffering from several ailments. But what truly worried Jeff was far more serious. “My doctors told me if I didn’t lose weight, I would die,” he recalls. “The first thing I did after hearing this,” Jeff explains, “was look for a business my wife could take over after I died.” Ironically, that’s how Jeff discovered Herbalife.

105 Pounds Lost here’s how ●

Take the products consistently and eat right.

Exercise every day. Walk a few minutes; take the stairs; park a little farther at the mall.

Favorites: ●

All flavors of Formula 1, Peanut butter Protein Bars, Garden 7®, Herbal Aloe Drink.

“If I didn’t lose weight,

Before: 278 pounds

I was going to die.”

After: 173 pounds

As a Distributor, Jeff quickly became interested in the products. “I couldn’t button my 44-inch jeans or get into XXXL shirts,” he says. “But with Herbalife I lost 105 pounds.” No more midday napping. “I jump out of bed at 4:30 a.m.,” Jeff says. No more 44-inch waist. “I’m a 32,” he says proudly, “and a medium shirt size.” Most important, Jeff no longer worries he’ll miss out on raising his family. “I’m looking forward to a healthy future.”* “I was amazed when I tried on a tux for an Herbalife event–and it fit nicely.”

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

herbalifetoday | 13

success | stories | Niteworks


“Niteworks gave me back my life.” ®

here’s how ●

Don’t wait until you’re facing serious health problems–start taking Niteworks® today.

Make Niteworks® a part of your life every day.

Favorites: ●

Niteworks®, Liftoff® energy drink, Formula 1

Lynn R. “I pulled over to the side of the road and started crying,” recalls Lynn R., describing one of the many days he took himself to the hospital for heart related problems. “Back then, every day seemed to be about my health issues,” he says. “I was terrified I wouldn’t survive if I didn’t do something.” So Lynn called his son–an Herbalife Independent Distributor–and did something.

Cookies ’n Cream or Wild Berry flavors.

“I didn’t want the rest of my life to be about these problems.”

“I used all of the products, including Formula 1 shakes,” explains Lynn. And the results were unbelievable–80 pounds lost!” But one product in particular truly turned Lynn’s life around. “Making Niteworks® part of my morning routine gave me back my life,” he says. “I regained all the energy and vitality I’d thought I lost–and then some. And I no longer worry about my heart health. In fact, thanks to this wonderful product, I feel as strong and healthy as I did at 30.”* “I feel as strong and healthy as I did at 30.”

*These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

14 | herbalifetoday

WE DID IT! A record $3 billion in retail sales, resulting in the largest Mark Hughes Bonus Award ever!

2007 President’s Summit and Mark Hughes Bonus Awards March 21–24, 2007 Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. **These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

Full details at

to | do


the Cut

Take your place on the Active World Team

“Active World Team was my stepping stone to the TAB Team. I’m now having my downline

Great news! The Active World Team promotion has been extended into 2007. That means there’s still time to claim your spot on the prestigious Active World Team and enjoy the many benefits of this business-boosting achievement, including: • • • •

Special Active World Team recognition Your very own Herbalife-Style Experience A chance to attend the 2007 President’s Summit with your sponsor A cash bonus

work toward their Active World Team

If those benefits aren’t reason enough to put

“Hitting this milestone means I’ve shared

status, and I’m

Active World Team qualification at the top of your

Herbalife’s products with family, friends and all

on my way to

to-do list, read what qualifying has done for these

the people I care about. Qualifying for Active

Global Expansion Team members.

World Team was a great way to commemorate

Millionaire Team.”

the fact that I’ve been able to help people look

– Kathy Erickson

“Reaching Active World Team helped us realize

Global Expansion Team

how attainable each additional level is and how

– Bobby Workman

rewarding it is to move up in the Marketing

Global Expansion Team

and feel better.”

Plan, and it’s made us stronger leaders to our fast-growing team of Distributors.”

To track your qualification progress, and for

– Dawna Magliacano

more details about the rewards for achieving

Global Expansion Team

the Active World Team milestone, visit

16 | herbalifetoday

to | do

Get Ready for


Dream it. Do it.

The biggest city in Texas is hosting the biggest Herbalife event of the year. Extravaganza is coming to Dallas July 12–15, 2007, and there’s still time to make plans to attend. In a city built on big dreams and an attitude that all things are possible, it is only fitting that this year’s theme is “Dream it, Do it.”

“Extravaganza enabled me to double my royalties for the year. It was

Join thousands of Distributors who have a dream to change their lives by attending this

• Make new friends and incredible networking contacts.

the one event that literally changed

not-to-be-missed, electrifying event. “Extravaganza got me focused on my goals,” says

“It’s a great opportunity to spend time with your

Sabrina Lombardi, Global Expansion Team

downline,” says Sabrina. “And it makes you feel

member. “It set the tone for the rest of the year.”

good to be part of a worldwide family.” So mark

– Sabrina Lombardi

your calendar for Extravaganza–and get your

Global Expansion Team

Just some of the many benefits:

team ready for an event they’ll never forget. How

• Be the first to hear the biggest news

many people will you bring with you?

my business.”

of the year. • Get the edge to lift your business to new heights.

For more information and qualification go to for details. herbalifetoday | 17

giving | back



for a New Beginning

Volunteering in HFF events has deeply affected

back a portion of what Herbalife has given to us.

Mexico’s Chairman’s Club members, Enrique

It’s a blessing and a joy. We hope to set an

Varela and Graciela Mier.

example for others, so that they, too, can discover the immeasurable benefits of giving to

“HFF’s mission reminds us of where we came

those who really need it.”

from,” says Graciela. “It reminds us of when we didn’t have money or abundance earlier in our

While on vacation at the Varelas’ home, “each

own lives and also to be grateful.”

child will receive a set of clothes and have the opportunity to interact and play with some of

The couple recently invited 31 children from

our Distributors’ kids,” says Graciela.

Casa Herbalife, Iztapalapa, Mexico, Ministerios de Amor, A.C. to vacation at their home in

There are many ways to show your support for

Queretaro for Children’s Day this coming April.

this life-changing program. Getting involved in the Herbalife Family Foundation, from donating

The Varelas are a great example of how

money, clothes or food to helping establish a

Distributors are getting involved in local Casa

Casa Herbalife program in your area, are all

Herbalife programs all year long. Whether



opportunities to change people’s lives.









volunteering time at a facility, Distributors the world over are making a difference so that

For children in need, knowing someone cares

children around the globe receive healthy food

means hope for a new beginning. And there’s

and basic necessities that otherwise wouldn’t

no better time than today–right now–to show

be available to them.

your support for making the future brighter for less fortunate children.

“This vacation allows us to give beyond our own

18 | herbalifetoday

foundation and our own causes,” explains

For more information, visit:

Enrique. “It’s great to be able to share and give

Rev Up Your Resistance! Boost Your Immunity with Best Defense ™

Whether you’re preparing to enter a crowded environment, feeling under the weather, or just feeling stressed, Best Defense™ has the health-protecting ingredients to boost your body’s immune system.*

• Robust, standardized source of immune-boosting echinacea.* • 1,000 mg Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. • 25 mg zinc sulfate (7.5 mg zinc) to stimulate your cellular immune defense.*

It’s as easy as dropping a tablet in water. Enjoy Best Defense™ effershown actual size

vescent drink in two natural flavors, Orange Boost and Citrus Mint.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense ™

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. †

Best Defense™ is classified as a dietary supplement.

Take Heart In Your Business

Hearty Tips ●

Take our heart health products. It will help build your passion and belief.

Ask questions regarding specific heart health concerns. It will get people engaged in conversation.

Share the positive success stories of others who have taken the products.

Encourage customers to exercise and maintain

a healthy weight for 20 | herbalifetoday heart health.

“I ask my customers what could be more important than to educate yourself about heart health.” – Wendy Belcher Global Expansion Team Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in

know their risk

the United States today, affecting men and women of

factors for heart

every age and race. Although February is heart health

disease and if

month, it’s always a good time for people to take a closer

they know what

look at the health of their heart and cardiovascular

they can do to

system. In fact, educating people about heart health is


often the first step to success.

risk,” she says. Wendy

that also

“I incorporate heart health

asks customers about genetic concerns. “I ask if there



is a family history of heart problems,” she says. “And

conversation I have,”


usually people at least have a family member or friend

says Global Expansion

that has a heart related concern.”

Team member, Wendy Belcher. “I talk about my

Distributor Donna Demetrius targets the specific

own terrific results from

concerns of customers to help in her retailing efforts.

taking the products,”

“If they are concerned with maintaining healthy

says Wendy. “That way,

cholesterol levels already within the normal range, I

my customers know that my passion for the products

recommend Herbalifeline®,” she says. “If they are

comes from personal experience.” World Team member

concerned with maintaining healthy blood pressure

Carole Baird agrees that it’s the testimonials of people on

levels already within the normal range, I recommend

the products that get the most dramatic results. “If

Niteworks®. It’s just a matter of which product is right

people get results, they will tell the next person and so

for which person.” Finally, Donna suggests Core

on and so on,” she says. “People believe each other

Complex is a “must” for any heart health program.

more than anything they could ever read in print.”

“Core Complex is simply the one-stop shop for heart products,” she says.

Herbalife heart health products have been developed with Dr. Lou Ignarro, who is a Nobel Laureate in Medicine for

The power of prevention

research related to the cardiovascular system. Scientifically

It’s especially important to spread the message that

formulated, these products give people an important way

heart problems can be greatly reduced by making

to take control of their heart health.

healthy lifestyle choices. With the combination of exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight and

Questions produce answers

taking heart healthy supplements, you really can put

The fact of the matter is that asking questions is one

the power of heart health in your hands. And

of the best ways to produce results. Wendy Belcher

ultimately, what’s good for your customers is good for

has used this technique to her advantage. “I ask if they

your business. herbalifetoday | 21

“Give your future leaders as much time as you can–they’re the ones who make it all worthwhile.” – Estela Lopez, President’s Team

“Nurturing talent takes a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.” – Blake Morgan, Chairman’s Club Recruiting. The second “R” in Herbalife’s three “Rs”:

simply be a matter of monitoring actions. “Actions are

retailing, recruiting and retention. It’s important to

greater than words,” he says, “so I watch my team’s

understand its value. Having an effective method for

actions. And that takes work. I’d love to say I could

recruiting is key because recruiting the best people and

always identify right away who in my organization is

giving them the right guidance is how you’ll multiply your

going to become successful; it’d save me a lot of time.

success–and reap the real rewards of this business.

But what I’ve found is that you don’t always know.”

What’s your strategy?

Nurturing future successes

“My recruiting strategy is simple,” explains President’s

Blake watches for Distributors who are really making

Team member Estela Lopez. “I start by asking people

things happen, building their own downline, working

how they’re doing. If I really encourage them to tell me

hard and, most importantly, showing the desire to make

how their life is going, I usually find people say things like,

it. “Once I find someone with these qualities, particularly

‘just trying to get by,’ or a detailed explanation of their

desire, I begin the process of grooming them,” explains

problems.” And when that person asks Estela how’s

Blake. “And when I’m convinced that they’re truly ready

she’s doing? “That’s when I tell them about how great my

to become successful, I go all out. I wake them up in the

life is: the free time, the vacations, time for family, material

morning and virtually put them to sleep at night. Nurturing

things, and the personal satisfaction of knowing I’m

talent takes a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.”

financially free.” Estela finds that almost without fail, the person will ask about an opportunity for them. “Just like

Tips for Spotting Leaders:

that, I have a new Distributor,” she says.

Identifying new leaders

Look for those on your team who bring solutions to challenges.

Chairman’s Club member Blake Morgan emphasizes the importance of identifying which Distributors will become leaders. And finding these future leaders can

Pay attention to downline who attend all the events and are enthusiastic.

Watch for Distributors who make an effort to inspire others on your team.

herbalifetoday | 23


24 | herbalifetoday

You Our Next

President? Herbalife looks forward to celebrating over 1,000 President’s Team members.

“This business is all about teamwork. When Distributors lead by example and inspire their team, we just keep creating new success stories and new President’s Team members. That’s why we’re about to celebrate this amazing achievement.” – Luis Salvador President’s Team The last couple of years for Herbalife have been filled with

became President’s Team members, we opened the door

reasons to celebrate. We’ve broken revenue records and

to higher achievement for our team. Working with Edgar

given out more in Bonus Awards than ever. We’ve raised

Romero, through his persistence and willingness to be

our profile through sponsorships with world-class

teachable, for example, we helped him achieve his dream

athletes. We’ve opened new countries which means new

of reaching President’s Team. That story is playing out

opportunities. We’ve released groundbreaking products.

more and more today, President’s Team members inspiring

And, through our Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) we’ve

more President’s Team members–as Herbalife continues

extended our helping hands further than ever around the

our unstoppable growth as the most respected nutrition

world to help children in need.

company in the world. What an exciting milestone this is!”

But with all these achievements we’ve celebrated

“The President’s Team and Herbalife in general have grown

recently–achievements that have literally changed

so much because the business is all about believing that

lives–Herbalife is about to reach one milestone that is

we can better ourselves,” says President’s Team member

truly incredible. When he founded Herbalife 27 years

Dennis Dowdell. “When the people in our organization see

ago, could Mark Hughes have imagined that one day

us succeed, they believe that they can succeed

this great company would be celebrating over 1,000

themselves. And that belief works–it becomes reality. This

President’s Team members.

is truly an exciting time to be a part of Herbalife.”

One thousand President’s Team members. We’re almost

Herbalife was built on the belief that we can always better

there. Will you be next?

ourselves, that we can achieve anything we are willing to work for. The truth of that belief can be seen in the

“As a company, we are truly living Mark’s dream of

countless lives our products and opportunity have

spreading the message of good nutrition and financial

improved around the world. If you are teachable, eager to

independence,” say María de Lourdes Gutiérrez and

succeed and willing to devote yourself to helping others,

Fernando Alfaro, President’s Team members. “When a

there’s simply no milestone you can’t reach with this

Distributor reaches President’s Team, they become an

business. So wherever you are in the Marketing Plan, as

inspiration to their organization, which then sees the

we approach 1,000 members of the President’s Team,

possibility to reach for new heights themselves. When we

remember, you can get there, too.

herbalifetoday | 25

Distributors on the Rise President’s Team & Lifetime Achievement Nothing inspires like success. So as we recognize the latest achievements of these Distributors–who’ve added new diamonds to their downlines, reached 20K–50K President’s Team, or racked up millions of lifetime Volume Points–let’s draw inspiration from their successes. You too can join this list of Distributors on the Rise!

Top 1% of all earners

President’s Team 4 Diamonds

KARLA SHARKE: “This achievement brings us a new level of confidence in ourselves, our team and our customers. It also reflects our loyalty and pride to represent Herbalife.”

$1 Million Lifetime Achievement Award

HAL KOPPEL: “With Herbalife, I’ve experienced a life that has exceeded my wildest expectations. And most important to me is the person it’s helped me become. Having sold $1 million represents all the people I’ve affected through Herbalife.”

Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

26 | herbalifetoday


President’s Team

Maricela Cervantes & Felipe Curiel

Top 1% of all earners

Qualified October 2006

“We are such a fortunate family to have found Herbalife.”

When Felipe Curiel learned about the Herbalife opportunity, he was at a point in his life in which he feared he would never be successful. “Then I attended my first Extravaganza,” Felipe says, “and met a man whose philosophy would transform my life and the lives of my whole family. That man was Mark Hughes.”

What Works: ●

Learn from Herbalife’s great teacher and mentor, Jim Rohn.

“Becoming a Distributor was the best decision we’ve ever made.”

At that first Extravaganza, Felipe recalls, he learned several key lessons that helped to make him a professional success–and still help guide his business to this day. “I learned that to succeed in business,” he explains, “you must be teachable and hardworking, and you have to surround yourself with the right people.” Those people include Felipe’s wife, Maricela Cervantes, who has helped him immeasurably in the business, and his mentor, President’s Team member Alberto Rebollo.

Always be persistent, consistent and motivated.

Keep an image of your success in the front of your mind at all times.

“Now we have the joy of helping others.”

When he heard Jim Rohn’s words–“For things to improve, you have to improve”–Felipe’s life changed forever. “I took the products, lost weight, and developed a passion for Herbalife,” he says. By sharing that passion, Felipe and Maricela built a business that has brought their family an incredible life. “I have five beautiful daughters, a wonderful son and a wife I adore,” says Felipe. “When I look at how much this business has changed their lives, I know I’ll never stop spreading the message of Herbalife.”*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

herbalifetoday | 27

Top 1% of all earners

President’s Team

Qualified August 2006

Congratulations! Nancy & Rickey Franks

“Our life is incredible now.”

What Works: ●

Take the products– and develop a

With two daughters in private college and debt that just kept mounting, Nancy and Rickey Franks needed all the income they could generate. “So we worked–a lot,” recalls Nancy. “I worked long hours as a secretary, and Rickey put in 70- to 80-hour weeks at a factory, racking up all the overtime he could.”

passion for them. ●

Learn from your

“We had never saved and the debt just kept getting bigger.”

mentor. Without

“Nancy actually worked two jobs for a while,” says Rickey, “spending days as a secretary and nights and weekends at a department store. Still, we couldn’t get out of debt, and I knew the only way we’d have the life we wanted was to be our own boss.” Nancy adds, “As things got tight financially, I considered taking that second job again. So I was pretty desperate when I heard about the opportunity.”

our wonderful mentor, President’s Team member Anthony Powell, we’d never have ●

gotten here.

“No more rat race for us!”

Qualify for everything!

“Before Herbalife,” Nancy recalls, “Rickey had to work so much overtime that he hardly saw our daughters for years.” But now that the couple has built a successful Herbalife business, they enjoy leisurely lunches and quality visits with their daughters whenever they want. “We’ve even been able to give our oldest daughter the wedding of her dreams,” they explain proudly, adding that they’ll be doing the same for their youngest next year. “Life is simply awesome,” they say, “all thanks to this business!”*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

28 | herbalifetoday


President’s Team

Mariana & Arnulfo Gonzalez

Top 1% of all earners

Qualified October 2006

“I came to the U.S. with $300 and a suitcase full of dreams.”

As an engineering student, Arnulfo Gonzalez did not see much professional opportunity for himself in Mexico. “So I came to the U.S.,” he recalls, “with $300 and a suitcase full of dreams.” But when Arnulfo was unable to find the professional life he wanted in the U.S., his dreams turned into nightmares. “I was completely broke and miserable when a friend invited me to join a business called Herbalife,” he says.

What Works: ●

Keep making new dreams. Your business will make today’s dreams come true,

“I knew I’d join the President’s Team one day.”

so prepare some

Trying unsuccessfully to find the career he wanted left Arnulfo overweight and with very low energy. “My first experience with Herbalife was taking the products,” he explains, “and my results were incredible.” With newfound energy, a genuine belief in the products and an appreciation for the sincerity of the Distributors he met, Arnulfo started his business. “It was a great beginning,” he recalls. “The products nourished my body, and the events nurtured my dreams!”

for tomorrow. ●

Follow the philosophy of Mark Hughes, and grow your business on his teachings.

Believe in yourself. “I knew I’d reach

“Our reality is actually better than our dreams ever were.”

President’s Team,

“I met my wife, Mariana, thanks to Herbalife,” Arnulfo explains. “Today, we can enjoy our two beautiful children–Marco and Brianna–all the time because we’re in charge of our schedule.” For Arnulfo and Mariana, the rewards of the Herbalife business just keep coming. “We’ve been able to buy multiple homes,” he says, “including one in Mexico for my mother. This business has given us so much.”*

and I have!”

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

herbalifetoday | 29

Top 1% of all earners


President’s Team

Qualified September 2006

Jim & Caryn Kyzer

“We’re living exactly how we always wanted to.”

What Works: ●

Use the products passionately.

Follow your

Caryn and Jim Kyzer were living comfortable professional lives, Caryn as a child therapist and Jim as an accounting executive. “Then our daughter was born four months premature,” explains Caryn, “and I knew there was no way I was going back to work. I was from that point forward fully devoted to my child’s needs.” When the Kyzers found the Herbalife opportunity, they knew it was meant to be.

mentor’s guidance. ●

Invest in yourself

“We became passionate about sharing these products.”

by practicing

“The first thing we did was use the products ourselves,” they recall, “and we enjoyed phenomenal results!” The Kyzers then became passionate about sharing the products with others, growing a customer base and building an organization that would extend their business’ reach even further. “We followed our mentor’s coaching,” says Caryn, “and built a strong team dedicated to changing lives.”

personal development every day.

“Now we get to watch our daughter grow every day!”

