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Ruth Tearle is an international strategy and change management consultant and author. Visit the Change Designs website on www.changedesigns.net for more articles, practical tools and inspiration.

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ANEL MARTIN is South Africa’s PA of the Year 2011. She is currently PA to the Chief of Finance at Telkom. More information on MartinA2@telkom.co.za

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CLAIRE PRINGLE is a Branch Manager - Corporate Office Temp and Perm at Brent Personnel. More information on cpringle@brent.co.za

STEVE MURPHY is an accomplished speaker who has first hand and real time experience with business challenges; he is also retained as a consultant to businesses
in SEA and remains a Director and Chairman of a number of companies. More information on www.stennyafrica.com

ColleEn Mansoor is President of the FriendsCup. She holds the position of Marketing Assistant/PA/Office Manager for PSG Asset Management Life, Illovo. More information on colleen.mansoor@psgam.co.za


ED's MEMO BE THE ACE OF green HEARTS It’s Autumn – that beautiful time of year when the Earth pauses a while to replenish itself. This is the time of year when Green Office Week takes place in South Africa. Green Office Week, taking place in April, is a time for us to pause as well, to rethink what we are doing and hopefully put in place some office behaviours that are more sensible. Just think of how much we waste! Perhaps we are a generation that does not really understand how to save! Sometimes we go a little far in not really paying attention, and in being more thoughtful, about the way we behave – at home and at the office. Perhaps it may not be such a bad idea to remember some of the stuff that our grandparents did! Like switching off lights when you leave a room; not leave taps running as if water is infinite! recycle things we don't need; buy the groceries that meet the week’s needs and budget; share more with

neighbours and church community. I think from the late 70s onwards we went a little crazy! The need to be “cool” and keep up with, or upstage the “Joneses”, became quite a priority for many people. The sad thing is this resulted in two major, major problems! On one hand: We have seen countries as a whole go bankrupt because banks ran out of money! And On the other hand: We have seen our planet cry out for help as it suffocates in carbon. So what has become ‘cool’ in current times is exactly the opposite of the previous decades. Silly materialism and consumerism has to be replaced by intelligent purchasing and the upstaging the Joneses means eco-living not ego-living! This new mindset has to be taken to the office! Waste and wasteful behaviours are too numerous to count. No organisation can sustain itself in the prevalent financial realities unless it undergoes a 'heart transplant'! Green Office Week, from 16 to 20 April, is the “must do” in every workplace calendar. We give you the week’s toolkit in this issue so that you have all the info you need. Ana-Maria Enjoy!

CONTENTS Features 8

Key Feature: Inspire yourself throughout the working year

Special Events 16 Green Office Week: A national week from 16-20 April 2012

10 Special Report: You want me to do what?

20 Green Heart Award: Calling for nominations

27 Career Matters: Unforgettable candidates, forgettable interviews

14 Conferencing: Achieving Synergy

28 Leadership Lessons: Careless communication Catastrophic consequences

INTERVIEW 22 Sustainability: We talk to Dawn Nathan Jones, CEO of Europcar


Ed's Memo: Be the ACE of Green Hearts


News, Views and Reviews: Be in the know

12 Eyes on The World: Social Media and the PA 24 Q&A: Cracking the CFO 30 FriendsCup: The president's message of a new club 32 Brain Fun: Test your wits




News, Views And Reviews


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...And find inspirational ideas for your house and office garden – push boundaries, break new ground and challenge preconceptions. 
This is what is on offer at the exquisite Pretoria Botanical Gardens which is hosting The Gardener Live 2012.

BLING MY GARDEN South Africa’s best landscapers will create some unique and creative garden ideas in just under 20 minutes.

The Exhibition

GREEN LIVING Environmentally sustainable solutions and eco-products that create a safer, cleaner world at the Green Living Pavilion.

The Gardener Live 2012 is the brain-child of celebrity gardener Tanya Visser, editor of The Gardener and Die Tuinier magazines and presenter of the renowned television series, ‘The Gardener’.

The highlights THE EDIBLE GARDEN From your kitchen garden to your dinner plate - celebrity chefs will introduce you to a healthier lifestyle with demonstrations and ideas for you to get the best from your produce.

FREE WORKSHOPS Free workshops and demonstrations by top gardening professionals and celebrities.

Dates: The weekend of 4, 5, 6 May 2012 Time: 09h00 – 17h00 More info: Lisa Pyne-Mercier 082 688 3086; lisa@omgstudios.co.za Want a free entrance ticket? The first 25 readers to email us or request to attend will get a complimentary ticket. Email:


"The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being” Debbie De Jager, Certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer and Speaker, joined women from around the world in August last year to write the book "The Unstoppable Woman's Guide to Emotional Well-Being".

Chapters cover:

has passed – picking up the pieces; Becoming a woman of value; A New You! from Self conscious to self confident; Kick Fear’s Butt!; What men really want; Confront your past, conquer your present; Creating Rapport with other women; Building Emotional Intelligence; R.E.S.P.E.C.T. setting boundaries and speaking up; Having the courage to be courageous; Mending wounded and broken spirits; How to detoxify your life; Standing in times of weakness; Your map to financial prosperity; Ending self inflicted pain and stress; Are you depleting your wellness?; Learning what really matters.

Work & Home: Striking the right balance; Stress solutions for women; Be your own cheerleader; Handling high stakes situations; Getting it all done – prioritizing; Things you should know before you commit; The storm

You can order the book on Amazon. com or contact Debbie directly on debbiedejager@johnmaxwellgroup. com / 079 498 4875. Debbie's chapter is "Becoming a woman of value".

Although none of the authors knew each other prior to the book, their colaborating effort to inspire women to greatness, has proven to be a huge success as the book was sold out in the USA within 6 weeks from date of release! Maya Watson, Marketing Manager at HARPO Studios, wrote the foreword.




A great new book is out: Life is Beautiful, published by CANSA. This publication is a must for every working woman.

