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Diogo & Juliana da Hora Ministerial Report

New Year in canada Diogo & Juliana’s ministry report and prayer letter on Winter 2017

New year in Canada First month in the northern lands Glass floor on top of the CN Tower, in Toronto. 342 meters high is nothing compared to God’s Greatness!

A short reflection and report of the adventures and opportunities we had on our moving to a new country and the first days in Canada.

It’s hard to face a whole new experience, in a totally different place and far away from people that you are used to count on difficult times. This can be tough if you depend on your own resources and strenght. For us, this experience became a time for learning about God and His Faithfulness.

Reading the book of Genesis and remembering Abraham story, it’s almost automatic for us to identify our own present condition with the new begining we are having in Canada for the next couple of years. As Abraham, when he was still called Abram, we decided to see God Greatness in all situations, and call Him El-Elyon, the “God Most High” (Gen. 14.22). This episode of Abraham’s life called our attention

specially when compared with Hagar’s own experience, according to the Bible. Because of her son, Ishmael, she was supposed to leave the stabillity and security she had living with Abraham, but God didn’t forgot her or her son. The Lord promised her great things and a huge future to her son. It made her call the name of God as El-Roi, the “God Who Sees” (Gen. 16.13). Even though it is a big deal to know that God sees us and our necessities, sometimes we define God for what He does to us and not for what He really is.

In this short report, we want to praise God not just for what He has done for us. We want also to praise our Lord as the God Most High, the only reason for everything that happened.

We arrived in Canada on December 2nd and were received warmly by the Hunt Family. David and Coleen were so kind to us that we immediatly felt home. They introduced us to life in Canada, showing us what we could eat in Canada, watching Christmas movies and even building our first snowman! We had great talks with David, that helped us understand better the church and mission reality in Canada. He helped us get involved with Partners International, as we became their missionaries during our stay in Canada. We have the opportunity to share our story and vision with the whole family from Partners International, which we are now part of .

We arrived at Providence Seminary on December 10th and were received by Debi van Duin, the International Students Coordinator from Prov, and Orlando Morgado, a brazilian that is studying at Prov and helped us with some tips to deal with the cold weather. Debi has been so kind to us! As we arrived earlier than the others international students, she gave us full support. She even lent us her car for some days, as she was off on vacation. Thanks to that, we could go after house stuff in the towns nearby Providence. We found really good things in Thrift Stores and great prices with Christmas Sales. We equiped our house spending the less possible for really good stuff!

On the 6th of December, we met Terri and Chris Robson, old friends of Juliana’s parents, that took care of us as if we were their own children! We had great time together, participating on their family’s 12 days of Christmas, when we discovered our natural talent to decorate Gingerbread cookies! They also made it possible for us to visit the CN Tower in Toronto and the Niagara Falls. Terri also took us to The Peoples Church in Toronto, where we had the opportunity to go Facebook Live and share our vision to reach the riverside communities on the Purus River. Right now, the video has more than two thousands views!

On Christmas we were invited to supper with others international students by a Prov Staff. On New Years Eve we enjoyed ourselves with a nice meal and a good movie, hiding from the cold under the blanquets. We are now settled at Prov, registered for classes and already with a pile of textbooks to read!

The results of our hard work decorating gingerbread cookies with the Robsons

God is so Great, Loving and Kind that He put such good people around us, making our arrival in Canada the best experience possible!

studies What we are going to do at Providence

Both of us are doing our Master Degree at Providence Seminary, willing to get ready for the ministry we were called to do on the Purus River: a Floating Bible School to capacitate riverside community church leaders. Diogo started a M.A. Educational Studies with a major in Educational Ministries, looking forward to get more tools and ways to teach in a culture based on orality. Riverside people are used to learn through narratives and stories and most of them don’t read.

Juliana started a M.A. Counselling, willing to become an even better counselor and get ready to help and care of the missionaries and church leaders placed on the riverside communities that EMAF (Evangelical Mission of Assistence to Fishermen) is reaching since the middle of 2016.

While we are studying, EMAF’s missionaries are working hard to reach riverside people on the Purus River with the Gospel and plant the first churches.

Willing to enjoy the most of our courses, but to finish them as soon as possible to go to the Purus River and serve God there, we decided to go beyond. Our advisers at Providence Seminary told us that students usually take only three courses per semester, but we decided to do four courses each in this Winter term.

It certainly is going to be tough, specially with all the required readings at the same time, but as we are dedicated to studies for the next couple of years, we want to give it all we have! We undertand that God gave us a rich opportunity to get at Prov one month before the classes begin, as we were able to already start reading the required texts and antecipate some assignments.

Juliana’s courses this term are going to be: Counselling Across-Culture; Prophet Jeremiah; Reading the Church’s Bible; and Theology and Practice of Christian Spirituality & Formation.

Diogo’s courses this term are going to be: History and Philosophy of Christian Education; Administration and Leadership; Cross-Cultural Discipleship; and Theological Foundations.

Both of us have a strong theological background, but even so we had to do basic mandatory classes like Theological Foundations and Reading the Church’s Bible. We decided to face these courses as a revision of biblical and theological themes based on our interest areas, that is counselling and education. We are sure that study the Bible is always a worthy effort!

We are looking foward to start our studies!

You can see Providence’s tower from far away. Diogo is getting pretty good on taking selfies!

Pray Join us in prayer

Without the prayers from our family, friends and church, everything would be harder. That’s why we invite you to join us in prayer, as we keep praising the Lord for everythink He is and does, and keep asking Him for guidance.

We thank the Lord for the people that helped us on our first days in Canada, specially the Hunts, the Robsons and Debi van Duin. We also thank the Lord for Source Ministry, that is helping us with all the funds we need. We praise the Lord for the great place that He brought us, for the warm and receptive community of Providence College and Seminary, as well for the nice and cozy home He gave us. We keep asking God for the following issues:

From left to right: Diogo, Juliana, Matthew (The People’s Church), Luke (Partners International) and Terri.

Our studies May God help us with all the readings and assignments we have to do. We really want that everything we study can be usefull on the service to our Lord. We pray that God can use our professors and colleages as ways of grace over us, as well that we can also be instruments of God here at Prov.

Our mission We ask God that he don’t let the passion for the riverside communities extiguish in our hearts. May God keep bringing his church together to reach the unreached. We pray for the three missionary couples that already are on the Purus River. May God care

and support them on the new base they are stablishing up the Purus River. Even though they have two fully functionally boats, they need more boats to reach more communities faster. May God provide these boats!

Our living necessities God provided all that we need to settle at Prov. That’s why we are sure that He will help us overcome the challenges that the distance from the city and grocerie stores, as well the cold offers us. Right now, we are asking the Lord for a car that fits in our budget and don’t cause us too much trouble with maintenance. It has to be a strong car, to deal with Manitoba’s weather!

Such an awesome opportunity to visit the Niagara’s Falls! It’s impossible not to praise the Lord for such magnificent creation.

Ministerial Report - Winter 2017  

Diogo & Juliana da Hora ministerial report on Winter 2017: Arrival and first days in Canada

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