“We just moved into our brand new home,” the Kyzers say proudly. “Jim was able to retire from a stressful commute and corporate job at the age of 36, and we can now make choices that are right for our family, like giving to our church.” But the greatest reward their business has given them comes in the little moments they enjoy all the time. “We get to watch our daughter grow every day!”*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

30 | herbalifetoday


Millionaire Team

Nathan Coates

Qualified November 2006

“I no longer live paycheck to paycheck.”

Nathan Coates worked as both a professional musician and had a corporate job for a large ministry. He realized it was simply too much work for too little pay. “I was working seven days a week and needed time to be at home to see my wife and five kids,” Nathan says. “I was looking to achieve financial freedom.”

What Works: ●

Make a plan–it will help solve any problems by keeping you

“I wanted to find a way out of the rat race.”

When Nathan found the Herbalife business opportunity, he soon discovered his own life changed. “I can actually work full time from home now,” Nathan says. “This business has given my wife Laura and me the chance to spend precious time with our kids.” “That,” Nathan adds, “is a gift that money can’t buy.”

focused. ●

Follow the guidance of your Herbalife mentors.

Be consistent–it will pave the way

“Now I can leave a legacy for our children’s children.”

to big success!

“Herbalife has provided us with a feeling of security,” Nathan says with pride. “I’ve built a financial wall around our family. On top of that, things are finally in place for the future.”*

Montakia Dance

Qualified November 2006

“I found a better quality of life for my family!”

Montakia Dance spent seven years in the military and was going to school for her bachelor’s degree. But with two kids to support, she knew that her family needed help. “I knew something had to change,” Montakia says. “It just took the right opportunity.”

What Works: ●

and events. ●

“I always wanted to be my own boss.”

Herbalife gave Montakia the chance to build a successful business. “I started by going to trainings and learning everything I could,” she remembers. “I looked at each day as a new opportunity,” she says, “and every opportunity is priceless.”

Go to all trainings Never stop learning.

Stay focused on your dreams–they will come true!

“This business is the best vehicle for change.”

Enjoying the freedom that her business has brought, Montakia and her husband Carris, were able to take an Herbalife vacation to Hawaii. “The trip was amazing–it truly was like a second honeymoon for us,” she says. But perhaps the biggest joy of all was found at home. “I was able to see my daughter’s first steps–and that is the most rewarding thing of all!”*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

herbalifetoday | 31


Millionaire Team Qualified August 2006

Zenaida & Mario Diaz “Our lives have changed 180 degrees!”

What Works: ●

Take the products consistently and

Zenaida Diaz worked as a nurse, regularly pulling in 12-hour shifts. Her husband, Mario, worked as a maintenance supervisor for more than 16 years. Despite their hard work, they found themselves struggling just to get by. Herbalife was just the opportunity they were looking for.

obtain results.

That’s where it

“Working long hours was taking its toll on our family.”

all starts.

“I experienced extraordinary product results,” she says. “I dropped six dress sizes and helped turn my mother’s health around as well,” she says with pride. But it wasn’t until Zenaida decided to leave her job and run the business full time, that things began to really change. “Success inspired me to make Herbalife my career,” she recalls.

Use flyers to grow your business.

Go to all possible trainings and events.

“Herbalife was the best thing that could have happened to us.”

Today, Zenaida and Mario’s greatest satisfaction is spending quality time with the family. “I have two older children that were raised by babysitters,” recalls Zenaida. “Being able to watch our two youngest children grow is the best luxury of all.”*

Qualified October 2006

Wayne & Denise Frette “Now we can retire in comfort.”

What Works: ●

Talk to people every chance you get.

Follow your mentor’s

Wayne and Denise Frette are hard workers. “I was a customer service representative for 16 years,” says Denise. “Wayne worked for many years for a major automaker.” But, as they examined their finances two years ago, the Frettes, both nearing retirement age, were far from where they wanted to be.

guidance–it’s the

quickest path

“We were nearing retirement age without financial security.”

to success.

“I started looking for a home-based business that would supplement our income,” explains Denise. “But my Distributorship took off so quickly that I left my job to run the business full time.” In fact, in just two years, Denise and Wayne have reached Millionaire Team.

Get great product results–and business will come to you!

“This business has given us the choices we never had.”

“These products rock!” exclaims Denise, whose incredible product results helped her grow the business early on. “Everyone started asking what I was doing,” she says. “I’d become a walking, talking Herbalife billboard.” Thanks to their business, Wayne and Denise now look forward to enjoying a bright and secure future.*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

32 | herbalifetoday


Millionaire Team

Esperanza Garcia & Antonio Ortiz Garcia

Qualified November 2006

“Our quality of life is marvelous!”

For 11 years, Esperanza Garcia & Antonio Ortiz Garcia worked long hours for low pay. “We worked weekdays in a market and on weekends at a swap meet,” they recall. “Although we had the determination and ambition to be entrepreneurs, neither of us knew where to find the opportunity.”

What Works: ●

Use and retail all of the products responsibly.

“We just wanted an opportunity to achieve our dreams.”

“When we heard about Herbalife,” recalls Antonio, “we were looking for an opportunity to help us take back control of our lives.” Antonio and Esperanza discovered a great method for generating new customers and Distributors. “We’d chat with housekeepers,” they explain, “and we always found people interested in improving their health and financial status.”

Qualify for all the promotions and events.

Treat the regulations and ethics of Herbalife with respect.

“Now we’re living a life beyond our dreams.”

As their business grew, Esperanza and Antonio discovered another wonderful business method–Nutrition Clubs. “They’ve really helped us take our business to the next level,” says Antonio, adding, “Today our quality of life is marvelous. We travel constantly, we’ve paid our debts and we’re enjoying a new home.”*

Esperanza Grimaldo

Qualified November 2006

“Thanks to Herbalife, everything is possible!”

Esperanza Grimaldo used to work two jobs just to pay the bills. “I would work days at the supermarket and then work the nightshift cleaning at the local mall,” she says. “I felt like I was spending very little time with my children and neglecting my family.”

What Works: ●

Give out flyers and make home presentations.

“Now I can be a full-time parent and grandparent.”

“The products motivated me to try the business,” Esperanza recalls. “My husband and I were overweight and the products helped both of us to lose weight and look and feel better.” As her passion for the products grew, Esperanza was ready to pursue her goals by spreading the word to others.

Attend all Herbalife events.

Talk to everyone–even those you don’t know.

“If it worked for me, it can work for you.”

“Herbalife has allowed my family to have a bright future,” Esperanza says. She makes more today with her business, than she earned at her previous two jobs combined. “I’m a completely different person than I was before,” she says with pride. “I’m much happier–and stress-free!”*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

herbalifetoday | 33

Millionaire Team Qualified October 2006

Congratulations! Laura McGuire

“My life is amazing–I have to pinch myself daily.”

What Works: ●

Use the

Laura McGuire held a variety of jobs from waitress to flight attendant, but never found the fulfillment she was looking for. “I didn’t have time to be a stay-at-home mom and raise my two children,” says Laura.

products faithfully. ●

Go to as many

“I always wanted to be more involved in school events.”

Herbalife events

“When I came across the Herbalife business opportunity, I knew it was exactly what I needed,” says Laura. “I immediately got started on the products and didn’t go a day without using them,” Laura recalls. As her business began to grow, Laura started to see her dreams become reality.

and trainings as possible. ●

Build a long-term business plan and stick to it.

“This business is an absolute win-win situation.”

Today, Laura and her family are enjoying the benefits and freedom that the business provides. “Herbalife has given me and my family so many opportunities,” she says. “We can take family vacations and I only have to bring my cell phone and laptop. “And best of all,” she says, “my children will never have to go to daycare.”*

Qualified October 2006

Paula Pecorella “I have so many choices that I never had before.”

What Works: ●

Be 100% committed to the products.

Paula Pecorella worked in event production for six years and knew there was something more for her. “It always felt like a job to me,” says Paula. “I was working 15-hour days and the job required being on the road 200 days a year.” That’s when she and her partner Scott Morgan discovered Herbalife.

Allow yourself to be “teachable.”

“I became the person that I wanted to be.”

Work hard and

After trying the products herself and having people take notice, Paula was motivated to start her business. “I started going to all the trainings I could,” she recalls. Paula also used a positive mindset to build her business. “I knew that to be successful, I’d need to become a student of the business and not be afraid to ask questions.”

you will become successful.

“Now I travel because I want to–not because I have to.”

Today, Paula is able to spend more time with her family and recently bought a new home. “Herbalife has given me freedom and flexibility,” Paula says. “I still get to travel, but now it’s on my schedule.”*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

34 | herbalifetoday


Millionaire Team

Patricia Robinow

Qualified October 2006

“I love Herbalife.”

For 10 years, Patricia Robinow worked in the “dot-com” industry. “I went from founder to flounder,” she says. “I had to put all my big dreams on hold.” After finding work as a business consultant, it appeared her efforts were going to waste. “I would work long hours to see other people get rich.”

What Works: ●

Be disciplined about your business–go for

“I scrambled just to pay my bills.”

It was through her weekend job as a ski instructor that Patricia was first introduced to the business opportunity. “I was excited because I’d heard about the company and the fantastic products,” says Patricia. “I figured, if I could make money with just my enthusiasm, imagine what would happen if I actually learned the business.”

high personal volume every month. ●

Participate in all promotions and events.

“My lifestyle has changed dramatically.”

Patricia’s own product usage helped her achieve great success. “The more products you take, the more money you make,” she says. “I was able to replace my corporate income in less than a year,” she recalls. “Now, I’m able to take vacations when I want to–and it’s all possible because of Herbalife!”*

Ira & Blanca Rosa Wagner

Build your downline to help you work smarter, not harder.

Qualified October 2006

“There’s nothing better than living according to your own schedule.”

College-educated Blanca Rosa Wagner had a good office job with a decent salary. Although Blanca and her husband Ira earned good incomes, they’d hoped for something more. “We wanted to give our young daughters the best,” Blanca recalls.

What Works: ●

every day. ●

“It was so exciting to finally have flexibility!”

Although she started her Distributorship looking for a little extra income, “I made so much more than I’d expected that I quit my job,” Blanca explains. Ira joined her in the business, so they could work together toward achieving their dreams. “We always wanted to be able to build our lives around our little girls.”

Take the products Attend every Herbalife event you can.

Always provide great customer service and maintain strong

“Now we can put our daughters in private school.”

relationships with

“These days,” explain Blanca and Ira, “we work where we want, when we want, and enjoy real quality time with our children.” The Wagners’ success, which they credit to providing great nutrition and opportunity to their local Latino communities, has enabled them to provide stability and security for their family. “There’s nothing better,” they say.*

your downline and upline.

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

herbalifetoday | 35

Millionaire Team Qualified November 2006

Congratulations! Philip Stine

“I love being in the life-changing business!”

What Works: ●

Do presentations every month.

Philip Stine spent 30 years working for a nonprofit organization. “It was difficult on my family because I had to travel almost 150,000 miles a year,” he recalls. “I wanted to find an opportunity to make money that could also benefit other people.”

Believe in the products.

“It’s nice to be able to help your children.”

Duplication is the

After using the products with great success, Philip found his business gaining momentum. “I started wearing my ‘Lose weight now, ask me how!’ button and found that business came to me,” he explains. “People would literally stop me on the street.”

key to success.

“I’m finally able to do the things I’ve dreamt about.”

“I’ve been able to pay off debts and take the trips I’ve always wanted,” he says. In fact, Philip and his wife Veda, took a month-long vacation for their anniversary. But the love for helping others has been the best part of his success. “Seeing people’s lives change is the greatest motivation of all.”*

Qualified November 2006

Kelly Weas “I live an amazing life!”

What Works: ●

Define your goals and then

After working as manager of a garden center, Kelly Weas realized she needed to take control of her life. “I hated having a boss tell me when to work and how much I would be paid,” Kelly says. “I wanted a business to finally call my own.”

work toward ●

achieving them.

“I wanted to be in charge.”

As Mark Hughes

“My initial goal was just to be able to make my house payment.” But after following the step-by-step program and allowing herself to be coached, she experienced a new level of success. “All it really takes is following directions and putting in the effort,” she says.

said, do a little better today than you did yesterday. ●

Be willing to be

“I have traveled more in the last five years than in my entire life.”

coached and

“I set my own schedule, so that I can have free time to enjoy all the things that I love,” Kelly says proudly. “I ski during the winter and hike with my dogs in the summer,” she says. “And just last month, I was able to buy not one, but two new cars!”*

work hard.

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

36 | herbalifetoday


Millionaire Team Qualified May 2006

Mario & Lourdes Zuñiga “This business has changed our family’s lives.”

What Works:

“My husband Mario and I have always been a team,” says Lourdes Zuñiga. “He earned a living for our family as a welder, and I maintained the house, with help from our daughters.” But Lourdes worried about Mario’s job. “He was risking his life,” she says.

Stay focused, and don’t get distracted from

“We wanted a better life for our daughters.”

your goals.

Lourdes seized the Herbalife opportunity to bring home a little extra income to supplement Mario’s salary. “But the business took off,” she says. The business grew so much, in fact, that Lourdes and Mario were soon working it full time from home–and free from economic worries. “What a gift to have that freedom!” they say.

Work hard. If you put in the effort, this business will reward you.

Believe in Herbalife.

“We always wanted to travel as a family–and now we are.”

If you do, you

“We used to struggle to find family time,” explains Lourdes. “Now we’re always together, traveling, seeing new places and experiencing new things as a family. This business has given us the life we’ve always dreamed of.”*

can have it all!


Global Expansion Team Qualified December 2006

Hilda Aguilar & Rene Perez

Margarita & Antonio Eva Ayala Arellano

Luz M. Bachand

Kryston & Chris Bain

Sheila & Vicente Camara

Juan & Maria Carlos

Patricia Albarran & Noe Castillo

Fernando Da Silva

Anna Maria Duarte & Gregorio Valenzuela

Marcelo Gonzalez & Sandra L. Chavez

Janeth Colindres

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average-Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and

herbalifetoday | 37


Global Expansion Team Qualified December 2006

Olga & Dimas Gonzalez

Heather J. Gross

Josefina Hernandez Raul Hernandez & Lucila Gordillo

Angela Paz & Jose Alberto Menjivar

Norma Ivonne Pando

Silvano Silva & Elisangela De Olivera

Leticia & Frederico Robles

Olga & Ignacio Yepez

Bobby Z. Workman

Carmen Zapata & Candelario Islas

Tammy & Scott Wells

Qualified December 2006 Qualified November 2006

Josefina Aguilar

Mary Beth & Michael Allen

Elizabeth Barriga

Kristy Borrowe

Rocio Campos & Sergio Correa

Martha H. Garcia Chapa

38 | herbalifetoday

(Photos not available at press time.) Ivelisse C. Taboada Abreu Patricia Killacky Susan Bowers Karla Malanche Mire Boyd Luis A. Merlo Maldonado Virgilia Campos Dawna Magliacano Manolo Castro Abel Munoz Jose Gonzales Denegri Natalia Pamaiz Rosa Doradea Simon Raul Zeballos Perez Kathy A. Erickson Robert R. Ramirez Raymundo Davila & Rieko Sekine Sara Eslava Gloria Aisha Simon Berenice Flores Juana Uribe Erika Gonzalez Henry Wu Sandra Gonzalez

Juan & Graciela Cupa

Humberto & Maria Diaz

Josefina Gonzalez & Jose A. Moreno


Global Expansion Team Qualified November 2006

Hector Herrera

Maria Alicia Herrera De Hernandez & Eliazar Hernandez

Lori & Casey Lewis

Deeanne & Donald Mull

Rafael C. Ortega

Lynn Orton

Christian Perez

Maria Del Carmen Perez

Maria Socorro Pina

Jose Juan Marcelino Arias Rangel & Sonia Rojo Arias

Maria & Esteban Rodriguez

Kelly Rogers

Sandra & Gerardo Tellez

Kathleen Thompson

Santos A. Torres

Maria Ruiz & Miguele Viruete

Qualified November 2006 (Photos not available at press time.) Kathi Bahler Jaime Martinez Matilde Banuelos Silvia Martinez Bernarda Liliana Caceres Juan Meza Canales Edgar Mauricio Gunsha Mocha Victor Castro Elizabeth Galvez Moran Maria Choy Paulo Pedraza Pilar Mocha Paguay Elsa Edwin Marroquin Quan Yesenia Enriquez Angela Rayher Madeleine K. Flagg Marina Rivera Graciela Franco Isaac Romero Maribel Gonzalez Loreto Sanchez Lourdes & Vilmar Michelle A. Gregory Fabian Tlahuetl Dos Santos Alicia Guzman Erasmo Morales Velasquez Rafael Hernandez Christi R. Winchel Landerson Darwing Ponte Martha Angela Baldeon Wong Jurado Hui Juan Zhu Geisa D. Marques

Qualified October 2006

Jose Torres

Grace Lorena Fiallos Pluas & Carlos Manuel Perez Alarcon

herbalifetoday | 39


Top Achievers Qualified December 2006



Top U.S. Distributors in Volume Listings

Top U.S. Distributors in Sponsorship Listings*

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1. 2. 3. 4. 4. 5. 5. 6. 6. 6. 6. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 8. 8.

Clarice R. Lii Violeta Delgado Medres M. Fu Luis R. Hernandez Tsui-Yu C. Tseng Jeremy R. Vince-Cruz Hannah Lee Angela B. Drinalas Yi-Hsiang C. Fu Emily Chou Selene Quintana Diaz Leslie Stanford Shlomo Conen Jeanne L. & William H. Savage Veerle Van Den Bossche Najia A. Rosales & Ron Riusaki Lissa S. & Mark A. Munson Fernando & Kim Monahan Blanca Yuching & Hsiepin Liu Araceli Correa Mendez & Andres Silva

Charly Mamo Makukji Julia A. Toledo & Angel G. Orellana Adriana Zavala & Julio Cortes Petra Callejas Aguilar Christian O'Hara De Feudis Maria Delourdes Galvez Cindi & Jay Keeling Maria De Jesus & Florentino Alfaro Heidi & Robert Bixenstein Frank Derick Cermeno Jasmine L. Han Norma Capcha & Fredy Arturo Penaloza Flores Maria Del Carmen Fuentes Maria Hernandez & Erasmo Rivera Marisol Medina Martin Mendoza Del Solar Alexandros Papatheodoulou Maria Salazar Torres & Adrian Camarillo Christa V. Arensberg Maria C. Berber

*Similarly ranked names represent a tie in the number of sponsored Distributors.


Top Achievers Qualified November 2006



Top U.S. Distributors in Volume Listings

Top U.S. Distributors in Sponsorship Listings*

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5. 6. 6. 6. 6. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7.

17. 18. 19. 20.

Carmen L. Millan Violeta Delgado Jeremy R. Vince-Cruz Hannah Lee Sung Hee Jang Yeonhee & Mun Chang Lissa & Mark Munson Juan Humberto Varela Araceli Correa Mendez & Andres Silva Jose Rodriguez Fernando Blanca & Kim Monahan Blanca Alejandro & Claribel Calixto David & Susan B. Hitt Henry Wu & Shirley S. Wu Huang Cesar David Cadmilema & Ana Lopez Gloria E Bustamante Condoy & Vicente Pogo Loaiza Maria & Benito Tiglao Connie H. & Gavin Hutchins Deborah D. & Graham Norris Ana Maribel Rodriguez

Adriana Zavala & Julio Cortes Henry Wu & Shirley S. Wu Huang Jose Rodriguez Julia A. Toledo & Angel G. Orellana Luis & Elicela Antonio Judy A. & Harold F. Thompson Irma Barajas Estela M. But Frances Navarro Antonio Pinillos & Ingrid Valdez Melendez Maria Acero & Julio Guaman Veronica Aguilar Socorro Laureano Nipanan & Vichai Loryont Stephanie & Frank S. Mauck Araceli Correa Mendez & Andres Silva Victor M. Pagan Hilaria & Jose Paz Maria D. & Esteban Rodriguez Martina Y. Salcido

*Similarly ranked names represent a tie in the number of sponsored Distributors.

40 | herbalifetoday

Congratulations! Each of the Distributors named below celebrating 15, 20 or 25 years with Herbalife has a unique story, yet all of these Distributors have one thing in common: They’ve made a significant contribution

Distributor Milestones to the continued growth of Herbalife. By demonstrating the power of this company to change lives, they are an inspiration to us all.