Life is Beautiful

CS: Sue, how did you come about the idea of creating a publication on how to prevent cancer? What was the catalyst? Sue: At CANSA we implemented an Environmental Awareness Campaign approximately three years ago. This led us to extend and intensify our watchdog focus by: identifying cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) that increase the risk for cancer, to be avoided within the environment; and also identifying and recommending anti-carcinogens or health promoting substances. Based on the increase in queries on our website, we came to realise more and more that people lacked the knowledge required to make ‘smart choices’. Initially we were to focus on diet only, but soon realised that it would not be enough. We needed to address our bigger watchdog focus. This gave us the 'seed' of an idea to publish a book. CS: How do you think we, working people, will benefit from this publication? Sue: The aim of this publication was to ensure that ALL people could obtain more understanding and insight to enable them to make choices that lead to balanced lifestyles. More so, for all to realise that a balanced lifestyle includes promoting a healthy diet, physical activity and the avoidance of carcinogens like smoking, alcohol and other ‘baddies’. Hopefully the information in this publication will be practical enough to ensure that people will be able to make more informed choices and apply the principles discussed in the publication. One of the really hot topics in the publication is braaing (what not to do!) and I envisage this will start a lot discussion! CS: You have included information on children and food – and cancer-risk! Do you believe our children are not being fed healthily enough? Sue: Parents are bombarded with information in the media and on internet – not always the most correct information. Nobody talks about the carcinogens used in processed foods (e.g. sausages, ham or in crisps for that matter).

It is a true eye-opener, and provides the kind of advice we all critically need. CareerSuccess Magazine spoke to Sue Janse van Rensburg, CEO of CANSA. How about introducing Rooibos tea at home? It’s a healthy drink that promotes the formation of anti-oxidants in the body. Some parents need to start looking at making healthy food attractive for their children; involve children in cooking up a storm of fun food that is not carcinogenic. The younger a child is introduced to attractive healthy food, the better. CS: As a cancer-survivor yourself, and as a CEO, what precautions do you take to keep yourself healthy as a busy working woman? Sue: It is so important to ‘practice what we preach’, and stay balanced in our approach to good health. Fortunately, I love fruits and veggies – I eat fruit for breakfast plus whole grain cereal every day of my life, even if I have to be on the road before 6am in the morning. It is not difficult to have 5 fruits and veggies every day, with a further focus on a low-fat intake of food items. Unfortunately, I have somewhat of a sweet tooth – and always need to keep moderation in mind when I am facing chocolate or liquorice toffees! I drink at least 1.5l of water per day and abstain from alcohol and nicotine use. However, I do not exercise enough and struggle to sleep more than 4 – 4.5 hours per night – both areas are on my list of ‘matters to improve on’ for 2012! Copies of this publication are available from CANSA offices nationwide. Please contact: www.cansa.org.za or 0800 22 66 22. issue









Key Featur e

This article by Ruth Tearle shows you how to stay inspired throughout the working year.


Inspire YOURSELF throughout the



few months into the year, and we have probably forgotten the high expectations we had at the beginning of the year – it almost seems that we are confronted by the same expectations, demands, issues and challenges of the previous year. Will we ever get our mojo back? As adults, we have spent years spinning silken threads of roles, responsibilities, relationships, and habits into a web that now defines our life. Sometimes we feel trapped. careersuccess

We have become entangled in a web of duty. We wonder if this is all there is out there, all restricted to look forward to. Our world seems restricted to the web we have spun for ourselves. Sometimes a dewdrop of inspiration lands in our web. We meet a person who fills us with hope and energy. We hear a song that touches our soul. We read a book that reminds us of who we once were or who we could become. We feel nourished, excited. For a moment we become aware that there is more to life

An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may be a bold, risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome. (Wikipedia definition)


than the duty web we have created. As we look up, we think it is time to get our mojo back. To connect with our creative spirits. And enjoy a sense of wonder again. But we don’t know how. Look up. Know that the world and life is more that what you are experiencing now.

Go beyond your horizons

• Imagine you were the hero in the adventure of your own life. Think of the horizons in your life today. • Where are the boundaries regarding what you can and can’t do, and what is and isn’t possible for you? If you explore the world beyond your web, where would you end up? • How could you sail beyond the horizon of your current world, making your life and your world bigger? • What new things could you discover, or learn, if you were to be a life adventurer? • What rainbow would you chase? • Make your world bigger. Create a new horizon for yourself. Create a sense of adventure in your life. Do something new. Choose something that is difficult or risky for you to do. Something that will give you a sense of excitement, and trepadation. Something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Something that requires discipline, concentration, patience, courage and hard work.

• Learn something new. Study for a degree, learn a musical instrument, and take up a new hobby or sport. It doesn’t matter what it is – whether you choose paddling, swimming, Tai Chi, art, craft, screen writing or writing a book. Just choose something that will allow you to sail away from your daily routines for an hour or so each day.

Be disciplined – stay on the path

The key to being disciplined is managing your diary. You shape your life, by how you spend your time. When planning your diary, divide your time into different segments or sections of your life. For example, you may have work time, family and friends’ time, adventure time, health time and spiritual time. Allocate time in your diary to each segment of your life. For example, you may choose to do sport, meditate, or spend time on your adventure early in the morning before work. This will set you up to feel positive about the day ahead. Your working hours may be 8:30 – 5:00. Your lunch hour may be used to meet friends or exercise. Evenings and weekends may be family time, or time for yourself. Once you’ve allocated time for each segment, tell the people connected to the different sections of your life, the time you have reserved for them. Create priorities within each time segment. Don’t allow one segment to encroach on the other. For example, don’t allow work or family to encroach on time you’ve set aside for your adventure. Learn to say “I can’t help you right now, but let me consult my diary and see when I can help you.”

Fly high – stay inspired

Let your new world take centre space in your life. Make an hour a day adventure time a non-negotiable in your life. Protect this time and it will become the highlight of your day. Make it the thing you must do – to feel alive. Put it at the top of your priority list, or wake up an hour earlier, and start the day by broadening your world. Learn to enjoy your life.




