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Level 3  Certificate  ITQ  in  Mobile  Technology  

Do you  use  mobile  phones  or  games  devices?    If  you  use  them  like  Dave,   Jacqui,  Josh,  Leia  or  Alix,  then  why  not  get  a  Certificate  for  the  skills  you  have? ITQ in Mobile Technology is a unique IT qualification that looks at the use of mobile IT as well as computer use. It is aimed at anyone who uses mobile technology confidently. You can achieve Certificate at 3, which can be yours by tackling only 18 tasks! You might learn new skills as you go along – picking up ideas that you can transfer to things you have to do at work, College or University. ITQ is a pass/fail qualification and all your evidence is collected in a Portfolio and Blog. This pack contains information about the Units and details of the suggested tasks. To help fill the gaps in skills and knowledge see the DawsonLoane Online Training Area.

Let’s work though this pack and see what you’d have to do for a Level 3 Certificate.


6 Units and 18 tasks The 6 Units are:

Using Mobile  IT – this looks at the setup, configuration, personalisation and general use of a mobile phone. You need a Smartphone ideally for these tasks.

Using Video – this looks at the various ways to capture video (and audio), how to edit and how to publish or distribute to others.

Using Collaborative  Technologies - looks at the ways you can share and network with others – such as images, videos, your thoughts and files and ways to protect yourself in social networking situations.

Digital Images - looks at capturing photographic images, creating vector graphics and how graphics can be created to achieve impact.

Using the  Internet – looks at searching the web, using web-based communication tools The final Unit, called Improving  Productivity  Using  IT, asks you to reflect on why, when and how you use mobile technologies and IT and a blog is a great way to capture this.

To get started To get started you need the following: •

A Smartphone

A computer with: •

Sound and video editing software (such as Audacity and Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live Movie Maker or iMovie)

Image editing and manipulation software (such as GIMP, Inkscape, Photoshop)

Synchronisation software relevant to your phone.

Video file conversion software such as SUPER or access to web-based software such as ZamZar so you can upload and then download a converted file.

A video camera and a still camera and/or a webcam.

Access to the Internet and an email account to set up various accounts.

You will  also  have  access  to  an  online  Portfolio  to  upload  files.

18 Tasks   Level 3 Certificate ITQ in Mobile Technology


Task 1 – Set up a Blog


Task 2 – Talk Back


Work through each Task and capture evidence as you go. Each Task shows what you have to do, what evidence you’re gathering, and how it links to the criteria. Don’t forget that any aspect you don’t know is covered in the Online Training Area. The following pages will take you through the Tasks.

Task 1 – Set up a Blog The purpose of setting up a blog is to capture your thoughts about using technology - computer and mobile based. As you work through this Taskbook you’ll be prompted to write down your comments in this Blog. You’ll also use this Blog to store images, links and documents.

1. Create an account with Tumblr ( Customise with a free theme. 2. Create a private blog within this Tumblr. 3. Post the first entry labeled as Task 1 describing the following: a) How you use mobile technologies. b) What your phone is, the name, type, the features and functions on the phone. c) How you have personalised the phone. 4. Take a screen print or photo of the phone’s wallpaper or background and email/upload the image to post to the Tumblr blog. 5. Send an email to your tutor giving the URL and password to access your private Tumblr.

For your portfolio: Image showing mobile phone wallpaper/background, Blog post. Criteria: [UMD 1.1, 1.4] [DIS 1.4, 1.7] [UCT 3.2, 3.4, 4.1, 4.2] [INT: 2.1, 4.2, 4.3]

Task 2  –  Talk  Back  

You’re going to use your mobile phone to record your comments about your phone and create a second recording with a friend. 1. Create an iPadio account. Set the Social Media settings to link and send recordings direct to your Tumblr Blog. 2. Use your mobile phone to make the first recording. In the recording describe: a) At least 1 drawback of using your mobile phone device and 1 advantage of the phone. b) Explain what affects the performance of your phone and give at least 3 suggestions of how you have improved your mobile phone’s performance. c) Describe one problem you have had with a mobile device and name one website you can to go to help with troubleshooting. 3. Check the recording is stored in iPadio. Check the recording is embedded in your Tumblr Blog. 4. Send the iPadio RSS feed URL to your tutor by email. Subscribe to an iPadio channel. In the email give a simple explanation about how RSS feeds function and why people use them. 5. Now create a second iPadio recording with a friend who has a mobile phone. In the recording give at least 4 comparisons between your mobile phone and your friend’s and give 1 advantage and disadvantage of using either. 6. Check the recording is stored in iPadio. Check the recording is embedded in your Tumblr Blog.

For your portfolio: iPadio recording embedded in your Blog. Email sent to tutor. Criteria: [UMD 1.1, 2.4, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5] [AV 1.3, 1.6, 3.2] [UCT 2.5, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5] [INT: 2.1, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3]

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