25th Anniversary

15th Anniversary

Thorvald R. Hansen

Diane B. Alexander Ma. Guadalupe Arellano Landeros Derek J. Attwood Don V. Bailey Johanna E. Bakker Victoria Benavides Larios Rafael Bernabe Navarro Rodolfo Blanco Castaneda Amir Broder Svetlana Bylinin-Djibouti Patricia Carpenter Annie Chouteau Gregory John Cook Florence Cuomo Lesley C. Currie Lloyd J. Daniels Remy D. De Las Alas Giacomo Degilio Klaus Devens Monika Diekmann Jana Divisova Felix Edenhofer Mayra A. Encarnacion Jean-Pierre Erbs Marcelle Forcetti Ellen Geutjes Geerling Jorge Luis Gutierrez Martinez Maria De Lourdes Hernandez Olivares Janette F. Howard

20th Anniversary Sandra Jane Anderson Alejandrina Cisneros Barba David P. Desaegher Kathy Henderson Kelly Gordon Kealy David Kennedy Shelly Martin Susan J. Montague Masako Muto Penny Pearce Socrates R. Valencia Stephen Zalewski


15th Anniversary

Myrl L. Wright

Juan Manuel Andreu Gallego Adriana Boucher Kim Broemer Jose Ramon Brustenga Auge Felipa Chavez Estrada Antonia Comino Soriano Francisco Cordoba Zamora Gerald Cozic Stephanie Davies Efren Diaz Castanon Graciela Femat Chavez Christiane Fernandes Jose Ignacio Galilea Anton Aida Ma. Enriqueta Garcia Diaz Barriga Concepcion Gil Dominguez Anne Gilbertson Dennis C Gosselin Nicole Guibert

Jan M. Haugen Atsuko Hirabayashi Harvey Hohbein Roberta Vee Piper Nina Tepass Cindy L. Walker Xandria K. Williams William M. Yalotz, Jr.

Olga Beatriz Jimenez Vazquez Eleazar Jimenez Zavaleta Jeffrey R. Johnson Nancie C. Koerber Janet Lasanta Cruzanne Mari Lewis Santos Martin Plaza John Mceiver Andrea Moeller-Dohmen Michael Palmstierna Hamilton Sun Jung Park Sascha G. Preiss Manfred Rainer Allan J. Raymond Branca Ribeiro Saraiva Peter Roskowetz Karla Ruzickova Jose Luis Sandoval Rubio Janet Santman Ilona Seiler Marie B. Smith Brunhilde Sopp Amanda Spielmann Helen J. Taylor Frederick C. Troili Didier Vallette Deborah Washington Cindy J. Williams Brian C. Wilson J. Scott Zwolinski

Distributor Milestones

25th Anniversary

20th Anniversary

Qualified January 2007

Qualified December 2006 Tae Ho Kim Ruud Klazinga Ludwig Loy Alfredo Marin Notario Maria Mateos Solis Diana R. More Virginia Moreda Ruben Moreno Proa Gabriele Niesenhaus Dalene J. Norgaard Erwin Ohlig Gpe. Salinas Rodriguez Y Coprop Ann E. Salisbury Alexandre Sancho Saraiva Anne-Kathrein Scheid Gurtler Donald Smith Elly Van Den Doel Susan P. Vangaal Sherry Zurowski

herbalifetoday | 41


PRESIDENT’S TEAM Castro Villalobos, J. Jesus Dufays, Michel Emidio, Marcel Floor, Kim Lai, Mei Ling Paucar, Pablo Soler, Xavier Thanaratsuttikun, Ramida Trenary, Cheryl Lynn Tseng, Yu Ting Vargas, Paul Wu, Yi Fang

MILLIONAIRE TEAM Adams, Ruth Almeida, Marcio Arias Garcia, J. Guadalupe Barker, Renee Calvario Rojas, Leopoldo Camarillo Fuenmayor, Nelly Camarillo, Nella Campana De Kaplan, Maria Cantle, Joanna Carbajal, Santos Castillo, Ana Cevallos, Manuel Chen, Chun Lung Chen, Mei Chia Cheng, Yung Chun Chien, Ying Chu Chin, Oi Mee Chu, Wen Lung Costa, Adilson Costa, Daniel Dadico, Paula Estrella, Alvaro Gole, Madhavi Gonzalez, Maria Gremli Ayala, Jeniffer He, Ming Hecquet, Vincent Hernandez Hernandez, Alfredo Hsu, Yun Sheng Huang, Miao Hua Jang, Sung Hee Januario Junior, Jair Kerrinckx, Dominique Lazzarini Simonato, Erika Lee, Chen Cheng Lee, Eun Mi Lin, Chia Hsing Loera, Carolina Lu, Mei Ying Lu, Shao Liang Madariaga, Diego Marques, Joao Marquez Caballero, Martha Matos Agueda, Maria Nelson, Marie Niven, Christopher Nunes, Bruno Perez Olvera, Elisa Pita, Natividade Ramirez, Jose Regueiro, Mariana Saavedra, Claudia Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Refugio Serra, Anna Sousa, Analiza Tamborini, Enrique Trenary, Melissa Tseng, Chuan Sung Vejarano, Miroslava Wang, Zheng Fang Wu, Hui Li Yeamkayai, Sineenad Yi, Wei Chen Zendejas, Monica

GET TEAM Aguilar, Hilda Aguilar-Hernandez, Maria Aguilera Trichet, Luis Albelda Olmedo, Virginia Altunay, Yasar Alvarez Ascencio, Maura Amaral, Sergio Amaya Bermudez, Dolly Amorim, Marcos Anguiano Hernandez, Ana Annala Schmitz, Eija Arashiro, Roberto Arellano, Margarita Arias-Garcia, Juan Arnold, Otmar Au, Tai Ching Ayala, Eva Bachand, Luz Bain, Kryston Barbosa, Elaine Barboza Zapata, Daniel Barradas, Marcelo Batista, Wander Becker, Jose Biaggioni, Pedro Blanckaert, Guy Borges, Renato Bowers, Susan

Boyd, Mire Camara, Vicente Campos, Virgilia Canales Villaroel, Eda Carcamo Vargas, Juan Cardozo Carrascal, Tatiana Carlos, Juan Carvalho, Mirtes Casali, Marilena Castillo, Noe Castro Varela, Ruth Castro, Manolo Chai, Xiao Duo Chandrashekar, C. H. Chang, Che Wei Chang, Min Chavez Martin, Dolores Chen, Jo Chi Chen, Ping Chen, Szu Yu Chiao, Yu Ju Chikatamalla, Sujatha Choi, Jum Sook Chung, Meng Chin Colindres, Rodin Conceicao, Anike Conceicao, Katia Cortez Meza, Freddy Cortez Ramos, David Cruz Garcia, Maria Cruz Mendoza, Maria Cruz Saldivar, Maria Cusma, Rosana Cvitanich Luzzi, Francisca Da Silva, Fernando Daguila, Sandra Damonte, Rosario Dangchuang, Cholada Davila, Raymundo De Olivera, Elisangela Dhillon, Baljit Dias, Magnus Diaz Garcia, Maria Dominguez Cruz, Modesta Doradea, Rosa Duarte, Anna Dutra, Tiago Erickson, Kathy Fajardo, Vitor Faustino, Antonio Feng, Xiao Ferreira, Joel Figueroa Valenzuela, Socorro Flores Valencia, Amelia Flores, Berenice Fontes, Mauricio Foo, Hee Keong Gangadhar, V. Gao, Chun Hu Garcia Montes, Rafael Garcia, Martha Garzetti, Loredana Godinho D'Oliveira Pegado, Rui Miguel Gomez, Augusto Gomez-Saucedo, Dolores Gonsalez, Marselo Gonzales Denegri, Jose Gonzalez, Erika Gonzalez, Olga Gonzalez, Sandra Gonzalez-Benitez, Socorro Graca, Celcio Grahovac, Dijana Gross, Heather Guadalupe Chaparro, Araceli Hapoo Riwat, Swai He, Da Dong He, Ming Yu Hernandez, Josefina Hernandez, Raul Herrera, Cristiani Ho, Ching Chih Hong, Yu Yong Hsu, Chia Yu Hsu, Wen Ju Huang, Ya Chao Hung, Chin Shiang Iles Leith, Tracy Janeiro, Martin Jian, Yu Jin, Erico Jing, Tao Juarez Carrillo, Sandra Kam, Lee Liang Kanagusku, Alberto Kanelopoulou, Panagiota Kao, Su Lien Kawakami, Minoru Khoo, Guat Hoon Killacky, Patricia Kim, Myung Ja Kollios, Antonios Lai, Koh Heng Larrea Aravena, Ximena Lasit, Paksikarn Leartratanapreecha, Akekaluk Lee, Hye Eun Lee, Yew Mooi Leow, Kien Thong Lima, Gilvaneide Limpruttidhum, Viboonchai Lin, Yueh Chiao Lombardi, Sabrina Lopes, Rita Lucca, Danilo Lyster, Martin Ma, Jie Ma, Sung Ok Magliacano, Dawna Maia, Jose Malanche, Karla Manzo Barboza, Dionisio Markovic, Tina Martic Matijevic, Irena Martin Parra, Noelia Martinez Aguero, Margoth Martins, Flavio Mascarello, Clodomir Masukawa, Kimiko Matsui, Kiyoshi Maya Bello, Maria Mejia-Rodriguez, Eustolia Menjivar, Jose Merlo Maldonado, Luis Michel Ojeda, Maria Miglioretti, Fabiana Mihalic, Tihomir Milazzo, Silvana Millan, Jorge Miwa, Kuniho Mohd, Mujtaba Monsalve, Antonio Mooy, Agi Moreno Morales, Ingrid Munoz, Abel Norapong, Prapas Obando, Julio Okada, Mariko Olmos, Roger Pabla, Jasvir Paiva, Andreia

42 | herbalifetoday

Pamaiz, Natalia Pando, Norma Pandzic, Dragana Pareja Reales, Betsy Park, Hyun Ok Pasculli Henao, Giancarlo Patricio, Rui Jorge Pedroza, Glaudimar Peng, Chai Anoy Peñuñuri Gonzalez, Rosa Pereira, Maria Perpere, Marie Dominique Plazas Perez, Monica Porto, Wender Pradnyana, Paulus Puldain Lemos, Maria Qin, Qian Guo Quiroz Gonzalez, Mariano Ramirez, Robert Ramirez-Gonzalez, Joel Reyes Angeles, Martha Reyes Rivera, Maria Reyes Zapata, Maria Rico Cruz, Patricia Rios Villa, Sara Robles, Leticia Rodriguez Casteblanco, Francis Romera, Deise Romero Sandoval, Uriel Rosa, Laurinesia Rosales-Villa, Marina Rubio Salas, Maria Ruiz Herrera, Sofia Sanchez Troncoso, Jorge Sanchez Villalba, Rommel Sanchez-Sanchez, Xochitl Santos, Seleide Sekine, Rieko Serrano Leon, Maria Shuang, Jian Lou Silva, Lauro Silva, Rafael Simon, Gloria Siniouchina, Valeria Son, Mihee Srithongtae, Phongsarush Taboada Abreu, Ivelisse Tan, Lai Kuan Tapia Gonzalez, Pablo Tawara, Tomomi Teng, Fu Chao Terront Lozano, Giovanna Thompson, Chris Todt, Lorena Tokgoz, Veli Tornero Parreno, Nieves Toro Villada, Graciela Tovar Curiel, Maria Tsai, Chin Teh Tsai, Fang Lai Tubiana, Cristina Uribe, Juana Vallejos Fernandez, Roger Vella, Trina Verdin Teran, Zafiro Vicente, Jorge Vorapoonsukee, Apisorn Wang, Hong Weihong, Sun Wells, Tammy Weng, Li Shun Woradechjumroen, Denchai Workman, Bobby Wu, Cheng Sen Wu, Ching Yi Wu, Henry Yang, Seung Sook Yao Li Zhen, Yepez, Olga Yoo, Soo Jung Yum, Mi Hye Zalazar Contreras, Tatiana Zamarripa Sanchez, Semiramis Zeballos Perez, Simon Zhao, Feng Hua

WORLD TEAM Abdullah, Zaleha Abecassis, Cristiane Abed Alhadi, Aida Abreu, Maria Abuganem, Akhmed Aburto-Matias, Maria Acero Fregoso, Mireya Acevedo Meza, Omar Acevedo, Blanca Acevedo, Maria Acharya, Dipti Acosta Hernandez, Delmi Acosta-Sugey, Florentina Adamcho, Alina Adame, Tonancy Adamopoulos, Ioannis Adamopoulos, Pavlos Adzhalov, Rufat Afonso, Sandro Agostinho, Joseleni Agostinho, Pedro Agudelo, Flor Aguilar Teran, Paola Aguilar, Maricela Aguilar-Cardona, Maria Aguilar-Estrada, Araceli Aguirre-Davila, Luz Agundez, Esther Ahmad, Ahmad Ala Hannula, Hanna Alanis-Rios, Herlinda Alarcon, Rocio Alata Ccoa, Olger Alberto, Francisco Alberto, Pedro Albuquerque, Regina Albuquerque, Vanda Aldana Rodriguez, Basilio Aldava, Jose Alejo Vadillo, Rosa Alevtyina, Kovacs Alexander, Patricia Alfaro, Flora Alfonzo Russa, Gabriel Allen, Debra Almeida, Anizio Almeida, Ivaneide Almeida, Silvia Almeida, Wilson Alquisira, Elizabeth Altan, Firat Altunar-Vargas, Jose Altuntas, Halil Alvarado Gonzalez, Gloria Alvarado, Jacqueline Alvarado-Garcia, Gloria Alvarado-Gomez, Victor Alvarado-Lopez, Ivonne Alvarado-Lopez, Maria Alvarez Solis, Maria Alvarez, Hilda Alvarez-De La Luz, Rocio Alvarez-Hernandez, Belen

Alvarez-Hernandez, Lucila Alvarez-Mansillas, Maria Alvaro, Francisco Alves, Heloiza Alves, Pilar Alves, Raul Amador, Amanda Amador-Hernandez, Monica Amaya Riveros, Ramiro An, Hyun Sook Anaya Yarza, Gabriela Anchieta, Irio Andrade Puga, Blanca Andrade Reuss, Gloria Andrade Villacis, Jose Andrade, Marisa Angeles Tigona, Nadia Angeles, Aldenaura Anguelova, Reni Anselmetti, Sebastien Anselmi, Patricia Antonio, Pascual Antunes, Carina Aoyama, Hiroko Aparicio Rivera, Beatriz Aparicio, Paulo Aparicio-Muñoz, Lucina Apiwathnasorn, Chalisa Aqueveque Vargas, Maria Aquino-Martinez, Carolina Aragon, Guadalupe Aramburu Garcia, Eduardo Arango, Olga Araujo, Charles Araujo, Fernando Araujo, Leonice Aravantinos Malioris, Ioannis Araya Castillo, Barbara Arce, Silvia Arce-Hernandez, Alejandra Arcos-Ruiz, Eva Arellano, Martha Arellano, Martin Arellano, Nestor Arellano-Puente, Juana Argueta, Jose Arias Lopez, Aracely Arias Ramos, Celestina Ariza, Marion Armenta-Avila, Galdina Armenta-Galvez, Rita Armoza, Hernan Armoza, Maximiliano Arnold, Noreen Arnoldo, Jose Arra, Viveca Arratia Rivera, Luz Arredondo-Aburto, Hugo Arrey Contreras, Monica Arroyo Diaz, Marisela Arruda, Homero Arteaga Herrera, Asuncion Artes, Tatjana Assis, Gustavo Atara, Hamami Atuesta Ramirez, Arcangel Avalos Ramos, Rosa Avelar, Rosa Avendaño, Nicolas Averbuch, Hila Avola, Stefania Axelsson, Geo Baez-Cadena, Luz Bahena-Lamadrid, Maria Bailon-Sanchez, Esmeralda Baioneta, Tatiana Bakar, Ismail Balbuena-Sanchez, Victor Balderas-Estrada, Maria Balderas-Ortiz, Laura Baltazar-Centeno, Maria Banoni, Fiorella Bantula, Manuela Barahya, Jale Barber, Lydia Barbosa, Albert Barboza, Josefina Barcenas Sanchez, Santa Bardomiano, Jorge Barocio, Sonia Barreto Perez, Tomas Barreto, Alexandre Barrientos-Guerrero, Ortencia Barrios Astorga, Maria Barrios, Marlen Barrios-Zaragoza, Laura Barros, Caio Barros, Ione Barros, Licelly Baruah, Rajkumar Basso, Fabiane Batista, Candidad Batista, Elzinea Batista, Maria Batista, Nilton Bautista, Agustin Bautista-Garcia, Luz Bazaldua, Veronica Becerra Perez, Teresa Becerril Nava, Rosaura Beck, Carol Bejarano, Prudencio Beltran Gutierrez, Hector Beltran-Espinosa Monteros, Victoria Ben Shitrit, Kobe Benavides O., Alvaro Benito, Carlos Berdejo Guzman, Audrey Berecoechea, Nora Berence, Juliana Beristain Bojorquez, Jonatan Beristain-Espinoza, Aide Bernal, Irma Bernardes, Ilda Bernardo, Nuno Berriozabal Lopez, Veronica Bezerra, Viviane Bhatmare, Surekha Bianchi, Nelly Bianchini, Elisa Binici, Hulya Bjarnason, Sveinbjorn Blackstone, Stacy Blanchard, Daniel Blanchard, Leslie Blanco Loya, Eloina Blanco, Maria Blanquiseth, Elsa Blaser, Oliver Bocanedes Tumbadco, Jhon Bock, Irmgard Bok, So Young Boluda Balaguer, Sergio Bonifacio, Claudia Bonnal Albouy, Angelique Bora, Sunti Borazanoglu, Hatice Borja Acosta, Mirna Boscaro, Sergio Boulianne, Sonia Bourceaú, Christian

Bousuwan, Sorawit Bracamontes Miguel, Remedios Braga, Luiz Brasil, Jania Bravo, Cesar Bravo, Diego Bravo-Martinez, Karina Brenes, Alvaro Briones-Herrera, Elizabeth Brito Euan, Ileana Brito Rojo, Vanessa Brito, Maria Brito, Sara Brodjanac, Dobrila Brousse, Elisabeth Brown, Judith Bruna Castro, Hector Bryant, Edmond Bucheli, Maria Buckingham, Lucy Burbano De Ortega, Esther Burgos Bascuñan, Rosa Burner, Monika Burrell, Veronica Bush, Terry Bustamante Condoy, Gloria Bustamante, Narcisa Bustamante, Silvya Buyukkusoglu, Ayfer Byun, Sun Hee Caballero-Cruz, Luz Cabral, Ironildes Cabrera Rodriguez, Hilda Cabrera-Cervantes, Ana Cabrita, Eva Cadena Ruiz, Elizabeth Cadmilema, Cesar Caetano, Antonio Calado, Joao Calado, Maria Calderon Calle, Andres Calderon-Medina, Maria Caliari, Pedro Calixto-Alpizar, Aida Callejas Sampedro, Edith Caloca, Delivery Camacho Montaño, Ronald Camacho-Hidalgo, Miriam Camargo Ceron, Angalica Camargo, Maria Campos, Erla Canche Balam, Jorge Cancino, Patricia Candelaria-Gachuz, Alejandra Canete, Lita Cangianelli, Maria Cano, Monica Cano, Sandra Cano-Salinas, Andrea Caraffa, Enzo Carapia Jaime, Maria Carbajal, Elva Carbajal-Millan, Orfilda Cardao, Joao Cardenas Caballero, Deira Cardile, Adriana Cardona-Quevedo, Javier Cardoso, Carina Cardoso, Conceicao Cardoso-Jr., Januario Cardoza-Torres, Rosa Carreon Ramirez, Dolores Carrillo, Gabriela Carrillo, Maria Carrillo, Maria De Los Angeles Carrillo-Cesena, Yazmin Carson, Jillian Caruana, Joan Carvalho, Ana Carvalho, Elisangela Carvalho, Isabel Carvalho, Jose Carvalho, Maria Carvalho, Ricardo Casa, Jorge Casillas-Olguin, Fabiola Casiraghi, Daniele Castillo Medrano, Luis Castillo, Alberto Castillo, Carlos Castillo, Carmen Castillo, Celia Castillo, Celia Castillo, Gladys Castillo-Sanchez, Juan Castro Aranda, Ivonne Castro, Ana Castro, Erika Castro, Lizeth Castro, Welton Castro-Lopez, Maria Castro-Villalobos, Juan Catabian, Ferdinand Catherine, Cointre Cavalcanti, Aldson Ceballos-Vazquez, Beatriz Cedeno Garcia, Pedro Cedillo, Maria Cefalu, Ghislaine Cengil, Bedriye Centenaro, Nora Centeno, Roxanna Cerda-Gonzalez, Maria Cerdeira, Hilda Cerrate, Oscar Cervantes Linares, Josefina Cesar, Durvalina Chagas, Luciana Chagolla, Rosa Chaithanya, M.K. Champion, Sandra Chan, Man Wai Chan, Tin Sang Chanes, Arturo Chang, Chien Chang, Chuan Chang, Hsiu Yu Chang, Ling Ling Chang, Ming Chung Chang, Tzu Han Chang, Ya Lun Chang, Yeonhee Chang, Yu Hsiu Chang, Yu Ju Charalambidis, Ioannis Charig, Ian Chavez Arroyo, Lucia Chavez Cercado, Javier Chavez Mercado, Javier Chavez Rosas, Sandra Chavez, Jessica Chavez, Sergio Chavez-Isaias, Olga Chen, Chen Hui Chen, Chia Wei Chen, Chih Hao Chen, Chin Yeh Chen, Chu Chan Chen, Feng Ling Chen, Feng Ying