Special Repor t

“YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?” A South African PA represents secretaries at an international congress. Lee Chapman (CAP), Vice-President, IAAP Johannesburg Chapter-at-Large


hen I joined the secretarial profession over 30 years ago, never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that it would provide me with such amazing opportunities and take me to exciting international destinations. In February last year I received an invitation from Isabel Baptista, President of the State of São Paulo Secretaries’ Union (SINSESP) to address the Congress of International Secretaries (COINS) on 28 October 2011 in São Paulo, Brazil. I originally met Isabel when I attended the International Association


of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) Education Forum and Annual Meeting (EFAM) in Boston, USA in July 2010. When I received the invitation from Isabel my first reaction was “You want me to do what? You must be crazy. Don’t you know I have never spoken in public before, never mind address an international congress to be attended by over 400 delegates!” Nevertheless, after much coaxing and the offer of support from a number of people, I decided to take on this mammoth task. I was required to speak for an hour on the secretarial profession in South Africa, providing them with information on salaries, job titles, job descriptions, the job market and education and training required for the profession. Included in the line-up of international guest speakers were Marina Higdon from the USA. Marina is the President of the Kachina-East Valley Chapter of the IAAP and Maria Da Graça Gomes from Portugal who is President of the Portuguese Association of Professionals and Advisory Secretariat. I was the only English speaking presenter and a translator was used to translate to the delegates in real time via headsets into Portuguese. Some interesting noteworthy differences in the profession globally are:


I’ll be off again in July to Dallas Texas to attend the annual IAAP EFAM. Brazil – a secretarial diploma/degree is required to work as a secretary. They don’t have a career path like we do in SA where you can progress from a position on reception and with the necessary training/ courses/qualifications you can work your way into a secretarial position. The profession is unionised in Brazil in order to regularise salaries, benefits, titles, etc. Portugal – they don’t refer to their secretaries as assistants in their titles as their top secretaries have their own assistants so an assistant would be on a lower grade to a secretary. USA – is very similar to SA in regard to titles and the career path.

After my brief stay in São Paulo, I managed to spend a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro which in itself was an unforgettable experience. I got to visit the majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer on top of Corcovado Mountain which you travel to by train through the beautiful Tijuca Rain Forest. I also got to ride the cable car up to Sugar Loaf Mountain which has the most spectacular views of Rio AND not to mention staying in a hotel on the famous Copacabana Beach! On the downside though, the language barrier was a huge challenge as hardly anyone can speak English which was quite surprising. Brazil is also very expensive and when you are out and about on the streets be careful of pick pockets and muggers as they are everywhere,

even on Copacabana Beach as I discovered the hard way. My introduction to public speaking was somewhat daunting but a wonderful experience nonetheless which enabled me to receive global exposure to the secretarial profession as well as make new international contacts. I have to acknowledge the support of my boss, Frank Thompson, Group CEO ADvTECH Limited, without which this would not have been possible. Anyone wanting information on joining the IAAP JohannesburgChapter-at-Large please visit our website www.iaap-johannesburg. org. We are a non-profit association and our members are like-minded individuals whose main objective is to give back to the secretarial profession that has served us so well over many years.




Eyes on the Wor ld

Social Media and Technology

How A Modern PA Works

A new feature in CareerSuccess giving voice to the current PA of the Year. Anel Martin (PAOTY 2011) pioneers this page.


ith the rise of social media and the tremendous advances in technology that we have seen in the last ten years, it is amazing how the world of work has evolved, and so too the role of the modern PA. Smartphones and tablets are becoming common place in most large corporates today; this is also true of South Africa. Android and Apple Markets have become a place to purchase or download free applications. There is a tremendous assortment of creative, useful and time saving apps, giving you easy access to currency converters, time zone calculators and all sorts of amazing organizing and note-taking tools! In doing my research on international trends in the PA profession, I instinctively reached for my new 7-inch tablet, accessed LinkedIn and posted a message, and that was the light bulb moment for this article. Five years ago, I would not really have considered social media as a platform to


gather information or get advice on problems or best practice but now in 2012, it is my first point of reference. So what has changed? Well, in 2012 we can access social media platforms from anywhere and at any time of the day or night! Making friends or professional connections worldwide at the touch of a button is now the norm.

W hat media

does the soc i al landscape look like?

There are approximately 550 million Facebook users and 90 million professionals on LinkedIn. There are on average 65 million tweets sent per day and two billion videos are viewed on YouTube daily, the stats are truly astounding! It is also estimated that 92% of companies in the US have a presence on social media, and many large companies (also in South Africa) actively monitor and inform top management of what is being said about the company on Twitter and other networks on a daily basis.

Why is this important to PA s ?

PAs are extremely active users of social media, there are multiple groups across all social network platforms. There are numerous blogs, LinkedIn groups, Facebook and Twitter groups that are specifically geared toward PAs. They share opinions and best practice, also motivation and information which are specific to our profession. My international benchmarking and personal research

13 article published in 2010) you get the following varieties: • Collaborative projects like Wikipedia • Blogs and Micro blogs (Twitter) • Content Communities (YouTube) • Social Networking (Facebook) • Virtual Game and Social Worlds (Gaming platforms and Second Life). Each has its own purpose and unique functionalities that go with it. So you need to review what works for you and what you can apply as a tool in your life and work, but remember once your unique content is out in the digital world it can never be retrieved or erased, so use social media wisely to enhance your personal brand.

has revealed that PAs are networking, sharing ideas, making friends, getting advice from each other and sharing their personal experiences across all forms of social media. They are also informing others in their network of career opportunities in their respective organisations, job hunting and using the platform to inform each other of training events. Recruitment and headhunting on forums such as LinkedIn has become very prolific with many large corporations’ HR personnel having created profiles to view potential candidates. Social media has also resulted in some new spin-off PA functions, such as Social Media Assistants (So, for those of you who don’t know what a Social Media Assistant does, it is a PA with marketing/PR or Communications related experience, who spends his/her day attending to the company or individuals social media profiles). It may be a while before this job hits the South African market, but watch this space! The social media scene has also greatly enhanced the popularity and accessibility of Virtual Assistants by connecting them to potential clients more efficiently than ever before.

What types of social med i a are o u t there and what do they do?

