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Bruce sits with Nabala in the village

Film Focus: Tribe

Tribe Name: Suri

This week Bruce visits the Suri tribe in Southern Ethiopia. As ever Bruce does everything the tribe ask of him in an attempt to understand what it’s like to be a Suri in the world today. Read the questions below and see if you can find an answer in the film

1 Where has Bruce travelled to? 2 How long has Bruce Parry been meeting different tribes? 3 Why is Bruce feeling scared? 4 How long have travellers been coming to Suri territory? 5 How many Suri are there? 6 Where does Bruce spend the first night? 7 When do most stick fights happen? 8 What can happen to you in a stick fight? 9 What does the king wear on his head? 10 Whatipsum is the name the village lorem dolorofmet set that Bruce Parry stays in? 11 quam Who nunc is Bruce parum staying with?


12 What does Bruce have for breakfast? 13 How often is an animal bled? 14 How many cows does an average Suri man own?

Interview with Bruce Now that you’ve watched a couple of the films that Bruce has made you probably have a list of questions you’d like to ask him. Imagine that you have to interview Bruce for the BBC.

15 What does a man have to give his future father in law if he

wants to get married?

16 How did Bruce’s friends get his cows? 17 Why do people think that Suri women wear lip plates? 18 What do women get for bigger lip plates? 19 How do Suri children get their names? 20 What is Bargulu’s son called? 21 How many people from one village can fight in a Donga? 22 What is one of the most important rules of a Donga? 23 When was the last famine in Suriland?

In 2‘s or 3‘s write a list of 15 questions that you would like to put to him. You can ask questions about one of his expeditions. More general questions about his past? How he prepares for an expedition or how he balances his personal and work life? Use the box below to help you form the questions

24 What do the Suri do with the insides of a goat? 25 Who are the Bume? 26 Why doesn’t Bruce fight in the Donga?

Making Questions The Past Simple (asking about some specific information)

The Future (asking about plans)


Are you going to + verb.....?

Where + did + you + verb

The Future (asking generally about the future)


Will you ever .....?


Asking about his routine


Do you + verb?

The Present Perfect (asking generally about the past) Have you ever ..........

Bruce Suri  
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