Chen, Hsiu Erh Chen, Hsueh Chiao Chen, Hsueh Ching Chen, Hui Ju Chen, Jou Yun Chen, Li Mei Chen, Mei Chih Chen, Mei Chin Chen, Shu Chen Chen, Ting Chuan Chen, Tsung Yu Chen, Yen Li Chen, Yi Hui Chen, Yi Ling Chen, Yu Ming Chen, Yu Ming Chen, Yu Ting Cheng, Chen Hsiang Cheng, Chin Yuan Cheng, Hung Teh Cheng, Jia (Jackie) Cheng, Shu Erh Cherry, Cleopatrick Chevalier, Deborah Chevalier, Francine Chi, Tzu Fang Chiang, Feng Chu Chiang, Heng Ju Chiang, Jen Shou Chiappetta, Marcelo Chiba, Daisuke Chien Lin, Li Ching Chien, Su Hsiang Chiodi, Vanusa Chitu, Georgeta Chiu, Hsiang Hsun Chiu, Li Yu Chiu, Tsai Yun Chiu, Yu Lien Cho, Sung Ae Cho, Yoon Jin Choi, Ki Jung Choi, Soon Hwa Choque, Teresa Chou, Chien Ying Chou, Chin Jung Chou, Chiu Chu Chu, Ching Man (Christina) Chu, Szu Hsun Chuah, Bee Gaik Chuah, Pooi Eng Chui, Tuck Siow Chullasupa, Chutamas Cicutti, Leonardo Cinotti, Francesco Cleverdon, Robyn Cobos-Barron, Elisa Coelho, Leandro Coer, Ellie Cofre Godoy, Tatiana Cohen, Beverly Coke, Maurice Colasso, Thiago Cole, Nicholas Colin-Hernandez, Gustavo Comarniceanu, Marcelin Conceicao, Madalena Concentino, Leonardo Concepcion Perez, Linda Concha, Manuel Condonines, Anne Marie Consolini, Alice Contreras, Magda Contreras, Petra Contreras-Nieblas, Sara Copacaba Mamani, Carlos Copacaba, Carla Coquard, Pascale Cordeiro, Hermes Cordero-Garces, Guillermina Cordova-Mata, Josefina Cornejo, Eleonora Cornelli, Tiago Corona, Gardenia Correia, Marilia Cortes, Gloria Costa Filho, Jarbas Costa, Maria Costa, Odenei Costa, Quezia Costa, Roque Costa, Sidney Cowan, Chris Cresci, Dominic Crespo-Poot, Laura Cruz Contreras, Jenny Cruz Gumeta, Elba Cruz Vargas, Alondra Cruz, Gabriela Cruz, Igor Cruz-Perez, Irma Cruz-Vazquez, Concepcion Cuellar Quiroz, Moira Cuenca Valencia, Jorge Cunha, Cassia Cunha, Edvaldo Cunha, Milca Cunha, Pablo Damasco De Saldivar, Maria Damian-Madrigal, Maria Daniel, Janice Daniel-Xocotencatl, Guadalupe Dantas, Adriana Dao Xuan, Thanh Dario, Vilma Dasaratha Reddy, K. Davidhizar, Jerry Davila-Herrera, Monica De Cuyper, Sylvie De La Cruz-Mendez, Guadalupe De La Fuente, Ricardo De La Mota, Maria De Paris, Gerlinde De Paz, Maria De Rocker, Veerle De Romero, Yuna De Souza, Donatien Debenedetti Luengo, Denisse Dedier, Melba Deeprasertvit, Thanapol Deiss, Eduardo Del Rosal-Hernandez, Nereyda Del Valle-Jacome, Lilia Deleon, Trent Delgado, Claudia Delgado, Olga Delgado, Rosa Desantiago, Blanca Deshpande, Arati Di Sciullo, Analia Dias, Edinaldo Diaz Alvarado, Maria Diaz Gutierrez, Miguel Diaz Leiva, Maria Diaz-Camacho, Anabel Dib, Gilbert Diego-Ortiz, Adriana Dimitriadis, Nikolaos Dimos, Spiridon

D'incicco, Gregorio Diniz, Andre Dockery, Cris Dominguez Costilla, Arnulfo Dominguez Costilla, Maria Dominguez, Leonardo Dominguez, Sergio Dominguez-Montes, Giselle Dong, Xiaona Donohue, Kelly Dorantes, Sara Dos Santos, Lucilia Dranga, Ioan Du Toit, Rosemarie Du, Jialin Duarte Garcia, Emilia Duarte, Fernando Duarte, Maria Duarte, Vanessa Dulia, Kubid Duran, Gulten Duran, Olga Durante, Ruben Egland, Maria Eisenring, Margot Elliott, Renee Erarslan, Arslan Erasto, Medellin Erijimovich, Marcelo Eryilmaz, Remzi Escalante Santizo, Martina Escalante-Velazquez, Roselia Escobar Ochoa, Edgar Escobedo-Alvarez, Maria Escorcio, Maria Esparza, Daniel Esparza, Ester Esparza, Rene Espinosa Santiago, Enriqueta Esteban Garcia, Zenaida Esteves, Nuno Estrada, Magdalena Estrada, Marisela Estrada-Borge, Martha Estrella Calderon, Maria Estrella-Castillo, Maria Evaggelopoulou, Dimitra Evans, Joseph Faber, James Falley, Hortencia Fang, Ping Hui Farhat, Dinara Faria, Jose Faria, Simone Farias Gomez, Roxana Farias, Valterlei Favian, Marco Fazakas, Elin Fazio, Francisco Felsberg, Ralf Feng, Shih Hsien Feria-Morales, Porfiria Fernandes, Francisco Fernandes, Jaqueline Fernandes, Ricardo Fernandes, Ruben Fernandez Rosales, Mario Fernandez, Karla Fernandez, Mabel Fernandez, Maria Fernandez, Sergio Ferreira, Catarina Ferreira, Rafael Ferrenti, Sabrina Fierro, Mariana Figueira, Marco Figueiredo, Maria Figueiredo, Vinicius Figueroa-Perez, Zurita Finanse, Sandra Finkelstein Hetzel, Felipe Fiqueiredo, Vivian Flores Diaz, Obdulia Flores Ruiz, Carlos Flores, Paula Flores, Rocio Flores-Altamirano, Maria Flores-Alvarado, Sandra Flores-Martinez, Guillermina Flores-Perez, Maria Flores-Trejo, Antonieta Fogueira, Adelaide Fok, Woon Foluszny, Marie Therese Fonseca, Valdir Fontenelle, Fernando Foresi, Cristina Francia-Valencia, Avelina Franco-Serrano, Veronica Franklin Millan, Marisol Frazao, Ana Frederiksen, Stanley Freitas, Ricardo Frey, Priscilla Frias-Rodriguez, Maria Fridgeirsdottir, Erla Fuentes-Chavez, Suri Fuentes-Fuentes, Ana Funes, Romina Fuquen Becerra, Monica Gaillard, Margaret Galaviz-Ramirez, Benjamin Galindo, Margarita Gallardo Castel, Claudio Gallardo Gonzalez, Dinora Gallegos Rodriguez, Karina Gallman, Melissa Galvan, Pilar Galvez Sanchez, Demian Galvez-Rincon, Yolanda Gamboa Padilla, Luis Gamez, Carolina Ganzak, Matthew Gaona Areco, Jorge Garces Manriquez, Alicia Garcia Luviano, Alfredo Garcia Perez, Blanca Garcia Serrano, Genaro Garcia, Antonio Garcia, Carmen Garcia, Cesar Garcia, Cinthia Garcia, Elisa Garcia, Henrique Garcia, Jannet Garcia, Karla Garcia, Marcelo Garcia, Maria A. Garcia, Maria Antonieta Garcia, Maria G. Garcia, Maria Jazmin Garcia, Maria Rita Garcia, Olga Garcia, Rafael Garcia-Cabrera, Rocio Garcia-Duarte, Patricia Garcia-Mendoza, Jose Garcia-Michel, Gabriela Garcia-Moreno, Maria Garcia-Soto, Antonia Garcia-Zavala, Eneida Garçonnet, Nathalie

Garda, Henrietta Garfias Arroyo, Miguel Gargili, Gulay Garin, Angela Garza, Maria Garza-Peza, Maria Garza-Vargas, Ilda Gerber, Teresa German, Armida Gerrero, Magdalena Ghedin, Fabio Ghita, Daniela Ghosh, Vibekanandaa Giammarco, Wanda Gil Ruiz, Jaime Gil, Juan Giordano, Maria Girelli, Edilmara Gislason, Gisli Gkenkoba, Izampella Godinez-Adan, Ofelia Godoy Lopez, Mirna Goel, Pardeep Gogoi, Tapan Golisano, Beatrice Gomes, Andre Gomez Gonzalez, Laureano Gomez Motta, Jorge Gomez, Karol Gomez, Margarito Gomez, Monica Gomez-Astorga, Irma Gomez-Mora, Nazario Gomezx, Nubia Gomilanovic Krsikara, Natasa Goncalves, Joao Goncalves, Jose Goncalves, Marco Gondaki, Creoni Gongora, Lizbet Gonzaga Godoy, Rosa Gonzales Maldonado, Jose Gonzales, Ricardo Gonzales, Sonia Gonzalez Cabello, Maria Gonzalez Garces, Danilo Gonzalez Gomez, Amaya Gonzalez Gonzaga, Smirna Gonzalez Joaquin, Margarita Gonzalez Pulgar, Pamela Gonzalez Rosales, Jose Gonzalez, Adelaida Gonzalez, Eliazar Gonzalez, Evelia Gonzalez, Guadalupe Gonzalez, Imelda Gonzalez, Sandra Gonzalez, Yolanda Gonzalez-Diaz, Sandra Gonzalez-Oregon, Graciela Gonzalez-Ortiz, Maria Gonzalez-Quintana, Felipe Gonzi, Michaela Gordillo Saltos, Victoria Goron, Annick Grande Corraltitlan, Margarita Grassi, Alessandro Griguol, Daniel Grijalva Loaiza, Janela Grozavu, Ioana Guaman, Fernando Guaman, Luis Guerrero, Maria Guerrero-Cruz, Juan Guerrero-Gutierrez, Celia Guevarra, Judith Gugliesi Cabrera, Omar Guillen, Dulce Guillermina, Becerra Guimaraes, Alexandre Guimaraes, Nelson Guimaraes, Rafael Guimaraes-Filho, Nelson Guirado Artes, Jose Guizzardi, Kelly Gurrola-Rangel, Santa Gursoy, Yusuf Gutierrez Gonzalez, Maria Gutierrez, Celia Gutierrez, Hugo Gutierrez, Irma Gutierrez, Maria Gutierrez, Otilia Gutierrez-Castillero, Pedro Gutierrez-Ramos, Rosalba Guzel, Haydar Guzman, Edgar Ha, Jung Hackshaw, Catherine Hackshaw, Patrick Hadfield, Margaret Hahan, Giovani Hamada, Koichi Hamamoto, Helena Hamilton, Erela Hampe, Keith Hampton, Willeasia Han, Bum Han, Jung Hansen, Olav Harnois, France Harris, Claudia Haughey, Barry Hegyi, Tamasne Heidebrecht, Tatjana Henriques, Eduardo Henry, Jennifer Herdt, Swetlana Hernandez Cruz, Brigida Hernandez Hernandez, Aitor Hernandez Lopez, Martha Hernandez Ramirez, Rosalba Hernandez Rojero, Leticia Hernandez, Abel Hernandez, Ana Hernandez, Blanca Hernandez, Celia Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Luis Hernandez, Martha Hernandez-Aparicio, Rosario Hernandez-Calderon, Guadalupe Hernandez-Carrillo, Maria Hernandez-Castañeda, Maria Hernandez-Gallegos, Dominga Hernandez-Islas, German Hernandez-Uzcanga, Teresa Hernandez-Villatoro, Ilse Hernandez-Zarraga, Maria Herran, Maria Herrera Aguilar, Irma Herrera Balarezo, Jose Herrera Negrete, Gessy Heyl, Jack Hidalgo, Katiuska Hill, Ann Hines, Tina Hinojosa, Candelaria Ho, Yi Lung Hogarth, Lisa

Congratulations! Qualified December 2006

Hoh, Ai Lye Holliman, Clive Holmes, Jennifer Holmes, Karen Hora, Ranvir Horvath, Ferenc Howes, Jessica Hsieh, Chin Ting Hsieh, Su Li Hsu, Chia Lin Hsu, Chih Hsiang Hsu, Chu Fen Hsu, Feng Chang Hsu, Hsi Fen Hsu, Hui Chu Hsu, Hung Wen Hsu, Li Fen Hsu, Liang Hsu, Yu Mei Hsueh, Lu Hua Huang Lu, Pao Chu Huang, Cho Lun Huang, Hui Wen Huang, Li Chuan Huang, Wen Li Huang, Yi Hsuan Huang, Yu Chi Huerta-Alvarado, Wendy Huertas Cruz, Luz Hueso Ruiz, Bartolome Huh, Kwi Sook Huitron-Muñoz, Martin Hung, Hsing Tzu Hung, Lien Fen Hussain, Syed Hwang, Mi Young Ibarra-Mendoza, Maria Ibarra-Monjaras, Maria Ibarra-Prado, Maria Ibarra-Quintero, Rodrigo Iersel, Anet Inakazu, Shinichi Inocente, Daiane Iparraguirre, Alejandro Isailovic, Vladimir Ito, Kazue Jacome, Olga Jailungka, Jatuporn Jaimes-Alva, Lucia James, Leroy Janczur, Agata Jang, Eun Soon Jang, In Sook Jang, Sun Ah Jang, Tam Ji Janssens, Nancy Jara Quintero, Bibiana Jaramillo, Celeste Jaspe, Andres Jeffrey, Michelle Jenkins, Evelyn Jeong, In Hee Jesus, Luis Jesus, Welison Jhun, Jung Joo Jiayao, Tao Jimenez Diaz, Maria Jimenez Sarmiento, Beatriz Jimenez-Barajas, Genoveva Jimenez-Moreno, Manuel Johnson, Janet Jones, Kay Jonsdottir, Berglind Jorge, Eduardo Jorge, Fabio Juarez Soto, Elia Juarez, Luis Juarez-Uvera, Maria Julian-Axinicuilteco, Carolina Jun, Young Nan Junge, Tanja Kachari, Bina Kaewkla, Sirichai Kaewnet, Orawan Kaire, Coral Kam, Kok Cheong Kam, Lee Ching Kaminska, Anna Kan, Chia Wei Kanchantuk, Saang Kanemitsu, Shigehiro Kang, Ching Neng Karakaya, Husameddin Karatas, Yakup Karreth, Dagmar Kath, Michael Kawakami, Wendel Kaynak, Orhan Kazeker, Maryneide Keller Hardmeier, Gitta Kelly, George Kempski Von Rakoszyn, Teodoro Keranen, Veera Kim, Doo Rye Kim, Hee Soo Kim, Jung Eun Kim, Kye Ja Kim, Ok Nam King, Rosemarie Klein, Tattiya Knight, Frances Knight, Joe Kocak, Fatma Koclar, Ilhan Kolcuoglu, Semiha Komatsu, Yuji Kong, For Chan Konnar, Osadhar Kosman, Daniela Koziel, Barbara Kuchumpos, Nicolas Kuluta, Nkosinathi Kunze, Edgar Kuo, Yung Chi Kuriyama, Akihiro Kurt, Asiye Lagos Perquez, Doris Lai, Shu Hui Lai, Yi Ju Lam, Ka Yan Lambkin, William Lancon, Marie Cecile Landin Flores, Maria Lanuza-Nieto, Irma Lara-Nopala, Tomasa Larbwisuthisaroj, Pinit Larios, Jose Larios-Arechiga, Martha Laskar, Tarpananjal Latas, Jose Lau, Chi Kong Lau, Hau Wing Laube, Roswitha Lausirica, Ana Lazcano-Gonzalez, Virna Leal, Conceicao Lechuga, Maria Ledezma-Huerta, Nohemi Lee Chen, Hsiu Feng Lee, Chia Jung Lee, Hoi Soon

Lee, Hwa Ja Lee, Hye Kyung Lee, Hyun Jin Lee, In Sun Lee, Jin Hee Lee, Mei Fang Lee, Mi Kyung Lee, Moon Sim Lee, Shih Wei Lee, Soo Nam Lee, Wen Chang Lee, Wen Hsin Lee, Wen Yin Lee, Yen Chiao Lee, Yi Hsuan Leesuvichakorn, Siriporn Leisa, Yolanda Leite, Fabio Leite, Kenia Leite, Leonardo Lem, Kam Wai Lemke, Germano Leong, Wan Sin Levy, Carlos Lewis, Fiona Leyva Sanchez, Nohemi Leyva, Adriana Liao, Wei Yi Liew, Sock Lee Lim, Choon Ming Lim, Hsiu Chong Lim, Jung Yeon Lim, Mooi Yoon (Joseph) Lim, Yoong (Ken) Lima Morales, Araceli Lima, Cleunice Lima, Francisco Lima, Wenio Limdul, Somprad Lin, Chi Hung Lin, Chia Pi Lin, Chih Chung Lin, Chin Yen Lin, Feng Pai Lin, Ho Sung Lin, Hui Ju Lin, Jung Chao Lin, Li Tzu Lin, Pi Mei Lin, Qiu Yun Lin, Se Hsia Lin, Shao Fan Lin, Ta Wei Lin, Yi Yuan Lin, Yun Linda Lee, Mei Leng Lindsay, Richard Lindtoft, Leila Ling, Wen Ching Lira, Claudvan Liu, Shu Chen Liu, Su Chiao Liu, Tzu Hua Liu, Yuk Ching Lizcano-Ibarra, Juana Llamas, Maria Llancaman Vidal, Carolina Llanes-Uc, Luz Lo Cicero, Maria Lo, Yu Ting Lobato, Nilceia Loenen, Carolien Loeza-Galeana, Dominga Loeza-Muñoz, Alicia Loh, Pey Ning Lopes, Mario Lopez Cruz, Magdalena Lopez Hernandez, Blanca Lopez Martinez, Maria Lopez Nieto, Juana Lopez Rodriguez, Angelica Lopez, Alejandra Lopez, Eden Lopez, Teresa Lopez-Alvarado, Maria Lopez-Campuzano, Constantina Lopez-De La Rosa, Gloria Lopez-Delgado, Marcos Lopez-Flores, Maria Lopez-Palomo, Bertha Lopez-Rios, J. Lopez-Rodriguez, Juanita Lor, Khai Loredo, Magalen Loureiro, Sandra Louw, Hansie Low, Beng Liang Low, Tai Lin Lozada, Nestor Lu, Jui Erh Lu, Kuei Chin Lu, Pi Chu Lu, Tsai Wei Lu, Yen Ching Lucero, Guillermo Lucianer, Lorenza Lugardo Silvestre, Carlos Lujan, Leticia Luna-Gomez, Irma Luque Cruz, Ana Luvizotto, Jackson Ma, Chen Ting Machado, Ana Machado, Marcelo Machado, Nilsea Machado, Nuno Macias-Diaz, Raul Macias-Quezada, Maria Madeo, Silvia Madeyska, Maria Madrid-Ornelas, Ofelia Madrigal Romero, Martha Maduro, Jose Magalhaes, Dina Magalhaes, Odair Magalhaes, Olga Magnusson, Lotta Mahamatr, Treenate Mai, Dinsch Maigua, Beites Makani, Latha Makrygiorgi, Savvas Malaos, Nicos Maldonado Payacan, Melquisedec Maldonado, Manuel Maldonado-Ruiz, Carmen Malfas, Jennifer Malhao, Paulo Malik, Asep Maloni, Brunella Malygina, Tatiana Mancilla Correa, Raul Mandelli, Nastassja Manengela, Nomthandazo Mangano, Battista Mangueira, Carlos Manning, Aurora Manoel, Eduardo Maranillo, Rayma Mardones Mendez, Cindy