According to Kaplan and Haenlein (who created a classification scheme for different social media types in their Business Horizons

Building a good brand or presence in the social media space according to Kietsmann et al. comprises of 7 building blocks and this applies to individuals and companies; 1. You need to create a strong and unique identity 2. Conversations are essential; you cannot be passive in the experience 3. Sharing is a core principle of such forums 4. A n active and dynamic presence is critical 5. Relationships are enhanced, generated and maintained 6. Reputations can be made or destroyed 7. Groups with a common purpose or interest are formed. If you are doing all these things correctly you are building “social authority” which means that you are positioning yourself as an expert or market leader, which enhances your value to your organization and your personal profile, which is a handy asset in recruitment or salary negotiation situations. Kietsmann also states that social media presents an enormous challenge to firms, as it has created a radical shift in how customers and employees want them to communicate. They no longer want companies to talk at them but instead to listen, appropriately engage and then respond on a personal level. This is expected to create many spin off activities and specializations for PAs in the future.

My international benchmarking and personal research has revealed that PAs are networking, sharing ideas, making friends, getting advice from each other and sharing their personal experiences across all social media. issue




Ever heard of Synergy? Barry Bilewitz explains how an organisation can achieve synergy by holding events to increase knowledge and build teams.


hat makes one company a thriving, growing business, while another - in the same field - is either plodding along or shrinking? Is it the quality of management and staff; and what do we mean by quality? Let us in this instance define quality as knowledge – theoretical and that gained by relevant experience, plus the ability to apply it. Yet very often, this is not enough. Many companies with highly qualified personnel have failed. What did they lack? Synergy (where the total produced by the parts acting in unison is greater than that produced by the parts acting individually) and passion for the business. They are related, as you cannot feel too much positive passion for the company you work for if you are not happy in your working environment. A business with a low synergy level consists of people, the majority of whom are underperforming for various reasons. This can be due to inefficient workflow systems, personal frictions and any other demotivating situations that are not controlled by management. Raising the synergy level of a company requires attentive management and monitoring of personnel interaction because the more efficiently people can work together, the greater their output. A good method of increasing synergy is teambuilding. Ideal teambuilding venues are cruise liners, game farms and good hotels in the mountains or near rivers or the sea. Time constraints may limit the choice to venues that are closer to home. If your company has little or no experience in teambuilding it is advisable to contact a teambuilding company; give them your


desired goals, staff complement, budget and time frame. They will return to you with optional venues and events. Together you can then design a teambuilding package to lift the synergy level in your company to where the staff is happier and more productive. Conferences, although taking place at the same or similar venues, serve a different although related purpose – that of acquiring knowledge. This knowledge is for the most part specialised: e.g., a software company would hold a conference for programmers to impart information on their new application development system. If there are logistical or time constraints for certain attendees, confirm that teleconferencing facilities are available. This will enable people at remote locations to “attend” the conference via multi-media electronics. Product launches’ venue requirements are virtually identical to those of conferences. Judiciously used, a product launch can reduce an item’s time-to-market considerably. Car manufacturers are masters at the art, sparing no expense to ensure that the media and representatives from their large dealers go away happy and keen to report positively on and sell the new vehicle. Enthusiasm is vital to the success of teambuilding, conferences and product launches. Professional motivational speakers and entertainers appropriately briefed can generate enthusiasm and increase the overall pleasurable atmosphere of the event. A good supply of tasty food and drink also enhances the warm feelings of the participants. Travel incentives – once the exclusive reward for target achievement of sales staff – are now being used by modern management as a means of increasing performance throughout the company, improving production quality, customer service and management productivity, among others. The rationale behind making a teambuilding event, conference, product launch or travel incentive program, is to raise the synergy levels of the participants. It is then up to management to maintain it.

15 Venue offerings in the spotlight Xtreme Bowling Was the first theme Ten Pin Bowling Centre in the world. We took bowling out of the basements and alleys into the main stage of entertainment. The Venue caters for every kind of function, from product launches and team building to kiddies birthday parties, movie shoots and music video backdrops. Furthermore: • Outside catering arranged to suit all tastes • Fully serviced bar with the finest whiskeys • Great sound system and DSTV channels played throughout • '60s diner theme, incredible ambiance, excellent security with free parking. Contact: 011 887 2095/6 or xtremebowling@gmail.com Emperors Whether it's a boardroom meeting, trade show or banquet, its the facilities and attention to personal service that sets them apart. The exhibition and conference centre at Emperors Palace provides a diverse range of exciting, multi-purpose venues, and small executive breakaway rooms. Theatrical venues with dance areas, sound and lighting, big screen and stage can be customised for a product launch, a glamorous gala dinner or a cocktail party with superb cuisine, impeccable service, and an elegant atmosphere. Contact: +27 (0) 11 928 1055 or www.peermont.co.za

The Royal Elephant Conference Centre In the heart of the Conference Centre is the Tiznit Private Lounge, for informal interviews or as a holding room for VIP guests and speakers catering for up to 15 guests; Bondev House suite is perfect for themed events and consists of a ballroom, boardroom and private chapel; Larache Suite has a main plenary room with adjacent breakaway room - ideal for medium size events; El Jadida Room is equipped with state of the art equipment for video conferencing in a unique Afro Moroccan setting; The Nador Suite, Tangier and Taza Boardrooms are stylish sophisticated and intimate facilities for executive board meetings. Contact: +27(0)12 658 8000 or info@royalelephant.co.za Indaba Its award-winning conference, meeting and banqueting facilities are recognised as being some of the best and most comprehensive on the African continent. Why Indaba? Because of its: • Convenient access to all main highways and two major airports • An impressive selection of some 24 air-conditioned venues • Accommodation - up to 2 000 delegates Banqueting facilities for up to 500 people. • State of the art 200-seater auditorium, Business and travel co-ordination centre. Contact: +27 (0) 11 840 6600 or indaba@indabahotel.co.za




Green Office Week

Each day of the week has a special focus.

