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COMP228 Quiz 1

Answer All Questions in the spaces provided

Fall 2009 Time Allowed: 15 minutes


Cache is a component in the control layer of abstraction that is hidden from the machine layer above it.


Program Counter is the component in the von Neumann control flow model that distinguishes it from other architecture models.


According to Moore’s Law, the number of transistors can increase by 210 times in 15 years.


Assume a 16-bit word on a computer that uses 2’s complement representation.


The decimal integer – 24 is represented as 1111111111101000 (in binary) and FFE8 (in hex).


The character string 1234 requires computer.


The C flag will become


words to store it in this

0 (0/1) when this computer performs 1 – 24.

3(a) Under even-parity invariant, the value of the parity flag/bit associated with the data word – 24 in 2(a) is 0 . (b)

Suppose the Hamming SEC code is incorporated in the 16-bit computer above. The encoded word representing the integer 4 is: 000000000000000101010 _________________________ (Also identify clearly the parity bits in your answer above.)

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