Marin, Claudio Marino, Gislaine Marotta, Vanessa Marques, Tania Marrero, Julio Martin, Claudia Martinez Alcaraz, Nuria Martinez Gutierrez, Romana Martinez Montaño, Hortencia Martinez Silva, Nayeli Martinez, Alvaro Martinez, Carlos Martinez, Dolores Martinez, Erika Martinez, Keren Martinez-Martinez, Hector Martinez-Ramirez, Luisa Martinez-Salinas, Cesar Martin-Gruny, Carmen Martini, Jorge Martins De Lima, Renata Martins, Adriano Martins, Daniel Martins, Jorge Martins, Maria Marumo, Sophie Mascarenhas, Milton Maskul, Chakarinir Massah, Wallace Mata Martinez, Mary Mata-Torres, Florentina Mateos, Jose Mathias, Anderson Matias, Maria Matos, Jose Mattos, Benedita Mayen, Osma Mayer, Rachel Mayimele, Mashangu Mazzeo, Daniel Mazzeo, Jonathan Mazzucchelli, Jorge McBride, Dennis McGuire, Melba McKee, Crystal Md Eusope, Zarina Medeiros, Joao Medina Modrak, Maria Medina Pinto, Alexis Medina Sanchez, Maria Medina, Marcio Medina, Marisol Medina-Gomez, Ofelia Medrano, Rosa Meejaiyen, Teerathat Meesrichan, Romcharee Mejia Salazar, Dina Mejia, Wilmer Melgarejo Jr, Jose Mellin-Bailon, Servando Melo, Jaqueline Melo, Maria Mendes, Antonio Mendes, Carla Mendes, Celia Mendes, Elaine Mendez Herrero, Oscar Mendez Uresti, Maria Mendez, Rafael Mendez-Rios, Adriana Mendieta-Vazquez, Maria Mendoza, Geromo Mendoza, Josefa Mendoza-Jimenez, Luz Mendoza-Lujambio, Luis Menin, Ana Menjivar Aquino, Marlene Mercado Cadena, Jose Mercier, Nathalie Merino, Paula Merino-Martinez, Elena Merntanis, Gasment Messana, Domingo Michalovits, Melina Mihailova, Marta Millan, Carmen Milne, Janet Miloschitz, Fernando Minkenberg, Heidi Miño, Marcelo Minoshima, Toshie Miranda Herrera, Paula Miranda, Blanca Miranda-Padilla, Claudia Miro, Eugenia Mistry, Lalit Mistry, Trupti Molina Serrano, Evelyn Molina, Alma Molina, Judith Molina-Adame, Marlen Molina-Soto, Caritina Molineri, Francois Moll, Katherine Molnar, Akos Molnar, Istvanne Momiyama, Yukie Mondragon Meza, Guadalupe Monroy Zarraga, Maricela Monserrat, Gabriela Monteiro, Rosa Montiel Cervantes, Alfredo Montoya-Miranda, Andres Moraes, Elivania Morales Aravena, Roger Morales Armas, Emma Morales Escamilla, Teresa Morales Lara, Maria Morales, Carmelita Morales, Claudia Morales, Juan Morales-Cuello, Rosa Morales-Sanchez, Irma Morales-Vila, Rosa Mora-Marquez, Lizbeth Morante, Julio Morello, Emilia Moreno Corchuelo, Rosalba Moreno Lara, Maria Moreno, Osbaldo Moreno-Arriaga, Elizabeth Moreno-Morales, Antonio Morgan, John Morillo, Luz Morocho Coronel, Gladys Morris, Daphne Mosee, Mariano Mosqueda, Esperanza Mosqueda-Garcia, Yolanda Mota Saenzpardo, Josefina Moungpetch, Satit Moura, Fernando Mpakouris, Georgios Mujica Vazquez, Belem Muñoz Aguilera, Marco Muñoz Bañuelos, Alizzeth Muñoz Moreno, Myriam Muñoz Murillo, Claudia Murillo-Macias, Paulina Muro, Kelen Naaman Macharro, Flores Nadina, Andres

Nahal, Gurpreet Nahid, Raha Najera, Concepcion Nakamura, Francisca Nam, Keum Napier, Anton Narciso-Cruz, Maria Nascimento, Andre Nascimento, Helder Nascimento, Jachson Nascimento, Jorge Nascimento, Rodolfo Nascimento, Thiago Nath, Pabitra Navajas Alcoholado, Andrea Navarrete Vega, Jose Navarro, Camilo Navarro-Perez, Maria Nayak, Santosh Necca, Stephanie Negru, Tania Ligia Nelson, Andrew Neri, Isabel Neto, Manoel Neto, Maria Neves, Jose Neves, Marcelo Newkirk, Virgil Newsome, Paull Neyra, David Nicolau, Susana Nielsen, Julie Nielsen, Richard Nieto, Maria Nita, Violeta Niu, Kuei Lien Nix, Monika Nkosi, Maria No, Young Nogueira, Marilena Noguera Vergara, Juan Noicharoen, Woraphan Nordengren Brandel, Monika Noriega, Raquel Noriega-Guerrero, Victor Novella, Celestina Noviello Fedele, Romina Nuevo, Maria Nunes, Lauro Nunes, Paula Nuñez Hernandez, Sandra Nuñez Lopez, Keren Nunez Munoz, Beatriz Nunez, Estela Nuño-Ascencio, Petra Nute, Gloria Oberosler, Kalli Ocampo, Emanuel Ocampo-Larrea, Luz Oconnor, Paul Oe, Anna Oguz, Rafet Oh, Ok Hwan Oh, Yoon Hee Ohama, Ivone Ohmura, Ikuko Ojeda, Beatriz Olen Kruger, Monika Olichwer, Annette Olichwer, Anthony Olivares, Enrique Olivares-Garrido, Gloria Oliveira, Ana Oliveira, Anne Oliveira, Carlos Oliveira, Joao Oliveira, Leonardo Oliveira, Lisiane Oliveira, Marcia Oliveira, Ricardo Oliveira, Rilke Oliveira, Roger Oliveira, Sandra Omarova, Aida Ong, Woan Xin Oosterholt Bok, Ilse Ordoñez, Carolina Orlovskaya, Tatiana Ornago, Elisabetta Orozco Villalba, Emilia Orozco, Alex Orozco, Celia Ortega Miguel, Adolzaydes Ortega, Maria Ortega, Ortencia Ortega-Martinez, Aurea Ortez, Sandra Ortiz Cadavid, Luz Oseguera Sanche, Maria Osorio Esquivel, G. Osorio-De Jesus, Janet Otero Diaz, Marisa Ovadiya, Nir Ozdirektor, Ozcan Ozturk, Erkin Ozyurek, Tugba Pacheco Benites, Rosario Pacheco, Carolyn Pachuca, Aida Padilla Sierra, Rosa Padilla Baez, Santa Padron-Chan, Roxana Paes, Ellen Paic, Radmila Paikin, Roman Paiva, Ana Palacios Flores, Lucila Palacios Molina, Erick Palacios-Flores, Rita Palaoro De Persi, Maria Palau Garcia, Jose Palma Arce, Maria Palma Hidalgo, Norma Palma Soto, Catalina Palomares Cante, Jose Palomares-Meza, Maria Pandolpho, Eduardo Pangaribuan, Tetty Pangilinan, Emily Panker, Katherin Paolinelli, Andrea Paoloni, Betiana Paquito, Jacqueline Para, Ali Parada Barron, Karina Pardino, Claudia Paredes, Silvia Parias, Angelica Park, Chae Sook Park, Chang Sook Park, Do Soon Park, Mi Sook Parra Navarro, Oneida Parreiras, Samuel Patete, Yolfred Pattanasettakul, Wannasiri Pattrapisarn, Tanate Paula, Andre Pavez Yañez, Francia Pavon-Lemarroy, Pedro Paz Alvarenga, Argelia Paz, Hilaria

Paz, Nolberto Pease, David Pedersen, Mona Pednekar, Mrunal Pedraza, Rosa Pedrosa, Nuno Pelico, Nelly Peña Vargas, Patricia Peñaloza-Tapia, Guadalupe Peña-Saenz, Teresa Peralta, Maria Pereira, Abelardo Pereira, Ana Pereira, Bruno Pereira, Daniela Pereira, Isabel Pereira, Maria Pereira, Maria Pereira, Monica Pereira, Sonia Perez Cervantes, Maria Perez Garcia, Andres Perez Garcia, Maria Perez Medina, Luis Perez Mendez, Fernando Perez Torres, Gloria Perez, Alba Perez, Gabriela Perez, Judith Perez, Lizeth Perez, Rodolfo Perez, Viviana Perez-Camargo, Rosalba Perez-Martinez, Erika Perez-Rangel, Bernardo Persi, Emir Petit, Lisa Pettinato, Gabriel Peyrano, Marisa Phannakham, Pornsawan Phewbang, Chaipattana Picelli, Luzia Pimiento, Cesar Pineda Gorostieta, Maria Pineda, Inocencio Pineda, Leticia Pineda-Figueroa, Gabriela Pinkston, Michael Pino, Cindy Pinto, Sergio Pinto, Silvia Pintok, Leslie Pipitpol, Vorakij Pirastu, Annalisa Pires, Helder Pires, Neide Pitz, Jutta Placensia, Maria Podzigun, Yuliya Pola, Giuliana Polischuk, Albina Politakis, Tina Poltorak, Eva Polzun, Linda Pomposo, Marisela Ponce-Diaz, Maria Pongsawat, Komkrish Pontes, Antonio Popular, Eti Porter, Annette Portugal Ramirez, Gonzalo Postumi, Rosela Potsuwan, Sarayut Potter, Casey Prado, Geraldo Prado-Guerrero, Lilia Prado-Reyes, Maria Premalatha, V. Pretorius, Marina Price, Maureen Prieto, Elaine Pucciariello, Luis Puentes Atuesta, John Puentes Pardo, Norberto Puerto, Felipe Pulido, Edith Purksajareewaeroj, Satapron Putacuar Tucanes, Oscar Quadros, Quelen Quesada, Anna Quezada Paez, Jacobo Quezada Segulla, Paulina Quezada, Celia Quinones, Odila Quintero Santana, Maria Quispe Quiro, Paulina Quito Merchan, Diego Quito Pucha, Merida Quito, Ermelinda Quituisaca, Jose Rabe, Melanie Rached, Marcelo Ragno, Pablo Ramalho, Antonio Ramesh, C.G Ramirez Cesar, Vicente Ramirez De Santiago, Efren Ramirez, Celia Ramirez, Emilia Ramirez, Francisca Ramirez-Hernandez, Francisca Ramos, Silvia Raposo, Irina Rastogi, Arti Raventos Escabros, Meritxell Ream, Brian Regis, Carolina Reis, Abevania Resendez, Flora Reverte Rovetto, Manuel Rey Garzon, Jorge Reyes, Hortencia Reyes, Jenny Reyes, Jose Reyes-Alarcon, Blanca Reyes-Herrera, Martina Reyna, Sonia Reynoso, Dolores Ribeiro, Maria Ribeiro, Nuno Ricardo Cumbrera, Iliana Richard, Benoit Richards, Heather Richardson, Rosemary Rigaberlin, Lina Rijanto, A. Th. Bambang Rincon Rodriguez, Alexandra Ringeling Alday, Veronica Rios Razo, Maria Rios, Hilaria Rios-Avila, Marco Ritter, Josephine Rivas-Green, Jose Rivas-Ramirez, Silvia Rivera, Marina Rivera-Hernandez, Carlota Rivero, Mac Donald Roa Angarita, Gerania Roarke, Susan Robinson, Junett Rocha Salazar, Maria

Roco Sepulveda, Margarita Rodrigues, Anderson Rodrigues, Claci Rodrigues, Clovis Rodrigues, Lucas Rodrigues, Neusa Rodrigues, Paulo Rodriguez Acuña, Paula Rodriguez Fernandez, Luis Rodriguez Guillen, Lilia Rodriguez Ramirez, Araceli Rodriguez Urzua, Maria Rodriguez, Socorro Rodriguez, Teresa Rodriguez-Alcantara, Hayde Rodriguez-Madero, Blanca Rodriguez-Roman, Maria Rodriguez-Sanchez, Gerardo Roestenburg, Michel Rogers, Doris Rojas, Belinda Rojas, Sandra Rojo Gomez, Rosaura Rojo Zamora, Rossana Rojo, Juan Rolim, Antonio Romero-Cardenas, Silvina Romero-Meza, Esperanza Romero-Rodriguez, Maria Ronces-Rodriguez, Isabel Roque Martines, Santana Roque-Meliton, Magdalena Rosales Diaz, Victor Rosales-Gonzalez, Maria Rosas-Clemente, Edilberto Rosas-Olvera, Reymundo Rossi, Maria Rosso, Nilton Roy, Arijit Roy, Michael Rubio, Maria Rubio-Orozco, Jesus Rueda Gomez, David Rueda Gomez, Jaime Rueda Gomez, Luz Rueda Gomez, Maria Rueda-Casillas, Maria Ruedas, Carmen Ruiz Sanchez, Manuel Ruiz-Armendaris, Lilia Ruiz-Galindo, Sergio Ruiz-Martinez, Juana Rundle, Philip Rye, Charlotte Saengsarttra, Yuthajak Saenz Luque, Virgilio Sagastume, Luis Sahin, Hasan Saiprom, Wisit Saito, Shigeru Saiz Sanz, Cristina Saksiriruthai, Kantika Salas, Carlos Salas-Lara, Esteban Salazar Aguilera, Carmen Salazar Ruiz, Oscar Salazar, Neyde Salcedo, Rocio Saldana Gonzalez, Vanessa Saldanha, Ricardo Saldierna-Mata, Hilda Salgado, Rui Salinas, Gloria Salmeron-Flores, Judith Samartino, Sara Sanchez De La Cruz, Maria Sanchez Rodriguez, Mylena Sanchez Sanchez, Amparo Sanchez Sanchez, Rosa Sanchez, Cleotilde Sanchez, Fernando Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Prudencio Sanchez-Clemente, Juan Sanchez-Gonzales, Maria Sangiuliano, Rosely Sanlan, Rafet Santamaria Suazo, Brisel Santhanasaendee, Thitithat Santi, Gabriella Santiago-Hernandez, Martha Santiago-Pedro, Leticia Santome Ramos, Glorisela Santos Bravo, Eduardo Santos, Alfonso Santos, Arnaldo Santos, Bruna Santos, Carlos Santos, Douglas Santos, Enio Santos, Fernanda Santos, Helga Santos, Marcelo Santos, Maria Santos, Mauricio Santos, Renato Santos, Silvio Santos-Garcia, Angel Sarabia Marrugo, Astrid Saraiva, Saneide Sarazua, Rene Sarialp, Mehmet Sarmiento, Jorge Sato, Kazushi Satouri, Bilel Saucedo, Maria Sauer, Curtis Savinkova, Elena Savvides, Constantinos Sawangsri, Sunisa Sawant, Urmila Scarcella, Marina Schardosim, Adenisio Schenato, Paulo Scherf, Nicolas Scheschowitcsh, Anita Schmidinger, Felipe Schoenwalder, Sarah Schrammel, Josef Schwab, Larissa Scipione, Chiara Sedano-Castro, Minerva Segovia, Fanny Sensoy, Cemile Seppala, Merja Serra, Nuno Serrano, Alexsandra Shao, Tianyu Shih, Hui Ying Shnyt, Oksana Shwab, Martha Silitonga, Sendarti Silva, Angelo Silva, Antonia Silva, Antonio Silva, Carina Silva, Carlos Silva, Dalva Silva, Davide Silva, Erivan Silva, Fabiano Silva, Francisco Das

Silva, Francisco Roseno Da Silva, Ines Silva, Isidro Silva, Jessica Silva, Jocelia Silva, Jocelito Silva, Jose Silva, Jose Silva, Julia Silva, Leandro Silva, Leiricenir Silva, Madalena Silva, Marcio Silva, Marcondes Silva, Maria Silva, Miguel Silva, Monica Silva, Nara Silva, Rafael Silva, Rafael Silva, Ronaldo Silva, Solange Silva, Sueli Silva, Tomaz Silva, Valdeci Silva-Neto, Jose Silveira, Alessandro Silverio Ocampo, Felicitas Simao, Maria Simoes, Filipe Sin, Soon Siordia-Jimenez, Alicia Situmorang, Riamauli Sklivanitis, Georgios Sloan, Conrad Smith, Jerry Smith, Jodi Smith, Nigel So, Kok Soares, Ednilson Soares, Manoel Solano Arcos, Eufemia Solorzano, Christian Sornsith, Wetchayan Sosa Mendoza, Maritza Sosa, Florida Sotelo-Rivera, Alejandro Sotero, Antonio Soto Ossa, Edgar Soto, Claudia Soto, Gisela Soto, Irma Soto, Norma Soto-Soberanes, Irma Sousa, Olga Souza, Clayton Souza, Etson Souza, Gilberto Souza, Maria Souza, Olga Souza, Renata Stallwood, John Stanford, Julie Stephen, Kevi Stoika, Minodora Gabriela Stubbs, Patsy Su Chi, Sung He Suarez-Jaramillo, Maria Sulzbach, Dione Sumida, Alicia Sun, Ping To Sun, Ying Sundquist, Bodil Sung, Feng Ying Sung, Hyun Joo Suniaga Moreno, Sulamey Swailem, Maria Swanson, Ashley Sweet, Siobhan Tai, Shu Mei Takase, Tadao Takayama, Marisa Takuma, Milton Talignani, Aldo Tallante Torrecillas, David Tam, Hing Shing (Maverick) Tam, Wing Sze (Michele) Tan, Sam Hup Tanaka, Akihiko Tangkijvorachai, Anut Tavares, Luis (Manuel) Tay, Mui (Lan) Teixeira, Jose Teixeira, Maria Tellez, Marlene Tellez-Cisneros, Maria Tenfen, Murilo Teng, Chia Lan Teoh, Poh Hoon Tey, Yuen Yuen Thakkar, Pranali Thakuria, Niru Thangaveloo, Mohanaraj Thubthong, Nuttakorn Tian, Ariel Timoteo, Tiago Titarenko, Nataliya Tito Condori, Lucia Tkalenko, Oleg Toh, Kian Eng Toh, Yew Hong Tolaba Amador, Jhonny Toledo, Amarilcia Tolli, Carmen Tominaga, Keiko Topuz, Didem Torres De Milla, Martha Torres, Gloria Torres, Rogerio Torres-Lopez, Audelia Torrico, Feliciano Toublan, Aurelie Tracy, Josephine Trejo-Laguna, Cruz Tresider, Gordon Treviño, Eva Trujillo, Cecilia Tsai, Chia Hung Tsai, Chia Ying Tsai, Li Yueh Tsai, Mei Hua Tsai, Shan Shan Tsai, Yi Chi Tsao, Hsiang Ting Tseng, Ching Yi Tseng, Hsin Yun Tsou, Kuei Chin Tu, Moi Huong Tucker, Glenn Tuesta Vergaray, Carlos Tung, Chiao Yun Uguna, Manuel Umadevi, D. Umar, Ersin Ungvari, Zoltan Uptegraft, Wendi Uriostegui-Aguilar, Celina Urupongsa, Akrapol Usui, Daisuke Valadez-Castro, Silvia Valdes Bucarey, Marco Valdez Correa, Zandra