Participate in GREEN OFFICE WEEK

16 to 20 April 2012 Why is there GOW in South Africa? Because we spend most of our life at work, and we can make that significant amount of our lifetime healthier and better. Because everyone can make a difference to the predicament we find ourselves in

regarding climate change. Because our kids don’t deserve to inherit our carelessness and indifference - and if we get into a green mindset at the office it’s highly likely that mindset will travel home.

Officeworkers everywhere now have the opportunity to add their contribution to eco-friendly workplaces

The Theme for 2012 is: YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE



On 16 April

Make a difference on

Make a difference on



by finding more ways to save on printing

Monday’s Tip Sheet The point is to get you and your office to save on print volume. Why? Because you save paper and money! Tip 1: Practice printing abstinence! Just don’t print! Tip 2: Email your documents; Send electronic invoices to clients. Tip 3: Transfer articles to your smartphone or Kindle/iPad. But if you have to print: Tip 4: Print on both sides of the paper. Tip 5: Avoid print errors by previewing your printout and editing. Tip 6: By previewing you can also resize your document and shrink it to fewer pages. (Adjust your margins: Use wider margins, smaller font and closer line spacing to get more to a page).

On 17 April

by looking for ways to save on lighting

Tuesday’s Tip Sheet The point is to get you and your office relooking at all your lighting! Why? Because you save on energy and you save money on a lower electricity bill. Tip 1: Switch lights off! Offices, and meeting rooms, lecture rooms, not being used do not need lights on. Tip 2: Ditto for restrooms, storerooms, and leisure areas. Tip 3: Consider installing occupancy sensors for the above. Tip 4: Consider installing timers to have interior and exterior lights turn off at the appropriate time. Tip 5: Consider solar power for outdoor fixtures or install photosensors. Tip 6: For offices being refurbished consider installing skylights; glazing on windows or reflective glass to reduce glare and heat.

Tip 7: Use the Selection option in the Print Dialog to print only the parts of a document that you need.

Tip 7: Can some offices have their desks moved around to maximise on day light?

Tip 8: Save on ink: when relevant print in grayscale by default (default setting is called draft mode, tone saver, print saver or economy).

Where you do need lights on:

Tip 9: Opt for PDF instead of paper. Friendly PDF files can easily be emailed. Tip 10: Track personal footprints; How about a system that allows staff to track how many print copies they are responsible for each month? Tip 11: Check/Update your document distribution lists. Tip 12: Where possible, hold paperless meetings. Tip 13: Think about getting software that manages and reduces print. Tip 14: Next time you get printers for the office, ensure they are “green”.

Tip 8: Light bulbs should be energy-efficient – these use less watts. Tip 9: Switch lights off when you leave your office to go to meetings or to lunch. Tip 10: For open-plan offices consider a lighting control system equipped with occupancy sensors, daylight-linked dimming, and individual dimming control. Tip 11: Look into task-lighting possibilities instead of ambient lighting. Tip 12: Saving on lighting should be part of an Energy Management Strategy.




Green Office Week

On 18 April

Make a difference on

Make a difference on



by sharing tips on driving green

Wednesday’s Tip Sheet

On 19 April

by looking for ways to to recycle more

Thursday’s Tip Sheet

The point is that, for many of us, cars are an essential part of everyday life, but their carbon footprint is a threat to the planet.

The point is to get you and your office to reuse and or recycle where possible. Why? Because all offices need to save on waste!

Tip 1: Keep your speed down, as driving at 80-90 kph means your emissions will be lowest. Driving over 100 kph will rapidly increase your emissions and so will at less than 25kph!

Tip 1: Provide trays to collect and reuse print and copy error sheets.

Tip 2: Avoid sudden starts and stops and go the speed limit. Not only does speeding and jerky driving kill your KPL (kilometres per litre), it’s dangerous. Tip 3: Avoid unnecessary revving or idling of the engine as this uses more fuel. Tip 4: Go easy on the breaks; harsh acceleration and braking can use up to 30% more fuel and can cause increased wear and tear on the vehicle. Tip 5: Get the car serviced regularly (according to the manufacturer’s schedule) to maintain engine efficiency. Tip 6: Where possible drive with the windows up to reduce drag and make your fuel consumption more efficient. Tip 7: Check tyre pressures regularly and before long journeys. Under-inflated tyres create more rolling resistance and use more fuel. Tip 8: Remove weighty stuff from the boot that you don’t need to drive around with. Tip 9: Avoid the 'Rush' mindset; stressed driving can be erratic and is uneconomical. Also remember that an orange light means STOP. Try not to beat the lights. Tip 10: Go easy on the aircon as it uses more fuel.

Tip 2: Cut scrap paper and bull-clip it to use as a notepad; or cut in quarters and use as post-it like notes. Tip 3: Use the back of printed A3 sheets as flipchart paper at office meetings. Tip 4: Reuse envelopes for inter-office correspondence. Tip 5: Reuse shipment boxes. Tip 6: Reuse files. Tip 7: Use reusable or recyclable containers for shipping your products and reuse newspaper, shredded paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and cardboard boxes for packaging. Tip 8: Donate out-of-date stationery to local charitable or environmental groups. Tip 9: Donate items no longer useful to your company eg: furniture. Tip 10: Provide bins/recycling containers, and zone them appropriately, for collection of old technology (e-waste), newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles. Tip 11: Buy recycled paper whenever possible.

Tip 11: Switch off the engine if you think you will be stationary for more than two/three minutes.

Tip 12: Look for the recycled option in all the products you buy.

Tip 12: Drive wise and minimize unnecessary kilometres by doing errands in one trip, getting good directions, and calling ahead.

Tip 13: When planning events think of items that you can reuse or recycle at other events.

These tips are courtesy of Europcar South Africa careersuccess


On 20 April

Make a difference on

How to get



by sharing a green culture with suppliers and clients

by persuading your colleagues

Friday’s Tip Sheet The point is that suppliers and clients should know that your organisation cares! Tip 1: Use your electronic documents to carry messages. eg: • At the bottom of your emails include a green message such as: Think twice before you print this email. • On your electronic invoices and statements have a preprinted green message such as: We believe in saving trees! • On your Agendas and Minutes and board packs say: We favour green meetings. Tip 2: Inform shipping suppliers of your green packaging preferences. Tip 3: Inform all your suppliers and contractors of your preference for eco-efficient products and explain why, eg: products that have minimal adverse environment impacts, meaning that they are environmentally responsible products and services at competitive prices.

