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Video Marketing For Newbies - 5-Step Video Marketing Strategy If you want tips on video marketing for newbies, then read this now. You will discover tips on how to make money online with a proven video marketing strategy. This is a powerful way to attract visitors to your website. The more visitors you get, the more sales you make. Plus, a lot of internet users are using video directories more often than ever before. That is why you want to ride this new trend while it's hot instead of being too late for the ride. In short, video marketing is all about creating videos and getting traffic from your videos that have been submitted to popular video directories. Let me explain how to make money online with video marketing in a step-bystep format. Step 1: Record Content First, you want to create a recording providing a solution to a problem in your niche market. You want to make it 5 minutes or shorter because people don't have long attention spans on the internet. There are many ways to create a video. You can create a video of yourself teaching something on camera. You can create a PowerPoint style video where you give point by point tips. You can also create a screen shot video where you record yourself using the computer to give them specific instructions on how to solve a problem in your niche. Step 2: Find Long Tail Keyword Now, you want to look for a long tail keyword (3 to 5 word keyword) relevant to your content. You want to search for a keyword that has high amounts of searches and low competition. You will have a better chance of being seen on the search engines by focusing on long tail keywords. Short keywords are not effective because too many websites are already using those keywords. So you want to focus on using the untapped long tail keywords to optimize your video search rankings. Step 3: Write Description You want to use a long tail keyword and place it in several areas of the video details. You want to place that one keyword in the title, description, and tags/keyword section. Another very important thing is to start the description with your website link. Make sure to type your website link starting with http:// because that will make sure your website link will be clickable. Step 4: Submit to Video Directories Next, you want to submit your content to multiple video directories. Most people only submit to one video directory. However, you will have more success by submitting it to multiple video directories. If you do a quick search, you can easily find a video distribution software where you can submit one video to multiple video websites. I highly recommend you to use a video submitting software to make the most out of each video. Step 5: Make Money The last step is to sit back and watch your traffic and sales grow on your website. The great part about video marketing is that once you set it, you can forget it. All those videos you submit will be working for you daily and yearly on autopilot bring you website traffic over and over again. So follow this video marketing strategy and start making money today. If you want tips for video marketing for newbies, then get a step-by-step video marketing strategy at Video Marketing For Newbies - 5-Step Video Marketing Strategy, Copyright 2010 by

Video Marketing For Newbies - 5-Step Video Marketing Strategy