Valdez Jr., Hector Valdez-Romero, Maribel Valencia Cid, Maria Valencia Lopez, Angela Valencia, Katherine Valentin Lara, Claudia Valerio Ceron, Maria Valioulin, Sergey Valladares, Maria Van Den Bossche, Veerle Van Dyk, Adriana Van Gronsveld, Bart Van Rossum, Conny Van Zyl, Anna Vandorpe, Priscilla Vankova, Marta Varela, Teresa Vargas Correal, Carolina Vargas Marquez, Hector Vargas, Salvador Vargas-Lopez, Silvia Varona-Mejia, Octavio Vasquez, Gregorio Vasquez, Patricia Vastinen, Noora Vaz, Sandra Vazquez Gomez, Maria Vazquez Gomez, Paladio Vazquez, Aida Vazquez-Loza, Maria Vazquez-Pareja, Domitila Vega Alfaro, Maria Vela-Delgado, Ana Velasco-Luna, Georgina Velazquez Santamaria, Manuela Velez Ruiz, Bernarda Vendramin, Samuel Venitis, Antonios Vera Valdivia, Maria Vera, Ana Vera-Hernandez, Mariela Veras, Iris Verde, Cristian Vergara Llanos, Myrna Vernica, Eugenia Veronezi, Adalto Vicente, Ramiro Vico, Lucila Videla, Gustavo Vidili, Antonio Viegas, Rodrigo Vieira, Amanda Vieira, David Vieira, Michele Vilcapaza, Vicenta Vilchez, Pierina Villa, Zoranny Villagran Orozco, Marlin Villanueva Arias, Jorge Villaseñor-Salazar, Israel Vilshansky, Valentina Vital, Maria Viviescas Quintero, Nidia Vizcarra, Jeannette Von Holten, Marie Von Wyl Stalder, Trudy Wagner, Lladira Wakabayashi, Yoko Walters, Delano Wan Muhamad, Wan Suriya Wang, Chen Teh Wang, Yi Yun Wang, Yu Lin Wasko, Kathy Watari, Yuichi Weber, Inis Wehrly, Eleanor Welly, Robert White, Tanya Wikstrom, Karin Won, Hwang Sook Wong, Kam Keung Wood, Larisa Woods, Brenda Wu Yang, Ying Yueh Wu, Chia Hui Wu, Ching Yi Wu, Kuei Ying Wu, Meng Hua Wu, Nien Chin Wu, Yu Yen Xavier, Felipe Yallappa Yamashita, Rumiko Yañez/-Lopez, Erika Yang, Hui Ching Yang, Kuei Fei Yang, Min Hui Yang, Wei Fang Yang, Wen Hao Yasuda, Hideki Yazzie Salsman, Malea Ye, Wen Jing (Pauline) Yeh, Mei Hsueh Yepes, Maribel Yew, Soo Boy Yigit, Haldun Yilmaz, Hayati Yip, Chee Wah Yip, Wai Lin Yonter, Serpil Yoo, Byung Rye Yoon, Hyun Min Yoruker, Aliye Yoshida, Michiko Yoshikawa, Makoto Yost, Beth Young, Jane Yu Lin, Chiu Hsiang Yu, Chun Ying Yuksel, Cigdem Zalazar, Rosa Zambrano Leones, Idilia Zambrano Parraga, Blanca Zambrano, Nelson Zammit, Mario Zamora-Marquez, Mario Zanette, Giovani Zavala-De Alba, Ana Zavala-Salazar, Lourdes Zavaleta-Santiago, Luis Zawierucha, Beata Zebua, Asariani Zegarra, Carlos Zelaya Calix, Marina Zendejas-Cortes, Consuelo Zengin, Ali Zepeda, Aiyeri Zhicay, Maria Zhong, Jia Yao (Kathy) Zhunio Malla, Mayra Zikinovsky, Shela Zor, Ekrem Zubiri Garcia, Berenice Zuñiga Gutierrez, Antonia Zuniga, Adriana Zurmuhler, Jesus Zurmuhler, Jose Zurmuhler, Pablo

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PRESIDENT’S TEAM Attakarnphong, Metinee Chapedi, Jorge Cofre, Jorge Dorantes R., Jose Lee, Jong Yeoul Mier Nava, Mauricio Sarfelt, Allan Stickel, Oscar Suphawanichleela, Koson

MILLIONAIRE TEAM Acerboni, Angela Ansaldi, Mariela Batiz Guillen, Maria Calderon, Lenin Castellanos Sanchez, Socorro Chang, Yu Chang, Shih Feng Chao, Chih Chiang Coates, Nathan Costa, Antonio Custodia, Paulo Dance, Montakia De Aguirre, Maria Delgado, Arturo Du Dian, You Escalona Pinto, Elio Escalona Pinto, Mariana Esparza Macias, Maria Fang, Hsiao Wen Ferreira, Andrea Flores Flores, Gabriel Gallardo Patlan, Criseyda Gallegos Lopez, Luis Garfias Gonzalez, Maria Gomez Rangel, Jorge Jaimes Jaimes, Yolanda Jarrin, Vinicio Larios Navarro, Maria Liu, Li Hsiang Marker, Nicolaj Ortiz, Antonio Osorio Lopez, Paulino Perez, Patricia Pitakwongsaporn, Suwatchai Postigo Sanchez, Aurelio Rosa Hercules, Sonia Ruiz, Marcelo Sacavem, Ana Sanabria, Sonia Sanchez, Raul Sanchez Hernandez, Gardner Sanchez Grimaldo, Esperanza Stine, Philip Sweetnam, Laurel Wang, Xiao Min Weas, Kelly Yu, Ming Tai

GET TEAM Abdallah, Meira Adata Virelas, Cecilia Agius, Lucia Aguilar, Josefina Allen, Mary Alonso Bautista, Rubi Alvarado, Carmen Amaya Perez, Jaime An, Won Ja Andrade, Pablo Aoki, Akihiro Aranivar De Alarcon, Ana Arias Rangel, Jose Azevedo, Vera Bae, Jung Hee Bahler, Kathi Baldeon Wong, Martha Banuelos, Matilde Barriga, Elizabeth Barros, Patricia Belman Barron, Estela Birchmore, Penny Borg, Rosanne Borges, Daguimar Borrowe, Kristy Bustos, Angela Caceres Canales, Bernarda Campos, Rocio Carbajal Garcia, Bertha Carvalho, Eduardo Castro, Victor Chanan Salcedo, Faridi Chandwani, Anita Changmai, Bijoy Chavez, Amanda Chen, Chin Mei Chen Hsu, Li Mei Chiang, Kuo Chung Chiu, Mei Hua Choo, Jung Ho Choy, Maria Chung, Hao Yu Chung, Kuang Ho Chun Hua, Xuan Costa, Clelean Costa, Marcelo Cruz Gomez, Cristina Cupa, Juan Del Campo, Carolina Delgado Velazquez, Delfina Deo, Smita Diaz, Humberto Ding, Li Hua Dominguez, Magaly Dyachenko, Tatiana Eisner, Murray Elsa, Pilar Enriquez, Yesenia Enriquez Ortega, Salome Espinheiro, Wanessa Espinosa Cortina, Francisca Fernandez Casanou, Ariel

Fernandez David, Miguel Fernandez Monaco, Maria Ferreira, Romeu Figueira, Marcia Figueiredo, Gilberto Filgueira, Juan Flagg, Madeleine Floor, Una Foon, Kah Heng Franco, Graciela Galaviz Martinez, Maria Galvez Moran, Elizabeth Garcia Chapa, Martha Garcia Marquez, Francisco Gasparovic, Jorge Gauto, Maria Germano, Jose Ghirasim, Florica Gogoi, Abhijit Goh, Su Chin Gomes, Danielle Gomez, Juan Gonzalez, Ana Gonzalez, Maribel Gonzalez, Josefina Gonzalez Lopez, Gabriela Gonzalez Yañez, Gustavo Gorur, Muzaffer Gregory, Michelle Gruber, Cecilia Guevara Espinosa, Sabino Gunsha Mocha, Edgar Gutierrez Bellido, Graciela Gutierrez Lozada, Victor Guzman, Alicia Hardy, Carole Heffernan, Kelly Hernandez, Rafael Hernandez, Eliazar Hernandez Cardenas, Maria Hernandez Magaña, Rita Hernandez Perez, Aurelia Herrera, Hector Hinojosa Cruz, Cecilia Ho, Ming Han Huerta Hernandez, Armando Hung, Cheng Yu Hylen, Irene Hylen, Annica Jakovljevic Resetar, Vesna Jaquez Meraz, Maria Jasso Garcia, Rosa Jimenez Cerrillo, Bertha Juarez Hernandez, Gregorio Jung, Hae Sook Junior, Jose Kang, Mei Liang Khuptong, Suan Kim, Mi Soon Kim, Jin Young Koh, Kim Guan (Alfrez) Kuhre, Susan Kukla, Sabine Lahiry, Pralay Lai, Chih Hung Lairenmayum, Premlata Lee, Chang Min Lee, Kim Oo Lee, Ming Lun Leong, Kum Thye Lerma Garcia, Hugo Lewis, Lori Li, Wen Ting Li, Yu Hong Liao, Li Min Lim, Lay Fen Lima, Fabio Lima, Terezinha Lin, Hsin Lun Lin, Li Chuan Lin, Shu Chen Lisnasari Liu, Yuan Shen Liu, Chun Hao Liu, Chun Mei Lo, Hung Yi Lomeli Lopez, Lorena Machado, Lenir Machado, Juliano Marques, Geisa Marroquin Quan, Edwin Martinez, Silvia Martinez, Jaime Martinez Hernandez, Guadalupe Martinez Ortiz, Hector Martinez Salazar, Rosa Mata Sanguinetty, Rotman Melgarejo Castro, Victor Melo, Mauro Melo, Silvia Meza, Juan Meza Hernandez, Adiel Miranda Mendez, Ramon Miranda Zamora, Guadalupe Mondragon De La Cruz, Angelica Montalvo Martinez, Elodia Morales Velasquez, Erasmo Morelos Guzman, Enrique Mueller, Esther Mull, Deeanne Muñoz Reynoso, Jose Munz, Elba Nanthasanguanthai, Kiat Nascimento, Zelber Neto, Americo Ng, Ah Moi Nicolas, Juventino Nieto Soroa, Jorge Noblezada, Maria Nogueira, Antenor Ohyama, Michiko Olstad, Gry Olvera Pichardo, Gloria Ortega, Rafael Orton, Lynn Ou, Hui Mei Paderanga, Joy Paz Rosas, Juan Pedraza, Paulo Perez, Maria Perez, Christian Perez Jimenez, Esmeralda Perreira, Ritchelle Pina, Maria Piyakunakorn, Witchukorn Pomares, Fabiola Ponte Jurado, Landerson Pratt Ramirez, Carolina Rangel Abrego, Elizabeth Rayher, Angela Ribeiro, Firmino Ricaborda, Annie Rivera, Marina Rocha, Caio Rodrigueiro, Nelson Rodriguez, Maria Rogers, Kelly Romero, Isaac Rong, Jiang Yao Ruiz, Maria Sa, Beatriz Sanchez, Loreto Sanchez Valencia, Francisco Sanchez Vallarta, Manuela Sanchez Meneses, Leticia Sanchez Ordoñez, Guadalupe Santos, Patricia Santos Galvis, Delcy Sarabia, Maria Sierra Huitron, Antonio Siew, Swee Fong Sigurfinnsdottir, Elsa Silveira, Alexandre Sobrinho, Ubiratan Solis Romero, Juan Sosa Loyola, Rocio

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Soto Rivera, Mario Souza, Elaine Speziale, Maria Stirak, Nohasmah Su, Muoh Kim Sukhenko, Anzhelina Suphawanichleela, Kosin Symes, Sandra Teabsee, Rawinun Tecla Martinez, Maria Teixeira, Vanessa Tellez, Sandra Terrazas Alvidrez, Arcelia Terrones Reyna, Tiburcio Thompson, Kathleen Tlahuetl, Fabian Tong, Yu Hong Torres, Santos Torres Ochoa, Aurelio Tsai Liu, Hsiu Feng Uy, Po Yee Valadez Cruz, Sindy Valdes Sanchez, Marisol Valerio Ortiz, Alejandro Vargas Villaroel, Yolanda Villa Belez, Maria Villarroel Robles, Alejandrina Villegas, Jose Villegas Rodriguez, Maria Wang, Miao Ju Wang, Fu Mei Winchel, Christi Wong, Kiong Choo Wong, Shin Sheung Wu, Hang Chih Xiang an, Liu Yang, Wei Teh Yeramshetty, Minal Yildirim, Mustafa Zhao, Hua Wu Zhu, Hui Zou, Hui Song

WORLD TEAM A.Thambipillai, Thrumalachumi Aangdembe, Bheshraj Aarvold, Hedvig Abang Mon, Siti Abarca Rivera, Azucena Abarenkova, Irina Abidi, Afshan Abiel Avadilla, Obdulia Abrantes, Fernando Abrunhosa, Maria Abrunhosa, Rui Acacio, Abrahan Acevedo, Aurora Acosta, Maria Acuña Calderon, Martha Acuna, Ana Acuna, Gabriela Adina, Olaru Afonso, Helio Agrotis, Andreas Aguiar, Paulo Aguilar Hernandez, Gerardo Aguilar Rangel, Bernarda Aguilar Rodriguez, Alejandra Aguilar, Maria Aguilera, Alicia Aguirre Garate, Oralia Ahmad, Noorhayati Ahmed, Shameen Ahn, Hyung Soon Ahn, Sa Yeop Aho, Satu Akboga, Harun Akboga, Meryem Akkaya, Sevda Akpinar, Koksal Alaniz, Sara Alarcon, Maximiliano Alarcon, Ruben Alberici, Patrizia Alcantara Guadalupe, Eva Alceler, Filiz Alducin Alducin, Ines Alexsandrou, Kika Allison, Amber Almeida, Andreia Almeida, Arlete Almentero Lizcano, Christopher Alonso, Andrea Alonso, Edwin Aloysius, Edna Alpaslan, Hamza Altamirano Dominguez, Angelica Altmeyer, Gabriele Alvarado Garcia, Balvina Alvarado Trigotenco, Silvia Alvarado Zendejas, Lorena Alvarez Garcia, Maria Alvarez Gutierrez, Luis Alvarez Olvera, Virginia Alvarez Vazquez, Gregoria Alvarez, Ana Alvarez, Maria Alvarez, Mirna Alvarez, Renata Alves, Carlos Alves, Cilene Alves, David Alves, Fabiano Alves, Sophie Alves, Veraldir Alzate Puerta, Gildardo Amador Zamora, Maria Amaro Lopez, Antonio Amaya Arjona, Manuel Amaya, Edith Amezcua Muñoz, Maria Amin, Pablo Ampie, Anabelle An, Kil Ja An, Myung Soon Ancheta, Nilda Andersson, Anaiza Andersson, Annelie Andino Rivera, Edgardo Andrade, Alisson Andrade, Blanca Andrade, Maria Andrade, Teyla Andreou, Aristos Andreucetti, Veronica Angarita Pacheco, Crhistian Angarita Pacheco, Mabel Angeles Cruz, Elizabeth Anguiano Negrete, Maria Angulo Vazquez, Sara Ankri, Lael Antunes, Erica Antunes, Nuno Aramaki, Rebecca Aranda, Joseph Arauje, Veroneide Araujo Valles, Luisa Araujo, Leizimar Araujo, Luciene Aravidis, Giorgos Arboleda, Maria Arce Flores, Araceli Arce Mejia, Francisco Arechaga, Alicia Arellano Hernandez, Rocio Arellano, Claudia Arena, Stefano Arenales Mendoza, Gregorio Arias Arriaga, Porfirio Arias Jimenez De Paz, Pura Arias Rodriguez, Elias Armatmontree, Sukanya Arnold, Haydee Arnold, Nancy Arreola Jimenez, Maria Arroyo Camacho, Jose

Arsicaud, Priscilla Arteaga Sanchez, Estela Asakura, Daiji Ascioglu, Elmas Ashokkumar, P.R. Assis, Eliandra Assuncao, Flavio Atici Ciftci, Gonca Atici, Ali Atkins, Paulatte Auboeck, Christian Aureche, Gilbert Avila Cruz, Rosa Avila Rodriguez, Nelly Aviles Lagos, Armando Avilez Peñuñuri, Paul Awang, Azlina Ayala, Evelyn Ayala, Guadalupe Ayman, Hatice Azevedo, Celilea Bae, Soon San Bae, Yeol Hee Baek, Joo Young Baek, Soon Duk Baetcke, Regina Baez, Eloisa Baez, Jose Bag, Nihal Baik, Young Balday, Arzu Baldeon Osores, Luz Balderas Sanchez, Elba Baldessar, Guilherme Baldovinos, Itzel Ball, Christine Balschmidt, Liselotte Banton, Karen Barajas, Irma Baranov, Aleksey Barbato, Sidney Barbosa, Ana Barbosa, Ana Barbosa, Nissia Barbosa, Victor Barcena Arribas, Eva Bard, Malin Barlier, Christian Barlow, Cheryl Barnhart, Robert Barragan Solis, Erika Barreda Amado, Haiber Barrera, Gloria Barros, Antonio Barros, Jose Barth, Berthold Basilio, Joao Basso, Diego Bastiani, Aurora Bastos, Clovis Batia, Silvia Batista, Mozart Batista, Taciana Bautista Ortega, Simona Bautista, Margarita Bayer, Lelia Bazan, Elenit Beak, Sang Eun Beers, Roelof Bekkema, Tineke Bekkers, Katrin Beltran Rivera, Jorge Beltran, Maria Beltran, Martha Benavides Vallejo, Aura Beneitez Prieto, Pilar Benito, Alejandro Bent, Jacqueline Bentsen, Aya Bergaglio, Cinzia Bergesio, Antonietta Bermeo, Susan Bermingham, Liz Bermudez Pereda, Segundo Bermudez, Luis Bernardi, James Bernardo, Eva Bernath, Silvia Berroteran, Eduardo Beye, Molito Biasioni, Valeria Bibriesca Torres, Silvia Bicelli, Amleto Bidone, Laura Birgmann, Markus Blake, Randolph Blanco, Marling Blanco, Mixi Boainain, Estela Boehler, Leonor Bohlin, Rosita Bojorquez Beltlan, Juan Bojorquez Xx, Maria Boligom, Lislien Bolotas, Severino Bonavena, Andrea Bondar, Sergio Borah, Nilomoni Borba Filho, Paulo Bordac, Marioara Borello, Luisella Boro, Babul Bosch, David Botello, Andrea Bowles, Anne Boyatsis, Andrea Boza Oller, Alicia Braga, Jose Brandao, Luiz Brans, Mieke Bravo, Julio Brencic, Jasmina Brian, Cecile Briceno, Jose Brigandi, David Briseño Alonso, Maria Brixius, Marion Brock, Joan Brown, Cheryl Brown, Chris Brown, Christine Brozova Charalambous, Helena Bubuleandra, Geta Buchanan, Candance Bucio Olguin, Miguel Buendia Garrido, Miriam Buendia Huertos, Josefina Buhmann, Herbert Buono, Fulvia Buonocore, Antonio Burda, Liliana Burette, Fabien Burgos De Salgado, Melania Burke, Robert Burr, Shane Bustos, Lilia Caballero De Balbuena, Cristina Caballero Perez, Maria Caballero, Julio Cabrera Aguilera, Maria Cabrera Loor, Judith Cabrera Palacios, Rodrigo Caceres Caceres, Mario Caiza Guaman, Jeny Calamari, Richard Calani, Delfina Calderon Fregozo, Alicia Calderon, Catalina Caldwell, Kathleen Calvillo Becerra, Maria Camacho Pinzon, Carlos Camargo Garcia, Hilda Cambara Peña, Aura Campos Garcia, Francisco Campos, Cintia Campos, Irene

Campoverde Encalada, Segundo Cangianiello, Domenico Cango, Alianso Cantu, Maria Capcha, Norma Capetillo Castillo, Norma Capraz, Yakup Carabez Hernandez, Jose Caragea, Lacranioara Carbone, Diego Cardamone, Maurizio Cardona, Nancy Carla, Foote Carniel, Darci Carranza Figueroa, Karin Carreira, Maria Carreño Arriaga, Daniel Carreño Campoverde, Jacqueline Carrillo, Isabel Carrillo, Marisela Carrinhena, Alessandra Carvajal Garzon, Ines Carvalho, Alexandre Carvalho, Antonio Carvalho, Camilla Carvalho, Gustavo Carvalho, Mailson Carvalho, Maria Carvalho, Nelia Carvalho, Sonia Casaos Sanchez, Anselmo Castaneda Carmona, Andrea Castañeda Marquez, Magdalena Castelan Granillo, Leonila Castellanos Velasquez, Johnny Castillo Gomez, Rosa Castillo Morales, Maria Castillo, Belkys Castillo, Graciela Castillo, Luz Castillo, Marco Castro Marin, Julia Castro, Alexandre Castro, Junea Castro, Marina Catarino, Ana Cavalcante, Carlos Ceballos, Marcelo Cecere, Nicola Celik, Durmus Cencio, Ana Ceraolo, Luciano Cerna, Venuse Cernas, Ofelia Ceron Miranda, Blanca Cerpas, Maria Cerqueira, Jorge Cerritos, Griselda Cerutti, Bernard Cervantes, Estela Cervantes, Luis Cervantes, Patsi Cetin, Zeki Chagas Filho, Francisco Chagas, Maira Chakraborti, Priti Chakraborty, Ashim Chakraborty, Debotosh Chala Zambrano, Francisco Chambers Robinson, Leslie Chan, Chooi Leng Chan, Jui Hua Chan, Ka Yee (Jenny) Chan, Mei Wai (Karen) Chan, Pui Ling Chan, Rosa Chan, Yin Chii Chang, A. Min Chang, Chi Hui Chang, Chih Chin Chang, Yu Fen Chanthavong, Alan Chao, Ka Man Chaobangngam, Thitiporn Chaparro Ramirez, Rosa Charnsaisakorn, Wandanai Charoen, Surapon Chavez Espinosa, Octavio Chavez Fabian, G. Anabel Chavez Fabian, Sara Chavez Mungui, Luis Chavez, David Chavez, Laura Chaya Cheah, Kim Chee, Kok Chen, Ching Chien Chen, Li Chuan Chen, Sung Hsien Chen, Tsai Yun Chen, Wen Chi Chen, Wen Pin Chen, Wen Wen Chen, Yen Hung Chen, Yi Jui Chen, Yu Chen Cheng, Chia Chi Cheng, Kui Eng Chereau, Steve Cherny, Tamara Chesney, David Chetia Tamuli, Junu Cheung, Yuen Kwan (Esther) Chi, Shu Mei Chiapello, Monica Chidchob, Poottachart Chilly, Josephina Chirino, Marcelo Chmielewski, Anna Choez Suarez, Gladys Chofle Garcia, Elena Choi, Choon Hwa Choi, Yong Kyoo Chopp, Susana Chou, Chun Yang Chow, Chia Ying Chu Chen, Ching Chih Chu, Pei Ling Chu, Thu Chuang, Ching Chu Chuang, Chung Feng Chuluunbaatar, Saynbayar Cienfuegos Rivera, Monica Clark, Allison Clavell, Luis Clayton, Valerie Cleveland, Christi Co, Laarni Coad, Robert Colasanti, Emanuela Coleman, Novlette Collymore, Gabriel Companys Bayarri, Merche Conceicao, Maria Conner, Janet Constantino, Clodoaldo Contin, Raquel Contreras, Evangelina Contreras, Nancy Conus Pardo, Encarnacion Cook, Deborah Cooke, Sarah Coolen, Karin Corbellini, Monica Cordeiro, Joel Cordero, Alicia Cordova, Hilda Corellano, Bernabe Coricciati, Stefano Coronado, Teresa Coronel, Ramon Corral Vieira, Patricia Correa, Aparecida Correa, Rita Corrot, Leslie Cortes Ramos, Maria