Tip Sheet on Persuading co-workers Yo u r c o - w o r k e r s n e e d t o u n d e r s t a n d why the annual Green Office Week (GOW) is important and how everybody benefits. Tip 1: Communicate with them; make them feel involved and important. TIP 2: Inform co-workers that the whole idea behind GOW is about empowering officeworkers to take action themselves. Tip 3: Tell them about the Green Office Week website and ask them for their own ideas about how to make the office eco-friendly. TIP 4: Prevent resistance by making it meaningful and encouraging feedback. TIP 5: To make behaviours sustainable think about rewards! TIP 6: And last but not least - keep going to www.greenofficeweek. co.za for resources!

Tip 4: Inform your clients/suppliers of shorter routes to your premises to reduce carbon footprint. Tip 5: Inform regular suppliers of goods that, where possible and affordable, you will order bulk to reduce their carbon footprint i.e. encourage providers of services to consider the environmental impacts of service/product delivery. Tip 6: Encourage suppliers and contractors to provide collection or recycling of used products where possible.




Calling for nominations! Green office week proudly launches

green heart AWARD Recognizing and Rewarding workplace eco-champions

We believe that every organisation has one individual who stands out when it comes to green behaviours at the office. YOU can help us find

who in your department (or organisation as a whole) is the eco-hero/heroine that has inspired and motivated people to become more eco-friendly.

you can help us recognise how they have made a difference by having you tell us what they have done as far as initiating or supporting green behaviours and activities.

you can play an important role in showing that South African workplaces have eco-rolemodels.

Deadline for nominations: Friday 20 April 2012 careersuccess

21 Where are South Africa’s working eco-champions? Drivers of green behaviours are not necessarily found in the executive suite – and it is those people whose designations could be bookeepeer, store manager, PA, admin officer, buyer, floor supervisor, who could be the true motivators of behavioural change.

We invite YOU to tell us who has a green heart at your workplace! Nominate your green heart candidate right away!






en ev ld ou he ive? t t it c be xecu te



he et it b er? uld anag co Or PS M O

he et it b ery uld on Co tati er? s uy b

Participate in the national search for Green Hearts and both you and your nominee stand to win prizes! Please fill in the Nomination Form on www.greenofficeweek.co.za More information on: (011) 616 7401

Two notes on criteria • Your nominee must be employed by the organisation on a full-time or part-time basis; and have worked diligently and long in informing, or creating or providing tools and resources to assist colleagues in his/ her department or organisation • Your nominee cannot be someone who works in a sustainability department, or be the allocated green officer i.e. the green heart applies to someone whose job description does not entail implementing green behaviours in the organization but who does it out of their owni sfree s u e will. 1



EUROPCAR supports green Office Week We interview Europcar’s CEO Dawn Nathan-Jones, on being lead sponsor of Green Office Week.

All of us at Europcar would like to encourage business South Africa to participate. We want people to enjoy the week and encourage companywide participation as the contribution of each individual within an organization makes a difference. CS: It’s gratifying to see a CEO so passionate about environmental issues and sustainability. Dawn: As a leader of an organisation with 16,000 vehicles on fleet, it’s important for me to take a stand on such an important issue. That is why driving sustainable business policies is a priority at Europcar and greening ourselves is part of our company-wide commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. Europcar treats sustainability as a business imperative and that is why we have instilled tangible measures to reduce our carbon footprint. Whilst we will never lose sight of our primary goal of providing an incredibly effective and personal car rental service, we believe that ensuring sustainability throughout all our operations is a tough, yet exciting challenge, one that we are capable of meeting. CS: What is your sustainability strategy? Dawn: Our sustainability strategy is made up of two key areas: firstly transforming our business operations (internally) to ensure more sustainable operations, and secondly educating our people, our customers as well as the broader business community. CS: This is your second year as lead sponsors of Green Office Week. Dawn: We participated in Green Office Week in 2010 careersuccess

and we saw how it mobilised our own team, so we took a decision to roll out the enthusiasm to corporate South Africa, taking the role of Lead Sponsor for the 2011 and 2012 Green Office Weeks. We saw the week as an opportunity to encourage corporate South Africa to join us and embark on a path to being more sustainable, in a way that people in any business environment can understand. The initiative also provided a great educational platform to create sustainable change. We would like the week to maximise awareness for the importance of sustainable environmental responsibility in the workplace, with sustainable business practise being the ultimate goal. CS: Green Office Week’s theme for 2012 is “You make a difference”. How are you going about ‘making a difference’? Dawn: We have come a long way in our quest, but it’s an ongoing journey with no room for complacency. Some of our green interventions include for example water recycling plants installed at main vehicle turnaround facilities; and we are proud to report a saving of 72 million litres of water in 2011, with an average 96% recycle rate in those depots. These plants provide a simple, sustainable and environmentally responsible solution for the recovery and cleaning of wash-bay water, resulting in a dramatic reduction in water consumption. The “e-washa” system focuses on recycling water through rain harvesting and utilises a natural biological process that breaks down soap

