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Make it London specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke creative projects. We provide full consultancy on visual merchandise design, hand crafted props, window display management and art fabrication. We are valuable to organisations interested in building their brand identity through powerful visual media messages, creating stories, concepts and displays that people remember. Make works with a broad spectrum of clients including retail shops, advertising & marketing agencies, film, interior designers and art galleries, often dealing with high end brands. The following pages show some of our past and present client work, as well as some of ourstudio capabilities. Make your project happen.

Concept ideas + spatial design Regatta clothing store asked us to develop a window campaign that focused on the season’s theme of camping. We created this geometric style of illustration to match the clean practical design of Regatta clothing and equipment, coupled with a concept of a bears picnic to match the over arching Regatta brand narrative ‘The Great Outdoors’.

Bespoke design + prototyping ICE LOLLY SUNGLASS HOLDERS x 15 BASED SUNGLASSES 14.5 x 4.5cm MakeONcan quicklySIZED transform vague

sketched out ideas into a detailed artwork design. Here are some sunglass fixtures for Browns of South Molton street, designed, fabricated and delivered in a fast turn around time. 5mm MIDDLE ACRYLIC PIECE WITH CUT OUT SECTION







5mm PLY wood







Shop design fixtures + fittings At Make we design, fabricate and install for a wide range of retail shops, always maintaining sensitivity to the brand aesthetic. On the right are a collection of jewellery busts we supplied nation wide to Anthropologie retail, as well as sunglass shelves, point of sale display islands, unique mannequin designs, bookcases and plinths.

Point of sale units + prop sourcing These unique point of sale cobblers cabinets were created for Ted Bakers new customised shoe stamp service in their London and New York flagship stores. Using a variation of techniques we designed, wood worked, printed pattern, laser etched, installed l.e.d underlights as well as sourced antique cobblers props to reflect the authentic craftsmanship of the product.

Window display management This year Hedonism Wines of Mayfair asked us to manage their Christmas store display. This involved organising all aspects of print, including printed sacks and presents, vinyl graphics, printed stamps and a giant hand painted Christmas present. From printed packaging to full scale window display installation we used a multitude of design, print and craft disciplines to realise this project.

Advertisement props We can concept, design and craft large and small scale props that create social awareness and strengthen your unique marketing campaigns for interior, exterior, public and private spaces. This photograph to the right is a prop we made for the NHS junior doctors advertisement campaign, seen in the Guardian, the Mirror and the BBC news.

Painting effects and hand carved sculptures We can hand craft high end sculptures from an array of different materials and paint finishes. Recently we fabricated a garden of Eden theme project for The Watch Gallery, creating poly carved silver birch trees, apples and snake sculptures, painted with faux marble effects, two tone pearlescent finishes, exhibtited in the Selfridges department store.

3d printing + robotic sculpture Our 3d printers are excellent for creating bespoke parts, whether it be star shaped door handles or detailed mannequin design. This french bull dog has been transformed from our initial computer rendered design into a 3d print, which we then scaled up and mass produced on a cnc mill, finally hand painting to the client’s brief.

Large scale robotic sculpture We can design font lettering, characters and scenes from your hand drawn ideas into formal 3d computer generated images. This lettering was computer rendered, 3d printed and then scaled up into cnc milled polystyrene lettering, resin coated and gold chromed for H&M’s flagship store.

Bespoke signage At Make we organise the fabrication and installation of any type of sign. We have excellent sign writers and illustrators on our books and can create banners, pavement signs, projections and light boxes tailored to your specification. This sign to the right was made for television producers UKTV.

Experiential design This sign to the right was made for the immersive Punchdrunk theatre production in Paddington, London. Here we assisted making large scale and more detailed props to create specific moods for each floor.

Set build + exhibition pop up Make can organise and create simple yet striking concepts for temporary or permanent set builds. This image to the right is a picture taken at the Lipton Ice tea + Adam Buxton event we fabricated and installed at the Truman Brewery, east London.

Installation + maintenance We can install a vast range of display and point of sale fixtures to support in-store marketing campaigns across any retail estate. Last year we installed all the U.K Vivienne Westwood windows, including mirror plinths, silver curtain ceiling grids, vinyl graphics, signage and printed sales badges.

Material sampling + prototyping Alongside our perspex, fabric, paper, wood and metal materials library there is a wide choice of eco-friendly materials available that need not compromise the aesthetic of creative projects. Make aims to minimise environmental impact and preserve the environment by using eco friendly suppliers that use FSC timber, greencast plastics and more. We are continuing to develop our sustainable materials library that offers examples of eco friendly materials for our customers to choose from. Where it is not possible to use recylced materials each year we contribute to Ecosia, who plant new trees into depleted areas in order to minimize carbon footprint. Make-it London recycle all waste materials. This booklet is made from recylced paper.

Art + craft fabrication

Illustration + Scenic painting

Window display management

Concepting + brand graphics

Bespoke hand made props + sourcing

Prototyping + mass-production

Large scale props

Spatial + product design

3d printing

Exhibition and pop up installation

Bespoke point of sale units

Illuminated and non-illuminated signs

Paper + poly sculpture

Plinth making

Vinyl graphics + badge making

Laser cutting / wood + metal

Printed packaging

Model making

Printed display boards

Toy casting

MAKE IT LONDON LTD Tel: +44 (0)20 8693 7806 Email: Web: Company reg: 10179850 Follow our instagram @MAKE_IT_LONDON

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