Cortez Rodriguez, Maria Cortez, Evelyn Cortright, Cleo Costa, Cicero Costa, Fausto Costa, Isabel Costa, Wagner Covos, Efrain Crepaldi, Roberto Crespo, Vania Crispim, Rogerio Crnaric, Luka Crocquet, Marthe Crusenberry, Anna Cruz Agudelo, Isabel Cruz Arvizu, Carlos Cruz Galan, Fidencio Cruz Manuel, Felix Cruz Sandoval, Daniel Cruz, Gleidson Cuervo Diaz, Diana Cunha, Celestino Curro, Giuseppe Da Silva Lopez Trinca, Acacio Da Silva, Amy Dag, Hasan Dalindo, Aline Dalla Costa, Annarita Damian Castillo, Ana Danilova, Viktoriya Davidi, Paola Davidson, Jennifer Davies, Wayne Davis, Diane Davis, William Day, Kathleen De Anda Islas, Maria De Dios Hernandez, Maria De Guzman, Cathylee De La Concha Gurrola, Martha De La Cruz Gonzalez, Rafael De La Cruz Zarate, Maritza De La Cruz, Jose De La Cruz, Sergio De La Serna Lewer, Claudia De Leon Silva, Marcelina De Leon, Gabriela De Leon, Hilda De Los Santos, Pedro De Maleprade, Claire De Mol, Karyn De Sa, Marta Delfino, Fabian Delgrange, Caroline Della Guardia, Raffaella Delooze, Margaret Demir, Pervin Demongeot, Gerard Demuner, Julio Dennis, Karen Derevenko, Svetlana Descolas De Roquefeuil, Caroline Devi, Y. Mannur Deza Murga, Jane Dhollande, Michel Di Filippo, Melissa Di Lorio, Vincenzo Diana, Nilze Dias, Belinda Dias, Lois Diaz Murillo, Maria Diaz Silverio, Maria Diaz Zuccolotto, Sandra Diaz, Jose Diaz, Misael Dickinson, Tina Dijk Jager, Joke Van Dik, Man Lan Dimech, Janet Dinis, Miguel Dixit, Dipen Doguscu, Manolya Doguscu, Tugba Dolan, Shane Dominguez, Liliana Dona, Silvia Donahue, Kristin Doradea Cruz, Yoise Dos Santos, Pedro Doshi, Champaklal Drummond, James Dry, Izak Dsouza, Simon Duarte Fonseca, Noemy Duarte, Sofia Duncan, Helen Durand, Jean Luc Duri Farfan, Pablo Durmus, Esma Durte, Abel Dutra, Luciana Dutta, Joydeb Dutta, Utpal Dutton, Connie Duzgoren, Hadice Eamonson, Elizabeth Echeveste Murillo, Cecilia Egawano, Hideharu Egede, Keld Eggl, Karl Heinz Eguez Parada, Luis Ehlers De Sald, Silvia Eissler, Benjamin Eken, Eyup El Kadre, Mariem Elias Tovar, Veronica Elias Otero, Valerie Elizalde Sepulveda, Maria Elvira Mauleon, Celia Elwell, Tracy Enarsdotter, Ewa Encalada, Jose Enomoto, Tokiko Enriotti, Sergio Enriquez, Maria Eren, Adem Eretta, Massimo Escamilla Martinez, Lucia Escobar Duran, Anel Escobar, Beatriz Escobar, Marisela Escobar, Victor Esparza Calzada, Norma Espinosa De Acevedo, Edilma Espinosa Miranda, Maria Espinoza, Alfredo Esquivel, Isabel Esquivel, Luis Estrada Gonzales, Fani Estrada Martinez, Maria Estrada, Norma Estrella, Miguel Evliya, Ahmet Fae, Fabricio Fagerlund, Paivi Fagervoll, Kim Failache, Jorge Falabella De Ayala, Evelyn Falcao, Marcelo Falcioni Marotta, Uruguay Fall, Ada Fan, Kang Chen Fanin, Cileide Faria, Laura Faria, Leila Faria, Maria FariaJr., Rubens Farias, Gabriela Farinango, Juan Faulkner, Christine Feito Gonzalez, Nieves Fendley, Catherine Feng, Ta Tung Fereira, Carlos Fernandes, Gabriel

Fernandes, Luisa Fernandes, Rafhael Fernandes, Sandra Fernandez Hernandez, Juana Fernandez, Juan Ferraz, Anselmo Ferrebus, Ritalina Ferreira, Antonio Ferreira, Cicera Ferreira, Luciana Ferrill, Opal Feurstein, Sonja Fialho, Ana Figueira Carvalho, Silvio Figueroa Esteva, Lizbella Flaherty, Kerri Fleitas, Patricia Fletcher, Simmone Flores Cancino, Maria Flores Crispin, Erika Flores Garcia, Susana Flores Hernandez, Cynthia Flores Hernandez, Maria Flores Illanes, Giovanna Flores Mendoza, Norma Flores Sanchez, Guadalupe Flores, Alexandra Flores, Jose Flores, Milton Flores, Rosales Flory, Shanae Foat, Martha Fonseca, Angel Fonseca, Moisirene Fontenele, Adriano Fontenele, Nila Forbes, Relinda Forslund, Nancy Fox, Michael Fraga, Margareth Franco Ramos, Yajaira Franco, Carmen Franco, Marco Frauenkron, Gary Fredikenth, Oxana Fregoso, Richard Freitas, Maria Frias Perez, Maria Fuentes, Gricell Fuentes, Maria Fukai, Jonilou Funke Geiger, Karin Fuzaelov, Nelia Galai, Mark Galarza, Nilda Galaxe, Maura Galeas, Sandra Galicia Castellanos, Rosa Galindo, Cecilia Galindo, Sanjuana Gallo, Riccardo Galvan, Gelacia Galvez Espinoza, Rosalva Gamberoni, Jennifer Gamberoni, Jessica Gamino, Amelia Garai Pablos, Olatz Garbaccio, Roberta Garces Giraldo, Maria Garcia Allende, Jorge Garcia Camacho, Ana Garcia Cruz, Asela Garcia De La Cruz, Bertha Garcia Garcia, Susana Garcia Gonzales, Maria Garcia Hernandez, Jose Garcia Hernandez, Maria Garcia Martinez, Sanjuana Garcia Miguel, Florencia Garcia Moreno, Rosa Garcia Ortiz, Jose Garcia Pacheco, Magdalena Garcia Perez, Clara Garcia Rejon, Maria Garcia Salazar, Ricardo Garcia Suarez, Armando Garcia Zamitiz, Juana Garcia Zuñiga, Jannet Garcia, Cecilia Garcia, Griselda Garcia, Maria Garcia, Marilene Garcia, Martha Garcia, Martina Garcia, Sandra Garcia, Velasquez Garduño Martinez, Juan Garrido Martinez, Carlos Gaspar, Maria Gastelum, Graciela Gastelum, Leticia Gaston Galan, Nuria Gauchat, Monika Gaxiola, Blanca Gaytan, Angelica Gehle, Antonia Geiger, Sandra Gelmini Jr, Arley Georgopoulou, Stateira Gerardo Rodriguez, Cirila Gerrard, Daniel Gerrard, Ralph Giachelle, Marta Gianoglio, Doris Gil, Sonia Gilbert, Vera Giner Aiguade, Fco. Jose Giustina, Maria Gladh, Jessica Gladh, Stefan Glovacki, Leondina Godinez, Damaris Godinez, Gloria Godinez, Maria Gogoi Das, Jhorna Gogoi, Anuj Gogoi, Raju Golay, Aurore Gomes, Gloria Gomes, Luis Gomes, Mauro Gomes, Paulo Gomez Bolaños, Erika Gomez Jarrin, Jairo Gomez Martinez, Maria Gomez Ramos, Luz Gomez Rojas, Irma Gomez, Julian Goncalves, Antonio Goncalves, Lucila Goncalves, Paulo Gonzales Mazariegos, Jose Gonzalez Camacho, Marcela Gonzalez Arroyo, Miriam Gonzalez Cepeda, Martha Gonzalez Escobar, Rocio Gonzalez Fausto, Maria Gonzalez Flores, Jorge Gonzalez Giron, Maria Gonzalez Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalez Hernandez, Mario Gonzalez Hernandez, Nilka Gonzalez Lara, Fresvinda Gonzalez Ramos, Sandra Gonzalez Reyez, Maria Gonzalez Solis, Rosa Gonzalez Ugalde, Sandra Gonzalez, Ambrocio Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez, Maria Gonzalez, Martha Gordon Pollard, Allison Gordon, Julie Goria, Laura Gouveia, Ilidio Gouveia, Joao

Graca, Jose Graca, Mario Gradilla, Carmen Granados Ochoa, Elisa Grassi, Vita Graterol Guillen, Ruben Gregorio, Wesley Grenet, Severine Grewal, Parminder Grilo, Carla Grinko, Marina Guano, Cynthia Guano, Lina Guapisaca Landy, Fabian Guererro Liñan, Maria Guermonprez, Christine Guerra, Jose Guerrero R, Juan Guerrero Rivera, Maria Guevara, Fatima Guibal, Thalita Guilherme, Maria Guimaraes, Luis Guimaraes, Pedro Guizasola Garcia, Patricio Gun, Enver Gurinova, Tamara Guseva, Anna Gutierrez Hernandez, Blanca Gutierrez Herrera, Catalina Gutierrez, Jose Gutierrez, Maria Gutierrez, William Guvenir, Semih Guzman Guzman, Maribel Guzman Lerma, Nelly Guzman Nuñez, Fernando Guzman Rosal, Maribel Guzman, Luz Haase, Rolf Hainfellner, Marianne Ham, Kin Wing (Eric) Hamkar, Silvia Han, Chung Kit Hanberg, Rasmus Hanhivaara, Sirpa Hara, Doris Harris, Sue Harrison, Sherrie Hart, Amanda Hauksdottir, Gudrun He, Shu Min He, Xing Chuan Heaton, Bonni Heg Sanders, Elisabeth Hemmings, Norma Henriques, Ana Henriques, Carla Henriques, Filipa Heras Toro, Laura Heras, Santiago Hernandez Alba, Susana Hernandez Alvarado, Juan Hernandez Alvarez, Alicia Hernandez Avendaño, Ana Hernandez Aviles, Jesus Hernandez Fuentes, Jesus Hernandez Galina, Maria Hernandez Giraldo, Silvia Hernandez Giraldo, Soledad Hernandez Izquierdo, Marta Hernandez Jimenez, Sandra Hernandez Leon, Lizbeth Hernandez Perez, Victor Hernandez Servin, Jose Hernandez, Eleuteria Hernandez, Isis Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Juanis Hernandez, Maria Hernandez, Melitza Hernandez, Ofelia Hernandez, Rivera Herrera Paez, Gloria Herrera, Vilma Hession, Andrew Hightower, Fatima Hilario Munoz, Sofia Hill, Alex Hiller, Michele Hilmarsdottir, Ester Hirdes, Julia Hirokawa, Sadayuki Ho, Chen Jung Ho, King To Ho, Kuai Peng Ho, Yen Ching Hocknell, Amy Hodzic, Nermina Hoffmann, Jan Hoh, Su Son Hong, Myung Sook Hong, Soon Cheon Honk Jonker, Ellie Honrao, Sheela Horta Jimenez, Blanca Houssarini, Susie Hsiao, Wen Pi Hsieh, Chia Chang Hsieh, Chia Ling Hsieh, Chin Mei Hsieh, Chin Yi Hsieh, Fu Cheng Hsieh, Li Yin Hsieh, Wei Yi Hsu, Feng Chang Hsu, Shu Chuan Hsu, Tsui Ying Hu, Jung Mao Huang, Li Ping Huang, Liu Teh Huang, Shu Ching Huang, Tzu Ting Huang, Yu Ting Hudson, Wendie Huerta Ruiz, Eutiquio Huertero, Maria Huff, Richard Humez, Daniel Humphreys, David Hung, Jui Lin Hunter, Mona Huntz, Sara Huotari, Leena Hwang, Kyung Iapalucci, Paolo Ibañez, Sonia Ibarra, Maria Idrogo, Miguel Ilhan, Adem Ilman, Hatice Imaña, Veronica Imphokha, Kosol Inclan Zaldivar, Dayami Infante Ubaldo, Juana Insaurralde, Miriam Irawan, Benjamin Irigoyen Luna, Lourdes Irigoyen Riquelme, Diego Irigoyen Riquelme, Isabel Isik, Necmettin Islas Beltran, Laura Islas Moreno, Griselda Isobel Tan, Chong Maye Istuk, Jerko Jacobsen, Magnun Jaime, Cesar Jain, J.K. Jakubek, David Jamsa, Henrik Janny, Christine Jansen, Kiki Jao, Hai Wen Jarrin Mayorga, Pablo Jemers Alan, Merel Jenny

Congratulations! Qualified November 2006

Jimenez Carrillo, Imelda Jimenez Hernandez, Sara Jimenez Lara, Diana Jimenez Perez, Fidel Jimenez Perez, Sofia Jimenez Sanchez, Norma Jimenez, Ana Jimenez, German Jimenez, Grisela Jimenez, Maday Jimenez, Maria Jimenez, Nelly Jimenez, Susana Jin, Jung Shim Joao, Deolinda Johnson, Tyrone Jolalpan, Martin Jongkraijak, Chalermchai Joode, Barbera Joris, Moises Juarez Juarez, Erika Juarez Lemus, Barbara Jung, Kyung Ho Junior, Hugo Jurco, Pavol Kabbedijk Ree, Yolande Kalaw, Imelda Kalfopoulos, Grigoris Kamau, Asha Kang, Ho Nam Kao, Huang Wei Kao, Jui Yang Kao, Yi Hsien Kapyahuanay Vargas De Nishiki, Katya Karci, Mehmet Kato, Kyoko Kavak, Ismail Kawai, Sazue Kazarosyan, Tigran Ke, Hsiao Hua Keehner, Teresa Keiler, Johann Kellerer, Francoise Kemsawad, Jirapon Keongamaroon, Thitikorn Kerdpoka, Nonglak Kerrisk, Lisa Kerstetter, Michelle Kessorn, Srutt Khaerani, Nurul Khantarit, Tawatchai Khatib, Simone Khaw, Ming Chyang Khositsoophagool, Puttapong Khurramova, Kizlarbibi Kiatthanajira, Sophonwit Kim, Jeom Im Kim, Jik Sool Kim, Ok Jin Kim, Sang Kyoom Kim, Sook Mi Kim, Tae Soo Kim, Young Ran Kind, Evelyn King, Brian Kirmizi, Sakir Kiss, Randy Kitakubo, Atsuko Kitayama, Noriko Kiziltoprak, Mehmet Klabunde, Jorge Kleijssen, Yvon Klein, Ivo Klein, Ria Klemencic, Maja Klosterman, Natasha Koc, Sevim Kocak, Gulsum Koch, Sandi Koenig, Rita Koennecke, Petra Komloski, Chris Kong, Beili Kongpool, Surapol Koo, Bon Kyoo Kore, Dnyaneshwar Korochina, Nadezhda Kosintaranon, Titikorn Kotsampoidou, Evaggelia Koukounaki, Antonia Koutroumpi, Panagiota Kovalchuk, Dmitriy Koylu, Dilek Krasnici, Nexhmi Kromjit, Bussakorn Krook, Marjolein Kuesener, Anna Kuivari, Maie Kumandan, Shameem Kumar, Vinod Kuo, Tai Shan Kure, Suresh Kurella, Srinivasa Kutluata, Zehra Kwon, Hyuk Chun Kyriakou, George Kyung Youhne, Park Kyung, Eun Jung La Madrid Guerrero, Carman La Monaca, Isabella Lacerda, Michele Lacharite, Stacy Laclair, Mary Lacrosse, Aline Lagunes Montero, Gerardo Lai, Kam Fook Lai, Kok Juinn Lai, Oi Li (Amy) Lai, Suk Bing Lai, Weng Kit Laloudakis, Barbara Lamanna, Gaetano Lamprinakos, Theodoros Lancis Teller, Flor Landau, Adam Langella, Antonino Langmar, Laszlo Lara, Teresa Larcher, Laurent Lares Contreras, Jorge Larry, Jorge Latimer, Louann Lau, Mei Ching Laubscher, Jacobus Lauer, Joao Laurean, Roberto Lauro, Luigi Lavradas, Roberta Lawson, James Lay, June Lazarevski, Vladimir Lazaro, Lidia Lazarte, Maryvel Leavitt, Jada Lecona Fonseca, Maria Leddy, Elizabeth Ledesma, Miriam Lee, Carol Lee, Chih Lung Lee, Eun Joo Lee, Gil Sun Lee, Hae Seung Lee, Jerome Lee, Jung Oh Lee, Kam Lin Lee, Kun Yu Lee, Kyo Soon Lee, Kyung Soon Lee, Mi Ok Lee, Moon Sook Lee, Seng Jong Lee, Seung Hee Lee, Soo Yen Lee, Yok Lin Leelawijit, Karoon Leffler, Linda