and grease in used wash-bay water. Our main offices and depots are also equipped with energy saving light fittings, and our head office with motion sensors. Our average fleet emissions for 2011 reduced by 0.6%, from 2010. This is due to improved technology from vehicle manufacturers, and our selective procurement strategy. We are proud that Europcar recycles approximately 18,000kg/CO2 per year (measured in 2011), through replacing windscreens from PG Glass; consumer waste, i.e. paper, tin, plastic and glass, is separated at major depots and recycling is done via certified vendors; used service oil is collected and disposed of responsibly via BP Oil; oil from wash bay grease traps also disposed of by an approved vendor, and tyres are disposed of via Goodyear-certified vendors. Over the past 10 years, we have limited the lifespan of our fleet and have traded up to more fuel-efficient models. Furthermore, we also seek to reduce our fuel consumption by a further 5% by June 2013. In addition, our paper rental vouchers have been eradicated; the carbon footprint impact is displayed on our customer rental invoices; the latest Microsoft virtualization technology was implemented to provide us with a greener IT environment, whilst affording us high availability and disaster recovery. We were gratified to note that in 2010, we recycled approximately 6,000 kg’s of paper less than in 2009, whilst in 2011, the number dropped by a further 2,000 kg’s. This proves that not only are we recycling, but we are consuming less. Paper consumption per transaction decreased by 6%. CS: Do you provide and eco-friendly rental option? Dawn: Europcar was the first car rental company in the country to introduce the environmentallyresponsible Polo BlueMotion to its fleet – currently South Africa’s lowest CO2 emitting vehicle *as at March 2012. This vehicle emits a mere 89g/co2 per km. CS: What is your message for 2012 Green Office Week participants? Dawn: All of us at Europcar would like to encourage business South Africa to participate. We want people to enjoy the week and encourage companywide participation as the contribution of each individual within an organization makes a difference.


Question & Answer By Lisa Pyne-Mecier


’’The time has come to start an in-house secretarial forum at our company – it will have huge benefits in that we can share knowledge and improve standards – but we need a budget from the CFO, and he is a very difficult ‘nut to crack’. Please suggest how we can sell the idea in a way that he can’t say ‘no’.”


Difficult nut to crack… mmm, well that’s easy… If you happened to catch the last segment of Q & A, and went on–line to understand your styles then this is an indication that this individual is a ‘C’ style personality. So what does this mean, and how can we sell the idea? This individual style focuses on facts, facts and more facts. In preparation for the meeting a lot of homework is required on your part. Let’s begin by gathering all the facts. If you really want to “blow the CFO’s socks off” then put your presentation into a business plan.

The secret to your success lies in the amount of preparation and your willingness to understand the personality type.

The Proposal Business Plan This is a detailed action plan or roadmap which outlines every aspect of what you want to achieve. The details that you are required to put into the plan are what you intend doing, how you are going to do it, when you are going to do it, where you are going to do it, and why you believe it should be done. Place your thoughts in a logical order. Your plan, when presented should look good; it should be detailed and factual. Your introduction into why you want to start a forum. Describe in detail, (perhaps use point form) what you want to achieve, and how you are going to go about achieving it. Compile a SWOT analysis. (Strengths and Weaknesses they are the obvious ones. Opportunities and Threats – they are not so obvious).

be impressed that you have done your homework and presented it in a business plan. They will also be very critical, and they base their criticism on facts and not opinions. Understand that this is their nature and they mean well, as they want everyone to be a perfectionist – just like them. Keep your physical distance, as these individuals do not like to have their personal space invaded. Avoid pressurizing them to make a decision, as the only decision they will make may be to ‘not make a decision’.

The 'C' style individual is your typical Accountant or FBI agent where they gather all the facts no frills or emotions should enter the room with you, just go in there armed with the facts and your business plan. Focus the conversation on being logical and detail orientated.

Listen carefully to the questions and suggestions. Then give them time to analyze your Business Plan, time to mull it over and request a second meeting to go through any additional questions that they have and their decision. Make sure that your financial plan is correct – go over it several times, if need be ASK for help. Why? Well, from personal experience, if you have just one figure wrong they will presume that the entire plan is wrong, become overly critical and not make a decision – can you afford to have that happen? Get your quotes as supporting documentation, don’t do any guess work. There are multiple business plans available on the internet, so do some research.

Be prepared for their very many ‘Why’ questions. When answering, be specific and answer slowly as the 'C' style will study the detail and information carefully. They will have a good poker face, but rest assured that they will

Also, if you want to re-look at your DISC profile or have your manager, significant other or you yourself would like to understand yourself better – go to www.gauteng1. sandler.co.za - ‘MY DISC STYLE…’ for your profile.

The next point is possibly the most important of all. You have to put together a detailed financial report. Once you have done all this and have made an appointment to see the CFO. You need to remember the following in your approach.

issue c 2at rcareersuccess eersuccess

Time to introduce your company to


Take your existing publications to digital format and save costs whilst saving trees!

Be Smart


s s s s

Save costs

Do your Part

Take your current and new: annual reports catalogues brochures newsletters

and LET US post them on your website Save trees-looking exactly like the printed version! They become instantly accessible to your clients!

Green Publishing!

Let us transform your company’s current and new publications annual reports catalogues brochures newsletters into on-line website-friendly publications looking exactly like the printed version! They become instantly accessible to your clients!

Evolve from PDFs to digital publications! Our green publishing world-class technology allows you to turn the pages on the screen as if you were actually turning printed pages.



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Career Matters


UnforgettAble candidates forgettable interviews We asked Claire Pringle, Branch Manager, for Brent Personnel, to share with us some of her consultant’s experiences at interviews.... A very fashion conscious consultant interviewed a gentleman who was wearing white socks, she informed him that when he went to the interview not to wear them, so he arrived at the client with no socks.



A candidate lost her false teeth before going for her interview, and yes, she still arrived at the client with no teeth. A candidate for a frontline position, arrived at our offices looking

3 “conventional” but when he want to the client had numerous facial piercings that were very visible.

A telephonic interview with a candidate who fitted a job spec 100%, had a consultant book an interview with the client – but insisted that he came past the agency before he went to the client. However, he phoned to say he was running late and would come by on his way home. He did, having had the client call to say he asked for taxi money and by the time he reached me was reeking of booze.


Based on a successful telephonic interview with a candidate the consultant sent him to the client for an interview. The candidate omitted to advise that he was in a wheelchair and the client’s building was not wheelchair friendly

5 6

A candidate went to a client for an interview and could not fit in the chair.

A candidate was required to get a lift to an agency by a driver, and instead of the candidate filling out the documentation prior to meeting the consultant, the driver had to do it.



A male candidate arrived at a client dressed in drag.

A candidate was brought to our offices by his friend a prison warden; the latter fell asleep (noisily) whilst his friend was being interviewed much to the horror of all our other candidates at reception.


