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D铆dac Mical贸 路 Roger Ballabrera

D铆dac Mical贸 路 Roger Ballabrera

When my brother and I are alone and bored, we love to play “what if�.

What if‌ we adopted a very special pet?

What if... the dining room table wanted to stretch its legs?

What if... some unexpected guests came out of the forest?

What if... we had a robot with tummy aches?

What if... we won a prize for going to the North Pole?

What if... they needed jugglers in a circus?

What if... it was discovered that the moon is ticklish?

What if... we made a fruit salad for giants?

What if... we were pirates and we’d lost the treasure map?

What if... we rocked the shakey shakey party?

Is a very fun game. There is only question that we don’t like to imagine:

What if‌ dad and mom arrived now?

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What if...  

A tale about two brothers with a particular idea of fun

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