Leite, Leontino Lekharu, Netramoni Lengyel, Cristina Leon Lara, Carmen Leong, Foo Weng Leong, Siew Kwee Lepore, Sandra Lerner, Clea Lertnok, Pitinarong Lerve, Britta Lessa, Leyrson Letras, Luis Lettina, Vittoria Lew, Meng Choo Li, Kin Ming Li, Liu Qing Li, Tzu Yu Liao, Kuei Mei Liao, Yu Ting Lien, Chung Lietz, Ute Liew, Kon Lung Ligotti, Damian Lim, Ah Kim Lim, Bee Yin Lim, Lee Sia Lim, Siew Yeh Lima, Andre Limon Valenzuela, Gladyz Lin, Ching Chun Lin, Ching Tzu Lin, Hsiao Ping Lin, Mei Hsiu Lin, Ming Huang Lin, Shih Feng Lin, Shu Hua Lin, Wen Yi Lin, Yen Hui Lin, Yu Wen Lin, Yueh Feng Lin, Yung Fa Lindsay, Carmen Lines, Rosalind Liong, Bee Chen Lippi, Edna Lirmann, Joseney Liu, Fengzhi (Fiona) Liu, Pui Ki Liu, Yen Ling Liu, Yu Ling Llamas, Miroslana Lo, Yu Shen Loaiza Lopez, Luz Loeza, Basilisa Loh, Sat Lok, Suangsuda Lopes, Solange Lopez Mendoza, Mario Lopez Pena, Adriana Lopez Barbosa, Yolanda Lopez Camarena, Alberto Lopez Contreras, Benigno Lopez Echeverria, Andres Lopez Garcia, Elisavet Lopez Monter, Lorena Lopez Morales, Gloria Lopez Rojas, Gladis Lopez Saade, Carlos Lopez Vazquez, Rosa Lopez, Angelica Lopez, Belina Lopez, Blanca Lopez, Cristina Lopez, Damaris Lopez, Gabriela Lopez, Penelope Loredo Vazquez, Maria Lorenzo Ramos, Luis Lorenzon, Diego Lorenzoni, Marcia Loureiro, Jacqueline Loureiro, Maria Loureiro, Vanda Lourenco, Claudia Lozano, Maria Lozano, Roque Lu, Mei Wen Lu, Yu Hsuan Lu, Yung Chin Ludman, Naomi Lueangkiattikun, Suchada Luh, Siew Lian Luis, Jose Luna Gutierrez, Juana Luna Suarez, Nuvia Lute, Antonio Luviano Garcia, Eduardo Luz, Hilson Luz, Marilia Lynch, Dana Ma, Shu Chi Macagno, Susana Macedo, Elia Machado, Jorge Machado, Moises Machado, Pedro Machao, Diogo Machuca Iturra, Eric Maciel, Carlos Macmillan, Alistair Madruga, Guilhermina Madruga, Rui Miguel Madruga, Vera Magallanes Vargas, Mayvelyn Magdum, Sadhana Mahajan, Dev Mahajan, Kanchan Mahmood, Halima Mahmudi, Mona Maia, Alessandro Makwana, Kamlesh Malacos, Vicky Maldonado Vazquez, Jose Maldonado, Veronica Mallouk, Cristiane Malone, Nanci Mamilovic, Zaklin Manchon, Celine Mancipe Silva, Fernando Mancipe Silva, Gustavo Mandu Junior, Manoel Mangeldorff, Ingrid Mangold, Daniel Manzo, Pablo Marcelino, Micael Marchi, Lucia Marcos, Ricardo Marhaeni, Sri Mariani, Stefania Mariano, Massimo Mariategui Riglos, Mariela Marin Ceniceros, Sandra Marin Reyes, Luz Maringka, Marlyn Marino Pineiro, Elena Markon, Roy Markostamou, Vasiliki Marquez Perez, Olga Marquez Yañez, Barbara Marquez, Irma Marrero, Julio Marrone, Ines Marston, Kirsty Martinez , Maria Martinez Arambula, Carmina Martinez Cifuentes, Alexander Martinez Daniel, Efigenia Martinez De Mata, Susana Martinez Ferreira, Maria Martinez Flores, Alberto Martinez Guzman, Elva Martinez Luna, Maria Martinez Macias, Maria Martinez Portilla, Ricardo Martinez Ramirez, Maria Martinez, Gloria Martinez, Juan

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Perez Morales, Maria Perez Ramirez, Miguel Perez Rodriguez, Jose Perez Solis, Liliana Perez, Beatriz Perez, Braulio Perez, Erlinda Perez, Faviola Perez, Miguel Pescador Lopez, Jose Pessatto, Ilda Petersen, Dale Petillon, Marc Pfeil, Diane Phakkhaveroj, Chanita Phanworivisit, Mongkhon Photha, Pijitra Phuttiphimphisit, Sophitkajorn Piacentini, Lara Piancatelli, Rita Piangatelli, Giorgio Pichler, Renate Pickering, Charlotte Picon, Ursula Pierre, Colette Pilco, Marta Pilco, Martin Pillajo, Deysi Pilumwong, Chaowalit Pimenta, Guida Piña Jimenez, Jesus Pineda Gonzalez, Maria Pintado Ninahunca, Miriam Pintado, Marco Pinto Acuña, Paula Pinto Junior, Antonio Pinto Soromenho Carvalho, Ana Pinto, Jaqueline Pinto, Marina Pinto, Miguel Pires, Dalida Pires, David P'ng, Hock Ponchaicharoenkij, Kamolrat Ponnia, Maritta Ponte, Demontie Pontel, Cristina Pontes, Monica Popon, Nipha Portal Baldiviezo, Yovana Porto, Derilton Posada, Jose Postillo Lopez, Ronel Potter, Lavonne Poveda, Jose Pozzan, Gianpaolo Prado, Consuelo Pratt, Stephen Presa Flores, Magdalena Presa, Heriberta Prieto Chavira, Edilia Prigione, Elma Primero Vega, Margarita Prince, Nicolas Proctor, Patrick Profatilo, Andrey Pruvot, Christophe Puenmonkong, Soobpawat Puga, Elda Pulido Felix, Lizbeth Pungseng, Jarinporn Punjamawat, Watcharee Pushpalatha, Maddula Queiroz, Laria Quezada, Ernestina Quille Lojan, Angel Quinlan, Lisa Quintana Diaz, Selene Quintanilla, Janett Quintanilla, Maria Quintas Valdivieso, Juliana Quintero, Martha Quintian Romero, Pedro Quiroz Marquez, Gleidys Quito, Fanny Quizhpi Sangurima, Angel Rabadan, Teodora Raisala, Nadejda Rajkhowa, Jayantajit Rajkovic, Josip Ramirez , Juan Ramirez Jimenez, Faviola Ramirez Mejia, Maria Ramirez Nuñez, Maricruz Ramirez Ramirez, Ana Ramirez Ugarte, Arantza Ramirez Vazquez, Guadalupe Ramirez, Dora Ramirez, Maria Ramirez, Petra Ramos Medina, Hesbeidy Rangel, Eva Rangel, Martha Ratchakom, Panupat Ray, Vivien Rea, Virgilio Rebaza Wydyborec, Alfredo Recine, Alessandro Recio Torre, Santiago Reeves, Michael Regala, Casiana Regueiro, Leandro Reis, Mario Rendon, Magdalena Renteria Jimenez, Maria Reshef, Zvi Retamal Vega, Paul Revuelta Urioste, Alejandro Revuelta Urioste, Sergio Revuelta, Leonardo Reyes Galan, Miryam Reyes Manzano, Juana Reyes Raya, Maria Reyes Rivera, Leobardo Reyes, Gabriela Reynes, Christine Ribeiro, Alexandra Ribeiro, Dirlene Ribeiro, Fabio Ribeiro, Luiz Ribeiro, Marcos Ribeiro, Mercia Ricardo, Olga Richardson, Soorya Riduan, Gunadi Rinaudo, Luca Riofrio Naranjo, Maria Rios Martinez, Laura Rios, Consuelo Ristakian, Alexander Rivas Lagunes, Mireya Rivas, Juan Rivera Molina, Lucia Rivera Rioja, Maria Rivera, Aura Rivera, Blanca Rivera, Elvira Rizy, Eleonora Robles Fonseca, Maria Rocha, Evandro Rodrigo Manas, Fernando Rodrigo Manas, Maria Rodrigues, Maria Rodriguez Amaro, Ortencia Rodriguez Cordero, Andrea Rodriguez Da Silva Tavares, Ana Rodriguez Fajardo, Robert Rodriguez Galvez, Carmina Rodriguez Garcia, Martha Rodriguez Lara, Luz Rodriguez Lopez, Hector Rodriguez Moreno, Rosa Rodriguez Obregon, Juana Rodriguez Ortega, Sandra Rodriguez Perez, Luis Rodriguez Rodriguez, Carlos Rodriguez Rodriguez, Maria

Rodriguez Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez Sanchez, Anita Rodriguez Valles, Catalina Rodriguez Vazquez, Juan Rodriguez, Alma Rodriguez, Angel Rodriguez, Angelica Rodriguez, Cecilia Rodriguez, Elia Rodriguez, Juan Rodriguez, Karina Rodriguez, Leandro Rodriguez, Lilian Rodriguez, Lorena Rodriguez, Martina Rodwang, Songphon Roentsch, Richard Rojas Cortes, Irma Rojas Muñoz, Gloria Rojas Sanchez, Maria Rojas, Florina Rojas, Juan Rojsurakitti, Mollidee Roldan Lugo, Maria Roldan Medina, Graciela Roldan, Blanca Roman Jimenez, Teodora Romanello, Gioachino Romero Gonsalez, Luz Romero, Orlando Romo Gomez, Sophie Roriguez Castillo, Angelina Rosa, Monica Rosado Fontanet, Monica Rosales Castañeda, Lazaro Rossi, Roberta Rothlisberger, Tammy Rothshtein, Nicolas Roubin, Nicolas Roviaro, Vera Rubi Guerra, Dilcia Rubio Rubio, Maria Ruckert, Ute Rueda, Carmen Ruelas Apodaca, Benigna Rugerio Martinez, Hector Ruiz Morales, Olivia Ruscade, Marie Rutland, Darlene Ruvalcaba Arambula, Javier Ryan, Bronwyn S, Vivekanand Saavedra Hidalgo, Maria Saengor, Jantira Saenwong, Kongkit Saez Garcia, Alexandra Sahel Nysse, Agathe Sainz Delgado, Carla Sajulan, Bernardita Sakaguchi, Kazutoshi Salas Moreno, Maria Salas Romero, Piedad Salazar Cazares, Federico Salazar Giraldo, Edilma Salazar Gutierrez, Lira Salazar Hoyos, Karla Salazar Lossa, Margarita Salazar, Cecilia Salazar, Elvia Salcedo Montaño, Delfina Salcedo, Rosalba Saldana Chavez, Teresa Saldaña Linares, Cristina Salierno, Tommaso San Paio, Margarida Sanchez Burelo, Matilde Sanchez Flores, Olga Sanchez Gil, Guillermo Sanchez Gomez, Rafael Sanchez Morocho, Viviana Sanchez Ortiz, Antonio Sanchez Ramirez, Rosalba Sanchez Rios, Julia Sanchez Valero, Maria Sanchez Vega, Ismael Sanchez, Bertha Sanchez, Claudia Sanchez, Francisco Sanchez, Ricardo Sanchez, Ruben Sanchez, Tito Sanders, Lisa Sandhu, Dalbir Sandillu, Pablo Sandoval Cardenas, Victor Sano, Toshiaki Santa Maria, Laura Santander Cerezo, Alexandra Santiago Carballo, Margoth Santiago Galindo, Maria Santiago Perez, Veronica Santillan, Carlos Santos Hernandez, Elia Santos, Adilson Santos, Alex Santos, Denilton Santos, Elias Santos, Eric Santos, Francisco Santos, Frederico Santos, Ines Santos, Luciana Santos, Luciana Gomdim Santos, Luzinete Santos, Magda Santos, Wagner Santoyo Ramirez, Angelica Sapunaru, Georgeta Saraiva, Maria Saravia, Rosana Sardella, Oriana Saric, Nihad Sarmasik, Elif Sato, Aiko Saucedo Ramirez, Maria Saunier, Coralie Savkina, Elena Savva, Demetra Scarpa, Maria Schaefer, Joao Schmid Von Arb, Theres Schmidl, Helga Schouten, Marieke Schulze, Aaron Scrinzi, Nadia Seguchi, Yoichiro Sepe, Lucia Serna Garcia, Blanca Serrano Ramos, Epidia Sezaki, Hidenori Sha, Pao Chu Shaik, Mueen Shaikhutdinova, Liana Shanina, Elena Sharma, Dulal Sharp, Marjorie Sheludko, Yevgeniy Shi, Jinxiu Shibata, Sachiko Shih, Nai Ching Shim, Hyun Sook Shin, So Ra Shores, Robert Short, Edgar Sigalho Trinca, Ana Signoretti, Maria Signorile, Anna Silva Loya, Jose Silva, Alex Silva, Almerinda Silva, Bruno Silva, Carlos Silva, Claudia Silva, Cristhina Silva, Holger Silva, Iara Silva, Isabel

Silva, Joaquim Silva, Luciane Silva, Luzinete Silva, Maria Silva, Maria Silva, Michelle Silva, Roberto Silva, Sandra Silva, Sebastiana Silva, Sirlene Silva, Sonia Silva, Susana Silva, Ulisses Silva, Wilson Silva, Zelia Simon, Antonio Sindoli, Ajju Skrzewiecka, Elizabeta Sloan, Crystal Slocum, Pamela Sluyts, Kim Smirnov, Olga Smit, Stefanus Snetsinger, Charles Soares, Joana Sobrinho, Lacy Sobrinho, Sergio Solache Granados, German Solano Ruiz, Antonio Solis Solis, Carmen Solis, Federico Solis, Maria Sollaku, Erjon Solodkova, Svetlana Solorio, Maria Solorzano, Tanya Somerton, Carol Sominich, Ludmila Song, Eun Joo Song, Kim Yon Song, Wan Rye Sonowal, Raju Soriano Rodriguez, Carmen Sotelo Aguila, Rogelio Sotelo Alvarez, Sofia Soto Bertran, Daniel Sousa, Adriano Sousa, Jaime Sousa, Maria Souza Neto, Paulo Souza, Danielly Souza, Janete Souza, Luciane Souza, Regina Souza, Teresa Soyguzel, Ali Spencer, Natalie Spiliotis, Christos Spiliotis, Giorgos Srinuan, Rosamalin Srisompurn, Kongmoon Stabile, Carolina Stajura, Maura Stefanovic Popovic, Snezana Stokie, Wendy Straw, Sharon Strong, Laurie Strydom, Gizelle Su, Sheng Yuan Sudarman, Ag.Ir Sudhakar, Anka Suescun, Lilia Suksabai, Duangta Sukvatjanee, Pongpat Suma, Thongchai Sun, Shih Hung Sun, Shu Chuan Sung, Sook Sung, Yueh Chin Suquilanda Montano, M Isidro Surtikar, Nilakshi Susas, Matthew Sutantirat, Deedee Sutthipan, Nuntapol Suzuki, Keiko Swack, Karen Swart, Selena Szmagalski, Pedro Taborda Campaña, Beatriz Taechawannapong, Sangchai Takechi, Tadahiro Takemoto, Maki Tan, Ah Heng Tan, Hock Seng Tan, Lee Ean Tan, Meng Lian Tan, Mong Siew (Rinnie) Tan, Seow Lin Tan, Suan Sim Tanaasavapol, Tanyaporn Tancredi, Anna Tanedo, Lucia Tang, Wee Leng Tangsikabuth, Thanaphon Tania, Velasco Tano, Antonio Tapia Nuñez, J. Jesus Tatar, Kadriye Tavares, Filipe Taylor Brown, Enos Teh, Chui Mei Teh, Foong Lee Teixeira, Andre Teixeira, Julio Teixeira, Luis Telle, Marit Tellez Esquivel, Martha Temoche, Jessica Tena Ray, Emma Teoh, Poh King Terashima, Jiro Tey, Ching Hoon Thanawutpeetibhat, Thachakorn Theodorou, Eleni Thibier, Caroline Thien, Su Yong Thirkell, Monique Thiveou, Eleni Thompson, Sampson Thornton, Everett Thorsteinsdottir, Svandis Tiasa, Drs. I. Gede Tiglao, Joseph Tiglao, Maria Tilaka, Cynthia Tinjaca Cortes, Liliana Tinoco Gonzalez, Claudia Tlaxcaltecatl Bonilla, Dominga Tolak, Yasar Toledo Mediavilla, Carlos Toledo Morales, Maria Tomas, Paula Tomovic, Nenad Tonani, Janaina Tongal, Sinem Toro Rojas, Paula Torres Flores, Celia Torres Muñoz, Martin Torres Peres, Antonio Torres Perez, Abner Torres Perez, Mary Torres Quintrileo, Loreto Torres Rivas, Karina Torres Santos, Berenice Torres, Maria Torres, Monica Traversaro, Gabriella Treenawaporn, Adisorn Treskavica, Tihana Trevizan, Ney Triantafyllou, Maria Triviño Aguirre, Alejandra Tsai, Wan Hsiu Tsang, Ka Yuk Tseng, Hsiang Yun Tseng, Li Yu Tsou, Su Lan

Tuniz, Patrick Tuquib, Nilda Turc, Victoria Turner, Robin Tusa Higuiauitin, Pedro Tusa Pilapanta, Luis Tuykaew, Arunee Um, Mi Sook Umada, Sandra Uriostegui Morales, Jovita Urquilla, Sergio Ussayaporn, Pisit Uzun, Mustafa Vacarescu, Florina Vaernor, Ingunn Vala, Filipe Valciukas, Carlos Valderrama Maya, Josefina Valdez Guevara, Betys Valdez, Ana Valdez, Aracely Valdez, Laura Valdivia Lopez, Adriana Valencia Zamorano, Lilia Valencia, Paula Valente Bibiano, Ninfa Valente, Jose Valenzuela Aguilar, Ana Valenzuela Quintero, Maria Valladares Argueta, Patricia Valle, Tania Vallejo Martinez, Emigdia Vallejo, Eduardo Vallejo, Graciela Valles, Victor Valverde Mora, Rolbin Vander Wal, Debra Vanegas Napoles, Francisco Vargas Mucha, Esther Vargas Neria, Veronica Vargas Paredes, Sandra Vargas Reyes, Ignacia Vargas, Ines Vasconcelos, Helenice Vasquez Mamani, Juana Vassell, Russell Vazquez Garcia, Concepcion Vazquez Hernandez, Maria Vazquez Mora, Maria Vazquez Vazquez, Maria Vazquez, Guadalupe Vazquez, Vicente Veeningen Drost, Agnes Vega Zavaleta, Maria Vega, Jorge Vega, Lilian Vega, Matilde Vela, Rafael Velasco Belli, Evangelina Velasco Legoff, Patricia Velasco Miranda, Rosa Velasco, Minerva Velasquez, Kerry Velazquez Urdiana, Ana Venalainen, Mari Venegas Sandoval, Manuela Vera Salas, Norma Verdu Antunez, Juan Verdugo Soto, Francisca Vereecken, Heidi Vergara Berrios, Jaime Vergara, Santos Verges, Nathalie Verrier, Daniel Viancino, Raimonda Vicente, Rosendo Vician, Julian Victoriano Diaz, Crebel Vidal Lopez, Rosa Vidal Martinez, Inocencia Vieira, Alciomar Vieira, Alexsandro Vieira, Daniela Vieira, Edgar Vieira, Nelson Vigil, Maritza Villagrana Rodelo, Anastacia Villalba Valdez, Alma Villanueva Benitez, Luis Villanueva Camacho, Erika Villanueva Cruz, Jose Villegas Zatarain, Rocio Villegas Zavaleta, Paulino Viola, Marie Dominique Virzi, Barbara Vische, Mario Vite, Hemant Volcati, Fabiano Vonken, Ria Voo, Nyet Yin Vori, Vlatka Vu, Thi Nga Vusurovich, Tania Wadey, Samantha Wagner, Monika Wakefield, Susan Wang, Yu Tung Wang, Yueh Li Watkins, Elizabeth Webb, Christian Wegener, Antje Weissensteiner, Christian Westermayr, Michael Whitmer, Justin Wiegand, Regine Wijayaratne, Keith Windels, Marie Womer, Christina Wong, Hoi Lung Wongrak, Aekkalak Wood, Chelsi Wright, Drew Wu, Anthony Wu, Ching Shan Wu, Chun Hsiang Wu, Gaoyi (Chloe) Wu, Hsiang Hsuan Wu, Hui Yu Wu, Ming Chiang Wu, Mo Yee Wynkoop, Steven Xiang, Shuang Xu, Zhen Yanaz, Naci Yang, Chien Cheng Yang, Mei Ying Yang, Pei Chen Yang, Warren Yantarak, Suruswadee Ye, Geng Xuan Yee, Weng Kien Yeh, Shu Chun Yoo, Chool Sun Yoo, Eun Ha Yu, Chia Liang Yu, Hung Sieng Yu, Li Hsiang Yu, Min Chih Yuan, Pi Fen Zacarias Meza, Diana Zacherl, Alicia Zambrano Parpaga, Fatima Zambrano Sandoval, Bertha Zamora, Isabel Zamora, Olga Zapata, Hector Zapata, Yanibel Zarate Rendon, Merced Zarate Romo, Rosa Zazueta Sanchez, Maria Zech, Patrizia Zepeda Gonzalez, Alicia Zuñiga Martinez, Sara

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Troféu Brasil de Triathlon

The Rundown • Official Nutrition Sponsor: Herbalife • Total number of athletes who participated in the final stage of the race: 900 • Herbalife Distributors who competed on the relay team: 200

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The Rundown • Official Nutrition Sponsor: Herbalife • Total number of countries represented: 67 • Guaranteed entries to the 2007 Ironman Australia: 25 • Total number of Distributors and employees who participated in the Team Herbalife 6K Fun Run: 400

Laguna Phuket Triathlon

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This collection Includes: • Five DVDs (including two bonus DVDs), available in 16 languages on each disc • 2004 Mark Hughes Corkboard: Use, Wear, Talk • 2003 Mark Hughes Quotes It’s a must for any Distributor’s training library.

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