A more mature candidate was brought in for an interview and insisted that her written references that went back for over 25 years were critical for her to find a position. The consultant explained that this was indeed not the case, and with much huffing and puffing she walked out of the interview.


The 12 golden rules of being interviewed 1. Don’t answer your mobile during an interview! 2. Don’t be late or too early, arrive 10 minutes before the time. 3. Don’t talk yourself out of a job; listen to the questions being asked. 4. Don’t discuss salary, leave the negotiations to the agency. 5. Dress accordingly to the organisation type (eg: financial vs creative) and remember to ask if Friday’s is casual day, or what would be appropriate if unsure. 6. Be attentive to the language you use, as well as your body language. 7. Don’t swear or bad-mouth your current employer. 8. Don’t lie. 9. Have prepared questions to ask the interviewer. 10. Good eye contact and a firm hand-shake are important. 11. Be Prepared: research the company - are they and international company, JSE listed, Directors, Industry etc 12. First impressions count; make sure it’s a good one.




Leadership Lessons

Careless Communication Catastrophic

Consequences There is not a company on the planet that has successfully won the battle for great communication. Some are good, but they will be the first to confirm that it is a battle and discipline that needs to be won and exercised every day, so says Steve Murphy.


ack in 1977, on the 27 March, Pan Am and KLM 747 collided on a foggy runway in Tenerife, Canary islands. The cause of the accident was later found to be that the KLM pilot radioed “we are now at take off.”

Communication errors are so frequent in their occurrence, so prevalent across all cultures, creeds and language groups, irrespective of age or gender that we have become insensitive to the damage this weakness of human nature causes.

The air traffic controller misunderstood him to say, “the plane was on the runway ready to take off.” However, the pilot was indicating, “we are on the point of lifting off.” With 583 fatalities, the crash remains the worst accident in aviation history. All 248 aboard the fully fuelled KLM flight were killed. And all over a miscommunication of words.

And it does cause enormous damage! Whether it is a high profile event as in Tenerife, the professional seclusion of an operating room, the privacy of the home, or the openness of an office miscommunication is the single biggest cause contributing to life’s difficult relationships.

A Canadian university study into communication failures in hospitals was conducted as follows: • Trained observers recorded 90 hours of observation during 48 surgical procedures. • 94 team members participated from the shields of anesthesia, surgery and nursing. • Field notes recording relevant communication failures in the operating room showed a common set of problems. • They occurred in approximately 30% of team exchanges and 1/3 of these, resulted in effects that jeopardized patient safety!


Whilst there are many techniques and principles that can definitely assist with improving communication standards, we continue to believe that communication is first and foremost a problem of attitude. We argue the condition of one’s heart tends to determine the quality of one’s words. If you are unsure of this, just reflect on your difficult conversations and interactions, compared with those you enjoyed and found refreshing over the last 72 hours. We suggest that in the majority of the circumstances it was not the technique but the attitudes you demonstrated in the course of the discussions that made all the difference!

We regularly fail to appreciate the damage, pain, insecurities, anger, and humiliation that poorly constructed communications creates.







ColleEn Mansoor

President’s message How the name FriendsCup came about As the first gathering took place in 2010, and we still had Soccer World Cup on the brain, the vibe at the gathering of “old friends” was so great that we compared it to the World Cup fever, and hence FriendsCup.


Once upon a time there was the PSA (Professional Secretaries Association). These were the highlight years for many PAs who have now been reunited as “The FriendsCup Club”.


he FriendsCup Club is not an “association” as such; it is a ‘group’ of PAs who want to get together, network, make special moments, give meaning to life! I believe that having a social club for PAs is a fantastic idea – it’s nice to share stories, have fun and spoil one another with friendship and loyalty. My original vision was to try and


reunite the old PSA members, but we certainly welcome new friends that we have met through the annual PA Summit and PA of the Year Award. This “social” initiative began in December 2010 when I thought of reuniting old friends for a Christmas and year-end lunch. We were a small group, but definitely a successful gathering and a most enjoyable afternoon with old friends, chatting, enjoying good food, and really relaxing. In 2011, I decided to follow up on this idea and we had a similar get together, only to be surprised at the response and enthusiasm I received, it was bigger and better. This initiative has grown over the two years and the intention is to include the new community of PA’ to this social club. The FriendsCup Club was then officially launched on the 3rd December 2011 at Avianto and I was nominated as the President with Corrie Fourie as Vice President. This now brings me to us, the PAs - we do have a life but we do not necessarily devote enough time to appreciate ourselves, our values, our strengths and let our hair down as much as we care to. During the FriendsCup get together it was evident that most PAs, including myself, had the same goals for 2012 – more “ME” time; we need to have more time-out; share our experiences and never forgetting that we too, deserve ‘more’. We have some ideas and we will communicate these in later articles. I would like for this Club to grow from strength to strength in the future and if you are interested in becoming part of this Club, please do not hesitate to make contact and I will most definitely add you to our guest list. Such events will take place in June and December each year going forward. We are already on the way planning our June 2012 Spa day at the Pyramid Day Spa so if you are interested kindly email me for further information. issue



Lunch Hour

Test your

Wits and have Fun

Try these brain teasers… Puzzle 1 I went on a trip last week. The traffic was moderate and the journey took two and a half hours. On the return journey, the traffic was similar, but I made it back in 150 minutes. How come? Puzzle 2 What has roads but no cars, rivers but no water and hills but no trees? Puzzle 3 Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables?

“Of course he's phoning for help! He's got his head stuck!"

brainbasher Name the only vegetable or fruit that is never sold frozen, canned, processed, cooked, or in any other form except fresh.

gotcha puzzle Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends.

brainteaser What fruit has its seeds on the outside?

“Oh dear! I should have warned you not to stand too close to the Venus Fly Catcher!”

Source: www.brainbashers.com


Puzzle 1 The times are the same! • Puzzle 2 A Map • Puzzle 3 Asparagus and rhubarb • Brainbasher Lettuce • Gotcha Puzzle Boxing • Brainteaser Strawberry.


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